Peter King: “49ers have to hang on to Jimmy Garoppolo.”

As the 49ers begin the on-field portion of their OTA program on Monday, the doubts surrounding Trey Lance from national media members persist. This time it comes courtesy of Peter King.

During an interview on the Rich Eisen Show, King was asked about the contract situation of Deebo Samuel.

“I think that John Lynch is basically trying to let some time pass, and for everybody to just sit back and relax,” responded King. “In my opinion, if you do a contract with Deebo Samuel you can guarantee him a lot, you do everything, but it can’t be a lot in this year.”

“I think, as of today, they are going to probably have to hang on to Jimmy Garoppolo,” said King. “Not only because nobody out there is offering to trade much for him. Do they really know what they’ve got in Trey Lance?”

Given that the comments made publicly by John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have all pointed in a positive direction, it appears they do.

“The great news is we’re extremely positive, as I’ve said, and Kyle’s said, on Trey’s progress,” stated Lynch during the NFL Owners meetings in March. “This offseason, he’ll have ample opportunity — as will Nate [Sudfeld] — to get plenty of reps. And we’re looking forward to that process.”

The following day, Kyle Shanahan struck a similar tone when asked if what he’s seen of Lance was enough for him to take over as the starter.

“That’s why we looked into trading Jimmy,” responded Shanahan. “We obviously believe Trey can be the starter, and we are ready to do that.”

All signs this offseason have pointed towards Trey Lance as San Francisco’s starting quarterback in 2022. After all, the 49ers used three first-round picks to add Lance to their roster. In addition, Jimmy Garoppolo said his goodbyes following the season. As Shanahan pointed out, the team was actively trying to trade the veteran quarterback before everything stopped when Garoppolo underwent surgery on this throwing shoulder.

When this was brought up to King, he told Eisen, “You and I both think that Lance is going to start opening day. The question is, what if after the first month of the season you are 1-4 and Trey Lance is playing poorly. Do you just say, ‘well ok, we are going to take our medicine’? No. You say, ‘this is one of the reasons why we have to think seriously about keeping Jimmy Garoppolo. Because we are not sure about Trey Lance, and we are not willing to throw a season away.’ That’s how I look at it and that’s the way I’d handle it if I were them.”

Having Garoppolo on the roster for 2022 as the backup isn’t the worst possible scenario for San Francisco. However, having him replace Lance if the team gets off to a poor start would be.

Let’s not forget that San Francisco was 2-4 through the first six games of 2021. They stuck with their quarterback and were able to make it to the NFC Championship Game.

If Lance is to be the future of the 49ers, they need to go all-in with his development. He sat and watched last year and worked on getting ready for the NFL on the scout team all season. Lance led them to a critical victory in week 17 to keep their playoff hopes alive.

If not now, when?

The good news is the veterans are now back in Santa Clara, and we will be able to talk about how they performed at practice starting Tuesday.

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  1. I agree with Mr. King and have said the same for several months. Trey does not inspire confidence and yes, Lynch way overpaid to get him. He is a raw, untried rookie who played in a rock-bottom conference. What a wild display of recklessness and wishful thinking.
    Go to Jimmy G if we need to. He took us to the finals and may have gone all the way had he not had a serious injury.

    1. allie
      “Go to Jimmy G if we need to. He took us to the finals and MAY HAVE gone all the way had he not had a serious injury!
      Or, as his history has shown, he may end up on season ending IR. I’m sure you know more than KS & JL….RIGHT?

      FYI: As long as JG remains on the roster, the 9ers lack the cap space to sign their 2022 draft picks, let alone sign Bosa and Deebo to new contracts.

      1. Female fan here. My Dad taught me to watch Niner games as a toddler. I have my intuition. I want Lance to shine but I am lacking the faith. I do feel Lynch way overpaid to get him. He did not have objective credentials. Maybe negotiate a lower salary for backup Jimmy G and keep him as King says. Jimmy G. is the players’ favorite. Yes, we know Jimmy’s limits but we fear a total meltdown of Lance.
        Lance was a one-year wonder in a rock-bottom conference. I like him personally but cannot get beyond his lack of credentials.

