The real reason the Seahawks didn’t sign Colin Kaepernick

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, left, hugs Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson after an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Last week, I presented two theories explaining why the Seahawks decided not to sign Colin Kaepernick:

  1. Kaepernick asked for too much money.
  2. Seahawks ownership vetoed the deal.

After talking to a well-placed source, I believe both theories are wrong.

Here’s the real reason the Seahawks didn’t want Kaepernick: He would further divide a team that already is divided. As ESPN’s Seth Wickersham illustrated in his May 25th feature, the Seahawks have a pro-Russell-Wilson faction of the team and an anti-Wilson faction.

The anti-Wilson faction mostly consists of players on the defense, such as Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett, and feels head coach Pete Carroll coddles Wilson. Holds him to an easier set of guidelines and allowances than the rest of the team.

These players think Wilson is overrated. Or, as Sherman once screamed on the practice field, Wilson “f—cking sucks.” They also “think Wilson isn’t black enough.”

This anti-Wilson faction happens to be pro-Kaepernick. Partly for how he plays, but mostly for what he does off the field. They’re politically aligned. Bennett defended Kaepernick’s protest and publicly lobbied for the Seahawks to sign him, while Sherman said Kaepernick “would be a starter on probably 20 of the teams in this league.”

Signing Kaepernick would throw kerosene on the fire that already exists inside the Seahawks locker room, and Carroll can’t give the anti-Wilson faction more fuel.

I believe the coaching staff nixed the deal.

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  1. He asked for “two” much money? Seriously, if your career involves writing, you might want to invest some time in education.

    1. Robert, where did he misuse “two”? Because I’m not seeing it. “Too” much money is correct.

  2. There I was enjoying a morning cup of tea on our backyard deck before getting ready to leave for work. The birds were singing happily, and the flowers sparkling in the late spring sunshine. Then I noticed a creeping dark cloud in the horizon, and I recognized it as Grant getting ready to drop another blog on Kap on us :(

    On other news, Maiocco had a nice podcast on his latest chat with Carmen Policy.
    The Dubs truly are the gold standard now. I recall that Joe Lacob, when he was putting together the management team after buying the franchise from Cohan, reached out Pete Carroll about the latter’s philosophy of team building and player management.

      1. What did you think of the Leftovers finale? I didn’t hate it but it left me underwhelmed.

        1. Was what I was hoping for. The series as a whole was sublime. Arguably 3 of the best seasons of tv ever produced. If it wasn’t for the its brevity in episodes it would easily be my top tv drama of all time.

              1. When the show first started up Lindelof said that he was never going to explain where they went.

          1. How do you get the time to visit this site will all of those animal themed floating orgies that go on down there?

              1. I’m assuming you either watch the show or the local news did a story about that segment. Otherwise that was a really random comment.

            1. Seems like those that are disappointed by the finale were probably luke warm to the penultimate episode as well. The third to last episode I’ve heard from a couple people now should have been the finale. Although I understand that reaction I don’t agree with it. Emotionally the last two episodes didn’t have quite the same punch as the third to last but in terms of moving the story to where it needed to be for an ending I was fully satisfied.

        1. Although he’s certainly had better material to work with you never get a bad performance from Frank Langella and those effects aren’t very special.

          1. My thoughts too. I thought the first commentator hit the nail on the head. I don’t think anyone could have delivered a better performance given the material he had to work with.

            You see where Al Pacino (my favorite of all time) is slated to play Joe Paterno?

            1. Can’t imagine that’s going to be a very popular story but at least they got a top notch person for the job.

              1. Yea, similar to the role he played in Cruising. Not one of his most popular movies, but certainly the most controversial of its time. I’m excited to see him in it though….

  3. Boycott this and further posts about CK by not commenting. Do not encourage this behavior.

  4. Here’s what I don’t get. Tell me what coach announces in advance that they would like to bring in a player for an assessment during free agency? That would risk someone else swooping in to take the very player you are targeting before you get him. Who announces these things in advance? In the history of the NFL, has this ever happened? I’ve never seen it.

