Rebuilding the 49ers — Part 4: The draft

Yesterday, I gave you Part 3 of my four-part series on rebuilding the 49ers from the perspective of Eliot Wolf, one of the leading GM candidates. This is Part 4.


After the 49ers sign quarterback Jay Cutler and defensive end DeMarcus Ware, as I explained in Parts 2 and 3, Wolf must decide whom to draft.

The 49ers own pick No. 2. Most draft prognosticators predict the Niners will take the No. 1 quarterback — Mitch Trubisky from North Carolina. But Wolf wouldn’t make that mistake.

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    1. Grant,

      I agree we should take a WR at 6. That WR is John Ross. Ross can track the ball and he can get seperation better than Williams. He has great balance and good vision. He is quick off the line and has good hands. He is Pac 12 tested and is clutch.

      Ross is a dual threat. In the return game he will shine.

      Here are the numbers.
      2016 – 81 rec 1150 yds, 17 TDs.

      Here is the best number. He allegedly runs a 4.25 forty, We will see at the combine. His game speed is undeniable, it is on display in the link below.

      1. Bro we need a playmaker not a speedster. Mike Williams is that and is someone that can line up inside a take a hit and not drop the ball.

        1. Ross is a playmaker and a speedster. 17 Rec TDs is making plays. He has the ability to make plays in the return game as well.

          He is a far better route runner than Williams. He can work outside or in the slot. He excels at quick, short, slants and is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. That is a playmaker.

          Bill Walsh valued agility in a WR and Ross has agility for days. Ross has good hands but he doesn’t have to fight for the ball because he can actually get seperation, something Williams struggles with. If you want a playmaker you take Ross.

      2. Ross and Williams are different types of receivers. Williams is a big bodied, position type WR. Reminds me of Anquan Bolden. He lacks the explosiveness of Ross. Ross reminds me of DeSean Jackson and can take it to the house anytime he touches the ball. He can also contribute in the return game. I prefer Ross over Williams.

  1. Whether I agree or not with your choices, it was a great read. (We agree on the Cutler deal.) I wonder if NY is going to market Beckham as the NY media may be too much for him. If so, I believe a second rounder and a swapping of 1sts, whether it is 2 or 6, would get the deal done.
    That would cement the Jay Cutler signing in my opinion.

      1. No way I want cutler .would rather keep Kap another year and groom a rook. I like the m Williams pick but not with second . After watching atl game. I’m sold on ks as coach. Sold on the G guy @ GB as GM he seems to be more involved with scouting players than wolf although I’d take either one

      2. Sounds like a good pick if you ask me, Ross that is as WR, the writing about
        bringing in Cutler, is as stupid as you can get. If that
        s what Wolf would do, then he isn’t the right person for the job.So if a GM
        comes in, I’m sure they will either keep Kap, (ouch) or draft one, or go after Brady’s back up. Why would anybody bring in a QB that has never been good,
        Cutler is a waste of space, and I’m sure they are not going to start with a QB
        like Cutler, I’m sorry but I would rather have Kap over Cutler.

  2. I might not agree with some, or most of the moves you made I still enjoyed this 4 part series.

    Webb over Mahomes? If you’re going to take a player from a goofy system at least take the good one.

    1. Thanks. I think Mahomes will get picked in the top 60, and I don’t think Wolf would reach that high for him.

          1. ” At least Webb is a senior.”
            Yea but he’s not a 4 year starter. Only played in 13 games between his sophomore and junior year combined.

          2. We shouldn’t have to settle. If none of these QB’s in this draft class fit the new coaches system, then you don’t take a QB in the draft. You should only draft for value and scheme fit. And the shouldn’t be the one pulling the trigger on offense picks. It should be shannahan

  3. Well, I wasn’t a fan of your FA options, but this would be a pretty good draft. I still think they draft a QB higher than this, and if waiting this long to draft a QB I think Chad Kelly fits the mold you outlined better than Webb. Of course, aside from being a junior, Watson fits the mold perfectly. ;-)

    I am definitely starting to lean towards Mike Williams with the 49ers first pick. Took me awhile to come round on him, but he’s got excellent body control and hands to go with size and speed. So despite being a limited route runner I think he’s a good pick.

    1. I wouldn’t worry about Grants observation in Wolf’s qb criteria, considering Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t have been drafted by Green Bay if they followed Bill Parcels rules for drafting a qb.

  4. Grant, I’d take 2 for 6+70+2018 first in a heartbeat. 6+34+66+70 is a very nice start.

    Lots of great options at 6. Trubisky is taken at 2 means Allen, Barnett will be bumped down a notch. A second trade back to around 10 could still fetch Thomas, Foster (possibly even Williams)

    What would you think of Pat Mahomes at 66?

    How hungry are the Jets for Trubisky? They could try to trade with the Browns, dropping Garrett to us.

    1. Corey Davis is just as good and you could get him in the top 15. Good mini series by Grant, although I disagree with some of his moves and acquisitions….

      1. I like Corey Davis, consistent performer, but he doesn’t have the same capacity for amazing plays Williams has.

          1. Agreed. But Williams ability to highpoint the ball, body control combined with his size advantage makes him a nightmare to stop downfield 1 on 1. He commands safety help over the top. I tend to overthink things on big WRs. Not going to do that with Williams. He’s legit.

  5. I don’t think Wolf is going to be the GM or he would have been hired. I think it will either be Gutekunst (Packer, but older than Wolf), one of the Seattle guys, McDonough or Gamble. My hit is that it’s going to be McDonough/Shanahan.

  6. I lover the Jamaal Williams pick. He is such a great runner. He is under the radar a bit but I’ve seen him being taken in round 2 to round 3.

    Mike Williams is a great pick too. You can’t help watch the Falcons right now and see what Shannahan is doing to the Seahawks with a great WR. I also love Foster but it seems like a once in a generations WR is only found in the early round, a LB can be found later.

  7. I’m going to keep ignoring Cutler. Also the Parcels Philosophy would of had us drafting Connor Cook last year.
    I agree with Wolf & hopefully Shanahan because he has broader team experience than McDaniels other than being an actual HC. after we get Wolf & Shanny I’ll worry about players, ECT, but I don’t believe it will involve Cutler.

      1. Understand but I’m more of a Walsh philosophy guy and am kind of tired of the Niners looking to the Ravens & Parcells.

    1. If we had a GM that wasn’t afraid to draft QB higher then the 6th round that might be true. He drafted one turd in the 2nd round and decided he was done selecting at the position.

    1. There has been talk of 49ers fans wanting Shanahan based on name recognition. This ignores the fact that he has helped Matt Ryan have his best season yet.

      1. The name is just the icing on the cake because of it’s roots to the 49ers. I was very upset Shanny Sr was allowed to leave….

    2. Doing that against the Seahawks would seem to skyrocket his value as the new HC. Niners never put any fear into the Seahawks since they’ve been good, even with Harbaugh. I was for McD before but I’m tired of the Niners getting pounded by the SHs and am now onboard – hire Shanny Jr!

  8. I’d take Williams at #2 overall and then trade back in to get Kiser or Trubisky at #12 with CLE or #14 with Philly.

  9. Grant – This 4-part series is quite an impressive composition. Well constructed with excellent analysis and some very viable options and posits presented.

      1. Well, I am glad you are thinking about trading back, but of course, disagree with your selections. Defense needs fixing before having the luxury to pick a WR. While I agree that having an upgrade in the WR department is very important, finding the defender who will stop the run and pressure the passer is crucial.

        The Niners should spend cap money on a FA WR, who is battle tested and hardened. Last WR picked in the first round turned out to be AJ Jenkins.

