Observations from day 12 of 49ers’ training camp: Rough day for Garoppolo

San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo (10) and Trey Lance throw passes at NFL football training camp in Santa Clara, Calif., Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2021. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Here is what stood out during the 49ers twelfth practice of training camp.

Quarterback play:

It was a rough day for Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo rarely pushes the ball beyond 10 yards, and still has issues with turnovers. The veteran had two interceptions, and there would have been another had K’Waun Williams not been taken out by Dre Greenlaw. Both of Garoppolo’s interceptions, and even the near interception by Williams, would come after his first read was taken away.

On the first interception, Garoppolo looked to his right and after a pump fake tried to dump the pass over the middle. The ball would be batted up into the air and Dre Greenlaw happily gathered it in.

Garoppolo’s second interception would come on his last throw of the day. As happened with the first interception, Garoppolo initially looked right but found his receiver well covered. As pressure forced the quarterback to his left, he would try to fit the ball into Deebo Samuel who had run a deep curl, but Jason Verret saw the play coming the whole way and would step in front of Samuel for the takeaway.

Trey Lance would finish the day 15-19, and for the second time in training camp ran a play with the starting offense. Lance had a pair of really nice throws which demonstrated the difference that he brings to the 49ers’ offense.

During the early team session, Lance would face pressure up the middle and get flushed out of the pocket to his right. Instead of taking off on a scramble, Lance would find Brandon Aiyuk streaking across the field and hit the second-year wide receiver in stride for a nice gain.

The second big play from Lance highlighted the difference between the third pick in this year’s draft and Jimmy Garoppolo. One play after Garoppolo would overthrow Brandon Aiyuk on a deep throw down the right sideline, Lance would run the same play and hit Deebo Samuel in stride about 45 yards downfield.

The day wasn’t entirely clean for Lance. The one issue that has been nagging the rookie is fumbling, and today was no exception. During a move-the-ball period, a miscue by Lance would result in the shotgun snap bouncing off his chest and the defense would recover the fumble to end the drive.

It is getting to the point in which Trey Lance needs to start getting snaps in practice with the first team. He is continuously making plays for the second-team offense despite dealing with a lack of pass protection. By giving Lance reps with the first team, the rookie will be able to continue to develop and truly show if he is ready to give the 49ers the best chance to win.

Jason Verrett:

Yesterday I pointed out Verrett’s stellar play through camp, and the veteran made his presence felt again today with his interception of Jimmy Garoppolo.

Dre Greenlaw:

The third-year linebacker has been good throughout training camp. Today, Greenlaw flashed the ability to stop the run and pass. Greenlaw had a few nice stops in the run game, the best coming when he filled the gap to wrap up Raheem Mostert at the line of scrimmage.

Greenlaw would be in the right place at the right time to pick off a throw from Jimmy Garoppolo that had been tipped by the interior of the defensive line. Greenlaw was ready for the play, having spent time working on catching the ball alongside fellow linebacker Fred Warner while the special teams period was taking place at the beginning of practice.

Kentavius Street:

As has been the case throughout training camp, Street was very impressive. During a one-on-one period with the offensive line, Street would get the better in three of his four matchups. Street would continue his performance during team drills, getting consistent pressure on the quarterback and dropping Raheem Mostert for a loss on a run to the left side.

Aaron Banks:

The rookie right guard still has a way to go before he is able to crack the starting lineup, but the second-round pick showed some good things today. Banks looked very good during the one-on-one period, losing only to Kentavius Street. No shame in that, Street may be the best pass rusher among the 49ers’ interior defensive linemen.

During the late team period, Banks would do a very good job of working with right tackle Tom Compton to handle a stunt from the defense. This protection allowed Trey Lance the time to drive a deep out to Trent Sherfield to convert a third and long situation.

JaMycal Hasty:

The second-year running back had another strong showing. Hasty displayed a toughness to go along with his shifty running style to grind out four to five yards per carry. The 49ers’ running back room is very talented which may result in San Francisco trying to sneak Hasty onto the practice squad after final cuts.

Injury concerns:
Arik Armstead and Jalen Hurd returned to practice. Both took part in all drills.

Samson Ebukam and Azeez Al-Shaair were both seen working on the side as they try to work their way back onto the field.


