NFL Draft day 3 live blog


This is the live blog for the third day of the 2017 NFL Draft. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the 49ers media room.

9:27 The 49ers just traded a fourth-round pick in 2018 to the Denver Broncos for a fifth-round pick this year and 24-year-old running back Kapri Bibbs. Bibbs is a former undrafted free agent who spent the past two seasons playing in Gary Kubiak’s outside zone running scheme. Last season, Bibbs carried the ball 29 time and averaged 4.4 yards per carry.

9:33 Bibbs played for Jim McElwain at Colorado State in 2013 and rushed for 1,741 and scored 31 touchdowns.

9:35 I give this trade a B. Bibbs probably won’t contribute much, but the Niners didn’t give up a ton to get him. I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade down in the fifth round to get another fourth-round pick in 2018 to replace the one they just lost.

9:52 The 49ers just traded pick Nos. 143 and 161 to the Indianapolis Colts for pick No. 121 and took my favorite running back in the draft — Joe Williams from Utah. Williams is a phenom. I give this trade an A-plus.

10:04 Joe Williams is a better version of Tevin Coleman, the No. 2 back for Kyle Shanahan last season in Atlanta. Williams has the talent to supplant Carlos Hyde as the 49ers featured back. This is their best pick of the draft so far.

11:05 With the 146th pick, the 49ers take George Kittle, TE, Iowa. I predicted the 49ers would take Clemson TE Jordan Legget because he’s a better receiver than Kittle. But Kittle isn’t a bad receiver — he’s actually quite good. And he’s a fantastic blocker — much better than Leggett. It makes sense for the 49ers to take the superior blocker because they’re a run-first, play-action-passing offense. Kittle will help the run game and the pass game. I give this pick an A. Two terrific picks in a row.

12:33 With the 177th pick, the 49ers take Trent Taylor, WR/PR, Louisiana Tech. It’s reasonable to assume the 49ers were targeting Georgia WR/PR Isaiah McKenzie, but the Broncos traded up to pick No. 172 to take him. So the Niners had to take the next best WR/PR on their board, and apparently that was Taylor. He’s a slot receiver who returned 17 punts for 178 yards in 2016. I give this pick a C. The Niners should have traded up for McKenzie.

1:26 With the 199th pick, the 49ers take D.J. Jones, NT, Ole Miss. He will compete with Mike Purcell to be the backup nose tackle. Jones probably is the favorite to win that competition. Grade: B.

1:40 With the 202nd pick, the 49ers take Pita Taumoepenu, DE, Utah. A small pass rusher who probably won’t make the final roster. The 49ers should have packaged this pick to trade up earlier in the draft. Grade: D.

2:48 With the 229th pick, the 49ers take Adrian Colbert, CB/S, Miami. Colbert initially played at Texas and started four games at safety before transferring to Miami and becoming a cornerback. Missed two games last season due to a knee injury and three games due to a broken forearm which required surgery. The Niners needed to draft a second cornerback, but Colbert won’t make the team if he can’t stay healthy. Grade: C.

3:53 Click here to read my 49ers draft report card and updated depth chart.

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      1. Dawkins fired up the troops, and it felt like a locker room speech before a playoff game;>)

        1. Ha! Yep, I see Seattle just dug into that deep safety mine, and got themselves a nice one that just needs a little polish. Colorado becoming DB U….

  1. I was thinking Jaleel may have been on our board after Bethard was selected

    Oh well he’s gone

  2. Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter 45s46 seconds ago
    Denver trading RB Kapri Bibbs and 5th-round pick to SF for 49ers 4th-round pick in 2018.

  3. Like to see if the Niners could find
    A return specialist
    A running back
    A fast wide receiver
    An o lineman

    The first two are doable I have my doubts about the second two.

        1. They got a back that played well when he was giving an opportunity. He fits the zone scheme. Plus they got a 5th in return. 3 5ths now…

  4. Is Bibbs better than the remaining running backs or does he know the system or both?

  5. Clearly Denver saw a lot in him and held out giving him up until the right deal came along…

  6. He is familiar with the zone running scheme. Played well last year when Denver had injuries. He will beat out Harris and Davis. Hyde, Hightower, Bibbs. Soild.

  7. It looks like Kyle is trying to get players who can play in his system from day one while the other players learn it.

    1. I have been saying this since Grant put out his hate piece during free agency. They don’t want to spend 4 years training these guys to learn this system, and then get better. They want to be competitive while teaching it. Keeps the team competitive, and keeps the team teaching. People ask why Kyle is the OC, well he doesn’t trust anyone to teach his system better than him. So he has guys at every offensive position that already knows it, so they can also help teach it, they can help train.

  8. Does anyone else feel like the Bengals are having a great draft? Ross could be boom or bust based on injuries but quite a few solid picks so far…

    1. Lawson is the best value for pick after Foster. Can’t believe how far he fell. Had to be a medical red flag we’re unaware of.

        1. Good point, always seem to have above average to very good teams but can never get over the hump

  9. hmm, good trade …..upgraded RB depth without sacrificing much to do it. Now, ….lets get that 4th rnd 2018 pick back into our arsenal.

  10. Here’s how they should have done the first 4 picks:

    Trade with Chicago and take Jamaal Adams at #3.

    Make the trade to #31 except draft Kevin King CB

    #66 Jordan Willis DE
    #67 ArDarius Stewart WR

    Those 4 would have served this team better then the 4 we grabbed.

    1. I completely disagree. Jamal Adam and Kevin king would have been irrelevant. This team can’t stop the run, and aren’t good at rushing the passer. There is no need to help the back end if the front isn’t holding up. They got the best two players for the need of this team. Also 2 of the top 10 players on that side of the ball. Maybe even 2 of the top 5

      1. They couldn’t stop the run in the beginning of the season but by the time everyone stopped noticing they had fixed the leaky run D. Well maybe not fixed but it wasn’t the dumpster fire it was through the first half of the season.