        I like the idea that the Jets would be a good partner for a draft swap. but would be happy with their second, and next year’s second, for moving back to 6.

        I think another attractive trade back target is Cleveland. They would then have the first and sixth overall pick, and could take Garrett on defense and Williams on offense. Niners would receive the 12th overall pick along with a second round pick, and maybe even a 2018 second round pick to even out the draft value. Its a win-win for both teams because Cleveland will get quality, while the Niners will get quantity.

        If they trade Staley to a playoff team for a second round pick, they could have the 12th overall pick and 4 second round picks, along with 2 second round picks in 2018.

        With that many high picks, the Niners could build a solid foundation. There is good value deep into the second round.

        Theoretically, they could get 4 or 5 starters if they parlay the second pick into multiple picks.

        Still am skeptical about all your picks, but everything will change after the Combine, and even after Free Agency.
        Your picks are well thought out, but there are more than one way to skin a cat. You like your QB, I like Cooper Rush

  10. Since there’s little to no chance of the Texans winning tomorrow it looks like we wont be hiring a coach for at least another week.

  11. Not a bad mock Grant. Personally, I would pass on Williams because he seems more like a #2 WR masquerading as a one. While the team need a top end WR, I think they will need to take BPA because ILB Foster may be off the board at that point. Taking Cook will give the team a threat on the ground and in the passing game.
    In the second round, I would take Westbrook or Dupre at WR, then SS Peppers to compete with Tartt. I would then get OLB/DE Willis, followed by CB Awuzie.

      1. I have seen some reports saying teams are not as high on him as the fans are. If he does indeed fall out of the first round, then the 49ers should jump on the versatile player.

          1. Yep, I have seen him top 5, then being injured, the bowl game and not playing, he dropped to 15, then yesterday I saw him around 35.

            Maybe a lot of juniors who just declared are pushing him out of the first round.

  12. Impressive outing by Shanahan’s offense today… Any offense that can run through and over Seattle’s D is sure to get Jed’s attention.

    1. Both Micky D and Shanny Jr have demonstrated their ability to move the ball on the Seahawks defense. That was my first prerequisite when I began my search….

      1. To be fair that defense is not the same without earl thomas. I would argue he was the most important player to their defense.

        1. Shoup, I think we will start to see some fall off in Seattle each season. These players are aging and they have played deep into the play offs for 4-5 years now. Both Chancellor and Thomas have been injured a lot. I think even with Thomas in the line up they lose this one again.

          1. Wilson,
            That observation makes sense. If your team is built around anything other than a qb, I can see those excess games really taking their toll.

    2. Except one thing-jed won’t understand what he’s seeing when he’s seeing it. That’s not intended to be sarcasm.

  13. I would be very happy putting a 49ers emblem on the Falcons helmet w their style of play- tough D, aggressive offense………… I may lean to Shanny Jr from McDaniels w his experience there. Either one is good, but after today I think he did well to possibly put a foot up on McDaniels.

  14. Grant- I agree w your approach….. I would probably prefer to wait on RB and slide in another LB early… not sure why you are so down on Brock- any stats to back up your position? Let’s not forget Redmond is coming back as well, so maybe taking a corner that high is unnecessary as well- perhaps a Center instead.

      1. grant, I would like to give you some credit….ive been lurking for years, watching from a distance. I used to comment much more often but more or less stopped due to philosophical differences in reporting style as well as football issues.

        However I can honestly say that you’ve made tremendous strides on both fronts over the last 6 years….IMHO. Keep up the good work and continue to work on your craft!

        lots of good reads lately. This is no longer a “tabloid” style website. Good reporting and good opinions.

        I see your point with Cutler being the best option as bridge…….but honestly… rather let Gabbert start. Build the roster up at other positions and wait another year or 2 for that franchise Qb.

        You see……Cutler is ACTUALLY a decent enough qb to take us from 2 wins to 5-6!! The problem then becomes…….picking 10-12 in the draft instead of 1-3.
        The once in a generation, franchise qb we covet must be a qb taken #1 overall (as you pointed out…the difference between #1 overall draft pick qb’s as opposed to just being the top qb is tremendous )

        Gabbert is a decent enough locker room guy and e keeps us picking at the very top of the draft.

  15. You’ve made some wise decisions here Grant. However, I am certain just how high the Jets are for a QB with 1 year of experience as a starter. I’d love to trade back if a trade materializes, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s, by and large, mostly smokescreens this time of the year.

    As far as the draft goes, without accounting for trades, here’s my WAY, WAY, WAY too early 3 round mock, which will probably change 50 times between now and April:

    RND 1) The 2nd pick in the draft is clearly too high for any of these QB’s, but I think, if the 49ers select Kyle Shanahan as their next HC, I am pulling the trigger on Deshone Kizer with our first round pick. We know he’s a physical freak for a QB, standing 6’4″ and pushing 240 lbs, with a stout build, especially the lower half of his body. He’s also got a fantastic arm, and his emotional maturity is beyond his years. Sure, I’d love to trade back and still land him, but I think he’s got the highest ceiling of any QB in this class, especially under the wing of Shanny. As a matter of fact, if you were to ask me last season who’s going to be the better pro, Kizer or Precott, I would have said Kizer by a significant margin. Yes, he had a down year, but his stats were effected by many factors. He lost most of his weapons in 2016, including four of his top five receivers (including first round pick Will Fuller), a left tackle who was drafted top-10 (Ronnie Stanley) and the Irish’s leading rusher (C.J. Prosise). He also played in some very extreme weather conditions. By all accounts he’s a smart kid, and he’s simply just scratching the surface of his potential. No question he’ll need a season or 2 to develop, and to get his footwork straightened out (which is about his only serious flaw I can see) and for that reason I can get on board with Cutler holding the torch, if the price is right.

    RND 2) DE/OLB Charles Harris, 6’3″, 260 lbs, Mizzu. IMO, Harris’s best position at the next level would be OLB. I think this kid’s going to be special if he converts to OLB. He’s a little undersized for DE, which he’s been playing at Missouri. He’s an electric pass rusher (Harris wins with his explosive burst and agility to elude pass blockers but he’s also surprisingly strong, keeping his butt low and his limbs locked out to anchor in the running game. He latches onto ball-carriers attempting to run past him, showing the strength to pull them down while fending off blockers, and reminds me a lot of Aldon Smith). His strength and ability to anchor and hold the edge has made his run defense much improved as a junior.

    RND 3) WR Cooper Kupp, 6’2.5″ 220lbs, EW. “First time I watched his tape, I saw Brian Hartline,” an AFC North scout told “Then I watched some more and thought, no, this kid is a stronger, more aggressive version. Good size. Athletic. Savvy. Hell of a kid too. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t carve out a solid 10-year career as a pro.” Personally, I’ve seen few college WR’s who win the ball as often as Kupp. His hands are amazing. He’s a mature leader (married with family). He’s a football junkie and student of the game. A technician who lives, eats, sleeps and breaths football. He’s also the most productive pass-catcher in FCS Div. 1 history! If he runs in the 4.4’s, or low 4.5’s, and he’s still on the board, I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. Scouting WR’s has always been my specialty, and last year I mocked Ohio’s States WR Michael Thomas to the 49ers in round 2, stating he was my favorite WR of the class.

      1. By the way, I think your HC/GM picks are absolute GOLD! we’re talking “back-to-back-grand-slams-in-the-bottom-of-the-ninth-to-win-the-game” kind of gold!

