Pick the first pick

Predict which player the 49ers will draft first and build the team around come May. Explain your answer.

Players to consider:

QB: Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston

RB: Melvin Gordon

WR: Amari Cooper, Devante Parker, Kevin White, Jaelen Strong, Dorial Green-Beckham

TE: Maxx Williams

DT: Leonard Williams, Danny Shelton

DE: Shawn Oakman, Dante Fowler Jr., Alvin Dupree

OLB: Vic Beasley

CB: Trae Waynes, P.J. Williams

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  1. Call me superstitious .. but, I wouldn’t grab
    Mariota (in any round) .. why ?

    Heismann curse … but, I would put
    the focus on the OL, in the early rounds, though

    1. MWN,
      Good call. I’d go O-line as well. We missed on last years WR haul and now it’s time we start to build in the trenches. Injuries and inconsistency with backups did not measure up to what our O-line should be.

      We could find a speed WR or TE in the 2-4 rds. I believe we make a splash at signing our speed WR in the F/A market.

      We also need to find a better Backup QB that can push Kap forward or to the bench. Yep, he (Backup QB) needs to be that good.

      1. I suspect the OL is also where the organization drafts. They do not have the money to sign any FA of any value. So the organization can put money into the online and that’s about it.

      2. Good call AES,
        They’ll go O-line in the first round, pick up a WR in the 2nd or 3rd (Ty Montgomery? He’s injured and his stack could drop, Baalke type scenario), then focus on d-line and inside LB the rest of the draft.

    2. Wht are you both smoking OL is set. We have confirmed starters on all positions and you want to use the 1st rd pick on a OL who will be a backup.

      That is nutz.

      We need a solid no miss pick on starter WR or CB. If we have to trade up into the lower top ten. I say go for it.

      1. depends on what happens with Culliver & Cox.

        also how Brock, Ward, Acker, & Reaser (R/NFI) come back from injury and where Dontae Johnson is at in his development.

    3. No to the OL… they drafted Brandon Thomas to replace Iupati (if they don’t franchise him) or they have Looney or Marcus Martin.

      Kilgore is fine at C, Boone, Anthony Davis, and Staley.

      They could use an upgrade of J. Martin as the backup tackle. Maybe Boone would be better. Though with Harbaugh’s guys playing multiple positions fetish, I’d imagine they’d have tried him there in practice and found J. Martin to be better.

  2. Its way to soon to make even an educated guess regarding the draft. First we need to know how many and which FA’s we will lose. Then which FA’s we will sign.

    1. I might add you also need to know who the HC is going to be in order to know what the scheme is before draft talk can really begin.

    1. Jack …

      could you imagine Crabs with the SeaChickens … ??

      I mean .. he’d be in the same building as ..
      Sherm !!

      (talk about disruption !)

      1. Are you still calling them the SeaChickens even after their 2nd SB win? How disrespectful. . .

        1. P.S: It’s good you all still have your sense of humor. What stage of grief are you yall in? Haha.

        2. Mary its not disrespectful we just don’t like them. They are our rivals plus they have little dick sherman who is easily in the top 10 most classless players in the NFL

        3. the SeaChickens even after their 2nd SB win
          After their what? What stage of delusion is it called when you think your team has won SuperBowls they haven’t?

        4. “SeaChickens” .. is the term I use on this blog ..
          only because it’s a heckuvalot more PG than
          what I refer to them normally ..

          (Grant would delete my posts for sure if I used
          the term I have reserved for them)

            1. Seatards. It fits their fan who’s lost in space too (wrong chat room) and who just jinxed her team big time.
              It’s always good to plan ahead.
              If Mary Palin’s Seatards face off against Jerrah Jones’ Cowpukes (it could happen), I’ll be headed to Yosemite or Carmel or Mendocino for the weekend.

        5. Compared to what I usually call them, SeaChickens is *very* respectful.

          Don’t like it, Mary? Find some other team’s board to whine on.

    2. Crabtree: “What are you doing in my locker, bro?”

      Winston: Uuummm….nothing! *Gold King Crab medallion falls from his jock.

  3. The 49ers need to bolster the D-line, even is Smith is gonna stay around another season. I know Dorsey will be back, but we can’t rely on Jerrod-Eddie or Purcell or Dobbs to fill in there. Dial and Carradine are not proven yet. Get an Aaron Donald type so that the best LB crew in the NFL doesn’t need to shed too many blockers.

    I like the kid out of Washington, Danny Shelton or the kid from Clemson, Beasley.

    Most of the players listed won’t be there for us. Excellent D-lineman can’t be counted on to be found in the later rounds.

  4. Devante Parker. Biggest need and fits both athletically and character wise.

    Bonus Prediction: Mariota and Winston will both be drafted in the top 5 and both will bust within 3-4 years. It will be Carr/Harrington the sequel.

    1. I would trade the entire draft for Marcus Mariota. Any QB can get destroyed on a terrible team. If he goes to the Bucs, it will likely happen because they suck. However, on this team I know he would bring a few Super Bowls.

      1. Josh, you are 100% correct. Sure, from time to time an average QB gets a team in the race if the running game and defense are off the charts. But if you have a stud QB, you have a fighting chance to win the SB EVERY YEAR.

        1. Mariota is a system QB with less athleticism and arm strength than the guy we have. He is a more polished player coming out of College no question, but there is a huge question mark over whether he can be successful in anything but the system he played in in College. Considering all the complaints about Kap’s inability to be a traditional drop back QB, I find it hard to understand why the same people complaining are in favor of trading up for Mariota. Doesn’t make any sense.

  5. It’s premature until we know what happens with Justin Smith and CBs. We definitely need speed and athleticism at WR. I would revisit Josh Gordon during the offseason. Obviously contingent on if he can stay clean. I would also check out Justin Blackmon. Again, he needs to shape up. Both guys need to understand that their career clock is ticking away. Also what is the story with Vernon? He was semi-decent at the end of the year, but overall a lackluster season. When he wasn’t hurt he was jogging his routes. And of course or O line needs an overhaul. The good news is there are potentially some young guys waiting in the wings at O line, D line and CB who were recovering from injury last year. I guess that means WR has to be a the top of the list.

    1. Do you honestly see Jed “winning with class” York allowing either of those players on this team? Both are literally one strike from being out of the league and Blackmon may already be there.

      1. I think Jed is full of crapola and will do anything and hire anyone to make him appear competent.

    2. The odds of getting a Wr in this coming draft for the Niner’s is very slim because the talent pool is slim. Unless they actually hire someone who can evaluated talent in that area. They definitely do not presently possess the talent to find a gem that has escaped everyone else notice. In the last draft their were enough receivers that good ones were still available even into the latter rounds.

      More than likely the first pick will be a player who is not that wanted for the position he plays but the staff thinks can be converted to a position of need. They once again will try to show how clever they are by turning a pigs ear into a purse.

      1. I think a good WR will drop to us for the very reason you just mentioned: so many were taken last year a lot of teams won’t be looking at that position in the first round.

        There are some really good ones in this draft.

        1. Rocket,
          Ty Montgomery might drop to the 3rd round and will be a good pick up in that spot.

  6. We need a long ball wide receiver threat to extend defenses. Otherwise we see 8 and 9 men fronts, and defenses only have to cover mid range on the field. One of those five WR’s may be available at 15.

  7. Love to hear from folks who can’t spell. Brains went into becoming a football genius.

  8. Anyone see Borland getting traded? If bowman, willis and wilhoite are going to be back seems expendable. Package Borland and 1-#15 for leonard williams.
    DL biggest priority hands down IMO

    1. Package Borland?
      We need him as isurance and starting depth.
      Our defense is 4-5 years ahead of our offensive offence. We need a nfl caliber QB , who can make sound decisions and accurate throws.
      Lets not forget, Borland played a significant role in our 5th ranked defense, not like the role Kraep played in our 30th ranked passing attack!!!

      1. I would trade Borland for a 2nd, or package him, in a heartbeat. Browns might be willing to swap him straight up for Josh Gordon, too.

            1. Golf

              Gordon’s the best WR in the NFL. His troubles are all about cannabis, not violence. He’s worth the risk.

          1. What about package Borland and the #1 to move up for amari cooper…think that is possible if he slips a little in the draft?

            I love borland and would love to keep him, but like Grant said his value has never been higher. He is too talented to have on the sideline for the next 3 years waiting for bowman and willis to be done. He is greatly needed for depth but we have wilhoite who is not bad in his own right. I just think we have more important needs than ILB

    2. Would you trade Borland, or one of Willis/ Bowman?

      I know we only saw limited action from Borland, and he made some mistakes, but from what I saw of him he has fantastic instincts and is a guy that is good for a few “splash” plays a game. You need those guys on both sides of the ball, and it would be a shame to get rid of someone with that ability at such a young age. Especially considering Willis is getting up there in age, and Bowman is coming back from a serious knee injury that brings question marks on whether he’ll ever be able to play at the same level he was previously.

      1. I would not get rid of Willis or Bowman. Football is a speed game. Borland can’t cover quick running backs out of the backfield. Tre Mason will kill him for years to come. Borland can’t even cover Robert Turbin.

        1. Splash plays are hard to replace. He makes far more good plays than negative ones. And while he isn’t a guy you would want covering someone man on man very often, he’s capable in zone coverage. If you had an ILB next to him that was good in coverage you can cover his weaknesses.

          To be honest I wouldn’t trade any of them this off-season unless they have to for salary cap reasons. I’d like to see how Willis goes now that he’s had his toe injury fixed, and I’d like to see how Bowman goes following a year and a half of recovery. And I’d want a capable replacement ready in case one of those two get dinged again.

          1. Agree. Plus Borland has value with his rookie contract; economy value. I’d keep all 3 unless some team called with the hots for one of them and might overpay.

          2. I would definitely at least entertain trading him.

            his other two holes are speed backs to the outside and bigger running backs (Marshawn Lynch ran him over like he wasn’t there)

            Baalke’s ineptitude at drafting offensive players at the skill positions, is contrasted by how adept he is at drafting LBs; especially in the 3rd round (Bowman, Borland).

        2. Just a little tid bit of info about speed, when we played the Titans a few years ago, I remember Chris Johnson leaving Willis ( Patrick Willis ) in the dust. It’s not always about speed for a backer, it’s more about recognition and being the right place.
          Sure Borland isn’t a backer with corner skills and sure he has made some, not many mistakes but listen. Borland is a rookie, just like Willis and Bowman were and they made mistakes and have never been the fastest defenders on the field.
          Borland is a keeper and will only get better, IMO.