        We have no proven NFL caliber starting corners and both of our safeties have HUGE question marks about them entering this season and the safety position has become more important then before.

        1. Coffee I understand that notion. But the 2011-2013 Niners proved a stout front 7 will mask alot on the back end. And in my opinion, the leaky run d that improved last year, just got better. I also believe Jimmy will shine playing back at his old position. He will be better having played the corner position. Yes it’s a question,but it will be easier to answer knowing he’s played both positions

        2. Niners will no longer be playing players out of position.

          Ward, in the practices, showed that they will play him in his strongest position at safety.

          Will Redmond, who was rated as a first round talent, is finally healthy.

          Witherspoon is a good pickup.

          Both King Solomon and Foster just made the defense stout again.

          1. Seb,
            Good point.
            Thomas and Foster immediately gives us the “impact” type players that have been missing on defense since the days of Justin and Aldon.
            I’m also counting on improved play from Arik and Buck and a nice comeback from NBow to get our defense back on track. If the front 7 play is good the DB’s will benefit as well.

    2. I would have loved to get Adams, but I like Foster and Witherspoon. As much as I thought Thomas was more of the same, he is still an excellent talent as well. They have added 3 players that should be starters long term on this defense.

      1. I’ll feel better about the Thomas pick once they trade Armstead and recoup some of the draft value they over spent on him.

        1. That would be nice. What makes it worse is that Marcus Peters was taken with the next pick. I really hope Armstead is healthy and motivated to live up to his draft spot this year.

    1. That’s an A grade by Grant guaranteed! Nicely done, Grant. Never thought they’d be interested. Well vetted by the Lynchmob I assume. I’m happy.

    1. D for taking him out of a mock draft earlier this week and replacing him with T.J. Logan. At least I brought him back for my redraft yesterday. Whew!

      1. Now that I hear the real story about his sister – it’s a great pic – very emotional

      1. Wow, the 49ers obviously see what you and I saw, and they pounced.

        There’s the lightning to Hyde’s thunder!

      2. I have whiffed so far, but my prognostications about trading back and trading up makes this a draft I will remember for a long time.

    1. This is a kid I extensively scouted, with sooooo many elite qualities, speed, balance, vision.

      Of course, you know my reservation, but if he’s committed, the 49ers just got one of the top 4 RB’s in the draft, IMO!

  11. Boy is there going to be competition at RB this year. Anyone know how we got this pick.

  12. Wow. Lynch is following my recommendations to a tee. I said he should be aggressive and bold.

    Lynch put on his Trader Bill Hat and went to town.

    I am jumping for joy.

      1. Ha! I was about to respond but won’t. Clearly, Seb has single-handedly shaped Lynch’s actions.

        1. Sure am glad your daddy was fired. Baalke would never have been able to pull off this treasure trove of talent.

      2. Im inclined to agree, so far this seems like a very Seb type draft. Would explain why I’m having such a hard time liking it.

          1. Part of what makes you fun is that you don’t even realize when you’re being insulted.

            1. I think what makes him fun is he’s different. He makes himself an easy target. It’s like hitting a pinata without the blindfold on….

            2. LOL, I know you all try, every post you make. That is what makes this day even sweeter.

              1. You can say I’m drinking water
                When I’m really drinking wine
                You can say I’m really clever
                Then you laugh behind my back

                But Just Let Me Rock!

      3. LOL, you want to rip me for having no football knowledge at all, but cant after I called this draft.

        Lynch even stockpiled second and third round picks in 2018, something you, and all the other posters thought that I was a fool for even mentioning.

        1. You are a fool. You keep saying nobody agreed with trading down when everybody wanted to trade down. The part nobody agreed with you on was the multiple trade downs to net 6-8 players in the first 3 rounds of the draft. It was ridiculous and as we’ve seen not remotely correct. You have zero football knowledge, truly believe NFL people are following your advice and are a delusional narcissist. You have a mental disorder. Get some help.

            1. I’ve had enough. He fills the boards with his nonsense and has no grasp on reality or self awareness. I usually don’t respond, and will continue to do that more often than not, but every once in awhile I can’t help but respond to the idiocy.

              1. It’s an explosive force that boils over once in a while. Hard to avoid.
                It’s so odd that he doesn’t realize he’s a complete…..
                Trying to say he called this draft……

          1. No, everybody did not advocate trading back, Trying some revisionist history, there.

            Everyone said that no team would want to trade up, and it was stupid to even try.

            Your last mock had absolutely no trade backs. My last mock did.

            1. Everybody wanted to trade back. There was a consensus that would be the best way to go if possible. There was no clear player to trade up for and as it turns out, the only team that did was picking 3rd overall. What no one else advocated was the ridiculous notion that they could trade back multiple times in the first round and wind up with numerous picks in the first two days. This draft is not playing out the way you predicted at all and it’s really a testament to the level of your narcissistic behaviour that you can somehow convince yourself that it is.

              1. And I never predict trades in mocks. It’s a fools errand which you have proved without a doubt.

              2. Rocket, go ahead and try to say that trade backs in mocks are never done.

                I did it, and even though I fully admit they traded back with a different team, and did not get the pick right, the overall strategy was correct. I even mentioning trading back, and still getting the player they coveted.

                Look at this draft, Lynch managed to trade back multiple times, so maybe you should be like Scooter and give me kudos instead of shade.

                Of course posters like you and Prime cannot stand the fact that I could ever be right, and do not have the character to be a good sport.

              3. Smh. Expecting you to gain some semblance of self awareness, or actually understand what is being said is really stupid of me. Continue on with the delusion seb. I’ll go back to skimming past your posts.