        And the Seahawks will be boarding their plane with their heads down and tails between their legs, heading to the great north-west to pack up their lockers. The Seahawks are no longer even close to being an elite team, and that makes me smile!

  16. Jay cutler is an awful choice for Free agent QB signing. Cutler has not proving anything in the nfl. I’d rather have Garoppolo or Tannehill (unlikely). Although the draft choices is very intriguing. I’m really surpirsed people are give up on carlos hyde so soon so I don’t agree on the Rb choice. Great article.

  17. I agree with every move you have said
    From wolf and Mcvay or shanahan
    To all the free agents , now the 2 first picks.
    I have bin all over Ruben foster, jarred davis or even that middle linebacker from pen state they need one of those guys

    Maybe you should be the gm

  18. I also agree with your comments on the locker room colture
    I watched so many of those locker presser, all that singing and shouting after loses was not right

    And I read what you wrote about how harbaugh reacted around the building after losing
    That’s the kind of coach the miners need

  19. After seeing the 25th ranked Falcons defense abuse Wilson and that offensive line I can totally see why we’re interviewing Cable to be our head coach.

    1. I don’t want Cable anywhere near the building, but actually think Cable hasn’t done a bad job with their OL. The talent on that OL is abysmal. I still can’t believe they have a LT who prior to last year hadn’t played football since the eighth grade. I believe this is his first year as an OL. Read an article where the LT, Fahn, is still learning the rules with regards to penalties when blocking DL. How in the hell do you put a guy like that at LT which is the most important position for protecting the blind side of a franchise, 20+ million QB. Sure Wilson probably has the best escapability of all QBs, but it still seems ridiculous to me to put your franchise QB at such risk. If I were Wilson, I’d be pissed that this is what Schneider and Carroll were giving me.

        1. I’m not arguing the lack of talent I’m just saying the product on the field matched it. Cable didn’t have anything to work with but he didn’t work any miracles either.

  20. Ok, stepping out on a limb. I have Houston in a upset win over Brady and the Pats tonight.
    Falcons and KC Chiefs in the SB with the Dirty Birds taking home the trophy.

    1. If that happens the Niners will have been smart to wait until the end of the SB to get their HC.

      Shanahan is impressing me even more and more.

      1. I’m all in with Shanahan after today’s game. He has the blueprint to beat Seattle.

        HC Shanahan
        GM Whoever Kyle wants

    1. I would take the Chiefs if that happened. The Packers have a soft run defense, and I do not believe they could stop Hill.

        1. And the Texans defense is ranked #1 this year and Seattles isn’t. Seahawks defense is far from the LOB from a couple of years ago

        1. Meanwhile, his offense is mostly stalling against a solid defense and was unable to score against said defense. The only reason the Texans are not ahead right now is due to the limitations of their QB.

          1. MWD,
            I will come down to possibly the best QB in football beating the worse QB football – Osweiler is absolutely pitiful!

              1. If you look further down, you will see that I complimented that drive.

    1. Just stop the nonsense. Ryan is an MVP caliber season thanks to Shanahan and his play-calling.

      1. You stop with the non sense… Trying to justify who you prefer on this one game is non sense.. There both good candidates. Niners would do well to get either. I’m not convinced our idiot owner will make a good decision.

        1. They are good candidates, but I have seen only one put up numbers on some of the better defenses in the league. We need that in a defensive minded division.

          1. Two halfs brother in football… Lets just pray we get one of those two… I’m all for taking your choice over mine… like them both a lot..,

          2. None of the Patriots WRs could hold Julio Jones jock strap. Remember there’s no Gronk which keeps getting ignored while your judging McDaniels just saying

              1. You’re the coping out with the Julio Jones bit, and you know it.

              2. Coping out? Uh nope just making points who the better WR is which is not even close but hey nice try lol

              3. Also your argument about Shanahan is better then McDaniels is stupid basing it on one game against different defenses. The commentators in the Patriots/Texans game repeatedly stated the Texans have the #1 defense while the Seahawks defense have been struggling without Earl Thomas.

              4. The fact that you are dismissing Edelman in order to satisfy your ‘truth’ is either an example of false evidence based on a belief or a cope out.

              5. Okay I guess we’ll be here all night so here’s the question? Who’s the better WR? Jones or Edelman and which one would you rather have on the 49ers??

              6. Even Sherman is terrified of Jones lol He had to bear hug him on one of those PI penalties during the game.

              7. C’mon Mid, are you seriously suggesting there isn’t much difference between Jones and Edelman? Wow. Edelman is a good slot WR, but he’s not an elite WR like Jones.

              8. No Scooter. I am saying you cannot dismiss one over the other in order to appease a viewpoint because each one contributes to their team in a way the other can’t. Truth is trying to do just that.

                Either one would be a boon to the 49ers Truth.

              9. The Truth is Edelman lines up in the slot so he can take on the 3rd or 4th best CB on the opposition which he’s very good at and credit to McDaniels for attacking weaknesses on defenses but Julio Jones is special Kyle doesn’t have to hide him in the slot to avoid the other teams best defense he can straight up beat any DB in the NFL like when he abuses Richard Sherman(He bear hugged him 2 or 3 times yesterday it was hilarious). I’m not saying Edelman is not a good WR I’m saying Julio Jones is is top 5 in the NFL. I don’t know what else to tell you unless your just hacking on me lol

                I’ll leave it with this, one plays with a good QB and the other plays with a 4 time SB champion that is considered by many the best QB of all time.

              10. I’ll leave it with this, one plays with a good QB and the other plays with a 4 time SB champion that is considered by many the best QB of all time.

                Talk about a weak argument. That neither proves or disproves your point of view. It is also one that could be used against McDaniels if you think about it.

            1. Sorry but it’s the truth. 49ers fans would be drooling for a 6′ 3′ play making WR like Jones also I gave you facts about each WRs impact which you can’t deny.

              Your only comeback is it’s a “weak argument” line but you base no facts on why it’s a weak argument.

              1. The fact that you are essentially stating a WR must play a certain position in order to be classified a #1 WR is enough to show the major flaw in your example of ‘truth’. However, I will gladly expose the other flaws if you want me to.

              2. Please do sir?

                Julio Jones is an elite WR and who on here would argue that? Only you even Scooter told you come now lol

  21. Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 6m
    Brock Osweiler is exhibit 1A on why you’d rather not have a QB with a long windup. Matt Patricia was clean shaven when that throw began.

  22. The difference between a great QB having a tough night and a bad QB having an average one:

    Brady 15/28
    Osweiller 15/26

    Brady 265 yards
    Osweiller 100 yards

    1. That’s a damn hard pass to catch. Running full speed trying to find that thing coming directly over your head with a helmet on. Makes sense he didn’t see it until it literally hit him in the arms.

  23. First of all, Wolf may not be the new GM. From what I’ve read if it’s one of the GB guys, it’s likely to be Gutekunst, not Wolf. Be that as it may, my guy’s McDonough. Of all the GM candidates interviewed, he’s got more experience as a scout & personnel guy than any of ’em. There’s a reason Mike Nolan, Gil Brandt & Larry Fitzgerald highly recommended him…he’s got the goods to be a terrific GM. As for signing Ware…as I said yesterday, he’s beat up, 35 and may not play again after back surgery. You’re kidding about Cutler…right? No? Well, you should be. He’s the last guy the Niners need. He’s one of the most inconsistent QB’s in the league, has shown to be a divisive teammate. No thanks! The vet I’d sign is Landry Jones (Steelers). When Big Ben’s been out, he’s done a nice job leading them. For that matter, I’d rather have Kap or Ponder over Cutler. Yikes. No argument WRT Mike Williams…he’s clearly the #1 WR in this draft. Now then…Jarrad Davis for ILB. Not bad, but Zach Cunningham’s the guy to get. His numbers are staggering…125 tackles, 16.5 for loss, 3 passes defensed, 2 forced fumbles. He’s equally tough against the run and in pass defense. Jamaal Williams…there are a number of better choices, such as Brian Hill, McNichols, Perine, just to name a few. Howard Wilson? How about Colorado’s Chidobe Awuzie, 6-0, 205, 65 tackles, 12 passes broken up, 1 pick, & 4 sacks. Dorian Johnson…good pick. Davis Webb…not so much. Not that he’s a scrub, but I’d have picked Pat Mahomes earlier in the draft.