          1. I’d trade him to someone who felt like you before his flaws get exposed over and over again.

            1. And I would take him. In the end, you would have no defense because even Pro Bowl Backers get beat in pass coverage.
              How do you think TE’s make a living? beating backers.

          2. well of course he did. CJ runs 4.24. Willis runs a 4.51.

            now imagine Willis being replaced by someone who runs a 4.83…

            Baalke can draft LBs. He’s even good at identifying guys like Skuta, Wilhoite, Larry Grant as back ups.

            If they can get value for Borland in a trade, do it. If not, then don’t.

        3. Mason will kill him for years to come. Borland can’t even cover Robert Turbin.

          Same way Harvin and Tavon Austin were going to kill our slot corners? Borland will be fine because he is a student of the game and has great instincts. They wouldn’t get enough to make it worthwhile to trade him.

              1. Yep haven’t you noticed how the game is too fast for Kuechly, how many defensive awards has he won already?

              2. Grant,

                What about those predictions regarding Harvin and Austin? Maybe you can just recycle being correct about AJJ vs Fleener, instead of answering directly.

            1. Couldn’t agree more. He’s fantastic in the box but teams will isolate him in man and kill him with simple short routes out of the backfield. He gets beaten outside on handoffs, too, and he’ll always be an injury waiting to happen because he’s just smaller than average. I love watching him, but his flaws are obvious

              1. All three will be team mates in 2015. Collectively, their cap numbers are very friendly….

        4. Willis and Bowman remain two of the best LBs in the game when healthy. We need to keep them on the roster at least through training camp. If we learn that one of them won’t recover from his injury then we move on.

        5. Here’s Seahawk history on RBs: PC built his team around MLynch: Lynch was #1 Round and drafted by the Bills in 2007. We got him in 2010 b/c he was a “prob.”

          Turbin was #4. I like him. I read once he’s assigned to ride the bus and share a room with RW. Anyway that’s a good role model for Turbin — he works hard.

          Michael Christine #2. I think I read where he is more immature but we’ll have to see.They are getting a lot more reps now and I like the way they are rotating the RBs.

          1. Mary,

            He wasn’t a “prob” in Buffalo. He was a PROBLEM in Buffalo. He hit a pedestrian in his car (when he was almost certainly drunk) and ran, among other things.

            1. Scratch that, it should’ve been “quite likely drunk”, not “almost certainly drunk”. But I would bet the farm thst he had a few drinks, at least. It happened in Buffalo’s nightclub district.

        6. I agree that we’ll have an embarrassment of riches at ILB if all four guys come back and so I understand the idea of a trade. Yet, trading Borland before we see Bowman at full speed in camp is premature. Hopefully Bowman comes back as he was amazing. He also has a ton of dead money courtesy of Drew Rosenhaus. However, Borland did a great job filling in. Is he a liability in coverage, sure. But then again, so are 95% of ILB’s in the league, including Willis.

      2. Scooter:

        I think Borland’s biggest attribute is the sheer effort he gives on each and every play, apparently in practice as well. Given all of the changes that are coming, we need to have “role models” like Borland on the team.

        1. Yeah, I am an unabashed Borland fan. I love his approach to the game. And his ability to get into the backfield to make a stop can be real drive killers.

            1. He can be. He had some mental errors in coverage this season which led to big plays.

              He also made a lot of excellent plays in coverage, stopping receivers short of the first down marker. These were typically when he was playing zone, diagnosed the play, and came up to make the tackle like he was shot out of a cannon.

            2. Yes, he could improve on passing downs. But I think there is a good chance he will. I seem to remember two interceptions against the Giants.

              1. If I’m not mistaken, he was playing zone coverage in both of those instances too.

              2. Yes, he’s not getting faster. But intelligence and especially instinct can help make up some for the lack of speed.

              3. Not in man-to-man coverage against a quick back out of the backfield. Borland will be targeted in those situations until the defense is forced to take him off the field.

            3. Grant, Borland is a liability on passing downs when he is in man coverage. He is not a good fit in Fangio’s style of D but who knows if Fangio will be back. Borland reminds me of Gary Plummer who also couldn’t cover in man but was a hell of a LB when in zone. If the 9ers change D philosophy Borland could be very good if not he is a talented back up and ST player

              1. Borland is just fine, it boils down to playing to his strengths. Every backer in the league has flaws and I mean every last one.
                Borland is a tackling machine with smarts, He is playing MLB , not corner guys!!
                He will make some plays and get beat too, but it’s completely lopsided, this guy can play. I keep hearing about speed and covering, but nobody has acknowledged Willis/ Bowman were terrible in pass coverage (1 on 1) early in their careers and they are fast!
                Why is Borland getting such bad pub?

              2. He’s only getting bad publicity from one person. Almost everyone else agrees with you.

            4. The liability you speak of (presumably due to his shrimpy stature) is outweighed by his instincts.

              1. >>The liability you speak of (presumably due to his shrimpy stature) is outweighed by his instincts.<<

                True until someone is able to exploit his liabilities.

                I agree with Grant that Borland can be a liability in pass coverage in man D. But because of his talent and instincts it takes a skilled offense and QB to exploit Borland's lack of height and speed. Two cases in point – Denver and San Diego where he was isolated on RBs and TEs and was consistently and repeatedly toasted.

        2. I’m going to throw my 2 cents in on Borland. Borland does what you do not see a lot of in the NFL. Many LB’s in the NFL do a lot of catching. They do not shoot open gaps. As a former LB it is something I focused on when watching professional games. Borland reads run quickly and flies through the gap. He does it multiple times per game. If his only issue is cover backs, he will adapt and learn angles to cover them better. Linebacker is read run first position, if he is in man coverage, he should have help behind him. No way he is traded.

          1. He’s still just a backup to the 2 best middle LBs in the game. Sure, if they get hurt, his value as a player on the 49ers is greater than his value in a trade for the 49ers, but you can’t keep a guy like that as a backup. You NEED to trade him, because other teams don’t have 2 Patrick Willises.

            1. I wish there were a way to have all of those guys on the field at the same time. All three are playmakers. That would be the ticket if it were possible but I don’t think it is. Borland is a starter in this league for sure!

    3. If they really want a DL, there is no need to trade up and get Williams. Eddie Goldman can likely be had around pick #15 unless he does something marvellous during pre-draft work.

    4. So some team will take a MLB and the #15 pick for a can’t-miss DT at #2 or #3? Sure, good luck with that.

      With the 15th pick, the 49ers… trade down

      If we stay at 15, I say buck the trend and go with Gordon or Gurley. Be a dominating running team. Draft a speedy WR in 2nd with return-game capabilities (Devin Smith or Ty Montgomery), or Dorial Green-Beckham, if he’s still around.

      Kap doesn’t need more options, he needs easier decisions. Run first

    5. Yes, trade Borland and draft someone like UCLA’s Eric Kendricks or Tennessee’s A.J. Johnson.

  9. I think they stick with defense and select MSU CB T Waynes.
    Two free agents in our secondary. A good free agent or trade market for WR.
    I think they also trade up into the late 1st rd for an O-lineman.

    1. Trae Waynes makes a lot of sense. Parker, if he checks out medically. Strong, if he shows better-than-advertised speed in workouts.

  10. As our problems are CLEARLY on the offensive side of the ball……i would love to see them draft the 6’6 225 sppedster that is being compared to randy moss…..one Mr. Green-Beckham!!

    I would also like to get a young Marshawn Lynch clone……melvin Gordon or Gurly!

    My problem with Baalke is the fact that he has passed on Dez Bryant, eddie Lacy and balked at trading up for Odell Beckham ( even though we consistently have about 14 draft picks and only 4-6 roster spots available every year).

    side note jeddork says he want to ” win with class”…..but the guy is facing and age discrimination law suit……… this guy is a bigger clown than his father!!!!

    1. My problem with Baalke is the fact that he has passed on Dez Bryant, eddie Lacy and balked at trading up for Odell Beckham ( even though we consistently have about 14 draft picks and only 4-6 roster spots available every year).

      He passed on Bryant because they had just drafted Crabtree the year before. We didn’t and still don’t need Eddie Lacy and criticizing him for not trading up into the top ten is silly considering you don’t know exactly what it would have taken or if the Giants even would have traded down.

      Every pick made last year is still on the roster.

      1. I am not going to comment on anything but this last draft. This last draft was deep in talent and TB chose to utilize his picks to be assured of the very thing that you mentioned. A lot of players that ended up with roster spots. The problem with just filling a roster spot is also considering how much of an upgrade you are over the player who left. Also could that roster spot have been just as easily filled via trade or free-agency. The position of a dynamic Wr is not that easily filled and when done through free agency is very costly salary cap wise. Look they couldn’t even afford Crabs before he totally tanked this season. It would have been the long term smart move to draft a WR because it was the perfect draft to do so. The team will have a hard time filling a need they have been trying to fill for some time without success. They missed their best chance.

        1. I don’t think so. There are some good WR’s available in this draft and FA. They don’t have cap problems. What they have are a couple of players with very high numbers that are taking up too much room. They’ll need only a few moves to free up a fair bit of cap room.

      2. so drafting Crabtree is even more painful because it factored in to us not getting Dez….. so that is another first round bust under baalkes belt!

        If you say that we dont need eddie lacy…..that outrageous! we passed on hem for another bust, vance mcdonald! to say your happy with Vmac over lacy is insane bud! and since we didnt get lacy……we wasted 2 more picks on the rb position ( lattimore and hyde)

        and we only had to trade up to # 12 to get Odell, not into the top 10. and Baalke was quoted in a recent story about how he was negotiating with the giants, but didnt want to pay the price!

        AND…. i highly doubt that everyone made the roster this year…..with all the injuries it is possible…..but what about last year when we cut our 7th round cb….only so he could go ti the Chiefs and become a pro bowl rookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        pay attention b4 you try and make me look bad pal! the only person who looks foolish is you!
        now go carry Baalke’s jock strap and jedorks pocket protector !

        1. Lol sensitive much? I wasn’t trying to make you look bad. Just responded to your post which I disagreed with.

          Crabtree was a consensus pick the year they took him. Nobody argued with that pick, and it was McCloughan’s pick anyway.

