Ranking the 49ers’ offensive skill players against the rest of the NFL

We know Colin Kaepernick is a rising star at quarterback, and we know the 49ers have one of the best offensive lines in football.

Let’s take stock of the 49ers’ offensive skill players – wide receivers, tight ends and running backs – now that they’ve lost Delanie Walker and Randy Moss, and Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham are injured.

I count 18 teams having better offensive skill players than the 49ers this season.

Those teams are the Falcons, the Texans, the Cowboys, the Seahawks, the Ravens, the Packers, the Bengals, the Broncos, the Saints, the Lions, the Giants, the Buccaneers, the Eagles, the Chargers, the Chiefs, the Vikings, the Dolphins and the Colts.

I rank the 49ers’ offensive skill players (Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Anquan Boldin, etc.) in the same tier as the Bears’ offensive skill players (Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, Martellus Bennett, Matt Forte, etc.), the Browns’ offensive skill players (Trent Richardson, Josh Gordon, Greg Little, etc.), the Redskins’ offensive skill players (Alfred Morris, Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan, etc.), the Panthers’ offensive skill players (Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams, Brandon LaFell, Greg Olsen, etc.), and the Rams’ offensive skill players (Tavon Austin, Chris Givens, Jared Cook, Daryl Richardson, etc.).

How do you rank the 49ers’ offensive skill players?

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