Raiders’ Davis emerges as the owner with respect

This is my Tuesday column.

At a certain point, Jed York had all the goodwill and Mark Davis had none.

I’m talking as recently as six months ago. People perceived York as one of the best owners in the NFL, a forward-thinking young entrepreneur who had a brand new stadium, a great team and a great coaching staff. A winner. People perceived Davis as a bumbler who had no experience, no vision, no business running an NFL franchise. People expected him to embarrass himself. His Buster Brown haircut seemed to reinforce that expectation.

But it’s York who has embarrassed himself, not Davis. And it’s Davis who has earned the goodwill all of a sudden, not York.

It’s the strangest thing. Davis hasn’t turned the Raiders into winners yet, nor has he built a new stadium. He’s behind York in those two areas. But Davis is trying hard. People see he’s a straight shooter. People appreciate his sincere effort. When he thinks about moving the Raiders to San Antonio, people understand and cut him slack, more slack than they cut York for moving the 49ers down the freeway to Santa Clara.

It is clear Davis is trying to make a bad thing good. York is dangerously close to making a good thing bad.

How did he do that?

York allegedly leaked reports about his own coaching staff’s ineffectiveness for months last season. He allegedly leaked reports Jim Harbaugh would be gone. Sure enough, York divested himself of Harbaugh and fired many of Harbaugh’s best coaches. York had trouble replacing them — most coaches around the league didn’t seem to want to work for the 49ers. York damaged the 49ers’ reputation and his own reputation, and had to hire lesser coaches from his own organization, coaches without much standing in the league. It was all very humiliating.

Now, people wonder if York is a meddler, a backstabber, someone who tries to subvert his own cause.

Davis still has to prove he is an effective owner, but he doesn’t try to hurt his team. He’s no meddler or backstabber. When he fired interim head coach Tony Sparano, Davis didn’t leak reports about him or badmouth him to the press. Davis let him go with dignity.

As a result, good coaches didn’t avoid Davis this offseason. They came to him. Davis was able to do what York couldn’t — hire a good head coach from outside the organization. Davis hired Jack Del Rio, who has nine years of experience as a head coach in the NFL. Almost in desperation, York latched onto his defensive line coach, Jim Tomsula, who has one year of experience as a head coach in NFL Europe.

Mark also hired two coordinators from outside the organization. Jed couldn’t get any coordinators from outside the 49ers. It’s like the Niners were under quarantine. Six months ago did you think the Raiders would have a more respected coaching staff than the 49ers going into 2015?

It’s like we’ve entered the Twilight Zone.

And here is the strangest thing. During the past six months, we’ve come to learn that Jed is more like Al Davis than Al’s son, Mark. And Mark is more like Eddie DeBartolo Jr. than Eddie’s own nephew, Jed. Maybe Mark and Jed got switched at birth.

Jed inserts himself into football matters like Al and talks publically about football philosophy like Al. Jed hasn’t coached like Al, nor has he won a Super Bowl like Al, but Jed certainly has a philosophy about how to win a Super Bowl which he explained at Tomsula’s introductory press conference on January 15th:

“When you’re talking about winning a Super Bowl, it’s not about having the most innovative scheme on this side of the ball or that side of the ball. It’s not about having the best player here. In basketball, one player that’s 20 percent of your team. That makes a big difference. One player in football, that’s 1/22nd of your team, 1/25th, 1/30th when you’re talking about special teams and guys that really contribute on a daily basis. So, it’s a bunch of collections of little things that make the difference.”

I guess.

You never heard Eddie talk like that. Never. Football was not his field and he knew it. He put his employees in charge of football and let them do football, which is what Mark does.

Mark lets general manager Reggie McKenzie run the Raiders. Mark relies on Reggie’s expertise, just like Eddie relied on the expertise of John McVay and Bill Walsh. Getting out of the way was Eddie’s genius. People respect an owner who gets out of the way. It’s how good owners act.

Which means people respect Mark. He’s running his team the right way. The Raiders are improving. And he hasn’t damaged anything like Jed.

Jed and Mark share the same market. Jed’s mere existence makes Mark look good.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at

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  1. I see where you’re going with the Jed/Al comparison. I also think Jed is more like Eddie than you point out.

    If social media and the level of media the NFL now has were around during Eddie’s time i think is legacy would be much different.

    1. Jed York has turned some of us very loyal Niner fans away. I’ve loved the 49ers since elementary school…over 25 years…and now I don’t know what to think. Jim Harbaugh was an awesome coach, had a lot of clout, and was a winner. Jed York and Trent Baalke are losers. They let their egos sabotage this team. I wish Denise DeBartalo took back the role she handed her son and either sold the team or let an adult run it.

      1. @John Martins…Very true, Jed was always skating on thin ice with some of the fan base due to the way he & his family abandoned the City for Santa Clara. And pricing some of the fan base out who had been 49er fan since Kezar. Its sad to own a team, and you don’t even like the City your team is named for.

        A lot folks ain’t feeling the vibe at Levi’s, don’t really like the stadium, its located too far for the folks that live in the North Bay, & Sacramento. Plus the high price of food, & drink at the stadium, and parking, transit, traffic issues abound.

        Then some folks see the Yorks as carpetbaggers, or just inheritors the team, & think if not for being Ed DeBartolo’s relatives, the Yorks would have never owned an NFL Franchise. This is just my opinion, but I believe that when Eddie had his issues with the Feds back in the late 1990’s, and the team was put up for sale, the NFL should have opened it up to everyone, and not just exclusively to the York Family. A Local Bay Area Ownership Group, such as what the SF Giants put together would have been excellent.

      2. Harbaugh was a self-important egotist whose image exceeded reality. The QB Whisperer proved he has no clue about offense as his declined each year until last season’s disaster. He never learned how to manage the clock and his loss of composure on the sidelines during crunch time is evidence of his lack of true leadership. It was always about him, not the team. Let’s go Niners. All the way with JimmyT.

        1. Harbaugh had an insatiable desire to win and his demands to the FO to further that cause rubbed many the wrong way.

          But I never for a moment felt that Harbaugh did any self promoting
          or failed to give credit to his players.

          Yes, he was animated on the sidelines but he is a fierce competitor who fights for every call.

          I do agree with you that his eventual downfall was the decline of the offense and perhaps his ultra loyalty to Roman.
          But saying Harbaugh was a self important egotist is miles off the mark.

            1. Interesting piece on a guy who might be around late in the draft

        2. Harbaugh produced results. Harbaugh won. All coaches have egos, Harbaugh just didn’t hide his. If you really believe that Tomsula is going to make this team better, best of luck to you. He is in place as the HC for one reason: he will do exactly what York and Baalke tell him to do.
          There were rumors that Gase was offered the job with the condition that he retain Tomsula as the DC. Why would they do that? They did it because they want a mole in the locker room and a backup coach in case Gase started to think for himself at some point during the future.
          Coaches don’t look at it as working for the owners, their loyalty is to the staff they have assembled. Chemistry is key. Forcing coaching candidates to retain coaches is stupid and a red flag, which is why the new coaching staff is a significant downgrade from Harbaugh’s.
          So yes, Harbaugh had an ego…and won. Baalke and York have bigger egos and have dismantled the only staff that brought them success. They also leaked information throughout the season that ultimately made the situation unattractive to anybody but retreads.
          “We only hang Super Bowl banners.” If that statement doesn’t reak of ego and entitlement, I don’t know what does.