          We didn’t need Lacy at that time. They had Gore, Hunter, LMJ and Boobie Dixon who was a ST’s standout. You can’t look back in hindsight and just pick and choose who you think would fit well now. McDonald may still turn out to be a good pick. We don’t know yet but we sure haven’t seen enough to make a determination.

          You answered your own question in regards to Beckham. The price was too high. Sitting here complaining that they didn’t trade up when the compensation was high and the Giants may not have wanted to trade down anyway is a waste of time. Every team’s fans can point to players they want now that they’ve seen how they played in the NFL. Knocking the GM for not making a fantasy trade you’ve come up with a year after the draft is ridiculous.

          Every pick made this year is still with the team. Your point about their being only 4-6 roster spots was incorrect. Most of last year’s class is still here too. These two drafts are now the core of this team moving forward.

          Cooper is also not a probowler for the Chiefs just to be clear. He was actually benched most of this season, but I still would have liked to have seen him stay here.

      3. Rocket

        For the record, the 1984 New England Patriots drafted Irving Fryar, then in 1985, they traded their 16th pick in the draft to the San Francisco 49ers, who drafted Jerry Rice. Surely, the Patriots could have used Jerry Rice for the next 18 years, no?

        One does not just draft Michael Crabtree one year and say, “No, I do not need Dez Bryant” the next.

        1. E,

          I get what you’re saying, but as pointed out above, hindsight is 20/20.

          Don’t forget, Dez Bryant had (still has?) tons of baggage going into the draft. He could’ve flamed out, just as easily as turning into a star.

        2. E the drafts and trades you mention were all pre cap. Its a different world today a team needs to spread their cap monies around.

        3. E,

          True story, but there’s also the other side that features the Lions taking a WR three years in a row and eventually going winless over a full season. After taking the consensus #1 WR a year earlier, I can see why Bryant wasn’t on the radar. After the fact we can lament that they didn’t take him, but at the time it was the right call.

      4. um… have you been living under a rock?

        Baalke told us via his radio interview what it would have taken to trade up.

        Ward, Hyde & he said either Borland (77) or Martin (70), but realistically it was probably Martin at 70, unless Martin would have lasted until 77 and Baalke would rather have had him over Borland.

        Honestly, I would have made that trade even w/o hindsight (b/c i was an advocate of moving up for one of the top 3 WR’s in the draft) and then looked to trade Crabtree.

        At the very least, that would have prevented trading for Stevie Johnson.

        And in hindsight, 3 backups for 1 all-pro at a position of severe need?

        btw, don’t draft dez b/c they just drafted crab? WR isn’t RB, you can play more than 1. if Baalke believes that he’s a fool. why draft Julio Jones when you have Roddy White… i’m sorry, but that’s a ridiculous take.

  11. Too early to predict the fifteenth pick.
    I will predict that I lose some weight during the playoffs cuz seeing Sherman and Jerry Jones flapping their gums on tv is spoiling my appetite.

      1. Hahaha.
        I’ve got to watch that game. I watched the Ice Bowl from Marine Barracks, Coronado Amphib Base.

  12. I think we need to know who the coach is going to be before we even discuss what players are going to be kept and let go. Once we get a coach we will have an idea of the type of team he may want to place on the field. After that, lets see who stays, retires, gets traded, or cut.

    If I had my pick as to who we would draft, I’d say Devante Parker.

  13. Interesting tweet from Maiocco:

    “If Ed Donatell is Vic Fangio’s DC pick, and Fangio were slam dunk as next 49ers HC, they wouldn’t allow Donatell to interview w/ Washington.”

      1. Actually I’m pretty sure you can. You can’t deny a coach an interview for a HC position.

        1. Lateral moves you can deny, promotional positions like moving up to a coordinator position, head coach you cannot deny.

              1. The new CBA went into effect in 2011, before the 49ers blocked Donatell/New Orleans.

                You’re correct Scooter.

        2. Scooter you are correct. I’m sure that either Grant or Jack will quote the appropriate regulation very soon.

    1. Good catch.

      I heard one pundit (can’t remember who) speculate the opposite… saying the 49ers are allowing Donatell to interview with Washington because they were sure he’d stay with the 49ers as DC if Fangio was HC.

      Maiocco’s take makes more sense though.

      1. Why would Donatell go to an unknown quantity like Washington when he can work for Fangio in SF? The 49ers know this. Why not let him interview? If Fangio gets the position, Donatell won’t go anywhere.

    2. Actually, they would allow him to interview elsewhere.
      If they really believe that Fangio will keep Donatell as DC if he gets the HC job, 49ers brass aren’t worried about him leaving.
      They would only deny him permission to interview if they WEREN’T planning to hire Fangio and were worried about losing him.
      I think Fangio gets the HC job with Donatell as DC and Tomsula gets a DC job somewhere else.
      Then, they bring in Pep at OC if he doesn’t get a HC job somewhere.

  14. Obviously free agency will play a role, but at this point I see the 49ers taking DeVante Parker. He’s the second best WR in the draft, brings a good size/ speed combo, has very good hands, and really displayed some improved route running this past year to create space for himself. While he’s not exactly a speedster, he’s got decent speed for his size and is very good on deep balls, excellent ability to track the ball and go get it.

    The only question mark is will he be available at #15, and would Baalke trade up for him?

    Other players I think will be looked at are:
    – Kevin White if they can’t get Parker: I’m concerned about him only having one year of strong production under his belt, but after watching some of his film from this season more closely he does a lot of things you like to see from a #1 WR.
    – Eddie Goldman: If Justin Smith retires, this may well happen. Goldman is a strong and disruptive guy, who fires off the snap and has decent length to keep blockers off him.
    – Alvin Dupree: Great size and length for a DE/OLB, similar to Aldon and Lynch, with good technique and uses a variety of moves to get after the QB.

    One thing I do know is it won’t be Shawn Oakman. He’s already announced he’ll be returning to Baylor.

    1. Right now I lean toward K.White who could be on the board in the 15th – tall/lengthy goes up for the ball with authority decent speed and could menace Sherman in days to come;2nd round I like Spencer Drango OL.

      1. Yeah, I have to say I came away quite impressed with White’s 2014 film. It really left me scratching my head as to why he only pulled it together as a Senior.

        He may be a guy that takes a little while to learn, but once he gets it and lets natural ability take over he becomes a good player.

  15. They’re saying Quinn will probably take a job or has, unsure. Probably Buffalo or Chicago.

      1. John Clayton doesn’t know for sure but thinks the 49ers will promote from within — so Fangio, I guess.

    1. Unless the Seahawks have been disqualified from the playoffs, Quinn can even be offered a job elsewhere.

    1. It’s pretty obvious it’s Tomsula. Decision was made awhile ago. This is nothing more than window dressing so they can say they did their due diligence, and have come to the conclusion he is the classy teacher that’s the best fit for this team. I also believe they are finding out how deep the personnel pool of interest would be in working for the little fat guy….

      1. What kind of offense will he want? And the defense? It’s pointless to speculate who we draft first until the new coach is announced and he puts together his new staff.

      2. Maiocco said in his chat today that a promotion from DL coach to HC would be unprecendented.

        Barrows said in his chat:

        “The problem with Tomsula as head coach is that he’d have a DC with more expertise than him and a OC with more expertise than him. it puts the head coach in an awkward spot, especially if there’s a losing skid. (See: Singletary; Mike).”

      3. Razor,

        I’ve had the sane thought, but I’ve pushed it to the back of my mind, where other fears lurk.

        I’m expecting / hoping for a Fangio (expecting) / Linehan (hoping)pairing.

  16. I’ve barely watched any footage of these guys, but I’ll take a stab at Melvin Gordon.

    – Baalke has a history of “reaching” for a need player with his first pick, either by trading up, or standing pat (when many say the player could have been chosen later).

    Once his primary “need” plays is acquired, he’s free to trade picks down or to the following season.

    – Baalke has said frequently he plans on a 3 RB rotation. I think he means it. Hyde, Gordon and a (hopefully) healthy Hunter would be a wicked RB corps.

    – Baalke is a “film over stats” guy, and Gordon has excellent film.

    – Baalke is afraid to chose a WR high, because he has the sense to understand his own scouting strengths and limitations. He’ll roll the dice on a WR in the 4th round,

    Note: My prediction will be totally wrong.

    1. Baalke has also said you can always find a RB in the draft. I don’t think he’d use pick #15 on RB.

      1. Its extremely rare in this pass happy league to draft running backs in the mid first… but this is a weird draft. The 49ers have good draft position (about 1,800 chart points), but the talent doesn’t seem that great compared to 2014. Especially at receiver.

        To me this is an ideal draft to get a good RB, depth at Safety and O-line, then trade out.

        1. If they want to take one of the top RBs, they really should trade down. But after taking Hyde in round 2 last year, would they want to use such a high pick on a RB again this year?

          1. You are probably right. Baalke probably won’t grab a RB in round one. Few GMs do, and they usually regret it. Its usually smarter to wait till day two for a RB.

            But Baalke is easily spooked into grabbing players thought to be round two talents in round one (like Jenkins, Ward).

            And Baalke has a history of “reaching” for his round one picks.

            RB is one of the few positions with good depth and quality… which supports both scenarios of standing pat or trading down.

            The risk to trading down in a low-talent draft is lower likelihood of a good player dropping to the trade-down spot.

              1. Many said “reach” when Anthony Davis, Aldon Smith and Eric Reid were selected too. Even with Iupati.

                Baalke’s pattern since 2010 is to nail down the primary target (or “need”) player… then use the flexibility to maneuver for value/BPA with the remaining picks.

                Step 1 – Get the player you targeted the most,even if you get spooked into drafting him higher then people think he should go.
                Step 2 – Take risks. Trade back. Get BPA. Accumulate future draft capital from desperate teams.

              2. B2W,

                I have a somewhat different recollection on Davis, Reid and Iupati. Some did say that trading a couple of (few) spots up to get Davis was unnecessary, but I don’t recall anyone really saying it was a reach. Similar with Reid, but more people saying he was over drafted, a bit.

                As far as Aldon Smith goes, he was actually flying up a lot of draft boards and I believe Kiper and McShay had him right around 10 and I recall being calmed by Kiper’s approving analysis of the pick (I wanted Quinn). Having said that, there were those who called Smith something of a reach.

                Maybe you and I have a different definition of reach. I think of a reach as player taken at least a full round ahead of where they project (of course, projections are subjective, too).

