NFL Draft live blog: Day 2

Colorado defensive back Isaiah Oliver runs a drill at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Monday, March 5, 2018. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for Day 2 of the NFL Draft. I will update this with information and analysis from Levi’s Stadium.

3:07 Here’s what the 49ers should do on Day 2:

  1. Trade a second-round pick and a third-round pick to move up in Round 2 and select cornerback Isaiah Oliver from Colorado.
  2. Select defensive end Dorance Armstrong Jr. with one of the two remaining third-round picks.

4:14 The Browns take guard Austin Corbet from Nevada with the 33rd pick, and the Giants take guard Will Hernadez from UTEP. Here comes a run on guards.

4:17 The Browns take running back Nick Chubb from Georgia with the 35th pick. Chubb and Carlos Hyde will be a tough duo.

4:21 Both the Browns and Giants will have quality run games next season.

4:23 The Colts take linebacker Darius Leonard from South Carolina State with the 36th pick.

4:25 The Colts take guard Braden Smith with the next pick. He will join Quenton Nelson as the Colts starting guard. They’re trying their best to protect Andrew Luck. Seems a little late.

4:25 The Buccaneers take running back Ronald Jones II from USC with the 38th pick. The 49ers will face him Week 12.

4:33 The Bears take center James Daniels from Iowa with the 39th. This guy will be the best center in football soon.

4:34 Four of the first seven second-round picks have been interior offensive linemen.

4:36 The Broncos take wide receiver Courtland Sutton from SMU with the 40th pick. That’s the second future Pro Bowler the Broncos have drafted so far.

4:40 The Cowboys probably hope Sutton would fall to them at pick No. 50. They really should have drafted wide receiver Calvin Ridley in Round 1.

4:43 The Titans trade up with the Raiders for the 41st pick and take Boston College outside linebacker Harold Landry. I predicted the Titans would take Landry in my final mock draft.

4:45 The Raiders received pick Nos. 57 and 89 from the Titans.

4:47 The Dolphins take tight end Mike Gesicki from Penn State with the 42nd pick.

4:53 The Lions trade up with the Patriots for the 43rd pick and take running back Kerryon Johnson from Auburn. That’s another RB the 49ers will face next season.

4:58 The 49ers trade up with the Redskins for the 44th pick and take Washington wide receiver Dante Pettis. Stay tuned for my analysis.

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  1. This is what I’d do:

    Call Ballard and offer my #74+#59 for their #37 and draft, Harold Landry, Leo, BC
    #70)Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis
    #95)Quenton Meeks, CB, Stanford

  2. Oliver would be an excellent pick. Not sold on Armstrong, but in the 3rd round they will be struggling to find too many better edge guys.

    1. They might also be considering trading up for Guice and waiting until #128 to grab Holton Hill or maybe Meeks is still on the board too. Deep CB class….

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    1. Hurst is a favorite of mine. Best pass rushing DT in the draft imo, but I can’t see them taking him with the glut they already have on the line.

  4. Matt Miller is saying:

    – There will be a run of OL at the top of the 2nd
    – Nick Chubb will be 1st RB taken on day 2
    – A run of WRs and TEs is expected in middle of round 2

    1. There are a lot of OL available. I think Browns though look to replace Joe Thomas with Tyrone Crosby of Oregon or Jamarco Jones of Ohio State here.

    1. Little did we know that coin flip was so valuable, but oddly enough, I think Gruden did given his disgruntled look on his face afterward….

  5. Austin Corbett. Played tackle in college, but thought he was a guard prospect? Gets to join his teammate from Nevada in Cleveland.

  6. Great pick by the Giants. Need at Guard, get the big Hog Molly. Barkley is going to enjoy running behind Hernandez.

      1. Yup, he reminds me Gore in many ways.
        His ability to hit the hole and make himself small.
        Ability to break initial tackle.
        And of course his ability and courage to fight back from a major knee injury.
        I was hoping he’d be one of our 3rd rd picks.

  7. I actually like the Browns draft. Of course, getting 2 of the first 4 picks yesterday and 2 of the first 3 picks today helps.

    1. They wanted speed at linebacker. Besides, among the inside linebackers, is there that much to differentiate between everyone in this second tier of inside linebackers (Baker, Warner, Leonard, etc.)?

        1. Yeah, but I don’t see much difference between Leonard and Baker. And I guess Colts preferred Leonard to Baker. I know we both mentioned Leonard as a potential Niner pick in our mocks, though in the 4th round.

  8. I think Raiders should take the risk with Maurice Hurst. They need someone in the middle of that line. Or they could go with Jerome Baker to man a linebacker spot.

  9. Damn I was hoping Merton would walk out like he used to after a big play. That long neck and that walk were crazy.

  10. Let’s get it done tonight fellas!!
    Trust the process. Hope nobody is drinking warm beer like high school kids…Get it on ice or in the freezer like a pro! Go Niners!!

  11. That was dumb….with all those better players to pick from……

    Waste of pick….

    Seriously picked this toothpick when Josh Jackson is available

    This kid is one hit away from IR

  12. 2017 Consensus First-Team All-America
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    NCAA Record Holder (tied) with Punt Returns for a Touchdown in Three Consecutive Games
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    2015 The Sporting News Second-Team All-America (punt returner)
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    1. No argument from me JB. We just filled a huge hole in the Return game.
      My only caveat is I thought he went a little high, but that will change after his first big return.

    1. i dont want to play that game….who know if he would have been….that aside look at all the defensive talent on the board….don’t get it

    1. We gave up our second round pick and #74 in the third round in exchange for this pick and a 5th round pick.

  13. I guess Grant is in hibernation now that the 49ers have made their pick LOL…
    It’d sure be nice to know what picks were involved in the trade with Washington.

