Observations from Day 2 of 49ers mini-camp

-The 49ers held their final of two mandatory veteran mini-camp practices Wednesday morning. Here is what stood out.

Trey Lance

Lance was up and down in the final practice of offseason workouts. He finished the day 8-12 with an interception and had one pass dropped.

The quarterback hit all four of his throws during the opening seven-on-seven period. His best throw of the period came when he found George Kittle deep down the right side.

Things became tougher for Lance when the offensive and defensive lines joined in.

During the first two sets of plays, Lance completed just two of five attempts, both short checkdowns to running backs and threw an interception. When Lance tried to go down the field his pass to Christian McCaffrey was late allowing Avery Young to knock the ball away.

A couple plays after the checkdown to McCaffrey, Lance had his pass to the left batted down and intercepted by defensive end Kerry Hyder. Batted passes have been an issue for Lance, who’s had five in just 106 regular season attempts.

During a move the ball period, Lance opened the first possession with a short throw to tight end Ross Dwelley setting up third and two. On the third down play Lance ran a bootleg to his left and came up short when he tried to pick up the first down on his own.

Lance’s second attempt started with a short checkdown to running back Jordan Mason. On third and five, Lance put the ball right on Jauan Jennings, but the possession ended when the receiver could not make the catch.

Sam Darnold

Darnold started off hot, connecting on all five of his attempts during a seven-on-seven period. The highlight came when he connected with rookie tight end Cameron Latu down the seam for a 60-yard touchdown.

The veteran quarterback connected with Brandon Aiyuk for a big gain on his first snap of team drills. Darnold executed a play fake before hitting Aiyuk on a deep out for a gain of about 25 yards.

Two plays later, Darnold had Willie Snead open while moving to his right off play action, but his throw came up short.

The next set of plays saw Darnold connect with Ty Davis-Price on a short checkdown and Jauan Jennings on a deep hook over the middle. In between those two plays was a drop by Jennings.

During a move the ball period, Darnold’s first set of downs came to an end when Chris Conley was able to hold on.

Darnold’s second attempt ended much better. After Danny Gray slipped while making his break on an out, Darnold layered a ball to Ray Ray McClound on a deep in route for a big gain. He finished 9-13 with a pair of drops.

Brandon Allen

Allen saw the most snaps in any team during the offseason and struggled. The veteran was able to connect on just two of ten attempts.

Brock Purdy

The quarterback continues to work his way back from offseason surgery to repair the torn UCL in his throwing arm.

For the second consecutive day Purdy could be seen running on a side field during practice.

Jauan Jennings

Jennings struggled to hold on to the ball. The veteran dropped two of his five targets on the day, one from Lance and one from Darnold.

After the drop from Darnold, Jennings came back to make a catch on the next play. Running a deep curl over the middle, Jennings held on to the ball this time before running through the secondary to the endzone.

Cameron Latu

The rookie tight end had been quiet on the receiving front during offseason workouts. Today he made his presence known. Latu split the defense on a deep seam route up the middle of the field and Sam Darnold hit him in stride for a big gain.

Jordan Mason

Mason continued his strong offseason as a receiver. Today the second year back brought in all three of his targets for the second day in a row.

Kerry Hyder Jr.

Hyder recorded the lone interception during practices open to the media when he picked off a Trey Lance throw.

On the play, Hyder recognized he wasn’t going to get to the quarterback, so he settled down, read Lance’s eyes and got into the throwing lane. Hyder was able to get his hands up and hold on to the ball before running the other way for a potential pick-six.

D’Shawn Jamison

Jamison, an undrafted rookie free agent, was all over the field today. The former Texas Longhorn did not allow a reception on four targets including a pair of pass breakups.

Jamison outperformed fifth-round draft pick Darrell Luter Jr. these last two days as defenders have been able to be more aggressive.

Danny Gray

Gray came away with no receptions despite being targeted four times. The worst play came when he slipped while making his break on an out route leading to an incompletion.

The second-year receiver has yet to become a consistent threat.

Ray Ray McCloud

McCloud came up with a big catch from Sam Darnold to convert on third and long during a move the ball period.

McCloud was able to get open and haul in a pass behind the linebackers and in front of the safety.

Jake Moody

Moody hit every kick, including booming a 58-yard field goal into a slight breeze.

Dee Winters

The rookie linebacker worked with the second unit for the second day in a row.

In pass coverage, Winters was able to read the play correctly and was right on top of Ty Davis-Price to defend a short checkdown throw. He is fighting a very tough group for a spot on the 53-man roster.

Colton McKivitz

McKivitz has looked solid in pass protection over the two mini-camp practices.

Working against Drake Jackson and Kerry Hyder, McKivitz has been able to neutralize the two pass rushers.