        3. Come on dude, Harbaugh has had success everywhere he’s gone. With the exact same team that Singletary and the other worthless coaches we had before him, we almost went to the Super Bowl his very first season. The only goof was going with “poopernick” instead of Alex Smith.

          1. I didn’t know singletary coached bowman, Aldon, culliver, Reid, boldin to name a few.. Those guys make huge difference believe it or not.. Not saying dingleberry was a good coach but jimbo inherited a very talented team.

            1. well now you know that he did coach Bowman.

              and you now know that neither Reid or Boldin were on the 2011 or 2012 teams. still think the 2nd TE, Delanie Walker, is more important in the Harbaugh offense than another WR, but Baalke and i will have to agree to disagree. book is still out on whether Reid is even any good. it’s not like Goldson didn’t make pro bowls here too.

              further, Culliver was a backup until this year and didn’t play a down in 2013. Clements wasn’t great and certainly not worth the price they paid, but pretty sure that in his prime here he was regarded more highly around the league than Culliver is now.

              Aldon is the one major difference (even as a b/u in yr 1), but he’s pretty much disappeared since game 3 of 2013. Since then he’s had 6 sacks in 15 games with 4 coming against Washington, 2 vs Tampa Bay.

              And lest we forget, Harbaugh & co. went 10-4 w/o Aldon despite Kaep miraculously blowing games vs Chicago and the Rams.

          2. Smith is in the absolute perfect offense for his skillset with Reid. He had 18 TD’s, 6 INT’s and the Chiefs missed the playoffs. He is who he is: A good, smart QB with a specific skillset. He is also a ten year veteran. Referring to Kaepernick as “Poopernick” just makes you as big of a douche as the people that used to refer to Smith as “Alice”.

          3. Still grinding the ol’ Alex Smith ax I see.
            When AS wins a SB in KC you may have a measure of some revenge, but until that happens your cry for Alex is like pinning for an old girlfriend who has long forgotten you.

    2. I dunno, Jack .. I think Grant has
      hit the nail on the head with his description
      of Dumb & Dumber .. and I fear that
      as the new season unfolds .. more and more
      people will come to realize this, as well

      (Hey waitaminute ! ..
      Did I just agree with Grant ?) .. ;-}

      1. Grant did a fine job. I don’t disagree with much of what he wrote. I simply think Jed is closer to Eddie than most think.

        1. You made a good observation the other day in regards to Jed and Ed Jack. Policy was there to save Eddie from himself; Jed doesn’t have that guy to save him.

          1. Thanks Rocket. Could you imagine how the “insiders”, profootballtalk and so on would report on DeBartolo’s rants had they been around back in the day?

            He would have been ripped to shreds.

            1. Actually, the press showed Eddie no mercy from the day he took over. It was a baptism by fire. Thanks to Harbaugh, Jed hasn’t had to deal with that type of adversity. Walsh was just as difficult as Harbaugh, but Eddie and Bill loved each other deep down. I don’t think there was any love lost between Jed and Harbaugh. Jed wants to be in the hunt for Super Bowls year in and year out, and then fires the staff that facilitated that desire three straight years. Eddie delivered Super Bowls by moving on from his childish overreactions and allowing cooler heads to prevail ….

              1. I said that Harbaugh would do fine after his 49ers tenure and by all accounts he is already having success.
                In a recent report from a Michigan football news, Harbaugh is mentoring QB’s Jamies Winston and Petty before their combine outings and the upcoming draft.

                So while the 49ers FO is working to restore their name Coach Harbaugh is enjoying doing what he does best: Teach

          1. Eddie fired a 2-time Super Bowl winning “genius” after three poor playoff failures.

            Also, don’t forget his role in the Yorks taking over the team in the first place.

              1. DeBartolo only had one “genius” coach for him, and he fired him after the playoff loss to Minnesota. DeBartolo was fortunate to have someone around to set it straight.

              2. That’s what I thought you were referring to. I’d have to disagree with your comparison to Eddie then because I don’t recall Eddie trying to trade the “genius” or using Walsh to get a new stadium.

              3. The main difference between Jed and Eddie is that Eddie put greater distance between himself and the team decisions. Jed is the CEO. Eddie had Policy in place as the CEO/ Team President/ whatever role they felt like calling it on the day.

                Baalke can’t take on that same buffer role without some bias as he is also in charge of player personnel. His reputation is tied to the players he brings in, and if the coach isn’t using those players there is some conflict of interests there.

                What Jed should do is step back from the CEO role, and hire a true football executive to fill those duties. Highly doubt that will happen any time soon.

              4. That stadium deal is one thing that Jed pulled off which his uncle never could.

                Yep. All he had to do was move to another city, make lofty promises, and turn the attending fans into suits that could care less about the product on the field. Some accomplishment.

                I agree with everything you said Scooter.

              5. Scooter,

                Of course I agree with you on the need for Jed to have a buffer. I said the same basic thing a few days ago.

                I do disagree with you though on Eddie putting more distance from team decisions than Jed has.

                Eddie hired and fired coaches. He called the war room during the draft to find out why Walsh kept trading back in ’86 and so on.

                Those are the same type of things that Jed is doing as well.

              6. Yeah, I remember you made a good point about Policy’s role the other day Jack, and that’s what got me typing.

                I disagree with you on the greater distance thing though. While Eddie did indeed stick his nose in, he let other people handle the day-to-day. Jed on the other hand is the CEO. He runs the club.

              7. Of course he does. I get that. Doesn’t mean he’s not leaving the football stuff to the football guys any less than Eddie did.

              8. Ah, I think we may be slightly missing each others points.

                Yes, I agree Jed probably doesn’t impact on pure football decisions any more or less than Eddie did.

                However, Jed is more involved in the day-to-day running of the club (from an administrative point of view) than Eddie was, or at least I believe he is. If you like, running the 49ers is Jed’s job, while for Eddie the 49ers were his hobby. As a result I think Jed believes they don’t need that extra layer that a guy like Carmen Policy provided, as he would see part of his role as effectively being what Policy brought to the team.

              9. Jack -he got the stadium built,fair enough. Can’t help but feel that the town of San Francisco and a lot of bumbling local political manuvering dropped the ball there.If we built a world class baseball stadium ,and we can build a new Warriors stadium here it just seems unimaginable that a 49ers stadium isn’t gracing the China Basin now. Hell I would rather go to Kesar than the overpriced sterile tinderbox saturated with WiFI built in Googleville!