              4. I tried to get him to bet me a grand, but he only would agree to a lesser figure. I forget. I don’t plan on seeing one red cent;>)

          2. I already told him that but he lives in a Reality Distortion Field where everything upside down is right side up and he is always right even when he isn’t.

          1. That is OK. If you re-read my 10 point plan for Lynch, he did 7 of them.

            I will just cite the 2016 draft, that had 3 correct picks, and this one, with all the trade backs and trade ups.

            None of you had a clue.

            1. Nobody read your 10-point plan originally, nobody will now.
              Go ahead, declare victory, LOL

              1. Yuh-huh, that’s why folks usually scroll past your posts. Here’s a hint: the longer your manifestos, the less likely anybody is to read them.

              2. 10 things Lynch should do – April 27, 2017

                Think strategically. Trading back is shrewd and smart, especially for a 2-14 team that needs bodies.

                Be aggressive. Leverage that number 2 pick into as many second and third round picks as possible. Maybe even trade back from 34.(67)

                Avoid the ACL risks. Niners need immediate help and do not have time to let them heal. ACL players rarely ever come back at 100%, and tend to play tentatively because they do not want to risk re-injuring their knee.

                Avoid the red flag players, If Lynch wants to rebuild the winning culture, he needs high character players. Mixon and Brantley are radioactive, and off their draft board. (Good job).

                Make the safe picks. avoid the unforced errors like picking players too small or too slow. (Also do not pick 215th ranked players at 104).

                If there is a player the Niners covet, and he might be taken just before they pick, spend an additional later round pick to move up. It will be worth it to get the player who they want, and can be a good fit for the team. (Foster, CJB)

                Make available every non starter as trade bait. Bundle payers and picks to move up, if possible. Bundle players to make deals more feasible.

                Do not make desperation deals. Do not let other teams take advantage of the situation. Only make fair deals, that both teams can profit from. (Good job).

                Think about the future. Accept deals that include 2018 second or third round picks. (BINGO).

                Lynch should put on his Trader Bill Hat and have fun. (DOUBLE BINGO).

            2. “I will just cite the 2016 draft, that had 3 correct picks, and this one, with all the trade backs and trade ups.”

              And look at the production of the picks that you correctly selected.

              I correctly picked 3 players in the 2015 draft and 2 of them haven’t panned out… My point is that selecting the correct players means next to nothing if the players turnout to be busts. If you selected the Jamarcus Russell pick would you still boast?

              1. Last year, I had Buckner, Garnett and Cooper.

                Both Buckner and Garnett are starters.

                Cooper left and is now playing for the Colts.

  13. Joe Williams! Grant is vindicated. I like this kid too. Should be excellent in this scheme.

  14. Samson Ebukam shot all the way from the 6th to the 4th round. Lots of potential for good things for the Rams.

    1. So u say that’s alot of potential to jump from 6th to 4th round,buy u just killed SF for jumping a guy from 6-3

      1. No I didn’t. I haven’t questioned any of our picks. We could have went home after getting King Solomon/Foster/Witherspoon and I would have been happy. You must be mistaking me for someone else….

          1. No worries mate, just didn’t want you to think I said something I didn’t. We good!

  15. Well, that pick is worse than Beathard. Williams was kicked off one team and then quit on another. Is he even committed to playing football?

    1. That’s kind of harsh, the man had to watch his sister die. You don’t harp on him because he needed time to be with his family

  16. They certainly didn’t give up much relatively to trade for Bibbs I just question the motivation between trading for a RB and then trading a couple more picks to draft one. Is Bibbs better then the rest of the RB prospects left besides Williams? They must think so. Not sure that the rest of the backs in this draft aren’t better then a UFA from a few seasons ago that hasn’t caught on with a team yet.

          1. Because he’s not that good and struggles to stay healthy. Hyde runs full steam towards a hole and if it’s not there he’ll make one cut back to try and bounce outside, if the LB has stayed home he gets tackled for a loss. If he doesn’t make the cut back he just runs into the line and gets tackled for no gain.

            1. His health has been a problem, but this system suits him better than the previous couple have. By adding Bibbs and Williams, they have protected themselves in the event he gets hurt again, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hyde go over a 1000 with a 4.5+ average next year.

              1. With Williams cutting into his reps there’s no chance Hyde hit’s 1000 yards given he’s never done it as the primary back receiving the bulk of the load, system or no system. That’s if Hyde is even on the team to start the season.

              2. Shanahan runs the football a lot. The Falcons had nearly 2000 yards rushing and the top two backs combined for 1600 yards. As I said I won’t be surprised if Hyde has the best year of his career and hits 1000.

            2. He is good but can’t stay healthy. Partly because our O line has been garbage. Make or break year though.

            3. Every year there’s a 50-50 chance a running back will miss two or more games. Like Gore.

              Drafted in 2005, Gore only finished one a season as a healthy, 16-game starter, in his first seven years (2006). He didn’t have his second complete season until 2012.

              Under your theory, Gore was unreliable and probably should have been moved on from somewhere around 2009 as his rushing YPC had dropped into the low 4’s. Clearly he was nothing but an over-the-hill injury risk who ‘wasn’t that good.’

          2. I still want Hyde, and think he can help win games.

            What I did not like is Baalkes method of sitting on his hands and doing nothing. Then, when Hyde and others went down, just scouring the waiver wire for cut couch potatoes.

            Lynch is being proactive, and creating good depth and healthy competition. Who knows? He may trade away the players on the bubble to a team with a desperate need and garner even more picks.

            1. Seb, one good thing that came out of that was he didn’t screw our Salary Cap. Besides that, good riddance

    1. Mike Mayock just mentioned something about moneyball, and the Niners giving away draft picks, so not having to pay them in the long run. It’s saving money on guys in rounds that they don’t think is worth the money they are slotted to be paid. Sounded interesting

      1. It’s not money ball by salary. It’s moneyball by roster building The picks aren’t as valuable as people think they are. There is no significant effective difference in the chances of making a club as a 6th rounder, 7th rounder or UFDA.

