Why Colin Kaepernick has to go

This is my Friday column.

Colin Kaepernick has to go. He’s done with the 49ers.

He isn’t necessarily done in the NFL — he eventually could turn his career around somewhere else. But not in Santa Clara. The Niners have to cut Kaepernick at the end of the season.

Forget trading him. No team would give up anything for Kaepernick under his current contract, which includes a salary-cap hit of more than $16.7 million in 2016. He’s not worth that much.

He’s a backup quarterback. He should sign a two-year deal in the offseason to back up an established veteran, someone like Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, or Philip Rivers in San Diego.

Or Alex Smith in Kansas City. Smith seemed to have a good effect on Kaepernick when they were teammates in 2011 and 2012.

It doesn’t really matter where Kaepernick ends up, as long he doesn’t end up starting. As a backup, he wouldn’t have to talk to the media, or act in commercials, or obsess about being a celebrity, or endure criticism from football experts and fans on the internet, or worry about living up to a gigantic contact.

As a backup, Kaepernick could be an anonymous football player and focus on his craft — a craft he isn’t good at.

All the other stuff adds pressure, and Kaepernick crumbles under pressure.

Kaepernick is a small-market guy. Grew up in Turlock — population: 70,365. Played college football in freaking Reno — not exactly the big stage. More like one of those half auditorium-half cafeterias. A cafetorium.

The Niners drafted Kaepernick in the second round, and he sat on the bench for a season and a half. Virtually no one expected him to be a franchise quarterback and, when he finally made his first start, virtually no one expected him to keep the starting job.

Alex Smith was the starter, his passer rating was 104.1, and the Niners were 6-2-1. Smith was simply sitting out a game because of a concussion. He’d be back.

Expectations for Kaepernick’s first start couldn’t have been lower. Which means he was in his element — no pressure. And he was fantastic. He posted a passer rating of 133.1 against the Chicago Bears. He has never played better.

That season, Kaepernick led the Niners all the way to the Super Bowl, where he played well. Until the end, at the 5-yard line, where he crumbled under pressure, frantically throwing wild passes Michael Crabtree’s direction

Next season, same thing. Kaepernick played well when stakes were low. Played well the first two rounds of the playoffs. Even played well in the NFC championship game against the Seattle Seahawks. Until the end, when he crumbled under pressure, frantically throwing Crabtree’s direction.

Kaepernick’s brain seemed to shut down in both cases.

A few months after his second meltdown, the Niners signed Kaepernick to a six-year, $114 million contract. But the deal wasn’t guaranteed. The Niners could cut him after any season, and could dock him $2 million a year until he made the Pro Bowl or returned to the Super Bowl.

The Niners raised the stakes. All of a sudden, Kaepernick was playing for his money AND his career. Every game. That’s when his downward spiral started.

Before Kaepernick signed the mondo contract extension, his passer rating was 93.8. After signing the mondo contract extension, his passer rating has been 82.7.

The pressure is paralyzing him. The guy can’t even throw straight anymore, he’s so petrified of getting intercepted.

Wednesday, a reporter asked head coach Jim Tomsula if he thinks Kaepernick is second-guessing himself.

“That’s something we hit head-on,” Tomsula said. “Look, if you are, are you? No, if you are, stop. Can’t have it. Can’t play that way. And to me, again, it goes back to the weight of the world on your shoulders.”

Which, of course, is true. The weight of the world IS on Kaepernick’s shoulders — that’s his problem. Tomsula is exactly right.

After Tomsula finished speaking, Kaepernick came to the podium and a reporter asked him how he keeps from worrying about his job security.

“I don’t play for job security,” Kaepernick announced. “Whether football is here or not, I will be fine. I go out, I play to win. I’m not worried about job security when I step in this building.”

Which, of course, is not true. But you understand what he’s doing. He’s trying to ignore the pressure, pretend it doesn’t exist.

That’s not going to work. The pressure is real in Santa Clara. Kaepernick has to go.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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      1. As a staunch CK7 defender, I also am, finally, at the point of believeing it is time to move on. I still think Colin was 2 completions away from being the 2nd best QB in SF history, so I don’t think he is nearly as bad as many of you believe and is still far better than Smith (#1 overall pick who hasn’t won 1 playoff game since leaving SF). Moreover, if you believe getting rid of CK7 and subbing in Gabbert or whatever wunderkid from college is going to fix this team, then dream on. The Oline is terrible. The TEs (excpet for Carrier) are terrible. The Defense still needs work and a pass rush outside of Lynch. The coaching staff is brutal. This team has 3-5 years of “complete” fixing required before it get back to being competitive. In that timeframe, I absolutely believe that Colin will come into SF or play SF at his new stadium with another team, as the starting QB, and beat the 49ers at least twice. Despite being a 49ers fan, I would love to see this outcome which will happen. But, yes, there is too much water under this bridge – time for SF and CK7 to move on. It will be the best for both sides.