              10. That loss to Minnesota was devastating. I’ll never forget that day. The weather, what I ate, everything. Lol, I remember putting a quarter in one of those toy machines at the store with the mini helmets and I got a Vikings helmet. It was such a brutal day. I still think that was possibly the most talented team during that era, but man did they run into a wall that day. Wilson/Kroemer to Carter….all damn day. Uggghhh.

              11. I hear you there BigP, but how about the next year when the 49ers handled them the next year. Just destroyed them all day long.

              12. BigP,

                I agree man, that 87 loss was devastating. A clear example of one team playing over their heads and the other not playing up to theirs. That loss ranks right up there with the Craig fumble to cost us a shot at a 3 peat, and the awful PI call on Lott that gave the Redskins the game and a SB berth in 83.

              13. Jack,
                They beat up Minnesota the following two years on their way to championships, but it never really felt like justice. The Niners were so close to winning four in a row when you look back on that time, but they played some really good teams. The Vikings loss was just so terrible because that team was absolutely primed to destroy the competition and they wet the bed. I’m having flashbacks of 87′ now….not fun.

              14. Rocket,
                Don’t…..”That loss ranks right up there with the Craig (don’t do it Rocket!) fumble (dude stop!) to cost us a shot at a (stoooooopppp!) 3 peat.”

                Day ruined. Where is my trash can, I need to throw up.

                Side note: I always believed it was impossible to lose a Super Bowl in more devastating fashion than how the Niners lost to Baltimore. After watching the Seahawks lose to the Patriots, I stand corrected.

            1. hammer! your gonna take shots at eddie to defend jed???????

              your pathetic! proves my theory about you just disagreeing with people so you can argue and try and bully them. get a life bud!

              Grant, this might be your finest piece of work!

              1. jshaw,

                Actually the parallels between the two jumped out to me while watching the “football life” shows on DeBartolo and Walsh.

                I don’t disagree just for the sake of disagreeing “bud”.

              2. jshaw,

                Eddie had a bad temper and often made rash decisions that would have harmed the team had he gone through with them. Eddie is revered now, but really his only great accomplishment was hiring Walsh. Other than that he was simply a guy who looked after the players off the field with trips and gifts and made them want to be a part of the organization. That was important, but Policy saved him from himself quite often when it came to football related decisions.

        2. @Hammer: The only thing I see is Jed and Eddie share some of the same DNA. If this coming season is successful then I’d say you are right and I am dead wrong. If it’s the disaster I expect, I’d wonder why a guy that seems to know football pretty well would write that comment. Jed York has managed this debacle with hubris, dishonesty, and incompetence. I could only see someone writing positively about Jed York if they were on his payroll or were a member of his family.

    3. Great article and spot on!…Just for 49er fans, since the raiders hired Bill Musgraave, 49ers QB under Bill Walsh and are going with 49er West Coast while the Santa Clara 49ers sold out San Francisco and have been trying to sell Bill Parcells Ground and pound for 15 years and have not developed a pro bowl quarterback in 15 years, I just sold my 49er tickets (but only got 1/3 price, not half like I thought I would, but guess what, I bought raiders tickets with that and can’t wait for them too kick ass because they’ve at least been honest with their fans and assembled a talented array of coaches ( and beat the 49ers last year)

    4. One of your better columns Grant, you chose your words very carefully. I can’t disagree with anything you said. I don’t trust York, the guy is a liar or he is delusional.

  2. OK enough! Grant give me a name of a person who has first hand knowledge of the conversations between York/Baalky/Harbaugh/Tomsula. Do you have that knowledge? Is there someone in this room who has that knowledge? Do you have a name of a person who recieved a leak? Did you recieve the leak? I think not. So people give it a rest, you are being played.

    1. What’s weak hacksaw46 is that these people won’t even consider the other side of the story that won’t be reported. They think jimbo is the one that accumulated all this talent.. Forgetting or ignoring what balke has done and will continue to do.. I just hope most of these so called fans show up next year when we improve on that weak ass 8-8 season where players stopped playing for a coach..

  3. Relax people. Were talking abt football. Even if the niners went 0 n 16 for the rest of our live, what impact will it really have on us. Football is entertainment. Its money. Thats why you pay to watch it. So who really gives a crap. I know Jed York doesnt.

  4. Well, I liked Harbaugh a lot but he clearly reached a plateau, he was not able to fix the team’s problems in 4 seasons, the team was good at running the ball, playing solid D, but they always had clock management issues (cost them the SB?) which is basic stuff and lacked punch offensively, if you add the stubborness of Harbaugh to make a change at OC despite the evident issues…. a change made sense.

    What is unacceptable is how the front office managed this entire situation they just shot themselves in the foot and the result is no one wanted to come to work for them….. so let’s see what happens in 2015

      1. Jed: “Joe turned to me in the huddle and said what should we do?” and I said “throw it to Clark.”

  5. The Niners changed gears and are moving in a different direction. It’s not unprecedented after having four successful but not championship type results in 4 years.
    Criticize all you want for the change but none of it is warranted until we see the results after next season.
    If the Niners win 5 games or less the criticism is warranted. If they win 10 or more amd make the playoffs a lot of people will look stupid like they always do.

        1. You seem to be saying that any record of six or more wins will get them into the playoffs. I know you don’t mean that, but it’s clear you’re not paying attention to what you’re writing.

  6. My family and I have been San Francisco 49er season ticket holders since 1973. I believe what Jed York and his hired henchman Trent Baalke have done to this franchise is nothing short of deplorable. I will never respect Jed York – EVER. People will hate me for what I am about to say but I hope Jim Harbaugh does return to the NFL one day. I hope he replaces Pete Carroll in Seattle when Pete retires and I hope he leads Seattle to 3 or 4 more Superbowls just to STICK IT to Jed York. Thanks for nothing Jed.

  7. With Jed we all built him up then he descended to his true self. With Mark, the bar has been set so low for him that he can only exceed expectations, and his recent hires for sure have done that. All us hardcore 9ers fans feel like we are in for hard times upcoming if it is only Jed/Trent at the top….

  8. We have 4 seats to the 49ers, and I am passionate about them, but my 2 seats to the Raiders are looking more and more attractive with all of this drama…….

    I can’t fathom how they walk from Gase w Fangio, doesn’t compute.

    I spoke w someone who is tight w Jed two weeks ago and told him he should be the 49ers spokesman to bail his friend out since he is looking like an idiot……. he wants to be held “accountable”? fine, I am going to write in that there be no raises in ticket prices until they win the NFC again. ;)

    1. Dave, if you get a chance to speak with the guy who is tight with Jed, ask him to pass this on.

      I was in the 8th grade in 1946 when the 49ers were founded, and this is their 70th season coming up. I’ve been involved since 1946, and there is only one time I’ve been more disturbed with ownership than I am now. The other time was when Eddie was caught with bribe money.

      1. Wow HT you got me beat old timer,first recollections for me were in the mid 50’s as young boy.I love having older guys here ,especially sharp minded guys like you to dispel ageist stereotypes!