Jon Feliciano and Matt Pryor

Feliciano and Pryor took all of the second unit snaps at center and right tackle during minicamp. In addition, Feliciano has worked at right guard during the individual periods.

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  1. Now the long 40 day wait until camp. Lets hope for no injuries during personal workouts. What are you going to write about now. How bout every other day answering questions from the readers?

    1. I agree the 40 days seems like a long sabbatical filled with a lot of speculation.
      Couldn’t they play tag football at least?
      Q and A would be nice, but I think Jack does it on twitter, not here.
      I’d like to see his POV on who stood out of the rookies and who surprised good/bad.

      1. Agree with Dee but I want to avoid Cohen manufacturing drama and conflicts that likely do not exist. He lives on theater and much of it leads nowhere.

    2. I hope to surmise about the 53 cutdowns, and bubble players. I hope Jack has a discussion of each position group. Which is the strongest, which is the weakest, and which have the biggest question marks.
      Glad they now have tape on the new players, and wonder how many Draftees will make the team.
      I was surprised with the signing of Darryl Johnson and workout of the WR, but I guess that JL, like the players, wants to improve every day.

  2. Grant said Luter Jr did not practice in minicamp while you are implying he did. Who is telling the truth??

  3. JH- ‘A couple plays after the checkdown to McCaffrey, Lance had his pass to the left batted down and intercepted by defensive end Kerry Hyder. Batted passes have been an issue for Lance, who’s had five in just 106 regular season attempts.’
    I hope KS moves the pocket so pass rushers cannot rush in the passing lanes with a hand up to block or tip the pass. Controlled roll outs will also allow Lance to take off if he sees daylight.

    1. You are asking them to design a predictable pattern to accommodate Lance.
      That’s makes us a very limited offense.
      That sounds very counterproductive….

      1. Did I say that he should be rolled out every play? By moving the pocket, there is less predictability. Never rolling him out just means the pass rushers can tee off and rush to a spot.
        It might be good to roll him away from their best pass rusher, so the pass rusher does not have time to get to the QB. Controlled roll outs will put Lance in space, with the option to run. That sounds inherently unpredictable.
        I would like to see Kittle pinch in the pass rusher, so Lance can escape to that side. Then Kittle should leak out to be a target underneath, which could result in a long run after the catch, or at least move the ball past the sticks.
        It is unproductive to snark and haunt my posts. Some day, you will learn your lesson.

        1. Sebbie, You have climbed back onto your self assigned pedestal and now want people to stop exposing your flight by night ideas.
          Did I say that you said that he should be rolled out every play? NO
          Nowhere did you indicate that this “idea” was just meant as a one-off. In fact you double down from “I hope KS moves the pocket so pass rushers cannot rush in the passing lanes” to now “By moving the pocket, there is less predictability. ”
          You want them to move the pocket every play? Lance throwing against the traffic? Lance doing desperation throws? And every 10 times he’ll get a run in? How did he get hurt again?
          This site is for discussion of the 49ers and when someone has silly, pretentious ideas, they’ll hear about it.
          If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen…

          1. ‘You are asking them to design a predictable pattern to accommodate Lance.’ A predictable pattern would be to roll him out every play.
            ‘ That makes us a very limited offense.’ You were inferring that it would be too predictable and would limit the offense. You are projecting, because I want the offense to be unpredictable and unlimited in its variations.
            Moving the pocket is inherently unpredictable. It does not mean that they have to do it every play. I want controlled rollouts, not naked bootlegs with no protection. Lance was injured when the pocket collapsed and he tried to scramble.
            Silly pretentious ideas? FYI, Joe Montana rolled right and threw the ball to Dwight Clark. It was called- The Catch. If Joe Montana can start a dynasty by rolling out, it is not a silly and pretentious idea.
            You obviously are trying too hard. You are so desperate to try to call me out, but it just backfires on you. I can take the heat just fine. Your problem is that you like to dish it out, but sure can’t take it.

            1. ‘You are asking them to design a predictable pattern to accommodate Lance.’ YES, moving the pocket every play IS predictable. And that is how it was presented the first time around by you. Obvious now you are backtracking instead of admitting your silliness.
              Calling for a roll out, which they obviously will do at least once a game is not a genius insight (only in your mind) but you can claim credit for it when they do it. Your
              Here are some more things you can call out
              -fake field goal attempt
              -flea flicker
              -double reverse handoff
              – CMC TD throw
              -Fake spike
              -Hook and Lateral
              -reverse pass
              Maybe even a Fumblerooski!
              You see calling out a single play is easy, but to change the whole system for a QB is a different story.