              3. To be clear, “reach” was not my choice of words. I don’t believe in the notion of “reach.” If a player’s is a good fit, grab him. I was happy the moment Aldon, Iupati, Reid and A. Davis were selected.

                But many draft “experts” said “reach” when (new) coordinator Baalke selected Anthony Davis and Iupati. Not huge DHB “reaches”, but many said Baalke could have traded down and still got them. (I’m not so sure)

                Aldon was not a reach, but there were some that said the 49ers could have traded down a few spots once Peterson and V. Miller were off the board. I’m glad Baalke didn’t, because Dallas revealed the would have snapped him up in a moment.

              4. Or to put it more simply, when was the last time the 49ers traded their first pick down?

                – Day One Baalke stands pat
                – Day Two Baalke gambles, trading in all directions
                – Day Three Baalke (tries) to trade up but often has few takers

              5. That’s a good point Brodie, and is well worth keeping in mind when people are thinking through what Baalke might do with this draft.

                Something I recall Scot McCloughan saying was you always want to come away with at least one of the guys you put a first round grade on. The wording is off, but he said something along those lines. The basic premise there is you should be adding a top line, blue chip talent every year. And if it means using a lower round pick to move up a few spots to ensure you do so, then so be it (within reason, of course).

                Trading back in the first round (unless its a small move and you have a number of guys you like) runs the risk of not coming away with a guy you want or have as high a grade on. You don’t mind moving back to accumulate picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds as the quality of players tends to be more flat at that point.

              6. Scooter, that sounds about right.

                If there’s an 80% change the guy will still be there 4 or 5 spots later, Baalke still won’t risk trading back.

                This lays a foundation for days 2 and 3, where he can easily recover the equivalent value of 4 draft spots through trades… and totally clean up on BPA while other teams are forced to go “need.”

                Foundation day one. Draft ninja day two. Long shots and ACLs day three. That’s been the pattern since 2010.

          2. They also may resign Gore and have Hunter coming back. I think it’s WR or Dline if WR’s are gone quickly.

            1. The 49ers had Gore, Hyde, Hunter, LMJ, Lattimore and Winston in camp.

              In the 2nd half of the game in Seattle none were available to play.

              Baalke’s has stated many times he’s aiming for a three back rotation. This draft is strong in RBs. I see Baalke taking one at some point.

              1. Auburn has a nice running back by the name of Cameron Artis-Payne who they could target round three….

          1. hightop,
            I’ve been high on Duke Johnson as well. Frank Gore type (one cut, and finding the smallest creases) with top speed.

  17. Trade down…and take Sammy Coates…big WR who can stretch the field. I know the knock on him, but that is also what they said about Martavis Bryant last year…

  18. Realistic view, is DeVante Parker. Who I’d like to have? Dorial Green-Beckham. Either one would greatly bolster our WR core. We need a red-zone and deep threat to help Kaepernick and the rest of the offense. Both of these young WR’s bring that to the table.

  19. We know he won’t take a receiver, corner or running back. He’s going defensive line with a stud like Goldman or another DE/OLB like Fowler Jr. In the second round you make a move for DGB, Kaepernicks’ future weapon of vertical destruction….

    1. Why do we know he won’t take a WR? He took a WR in round 1 in 2012, and he’s admitted he looked to trade up last year and take Beckham. History would suggest he’s not averse to using a first rounder on a WR.

      1. There is no OBJr in this draft, just his cousin DGB. He definitely doesn’t want to repeat history, that’s for sure. I just think the position value and need match up where they are drafting. You win in the trenches, and that’s where I think he goes. You’re right too, just differing opinions. It’s all speculation on a grand scale this early. Hell, he could trade for Gordon or make a run for the Giants french quarterback hunter. All good Scooter, highly respect your opinions….

        1. I can definitely see them going DL or OLB early, I was just wondering why you thought WR was definitely out of the question. History suggests that wouldn’t be the case.

          1. Cooper gone. 15 is too high for Parker imho. DGB at 15 makes more sense to me if you want a receiver that high. At 15 you could go Goldman or Fowler Jr. and maybe target Devin Smith late if DGB is gone….

            1. If they don’t take a WR in the first two rounds than they had better find someone in FA. They can’t expect a mid to late round guy to come in and help.

              I don’t necessarily disagree on Parker, I’m not sold he’s great value at #15, but he’ll probably go by then (wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up a Ram). I do, however, think he is a better WR than DGB, at least at this stage of their development. DGB is too reliant on his physical ability at this point for my liking. And given his background I do question whether he will maximise his physical talent.

              1. Look for number nine in red Monday evening to make a play. Could be a fourth round gem….

              2. Oh I like Devin Smith, don’t get me wrong. I think he’ll be a better version of Kenny Stills. Good deep threat, #2 or #3 WR. After the senior bowl, combine and workouts I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up a late 2nd to 3rd round pick.

              3. He should test very well. Good speed and size. I’ve only watched two game films of his, but he’s been a productive deep play threat with lots of TDs. Some team(s) may fall in love with him. Could easily be a third rounder I’d say.

                What I find interesting is Sammie Coates gets a tonne of love, but Smith is mostly overlooked.

            2. Pretty much every mock I’ve seen has Parker going top 15. If he’s there and the foot checks out he’d be my pick.

    2. Razor,

      Character issues or not, I can’t see DGB sliding into the middle of the second round. Somebody will take the risk with him in the first like the Pats or Seahawks. Way too much talent there.

  20. I change my mind. I’m rooting for nobody. I want Baalke to trade as much draft capital as he possibly can forward to 2016.

    The 2014 draft had scads of exciting prospects because of the record number of underclassmen that declared. The basic math tells me 2015 won’t be nearly as good.

    Maybe use Brooks (or any other malcontent) to schooch picks high for a few need spots, but otherwise flee this tomato can of a draft for 2016.

    1. I wouldn’t be against trading the 2nd or 3rd rounder for a 2016 pick. Or trading back in round 1 to pick up a 2016 pick.

      1. Good scenarios. I don’t have the numbers, but I heard many underclassmen might be shy about declaring this year because of so many declaring last year wound up UFAs.

        1. It’s possible but so far the list of those who have declared features pretty much all of the top rated guys.

  21. I think the 49ers 1st 2 pks should be OL.. Then go after DE, WR, DB in the later rounds… The OL was the 49ers biggest issue this year.. Time to rebuild that line again

  22. You know Seahawks will probably not be able to keep CB Byron Maxwell. That is someone that you should probably grab if your cap amount allows. He’s not going to be cheap.

      1. I think so too.
        Not sure why Iggy doesn’t have him on his list.
        If he’s available at #15 and they go BPA, they have to take him.
        He may just be the best OL prospect in the Draft.
        And with Iupati possibly leaving…

  23. I hate to even comment on the draft at this point. My pick would be WR Davante Parker and I hate to say it…but this is based on need. I’m not a professional scout, so I would have to really look into the top WR in this draft. I think the 49ers should let Crabtree walk in free agency – so there will obviously be a need. I think if Iupati leaves, they can likely insert Brandon Thomas (hopefully). I think the 49ers will be ok in the RB position and on the defensive side of the ball (in the 1st round anyway). I think this is a very important draft for the 49ers…I think they will need to absolutely hit on 3-4 picks this year to be successful.

      1. @Razor

        I agree with you on Iupati, as well as Crabtree…I would like to see the Oline experiment with Boone at a tackle spot, and and Iupati at RG and our RT at LG. Iupati and Boone could be some road-graders on the right side. Boone could also be tried at LG for his pass protect next to Staley

  24. Redskins made a smart move hiring Tipsy McStagger. If he’s cleaned himself up he’ll do good things for them.

  25. Dorial Green-Beckham with the 15th pick,no question about it. He’s hand down the best receiver in this class. If you disregard the off the field issue he encountered at Missouri and go off of pure skill and talent,he’s the man for the job.

  26. Although the reports are they aren’t interested the player the 49ers should trade while his value is still high is Boone.

  27. Trae Williams CB or Ifo Ekpre-Olomu CB

    Ifo fits Baalke’s preference in CB but he might try and go a bit bigger which wold lead to him taking Trae instead.

    These are who i think they’ll pick not my personal choices.

      1. I was going off of size. All of our CB’s are either 5-10 or 6’0 in the 185-200 range.

        1. Ifo is expected to measure shorter than his listed 5’10”.

          Baalke tends to go for CBs between 5’10” and 6’3″, and it would appear height is a preference. Since 2010, he’s drafted seven CBs (eight if you include Ward). Of those, only Keith Reaser and Curtis Holcomb measured under 5’11” (both 5’10”). Four of the CBs he’s drafted since 2010 were 6’0″ or above (Johnson, Acker, Cooper, Culliver).

          He’s also signed in free agency Carlos Rogers and Chris Cook who are both 6’0″ or above, and Perrish Cox who is just shy of 6’0″.

          He has taken a couple of 5’10” CBs as UDFAs (Brock and Morris). It appears he doesn’t mind taking a flyer on shorter CBs when the draft capital or financial investment is low.

            1. Cook and Johnson at 6’2″+

              Culliver, Cox, Cromartie and Acker at around 6’0″

              Brock, McFadden and Reaser at 5’10”.

              If you include Ward as a CB, he’s 5’11”.

              1. I did forget about Cook easy to do. I was wrong to say that Baalkes draft preference is a certain size as you’ve pointed out he does draft tall CB’s. When it all pans out though it appears that our team likes CB’s that are in the 5’10”-6’0″ range, which is what I intimated with the Baalke selection.

              2. Yeah, end of the day talent trumps height, and if an UDFA comes in and shows he deserves a spot he’ll be given that chance. But based on Baalke’s draft (and FA) history he is more inclined to use top draft capital on taller CBs.

              3. I will also say, and I’ve had this back and forth with Grant a few times, Baalke isn’t big on using high draft picks on CBs. He’s quite comfortable taking athletic guys later. He builds from the middle, out.

                Not saying he would never take a top CB in the first round, but he probably places a lower value on the top CBs than many others do.

              4. One thing I never pointed out is that there aren’t any tall CB’s in the top of the class. Collins is the tallest in the top 10 at 6’2″ and he’s a second day prospect.

                The scenario was also based on the team sliding down into the 20’s. I doubt both will still be there at that point but one might be.

                Also, it’s only January 6th. It still feels a bit early to be making these kinds of predictions. I don’t like to get too cereal about the draft until after the first round or two of FA. At least then you have some idea of who’s on the team and what their needs might be.