      2. I will HT.

        I am actually going to call my ticket rep w the 49ers and make some suggestions as this is getting to be a real debacle……… I would even consider walking at this point from my season tickets if there were no financial ramifications- I am curious to see how the SBL’s have spiked as well.

  9. Grant your characterization of Eddie is too simplistic, or maybe just superficial. He not only fired a coach who changed the NFL, but he did it at least four times. He did it twice in 1988.

    He also went over Walsh’s head when he invited Montana and Clark to his home in Youngstown. Eddie personally gave them large new contracts against Walsh’s wishes and without telling him before hand.

    Eddie was more of a constant pain in the ass than he was a quiet owner in the background. It’s also very true that, in the past year, Jed has made Davis look good by comparison.

  10. Good thing combine is coming up, at least the blog will get back to football. The York thing is already old.

    Would like to see the Niners draft center Hronis Grasu in the fourth. Maybe the best center in college football. Move Killgore over to take Iupati place.

    Would also like to see the Niners take a chance on QB Sean Mannion in the later rounds. Pure pocket passer can make all the throws. He has issues, footwork and anticipation not a running threat. He actually has the ‘potential’ to end up being the best QB out of this class. Don’t go by his 2014 stats he played behind a porous o line.

    1. That was actually one of the few college teams I really followed the last few years. Mannion does not have the it factor. He is not a winner. Wouldn’t take him. Mentally weak.

  11. I agree with Grant on Dork and Dorkier
    Raiders have gained more credibility than these two liars

    They have destroyed the niners for the next 10 years

  12. Ed Werder of ESPN… “Drew Rosenhaus, and the 49ers have “engaged in contract discussions.”

    1. Yes. Frank Gore.

      (another reason I should avoid posting before caffeine’s kicked in)

  13. Combine watch for me :Phillip Dorsett,does he run himself into the first round?Sleeper Zach Hodges could he be our OLB in the 4th?Shaquille Riddick DE prospect ,curious to see how he does in drills.A guy not many are talking about yet but could draw some attention is CB Ronald Darby,OL Ali Marpet; RB Zach Zenner probably won’t impress like him on the field anyway and ofcourse WR B. Perriman who will be making his case.

  14. Grant,
    I would like for you to write an article detailing Trent Baalke’s role in this situation. Is he the architect of it all, an unwilling accomplice or just caught up in Jed’s misbehavior? It seems like he has what he wants, but was all this his doing?

    1. Leo..

      or.. here’s another thought ..
      as TK opined .. was it Jimmy the T who
      played a major part in all this ?

      1. Were did Kawakami “opine” that? My take on Kawakami’s material is that Jed drove this change of direction. I must have overlooked what he thought of JimT’s role.

          1. HT ..

            I guess he didn’t say that in so many words.. but I
            got the impression he thought Tomsula had something to do
            with it..
            I think it was in his follow-up column to the
            podcast .. when he mentioned that no one
            would look Harbs in the face as they passed in
            the hallways ..
            I didn’t take that to mean that he meant Vic Fangio
            or G-Ro ..

            So .. maybe I shouldn’t have used “opine” .. but
            perhaps “alluded to”… would have been
            a better choice of words

            1. I think a lot of people took Harbaugh’s words about people not looking him in the face down the halls to mean Tomsula. I’ve voiced my thoughts on why that is previously.

              If you listen to the interview again I think it is pretty clear he meant in general – he was responding to whether it was awkward hearing Tomsula’s name being brought up as a potential replacement for him, and that he knew things were going on by people’s reactions walking down the hall.

      2. From my contact that is friends with Paraag, it was JY doing. JY didn’t like Harbaugh. Jim T played no part in this lol. I find it hilarious people even think that.

          1. It was obvious to me that Baalke saw Harbaugh as a rival for power. They had a different perspective about who should decide what. Baalke wants total control which is now what he has with Tomsula as coach. I am sure Baalke was a major player in getting rid of Harbaugh. I am sure Baalke didn’t care for Harbaugh either. They had too many of the same traits.

            1. As to Tomsula’s role. It wouldn’t make sense that he would be in on the inside of the” Big Plot” so to speak. He was just a tool that JY and Baalke would use. Purely an opportunist. If he was smarter they would not feel comfortable enough to hire him as coach. And he would have information that could be used against them later. He is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed. As to the degree of Tomsula’s involvement why would Paraag even know? He deals with the front office not the coaches. Basically primarily with York who would tell him what he was doing and why and not go into some of the details. I don’t think Tomsula’s involvement or any actions in that respect would be motivated by any animosity towards Harbaugh. It was not personal, just business. The looking away was purely motivated by a bit of guilt.

      1. That envelope thing may be a relieving glimpse into Baalke’s inner need to be seen as the smartest one of all.

        1. I’m not sure how much truth there is to the envelope thing, I’ve always had the feeling it was an exaggeration to some extent. But yes, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head saying he’s a guy that likes to be seen as the smartest in the room. After the 2011 draft he was feeling cocky.

          Not wanting to go all Dr Phil, but I’ll also say that having a personality of wanting to be seen as smart, or the smartest, isn’t in itself a bad thing. I’ve worked with people like that and they can be the types of personalities that work the hardest to get everything right, make sure they’ve got all their ducks in a row to avoid their greatest fear – looking stupid.

          It can also be detrimental if they fear others making them look stupid, either by another’s incompetence reflecting on them, or by simply having smarter people in the room.

          1. Scooter- Good analysis- but the real question relates to what motivates him to be want to be seen as the smartest. It’s usually motivated by an inward sense of insecurity. The problem with that is the individuals actions are dictated primarily for ego building rather than an objective focus on the best interests of the team. Then the main focus becomes protecting the interests of his own self image. This type of individual also feels threatened by others that he thinks are smarter than himself so they will tend to rationalize their attempts to eliminate that threat. OCD is an example of someone being focused on creating an external barrier of security for themselves through their actions rather than recognizing that their problems are primarily internal.

            1. Like I said I wasn’t wanting to go all Dr Phil, but not surprised you are chiming in with your psychological profiling again.

              Yes, the wanting to be seen as the smart guy in the room can be caused by insecurities. But its not the big issue you make it out to be, or I should say it doesn’t have to be. Everyone has insecurities. Baalke is no different, neither is Harbaugh.

              The idea that the actions of individuals that want to be seen as the smart guy are dictated by ego building rather than the best interests of the team is a massive over simplification. It can sometimes be that way. But only sometimes, and usually only where they feel their input isn’t valued. I’m pretty sure Baalke has no concerns about his input being valued at the 49ers. And in this scenario, his reputation as a smart guy is dictated largely by the success of the team, so his goals are aligned with the team’s goals.

              And while someone wanting to be seen as the smart guy can also sometimes feel threatened by others he thinks are smarter than himself, this typically only perpetuates where the other person also tries to portray themselves as the smarter person. In the case of Harbaugh, who knows if that was the case.

