Predicting the 49ers 2023 record

The 49ers have known who they would play in 2023 since the end of the 2022 regular season. On Thursday they found out when each of those games falls on the calendar.

Here’s a look at the 49ers 2023 schedule, along with my all-too-early game predictions:

Week 1: at Pittsburgh, 9/10, 10 am

Pittsburgh is a tough place to open the season. The Steelers are 8-1 in season openers at Heinz Field.

The 49ers offensive line will get tested by T.J. Watt, but their defense should be up to the task against second year quarterback Kenny Pickett

Prediction: Win

Week 2: at Los Angeles Rams, 9/17, 1:05 pm

The Rams are a team in transition. Even if Matthew Stafford plays, the 49ers should be able to extend their regular season win streak against the Rams to nine straight.

Prediction: Win

Week 3: New York Giants, 9/21, 5:15 pm, Thursday Night Football

Facing New York on a short week is a tough task. The Giants play in Arizona the Sunday prior and will likely stay on the West Coast to avoid the cross country travel.

Daniel Jones will provide the 49ers with their first challenge of stopping a mobile quarterback, something they’ve struggled with in the past. In the end, the 49ers depth will prove too much for New York to overcome.

Prediction: Win

Week 4: Arizona, 10/1, 1:25 pm,

The Cardinals are not a good team and their starting quarterback, Kyler Murray may not be back from a torn ACL.

Kyle Shanahan will look to embarrass Jonathan Gannon in this one. The new Arizona head coach was the defensive coordinator for Philadelphia last season.

Prediction: Win

Week 5: Dallas, 10/8, 5:20 pm, Sunday Night Football

The 49ers and Cowboys meet in prime time for the first time since 1990.

San Francisco has knocked Dallas out of the playoffs the last two seasons. Dallas has the talent on both sides of the ball to go toe to toe with the 49ers physical style of play.

The difference is the 49ers know how to take Dak Prescott off his game.

Prediction: Win

Week 6: at Cleveland, 10/15, 10 am

The Browns have a tough defense led by Myles Garrett, but their offense tends to sputter.

With Dashon Watson at quarterback over the last six games Cleveland was able to score more than 20 points just twice. That won’t be enough to keep up with the 49ers.

Prediction: Win

Week 7: @ Minnesota, 10/23, 5:15 pm Monday Night Football

Minnesota was 8-1 at home last season and switched defensive coordinators this offseason, fixing their biggest weakness.

Between the improved defense and the offensive firepower Kirk Cousins has at his disposal, Minnesota proves too much and hands San Francisco its first loss of the season.

Prediction: Loss

Week 8: Cincinnati, 10/29, 1:25 pm

The Bengals are among the favorites to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Like Minnesota, Cincinnati has the offensive firepower and enough defense to stick with the 49ers.

The short week after consecutive road games and the Bengals talent proves too much to overcome.

Prediction: Loss

Week 9: Bye

For the second consecutive season the bye week falls as close to the middle of the season as possible which sets up well for the 49ers.

Week 10: @ Jacksonville, 11/12, 10:00 am

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence is coming into his own and the Jaguars are much improved from the last time the 49ers travelled to Jacksonville in 2021.

With two weeks to prepare, San Francisco is prepared for the cross country trip and their defensive line makes life miserable for Lawrence in a tough fought game.

Prediction: Win

Week 11: Tampa Bay, 11/19, 1:05 pm

The Buccaneers quarterbacks are Baker Mayfield, Kyle Trask and John Wolford.

Enough said.

Prediction: Win

Week 12: @ Seattle, 11/23, 5:20 pm, Thursday Night Football (Thanksgiving)

Seattle has done a good job of quickly reloading its roster, and playing in Seattle is always a challenge.

The last meeting between these two teams on Thanksgiving ended with Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson eating turkey legs on the 50-yard line at Levi’s Stadium.

This time around it will be Geno Smith and Jamal Adams enjoying the postgame feast.

Prediction: Loss

Week 13: @ Philadelphia, 12/3, 1:25 pm

The 49ers will be looking to avenge their loss in last season’s NFC championship game when they lost their starting quarterback just six plays in.

From the way it sounds, San Francisco didn’t learn its lesson about leaving a backup tight end alone in pass protection against Haason Reddick.