  24. I would trade down in the first round to pick up a first and a high second. I’d pick Corey Davis in the first pick then trade the two seconds to move up into the first to get either an available top QB or TE OJ Howard. Mike Williams WR has great hands but Corey Davis does as well and is faster. He reminds me of Jerry Rice from Mississippi Valley State only faster. I’ve seen a couple of guys with the name Mike Williams, all big and slow, do nothing in the pros. I’ll take the fast Jerry Rice guy and Jerry will love showing him the hill. Our TEs can’t catch the ball, OJ Howard will has the best hands and the best speed. I’d love to get Scarborough as RB after that and later Quadree Henderson as KR, as a Tavon Austin without expending a first round pick on him. Fill in the defense where they like in the draft and free agency. The Niners will scare every team in the league.

    1. Yep. McDaniels rebounded from a bad first half to call a more effective second half. I still prefer Shanahan, but McDaniels closed the gap with his second half play-calling.

        1. How much do you think Shanahan is making now and how much will he make as the 49ers HC? I’m thinking the ratio is around 3 to 1. So he’s making around $2 mil/yr now and will make about $6 mil/yr as the 49ers HC.

    2. What about a GM hire? If GB loses tomorrow, do you think there will be an announcement that one of the GB guys is the new GM? Or is it more likely that the new HC will be picking the GM – even thought that’s not the way it is usually done.

      1. They’ll first interview the Seattle execs and Cable on Monday. I think with the 49ers the only team left looking for either GM or Coach that York has no reason to rush. He’s obviously not worried about assistant coaches getting nabbed so he’ll likely wait until his GM candidates have a chance to speak with both McDaniels and Shanahan. He’ll want to see which pair has the best connection. So, I think it’s entirely possible we wont see any hiring until after the SuperBowl.

        1. Gamble appears to be in charge at the moment and whatever scouting needs to be done is being done by both GM candidates for their respective team. I doubt they’ll suddenly have a case of amnesia once hired.

        2. Yeah, I think the only reason there would be any urgency is the concern that assistant coaches won’t be available if they wait too long. It probably makes sense to wait, though, and get the right guy. My biggest concern is that they extend the offers and then get turned down so we wind up with the Seattle team.

  25. Time to see if any of those Bill O’Brien rumors are true. Texans continue to hold the line that they won’t fire him. Does he want out?

      1. Coaches can quit and change teams if they are unhappy with their situation. The team don’t own rights to coaches like they do players. It’s fairly known at this point that O’Brien and Rick Smith have a pretty terrible relationship. Something that has been growing for the past couple seasons. A quick search will reveal countless reports about it. Some even mention that the Hard Knocks crew have said that they made the decision not to show it because they knew the team wouldn’t allow it anyway but there was more then one occasion that the two were caught yelling at each other.

        The front office has come out and declared they aren’t firing him, when O’Brien is asked about it recently his answer is ” Whatever the future holds, it holds, but like I said, I have two years left on my contract, so we’ll see what happens.” Not nearly as committed sounding as the team.

        1. “Coaches can quit and change teams if they are unhappy with their situation. The team don’t own rights to coaches like they do players. ”

          I’m trying to find verification of this, after the fact of course, and can’t seem to find anything that mentions it. Still looking, hopefully I’m right about that.

          1. O’Brien should not be in the hot seat. It should be Rick Smith. He was the one to choose BO, and signed him to a contract that makes Kaeps’ deal a bargain.

            If they had a little better QB play, the defense kept them in the game. However, those picks gave the Pats good field position, while the Texan defense gave the offense good staring positions, but they did not capitalize.

              1. Go to a number one defense with a good O line and RB? Sure, he would land well there, and he is light years better than BO.

                I would be sorry to see him go, but that would be a good place for him to go, if he left. Sounds like they would want to win.

              2. I dont know how good their line is but I think that is the situation he needs in order to succeed. His ability to add lib and make the occasional exceptional play could be a good for them.

          2. C4c
            I think that depends on how the contract is written. Marone chose to exercise an option clause to not renew. In practical application coaches are allowed to quit to pursue promotional opportunities, because coaching candidates would be reticent to initially sign with a team that didn’t allow such chances.
            Remember when SF’s OC left in late Jan or early Feb to take the Chargers HC job? San Diego’s f.u. timing hurt the Niners badly, but they sucked it up and let him go.

  26. I don’t even care who it is between Shanahan and McDaniels I just want my 49ers to be good, but it better not be that cable guy I don’t even want to say his name. Jed better not screw this up. Go Niners

    1. If you don’t want to say Cable you can just call him wifebeater.
      If he is hired, the media should show up in white tank tops.

  27. That draft stinks I love the fact that we traded down but honestly Corey Davis might be the better selection we can trade down twice plus you didn’t draft an OLB ILB come easy you got Brandon Spikes in free agency its so many good ILB on the market why not draft a pass rusher in the 2nd and 4th round corner is not a need rb is not a need we should draft an ILB in the 3rd round idk but your draft was hella weak

    1. Wasn’t Chris Hogan on our roster not long ago?
      And now he’s one of the leading receivers in a deep playoff run for the Pats…
      With new management I hope the eye for talent at skill positions will finally be relevant.

      Like Scooter, it took me awhile to get on board with drafting WR in the 1st, but if Hogan can look like a stud against the #1 ranked defense, imagine what Mike Williams can do for a rookie QB (or in Grant’s case Jay Cutler).

    1. Nothing like calling heads and it keeps coming up tails. Give the 49ers two QB’s to choose from and you can guess they’ll pick the wrong one.

  28. What did I learn today? I learned that Kyle Shanahan may be the better candidate. I thought his play calling was much superior to McDaniels.
    Seemed like the Falcon offense was crisp, efficient and innovative. Shanahan’s play calling kept the Seahawk defense on their heels, and exploited weaknesses.

    McDaniels was bailed out by some magnificent throws on the money by Brady.

    Saw how the Falcon offense employed many concepts that sure looked like the WCO. Sharp quick passes so the pass rush could not get to Ryan. Attacking the edges. Alignments that made the Seahawks cover a WR with a linebacker, so there were mismatches. The announcers commented on the composition of the O line. There were no behemoths, but just strong agile linemen that played cohesively like a Bill Walsh O line.

    Matt Ryan was good, but Kyle Shanahan made him that good. They were 8-8 last year, but this year, Ryan took his play to another level because KS accentuated his strengths.

    If Kyle Shanahan can make Ryan an all Pro, maybe he can do the same thing for Kaep. I am sure he is smart enough to see the potential in Kaep, and will utilize him properly.

    I really do not care too much about the GM, because any new GM will not be Baalke. Riddick looks like a Rooney Rule candidate, because they just went through the motions. If they were serious, the Niners would have done due diligence and phoned Riddicks’ past employers.

    I think Wolf is the Niners’ best viable option, but would also be happy with Gamble.