    That means there was a different motivation here. It was one of the following:

    1) The league pushed the Seahawks to do it to get all the fanatics and conspirators off their back

    2) They knew they wouldn’t grab him now, but they might need him in the future if Wilson is injured, and they wanted to use this as a testing ground while there is nothing at risk to see how the fans react – and therefore determine in advance whether Kap is a viable option or not from a PR and business perspective if Wilson is in fact injured

    3) Kap’s agent asked Carroll to do this to help drum up the market, and Carroll felt the goodwill he could generate with Kap’s agent by doing so would have payback in other negotiations with Kap’s agent with other players on the Seahawks that he represents

    4) The defense is at odds with Carroll, and the defense is also pro-Kap and anti-Russell to some extent, and Carroll thought that just the act of bringing Kap in would endear himself to his defensive stars in some way.

    I will add that all of these are terrible reasons to bring Kap in.

    1. Maclin is being reported to visit Buffalo and after he will visit Phili and Baltimore….its common place.

  5. The real reason they did not sign Kaep is the fact that they do not have any cap space. They also realize that Kaep is talented enough to be a starter in the league, and is patiently waiting for that opportunity, which will come due to attrition or poor QB performance.
    It has nothing to do with the relative skillsets of Davis and Kaep, and RW said he did not mind if Kaep joined the team. Maybe there would be controversy, but they want to win too badly to worry about perceptions.
    If Russell Wilson said he has no issues, why would anyone else have them?

    1. Because Wilson is overrated in comparison to his salary. Which would create drama between the good part of the Seahawks and the Kap supporters which is the defensive side and the bad part of the Seahawks the offense.

    2. Well if he had a SB QB type skill set, then he would have been signed.
      Instead, 5 years in he is still a project with a limited skill set.

      Seb you are not verbose. You are obstinate! JO!

    3. No…Seattle chose not to offer him a deal, Colin wouldn’t have met with them if he believed he had a starting opportunity this year. You do not meet with a team with a QB younger than you, more accomplished than you, who will be the qb of this team for another decade, if you think you have a chance to start anywhere else.

  6. Incorrect Bennett is a Wilson supporter. At his house for barbecue recently and has sent several tweets in support of Wilson. Would love to see where you checked your facts at

  7. Russell Wilson is not black enough? Kaep is half white.
    Sure am glad RS stated that Kaep could start on 20 teams in the league. I totally agree.

  8. Stop procrastinating. We all know Kap sucks as a QB. If Russell went down, the division knows how to stop Kap. Pressure him and keep him in the pocket. He will f–k up. Inaccurate. Can’t read defenses.

    1. Ya the only difference is Kap would have a top 3 defense to rely on so he wouldn’t have to play all that well. He can drop back, do his on read and then run if it’s not open.

  9. Boom I believe I said this in the comments section of the previous article you wrote on this topic.

    Fact of the matter is that Wilson is overrated. He is definitely good, but when you have one of the top 3 defenses in the league every year, it makes it so you don’t have take risks and try and make plays to CARRY your team.

    Then you look at some of his playoff performances:

    2 INT’s vs Falcons 2017
    2 INT’s (one pick 6) against CAR 2016
    4 INT’s against GB 2015
    INT to lose Super Bowl 2014
    Fumble on first play of NFCCG in 2013 against us

    Then go look at his fumble stats over his career. He puts the ball on the ground a lot. He got so lucky in 2014 where he fumbled 11 times!!! And miraculously didn’t lose any!!

    1. Wilson may be overrated…he’s still light years better than Colin now or ever will be.

      1. He is not light years better than Kaepernick. He does what’s asked from him in that offensive scheme. He also has benefited from having the same offensive coordinator his whole career.

        1. Oh but he is.

          Russell Wislon completes 65% of his passes, CK completes 60%. RW has thrown for 127 Tds to 45 Ints. CK has thrown for 72 Tds to 30 Ints. RW has 55 more TD passes and only 15 more Ints in only 11 more games played. RW has thrown for 18k yards vs CK 12k.

          And I’m sure you will defend with CK’s running, when in actuality RW has 2700 yards rushing with 13 TDs to CKs 2300 yards and 13TDs. And its not like RW runs more often, he’s at 5.6 ypc vs CKs 6.1 ypc, so its pretty much even.

          Fact is RW is vastly superior of a QB. There is a reason the guy is the franchise guy for Sea and CK is without a team…even though both have been starters for the same amount of years…except when CK was on the bench half of 2015 and 1/4 of 2016…but I guess that shouldn’t be held against CK as being a bad qb right?