        So trade those picks away to leverage up to a player you think has a better chance to make it (even if only 5%) than some fungible scrub who’ll almost certainly fail.

        You can find a UFDA that’ll be as good a prospect. So look at last year:

        6th round Driskel — 5.1 NLFN draft ranking
        UFDA Jake Coker — 5.2 NFLN draft ranking

        6th round Burbridge — 5.4 NFLN draft ranking
        UFDA Devon Cajuste — 5.4 NFLN draft ranking

        6th round Kelvin Taylor — 5.3 NFLN draft ranking
        UFDA Jhurell Pressley — 5.4 NFLN draft ranking

        7th Round Prince Charles — 5.1 NFLN draft ranking
        UFDA Jonathan Jones — 5.4 NFLN draft ranking

        See what I’m saying? Those low round guys are just a big pile of equally poor prospects and, frankly, it’s just luck if they turn out. But you churn the pile anyway because, sometimes, you get Kevan Williams or some other over-looked guy who beats the odds and becomes great.

  17. I don’t mind Joe Williams.
    He’s not McNichols but he’s talented.

    Mike Davis can pack his bags already.

  18. Mid: ESPN had a nice piece on him and how the death of his sister affected him. Don’t forget that these are young men whose personalities and mental abilities are still developing. I’m excited by the pick, but still a bit miffed with the Bibbs trade.

    1. Sorry, I’m not watching the draft right now on account that I am getting ready for work.

    1. In terms of perceived value Foster takes the cake but the pick makes me nervous. Hope he’s not a bonehead.

        1. I am with you steele, he gives “Steele” to light people up, I am starting to like the Solomon Thomas pick more, I am thinking maybe John randle like! I did not like yesterday as much but do like bethard more than most! I think he will become just as good as cousins, is arm is better than people think. lynch and shanny and co know more than I so, good beginnings! It is interesting they want to win with class, but foster and Williams have a spotty past but makes them human! Can’t win with all choir boys!

      1. Very nervous pick. I like this pick the most but fear, unless they change the drug policy, he’ll be off the field a lot. God, they have to change that policy. It really imperils continuity and adds a risk to drafting that is foolish IMO. Because it works against the owners’ self-interest, the country is starting to let up on weed, and, frankly, the vast majority of fans probably don’t care at all, it’s common sense the change in policy is coming.

        1. As long as Sessions is the Attorney General, marijuana will never be legal. Only way is to have congress change the law, and force him to back off. Most of these laws should be up to the states in my opinion.

    1. What was that????? Oh, a screen pass. For the last few years, as a Niners fan, I’d forgotten what they look like. Back in the Shanny playbook now?

      1. Bibbs ran through so many players because it took him 30 seconds to run 65 yards haha

        Definitely not the home-run hitter that Joe Williams is, but he’s familiar with zone running so he’ll be a welcomed body until Williams is caught up to speed

    1. Cassie-
      Very informative, much better than the espn piece, thank you! Seems real, we all have ghosts we have to fight at times. Could be a steal. We are still in need of better oline , safeties and stud receivers but will take time.

  19. Hmmm. Dobbs goes ahead of Peterman and Kaaya. Impressed by the fact that he finished a five-year aerospace engineering program in four years. Once he focuses full-time on football, who knows….

    1. Isn’t that instructive though? So the Expert Opinions on QB rankings didn’t hold up? So does somebody get an F?
      MicroEconomics. The value of something is what somebody else will pay for it. If nobody spends a second on Kaaba, I guess he’s not a second round talent.

      1. Yep. That was my point. So, why do so many on here see the Beathard pick as a pick that was made too early? The GM/scouting teams making the picks are valuing the QBs differently than what was projected. Are they stupid, or do they know something we and many pundits don’t?

        1. Fans and media lose context. Evals are like a lot of things.
          What’s The Best Chardonnay? No such thing. At a certain quality level it is completely subjective of stylistic preferences. It appears the same holds true for player evals with respect to system fit and drafter’s preferences.

        2. Bottom line on Beathard is he’s a mid to late round QB prospect whom Kyle clearly targeted, and the 49ers went up and grabbed him to make sure nobody slipped ahead of them to grab him.

          I really have no problem with that, I just don’t know about the player, but if Kyle likes him, then he’s got my endorsement.

      2. BT,

        Surely you aren’t suggesting we could be wrr…wrr…wrrrong on our QB ratings are you?

        1. Wrong? Oh heck no! We just expressed stylistic differences.
          : -)
          Certain persons forget that the draft is a spectator sport.

  20. I really like the Joe Williams pick…this kid has been through a lot. It looks like he’s got his mind right now, but it took a long time.

    Joe Williams on dealing with his little sisters death:
    “People make it a big deal that I quit on the team. To me, it was necessary,” Williams said. “I was learning to come to grips with the fact that it wasn’t my fault. I’m 23 years old now, and I can’t blame myself for something that occurred 10 years ago, no matter how painful or traumatic it was.

    “It would be bigger to honor her in a much more meaningful way.”

    1. Crabs glad your back! He also got married in December, he may be more than,ed and on a mission like you said to honor his sister, Shanny will get the most out of him!

  21. 49ers have powerfully strengthened their RB corps with the addition of Bibbs and especially the spectacular Williams. Lynch and Shanahan are having a brilliant first draft, while demonstrating Walsh-like trading savvy. What a difference real football professionals make! These RBs means adios to the under-performing Davis and probably for Harris too. Now how about a fast and agile WR while your at it, is Carlos Henderson still available?

  22. So far, I could hardly be happier with the way this draft has gone, with the friendly exception of the CJ Beathard pick. However, I went into this draft determined to give Kyle the benefit of the doubt when it came to selecting a QB, so I’ll have to give that pick an INC, as in an incomplete grade.