        1. Second best? Are you kidding me? Put down the crack pipe.

          YA Tittle — HOF
          Joe Montana — HOF
          Steve Young — HOF

          Other QBs with multiple pro-bowls to their resume. Kaepernick was a one-trick pony who did well with the read option.

          In 2012, the 49ers averaged 5.4 yards a read-option play. In 2013, they averaged 2.9 yards a read-option play as the NFL learned to defend it.

          So in 2014 they tried to make him a pocket passer. And he’s a joke.

    1. Thanks for telling me what NOT to read as I don’t want to hear excuses in why Kaepernick should be kept. He needs to go. The Kaepernicking, the gangsta look, lack of 300 yard games, leadership, gets on social media, GET RID OF HIM! I’m sick of people like you that keep excusing Kap for his bad games on the D getting to him, ref calls, coach plays, JT O Sullivan type throws, and Tomsula letting the ship be sunk. I do hope seriously the 49ers do wind up 1 and 8. They’re not that far off as they got an angry Ravens team, a joyous Seattle team after the NYG.

  1. This is a very harsh article… but I think you’re right. Especially the part about no more talking to media, commercials, ect. The act has just worn so thin. The pressure is crushing this guy. Sucks because we all had high hopes… but I just can’t see it turning around at this point

    1. Excellent article Grant.

      You hit one out of the park.

      It’s sad, what’s going on with Kap…However, Baalke produced self-inflicted wounds by not bringing in Holmgren (who offered to coach the team) and could have diagnosed and/or helped Kap immediately. Baalke fears strong willed and knowlegeable offensive minds (distances himself from paste 49er greats–tim kawakami), probably for fear ownership would favor a Superbowl winning ex-49er coach…Whatever is going on here, Kap was definitely set on a downward spiral without an experienced and expert offensive presence.

      1. It’s probable that Baalke orchestrated the whole non-hire of gifted offensive coaches himself by not hiring M. Shannahan and forcing Tomsula on Gase (knowing Gase would decline). In this way Baalke could cover his tracks, knowing any of these coaches would have seen what we’ve seen the first 4 week-A horrendous team-and gone to ownership immediately to inform them of this monstrosity, last seen in a Grade B Sci-Fi movie from the fifties.

  2. Well as you can imagine I agree with what you’ve said. I would add that Kaepernick also lacks the mental capacity to be anything better then a back-up. When he needs to run faster he can go work out and when he needs to throw harder he can go lift more weights but all the film studying and tutor work hasn’t made his QB brain any stronger. He’s hit his mental ceiling for the position. He can’t go to the gym and lift weights to learn how to read coverage better so he doesn’t get any better at it. He can’t go work out and become a more accurate passer so he hasn’t become one. If it can be fixed by going to the weight room then he can handle it, it’s where his gifts lie. What we see is the best QB version of Colin we’ll ever see.

    In all seriousness it might actually be a shame he chose football because he could possibly have been a heck of a pitcher.

  3. I think our definition of playing well are quite different…14/24 153 yards, 1 td, 2ints…not exactly what I would define as playing well.

    I do agree the guy needs to go. Matt Maiocco said recently that the 49ers can’t make a switch at QB because of the cap hit next year, they need to know what they have in him…I say we all have seen everything there is to see and they need to move on. If anything, who we need to see from is Gabbert, see if he has anything, see if he can be a stop gap next year if the right QB isn’t there in the 1st, or if they get a Russel Wilson 3rd round type who may or may not be capable of playing his rookie season. Thats who needs to be seen, who the decision needs to be made about, not Kaepernick, not anymore.

    Bye bye

    1. Russell Wilson type QBs are not he answer. Seattle does not have any sort of offense. They know that and accept it. They lean solely on their defense and its scheme.
      Please don’t fall in the trap of exciting to watch. That’s not going to improve SF.

  4. I agree with most of the article , but I would add the super bowl season Kap had great O Line. He had Vernon near his prime and crabtree before achilles. To what extent did those factors play in role in his success? To what extent did a deteriorating O line and injuries to TE/Wrs play a role in his demise the last 2 years?