    Waiting may have drawbacks like having all the better coordinators and coaches locked up by HCs already hired, but if they can get one of the coaches from teams that make it deep into the playoffs, and maybe even a SB winner, it might be worth the wait.

    1. Seb, I think you analysis is correct. We part ways when you think that K Shanahan could make Kaep into Ryan. Ryan has a very quick release and is accurate, traits that Kaep has never shown. Also, Kaep has never show the ability to survey the field and make decsions quickly. I am not a hater and I wish Kaep well in the rest of his life. It is time for the niners to find a qb for the future.

      1. In a head to head matchup with similar support, Kaep beat Ryan in that NFCC Game. Last game they played, the Niner defense was as poor as the Seahawks this last game.

        Sure helps to have a stout O line and a good RB….

        KS is sharp enough to rejuvenate Kaep, and with the proper support, Kaep will do a lot better. I bet KS would relish the challenge, because it would make him look like a genius. Chip tried, but he sure did not look like a defensive genius at all.

  29. Shanny must have an extensive network of connections. He has been on at least 4 teams. And all of his fathers connections.

    But if Mcdaniel’s can bring bellichek than he wins.

    I would take a Shanahan combo over Mcdaniel’s. Wolf and or mcdonough would be my choices. But I have to say that I don’t know much about the Seattle guys or Patton from Vikings.

    I think the most grace jed can buy himself is to bring in a legend’s son as GM and another legend’s son as coach.

    Can u imagine press comference. He can say he is going to the west coast roots, etc etc

  30. It’s plain and simple now for me we should go all in for Kyle Shanahan if he’s really interested ofcourse but i think personally that it’s a dreamjob for him cuz to do something that his dad could not achieve Bring HC for us; and our plan B should be Mcdaniels, the difference between them is not much cuz they are 2 guys who know to use the strenghts of there players.
    Together with Wolf,Gutekunst or McDonough as GM.
    In this scenario we could go to a SB in 3seasons and Jed
    did his job than.
    If we take plan C with Cable we are screwed for the next decade than Jed and his family should be forced to sell,btw any poster around here who agrees with Cable as HC doesnt know a clue about football and hasn’t have selfrespect.

  31. We should target one of those guys with our first pick they all have playmaking traits:
    DE: Garrett instant upgrade for our D
    WR: Mike Williams a #1 WR
    CB: Marshon Lattimore this guys would be a Shutdown corner something we don’t have .
    OT: Mcglinchie could be our new LT.

  32. Grant,
    Good call on Webb. In the right situation, I think Webb can become a productive NFL QB. He showed a lot of poise, pocket presence, and maturity as a QB at Cal last year. I think he can be the Dak Prescott of this draft.

  33. The room must have been a little dusty when I was reading Lowell’s final column this morning.

    Barrows said it well
    Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 23m
    Matt Barrows Retweeted Lowell Cohn
    I believe the kids call this a walk off. Nicely done, Lowell.

  34. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 17s
    Very quietly, Jaguars interviewed former 49ers HC Chip Kelly for their HC job before ultimately hiring Doug Marrone, per league sources.

  35. Congratulations to Lowell Cohn for a great writing career!!!!!!! Have a great day with the family Grant thanks for working so hard on the Niner news for us! Even though I have given you a bad time at times I still really appreciate your efforts!

  36. Re: Kaaya and Mahomes.

    The only starting QB in the NFL who didn’t return to college for his senior season and wasn’t a 1st-round pick is Brock Osweiler.

  37. Grant you may call your Dad’s attention to this if you choose. He lurks here, so he may see it anyway.
    Thanks Lowell, good job. Walk off homer in your ‘last’ at bat.
    I’ve read your columns, PD and prior, since the 70s. You’ve reported the sports news and offered context. Your opinions were usually stimulating, even if only in making me organize my thoughts in disagreement! Dude, that’s useful stuff right there.
    Your opinions have often been acidic, true to your Brooklyn Pug roots, but having grown up in metro NYC and metro Philly, I get that.
    Your writing style has stood out among your sports peers; a craft in decline in these blog times. For me personally, the columns you’ve written when you stepped outside your usual mode stood out the most. That’s the case by definition, but also by quality of content. These pieces were when your professional ego took a back seat to the points you made.
    > you wrote a piece years ago when the China Basin park was proposed. You and a friend took lawn chairs down to the streets there and sat through the typical timing of a night baseball game, and wrote of the micro-climate and the neighborhood. It was a brilliant take for an article, and particularly well written. That was one of the first times I could see past the Lash LaRue persona. In those days it seemed like everybody in the Bay Area was trying to keep up with Glenn Dickey’s belligerence.
    > your piece about your home in the holidays and the joint Hanukkah & Christmas celebration was quite beautiful.
    >today’s tribute to your dad was enlightened.
    Enjoy your retirement Lowell. I’ll always remember you as a guy who could well deliver that famous line from the Battle of Bastogne:

  38. He might not go in the 5-15 range that I suggested recently but I’m still betting that Watson goes before Trubisky and is taken in the first.

    1. I still like Trubisky more than Watson. He goes the multiple progressions, is accurate and is very mobile within the pocket. And even though he threw some bad passes he still put that team in a position to win the game and on the final drive he had at least 3 touchdowns dropped before he threw the one that put them in position to tie the game with a 2 pt. conversion.
      Watson is a better athlete and isn’t affected by the bright lights but he also is frightening because that system doesn’t really ask him to make post snap reads.

      1. Good post Shoup. I think both guys will need to sit and learn for a couple years.
        The best option to me is a 2018 1st for Garropolo.

      2. Didn’t say it had anything to do with personal preference. Teams will go with the the QB with the more accomplished career. Watson is a two year starter Heisman candidate and now championship winner. Teams like QB’s that have taken a lot of reps, one reason Goff might have gone so high, he had buttload of pass attempts. Watson has more then twice the pass attempts of Trubisky.

        Trubisky reminds me a lot of Wentz. A guy with a lot of tools to work with but limited experience. Went’z early success followed by an early plateau might put teams off on taking an un-experienced QB so high.

        1. Another point to add is that Watson appears to be a fairly bright, mature young man. He’ll kill it during the interviews. He’ll win teams over with his work ethic and football IQ.

          1. My issue with Watson is he throws into huge windows which don’t require precision or timing, and most of his deep passes are just jump balls which don’t require precision or timing.

              1. True. I just think he’s going to take a while to adjust and develop, and I don’t think he’ll have downfield range as a passer. He could turn out to be pretty good, though.

            1. Again, I’m not trying to sell anybody on drafting him I’m explaining my reasoning for why he’ll be the first QB taken.

      3. Shoup

        I also like Tribusky better than Watson…what some posters have mentioned on here, is that they didn’t like the fact that he didn’t seem to be over-energized during the game. Please remember another QB we had who did not play as though his hair was on fire…thus the nickname “Joe Cool”
        IMHO, I would also put Kizer in the #2 position ahead of Watson. Things change, and I’d bet that all of our preferences will before the combine…’should be fun….

        1. Oregon,
          While I like that “clutch” aspect, I think it has to be joined with more skill than he has shown. I say this because there have been a ton of fighters that have appeared clutch but didn’t have the requisite skill set to make it. Vince Young, Johnny Manzel, and Tim Tebow, all come to mind. This is not to say that Watson is the same as he has an ok Arm, and a better throwing motion than them. However, as the offense relies on predominantly on predetermined reads its tough to see how he will transition to the NFL.
          He requires far to much seasoning to be drafted in the first or second imho, as I think he needs of a minimum of 2 years (more likely 3) riding the pine before he gets any NFL game action.