    Beathard is probably the most advanced QB in this draft mentally, when it comes to pro concepts, so there is that. Average measurable’s, and I honestly haven’t seen enough of the kid to say much else.

    1. Tough as nails. Beathard was on my radar in the Rose Bowl vs Standford. Iowa was over matched. Beathard was getting killed. But he kept getting off the floor, kept punching. Mentally tough.

      1. B2W,
        Exactly, and the 49ers just gave Beathard a small endorsement by drafting his favorite target George Kittle.

          1. Does Hodges’s have character issues or why is he slipping? Especially if they are shopping te Vance McDonald, I like te butt of Michigan but his recovery will take time,so maybe Hodges’s could be a gem!

  23. Hey you guys and grant…. You think lynch making all these trades is a good sign of his connections in the nfl / his ability to reach out to people and communicate?

    He has like 4 trades and he has been a GM for like 5 minutes. Seems like the dude has a receptive personality when takling to other GMs / football people.

    Am I just grasping at straws here?

    1. I think he hired really good people around him – the Denver trade is definitely Adams and Shanny’s needs

      I love having Denver as an anti-Raider partner

          1. Thanks Rebel.

            I’m not as down on Vance McDonald as a lot of fans are, but Kittle will be a great addition, especially now that Vance is on the trading block

      1. Yeah thats so true right? He did hire a very competent supporting staff…. Im loving this new regime!

  24. Its TE George Kittle. Not the pass catcher Hodges is, but better blocker. Keep defenses off balance.

    1. Brodie,

      Is that really the pick?

      We posted at the same time and i was really hoping that he would be the pick.

      See my post above

  25. Its only the 5th round, but so far there’s no player here I don’t see easily making the roster.

    1. Brodie, I agree.. This is a stellar draft for the 49ers to this point. Rock N Roll, boys . . .

  26. Mayock really doesn’t like that Orangutan. I think it’s got a future on a studio show personally.

  27. Wow, another boom-boom pick. Sure handed TE, clearing out the Baalke deadwood. I wonder if they’re having any takers on that reported VMac trade?

    1. TEs – George Kittle, Vance McDonald, Garrett Celek, Logan Paulsen, Blake Bell, Je’Ron Hamm.

      TE heads are going to roll this summer. Dead cap is better than dead wood.

      1. I thought so. Sorry I didn’t pay close enough attention lol!

        Who’s the next best pick in your estimation?

              1. Ya how can the most versatile D lineman in the country fit in. I’m sure the coaching staff will have they’re hands full.

              2. Yea, how can the top Defensive lineman in the draft help us out? I mean we were only last in the league in stopping the run and getting to the quarterback;>)

  28. Round 5: No. 177 overall

    Round 6: No. 198 overall

    Round 6: No. 202 overall

    Round 7: No. 229 overall

    1. Fifth rounder should make the team and push to start eventually. 6&7 rounders may make this team due to rebuild status.

  29. George Kittle is an astonishingly good blocker for a “move” TE. So good in fact that PFF ranked him as the nations #1 TE heading into last season. It just goes to show that being a good blocker isn’t necessarily about size. And Kittle is a converted WR with fantastic hands.

    Kittle didn’t have a whole lot of help at Iowa, and his lack of size hurt his draft stock, but I think he’s a really good addition for this offense.

    1. Read the article and watch the video. Wow, this kid’s good. Plus I like his first name.

    2. The reason I haven’t given up on Vance McDonald is that he’s very strong and athletic for his size and one heck of a blocker. If he could learn to catch the football he’d be a dynamic weapon. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seen to have any natural receiving ability whatsoever.

      The 49ers just got a guy who can give McDonald a run for his money as a blocker even though he’s probably 20 lbs lighter. Kittle is a weapon in this offense having run a 4.52 40 (McDonald 4.69) and is also a natural pass catcher. Good pick, I wonder if they’ll be able to trade Vance?

  30. Next pick most likely a WR or a S, maybe Rudy Ford out of Auburn if still there . . .

  31. Yep. I hear a sack of California’s finest manure is available for McDonald. Win win.

  32. I hear 49ers are trying to trade McDonald. I’m assuming they think his extension Baalke did last year was too much. This is a bad time to shop a TE because the draft has so many good ones.

  33. I hope the Niners accidentally look at CB again or WR for the 1st time. Des Lawrence from UNC is still on the board. He’s very talented.

  34. I’m speculating that with these remaining picks they take a chance on S, WR, OL, another CB,, and possibly a Kicker . . .Neither Gould nor Pinon strike me as long-term keepers.

  35. The local dark-roast Colombian coffee is excellent, the red Chilean cab is delicious, I’ve got all day, I’ve got all day long in these mountains where time passes slowly, and today I’m a satisfied 49er fan . . .

    1. Got any label recommendations for Chilean cabs? I’ve tried a couple of Malbecs; they were huge and chewy; a bit much for my taste.

  36. Niners should try bundling players like Lynch, Burbridge, Vance and Reaser, and get as high a draft pick as possible. Lynch and Vance were starters, so they should have value. Niners just needs to find teams that are looking for upgrades or have big needs. Maybe even picks with players.

    Individually, they may not garner much, but by bundling, it could be a win/win situation.

    1. Your a joke, what team is ever going to do that….name one time a team has bundle players to get.a pick in the modern era.

  37. What was that, what? Did I really just see the Texans drafted Colin Kaepernick with #169? Ahhh, no no, just a fleeting hallucination nada mas, no, carry on . . .

  38. Never bought into Peterman being anything more then a 4th rounder, went where he should have. Curious to see how much farther Kaaya falls.

    1. Productive in College. Ran slower then you would expect someone his size at the combine. Small framed player suited for the slot and special teams.