              As to why Baalke wanted to get rid of Harbaugh, I don’t think there is any great mystery there. Its not Baalke’s wanting to be the smartest guy in the room. That’s just two dominant personalities clashing. And I’m not convinced Baalke was truly angling for Harbaugh to be shown the door, so much as he didn’t do much to prevent it happening. I think you’ll find it was more a case of York wanting to get rid of Harbaugh.

              And I don’t know why you keep going on about his OCD as if that makes him a bad person to have in charge. Having OCD tendencies speaks of a person that uses order and routine to deal with anxiety. It is different to actually having clinical OCD, which can be debilitating. I don’t see Baalke as someone that is debilitated by anxiety and his compulsive behaviour.

              This is a great expose on Baalke from last year:


        1. Oh. c’mon CK ..

          can’t you even read the tea leaves ?

          A couple of quotes in that article should (at least)
          give you some doubt .. =>

          1.) ..…“The guy they let go immediately went to the top of the list for any team looking for a coach. The guy they hired has never been on anybody’s list…”

          2.) ,, …”When the 49ers made defensive line coach Jim Tomsula the head coach, they were looking for someone who does what he’s told….”

          3.) .. ..” When Baalke said he would be the one to decide on the 53-man roster — which no other GM does — Tomsula didn’t object….”

          It ain’t rocket surgery

          1. I don’t think Glenn Dickey is right about no other GM having control of the 53 man roster. Maybe what he means is that no other GM excercises full and total control of the roster like Baalke does.

            1. htwaits……I stopped reading Glenn Dickey when it came out that he was writing play-by-play for the Giants without being at the games

          2. You I come on this blog because there is some high quality football minds that I like reading. Mid west I consider you one of those individuals. I’m just tired of fans continuing to complain of a situation that is done. I get we lost a hella coach. We have an immature punk of an owner. That doesn’t mean we are going to implode either. Whether you like balke or not, he is supremely talented at what he does. This roster is very good. The GM and the owner were tired of a guy who causes problems behind the scenes on a consistent basis. I saw some pathetic football last season. Losing to the raiders is the ultimate low.. That game was a prime example of players quitting on Jim.. His time had run out.. Let’s move on!

              1. ” … Mid west I consider you one of those individuals. ..”

                If you’re referring to me .. I sincerely thank you for that
                sentiment … but .. I also think MidWest has some
                football chops …

                I’m just a fan who is old enough
                to have seen them play at Kezar .. (when I was a kid) ..and
                became a “Faithful” .. way back in the 50’s ..

                I know little about “wheel routes” ..two and three gaps
                and the like .. (but I’m learning)..
                However what I’ve learned about this saga, so far ..
                I don’t like ..

                Baalke may be great … (as a scout) ..
                but as a GM … his actions this past season leave
                much to be desired …

                To me .. it appears to have been a huge power grab
                between him and Harbs …

                .. and we all know who won

              2. MW niner I was referring to you. Also mid west is an educated football fan as well. Along with many others.

            1. CK what you’re missing out on is the inquisitiveness to want to understand the entirety of what brought about the miserable 2014 season. You’re happy to blame Harbaugh and Jed and move on, but others see far reaching problems with the York era of 49er ownership. Others also expect half truths and leaks to be used far into the future if supporters ignore what’s been going on recently.

              You also seem to overestimate the strength of the current roster, given free agency and the uncertainty of rehabbing those that were on a very long IR list at the end of this season.

              Like Harbaugh, Baalke has some areas where he has failed to improve over the first four years of his tenure as GM.

              Enjoy and go on and plan the future. There is no point in trying to stop people from trying to understand what just happened.

              Think of it this way, how many Superbowls would the 49ers have in their trophy case if Eddie had gone ahead and fired Walsh at the end of the 1988 season? One? After all, that’s what Ed Sr. wanted him to do, because Ed Sr. didn’t think Walsh was tough enough to be a NFL coach.

            2. I have never thought that Harbaugh was the beginning and end all. To me he had his flaws. It was just difficult to try to figure out who was responsible for what between him and Trent Baalke. It was obvious to me starting in training camp in 2013 that their was a disconnect between the two and they were on different page’s. It is difficult to fault a coach for wanting control over a roster that he has to utilize in order to do his job. It was obvious that Baalke paid little attention to what Harbaugh wanted. The quotations now make it very obvious that that was always the problem.

              Claiming that Baalke is supremely talented at what he does is a real gut buster. Your just not smart enough to realize his flaws. The coach doesn’t cause problems behind the scenes. You are clueless. The individual who is responsible for the team week is not acting behind the scenes. The problems behind the scenes were caused by the undercutting of Harbaugh by painting him as a lame duck coach. This in no way excuses Harbaughs mistakes or short comings, but the undercutting and interference did not come from him but Baalke/York.

              1. “The problems behind the scenes were caused by the undercutting of Harbaugh by painting him as a lame duck coach. This in no way excuses Harbaughs mistakes or short comings, but the undercutting and interference did not come from him but Baalke/York.” … Willtalk

                To avoid accepting myths in the future, it’s helpful to remember this observation.

            3. CK….We’ve had some disagreement in the past, but on this I’m on the same page; it’s time to move on. I don’t think that anyone is going to change their minds about Harbaugh or Baalke…which is more truthful or necessary, if you do or don’t like Tomsula….It’s over and done….Let’s start talking about the combine, free agency, and the draft. Personally, I believe that one more addition by subtraction will re-balance the ship and we can get back to kicking A$$ in the Western conference again.

        2. Oh, it’s going to be played no matter how painful it may become. On the other, hand we can all “wish for a miracle” of new found leadership and roster building.

    1. George,
      I hope that Tomsula makes a good name for himself, but at the moment the football world is asking Tom-who-tha?

      1. AES, I certainly hope so too, and I don’t think it’s impossible. IMO it mostly depends on the defense holding up and Kaepernick having a good year, which in part has to do with the oline and Kaep improving.

        1. Agreed George.
          Kaep is a big key in the 49ers making a playoff run. He has to make amends for last year’s lackluster campaign. If CK shows no progress in his decision making and faster reads in the pocket it will make for a long season and the possibly the beginning of the end for Kaep in a 49er uniform.

          The defense will be fine, but if Justin Smith retires Dial and Tank have to be much better than last year. The strength of the defense will be the LB corp and perhaps a full season of Ward and a concussion-less year from Reid will help reinforce our secondary.

  15. Mark your calendar

    Cam Inman @CamInman · 3h 3 hours ago
    #49ers coach & GM resurfacing for #NFLCombine press conferences this week:
    Trent Baalke, 7:45 am (PT) Wed
    Jim Tomsula, 9:30 am (PT) Thurs

      1. I hope to god he has been schooled a little better. The first press conference was and still is embarrassing.

  16. Wow!!! All of this hatred for Jed..
    You’d think his team has played under 500 for the past 13 years. Oh wait that’s oakland. Not even one game? One half season? One season?
    CMON maaaan. I see why other fans call 49er fans Whiner fans. Already burying the team.