    2. I’m not going to predict which QB will be taken first – there are so many poor drafting teams in need of a QB – but Watson should be the first QB taken, limitations and all.

      1. I agree. Watson did well against the best defensive team in college that is basically an NFL football factory.

        They tried to rattle him, but he maintained his cool and was clutch in the end, on the biggest stage.

        Watson may have weaknesses, but he has proven to be a winner, with a good skillset.

        1. No QB has been picked apart as much as Watson. Nit pick any QB and you’ll find reasons not to like them. But you don’t find guys with Watson’s mental makeup and physical tools very often.

              1. NFL teams feel his arm strength is just OK. He’s like a more mobile Teddy Bridgewater without the ability to throw with timing or anticipation.

              2. He can throw with timing and anticipation. His issues are going through progressions, reading coverages and decision making. Same issues many/ most spread QBs come with.

                As for his arm being just ok, its good enough to throw every pass. He doesn’t throw bullets 30+ yards downfield, so some people question his arm strength, but he rarely underthrows anyone downfield.

              3. Did you watch the Alabama game? He threw a number of comebacks with excellent timing.

                He throws jump balls to Mike Williams. Because he wins. To his other receivers he usually leads them. And he throws a very catchable ball.

              4. He doesn’t throw the post or a good back-shoulder fade. He will have limited range in the NFL.

              5. Well, I am not going to convince you. But for mine he is the top QB prospect in the draft. I trust his leadership, intelligence, work ethic and mental makeup, as well as his athletic ability, pocket movement and mechanics.

                I agree he probably isn’t ready to start straight away, but I don’t see that as an issue. I prefer rookie QBs to sit anyway.

              6. Most teams think Trubisky is the best QB in the draft because he has better traits than Watson. But Watson has more seasoning. He may be the better bet. I’m not disagreeing with you.

              7. Regardless, I wouldn’t take any QB in the top 5.

                But if Watson is available in the mid-20s, I would trade up from pick 34 to get him.

              8. Yeah, I think that is sensationalism talking. There may not be elite QB prospects available, but there are still some good ones.

                Watson and Trubisky are worth top 40 picks, and I still think Kaaya is a top 60 pick too. Kizer I’m not as sold on.

              9. No, it’s realism talking. These guys wouldn’t get touched before the third round most years. Trubisky is a one-year wonder and Watson is a two-year wonder.

              10. This from the same guy that at one point thought the 49ers should draft Paxton Lynch in the top 10 last year?

                Watson is a better prospect than Lynch, and I think Trubisky and Kaaya are too.

              11. Lynch was a three-year starter. Watson is a two-year starter who threw 30 INTs his two seasons as a starting QB.

              12. Lynch was a three year starter with only 1 good year, who beat up on terrible Ds. Watson started his freshman year and impressed before injury, and then had two very good years throwing for nearly 80 TDs and has impressed against the toughest competition. Not even close as to who is the better prospect.

              13. Lynch had two good years and three full years of experience. He also played with poor skill players. Watson was surrounded by NFL talent and still threw one pick per game. Watson started only four games his freshman year.

              14. 7.3 YPA, 22 TDs and 9 INTs is good?

                He may have played with mediocre talent, but he also played against mediocre talent. He was clearly more talented than most of the Ds he played against. Same as Wentz. But Wentz was a much better prospect.

              15. Yes, that’s good. Not great, but good.

                Watson’s TD-INT ratio was 2.81. Tajh Boyd’s was 2.74. Watson’s YPA was 8.4. Boyd’s was 8.5. Mike Williams was not the only NFL receiver Watson played with. Deon Cain will be a high pick. Artavis Scott and Hunter Renfrow also will get drafted. And Wayne Gallman is an NFL RB.

              16. Paxton Lynch career starts in college: 38
                Deshaun Watson career starts in college: 34

                Did those 4 extra starts make Lynch a superior prospect?

              17. Yes but he won’t get picked in the first round. He has poor movement skills and a slow release.

  39. What I would do to rebuild the Niners?

    Part 1: I would choose GM Ballard from the Chiefs as he may presumably bring along HC Doug Toub. Ballard was blocked from interviewing with other teams. I think 49ers should wait to see if KC loses today. If they do, I would race to the podium to get him. Doug Toub should try to bring along OC Norv turner. He has proven to groom young QBs like Aikman and Rivers while being able to manage average QBs like Jason Cambell or Alex Smith in early career. For DC I would have them bring in Mike Pettine or Dennis Thurman, two guys who know how to effectively run the Rex Ryan Defense unlike O’Neill

    Part 2: I agree that SF should not draft QB early this year and just use a bridge QB for time being. But I do not understand the obesession with Jay Cutler. You say Kap brings in a losing culture and made it acceptible but I do not see how Cutler is any different. Cutler has had a losing record in almost every single season he has played with the Bears. He is 33 years old, injury prone, turnover machine, and a poor decision maker. Kap loses games because he has no talent to work with. Cutler loses games because is terrible even with a star studded cast like Marshall, Bennett, Jeffrey, and Forte from a few years ago. Even on the NinersNation podcast with Oscar and David (they know way more about football than you Grant….MUCH MORE) even they said it is better to stick with Kap. They even said that they would not touch Cutler with a 10 foot pole.

    Part 3: As far as FA goes, I think they should try to go after some big free agents. It is possible they do not want to come here because SF is rebuilding but with lots of $ in the cap, why not? I would front load the contracts of these players so their cap hit in years to come would be lower. The guys I had in mind is to get ILB Zach Brown. Guy flies all around the field, tackle machine, and can get downfield to cover TEs. I was also thinking to get RT Riley Reiff or Rick Wagoner, moving Trent Brown inside to RG and Garnett to his natural spot at LG. SF should also invest in a NT in Sylvester Williams or Dontari Poe. SF should try to re-sign Jeremy Kerley, Rod Streater, Chris Jones, Dorsey/Williams, Tiller,

    Part 4:The draft should have a focus on positions that make a bigger impact on the game like WR/TE and EDGE, which SF currently has very little of and is much more demand than QB right now. Rather I think WR/TE and EDGE are worse than Kap is at QB, by a huge landslide. Here is what I would do:

    I think they will do tradeback with Titans. I do not think NYJ will go QB as their GM is strictly BPA. Manish Mehta is a reporter who just likes to stir the pot and create false stories. He is like a worse version of yourself. Trade with Titans would involve swapping 1s, getting their earliest 3rd rd pick in which they have 3 picks in that round. I would also get a mid-round pick from them in 2018. They will take Jon Allen just to prevent division rival Jags from getting them and 1 less wrecking ball who could destroy their QB.

    Rd 1 – EDGE Barnett or EDGE McKinley. If McKinley runs in the 4.5s, his stock goes up. I also think he is a better fit for 3-4 OLB as well

    Rd 2 – TE Hodges or TE Njoku. We need a difference maker badly. A guy that can draw double teams and opposing DCs will game plan for. If OJ Howard is there by any chance, then take him but I dont think he will be. Nobody respects Kerley or Streater as CBs can just use single man coverage on them. Teams dont respect these guys and there is a reason their respective teams did not want them, contrary to how good you think they are Grant. Those guys are no 4 options at best. SF needs a true no 1 option and no 2 option. Torrey Smith is good no 3 option as Kerley/Vance are true no 4 options.

    Rd 3 – WR/TE Evan Engram. He is a player that can be lined up anywhere and more of a utility guy. He is a slot TE/WR in most formations who can turn 5 yard play into a 75 yard TD and has ability to beat defenses deep.