The 49ers’ safety group has been pretty thin. This led to the signing of former first-round draft pick Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Dix played previously with Green Bay, Washington and Chicago but did not play in 2020 after being a late cut by the Dallas Cowboys.

Jack Hammer is a lifelong 49ers fan who shares insights on the team, and leads discussions on all football and team topics. Follow Jack on Twitter @JackHammer_NFL and subscribe to his YouTube Channel, YouTube.com/c/JackHammer49.

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  1. Happy Kentavius Street’s training camp is going so well.

    Depth at defensive line becomes even more important with the new 17 game regular season and only one NFC playoff bye. Short yardage situations will be fun with DJ Jones, Kinlaw, Armstead and Street in the middle trenches.

    1. The progress of Street in this TC is a reason I would be loathe to let Hurd go. Street has been hindered by injuries for three straight seasons (even last year, while he played, he had a disrupted TC, starting out on PUP), but now he is finally healthy and starting to look like a pretty decent depth piece.

          1. No, not really.
            He’s a player that was transitioning from rb to wr and has missed the past 2 seasons. I don’t think someone would want to guarantee a spot on the 53 to someone that has a high likelihood of not being able to play.

          2. No. Hurd has one catch in training camp this year and has an extensive injury history. I can understand why fans are enamored with him, but I don’t think teams will fall into that trap.

          3. Scooter, I would be surprised if a team didn’t take a shot on him. Has nothing to do with fan enamor. Has everything to do with a head coaches ego, and his belief that he alone has the keys to unlock Hurd’s potential.

    2. How is Jordan Willis doing? What’s his chances of making the team
      post suspension?

  2. The QB comparison is really tough at this point. The reasons for this are not only situationally dependent, but also because the dropoff between the first team secondary and 2nd secondary is massive, as is the dropoff between the starting Oline and the second team Oline.

    To the second point, the Aaron Banks signing was a major headscratcher for me, especially when Azeez, Basham, Robinson, St. Juste, Adebo, Meyers and Humphery were there. Positionally, I dont think guard is a worthwhile selection so high in this offense unless they are great fits or could potentially play C or T.

    If he can’t even win a starting role at guard on this team, this was a major whiff… I am hopeful that Moore can make up for this, if it is a miss.

    1. I think it’s just a scheme difference. At Notre Dame it sounded like he was more of a power player. Hopefully by next year he can be ready or this may be another 2nd round bust for the 49ers.

      1. Lmao! Banks is a bust already?

        It was a textbook snap for Banks, who at 329 pounds is one of the heaviest players on the team but who has carried the weight well early in camp. (By comparison, left tackle Trent Williams said recently he weighs 328 pounds.) Banks also did a good job in one-on-one pass protection drills earlier in practice, winning battles against veteran Maurice Hurst and second-year player Darrion Daniels.

        Later in practice, however, it was a different story. Defensive tackles Hurst and Kentavius Street seemed to be constantly in the backfield against Banks and the second-string offensive line with Hurst zipping past Banks on one snap to force a throw-away by Lance and then blowing up a run by rookie Elijah Mitchell two plays later.

        Consistency is the key here for Banks. Let him finish training camp before you put a fork him.?‍♂️

        1. I didn’t say he was a bust already.
          I said I questioned the pick at the time as I thought there were better selections for this team at the time and I still feel that way. Early camp reports indicate their is consensus opinion in that the second string secondary is not very good. And given that Jimmy, Jason, Kwaun, and Jaquiski all have a history of missing multiple games, it is more likely than not that the depth will be tested. So if he only provides depth at guard, as a second stringer, in my opinion it will have been a bad pick.

        2. Shoup, my “bust” comment was directed to Mr. Foster. Banks will be the starter at some point this season.

  3. Looking ahead to Saturday’s game vs. Chiefs. With all the shade thrown on preseason games, it’s fun to watch 2nd and 3rd tier players duke it out. Hoping to see a few gems emerge.

  4. Jimmy will play the first series versus Chiefs and Trey the remainder of the first half. Too bad NFL network wont be airing the game until 3 AM or something. There should be live streams online for the preseason games. This is totally lame.

      1. Rib, Thanks. I have the NFL package via Direct TV. I feel preseason should be included. I also subscribe to HBO and I feel HBOmax should be included. I also think WAPO should be included with my prime membership. It gets tedious having to have a dozen different subscriptions.

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