  10. The real reason they did not sign Kaep is he is not a good enough qb. He is a one trick pony the rest of the league has figured out.

    I do enjoy reading that the SeaHawks are a divided team. I hope that that is true.

            1. I think I just figured it out. He was a military strategist, not some name for a pill.

  11. The reason no other team will sign him now distills down to this:

    Kaepernick is a “look-at-me” kind of guy. He didn’t choose to add to the dialogue, or even advance the dialogue about the rash of police incidents that were occurring. He chose a “look at me” body language move he hoped would get him tons of TV and media time and would lead to his becoming an ICON of the BLM movement. In short, this guy wanted to become the Muhammad Ali of his time.

    Does he care about victims of police brutality? Sure. But anyone who has followed Kaepernick from his Miami Dolphins hat to the biceps kissing, to the tattoos all over his body, to the giant afro knows, this is the second-to-Trump narcissist of our time.

    Anyone who would dedicate time and energy to his defense is probably a “look at me” kind of guy as well, vicariously enjoying the limelight. Even as it dims into darkness.

    1. Alan M, I don’t know if you know this, but this is supposed to be a politics free blog. Please keep your opinion of Trump to yourself.

      1. You just revealed more about who you support than I did in the post you replied to. I’m actually a Republican in most elections.

        1. Oh, really, I revealed something to you? Wrong.
          One reason I come to this blog is that it’s all about sports, and I hope it will stay that way. When people have brought up politics, it’s been a real bore.
          That’s why I responded as I did, to keep it clean. I don’t care who you vote for in most elections. Please keep it to yourself, that’s all.

          1. I think you need to put on your big boy pants and grin and bear the occasional non-sport reference you’re bound to come across here buddy.

            1. Well, I’m starting to learn more about you, Alan. Your retort is to try to minimize me. This is typical of someone who can’t reflect upon his ways and has to believe, or make others believe, that the other person is inadequate in some way. I wonder what your next retort will be.

              1. I read back through your posts to try to see if you had made a good point. Nope.

                Sorry if my disagreement with you upsets you. I suppose anyone who disagrees with you is lacking in the capacity for self-reflection. It must be nice to be that confident in your views that no one dare see things differently. Then again, you’re a Trump defender, so I should expect that.

                I’ll continue making the occasional non-sport reference, analogy, etc. in my comments as I see fit, and as others do (which I enjoy reading). Feel free to make note of who doesn’t abide by your wishes and read only the posters who do from now on George :-)

          2. George, there are times when politics and sports intersect. That’s simply reality. Sports are often a reflective microcosm of society at large. I’m not advocating for this blog to devolve into a political forum, but the fact is, there are times when it is impossible to separate the two.

            Case in point: SPORTS ILLUSTRATED just did a fantastic piece on 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh, and the unfortunate consequences that this country’s post-9/11 mindset has brought upon his fellow Arab-Americans and his Muslim faith.

            As for Kaepernick, again, it’s impossible to separate the politics of his protest from his unemployment status. One would have to be naive to think there isn’t at least some relationship between the two. Personally, I believe Colin is a backup NFL QB. And I don’t think Colin would be having such a hard time finding a job if he were, in fact, a better NFL QB than he is. Yes he’s always come across as a little self centered, and he certainly has an inflated sense of his ability to play QB. But it’s a complicated situation, and one that he brought upon himself. However, there is a strong demand for backup QB’s with starting experience in the NFL. So there’s more to the story than his inability to read defenses and consistently work through his progressions.

            1. And it’s also the case that Donald Trump has taken it UPON HIMSELF to insert himself into the Kaepernick discussion thanks to his incessant and irresponsible habit of tweeting about things that the self-absorbed bragger-in-chief isn’t intellectually deep enough to understand, like racial inequality, and the blue wall of silence that perpetuates police brutality.

            2. 49r, there is no doubt that sometimes they intersect and also that sometimes he inserts himself into the discussion. I wish he didn’t.

              Also, I agree with your take on Kaepernick. There’s more to it than just his back-up caliber ability.

          3. George I seem to remember discourses on culinary arts, viewing habits, musical tastes and arm length at one point so to be fair we aren’t strictly sports ?

            By the way, I am kidding. We come for the sports and should focus on it.

  12. Grant:


    Please and thank you.