    Rd 3 – CB Kevin King. this is from the Titans. He is an outstanding press corner with length and good hips.

    Rd 4 – EDGE Carroll Phillips. This team is in dire need of EDGE rushers. Considering Brooks is getting old and should not be lined up as ROLB in the first place, Tank is a bust, Harold hasnt panned out yet, and Lynch is fat and lazy while playing well only subsequently. This position is the biggest need on the team imo, more than QB or any other position.

    Rd 4 – WR Stacy Coley. This is a good possesion WR who routinely gets open and moves the chains. QB best friend.

    Rd 5 – QB Davis Webb. He should be the number 3 QB on SF team while developing and perhaps given a chance to compete with the no 2 QB for backup duties.

    Rd 5 – RB Samaje Parine or Brian Hill. Need a guy who can break tackles and runs with power, perhaps someone who can be a 1b with Carlos Hyde. Norv Turner is a run first mind so having more than 1 RB never hurts.

    Rd 6 – WR Sheldon Gibson or KD Cannon. Someone who can be a situational deep threat while possibly offering value on special teams as a KR/PR

    1. I like your FA targets, but would pass on Norv. I see you like Davis Webb, like Grant, but I will just say that the draft will probably unfold in another direction. Everything will change once the Combine comes around.

  40. Grant, I see that your father is passing the torch. I have not followed his writing lately, because I have chosen this site and prefer your writing.

    However, I remember those Glory Years, and Lowell Cohn was a gadfly to Walsh and Eddie. I would get furious over his columns, but now see they were a brilliant ploy of reverse psychology, to give the Niners more motivation to prove him wrong.

    I may have gotten mad at him, but I also read every word he wrote.
    I wish him well, and I bet he is extremely proud of you.

    1. The way the Packers offense is performing, Dak might be in an unusual position of having to win a shootout.

    1. Maiacco stated I believe yesterday that the interview went very well and that he has a good shot.. No news on Cable though. I wonder if they cancelled.

  41. I see that Mike Nolan’s opinions seem to be quoted in a lot of writeups regarding the SF GM/HC search. Why is Mike all of a sudden somebody I should be listening to when it comes to evaluating anyone? I’m watching Rodgers carve up Dallas and thinking how different things might have been had Nolan made the right choice. So why should I as a 9er fan listen to Nolan.

        1. Prescott had a DUI. Otherwise he would have been a first-round pick. And you loved Goff and didn’t rank Prescott in your top 40 players. I guess you underrate those qualities.

          1. Prescott wasn’t a first round pick because most teams had mid round grades on him. That was regardless of the DUI.

              1. Why is it then when scouts are interviewed about how they missed on Prescott they never mention the DUI, but do mention the system he played in, etc.?

              2. By who? NFL teams? How do you know this? Everything I have read this year suggests teams just didn’t have him rated that high, and it had nothing to do with the DUI.

              3. Lynch played in the same system. Both were ranked as late-first, early-second-round picks early. The Broncos would have taken Prescott instead if not for that DUI.

              4. Are you basing this off things like CBS rankings? Connor Cook was rated a 1st round pick at one point.

                We don’t know how 32 teams rated these QBs, aside from where they were taken and what we hear after the fact. And after the fact the only thing I have read is that Prescott just wasn’t rated that highly. And the DUI was not the reason.

              5. I think I’m slightly more connected than you are, although you may have your own sources. If so, good on you.

              6. Also, Cook dropped to the fourth round because of leadership issues. Which proves those aren’t underrated qualities.

              7. Certainly not suggesting I am more connected than you, but if you have credible sources letting you know what NFL teams across the league are thinking around draft time then you are employed by the wrong people.

                Regarding Cook, I said it is undervalued, not that it isn’t valued at all. Players with significant character/ leadership question marks will fall.

              8. I’m telling you Prescott was ranked with Lynch and Cook early in the process. I wouldn’t mislead you.

              9. I had Prescott in the 2nd Round, but when he got the DUI, I removed him from my board….

              10. Fair enough, I’ll take your word for it. Just seems odd that so many scouts and FO executives give quotes saying they missed on Prescott for many reasons, not just the DUI.

              11. I think Lynch will be pretty good. Most underclassmen from spread systems need a season to develop.

              12. Kizer shouldn’t need as long to develop having come from a pro style offense. He’s just a natural passer. Plus he can throw with varying anticipation and contrasting velocity….

              13. I’d hate to see him start before mid season, but do I think he could do it? Sure, under Shanny Jr or Micky D….

      1. Also why Bridgewater fell to the end of the first round in 2014.

        The NFL values these traits, but places them below more tangible qualities you can see on film.

        1. Teddy Bridgewater fell to the end of the first round because he’s not that good. 28 TD passes in 28 starts.

          1. He’s an excellent leader. And the Vikings score a lot of rushing TDs. He’s a big part of what gets them in position to score those rushing TDs.

            He’s good. He just isn’t a stat machine.

              1. His offense ranked 16th in points for. And only 5 teams finished with better records. Good job by a 23 year old QB in just his 2nd season.

    1. You like that? What a great game! Glad to see two hated teams slain on the playoff fields. Let’s go Falcons over the Packers and lets go Chiefs over the Steelers and ultimately Patriots, so we can have Falcons versus Chiefs in the Super Bowl!

      1. Razor, this was the best news I had for the whole season. Both the Seahawks and Cowboys are out. Kinda want a Smith Rodgers matchup.

  42. Good ending. Dak proved he can shoot it out with the big boys. Ice runs through those veins I tells ya. If the Cowboys can tighten up that pass defense in the off season they’ll have a SuperBowl team for sure.

    1. Yep, I think people need to stop saying the only reason he looked good was the OL and running game. They helped, but he’s just good. You were very much right on him CfC.

    1. That’s not good news. At this point if the 49ers don’t get Shanahan or McDaniels, it’s a complete failure!
      On another note: Go Chiefs!

    2. I’m hoping York saw what I saw against Seattle, and decided on Shanny Jr over Micky D. The timing of this report is what gives me that hope….

  43. NotCable. I was not impressed when he was at the Raiders.
    Josh or Kyle please.
    But the draft has to be better or it won’t matter who the coach is.

  44. If McDaniels turns us down little Shanny would have all the leverage. He could insist on having Big Shanny as GM. It’s been rumored that the HC could pick the GM. It could be Full Shanny or a Basic Cable package.

  45. I kind of don’t like Cable as HC
    I really don’t like Cable as face of the team. Domestic violence should disqualify for a leadership role.
    Jed! Class, remember!

    1. That’s why.. I’d love to see a Chief- Packer SB ..
      but .. prolly won’t happen .. cuz Matt Ryan
      is in the way … but.. hey ..
      a silver lining .. perhaps ..
      we just might get Wolf next week ..

    1. Kizer is the next Prescott. Barret lacks arm strength and has a slow release. His accuracy and ball placement are concerns.

      1. Kizer left school as an underclassmen. Prescott graduated. And I don’t see what you see in Barrett. He throws with velocity and accuracy.

        1. Long throwing motion and below average arm strength leads to inaccuracy downfield. Maybe you like his accuracy and velocity on the checkdown passes his seems to favor.

          1. I see a quick release and a strong arm and downfield accuracy and touch. He throws with much more velocity than Watson.

            1. I’m no fan of Watson and his arm. Kizer has a big arm, quick release and plays in a pro style offense, that’s why I rate him so high.

              When you say strong arm do you strong or adequate? I’m not saying Barrett has a noodle arm but it’s not where I would like it to be.

