OTA Notes: Marcus Lattimore improves

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what stood out to me during Tuesday’s mini-camp.


1. Marcus Lattimore — Looked much more agile than he did during OTAs. He caught one pass in the flat, planted his left foot, cut and exploded into the end zone for a touchdown. I haven’t seen him cut like that during practice before.

2. Garrett Celek — Caught a touchdown pass from Colin Kaepernick during a seven-on-seven drill in the red zone. Kaepernick threw the ball above Celek’s head, and he reached up and caught it.

3. Michael Crabtree — Struggled during the beginning of a red-zone drill. The wide receivers were running fade routes in the end zone against John Morton, the wide receivers’ coach. Every wide receiver except Crabtree made this drill seem easy. Twice, Crabtree let the ball bounce in the back corner of the end zone, just couldn’t get there. But on his third attempt, he reached up with one hand and made the catch of the day.


1. Vance McDonald — Dropped two passes today, and has dropped a couple of passes during every practice open to the media this offseason.

Stay tuned for my column on Vernon Davis holding out.

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  1. There is a lot of praise for Baalke’s picks, but so far outside of Eric Reid…I just dont see difference makers yet. I count Aldon as a Scott Mcloughon regime(spelling?) pick. I’m hoping this is the season we get to see if Baalke’s picks are difference makers, but I’m not too optimistic.

    1. I count Aldon as a Scott Mcloughon regime(spelling?) pick.

      Why would you do that?

      1. Cause he did not know at the time of typing the word “regime” if the spelling was correct. Lets go niners!!!!!!!!! Watch out fo dem raiders

    2. You realize that scott mcloughan was with the Seahawks by that time. Are you saying Scott assisted with the hawks draft and ours simultaneously. Very iimpressive.

  2. I am also not too optimistic about Vance ever being a good reliable receiver. If someone has bad hands you can sort of improve them, but they will never be good. I am still upset with Trent for putting Gray on waivers. He was making a position change and had a big upside. I always felt something wasn’t quite right about TB and now just last week I read an article about him that claims he has a compulsive obsessive disorder. It explains a lot of his actions. I just don’t think someone who has OCD has the right personality to be and effective GM. It will manifest itself in a flawed perspective that will eventually bite the franchise in the rear. They can easily confuse compulsion with objectivity.

    1. willtalk:

      Unless you have the education, training and experience to diagnose anxiety disorders, your repeated suggestions that Baalke suffers from a mental disorder which prevents him from being an effective GM amount to nothing more than ignorant speculation.

      You have been beating this dead horse on multiple 49ers sites, and it has gotten old. The only obsession I see is your obsession with refusing to give Baalke any credit for building one of the NFL’s strongest rosters. Give it a rest.

      1. After reading the MMQB article, Baalke sounds like a classic INTJ (or INTP?) on the Myers Briggs.

        Though not overtly social, they are often found in management due to their ability to study, organize and anticipate long term effects of change.

        Intensive social encounters drain INTJs. Work or study in a quiet setting re-charges their batteries.

        When Baalke wandered outside to weed the sidewalk during the school tour, he may have been recharging his battery. The weeds were only a venue to occupy his hands while of mentally organized his next work day.

          1. You may have guessed I’m INTJ. When I did sales at work dealing with multiple customers, I was quickly exhausted.

            Long shifts of hard work away from the crowd gave me energy whether it was working on a production line or a computer.

    2. Willtalk
      Yeah, you may have over-reached in your diagnosis. Trent may be anal retentive and meticulously detailed to a fault, but that doesn’t suggest a level of OCD that would negatively effect his job performance. It could in fact be a handy trait for a GM.
      Think back for a minute to Jerry Rice. If ever there was a perfectionist about every aspect of his game, JR was that guy. Meticulous? You bet. Anal? Definitely. OCD? I dunno; but certainly focused and dedicated beyond even most competitive professionals. Trent’s disease might be just the right thing!
      Is Jim Harbaugh or Bill B. like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood? Nope, obsessively, relentlessly hyper-competitive.

  3. Good to hear Marcus is making steady progress,one day at a time. Patience and steady effort under the tutelage of the great T.Rathman just may pay out bigtime. Lattimore and Carlos Hyde in our running stable, potent.

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