  39. Really, Welker 2.0 . . . sounds like another strategic system fit. Putting together quite an arsenal.

  40. Problem is he’s slow. 4.63 40. At 5’8.” I hope he plays faster. I would have gone Malachi Dupre. If he’s still on the board, which I think he is, it’s shocking.

  41. The reality always is some of these picks aren’t going to make the final 53, although the ones prior to this one I think will. Taylor might end up on the PC unless he shows something unique in camp.

  42. Hmmm, Green Bay might have gotten themselves a steal of a RB, gonna keep my eye on that one . . .

    1. Seb how you doing? By drafting Beathard is that not the biggest slap in the face to Kaepernick?

  43. I think we have slot guys………… was hoping we would look for a big that could play on the outside. I think, ultimately, what we are seeing is that Shanny and Lynch are simply getting guys that can play the system, which makes sense. I know Beathard was a reach, but I like what Shanny had to say about why he selected him.

    1. Taylor is a smarter receiver than Henderson – can get himself open. Could be a surprisingly good player.

      1. In an NFL eating/strength program, he should be able to bulk up some. He may not be fast, but he’s quick.

        1. Worth remembering Antonio Brown isn’t the fastest WR either, but he’s plenty quick. Taylor is a different type of WR to Brown, but just shows you don’t need to be a burner to be good as a small WR.

          1. I’m liking more of what I hear (from Shanahan) and see on film regarding Beathard. Shanahan said some time ago what he was looking for and Beathard checks most of those boxes.

            1. Yeah, I understand why Shanahan likes him. I just don’t see anything that makes me think he will be better than a Hoyer type player. 3rd round just seems awfully high for that type of player. But hey, I am coming round on the idea that if Shanahan likes him then maybe there is more there. Fingers crossed.

              1. And how’s Kaaya doing? Seriously, I think you pointed out the biggest issue with Kaaya. He doesn’t perform well under pressure. It looks like Beathard has shown that he can. I’m beginning to think that that is one of the biggest traits scouts look for. You can teach a lot, but teaching QBs how not to panic when 300 pounders are bearing down on them is probably a highly unlikely to succeed endeavor.

              2. Would be kind of fun if they drafted Kaaya and let Beathard and Kaaya duke it out!

  44. Well well, Grant gets his wish and they draft Williams. Got talent, hopefully he is passionate about football. Love the Kittle pick, like him a lot. Indifferent about Taylor. Thought the 49ers have enough little receivers already.

    Lynch is giving Shanahan his toys though, which is good to see!

  45. #80, thanks for that insight. Obviously he knows how to create some separation in order to make so many receptions playing opposite C Henderson. Very interesting.

  46. I think that’s three safety selections so far for the Seachickens. Sounds like the loss of Thomas last year really hit home.

  47. Wish all these analysts would stop making excuses for women beaters. Sorry but this league needs to have at minimum a 2-3 year no draft penalty for women beaters maybe lifetime if severe injuries occur. Giving this much money, tv time and excuses is BS

  48. 198 and 202 coming up………….

    S or maybe some OL depth….. guess we are resigned to seeing Reid and that they may pick up the 5th year option. ILB depth?

  49. Well, is Rudy Ford from Auburn still available? I seem to recall they showed some interest in him. . .

  50. Hah ha, thanks again #80 . . .must be something wrong with Mathis’ medicals for him to slip so far..

    1. Wondering about Hodges too. He’s the highest graded (by NFL dot com) player not yet drafted,

  51. Probably worth a shot in the late round. Ward had foot issues when he came out of college didn’t he?

  52. Yuck yuck, well, the self-enamored moron might eventually be right about something . . .

  53. D. J. Jones, my third player I got right in this draft. Thomas/Witherspoon/Jones, there’s your 1T Scooter!

    1. Good work, Razor!
      I predicted Solomon and wanted (but did not predict) Witherspoon.

    1. Good call on the 1T. We’re thin in that position, imo, as I don’t think Dial is suited to play that position except in an absolute emergency.

  54. “D.J. (David, Junior) Jones is a short, stout, and athletic nose tackle who excelled for the Rebels the past two seasons but didn’t earn all-conference honors from SEC coaches or media. The South Carolina native was a top-five junior college recruit nationally after starring at East Mississippi Junior College (21.5 tackles for loss, 12 sacks in two years), which won two national championships while he was here. Jones played in every game in 2015, starting three, making 40 tackles, 5.5 for loss, and four sacks. Rebels coaches started him all 12 games in his senior year (30 tackles, three TFL, two sacks).”

  55. High quality late-round pick — STRENGTHS Has a big bubble and plays with a wide base. Outrageous weight room strength with monster numbers in clean, bench, and squat. Plays low and fires upward strikes to elevate the blocker’s center of gravity. Has the play strength to rip through an edge once he gets to it. Has quick hands and is nice with the swim move. Has necessary play traits to be an effective rusher in the twist game. Rare reactive athleticism and short-area lateral quickness for an interior player. Extended tackle radius allows him to close out running lanes away from his gap. Keeps hounding runners down the field for the tackle. Instinctive and quickly sniffs out screen passes. Very rarely on ground. “

    1. One spot before the Niners. Wonder why he fell so far. Story will come out. At least Niners got a TE in Kittle.

        1. I’m thinking he gets looked at for that role behind Brooks. Probably competing with Dekoda Watson and Brock Coyle.

  56. Very interesting again . . .Our new Brain Trust clearly puts in the overtime study hours. So absolutely refreshing not to have to endure another haunting, bewildering Baalkesque draft, no offense intended, Cassie . . .

  57. Pita BOTTOM LINE Pass rush specialist with limited exposure to the game who has posted consistent sack and pressure production throughout his career thanks to his athleticism and motor. He’s undersized and lacks the strength to factor in as an every-down 3-4 OLB option, but he does have a chance to become a backup rush linebacker and might even warrant consideration as a 4-3 WILL who can step into a special teams role quickly.