              1. Kizer could be stand to be more accurate but he’s not an inaccurate passer. I think you’ll see as the process unfolds through the combine and pro days, his mechanics will tighten up and he’ll have improved accuracy….

  46. Re: Tom Cable as the next 49er coach … I kinda hate to quote John McEnrose here, but … (and you know what’s coming, kids) … YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!!!!!

    We already know what a total incompetent Jed York is but if he doesn’t have a Plan B in case of the VERY real possibility that both Shanahan and McDaniels turn him down (which is a very real possibility), then he is a true, true moron of the highest degree. If he dares to hire Cable … hell, you might as well of kept Chip. The Rams get a hot young offensive coach and the 49ers … Tom freaking CABLE???????

    I’ll repeat what I said a few days ago. Within four years (and usually by three, sometimes two, in the case of the 49ers, one year) 8 or even 9 of the recent 10 coaches hired will be fired and deemed unsuccessful. So it is REALLY no risk to hire a Jeff Garcia to take a shot or give Mike Holmgren a chance. You give either one a two year contract and say “show me a real improvement.”

    BUT … you gotta give the fans some HOPE and EXCITE them a bit (as McVay would have gotten me interested in actually following the Niners again, as would McDaniels or Shanahan) But … Tom … CABLE? That’s gotta be a joke. They gotta have a Plan B. Right? … Right?

    *or just give Cable an 8 game contract. That’s a new idea. Give him a half season contract, so you at least don’t have to wait till the end of the friggin season to fire him.

    1. Not being the ugly duckling here, but why on earth would they turn him down? If that was the case they either would have never interviewed, or already taken their name out of the hat. If cable gets the job, then Your is an idiot. Plain and simple.

  47. Grant, I sent your father a message on the PD facebook site, hope it gets to him. I just want to wish him the very best in whatever he has planned for the future. Started reading him in the Chron in the late 70s, always a fan of his writing and just a fan of him as a person as well. I’m just a few years younger than he is.

    And I’ll tell you what I told him. I think you are doing a fine job in continuing the family sports writing tradition. You have a great future ahead of you.

  48. I’m getting this bad premonition…Gamble and Cable. Jed may panic, feels he’s gotta move, doesn’t want to wait til after SB and be left conmletely holding the bag. It actually could happen. What a disaster.

    1. Getting the same feeling Max … but I’m not sure it’ll be a case of can’t wait as much as no thanks. Still … McDaniels could design his own team with the Niners … but if the Colts decide to make a change …

  49. Grant-
    Any insight on who Shanny Jr might be linked to on defense?
    Also, would he call his own plays and bring in an OC as an assistant, or allow his OC to call his plays…….. thoughts?

    1. Idiotic on your part Razor, especially considering the receiving corps lost the game for the Chiefs tonight. Kelce was especially terrible.

      1. Razor is just bitter. He won’t admit it, ever, but deep down he knows the 49ers would have been better off with AS than that other guy!

    2. He’s just the same ol Alex. Won’t win you a game, but he won’t lose it either.
      Had a sure fire TD and missed with his weak downfield vision. I was pulling for the chiefs, but thought it was a bit of a long shot with a mediocre coach and qb. Limited offenses always get exposed in the playoffs. I will say this on their behalf. Their TE’ and receivers didn’t help at all yesterday.

  50. Now if I was McDaniels or Shanny … I just might try to bump into Jim Irsay somewhere … you know … just in the neighborhood … a coincidence … yeah … Jim, how about a coffee?

  51. Josh Mcdaniels backs out of the coaching search to remain with the Pats… The hiring of Cable seems more and more likely….What a fukking sh*t show!

    1. Same export by Jason c reports Kyle Shannon is the preferred choice and KNBR is speculating that josh mcdaniels knew that and to save face pulled his name out of the ring. I agree though, if cable is hired , yuck and should of just stuck with chip.

  52. If Chiefs would have had Kaep, everything else same, what would have happened? I love Alex, pull for Alex, but yesterday showed that he is good, but for SB is he ever going to be good enough? Kaep you just have to hope he comes up with his occasional flash and limits screw ups. Chiefs are solid everywhere, but receivers dropped a lot. I’m no Kaep fan, but it does make one think “what if”. Maybe Kaep 1st half, Alex 2nd half…..

  53. I wonder if McD thought that someone else already had the job. So he pulled his name so people would think that he wasn’t turned down

  54. Adam Schefter
    Adam Schefter – Verified account ‏@AdamSchefter

    49ers are – and have been – honing in on hiring Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan as their HC, per sources.

  55. Worst case scenario ,falcons lose , we think we have our coach, Colts swoop in and grab Kyle S. More weapons, Jed very radioactive hires cable with class’s. What a joke, only saving grace if we get packer boys to draft and stock the team with talent.

    1. If KS is ninja’d from the Niners, Jed should just re-hire Chip. Jed need to think it through. Imagine what Cable would do if he found out he would be fired before he coached his last game. Jed would need a bevy of bodyguards.

  56. Good news. JMD is out, but I never wanted him, anyways. Broncos could not wait until he was gone. They hated his guts in the end. He was the guy who threw away Marshall and drafted Tebow.

    Of course, he probably talked with Caserio.

    Now Shanahan is the likely candidate. After seeing the Falcon offense dismantle the Seahawks, I am comfortable with the pick. As long as he gets the job, it does not matter who the GM is. Riddick would be the weakest candidate, Wolf would be the strongest candidate, but I would be content with Gamble. McDonough, Gutekunst and Paton would all be fine, too.

    I would shy away from the Seattle candidates, especially after seeing the Seahawks play. The Seahawks probably told Paraag that they would not let their guys interview unless the Niners gave Cable an interview, too. Cable is the least qualified candidate due to his violent tendencies, and if he is hired, I hope he treats Jed like he did his assistants.

    1. Hmm, just thinking about it, I wonder if KS would pull a power move, and insist they hire Mike Shanahan for GM, as a condition for him to accept the HC job.

      Wonder if Jed would accept that.

  57. I’ll bet my house and my car McDaniels is backing out to save face. It’s been leaked they want K shanahan.
    I would prefer shanahan personally, but would have loved the 3 headed combo in NE.
    I’m nervous though. If KS decides not to come, we WILL be stuck with Cable.
    Don’t bow this Jeb!

  58. What I find curious here as that while we can all attest to the fact that Jed has made some dubious decisions and the organizations behaves unprofessionally with the leaks, it is quite evident that he also gave a lot of free reign to Baalke, and that is what ultimately did him in, I believe………… therein, shouldn’t the hate towards Jed be split w Baalke? – I wasn’t a Baalke “hater” until it was reported recently that it was him who F’d up the Gase/Fangio tandem, when I always assumed it was Jed getting involved. My $.02

    – I also believe we will win at least 6 games next season, but closer to 8+ w a good off-season as I don’t think our rebuild is as extensive as most.

  59. Not surprised McDaniels has chosen to stay with the Patriots due to the combination his not wanting to uproot his family and being in line for Patriots HC job after Belichick hangs it up.
    I am looking forward to Shanahan’s fast and physical offensive style. That is of course if the 49ers doesn’t foolishly hire Cable.

  60. If the Niners trade back twice to accumulate picks, with the Jets and the Browns, and trade Staley to a final 8 playoff team for a second round pick, they would have the 12th, 33rd, 34th, 40th and 56th picks.

    With those picks they could draft -Reuben Foster or Derek Barnett, Christian McCaffrey if he falls out of the first round, Jarrad Davis or Caleb Brantley, Taco Charlton or Chris Wormley and Ryan Anderson or Deshon Kizer.

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