              5. All good CfC. Wasn’t having a go. I’ve just had this conversation with MidWest and Grant before, and thought it was worth highlighting my thoughts on how Baalke evaluates CBs.

  28. I also should have added that I think it’s very likely that Baalke trades back before making his first pick.

  29. Josh McDaniel is who we should hire!

    the guy won play-off games with tim freakin Tebow!
    he saved Denver $200 million by getting rid of Cutler and marshall. he was right on about Cutler…and Marshall! Since then, Marshall has been diagnosed with mental disorders and to his credit, with treatment and discipline, has stayed out of trouble. But JM knew b4 anyone else that Marshall was a little off.
    He is the apprentice of the best coach in football.
    Unlike Gase, the run the ball in New England. they adapt a game plan every week. if teams focus on the pass, the pats beat you with the run.. in the rare occasion the pats are playing an offense that is as potent as theirs…. they use the run to control the clock, benefiting their defense ( something JH did here for the first 3 years)
    the only knock on JM is the drafting of Tebow…..but with Baalke running the show here, JM wont have the chance to blow draft picks….baalke will be doing that on his own!

  30. Baalke has some work to do this offseason, specifically, he’ll have to draft and sign 15 players to the active 53-man roster, 11 of which are to be offensive players. I’m not sure that bodes well for the 49ers. (See my blog comment from 12/30).

    Below is a breakdown of the roster right now. Included are players currently under contract and also free agents. The players under contract were either active roster, practice squad, injured reserve, or NFI list last year. In the list below, only the practice squad players and free agents are segregated; all other players are now grouped as healthy. (The 14 free agents who played for the 49ers in 2014 are listed, but not on the roster).

    QB (3)
    Colin Kaepernick

    * Sign 2 QBs: Baalke will have to replace Gabbert and Johnson with QBs who can back up Kaepernick capably. The 2nd should be an established elder FA, while the 3rd should be a rookie to develop.

    RB (3)
    Carlos Hyde
    Kendall Hunter

    Philip Tanner (R)

    * Sign 1 RB (Gore?): Baalke needs to sign a 3rd RB, and it is commonly known that interest in Gore is strong. If he is too expensive, however, Baalke will draft a rookie early. Baalke will likely draft a rookie anyway because Hunter is an unknown quantity following injury.

    FB (2)
    Bruce Miller
    Trey Millard

    WR (6)
    Quinton Patton
    Anquan Boldin
    Bruce Ellington
    Chuck Jacobs (R)
    Stevie Johnson (R)
    Trindon Holliday (R)

    * Sign 3 WRs: Johnson is too expensive, Holliday is too small, and Jacobs under Harbaugh never got an opportunity. Baalke will not resign Crabtree or Lloyd, and will likely go after 2 WRs in the draft, and perhaps resign Osgood or another fairly priced veteran special teams ace. Baalke must hit on a WR this year. Like last year’s, this year’s draft is stocked with talent.

    TE (3)
    Vernon Davis (T)
    Derek Carrier
    Vance McDonald
    Asante Cleveland (to PS)
    Garrett Celek (to A; or R)

    * Sign 1 TE: Whether Vernon is burned out or simply disenchanted with the 49ers front office, if Baalke does not sign him to another contract, the 49ers should trade him and either promote Celek or look in the draft.

    G (3)
    Alex Boone
    Joe Looney
    Brandon Thomas
    Fouimalo Fonoti (to PS)
    Andrew Tiller (to PS)

    T (3)
    Jonathan Martin (R)
    Joe Staley
    Anthony Davis

    * Sign 1 T: After his performances this year, Martin should be released. Another option would be to move Davis to Iupati’s vacated spot and move Boone to RT, promoting Brandon Thomas to the starting lineup as a G. It will be interesting to see how Baalke and the next HC view the OL as a whole, but don’t be surprised if power run-blocking is still the priority.

    C (2)
    Marcus Martin
    Daniel Kilgore
    Dillon Farrell (to PS)

    LS (1)

    * Sign 1 LS: Kyle Nelson.

    K/P (2)
    Phil Dawson (R)
    Andy Lee (R)

    * Sign 2 K/Ps: It’s hard to understand why the 49ers feel the need to allocate almost $7M to their kickers. Baalke would be wise to rethink his priorities. There are cheaper, younger kickers available.

    DT (7)
    Justin Smith
    Tank Carradine
    Quinton Dial
    Tony Jerod-Eddie
    Glenn Dorsey
    Ian Williams
    Kaleb Ramsey
    Mike Purcell (to PS)

    LB (7)
    Aaron Lynch
    Aldon Smith
    Patrick Willis
    Navorro Bowman
    Chris Borland
    Michael Wilhoite
    Nick Moody
    Ahmad Brooks (T)
    Corey Lemonier (T)
    Chase Thomas (to PS)
    Desmond Bishop (R)

    * Sign Skuta?: Brooks is as good as gone and I wouldn’t be surprised if Baalke tried to trade Lemonier for draft capital. Baalke should sign Skuta, and should give serious thought to trading one of his 3 stud middle linebackers, but probably will not.

    DB/S (5)
    Eric Reid
    Antoine Bethea
    Jimmie Ward
    LJ McCray

    Marcus Cromartie (to PS)
    Craig Dahl (R)

    * Sign 1 DB: Given the most recent special teams grades, topped by Dahl, we might have to suffer another season of seeing #43 getting beaten over the top. However, Baalke loves drafting DBs, and he might try to get younger in this draft.

    CB (6)
    Tramaine Brock
    Kenneth Acker
    Keith Reaser
    Dontae Johnson

    Cameron Fuller (R)
    Leon McFadden (R)

    * Sign Cox + 1 CB: Baalke should offer Cox a fair deal and allow Culliver to seek big money elsewhere. Of the two CBs, Cox has better instincts and ball skills. The two injured CBs drafted last year will be given every chance to make this roster, and one of them, Reaser, will be the Niners best CB since Deion Sanders. If Baalke wants to draft the injured Oregon CB, and stash him for a year, he might sign Cook to another 1-year deal.

    Practice Squad
    Kendall Gaskins – RB – (PS)
    Lance Lewis – WR – (PS)
    Xavier Grimble – TE – (PS)
    Chris Martin – T – (PS)

    Lawrence Okoye – DT – (PS)
    Garrison Smith – DT – (PS)
    Shayne Skov – LB – (PS)

    Free Agents
    Blaine Gabbert (FA)
    Josh Johnson (FA)
    Frank Gore (FA) (S)
    Alphonso Smith (FA)
    Brandon Lloyd (FA)
    Michael Crabtree (FA)
    Kassim Osgood (FA)
    Mike Iupati (FA)
    Kyle Nelson (FA)

    Dan Skuta (FA) (S)
    Bubba Ventrone (FA)
    Perrish Cox (FA) (S)
    Chris Culliver (FA)
    Chris Cook (FA)

    2 QBs
    1 RB
    3 WRs
    1 TE
    1 T
    1 LS
    2 K/Ps
    1 DB
    Cox + 1 CB

    1. Yes, here is more on this: http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/6530/colin-kaepernick

      Colin Kaepernick will train with Kurt Warner at EXOS performance in Phoenix this offseason. Kaepernick is pulling out all the stops after his worst season as a pro. He completed just 60.5 percent of his throws with a career-worst 86.4 passer rating. He was also sacked a league-high 52 times. Previously, Kaepernick worked out casually with other players and on his own in the offseason, so this is new for him. Warner will specifically work with Kaepernick on film study and 7-on-7 drills. It’ll be the start of what should be an interesting offseason for Keapernick. The 49ers may overhaul their offense and could lose free agent Michael Crabtree, who was a wreck in 2014.

      1. It’s encouraging news. The first step is recognizing your weakness, and the next is making it your strength….

      2. In my dream world, Warner plays for us next year as backup and QB coach for both Kaep and Gabbert.

    2. Kurt Warner is the 2nd best QB of all-time. If anyone can teach Kaep to anticipate throws, its Warner.

      1. Oregon ..
        There are no Safeways in Iowa …

        The predominate grocery store is called “HyVee”

    3. PR move. Kaep can learn whatever he needs from his QB coach and watching film. But the good press might make him more tradeable this offseason.

    1. Man I feel sorry for whatever team ends up with that cluster F of a coaching situation.

    1. Good to see that Patton, Ellington and Miller will also be working out at EXOS. Hopefully they will gel more with Kaep.

  31. Grant,

    I know you’ve told us who you think the 49ers should hire as HC, but who do you think they will hire?

        1. Still think Fangio makes the most sense, together with the best offensive coordinator they can sign

  32. The best player to be drafted in 2015 will be Randy Gregory, of Wisconsin.

    The 49ers should probably take the BPA at one of their pressing areas of need, WR, RB, or CB, which means it’ll be Melvin Gordon, Amari Cooper, Devante Parker, Kevin White, Jaelen Strong, Dorial Green-Beckham, Trae Waynes, or P.J. Williams.

    I would draft Cooper or Parker at 15, or trade down and draft Gordon or DGB somewhere in the early 20s.








    Brandon Lloyd, – YES

    Blaine Gabbert, – NO

    Kyle Nelson, -YES/MAYBE

    Chris Cook, – NO

    Kassim Osgood, – NO

    Bubba Ventrone, – NO

    Josh Johnson, – NO

    Alfonso Smith. – NO

        1. ht ..

          reminds me of an old Marlon Brando line ..

          ” … Make him an offer he can’t refuse …”

    1. When will Chris Culliver go to court to face hit and run as well as weapons charges? I think there is also a civil case filed by the parents of the 15 year old Chris threatened with his illegal brass knuckles.

  34. Dorial Green-Beckham is a beast and my pick…I hope he drops to the 15th, it’s usually where players with top talent + off field issues are drafted.

    Recently the draft has the feeling..

    Pk 1 – 10 are the clean good guys with talent and hype, the face of the franchise

    Pk 11 – 20 are the troubled boys but have talent to justify 1st rd status.

    Pk 21 – 32 are drafted by good teams so much is not expected from them in year 1.

    1. oneniner – if Green-Beckham had no off the field issues, he’d be the third pick in this draft behind Mariota and Leonard Williams. I’m with you on this pick if his interviews check out.