              And if you stay up late again please, please quote me where I can’t take it. Your wishful thinking on being able to take the heat would be more believable if you didn’t start calling me names.
              Which reminds me……

              1. How cute. Just because I make a suggestion, and then they do it, does not make me a genius, but it sure highlights that the suggestion was a wise piece of advice. Before the draft, I advised the 49ers to bundle picks to make a modest move up, so they can draft a player they coveted. Guess what? They bundled picks to move up to get the player they coveted, but they did not obey an order from me. They just followed some sound advice, because it was a smart thing that I advocated.
                ‘You see calling out a single play is easy, but to change the whole system for a QB is a different story.’ Your pushback on me making a small suggestion, just shows your intolerance for any of my opinions. You really are trying too hard.
                ‘Your wishful thinking on being able to take the heat would be more believable if you didn’t start calling me names.’
                Oh boo hoo. I called you a gadfly for haunting my posts. Buck up, Buttercup. I have had posters spewing expletives and threats at me. I have been trolled and catfished ad nauseum. I have taken on an entire blog, without working up a sweat, but you want to whine and cry about some well deserved pushback.
                You really need to take your own advice. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
                Here is another piece of advice- Sometimes it is better to stay silent, and have them only think you the fool, than opening your mouth and removing all doubt. -OW.

              2. Oh my, I missed this meltdown you had completely.
                Are you OK now?
                Are you going to be haunting my posts again with more projection than a mirror can?

              3. Oh and please quote me where “I can’t take it”.
                Can you do that sweetheart?

              4. Dee, quit leading with your chin. Snarking days after a post is just a sign of desperation.
                You are trying too hard.

              5. Oh no, no snarking here. Your projections are blinding you!
                I call you sweetheart, and I mean it, because you keep dancing around my simple question since you are not able to back up your own statements.
                Your defending of your own dribble is comical and makes you look more and more like the soon to be indicted….
                You keep following me like a castrated dog in heat, determent but without any balls. You’re still whining about something that happened years ago and pretending that you are the hero. We all know that you went crying to Grant at the time and asked him to ban people that hurt your feelings. Like a fink you slinked away when people continued to call you out on some of your delusional dribble.
                So don’t you start spouting stories now on how you took on a whole website. You didn’t! You ran away caus you couldn’t handle it!
                Now that the truth is told (not by you, mind you) let’s carry on and be civil! And if you can’t be civil read and memorize your own quote:

                – Sometimes it is better to stay silent, and have them only think you the fool, than opening your mouth and removing all doubt. –

                Say it 50 times and click your heels!

  4. Lance does not look like the starter. Darnold may be a better second. I can see why Lynch and KS want Brock to start even though he is not 100% yet.

    1. allie,
      You might be right about Sammy D, afterall, you saw more in Purdy then most of us did last year.

      I think that there’s little doubt that Purdy is the 49ers starter going forward when he’s ready to go.
      The QB competition is between Darnold and Lance.

      Personally, I would like to see SD and TL both be on the 53 roster given the QB carnage the 49ers suffered last year. But, considering what Coach said regarding a possible Lance for Hunter trade, I would lean towards making that deal.

      1. I thought that those 3 first-round picks being traded for an untested QB like Lance was absurd. It was a huge gamble and has not proven to be a good choice. I like TL as a person though. I like Brock as a person but trust his player judgment more. Sam is intriguing to me and will be an excellent backup and emergency starter. He is competent and experienced and still 26 years old.

        1. Like you, I’m not thrilled with the deal of giving up so much collateral for Lance. My only solace is that the 49ers have weathered that deal and overall, still have a Super Bowl material team.

          At the moment, I can’t blame anyone for the Lance pick simply because no one really knows what he’s capable of until he can put in a full season or two.
          I look for the 49ers to take a serious look at Trey in TC this summer before making a decision on him.

          1. I trusted in their judgement. The QB class the next year was sparse. I am just glad that they did not draft Randy Zach Wilson or Mac and Cheese.
            Some say the 49ers gave up a King’s ransom, but those picks ended up being pick numbers 12, 29, 102 and 29. They got pick number 3, but did not give up a top 5 pick. Those pick numbers 29, were like high second round picks.
            I am glad that JL and KS like Lance now, just as much as when they drafted him. Thankfully, Lance is only 23, and benefited from getting the Mahomes treatment, so he has a bright future ahead of him.
            I fully expect that Lance can win the starting job, and can lead the 49ers to victory.

  5. Darnold started off hot, connecting on all five of his attempts during a seven-on-seven period. The highlight came when he connected with rookie tight end Cameron Latu down the seam for a 60-yard touchdown.

  6. Anyone like this trade T. Lance to Minn. for Danielle Hunter. Minn. has expressed interest in Lance in the past and has put Hunter on the block. Bosa, Armstead, Hargrave and Hunter would give the 9ers the best D line in football. Hunters salary would be a wash for Lance’s salary in 23. That would give them Ferrell and Jackson in a 4 man rotation. They probably can’t afford Hunter in 24 but it would give Jackson and Beal another year to mature physically. It might be too soon to know whether Lance will be fully healthy but if they wait too long Hunter will be gone.