    1. He had a great oline in 2013. In 2014 his o-line ranked 9th with PFF (15th in pass blocking) and 10th with Football Outsider.

      Of Kaepernick’s sacks, the vast majority came AFTER 3.5 seconds. Because he ****ing holds the ball too long!

  5. Kaep’s at an all time low in confidence at the moment, but so long as they stick with Kaep at QB, he will most likely play better the remainder of the season, even have some good games in there. Who knows, it may even start this Sunday?

    But the crux of the article is about whether they should stick with Kaep long term. I agree he would be better off taking a step back, be a backup for a year or two behind a good QB, and hone his pocket passing and reading of defenses. He may never get there, but learning on the job doesn’t appear to be helping, as he keeps reverting when things go south.

    And the 49ers are likely better off finding another vet QB next year that is better from the pocket to compete with Gabbert, and drafting a QB that plays from the pocket high that can sit and learn for a bit.

  6. Where are all our stat huggers? Show me a stat that says he has the cerebral wherewithal to read defenses, throw with accuracy and touch?

  7. Well according to Jed York who gave an interview at the Owners meeting, states that they will be very patient with Kaep and that they believe he can turn this around and be there franchise QB moving forward. Those who want Gabbert can hope for an injury cause they won’t take Kaep out. I believe it is the right decision to keep Kaep playing. I think drafting a QB next year is a must but they could also restructure Kaeps number and keep him until the other QB is ready. As much as people want to get rid of Kaep I think getting his value up as much as possible is smart. You never know if he turns it around or not. NO ONE thought Alex Smith could be traded for 2 second rnd picks.. Wishful thinking maybe but I know Gabbert will never have value.

    1. Wait so in one breath you’re saying there is a chance ck can buikd value but not Gabbert? At this point I’d say Gabbert couldn’t be any worse than ck.

      1. Gabbert does not have the physical ability of Kaep. It’s plain and simple. When your talented physically you get a longer leash. Although Kaeps value has dropped a lot, it’s very possible GMs around the league believe it’s do to the O line problems and the lack of a credible coach. I’m not saying he turns his career around here, but there is a much better chance of getting something in return for him then Gabbert.

        1. QB A:

          STRENGTHS Has prototypical size and excellent speed for the position. Shows the ability to make the right pre-snap reads. Possesses a quick release and has the arm strength to make all the throws. Well-balanced passer that rarely misses on short-to-intermediate throws. Extremely mobile to extend plays and fast enough to move the chains. Vocal leader and hard worker.

          WEAKNESSES Trusts his arm too much and puts the ball in harm’s way too often. Does not show good touch on passes over the middle and needs to learn to take a little velocity off certain throws. Struggles to throw an accurate deep ball. Late feeling pressure at times which neutralizes his very good mobility. Will need to learn a pro style offense.

          QB B:

          STRENGTHS: Is an excellent blend of height, build and speed for a quarterback. Possesses toughness and leadership qualities. Flashes good accuracy on intermediate routes. Shows enough arm strength to make most NFL throws. Won’t have many passes batted down. Can escape the pocket and pickup first downs with his legs.

          WEAKNESSES: Plays out of the pistol, lacks experience under center. Has not been asked to make NFL progressions and reads. Not quick to check down or hit hot read against the blitz. Misses too many short passes. Doesn’t have consistent touch on the deep ball. Release is somewhat elongated and can dip down to sidearm at times.

          Both are about 6’4, one ran a 4.53 40, the other a 4.62 (such a minimal difference) but it seems that, outside of the system (traditional spread vs pistol), these are almost the same people.

          Gabbert turns 26 next week, Kaepernick 28 in early November…for whatever that is worth.

          But to say that Kaep has tools that Gabbert does not shows that you don’t really know about Gabbert.

  8. The sad part of all of this, is that we had a solid QB who was thriving under Harbaugh. Due to a concussion, Kap got the start and Harbaugh fell for the potential and tangibles. It was a huge gamble which didn’t work out, so we will end up with neither Alex or Kap.

    1. Well the gamble did pay off cause they got to a SB with Kaep who had a big part In getting us there.

      1. Kaep played very little part in getting them there…he was along for the ride, and last time I checked 49ers (players, ownership and FANS) aren’t happy with just “getting there”….its All or nothing.