  58. All I know is when you get 2 out of the 3 players you had rated highest on your draft board, plus more picks in the process, you deserve a pat on the back. I couldn’t be happier….

    1. Not to mention adding another second round pick to a better Oline&qb draft for next year

  59. Has been pretty impressive draft:

    1. First round: Solomon Thomas, DL — starter
    2. First round: Reuben Foster, LB — starter if League doesn’t bounce him for weed
    3. Third round: Ahkello Witherspoon, CB — potential starter
    4. Third round: C.J. Beathard, QB — backup
    5. Fourth round: Joe Williams, RB — supplants Hyde or shares starting job (RB by committee)
    6. Fifth round: George Kittle, TE — starter
    7. Fifth round: Trent Taylor, WR — ?
    8. Sixth round: D.J. Jones, DT — eventual starter?
    9. Sixth round: Pita Taumoepenu, LB — ?

    1. End of the day, if you don’t worry about who was drafted where, if you told me those were the players the 49ers would end up with prior to the draft I would be happy enough.

      1. Also, I think we have a later 2018 round pick from Denver, unless I was day dreaming.

  60. Wish we could trade Beat Writers but probably wouldn’t get any calls. Other than reaching for a QB I can’t believe how anyone could be so negative about this draft as Grant Cohn. I guess that’s why he writes about this stuff because nobody would actually ask for his opinion.

          1. The plain fact is this has been a magnificent draft compared the wretched misadventures of the last few years, a striking coup for Lynch and Shanny’s inaugural effort. I am smiling ear to ear and feel confident most of these selections to make the final roster.

  61. 49ers facing competition for roster spot…
    All TEs, EllingPineRiderton, Purcell, Several receivers with names starting with the letter D, Eli Harold, all RBs not named Hyde or Hightower.

    1. Purcell will be purged. Duke Ellington will be playing the blues. The Book of Eli will be closed, and the running backs sent packing….

    2. Absolutely true, Brodie. Number of so-so players have been put on short notice. Either step up now or punch your ticket for elsewhere . . .

    1. We bought our FB
      Online is weak this year/ better next
      I would have liked to see us get a safety too, but I guess they are happy for now with what we have

      When does UFA start? Immediately after the draft or is there a grace period

      1. Bandit, I know we “bought” our FB. We “bought” our safeties too in other years but did not draft one, unless one is coming up. That’s all I was saying.

    2. Remember how we would pick a safety in the first round to replace our DBs? Guess the current DBs are ok according to the brain trust.

      The picks unseating players? Let’s wait and see how things shake out first before we make definitive pronouncements.

      1. I remember one poster who changed his avatar to that of a safety, and wrote essays on how we would take a safety;>)

  62. There is some talent to take a shot at 7th and UDFA in the WRs available.

    Malachi Dupre, KD Canon, Isaiah Ford. All would be very welcome.

  63. Nice job Razor! I too had Thomas from the very beginning but did waiver and throw in Garrett on the last say with the rumors that the Browns were contemplating taking Trubisky. I did however reiterate that if Cleveland came to their senses, that they would indeed take Thomas. After that I whiffed through round 6.

    I did win a pliny from someone on this blog (can’t remember who but you know who you are!!) for the Solomon Thomas pick. Also, someone else said that if they pick him they were going to smash their TV! Diesel, was that you? Anyway, all in good fun.

    Seb, I hope your right and the team will now play their players in the proper position. The last few years, I agree, they have played too many players out of position, including the quarterback. Sorry, you teed that one up! Couldn’t resist! ;)

    1. Some experts had him in the second, some in the fourth. Who gets the F ?
      We read it a few times and it gains traction and becomes ‘fact.’ Once again,
      $ talks, bs walks

  64. Jeff Deeney @PFF_Jeff
    Pita Taumoepenu racked up 52 QB pressures in 382 pass rush snaps last season at Utah.

      1. Did you say good-bye Eli? If I were him I’d be sweating bullets starting now.

  65. In retrospect. My final mock 6.0 More whiffs than Brandon Belt! Swiiiiiing and a miss!!

    1. #2 Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A+M (Thomas if Cleveland comes to their senses!)
    2. #34 Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut
    3. #66 Teez Tabor, CB, Florida
    4. #109 D’Onta Foreman, RB, Texas
    4. #143 Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami (FL)
    5. #146 Jehu Chesson, WR, Michigan
    5. #161 Sean Harlow, OG, Oregon St.
    6. #186 Isaac Rochell, DT, Notre Dame
    6. #202 Jayon Brown, ILB, UCLA
    7. #219 Vince Beigel, EDGE, Wisconsin

    Do they still have that 219 or did it go to Seattle?

    1. Here was mine. I got one right..

      Rd 1 Jamal Adams SS
      Rd 2 Jordan Willis DE
      Rd 3 Ahkello Witherspoon CB
      Rd 4 Carlos Henderson WR
      Rd 4 Joe Mathis LB
      Rd 5 Jerod Evans QB
      Rd 5 Brian Allen CB
      Rd 6 Elijah Lee LB
      Rd 6 Aaron Jones HB
      Rd 7 Corey Levin OG

      1. As stated, I didn’t do a mock, but if I had I would only have gotten Thomas; and that wasn’t a secret.

      2. 80,
        I got my biggest draft crush in Reuben Foster. Everyone else is just the cream on top.
        I like Thomas, but getting RF was a master stroke for Lynch!

        1. Yup, you and I were always high on Foster. Man, if he stays healthy we may have got the best player in the draft.

  66. 229 49ers select CB Adrian Colbert. Like many before, I know nothing about him.