    1. MD ..

      Grant was a young-un back when daddy York
      fired Mooch in favor of ..Dennis Erickson .. and ..
      look what happened to the Niners after that
      “BRILLIANT” (executive type) decision ..

      Fast forward to today .. and what do you see ?

      History repeating itself ??

      1. Maybe…. That’s my point. Let’s wait for at least the first kickoff. Before hammering them and their decisions. Baalke hasn’t actually let us down yet.

        1. @MD….Well played sir! This is beginning to read like a grave-diggers obituary…besides, Mooch (like Harbaugh) didn’t know when to stop needling the FO. Erickson was a lot better coach than he gets credit for on here. We had good coaches until Singletary broke the string. No one could have succeeded with what Donahue left on the shelf….

  17. I am so weary, so god awful tired of this Jed Vs Eddie Vs Baalke Vs Harbaugh Vs Tomsula etc. etc. etc ad nauseam. Can we all just agree [that means you too Grant] that starting thurs [the start of the combine] we only talk football. What has happened has happened and continuing to beat a dead horse wo’nt change anything. So starting thurs we talk about college players and the combine, then possible FA signings and then the draft. After that how bout mini camps. I know i’m not the only one here who feels this way. My god i never thought i would say this but i would rather discuss Alex Vs Kap than this latest garbage. Onward and upward with football talk.

    1. I say starting today. You mentioned Arik Armstead as a guy you like previously, any other prospects you have taken a liking to?

    2. coach..

      of course, you have a very valid point, there .. but
      imo .. so does htwaits ..(@ 1:07 PM) ..

      Please realize .. this (continuing) soap opera
      has left many of us with a huge
      burr in the saddle

    3. Old Coach – I researched your idea of trading back ten spots or so and picking up Armstead. He just might be gone by the 15th. If not the trading partner would be the Panthers or the Ravens both who need WR’s. Also at 19 the Browns need a WR. If there is not a WR that the Browns like its quite possible they take Armstead. If he gets past the Browns then it would be a great move on the Niners part picking up a 2nd and Armstead. Some risk with the trade back move. If it worked like you plan then a CB and WR in the 2nd would coupled with Armstead could be the beginning of a potential great draft.

      I would be open to taking CB Trae Waynes with the 15th pick also. He is I believe the best corner coming out of college. Might be a little reach at 15 but it doesn’t really matter if he turns out to be a good corner.

      1. First round pick on a run stuffer? You can get those in the third round. Ray McDonald was a third round pick.

        1. You can also get a good WR in the third round. Armstead will be much better then McDonald ever was and wont be a head case. Plus Armstead can play a 3-4 or a 4-3.

            1. Defense, right now is needed more then ever. This division is the new black and blue division. The only glaring need on offense is speed at the WR position. My feeling speed is great but if you don’t have a QB that can throw consistently then what. We had plenty of good receivers last year that got open but didn’t receive the ball. If you take a receiver with the 15th the only one I would take would be Beckham, very high risk but what comes with that is very high reward. Fix his head and I believe you have a great receiver. I don’t do it. Don’t get me wrong there are at the moment there are others better then he is but….There are lots of good receivers in the draft and in FA’s.

              1. I doubt the Niners touch Green-Beckham. If neither White nor Parker falls to No.15, I wouldn’t be surprised if Baalke drafted Perriman.

              2. If there isn’t a guy they really like available at #15 I can see that Jack. But with the # of comp picks they are likely to get in 2016, I don’t think they will go into the draft with a mind set of wanting to accumulate picks.

                Perriman at #15 if White and Parker aren’t there, or maybe Waynes, makes sense to me.

            2. I agree 100 percent with grant.. I think perriman is the guy! I think he is going to be a star.

              1. Waynes is a Baalke type of pick in terms of height/ length for the position, and athletic skills, but I don’t typically associate high first round CBs with Baalke.

                This year may be an exception if they lose Culliver and don’t replace him in FA.

            3. Grant if Smith retires along with the release of McDonald Then D becomes a huge need. You obviously think less of Armstead than some of us do but i believe he will develop into much more than a run stuffer. I would’nt take him any earlier than the 25th pick and if it looks like he won’t be there at #25 i would’nt make the trade.

        2. Have to agree with Grant, if you are taking a DL in the first round they should be a high disruption guy, not just a run stuffer.

          The question is where does Armstead sits on the high disruption vs run stuffer scale? I’m not overly impressed with him, but I can see why he would be an intriguing prospect for many.

          1. Scooter
            I like the scenario Old Coach provided us with. I don’t think I take Armstead with the 15th. I like CB Trae Waynes at 15 that is another position of great need. Just too many good receivers out there to use our first round pick on. By time the draft comes I probably will be singing a different tune as most of us do.

            I also find QB Sean Mannion a very intriguing prospect in the later rounds. Willtalk suggest that he is weak minded I have not noticed that but if that is true my intrigue ends. That is something that is hard to fix. I didn’t watch Mannion much I am a Oregon Duck guy but when I did watch him I like his arm and he is Pro ready. He has flaws but who in the late rounds don’t.

              1. Yes that is my concern with Old Coach plan but I still like it. There are so many receivers out there Jaleen Strong, Devon Smith, Tony Lippett all can be had in later rounds. I thought Perriman was a third round pick myself… I understand his stock is climbing but first round, maybe I guess. Also don’t forget their is talent out their in the FAs. I just don’t think CK is yet good enough to warrant a first round receiver on. Remember its the QB who makes players better. Is there a receiver out there that is going to make CK better. The receiver can be all the open he wants but if CK can not see him then what’s the difference.

                I guess with the transition of coaches I want to go defensive first. We shall find out on draft day.

              2. I was curious what we could get if we swapped picks with the Chiefs. Looks like the trade chart indicates that the Chiefs 1st and 3rd round picks would equal the Niners 1st round pick.

              3. I should have said would just about equal the niners 1st round pick – we’d actually come out ahead on points. Grant: edit button, pretty please.

              4. With rhe picks they’ve made at the WR spot and have had ZERO effect for this offense why are people wanting a wr picked from Baalke? No thanks. I’ll take a free agent signing and have him stick to the defensive picks. That’s hat he’s good at.

              5. If the Chiefs really want a WR what are the chances they’ll be able to stay at #18 to get the one they want?

              6. Is there going to be a Crabtree/Smith reunion in KC?

                I highly doubt it Jack. The Chiefs have an OLB and C that they want to sign long term or will have to franchise.

              7. That’s one of the options that I see Scooter. The others include the Rams, Vikings, Redskins, Dolphins, Jets, Browns, and Raiders.

              8. Plenty of options, but I think that is where he will ultimately end up. Panthers are a good and young team that has been to the playoffs two years running and has the cap space to accommodate him, and I think the Panthers will be looking for a WR with Crabtree’s skill set to put opposite Benjamin. I think it is a very good match.