  35. What is it exactly that keeps getting Mike Shahan considered for a job of any type. 3 SB rings? OK one as an OC on Seifert’s 49ers and the other two were gifts from John Elway and Terrell Davis. Since the SB victories in 1998 and Elway and Davis’s retirement he’s only been back to the playoffs 5 times as a head coach and was bounced in the wild card round on 4 of those trips.

    His head coaching record outside of the Denver Broncos is 32-52 .381!

    Yes please, can we make this guy our next head coach? What a winner. He did miracles with his athletic QB in Washington I can’t wait to see what he does with ours.

    1. I have no idea if Mike Shanahan would do a good job with the 49ers and move them up in the NFC West. But it’s clear that you’ve learned from your time following Grant’s use of data here in this blog.

      “His head coaching record outside of the Denver Broncos is 32-52 .381!”

      You should have also excluded his work with Steve Young for three years. Steve Young and Joe Montana seem to disagree with your analysis too.

      1. How is his coaching record outside of Denver not relevant? “Steve Young and Joe Montana seem to disagree with your analysis too”, huh?

        1. He’s a good coach when he’s got a HOF QB and RB playing for him, hell who isn’t. But take those players away and he becomes pretty ordinary, in fact fairly less then.

          1. Those two HOF players he had were heavy underdogs in that first Super Bowl. And elway wet the bed in every Super Bowl he was in before he got there.
            Shanahan deserves a lot of credit for taking those teams over the top. He will be coming into a situation similar. Yes I know ck is no elway. But he’s in the same boat as far as wetting the bed in a big game but winning some tough ones on the road. We don’t have a Davis, but they don’t have a defense like us either.

        2. You’ve got it backwards. Grant, and you now, seem to think that an argument can be improved by removing any data that doesn’t support your thesis.

          As for Steve an Joe, you should be aware that they have made an appeal to the 49ers to hire Mike Shanahan. Again, I don’t think I would do that, but trimming data doesn’t make a stronger case. One hit:


          1. “seem to think that an argument can be improved by removing any data that doesn’t support your thesis.”

            Hmm, well my point is that outside of Denver he was a pretty lousy coach, so to prove that point I had to show what his coaching record was outside of Denver. Any other suggestions on how one would make that point?

              1. Yea, glad to see you had a valid reason for arguing then. Thanks for playing.

              2. Sorry I didn’t answer your question. What’s wrong with just pointing out both parts of his record. He brought great creativity to the 49er offense, and with an all in approach by the FO, they got past Dallas in 1994.

                In Denver he produced a running game that made several unexpected guys look like hall of fame runners. In the end it was his running game that got one for John.

          2. Both of those players know him as an OC. Did either ever play for him as a head coach?

            1. No. What point does that make? Are “those players” knowledgeable about offensive creativity? I have a hard time referring to Young and Montana as “those players”.

              Again, if I owned a team in the NFL I wouldn’t have hired any of the York head coaches except Harbaugh, nor would I hire Mike Shanahan because I think he’s a burn out case. Of course that’s a silly premise, because I can’t really afford 49er tickets.

            2. In addition to Montana and Young campaigning for Mike Shanahan, Brent Jones and Carmen Policy are too.

              1. None of these people were ever associated with him as head coach. They sound more like good old buddies that are trying to help out a friend.

                Well, they sure might hire him but it would be a terrible decision.

        3. if you take away everything he’s been successful at ( stints in S.F and Denver) of course the #’s wont look good.

          This concept is so moronic! its so grant!

          ” if we take away frank Gore’s 45 & 30 yard td runs…..he only averaged 2.4 yards a carry blah blah blah”

          I dont see how one could be so moronic and pass themselves off as intelligent!

          If you were to ever play the ” take away game” you take away the WORST and the BEST performance!!

          This will give you fair data to gauge the median.

          taking away only a mans good accomplishments is being biased.

          with that said, MS is not my first choice. but if he is a package deal with his son as OC and Fangio stays as DC…….id be ok with it

          1. if you take away everything he’s been successful at ( stints in S.F and Denver) of course the #’s wont look good.
            Well, he wasn’t a head coach in SF so you wouldn’t use those figures and why is it so obvious that his #’s outside of Denver wouldn’t look good? Why would you assume such a thing about someone who is supposed to be a good coach? We’re not talking about a slight drop off, it’s a cliff when you compare his % outside of Denver to during.

  36. I’m seeing a few people say we should re-sign Cox over Culliver. I can only assume this is based on his early season form.

    Culliver outperformed Cox during the second half of the season and was our most consistent CB this year. His final ranking was actually a fair ways better than Cox by the end of the season. At season’s end he was PFFs fifth highest ranked CB in terms of pass coverage grade.

    Cox’s strength is he makes plays on the ball, which is why he comes up with INTs. Good trait to have. But he lets himself get out of position a fair bit too, he can give up the big play being too aggressive, and he had some pretty ordinary games giving up lots of catches towards the end of the year.

    Culliver is the one they should re-sign.

      1. The San Jose Mercury News reports that corner back Chris Culliver pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor hit-and-run and felony possession of brass knuckles charges on Friday. His next court date is set for May 14, at which point a judge will decide if there’s enough evidence to warrant a trial.

        Then his case was continued until July 10th, and that’s the last I’ve heard about it. Is it a shoe waiting to drop or not?

        1. I’ve no idea htwaits, I’ve not heard anything on this for some time now. I imagine if it was expected to be an issue moving forward it would be mentioned more in the media when discussing his free agent status.

          1. Scooter:

            Doesn’t Cox have an advantage in that he can play both outside and inside CB and special teams in a pinch?

  37. See its working…..I bought a #7 shirt and things are changing for the better….

    “According to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, Kaepernick will work out with Kurt Warner and quarterback coach Dennis Gile in the Phoenix area in hopes of refining his game.

    Kaepernick will study film and work on 7-on-7 drills with Warner

    “It’s hard to break habits in season,” Kaepernick said in December. “You don’t want to completely try to change something because it can throw off everything else you’re doing.”

  38. I’m absolutely stoked that ck will be working with Warner. A premier pocket passer. Quick release and very god at reading defenses.
    Glad he didn’t settle for Garcia.

    This shows me he’s willing to do anything to win. I can’t see this not going well. Good for him. I’m betting he will come out a new man and player. One that will take command of the offense and be a true leader.

      1. I never said he didn’t care about his craft. I was questioning how much.
        He could have some this prior to this year. It seems he doesn’t have a harbaugh to lean on this year. Last year it seemed it was party’s and photo shoots, weights and working with his wr’s. And not worried about the aspects of being a pocket passer.

      2. KY,
        Like MD, I never questioned his desire to excel at his craft.

        But my take is that without Harbaugh (his strong ally) at his side, he needs to show the next headcoach that he is doing his due diligence at honing every area of his craft.

        Kurt Warner will be a great mentor both off season and hopefully during season when mechanics sometimes suffer. Kurt Warner has been vocal about CK’ deficiencies in the past, so I’m a little surprised yet happy that he is taking on this task.

        Jeff Garcia would have been my pick for Kap because of their somewhat similar styles, but Warner was the consummate pocket QB and that’s where CK is lacking.
        Good move by Kap, and even a better move by Warner for his sincere concern in his effort to make CK a better overall QB.

    1. This could be the beginning of the CK redemption. Warner has a super fast release and he would sit in the pocket at the last possible second, throw a pass right on target and then take a huge hit.
      This is something that CK rarely does. If he can learn how to do this, then he has a chance to be a good QB.

  39. Who they should sign: Dorial Green-Beckham
    Who Baalke will sign: An obscure defensive player or a wide receiver 70% probability it will be a bust given past history
    What Jed York should do: Fire Baalke

    1. The notion that ownership and coaches should be forthright with the media is what’s idiotic.

  40. Kaepernick working with Warner is brilliant. He gets to work on his game and “silence a hater”.

    1. Serious question: Do you think CK decided this himself, or do you think some one else advised him? If so, who? I agree it’s smart but doubt the selection of Warner was Kap’s idea.

    2. Great news. Warner’s accuracy was what made him so great. I am not sure how easy it is to teach a 27 year old to throw accurately, but if Warner can make Kap even a slightly more accurate thrower, with his strong arm and exceptional running threat Kap could be unstoppable.

      Now if Baalke can get someone like Torrey Holt in the offseason we will really be on to something.

      Off Topic: Great to hear Gus Malzahn’s name popping up in the rumor mill. I always thought Gus would be the perfect fit as a HC. His run based spread offense fits in perfectly with Kap’s skill set. (Fan 77 and Sullyball: No need to jump in with your snide comments on Kap not having any QB skills at all. We get it. You want Kap gone. No need to harp on it).

      1. He isn’t going to teach Kap how to throw. He’s going to work with him on the mental aspects of the game. Recognizing coverages and determining where to go with the ball, sliding in the pocket as opposed to running away from it etc.

        I didn’t realize Warner did this type of thing. Good choice for Kap and should help him progress a bit more.

  41. 2015 Draft has some depth at edge rusher. I was hoping it could be addressed at 3/4 with Nate Orchard DE(OLB) Utah, but his stock is already rising as DraftTek has him at #52 overall. Maybe there are some more guys down the list.
    There’s an interesting article for perspective on SFGate of Niner Fan letters from 1980 complaining about Bill Walsh, his gimmick offense and his ability to judge talent. There are also two defenses of Steve DeBerg(!!!!) and one guy who wanted to keep DeBerg to mentor #1 (proposed) draft choice Marc Wilson and trade Montana (who as yet had no trade value.)

    1. Brotha Tuna – Nate Orchard looks fantastic on film. Not just flashy, but also tough and relentless. Good call.

      1. Nate Orchard is nice. I prefer Lorenzo Mauldin over him. Both will probably be drafted first round. We’d probably have to take the first round pick to get either.

  42. Can someone explain to me all of the “love” for DGB. He didn’t even play last year except on the scout team at OU. He’s had a number of off the field issues.

    If we’re going to take a flyer on a receive with big-time ability but also off the field issues, I think I would rather try to trade for Josh Gordon. We could probably get Gordon for a 3rd round or higher round pick. At least Gordon has proven his ability in the NFL. DGB didn’t even play last year.

    What am I missing?

    1. You’d be missing Josh; when he got suspended or banned. The man has not addressed his addiction and may have lost interest in his team. He’s on his third strike. But DGB has a pattern of behavior too.
      A big trade for Gordon? A 1st Round gamble on DGB? Players with these issues for the SF franchise that is trying to rehabilitate its brand? Scary.