In a smash mouth contest reminiscent of the epic Monday night game between the 49ers and Giants played on the same date in 1990, the Eagles eek out a close one.

Prediction: Loss

Week 14: Seattle, 12/10, 1:05 pm

After losing the first matchup on the road and a tough loss in Philadelphia, San Francisco bounces back to take down their NFC West rivals.

Prediction: Win

Week 15: at Arizona 12/17, 1:05 pm

Even with Murray back for this one the Cardinals are no match for the 49ers.

Prediction: Win

Week 16: Baltimore, 12/25, 5:15 pm, Monday Night Football (Christmas)

The Ravens narrowly escaped with the win the last time these two teams met in 2019.

San Francisco struggles with mobile quarterbacks but Lamar Jackson has struggled to stay healthy the last couple seasons.

Baltimore has not been a good road team in recent years. The 49ers send their fans home with a present.

Prediction: Win

Week 17: at Washington, 12/31, 10:00am

Washington has Sam Howell, Jacoby Brissette and Jake Fromm at quarterback which should be enough for the 49ers to win.

However, a tough defense and early start on a short week make the difference late in this one.

Prediction: Loss

Week 18: Los Angeles Rams, 1/6 or 1/7, TBD

By this point in the season the Rams will likely be more focused on setting their vacation plans in Cabo.

Result: Win

Record: 12-5


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  1. Jack
    For the most part, I agree with your 9er W – L predictions….But do not see the 9ers losing to Kirk Cousins and the Vikings. As last year proved, Cousins and the Vikings lost the wild card game to the Giants, exposing the fact they were pretenders, NOT CONTENDERS! 9ers WIN.
    IMO, week 12 and week 13 will tell us a lot about the 9ers. After traveling cross county to play TB and then 4 days off before playing @ Seattle on Thanksgiving will be a gut check, but a WIN. Then the next week, traveling cross country to play the Eagles at home, will tell us just how good the 9ers are. I see the outcome of both games being decided by field goals and a baptism by fire for the rookie, Moody.
    I would also call into question the outcome of the week 17 Washington Game. Assuming Dan Snyder and Josh Harris do sell, how many changes will the new owners make to the Washington FO?

  2. My boyfriend ninermd says we win 13 games this year. I’m not so confident. I think MAYBE we can if and only if Trey Lance is healthy and gets the chance to start. The fact is we are a 7 win team at best with Purdy or Darnold. It doesn’t really matter though since KS will find a way to blow it like always!

    1. Spot on. Somehow, someway, KS will muck things up, and an SB will elude him once again. Always has. Always will. Jack is being far too generous and optimistic above. 10-7 at best. Most likely, 9-8 with the on the rise Seahawks taking the Conference and the Niners relegated to a wild card slot. Don’t you agree, Felix?

      1. KS haters, always a ray of sunshine. Being more pessimistic doesn’t mean you’re being more realistic compared to Jack’s prediction.

  3. Jack,
    Will your 12-5 be good enough to win the NFC west? Having the best record and the only bye in the playoffs is so important in todays football. If the 9ers are 12-5 and have to play the NFCCG in Philly I don’t think they will make the SB. If they can win 13 or better they have a chance. Bayarea I will bet you everything you have that if Purdy starts the whole season the 49ers will win more than 7 games.

  4. Even if Matthew Stafford plays, the 49ers should be able to extend their regular season win streak against the Rams to nine straight.

  5. @Pitt (L)
    @LAR (W)
    vs NYG (W)
    vs Ariz (W)
    vs Dal (W)
    @ Clev (W)
    @ Minn (L)
    vs Cinn (W)
    @ Jac (L)
    vs Tam (W)
    @ Sea (L)
    @ Phil (W)
    vs Sea (W)
    @ Ariz (W)
    vs Bal (W)
    @ Wash (L)
    vs LAR (W)

    12-5 Division Winner

    NFC Divisional Playoff
    vs Dal (W)
    NFC Championship Game
    @ Phil (W)

    vs KC (W)

  6. I think is a little premature but bold to predict a 12-5 without knowing who’s on first.
    Will it be TL, BP or SD?
    Without seeing any of them play in the PS games, I’ll hold off for now.

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