              9. True, but the Panthers are also wanting to extend Newton and that is expected to range in the $20 million plus category for each year. There may not be enough money available for them to outbid the competition.

              10. Newton already counts around $15M against their cap in 2015. I doubt any extension will increase his cap hit this year.

              11. No, but it will tight regardless. It’s expected that they will have $8.9 million in cap space if you including rookie and practice squad signings, and I don’t think the Panthers would be able to outbid any teams competing for Crabtree unless they cut some players.

              12. Where do you think Crabtree will rank among the free agent WRs, Mid?

                I’m seeing him as a second tier guy, so maybe I’m not expecting him to attract as big a contract as you are.

              13. I agree, but I have a feeling that some teams are going to look at his 2012 production as a sign of things to come instead of being an anomaly and will offer a #1 WR type contract.

              14. Its going to be a deep WR pool if guys like Harvin, Wallace, Marshall, Fitzgerald, Vincent Jackson, Greg Jennings and Colston get released as has been speculated. I’d be very surprised if all of them get released, but even if only half of them do that is a lot of veteran WRs available to fill some team’s needs.

                Will be interesting to see where Crabtree fits in such a market.

              15. Of those potential release candidates, which do you think the team could go after if the price is right Scooter?

              16. Vincent Jackson would be the most interesting option for me. It would be interesting to see what other teams would be willing to offer him given his age, but he’d provide exactly the type of WR the 49ers could use for a year or two.

                Wallace obviously would be interesting too, but I don’t think he’d have too much trouble getting himself a decent sized contract.

              17. I don’t think it’s a good idea, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the 49ers went after Harvin. Low risk-high reward and would be able to used in both phases of offense. But I’d rather see them leave that injury-prone malcontent alone.

              18. Gosh I hope not. He’s not the type of WR the team needs. His WR skills are sub-par, and for all his speed he’s not a good deep threat. He’s a guy you need a creative OC for, as he needs to play for an OC that is willing to find ways to manufacture him open and give him the ball in space.

              19. I agree on all accounts, but it wouldn’t shock if Baalke signed him because he was a “bargain”. :x

              20. To be honest I would be surprised. Looking at the WRs he’s signed and drafted previously he doesn’t fit the type of WR Baalke typically looks for. I’ll give Baalke some credit, I think he’d realise Harvin isn’t really a good WR, he’s more an offensive weapon, a RB/WR/KR/PR hybrid player, and he doesn’t fit what the team needs.

              21. The Chiefs probably will draft a WR at No.18, which may force the Niners’ hand.

                The 49ers might want to look away from KC. They can’t pick a receiver either. And whover they pick I feel sorry for. They get a Qb who won’t get them a single TD catch.

            1. Let’s get a reciever who can separate first. Someone who teams have to double team. Dealing with stacked boxes and an extra man to spy kaep has been hurting us to. If we had a true game breaker on the outside things would change quickly regarding our O. Just my opinion.

            2. As Grant points out the 49ers might not be best off waiting to draft a WR and let all the best ones go off the board.

              There are a lot of good smaller bodied WRs that will be available late first through to the third, but I don’t think that is the type of WR the 49ers should be looking for this year.

              At this point I think the 49ers should sign a CB in FA (hopefully Culliver) then look to draft a WR in the 1st, then DL, OLB and CB in the next 3 rounds in no particular order. A second WR should also be looked at later in the draft – a guy like Titus Davis would be a good one to pick up.

              1. Scooter….the only thing I would see a disagreement with you is I believe that we should re-sign Johnson and LLoyd at WR’s. Where I’m wrong is that with CK at QB, they’d have the same QB not seeing them as they did this last season. Both Johnson and LLoyd are going to come back to haunt us if we don’t re-sign them.

              2. I agree with the needs you listed Scooter. I think it’s imperative they get a WR in the first or second and focus on OLB/Dline/CB after that. The wildcard is CB. If they resign Culliver, they likely don’t look at that spot in the first round unless that is clearly BPA. If he doesn’t resign, that moves to the top of the list depending on whether they sign another vet in FA.

    4. It will probably depend on what happens with Stevie Johnson and Vernon Davis. The team could decide that Johnson isn’t worth his contract and release him, which would then make WR a top priority given that Boldin is in his final contract year and (other than Ellington) that there is little to be excited about with this group.
      The other possible scenario is the team trading or releasing Davis if he isn’t willing to take a pay cut or Maxx Williams wows Baalke and company at the Combine, which could result in the team getting rid of Davis in some way thus making the TE position the highest priority in the draft.
      I know that DE and CB are considered priorities as well, but both positions can be addressed in the second round as there will probably be some good prospects there.

      1. MWD-agree if Gurley drops I could see a trade down with say Pit. and snagging Maxx Williams and procuring another second,time to move on from VD and our cap needs help.Sans that Perriman or Waynes in the 15th slot make sense.I’m leaning toward Perriman.

        1. I’d love to get Perriman,Duke Johnson and Phillip Dorsett in the first three rounds-speed kills.Won’t happen but love the thought!

              1. I only ask because I see Perriman as very similar to Moncrief. A lot of the same strengths (uber athlete) and a lot of the same weaknesses (somewhat raw, question marks over hands).

                Overall though I like Perriman more than I liked Moncrief as a prospect. He does a better job of using his body to box out defenders, despite some drops he is a hands catcher rather than letting the ball into his body, he has quicker feet which he uses to get off the LOS, and he does a good job keeping up his speed out of his cuts. I think in year 2 or 3 in the NFL he could really be a top player.

                On Moncrief, he started to come along a bit towards the end of last season, but his best plays were generally simple ones such as taking shallow crosses and just out-running the defense. Given how successful many of the rookie WRs were I think he ended up going where he should have – round 3. Will be interesting to see how he develops over the next couple of years.

            1. Good comparison Scooter,and really think he should be a second round guy but as Grant points out the niners may be forced to show their hand and Perriman is moving up the boards,what do you think of the little guy Dorsett?

              1. Speed is a great element to have, but I don’t believe in drafting players just because they are fast. First and foremost they need to be good players. If Dorsett had just average speed would he be any good?

                He’s an ok route runner, but in reality it is his speed that gets him open. It will be a weapon in the NFL too, but you generally need more than just speed to be a regular impact player in the NFL. However, what makes him different to a lot of other fast guys is he shows more explosiveness out of breaks to create separation. He moves very easily at high speed, and so I think he will continue to be a handful to cover deep in the pros.

                His hands are a question mark, as he can suffer from the dropsies and he doesn’t do a good job of catching contested balls. And not surprising given his size he can struggle against physical defenders. I don’t see him as a guy that will win a lot of battles working short routes, and I don’t think he’s a guy that will catch a ton of balls each year. What he will bring to a team is the ability to take the top off a D. I see him as a big play guy, but not a consistent guy.

                With that in mind, I see him as a complementary player, likely a #3 WR. But he has potential to be a dangerous downfield threat like DeSean Jackson. I wouldn’t draft him before the 3rd round, but like Jackson he could end up being better than his draft position.

