Michael Crabtree says he is good to go for Sunday and is not worried about his contract

SANTA CLARA — Michael Crabtree was interviewed next to his locker Thursday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

Q: Are you good to go?


Q: Are you going to practice today?


Q: The calf injury was minor?


Q: How excited are you to play the Cowboys?

CRABTREE: I think my family is more excited than I am. I’m excited, man. I’m going back and instead of selling popcorn and hot dogs in the stands for the Cowboys, being able to play them — that’s a big change. Anybody would have to be excited for that.

Q: How old were you when you did that?

CRABTREE: From six years old to 10, 11.

Q: Popcorn and hot dogs?

CRABTREE: Everything. I was just watching the games.

Q: Were you a pretty good salesman?

CRABTREE: I would like to say I’m a pretty good salesman.

Q: Did you go carrying the stuff through the stands?

CRABTREE: Six, I was working at the concession stand. By the time I was 10 I was walking through the stands.

Q: How much has this week cost you financially?

CRABTREE: Financially? Is that a private question?

Q: How many tickets did you buy for your family?

CRABTREE: I don’t know. Probably like 70, something like that.

Q: Where do things stand with you and your contract?

CRABTREE: All I think about is football. Right now we’re thinking about the Cowboys. We’ve got a lot of things to think about. I don’t worry about all of that. I let it handle itself.

Q: NFL Network reported that you and the 49ers are making progress toward a new contract.

CRABTREE: I wish I could talk to you about the contract but I can’t. We don’t really need to be talking about no contract right now. I ain’t going to answer no more questions. Y’all can keep asking me but I’m not going to answer nothing about the contract. Anything about football and this game is good.

Q: What’s your evaluation of the Cowboys’ defense?

CRABTREE: The team overall is good. Every team you play in the NFL is going to be good. A lot of talent. It’s going to be a competitive game. I can’t wait to show up.

Q: Who were some of your favorite Cowboys growing up?

CRABTREE: Troy Aikman, Deion, Michael Irvin. I used to like Alvin Harper, too.

Q: Which one of those wide receivers did you pattern your game after?

CRABTREE: I’m pretty much myself. You get little things from guys. When you see me going up for a jump ball, I’m like Alvin Harper. When you see me in the middle catching the ball I’d say I’m more like Michael Irvin. Those guys were great.  I’m just trying to get there.

Q: Did you ever get any Cowboys autographs when you were a kid?

CRABTREE: A lot of them. Towels, gloves. I was the only little league player with NFL gear on. For real.

Q: Were you there 14 years ago when Terrell Owens stormed to the middle of the field?

CRABTREE: I wasn’t there but I’ve been thinking about it.

Q: Have you met any of those Cowboys?

CRABTREE: I know all those guys. I’ve known those guys since I was young. Troy Aikman, I talk to him every time I see him. He’ll give me some advice. Michael Irvin, I’ve been knowing him since I was a kid.

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  1. Can’t “BELIEVE” Football season is back!!! I hope with the pumped-up WR core this year our passing game is taken to the next level. Don’t think our D is going to dominate like few years past so we’re gonna have to score more points

  2. Glad to hear that Crabtree is all about the game and not fixated on contract talks.
    It’s nice to see him move away from the ol’ Diva label (although I felt he never deserved it to begin with) that some had put on him after the NYGiants, 49ers Championship game a few years ago.

    I’m looking forward to a great year from Crabtree as well as our other WR’s this season. C’mon Kap, it’s time!

    1. AES, I agree he got a bad diva rap. But it was deserved. TE media and fans if they get a wiff they will pounce. Holding out and hanging with Deon was a bad start to his career.

      On a football topic. He needs to put up or leave. Id like to sign him but it better be favorable. He was a no show in Giants playoff loss, he blew it at the goaline in Super Bowl and last year Sherman basically shut him down. We can’t have a #1 WR not make the plays when they count and not produce against doc rival.

      We need CK and Crabs to come out strong for the Niners so everyone can forget about all this bad press Niners are getting.

      1. Kinda harsh.
        He wasn’t even completely healed in those games.
        A diva probably wouldn’t have even played.
        Crabtree showed up and gave 100% effort.
        A little empathy wouldn’t be out of order here.

        1. Last season, I mean.
          Prior to that,the QB play was more at fault than Crabtree in my opinion.
          He has great hands, runs solid routes, and blocks.
          The kid even goes across the middle!
          But anyways…

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