    2. If Alex was still the QB, we’d still be having the same discussions about needing to find a new QB.

        1. Got two friends who are (chefs)fans. And not only Alex smith but reed is getting bashed too.

          1. Andy Reid looks like a guy who waggles his fingers at a tray of donuts and says, “don’t mind if I do”.

        2. Absolutely we would be talking about getting a new QB. If you don’t have a franchise QB after 3-4 years of development you better have another in the works. This is where the Niners have failed. They should have drafted one as soon as they traded Alex. This is why this is all on Baalke because now we are 3-4 years from contending again!

          1. The real sin here is that Baalke has not drafted a qb with all these picks he has accumulated in the last few drafts. I think we should be drafting a qb every year. If your starter has confidence issues because of competition, you are already in trouble. I view this as another fail be Baalke.

            1. Walsh drafted 5 qbs after Montana, not one of them higher than the 6th round, not one of them ever took a snap in the NFL…what exactly did that prove?

              1. Thats the point…you don’t draft qbs unless you need a qb (outside of a true backup, not a developmental guy who could start). Baalke, for the past 4 years, has had a starter and felt that no one they could have drafted would have been an improvement. This year will be different. And he did draft Kaep in the 2nd in 2011 (2nd rounders are guys who should start in year 2 or 3, they aren’t career backup guys).

              2. Young was there for the loss of Montana. Who has ever been there for the loss of Kaepernick? So it’s only this year that Baalke realized that Kaepernick wasn’t his forever QB?

        3. Chief fans have been and always will be idiots. Smith just threw for almost 400 yards, has developed a rapport with Maclin, and has been a top 10 fantasy QB twice. An OL that makes our look good and questionable play-calling is what’s holding that team back.

          1. Smith just threw for almost a 400 yards and 0 TD’s. He had the yardage because the Bengals blew them out and let Smith dink and dunk it the rest of the game. Zero TD’s. The dude finally made a TD pass to a receiver after two years. Give me a break. He has regressed and everybody in K.C. sees it. He isn’t a good QB, he’s the equivalent of a system player for Reid. 1-3 record. Last place in the division. “All he does is win.” Right. Say what you want about Kaep, but Smith is already called Captain Checkdown in K.C. and is looked at as the weak link. He never was, and never will be the long term answer at QB.

            1. You need to look at the reasons why he had no TDs against the Bengals BigP. The OL kept letting him get sacked, there were poor plays called, and penalties hurt them as well. You can try to twist that any way you want, but throwing 31 completions for 386 yards is not dinking and dunking. That’s moving the ball. Anybody that denies that just looks foolish.

              1. Dinking and dunking. No TD’s last week. One TD pass to a WR in two years. He has always taken sacks at an alarming rate, this year is no different. He is the polar opposite of Aaron Rodgers. They are 1-3. He is not a difference maker. He is in the absolutely perfect system for his skillset and is proving, once again, that he is not a special player. The record proves it. His stats prove it. I don’t care about garbage time yards. The defense knows he won’t throw it into the end zone so they don’t worry about it. “All he does is win.” Unless he doesn’t. 1-3, but of course it’s not his fault. It never is. It never has been. Smh. The milky blues are still hypnotizing people, it’s too bad that trick isn’t working in K.C.

              2. SMH yourself. I never indicated that he was a difference maker. It’s clear that he needs help around him in order to be an effective QB.
                The only garbage time stats on Smith this season come from the game against the Packers; everything else is his numbers.
                Idiot Chief fans will always be idiots. They can focus the blame on Smith all they want, but the reality is that OL is horrific. I mean how bad can their OL be if they’re willing to reinsert the bust Fisher onto it? That’s bad.
                You also go back to foolish stats of no TDs last week, and 1 WR TD pass. Let me address the first stat.
                The offense had several opportunities to score but kept shooting themselves in the foot, including letting Smith get pummeled and poor play-calling.
                Now onto the WR TD debate. For this we need to look at the WR corps which beyond failed to do their job last season; they were so many drops and poorly run routes that it wasn’t even funny. The WR TD argument isn’t valid because most of that 2014 corps is currently unemployed and Bowe is looking like a free agent bust for the Browns.

              3. Wait a minute. Why the hell are we arguing about the former QB? We’ve got bigger problems on our team to be worrying about.

              4. Big P,

                You don’t care about garbage time yards? What about Kaep’s 300+ against the Steelers?

                Smith didin’t throw any TDs to WRs, which is true, but did you even see his WRs last year? He threw TDs to the better players, which were the TEs and Charles. Did you know Kaep had no TDs in the 4th quarter to anybody last year? How’s that for sucking?