    1. Listed as a CB, but he might be seen as more of a safety. Long history of injuries, but good athlete.

    2. Fast, good size corner. Height weight size. Played safety for Texas, transferred to Miami and switched positions. Mastered zone coverage and started to excel in press. 4.4 speed. Had some injuries.

  67. UDFAs can decide among multiple teams that want them, right. If so, Kelly would be lucky to work with Shanahan.

    1. Broncos take Chad Kelly – this is one Mr. Irrelevant that actually has a chance to become a relevant NFL QB.

  68. Not surprised with a late round flyer on another CB, although who is dis guy?

    1. Very interesante . . . another late strike that might well pay off. Little doubt that our special teams are going to have a radically different make-up this year. Lynch/Shanny left no stone unturned . . .

  69. Mayock loves the kid. He’ll make the team as a gunner on special teams, and train under Ward to play FS….


    “2016 (Redshirt Senior): Saw action in eight games with two starts, missing five games due to injury…Finished with 22 tackles (13 solo) and 2.5 tackles for loss…Had one interception and three pass breakups…Started season opener against Florida A&M (Sept. 3) and recorded first interception of collegiate career…Returned pick 46 yards…Missed two games – FAU (Sept. 10) and Appalachian State (Sept. 17) – with knee injury…Returned vs. Georgia Tech (Oct. 1) and was credited with first PBU of Miami career…Recorded one solo tackle in action against Florida State (Oct. 8)…Had five tackles in action against North Carolina (Oct. 15)…Recorded career-high six tackles and 0.5 TFLs at Virginia Tech (Oct. 20)…Dominant start at Notre Dame (Oct. 29) included six tackles, 1.0 TFL (three yards) and 2 PBUs”

  71. I don’t think the niners selected any small school guys. Big school guys might be a preference of the new regime.

    1. I was hoping to see him come our way but that’s the way the ball bounces. Great draft for the scarlet and gold, now let’s get on with the real hard-core work . . .

  72. It’s also a real good bet our secondary will undergo some radical modifications in preparation for this upcoming season. Man, I’m stoked!

  73. Colbert on twitter a few hours ago
    “Ant team that passes on me I will make them regret”
    Now he may be a bust but love the fire

  74. Lynch saying they had intel that other teams were going to select Beathard and that’s why they moved up.

    1. I may have missed something, but I don’t recall any team leap-frogging SF to beat them to a player. Maybe Lynch’s team know how to not leak intel.

      1. Not following. Lynch said that the 49ers moved up into the 3rd round to leapfrog other teams (which they had intel on) that were believed to be poised to draft Beathard in the 3rd round.

        1. Right, but I don’t think his crew gave up any hints so another team could jump ahead in any round. Noting discipline. SF jumped back into Rd#1 and Saints didn’t see it coming

  75. Lynch also said that they understand the concern about Ahkello Witherspoon’s lack of physicality. He also mentioned that a lot of people were surprised that a guy like him (Lynch) would draft a DB not known for his physicality. But he said they are going to demand it and he expects Ahkello’s teammates will as well.

    1. I think that Witherspoon might have been the weakest link of our draft, not the QB. If he is going to stick he’ll have to get over his aversion to aggressive contact quickly.

  76. So Lynch and Shanahan have finished their first draft. Added some good talent to the D, in particular the front 7. Should be improved against the run this year. And hopefully improved pass rush as well, getting a healthy Armstead back, adding Thomas and switching to a more aggressive 1 gap scheme. Would have liked a top line edge rusher to complement the D, but wasn’t to be.

    Witherspoon has all the measurables teams look for in the single high safety D, and should add some nice competition for the CB group. While looks like they will roll the dice on Ward, Reid and Tartt adapting to their new roles at safety. With an improved front 7, hopefully the transition is made easier.

    On offense, Hoyer is the starter at QB, which doesn’t inspire great confidence but he knows the system and has played pretty well the past couple of years. Barkley and Beathard provide some ok depth as guys that also seem to suit Shanahan’s system. In all likelihood the 49ers will look to add a top QB next year, unless one of these guys really play well this year.

    Lots of RBs were added. Hightower, Bibbs and Williams. Plus Juszczyk to play FB/HB. No more rubbish behind Hyde. And legitimate competiton for Hyde. This team will run the ball so they needed a stable of RBs.

    The passing game will look a lot different. Its the rise of the mighty mites, with Kerley, Goodwin, Robinson and Taylor supporting Garcon (I am assuming Ellington is a goner). Kittle and Juzszyk will also add a nice dimension to the passing offense. This offense will rely on explosiveness and getting guys open.

    As always, one of the keys to the offense will be the OL. Zuttah was a nice addition to solidify the centre position. But other than that not much has been done to improve the OL. It will be interesting to see how they hold up now they have a more traditional style QB to protect playing a rhythm passing game. With Gabbert getting the ball out of his hands fast the OL looked pretty decent to start last year. But run blocking was a weakness. Will need to make strides in that area this season.

    All in all, lots to be excited about for this season, but also lots of reasons to think the team is still a long way from being good.

    1. “Witherspoon has all the measurables teams look for in the single high safety.”

      Very astute. I hadn’t considered that.

  77. I didn’t mention I have 4.4 speed Razor. That’s from the couch to the fridge of course!

  78. I’d say that when the draft analysis is complete the so called experts will grade the Niners draft a B. How about you Grant?

  79. Very solid A- to A. Won’t even quibble about that. See it clearly according to scheme fit and need. Every hole filled, every need upgraded? Of course not. Given the team’s deplorable state it will take two drafts to accomplish that. Expect one or two additions from the final 53 league cuts.

  80. A- on defense.
    C- on offense.
    Thomas and Foster likely starters from day one.
    Williams and Kittle receiving many snaps in their 1st year.
    Missing: O-line help. Left some pretty good receivers on the board.

    Overall draft grade: B-.
    Certainly surpasses anything Baalke has put on the table the last 4 years.

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