    1. Was this a Kaepernick article? I thought it was about the Seahawk’s decision on a back up QB.

      1. Grant:



  13. Unspeakably boring topic. No one cares in the least, apart from the resident clown. Are you so bereft of interesting football ideas that you have to keep dragging out this pitifully abused carcass? Please put your thinking cap on and make an effort to say something worthwhile.

    1. I thought his last good article was leading up to a great interview with his draft crush, Joe Williams. Instead, we get sour milk from a dried up teat….

    1. Jeremy, Jeremy, oh Jeremy Mac, when are you coming back?

      Never entertained the idea that the 49ers would show interest.

    1. Without reading the article… I think they keep:

      EDGE Armstead, Dumervil
      NT MItchell,
      LDT Buckner, C. Jones
      LDE Thomas, Carradine

      Who is the 8th… That’s serious bubble. Normally I’d say it’s obviously going to be someone with a DT profile, but both Armstead and Thomas can rotate in at times. So it’s not as obvious as I’d like it to be.

      I’m going to take a flyer on the rookie DJ Jones. He’s built like a NT, DT has good athleticism but really needs to work on strength and stamina.

      I’d also put Blair down as a dark-horse to beat-out Carradine.

      1. The 8th is the back-up NT – DJ Jones. If it wasn’t clear in my first post.

        1. Solid List MosesZD, as per your usual postings.
          My opinion:
          Blair & Carradine will battle it out to be #8 & history proves Carradine is a Camp Preseason Warrior who falls off the radar the opening kickoff of the regular season.

      2. That’s a reasonable list Moses. I’m on the fence with Tank. All the others look to be locked in, including DJ.Jones. He and Mitchell are the only 2 true NT’s on this roster, and DJ has all of the physical traits you look for in a good NT, except for his lack of conditioning, which is already improving.

        Unless Armstead is traded, which seems highly unlikely, come final cuts it’s the end of the road for Dial & Harold, IMO. Carradine vs Blair will be a battle to watch.

        1. By the way, you forgot to mention A. Lynch? Is he a wildcard? If so, who’s losing out on a roster spot if Lynch get’s his act together? I think it’s a tough call.

      3. Dumervil might be what’s on the Dockett, meaning he’s not a lock. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

        LDE King Solomon/Blair Blitz Project
        NT Mitchell/D.J. Jones
        DT Uncle Buck/Armstead
        RDE Lynch/Dumervil

  14. I simply can not imagine Sherman wasting his time discussing politics or current events with Kaep let alone football. You think Sherman gave Wilson the business, Sherman would flip his lid trying to make sense of Kaep’s inability to form a cogent thought. I always got the sense Sherman feels a bit sorry for Kaep.

  15. I am of mixed race, so completely understand Grant’s point that a “Wilson’s to lightly colored” faction inside the Seahawk clubhouse.

    Then there’s the faction on this site run by Seb and his 5 other account names who toss the racist label at anyone suggesting Kaep’s regression in the fundamentals.

    Seb’s crowd always reaches for the lowest common denominator, stemming from their own low self esteem.
    Why wouldn’t the low self esteemers lash out. It’s all they’ve got, since they don’t really understand racism, having never faced it themselves.

    1. I’ve been inside locker rooms, having worked in the football industry, both as a player and clubhouse assistant, so am privy to the subtle nuances that most folks like Seb could never notice, so walk on by.

      I normally sit down and have a chat with those who would feel alienated–left out–to form a more cohesive locker room.
      Team spirit is what I’ve always been about on this site–not just one player, like Seb.
      The one player attitude is the quickest way to lose the team, and Grant just proved it above with his inside info. on Carroll’s favoritism toward Wilson, eroding the team into two sides.

      Instead of the locker room united and pulling one direction, now Carroll has a locker room divided and pulling in two directions.
      A famous president once stated: “A house divided will not stand.”….A. Lincoln

      That is true. And this division would become as wide as the San Andreas fault line if Kaep were thrown into this Seahawk turbulence.

    2. TomD……….

      I have to plead ignorance to all this racial BS. i faced it when I was working in E. Oakland from SOME in the community-but not from any of the people I worked with. They were all extremely kind to me, became good friends with many, if not all.
      People get all worked up about race i.e. the color of someone’s flesh. But it is the color of one’s heart that will determine how they behave-not their flesh. The flesh of every one of us is going to become fertilizer-made up of the same chemical composition. Pretty good fertilizer, I’m told! The stuff plants are made of……….
      I think some people need this “surface” issue to beat like a drum, so they can have their 15 minutes…………but do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and this sewage goes away. People respond to it.
      I responded to your post because I think you have the perspective to honestly correct me, if needed. And if I am right, Sebs is going to have a real pisser!!!!!!