                Alex is not a great QB but he did throw for over 300 against the Bengals, who happen to be 4-0. He’s throwing to their big WR signer Maclin. Since the Denver/GB game their offense is on the uptick. What has Kaep down to Torrie Smith? 9 catches in 4 games. With a TD in GARBAGE TIME!

                And in case any of you Kaepologist forget, we have the same conversation ever year about the Kaep led offense. Back in 2013, the team was struggling and they went back to the run game. Sound familiar?

                We won a game when Kaep was 6 for 15 for 100 yards and he got a bunch of those yards on a garbage toss to Vernon Davis towards the end of the game. The narrative that you Kaeper- nutters was the reason Seattle was better was because they had a better defense, but you never gave credit to the fact they had a better QB. And RW was throwing to a bunch of scrub WRs too.

                But hey, Kaep can run for yards! He keeps us in the game with his legs, because he can’t do squat with his arm! What happened in that Seattle game when he had to pass? INTs baby! And when he does get a few passes together, he chokes at the end of the game. Don’t take my word for it, take Grant’s!!!!

                Oh yeah — Kaep had no Tds last week either. It’s sad when the score is only 17-3 and it feels like garbage time because Keap couldn’t hit the side of a barn. Next man up! Bring on Gabbert!

              5. Fan,
                When did I say anything about Kaepernick’s garbage time stats against Pittsburgh? I never did and I have been quite critical of Kaepernick this year. Smith is a mediocre QB. It’s not breaking news. Pumping up Smith’s nearly 400 TD-less passing yards during a loss in which they trailed the entire game and lost by more than two TD’s is something only a Smither would do. It’s completely hypocritical. His yards are up. TD’s are down. INT’s are up. Victories are down. To a Smither, there is no correlation. I see the correlation between Kaep’s play and the teams play. I also see the damage that has been done by the ownership to the entire franchise. You don’t want to because that would impact your narrative.

            2. Actually you are 100% wrong.

              The score was 14 to 12 at Half, and 21 to 15 midway through the 3rd before the Kelce fumble (a horrible call by the refs), gave Cinci the ball in their redzone and they put the game away.

              Also…Smith had 196 yards passing at half time, when it was a 2 point game. And 253 passing yards when it was 21 to 15….yet you claim this all happened because it was a blowout.

              You see, stats and facts help back up an argument, not just out of your butt opinions.

              And last time I checked, Smith has 4 tds to 2 ints, whereas Kaep has 2 tds to 5 ints (2 are pick 6). Smith is 6th in the NFL in passing yardage and Kaep is 31st.

              You sound so salty and bitter.

              1. I’m not bitter, I’m just tired of people and their Smith sniffing. The guy is not a good QB. He’s mediocre. If he throws 2 INT’s, 0 TD’s and they win, it’s the “All he does is win” card. If he throws 0 TD’s and a bunch of useless yards, it’s somebody else’s fault. It’s the lines fault he couldn’t pass for a TD. It wasn’t the lines fault that he threw for almost 400 yards, was it? He’s running for his life behind a terrible offensive line when it’s time to make excuses about his lack of TD’s, yet that same line allowed him to complete 31 passes for almost 400 yards. Alexcuses. Smith has 4 TD’s and 3 INT’s. I’m not defending Kaep, so I don’t care about your opinion as it relates to him. Smith is not a good QB. It’s no coincidence that his spike in passing yardage coincides with his teams last place, 1-3 record. He is on pace for 4,440 yards, 16 TD’s, 12 INT’s and a 4-12 record. More yards. Less TD’s. More INT’s. Worse record. Don’t take my word for it. Smith himself was quoted a couple of years back as saying “I could absolutely care less about yards per game. I think it’s a totally overblown stat because if you’re losing games in the second half, guess what, you’re like the Carolina Panthers and you’re going no-huddled the entire second half. Yeah, Cam Newton threw for a lot of 300 yard games. That’s great. You’re not winning, though.” So, Smith is now like Cam Newton…..without the victories. Great.

              2. He’s not mediocre. Mediocre players aren’t starters, and they sure as hell aren’t starters for 10 years in this league. If you want to say he isn’t a super star, he isn’t great, fine, have at it…but the guy is better than most Qbs in the league. Is he top 5? no. Top 10? no. But hes in the 10-15 range.

                And wheat exactly is wrong with 2 tds and 0 ints a game? Thats a 32 td season, thats actually really good. Only 6 qbs in 2014 passed for more than 32 tds, so yeah, 2 tds a game would be great for any qb.