              2. Thanks for the response. Out of curiosity Scooter what source are you seeing as questioning Dorsett’s hands. I’ve seen only one -Bleacher Report and then a whole host of others to the converse.You tube gives best of so that’s what you get.

              3. Its mostly a carry-over from his early college career. This past season his drop rate was much improved from all reports, but it bears scrutiny.

    1. PFT Rotoworld is reporting the following on Gore:

      “Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller reports the Colts are “probably the shoo-in” to sign free agent Frank Gore. A draft analyst, Miller is not typically a Rotoworld source, so take this with a grain of salt. Either way, Miller reports coach Chuck Pagano and associate head coach Rob Chudzinski both “want” Gore. Miller also mentions the Redskins and Dolphins as possible landing spots. Gore recently called out the 49ers on social media, and appears headed toward an exit from the only team he’s ever known.”

    2. Well if he is willing to be a back up or at the very least split carries with Hyde at a fair price that’s one thing. Hyde needs to be the main man. Franks time as that is gone. I love frank gore. It’s time to move on.

  18. Is it amazing that when the 49ers are doing great that the media is completely negative about them? Now even when they make bad decisions they are negative? I agree they have made poor decisions as of late, but before the season it was we couldn’t throw the ball, then we were throwing too much and we should go back to the run, then we say the coaches suck, then we say poor harbaugh and coaches. This seems more like the media gets more ratings by being negative all the time. Let’s get over the past and move on. Who cares about harbaugh now? He definitely doesn’t care about us.

  19. Afraid not. Look at all of the media outlets. However, Grant does prey on negativity. I would say the other media outlets have out done Grant.

    1. I do follow the 49er beat writers and three local columnists. The reporters report news and the columnists provide their opinions. Why would I be interested in “all the media” outlets?

      There is hardly enough real news to keep the established 49er beat writers busy.

      1. Htwaits says “Why would I be interested in “all the media” outlets?
        Because maybe a different perspective from the national media will open your eyes crusty!

        1. Or a game of madden. Rememeber you know nothing about football if you don’t olay madden. Right prime?

            1. I’m not the one sayin madden is the key to football knowledge. Never gonna let you live that one down “Genius”

  20. paul ..

    in journalism, there is an old adage which goes
    something like this …

    “Dog bites man, isn’t a story .. but
    man bites dog .. is ..”

    Today .. negative sells ..

    Would you click on a link with this headline ..? .. =>

    “Everything peaches and cream in Ninerville”

  21. Michigan’s Devin Funchess showing off leaping ability.

    Ok, he’s on a basketball court and not football field, but hops like this could be a goldmine in the redzone/endzone.
    I like this kid anywhere between 2-3 round. Could also bulk up to be a Jimmy Graham type with a little more work and polish.

    1. I’d say Amari Cooper is a real option for them. They have a lot of cap space and need more than one WR, so pick a name free agent WR and they will likely go after them. Julius Thomas is a name to keep an eye on for the Raiders too.

    2. That would be awesome for the Raiders however they need to bolster the trenches to really make a leap Grant!

    3. That would change the Raiders dramatically at the skill positions, but I think they need to add another pass rusher before they take a RB. They have a good young RB already.

  22. After Walsh retired following the ’88 season many of the players set out to prove that they weren’t just a product of his coaching, and that they could do it without him.

    I wonder if this group of players will go into 2015 with a similar mindset. To prove to folks that it wasn’t all about Harbaugh.

    1. I think it’s more likely that they will try to prove they are not what they were in 2014. Of course it depends on how many of them are back and how many of them are able to play.

      An aspect of that period that was interesting was that Walsh always expected to be carried off the field by his players. George Seifert hoped to but never was. Not even after the 1995 Superbowl.

    2. I have no doubt most of the players love Tomsula and will play hard for him, although I can’t help but think there will be a few players who wonder just how much of a part Tomsula played in Harbaugh’s departure.. My biggest concerns lie with the coordinators and how they are able to game plan in the toughest division in the league. How does Tomsula run the team and make snap decisions? I don’t have a lot of confidence that this staff matches up well in the chess match of game planning.

  23. I expect SF to pick up Charles Tillman from free agency. Sure he is 34 and coming off his second torn triceps muscle, but he fits Baalke’s wish list. He’s a physical player who is injured. Baalke thinks he’s the ACL Whisperer. Why not try his luck with only a triceps tear? Besides, Tillman will be cheap.

  24. Round 1 Pick 22 (PITT): DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville (A)
    Round 2 Pick 14: Marcus Peters, CB, Washington (B+)
    Round 2 Pick 24 (PITT): Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia (A)
    Round 3 Pick 15: Preston Smith, DE, Mississippi State (B+)
    Round 3 Pick 23 (PITT): Clive Walford, TE, Miami (Fla.) (A)
    Round 4 Pick 27: Breshad Perriman, WR, UCF (B-)
    Round 5 Pick 15: Corey Robinson, OT, South Carolina (B)
    Round 6 Pick 14: Justin Manton, K, Louisiana-Monroe (A)
    Round 7 Pick 29: Kyle Loomis, P, Portland State (A)

    1. Yep as I mentioned above Pitt could be logical trading partners Razor,really saddened about Lattimore and the way it turned out so have trepidations about Gurley but if he came back to form what an addition that would be!No way I see Perriman in the fourth.Really like seeing K’s here.This from one of the automated draft sights?

    2. That is a sick draft Razor. If they came away with anything close to that it would be a homerun, but I don’t agree with that sites rankings and don’t see a lot of those players being available so low.

      1. Yea, it’s a bit too easy the way it’s set up. You can forget trading up because it always costs a ransom….

    1. Pure torture listening to him speak, and he said exactly what we thought he would. I’m focused on the next three events, and we’re moving forward, blah-blah-blah….

        1. Thanks. Starting last month, the NFL and 49ers websites now use a proprietary brand of flash player. The vids don’t work on my XP box. Turned off all ad blockers. Zip. Hoping someone will post vid on youtube.

            1. Rocket – Thanks. There are some encouraging items (I’m grasping for any good news these days)

              “The 49ers plan to employ the same defensive system, at least on the front end…”

              Great. The 49ers have been able to find production out of NTs like Franklin, Sopoaga, Ian Williams, Dorsey without spending major free agent and draft capital. I think (in part) because they often shade the NT over the center’s shoulder in over and under fronts.

              Getting solid players on the cheap means more draft/cap capital can be spent elsewhere.

              “NaVorro Bowman (knee) and Patrick Willis (toe) have made “great progress”…”

              – “Baalke said not to read much into (Vernon) Davis’ career-low numbers from 2014.”

    1. Ucenter no one has much to say this time of year, its all about misdirection when it comes to FA signings and the draft.

      1. Old Coach

        Yes this is when I expect nothing. I just got done listening to it. I appreciate Baalke staying away from the Harbaugh thing. To quote Razor it was blah, blah, blah and for me blah is good.

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