    2. You are not missing much. Expect to see more mindless draft speculation rather than thoughtful post-season analysis to try to understand the past season. Grant sets the tone with his one-paragraph, provocative blog posting.

      The bottom line is that in a team that is as talented as the Niners, it is very unlikely that a rookie will make substantial impact unless there is an absolutely glaring hole that is not filled using a FA before draft (as was the case with Aldon and Reid).

      Niners chances of going deep into the play-offs next season hinges on:
      (1) how the new coaching staff and their philosophy meshes with the players’ strengths
      (2) injuries or lack thereof
      (3) Kap’s continuing development
      (4) performance of offensive and defensive lines (including pass rush)
      (5) strength of schedule (during the season, not the pre-season estimate)
      (6) personnel changes (FA and draft picks to bolster depth and, if needed, replace any key losses in FA/retirement).

    3. Cubus,

      I’m echoing what everyone else has said. I’d take a college kid with troubles and 3 strikes to go in the NFL, than Josh Gordan who has 1 shot left.

      DGB is essentially a freak of a wide receiver. Some have compared him to Randy Moss, to me he sounds like a Terrell Owens with more height. Those are two pretty darn good comparisons.

      Now as far as his off the field troubles, if we were to draft him, I’d say make sure he’s mentored from the start. Have someone like Cris Carter, Randy Moss, heck even T.O. Talking to him about staying on the right path. As far as him not playing due to transferring, I always look at things from a positive perspective, HIS LEGS ARE FRESH.

      I doubt we take that risk with all of that being said.

      1. The problem I see is that the 49ers can’t afford another wasted pick on WR. The jury is still out on Ellington, and Patton may get one more chance. Baalke has not been stellar at picking WRs. IMO he’s done a better job in FA (Boldin and Johnson). If DGB is still around after the first round, he might be a good value pick. What round do you think we should consider selecting him?

        1. That is the interesting thing about the draft. In my opinion very few teams care about Image. It’s more about dollars. If this kid is available after the 1st round, grab him. I don’t see that happening. I’d say 2nd round.

        2. Cubes

          The love for DGB is based on:
          1) He was #1 WR coming out of high school
          2) He’s 6’6″
          3) He runs a 4.3 40
          4) He locates and adjusts to the ball well
          5) He has great body control
          6) He has great hands

          I say trade Borland for Gordon and draft DGB in Rd 1.

          1. E:

            Those are all nice measurables, but as Brodie mentioned below there seems to be little publicly available tape on the guy. It’s a risk, but we could potentially have a Calvin Johnson clone.

            I can’t imagine that they would take both DGB and JG – not with York’s new “win with class attitude”.

    4. Don’t worry Cubus, while many fans may like DGB, I don’t see Baalke drafting him.

  43. You are missing that Gordon is one instance away from being suspended for a year. And he’s not 6’6 and he doesn’t allow the team to continue to be run in a Cap friendly manner.

    1. Do you think DBG is worth a first round pick? I’m not against picking him if it is for relatively good value. But at this point, I don’t think he is worth a first round pick.

      IMO, Aaron Lynch is a great example of a draftee who had issues but became a great value pick. Now, I realize that a potentially elite WR might command a higher round pick than the 5th round, so what round is that?

      1. Probably 1st round talent, but 2nd round value to me due to questions. Not likely to last past #40 even so.
        Bruce Irvin went in the 1st. Warren Sapp slipped a few spots in the 1st due to weed concerns and the gamble paid off for Tampa. Moss slid.
        Then there’s Marinovich.

  44. This PFF metrics may already have been introduced in this blog. But here it is, anyway.

    Kap was responsible for 7/52 (13.5%) of sacks in 2014.
    In 2013 season, he was responsible for 9/39 (23%) of sacks.

    Also, while he was the #2 most sacked quarterback this past season, he was #2 in sack escapes as well.

    These numbers show, to my thinking:
    (1) increasing pocket awareness in Kap this season compared to the last.
    (2) lousy pass protection.

    1. Good to see those numbers. I’ve been waiting for someone to post them up. Just so I can check my eyes to see of they’re still working right.

    2. I’ll admit that I’m surprised by those numbers. However, the stat that purports to quantifying how many sacks Kaep was responsible for strikes me as being pretty subjective. In other words several experts looking at film might draw different conclusions as to whether or not Kaep was responsible for the sack as opposed to the OL, missed blocks, poor route running, etc. How comfortable do you feel with the accuracy of that stat? Can you provide any more information on how they arrive at that stat. Thanks.

      1. Unfortunately I don’t have PFF premium membership. I believe Grant does, maybe Jack does, too. While PFF numbers are not set in stone, their service is used by all major analysts and several NFL teams including the Niners.
        Check out the FAQ page for some guidance from PFF

      2. “the stat that purports to quantifying how many sacks Kaep was responsible for strikes me as being pretty subjective. In other words several experts looking at film might draw different conclusions as to whether or not Kaep was responsible for the sack”
        You’re absolutely correct Cubus unless you’re a desperate Kaepernick supporter that will blindly glom onto anything that helps fight the wave of facts that he’s simply not very good in the pocket.

    3. Thanks Mood. Maybe that will finally shut up all the genius’ who believed Kap was responsible for half the sacks he took…ah who am I kidding?

      1. Rocket

        You’re welcome! I am not trying to add any fuel to the tiresome mudslinging on this blog. I have been a fan of Alex Smith since 2010 and continue to be his fan. I have been a fan of Kap since his first game. I’ve been observing with interest how both these QBs have steadily improved their game every season.

    4. Actual information. It’s so rare in these quarters that I think I have a dizzy spell coming on. Plop!

    5. The game against Arizona really showed the development in his manipulation of the pocket….

  45. I suppose Torrey Smith will be too pricey for Trent. Wallace may be trade bait but brings a big deal too. Also,,if he sulked about the Miami QB he might have attitude problems with CK too.

  46. Maiocco tweeted the following:

    “Two draft eligible WRs to whom Colin Kaepernick will be throwing over 11 weeks: Jaelen Strong (Arizona State) & Kevin White (West Virginia).”

    I assume there is no problem with Kaep reporting back to Baalke, et.al. what he thinks of these receivers, is there?

  47. I don’t think it is clear that there is a player worth “building the team around” in this draft – that’s a pretty rare commodity, especially for a team which already has a lot of talent. I don’t watch a ton of college ball these days but I have been singularly unimpressed with Mariotta – in this last game he looked shaky/inaccurate on a number or early throws, and he seems to survive primarily on the swing pass to the wideout, wide open receivers (which won’t happen in the NFL), and his legs.

    Was hoping to see the second coming of Julio Jones but Amari Cooper looked more like Crabtree than the next stud Niner WR.

    Jameis Winston is probably a pass because his off-the-field decisionmaking makes Aldon Smith look like Gary Cooper in High Noon, but the young man is definitely a solid pocket QB. He stands in against the rush, keeps his eyes downfield, and throws downfield with good accuracy and decent zip. I’d love nothing more than to see Mariotta become a Montana-like guy for the Niners but I’d have to rely on a true talent scout to make that call.

    which reminds me – ESPN the Mag had a great piece on Scott McLoughan, which reminds me not to give Baalke too much credit for the currently stacked talent on the Niners roster. McLoughan seems to have some very serious demons to deal with, but he also seems to have the rare eye for talent that turns around franchises. So we know Harbaugh could coach, and McLoughan had the knack on talent…so what does Baalke bring, again, besides some apparently potent political skills?

    1. PS. IF Mariota is the guy, i’d love to see Baalke trade up to get him – BUT, this is exactly what Baalke has been unable, and I’d guess AFRAID to do: trade up to get a top tier offensive talent. Baalke seems comfortable in drafting defensive players and brawn, but he has to my memory not taken the REQUIRED opportunities to trade up and get that game breaking offensive talent. I think he’s afraid to do so – he’s not comfortable with his own ability to assess offensive talent. Because if he had, we’d have won a Super Bowl or two in this run. Just imagine how good the Niners would have been with Julio Jones at wideout. Or Odell Beckham, or a few others. To miss on one guy who turned out to be a star is one thing, but to continuously miss out on the ONE KEY SPOT on your roster that needs to be filled, that says something larger: it says you can’t do it. And we know how Young Jed treats failure…don’t we?

      1. We know more about how Jed uses “scape goating” to protect what he thinks is his image. Two biggie missing characters — Carmen Policy isn’t in the 49er museum, and Uncle Eddie has been unmentioned for quite some time now.

    1. Not only is this good news, but it also marks next season as “make or break” for Kaep. If, after working with Warner, he still hasn’t shown significant improvement, there will be few who will lament his being released.

      1. CK will be fine. He’s a hard worker and is hungry to get better. Here’s a quote from him:

        “I try to make sure I’m staying on top of the things that I feel like are my weaknesses. And I’ll do the same this offseason to make sure I’m better prepared for next season.”

        Regardless of what Grant and some other say, CK is still an above average QB. If he can make further improvements – as he’s willing to do – he’ll be top 10 QB in the NFL.

        Bring on Malzahn as HC and let’s tear through these opponents in 2015L


  48. Trae waynes is my pick he has size speed toughness loves to hit physical nfl pedigree and I want Melvin Gordon

  49. Don’t be surprised if Craig Dahl isn’t released this offseason. According to Barrows:

    “Craig Dahl was the #49ers’ top special teamer this year according to coaches’ tabulation. Followed by K. Osgood, Corey Lemonier, LJ McCray”

    My guess is they ask him to take a pay cut.

  50. Many are hoping for Dorial Green-Beckham. I can’t find very much quality footage of his routes. The most I see is DGB drifting with little separation. Anyone have a URL to some crisp routes by this guy?

    If DGB was in the 2014 draft, where do you think he’d go?

    1. Brodie:

      Some of the comments above speculate the 2nd round.

      I’ve been thinking about this perception that the 49ers tend to not play their rookies. I don’t think that this expectation is actually true when they draft the rookie (early rounds in particular). In the AJJ case, for example, I think Baalke drafted him with the intention that he would start. After seeing what they had, the coaching staff decided not to play him and with good reason. My research says that Anthony Davis and Mike Lupati both started from the outset.

      On the defensive side, Reid started immediately as did Ward. In fact, I was surprised during last year’s training camp when Fangio pretty much said, from the start, that it was Ward’s job to lose.