    1. Hunter would be a nice addition for the 49ers defense, no doubt.
      But if I’m Minnesota, would I be willing to give him up for a relatively unknown QB in Lance?

      Also, Minnesota shipped out Za’Darius Smith another formidable piece of their defense.
      If I’m the 49ers, I would jump on the deal, but I would definitely label this with a big “BUYER BEWARE” sign if I’m Minnesota. I think Minnesota can find a better deal elsewhere.

    2. I would rather they keep Lance. He may be needed.
      I would rather they trade Sam Darnold for a second round pick. Allen or even Costello could be QB3.
      KS should be able to win with Lance. That will give Purdy the luxury to rehab fully, and not force him to play an entire 17 game schedule on his surgically repaired elbow.
      If they do trade away Lance, it will only happen if Purdy is game ready, and completely rehabbed from his surgery. No one knows how long that will take. It would also need for Sam to show that he has stopped seeing ghosts.
      They may need both Lance and Purdy. They may also need Darnold. Trades are just idle speculation, but if some team has their starter unfortunately become injured, Sam may be a good replacement.
      They should not trade Lance for a player. JL should start with 2 firsts, and maybe settle for a first and conditional second. Lance has a ton of potential. They should not give him away. They should ask for draft picks, so they can lock up those players under rookie contracts. JL has managed the salary cap well, because he has his 2 starting QBs still under rookie contracts.

      1. Seb,
        I am in a win now mode. I believe that Hunter would put us over the top. He could push this D into the Chi 85,Balt 2000 or TB 02 range. With the 9ers running attack and that kind of D either Purdy or Darnold could win a SB. Kind of like Jim McMahon, Brad Johnson or even Trent Dilfer. Health will always be a concern but there is a thing called being overly cautious. imho

        1. OC, the question is whether Lance will have value before or after he plays some games..
          He’s still a roll of the dice.

          1. Dee,
            Look at what they got for Za’Darius Smith. I don’t think they will want alot more for Hunter. The 9ers might have to throw in a draft pick but it has been rumored that Minn. likes Lance. It will be interesting over the next couple of days whether we hear any stirrings from Minn or the 9ers.

        2. OldCoach, the 49er defense was number one last season and they just got Hargrave. I think Hargrave may have put them over the top, and Hunter, while good, is not crucial for their success.
          Trading away Lance, then finding out that Purdy may not come back soon, would leave Darnold as the QB1. Darnold may win games, but he has never sniffed the playoffs. IMHO, Lance gives the 49ers their best chance to win, because Purdy is a question mark right now.
          I also want the 49ers to win a ring this season. Bringing back Purdy slowly and carefully may be the best strategy. let Lance start until Purdy is game ready, and he can show that he can take a hit on his surgically repaired arm. KS should not plan on forcing Purdy to play all 17 games. If they bring back Purdy around mid season, he may be fresh and fully healthy for the playoff push.
          Glad we have the same objective, but there are many ways to skin a cat.

            1. Would you be interested in signing Dalvin Cook? That is a more reasonable scenario. I do not know if they would want Lance, with his inexperience.
              Dalvin Cook may want to come to the 49ers, in order to get a ring. He may take less, to help with the salary cap.

              1. I like Cook but he has expressed interest in the Dolphins, Broncos and the Saints. He wants to be a #1 RB, with the 9ers he would be #2/#3 behind maybe the best RB in football.

      2. I would rather they trade Sam Darnold for a second round pick.

        No one is trading a 2nd-round pick for Sam Darnold. Give me a f’n break, Seb.

        Sam has little to no value at this point of his career.

        Trey on the other hand, still has that Brand-new toy “smell” that hasn’t been used yet that could attract some teams in giving up a 2nd-rounder for.

        1. The Jets traded away Sam for 2 second round picks.
          Actually, Sam had a good season last year. He helped end the season with a 4-2 record.
          I hope the 49ers are not desperate enough to give away Lance for a second round pick. JL should initially set the starting price of 2 firsts, but could settle for a first and conditional second.
          If Sam is as bad as you think, they certainly should keep Lance, even if Purdy comes back strong.

  7. Aes,
    Minn. evidently is in the middle of a cap purge. They traded Smith as well as a 6th and a 7th for a 5th in 24 and another 5th in 25. Sounds to me like they might go for a Hunter/Lance straight across trade. Maybe the 9ers might have to throw in a late pick in 24. I just think Hunter would turn the 9ers D line rotation into a generational D line.

  8. Again, if I’m the 49ers, I jump on that deal because subsequently, I really don’t care what the fallout will be for Minnesota.

    Hunter is a 3 time pro-bowl player and is only 28 Y/O. He has had some injuries, but he came back last year to have good numbers.
    If Minnesota really wants Lance, I say let’s make a deal.

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