      1. Thanks , Sawbrodie + 100

        The team is everything. I look at it as a microcosm of society. Those who help can make a difference.

  16. This article, or blog, is laughable. Enough with a guy who no longer plays on our team. He is more of a distraction while unemployed than he was when he had a locker inside Levi’s Stadium.

    Put this mess to rest.

  17. Why the 49ers Will Be A Dynasty Again Soon
    June 3, 2017 at 10:12 AM • 36 comments
    James LeBreton

    Jed York has finally realized that in order to build a proper structure you must level what remains and start fresh. That’s what the hirings of John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan represent. They have created a cohesive environment that takes the vote of both parties to move forward on team matters.

    They have stripped the team of players who are not the proper fit…The team was gutted for the greater good, but here’s the reality: if you want to change a 2-14 team, you have to change every aspect of it.

    Defense wins championships, and after three straight years of drafting players to shore up the defensive front, the 49ers look as though they are ready to compete. Not because the third time’s a charm, but because the defense finally has a clear direction under new coordinator Robert Saleh.

    The franchise boasts one of the youngest rosters of all 32 professional teams, most notably across the defensive front.

  18. Robert Saleh Motivating 49ers Defense by Charting ‘Loafs’

    Keeping players engaged can be difficult when meaningful snaps on Sundays are still more than three months away.

    That’s the challenge facing first-year defensive coordinator Robert Saleh

    Saleh will call out “loafs” in front of the entire team while going through practice film.

    Did you not run to the ball on a play? That’s a loaf. Did you get knocked off your feet? That’s a loaf. Were you unable to shed a block? That’s a loaf. No player is immune to mistakes, but there’s a universal understanding that you don’t want to be atop the “loaf chart”.

  19. 49ers should pursue Eric Decker:

    On Tuesday, the Jets released wide receiver Eric Decker.

    The lone year Decker finished with less than a 34.2 percent touchdown rate, was the year that he was relied on as the No. 1 option in the offense. While he did have Smith throwing him the ball that year, Decker has proven he can make it work with any quarterback he plays with.

    Looking back, Decker was an unknown in 2011 with Tebow, and was therefore not the primary focus of the opponents’ gameplan. After all, gameplanning against Tebow throwing the ball wouldn’t have been the brightest idea.

  20. * There have been just five players in the past five years who have totaled 10 touchdowns or more in three separate years. Decker is one of those players along with A.J. Green, Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant, and Brandon Marshall. That is not a bad group to be associated with.

    1. * On top of all this, Decker played out of the slot 68.1 percent of the time in 2015, so he is the Jets primary slot wide receiver. If you paid attention to the WR/CB matchup articles last year, you would know that some of the best cornerbacks in the league don’t go into the slot to defend stud wide receivers.

  21. Eli Harold thinks the 49ers defense could end up with one of the best front sevens in the NFL

    San Francisco 49ers linebacker Eli Harold is ready for his third year in the NFL to be his break out season.

    2017 brings a new regime to Santa Clara as well as a new defense and Harold is excited to be a part of it. He feels that the one gap scheme allows the team to play fast …

    The new scheme has Harold flip flopping on both sides of the field now.

    Most of all, Harold believes the defense is having fun. You can see it during practice when the defense makes a play; a tipped ball, an interception or a forced fumble. There’s enthusiastic jumping and yelling from the sidelines. Harold says it’s the same in the film rooms where defensive coordinator Robert Saleh shows film of highlights as well as “loafs.”

  22. My belief corresponds with Grant on this one. If you follow the time line it gives some clues and red flags. Kaep was initially set to go in for a workout but that never happened. Instead he just went in for an interview. This either implies that they had already made up their minds about him ability wise or they they began to have second thoughts. The timing corresponded with stories coming out in the media about the division in the Seattle locker room about Wilson. Now Kaep has himself stated that salary did not play a part in the decision and that would make sense. Considering the events and time frame involved it appears that something came into play during the process that made them reconsider signing Kaep. If it was not the work out which never happened or the money it had to be something else. It makes the most sense that it was the third alternative which was the Seattle locker room situation.