  14. Seriously that was a really wasted pick….

    Are they saying this kid is better than Taylor who in was picked 177 …last yr….

    He will never be the 1st or 2nd starting WR….

    C. KIRK would hv made more sense

      1. He was a Rd 2 or 3 prospect the whole time. I thought his injuries would drop him to the third. But he was indeed a guy that Shanny liked.

        1. What made me shy off him was his mentality. I figured Shanny liked an Alpha at wide out, like Miller. Pettis is said to not have that dog in him….

    1. Yep, I thought Pettis would be a mid round option they liked as well. But not a guy they would trade up to 44 for!

      1. Same but if they see him as someone that can give Jimmy a short field in the return game, while allowing Taylor to focus on receiver; it might have been the driving force behind the move….

  15. I will support the wisdom of the front office, the astuteness of the coaches finding players to fit their scheme, and the analysis of the scouts.
    I just hope they did not give up too much.

  16. They basically traded up for a punt returner.

    As a returner on special teams, Pettis has returned nine punts for touchdowns over his collegiate career while averaging 14.2 yards per return. Four of the nine touchdowns came during his senior year. He has 1,274 return yards in 90 attempts during his time at Washington.

      1. We already have what he is. He probably won’t beat out Taylor.
        They just picked a punt returner. And traded up for him. Horrible choice at this time. Bet I won’t regret my words.

  17. And the usual bitching starts from all the “experts” who know of course TONS more about football than Lynch and Kyle.

    First at least hear them out (though I do admit this choice over CBs does look kinda strange at first glance).

  18. Again…
    2017 Consensus First-Team All-America
    2017 All-Pac-12 First Team (at both WR and RS)
    2017 Midseason All-America first team (Associated Press, CBS Sports,, The Sporting News)
    2017 Paul Hornung Award Finalist
    NCAA Record Holder with Nine Career Punt Returns for a Touchdown
    NCAA Record Holder (tied) with Punt Returns for a Touchdown in Three Consecutive Games
    Pac-12 Record Holder for Career Punt Return Yards
    2016 Second-Team All-Pac-12
    2015 The Sporting News Second-Team All-America (punt returner)
    2015 Second-Team Academic All-Pac-12

    He’s not chopped liver.

  19. Ive been so busy Over the past year that I haven’t posted much on here. But this pick made me take the time to post.

    I like the player. But there are plenty of these types of players. Im guessing they could’ve got him at 59 and even with one of their picks in 3rd round.

    Freakin niners

    Wasted value

    When they traded I was pumped for josh Jackson. Thought they were being sly and jumping infront of Green Bay to get him.

    Just wish you combine Scott M, Trent, and lynch/Kyle into one GM. We would find great defensive players with Trent. Great offense with Kyle. And highly intoxicated players with Scotty.

  20. Dante Pettis is not chopped liver. He is 185 pounds, and needs to add 10-15 pounds. He has speed, but not long speed in route running. Excellent return man.

    The concern has to do more with the needs that exist in the Niners defense. Additionally, some other non-“chopped liver” receivers graded higher than Pettis were still on the Board (Chark, Anthony Miller, James Washington). Furthermore, there is a bit of a redundancy in our wide receiver room now (Taylor, Pettis).

    Additionally, it is a question of value. Was this a player that required us to trade up and give up a 3rd round pick? It is likely he would have been there at 59.

      1. They have already said they see him as a big end/ DT on passing downs.

        49ers edge rush was bad last year and so far all they have done is release their best edge rusher and replaced him with a guy that hasn’t lived up to his draft pick. Not good.

  21. In my mind draft just went from B+ to a D

    Oh well…not sure what to say. Should’ve got a real GM that could help reign in shannon’s Crushes on these luxury skill players on offense.

    I like the idea of building the offense he is building but we are thin on defense. Also it is just bad use of resources. No matter how much He loves something he shouldn’t be allowed by the gm to overpay by this much

    1. LOL really this and other petulant comments on here are almost too funny. I’m on ESPN for timely draft coverage, I check back into this hysterical blog for comic levity . … thank you all for such a monkey barrel of laughs.

  22. This year is offense. Next year is defense. And some of you guys need t lighten up. Baalke is gone and the new crew has a plan. Just chill and see how it works out. Clueless Cohn is gonna give this pick a D minus.

    1. I’m perfectly fine with all offense this year. I Would just prefer not to throw away 3rd round picks.

      Basically gave New England a 5th rounder to take brown off of our hands. As we just completely threw away a 3rd to get someone that could’ve been had in the 3rd round or later.

      Lost out on actually getting a second round worthy player in the process.

  23. grant wanted picks for our defense, but shanny knows that the best defense is a defense on the sideline. our offense will be unstoppable. great picks.

  24. From the time the Niners took Pettis at 44, only Miller and Kirk went off the Board as receivers. Pretty sure Pettis would have been at 59. And pick 74 would still be in the Niners’ possession.

    1. Remember the CJ pick? It turned out that Washington was targeting CJ in the 3rd. The Bears or Cards might have taken Pettis over Miller and Kirk.

      1. I don’t think so. Both Miller and Kirk were graded higher than Pettis, which makes me think these were the players they wanted. But who knows?

        Of course, then we could have stayed at 59 and taken Miller or Kirk. Kirk provides the special teams component Pettis does, and Miller is a better receiver/red zone target. And the Niners still would have had pick 74.

  25. My comment may include some petulance but at least its not full of flatulence.

    I’m not much for trusting espn and a former television personality (our gym) to determine my opinion about their poor Management of resources.

    This a billion dollar company using their prized 2nd and 3rd round resources on silliness.

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