        1. allie
          Your “intuition” is clouding your judgement and ignoring the FACTS:
          FYI: If the 49ers cut Garoppolo, they’ll only clear $18 million in salary-cap space. He has a $7.5 million injury guarantee for 2022. Yes, there is offset language that would allow the team to get that money back “IF” JG signs a contract with a new team for the same amount or higher in 2022, but what team is going to pay a backup QB $25,550,000? (JG’s 2022 salary).
          NOTE: The $18 Mil saving will give the 9ers ~$10 Mil cap space to sign their draft picks. But that will leave the 9er FO only $8 Mil to sign Deebo, who wants ~$25-$30 Mil, and Bosa, who’s market value is also $25 to $30 Mil.
          FACT: Even if the 9ER FO front load the contracts of both Deebo and Bosa, the 9ers lack the cap space to sign either this season and instead, end up with TWO DISGRUNTLED SUPERSTARS.

  2. Jimmy has got to go. Can’t have everyone looking at him every single time Trey makes a mistake, and that will happen if Jimmy is here. Jimmy can’t get out the door soon enough, the whole franchise is being held in limbo waiting till Captain Mediocrity is outta here. I don’t even care if Lance is the real deal, just completely done with the Garappolo era. But I think there is no reason from what we have seen to think Lance can’t be at least as good (in a different way) as Garappolo.

  3. I’m a big Jimmy G fan and hate to see him go, but he should and will be traded before the season starts. I trust that Kyle and John know what they are doing. I certainly trust them way beyond what I trust King or any other writer. It’s in the best interest of Trey, Jimmy and the Niners that he be traded. Hopefully both QBs go onto a successful 2022 season.

  4. As a lifelong 49ers fan, I’m just that…a 49ers fan..not a Jimmy G fan, Joe Montana fan or Trey Lance fan…I’m not an NFL caliber talent scout, but can see who’s a good player, and who isn’t…and when I watch the games, I usually watch the line play, both offensively and defensively…and let’s just say that if I were to constantly gripe about Jimmy, without mentioning the o line, then I’d be just like G.C….the team needs to trade JG, or cut him, not because Lance is head and shoulders better, but for the sake of team unity and continuity…All QB’s get too much credit, and get too much blame dumped on them…true, they’re usually the highest paid on the team, but they aren’t the only millionaires out there. It takes all 11, regardless of who is under Center

    1. 55Niner
      A reminder: The 9er FO drafted Lance not because of JG’s ability…..But because of his AVAILABILITY, or lack of…..(~50% of his playing time spent on IR). Also, In 2021, JG plated in 15 games and threw 12 INT’s. He never learned to find (see), the D LB dropping back into underneath coverage of his receivers.
      NOTE: To JG’s defense, his 2.5 second release time made up for a lot of IOL deficiencies and both OG positions will be manned by new players in 2022…. And if Mack retires, all three positions will be new players…….
      IMO, The biggest factor for Lance’s success in 2022 will be the success of the IOL opening running lanes and allowing Lance 3.0 seconds to find his receivers.

  5. Jack
    Two questions for you
    1) If Mack retires, who takes over at Center?
    2) Who’s the starting SS against the Bears? Hufanga? Moore? or Odum

    9ER INJURY UPDATES: Kinlaw and McGlinchey are on track to return in time for training camp……
    Both Javon Kinlaw and Mike McGlinchey are ahead of schedule, per Shanahan. He believes both players will be ready for training camp.

  7. I worry that Hufanga is not a starter-caliber defender. Maybe bring Tartt back for a bargain price for a year? I see Hufanga as a special teams guy.

    1. allie
      Yes, I agree Hufanga is slower than Moore….But Moore, like Tart, has a history of injury!
      With more experience, Hufanga will learn to read offensive formations faster, enabling him to put himself in a better position to defend the play and help negate the need for speed.

      Tart has, for the second time in two years, become a FA with an IR history, too expensive, and a poor allocation of resources. Plus there are several other FA SS that depress his market value.

  8. You hold on to Jimmy,not because of Lance, He seems like a pro but because some teams starter will get injured or play like crap then they will come calling happens almost every year.

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