    Now Grant has never been a supporter of Kaep and if he believes this report than that seems to add to it’s credibility. That was also my take for a couple of days now and I trust my judgement on matters like this since I have always been good at reading between the lines.

    Oh for those of you who don’t seem to know- Being black enough has nothing to do with the hue of someones skin.

    1. Willtalk,

      Excellent analysis.

      I believe you hit the nail squarely on the head.

      If salary wasn’t an issue, which you already quoted Kaep on, then it was something else….Hmmm.

      Grant has NFL connections/sources. It sounds like a locker room rift’s occurred and a Kaep addition would be like adding a Tsunami ontop of an earthquake.

      1. If he had the capability to be a starter, someone would have signed him.
        You can play Nancy Drew all you want, he’s not that good, never was.

  23. Grant,
    Why not do a report on the Warriors or a hit job on the slumping SFGiants?
    I would welcome anything other than continued stories about Kaepernick.
    Your 2016 season topics on the 49ers involved a high amount of coverage on CK – now that he’s gone you still are covering him.
    I think it’s become abundantly clear that most here don’t need another piece on

  24. I wonder if the locker room issue is the reason the Seahawks shopped Sherman.

  25. I think the Seahawk locker discord rumor is way overblown, and they are all mature enough to put aside differences, and work towards a common goal. Russell Wilson is a SB QB, and was one pass from repeating, so there should be no question that he is the team leader. Since they returned to the playoffs last year, the Seahawks are only a healthy Earl Thomas away from seriously competing for another ring.
    Unlike the past Niners, when the GM and HC were worlds apart. The fact that Lynch and KS have a good relationship and seem to communicate well, makes me optimistic, because I am sick and tired of players and coaches rowing in different directions.
    Lynch is the lynchpin, and he has worked very hard, with impressive results. He showed real leadership by apologizing to Kaep about more leaks. Hmmm, maybe he wants to keep the door open to his returning….

    1. HaHaHaHa!!!!!!!!!

      Want more than your 15 minutes, eh, Sebby?
      Cant thank you enough for being on this blog. If you weren’t, we would have had to invent you!

      1. Saw, I am original, and unique. I also am not impressed by the peanut gallery, you included.

        1. HaHa!!!!!!!!

          OK, Doctor Smith from the Jupiter 2!! What was that guys name, Jonathan Harris? I must have some kind of sickness, because your insults just bust me up!!

  26. Just a thought… What if Paul Allen knew they were about to sign Austin Davis, and figured the Seahawks could humiliate Kaepernick by appearing to choose Davis over him after considering both?

    Maybe Seattle’s owner is a patriot who has lost friends or family members in the military. Maybe he enjoyed being the owner who made Kaep realize he really did commit career suicide by disrespecting the flag and police.

    Those pig socks may also turn out to be the most expensive socks ever purchased! And they don’t even match his Dolphins cap!

  27. Friend of a friend knows Lynch. Gonna bring bk Kaep on min salary rt before training camp when it becomes clear hes not gonna receive any other offers. Hoyer by no means locked in at starter. Gonna be doubters no doubt, take it for what it’s worth.

    1. Hmmm, does that mean he apologized to keep the door open? Just what I thought.
      Lynch better think things through. If they go with the present QBs, they may have a losing season. If he lets him go to another team and he takes the league by storm while the Niners struggle, posters will be wondering if they are intentionally tanking for a shot at a College QB.
      Hope they give him a -Prove it- contract, with a promise to renegotiate if they are winning.

    2. Friend of a friend knows Lynch

      LOL. Your friend of a friend of a friend obviously doesn’t know Lynch well.

      1. What did he prove in the last 3 years? That he doesn’t like to work on his fundamentals? The NFL sees that in his play, he doesn’t have to admit it……..

        Walsh would have sent him packing, Sebs…………….

  28. As I see it one of the issues with Kaep is his apparent lack of credibility which has grown over the years and I am not discussing his new off field social practices. Because Kaep projects an air of mysterious aloofness it is difficult to read his true intent. As we know business embraces certainty. Unfortunately Kaep has boxed himself in with regard to steadiness. Kaep may play this year, but he may have to settle on playing the game out of love for the sport not money (Vet minimum). Will Kaep consider this an option time is not his friend.

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