      My point is that if we draft a wide receiver in the 1st round the expectation from Baalke, et.al. is that they selected a player who will start and will not sit. I expect that Baalke will communicate that to the new coaching staff and will act accordingly in FA.If we pick up a Torrey Smith type in FA, then I don’t think he will select a WR in the first round.

    2. DGB is unpolished, and relies heavily on his natural physical advantages. But its rare to find someone that is 6’6″, can run fast, and catches well. If it wasn’t for off field issues he’d be the first WR taken based on potential alone.

      1. Round 1 Pick 26 (BALT): Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Oklahoma (B-)
        Round 2 Pick 14: Lorenzo Mauldin, DE, Louisville (A)
        Round 2 Pick 26 (BALT): Ben Koyack, TE, Notre Dame (B)
        Round 3 Pick 15: Duke Johnson, RB, Miami (Fla.) (A)
        Round 4 Pick 31: Corey Robinson, OT, South Carolina (A-)
        Round 5 Pick 15: Doran Grant, CB, Ohio State (B-)
        Round 6 Pick 14: Brandon Ivory, DT, Alabama (B+)
        Round 7 Pick 27: Brandon Bridge, QB, South Alabama (A)

  51. I was listening to Brock & Salk this AM and NFL QB for 15 years Jon Kitna was a guest talking about the playoffs. Kitna is from my old neighborhood in Tacoma, WA. He retired from his last team, Dallas in 2007 but they brought him back as the back-up QB after Romo’s surgery.

    Kitna is worth $12M and he is an algebra teacher and the coach of Lincoln’s football team.
    This is quite a story.


      1. Where is the nearest troll bridge. GPS it and that’s probably where she crawled out from.

  52. J. Winston just came out!
    No, no,
    he declared for the draft.

    In discussing Winston’s risk factors, Mortensen recalled that Manzeil aced the interviews. Mort called him Eddie Haskell, LOL!

  53. Barrows speculation on Twitter:

    “Mike Martz coached Kurt Warner. Adam Gase apprenticed w/ Martz. Warner is mentoring Kaepernick. Ergo, ADAM GASE IS NEW 49ERS COACH! (or not)”

  54. Here are quotes from Mike Shanahan. I have said this, many others have said this, but some just hate Kaep for other reason.

    “I think the quarterback position is growth,” Shanahan said on a conference call. “And you can see what a great arm he (Kaepernick) has and what great speed he has. I don’t know him, but he seems like a great guy and a natural leader. It just takes a while. Every year is a learning experience.”
    “Defenses will always catch up to a guy. But that repetition is going to get him more comfortable with different situations, and you can see what a bright future he does have because his arm strength, his ability to make plays with his legs. I like what I see.”

    I wish some of you would just be honest as to what you do not like about Kaep. It takes time to become a good, let alone Great QB.

    1. Dude is interviewing for the job! What do you expect him to say? He couldn’t get through to RG3, who won the heisman and has similar skills to CK.

      1. It doesn’t take much to win the Heisman these days. Be a running QB in spread offense with decent receivers and walah. RGII, Johnny Manziel, and Mariota.

        1. “I was blown away how humble and respectful he is,” Gile said of Kaepernick. “He was such a cool guy to talk to. We’re excited about working with a guy who is such a special person. And let’s see if we can approach this in the classroom and on the field a little different than what he’s done in the past.”

          1. Good to hear. Hopefully once camp ends, he goes right back there to continue training. The mechanics and film study need to happen until it’s time to report for camp right before the season. This has to become second nature. Which I am sure Kaep will make it happen.

          1. Nope, but the only quarterback in FBS history to have the 3,000/9,000 double is Colin Kaepernick, who passed for 10,098 yards and rushed for 4,112 yards at Nevada from 2007-10. Besides, as the Joe Montana commercial emphasizes, the Heisman is overrated….

          2. Nope, but the only quarterback in FBS history to have the 3,000/9,000 double is Colin Kaepernick, who passed for 10,098 yards and rushed for 4,112 yards at Nevada from 2007-10. Besides, as the Joe Montana commercial emphasizes, the Heisman is overrated….

          3. Hmmmmmm. Just thinking existentially here, but if there was no Colin would there be no Fan77?
            Like the tree falling in the woods?
            Conch drum. Knot Of Eternity.

    2. I root for Kaep to succeed, but as easy as Shanahan makes it sound, the reality is that very few actually get there.

      of the very few guys who develop, they are guys who have a feel for the pocket and the ability to read and anticipate, but don’t have the arm strength until they get on the NFL regimen of HGH, er I mean strength training. ahem. back on topic, another point is that most make the leap fairly early on.

      i also don’t buy into the Kaep regressed ideology. i see something similar to what happened with RG3, but not to that extreme, b/c Kaep can still run.

      in the end, Kaep’s like a basketball player who never had to work on his game b/c he was just so athletic that he could drive past all the defenders and dunk it every time. guy’s who never developed a feel for the game or the ability to pass never develop that. in basketball, the arm strength equivalent is probably shooting… that’s the one area a good majority of nba pros make significant leaps (w/ the biggest one usually in year 3).

      whereas short QB’s grow up having to be mobile in the pocket to find passing lanes.

      guys who can’t run are forced into having to maneuver in the pocket to buy time.

      guys without arm strength have to learn how to throw with anticipation.


      i guess Steve Young proved it wasn’t impossible, but it’s like hoping Kaep is that 1 out of a 100 QB’s that makes the leap. And we haven’t seen the steady improvement to give us the hope that he’s that 1.

      i really want to see what a QB that’s been on another team and had some success can achieve with this team. assuming we were winning despite Alex & Kaep, it should mean Super Bowl, no?

      1. According to Steve Young, the biggest hurdle is the willingness to grind away at repetitive and boring study. If you learn to enjoy what you need to do, it makes it possible. According to Young, Shannahan drove him nuts with repetition.

  55. Looks like Dilfer and Young will both be helping Kaepernick also. I see Young but what does Dilfer bring to table? Maybe he can tell Kaepernick to let the defense win the game and don’t make silly mistakes.

    1. Where did you read he will be working with Young? I prefer him to work with Young over everyone(I’m bias), Kurt Warner is good, As for Trent I am not sure what he brings to the table.

    2. As you hint, Dilfer and Young will have different messages. When Dilfer was supposed to be helping Alex Smith, I was always a little uncomfortable with what he said to reporters. Maybe I felt there was too much Dilfer looking out for Dilfer in his “help.” I’m not sure.

    3. Kaepernick’s advisors are freaking geniuses. Now three of the biggest mouthpieces can’t be negative towards Kaepernick without making themselves look bad.

      1. I have a question; if Kaepernick as according to many, didn’t in fact regress but was simply the victim of a bad OC, bad OL and voodoo curses why do all these people keep offering to help him?

        1. Because they know he has potential, and if he turns it around they can say “I worked with him”.

          1. One tiny problem. You cannot teach intelligence. Warner is a smart guy but not even he can create the miracle of teaching sound intellect.

            1. Prime, when you say intelligence do you mean football smarts or general intelligence?

              If you mean the latter then you are way off base – Kaep’s plenty smart and is very diligent. He did very well academically.

          2. But none of it was his fault so there isn’t anything to fix. It was the play calling, it was the OL letting him get sacked too many times, it was WR’s dropping the ball and of course it was all of these together and more.

            Why does he need help, he’s the QB that took us to the SB?

            1. How can anyone forget the Bears game and Patriots game 2 years ago?Surely to God that is the real Kaepernick

          3. Jack

            Wouldn’t you have a dynamite time working with that plutonium-grade raw material though?

  56. Greg Roman is interviewing for an OC gig with the Jaguars. If he turns Bortles into a pocket QB, then CK has been served! Hopefully Warner can do something that Roman and Harbaugh could not!

    1. Learning and improved performance can’t get ahead of readiness. Good teaching can move readiness to learn forward before performance improvement shows up. According to some quarterbacks (Young and Brees) it’s like having a light come on suddenly. That doesn’t negate the teaching that went on before the light came on.

      I apologize for telling you something that’s not interesting to you.

    1. http://www.sportingcharts.com/nfl/stats/team-receiver-drops-percentage/2014/

      interesting, the above site has them at 6th.

      either way, this is overblown, just 2 fewer drops in the entire season and they are above league average.

      if a guy drops a pass that would have lost yardage or if a guy drops a 3rd down pass that wouldn’t gain enough yards for a first down or result in a rare go for it on 4th down opportunity, then it’s either a good thing or something that likely would not matter. maybe that punt that was covered at the 5 goes in for a touchback.

  57. Per La Canfora:

    Pretty strong comments from @ochocinco . He says free agent WR Duron Carter, his CFL teammate, is “easily, a No. 1 NFL receiver right now.”

    I know its ocho but should we go after Carter?

    1. He’s certainly getting some interest. And yes, I think the 49ers should explore all avenues to find talent. I saw a report they are looking at CFL CB Delvin Breaux, so they aren’t averse to bringing in guys from there.

    1. Hard to see the Ravens doing any more sweetheart deals with the Niners after the Jim debacle, even if it’s just John telling Torrey to steer clear at all costs.

      1. If the Ravens don’t re-sign him there isn’t much they can do to prevent the 49ers from having a crack at him.

        1. Scoot

          Torrey has a close relationship to John Harbaugh. The perceived way York/Baalke wronged Jim will have negative repercussions with players around the league, particularly with the Ravens.

          1. I must have mistaken your meaning of sweetheart deals. I just meant the Ravens can’t make any deals with the 49ers regarding Torrey Smith unless they sign or tender him. Sure, they can try and bad mouth the 49ers if they like, but that’s about it.

    1. “Kyle Williams is the best WR he has ever drafted (seriously)”

      When I see people pick the WR they think we’ll select it’s always the one they want or like best and sometimes it’ll be who they think the team needs most. What they never do is pick the worst possible choice which is what they should do if they want to be at least somewhat correct.

  58. Looks like they changed their minds on Tomsula. Shanahan will be announced next week as HC. The brain trust want everyone to know that while Harbaugh couldn’t develop Kaepernick Shanahan . This pick is personal.

    1. Matt Maiocco disagrees with you. He thinks that Shanahan and Vick Fangio are very long shots. Personally, I have no idea, but I can see Jed not wanting Shanahan around reminding folks of the glory days.

      I can’t really see Vick Fangio staying to work for his line coach. It’s a puzzlement.

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