                Did you watch the game vs the Bengals, it doesn’t sound like you did…sounds like you saw the box score and came to your own conclussions.

                Is Smith without fault? No…but its as if the guy gets held to standards that even Montana, Marino and Unitas wouldn’t live up to.

              3. MJ,
                They were down by double digits, twice. They were playing from behind the entire game, right? More passing opportunities, more yards and zero TD’s.

                “He’s not mediocre.” He’s not in the top ten. He’s not in the bottom ten. He’s somewhere in that middle range, according to you. I agree with you. He’s not great and he’s not terrible. He’s mediocre…of average quality.

                He hasn’t averaged 2 TD’s a game. He has 4 TD’s in 4 games. He has thrown 3 INT’s. He’s on pace for 16 TD’s, 12 INT’s and a 4-12 record. He doesn’t get held up to high standards, he gets held up to starting QB standards, just like Kaep.

      1. Every team but 4-5 have discussions about new QB’s every year. Every team that isn’t winning at the moment questions the coaching and QB.

        26-27 teams have this same problem, varying degrees, but the same problem.

        Hey…. at least we don’t have the lowest rated QB, who happens to have a better OL in front of him. Kaep hasn’t had the biggest drop in production. Hehe.

        It cracks me up hearing a few of the “told you so’ group, we need a new QB, well… who you gonna get? The grass is NOT greener, there isn’t a substantially better QB available, nobody will trade anything worthwhile for Kaep.

        Not making a prediction, but I feel this week we may see some of the fire they brought week one. These guys have all been professionally embarrassed, I expect a much closer game, NY is dead last in pass D may make it a *little easier.

      2. Scooter

        I don’t hear any weeping and gnashing of teeth coming out of Kansas City…of course this is SF, and he IS a QB

    1. One of Kawakami’s points is why hasn’t Baalke drafted a competitive QB since Kaepernick was drafted.

      Focus folks.

      The players we have at this moment are here because Baalke selected them, either by drafting them, extending them, or bringing in free agents. He owns the coaches too.

      How many of you know how to enjoy football when there are no victories to thump about?

      1. Hint: Have no memory and watch one play at a time and feel good every time you catch a good one. Enjoy.

      2. ht,
        IMO, TK is correct that Baalke and Jed have their fingerprints on the current state of the Niners.
        But, he overlooks the issue that in order to have long term success in the NFL, a QB has to continue to improve, and evolve his game.
        That’s incumbent on him, not on the coach, owner or GM.
        Further more, the improvement has to be sustainable and continuous.
        Kap has not, and that’s why he is struggling….and none of the comfort care, let Kap be Kap, or unleash the stud is helping.

        1. TK doesn’t overlook the fact that no effort has been made to build up an alternative to the current QB no matter who he might be. Green Bay put a first round draft pick (undervalued by the competition) behind Brett Favre for three years before he was needed. Kaepernick has always had a big IF associated with him.

          1. It is very incumbent on the GM to plan ahead for a failure in development. When has Kaepernick ever been viewed as a QB that doesn’t need serious development by anyone other than Seb.

            All Baalke seems to be able to do for the offense is stock pile below average tight ends. Enjoy.

            1. ht,
              Maybe you missed the very first line in my comment, which is:
              “IMO, TK is correct that Baalke and Jed have their fingerprints on the current state of the Niners.”

              So, I gather that you, like TK, give Kap a free pass for his struggles this season or do you believe that Jed & Trent are responsbile for it as well?
              Btw, Kap’s “IF” has turned into back-to-back craters of historic proportions.
              Not one person on this blog or others predicted that. His contract at the very least calls him to be an above average QB. Let’s hope he can pull himself out of this funk to atleast that level.

              Now, onto the back-up, which suddenly has become a hot button topic. Good that TK woke up this season to realize that the Niners should have drafted a QB. Do you recall if this was an issue that TK highlighted on previous occasions? I don’t.
              The list of things that Baalke should have done is a long one, drafting a QB being just one of them.

              1. No, I didn’t miss what you wrote. I’m more interested in what’s needed for the future of the 49ers. I haven’t read anyone giving Colin a pass, and that includes Kawakami. Any conjecture about what other coaches might have done with Kaepernick, or what a more modest contract and competition might have done for him is just that — conjecture.

                If the “light” should happen to go on for Kaepernick starting this week, that would be a minor miracle.

                The absolute fact is that the coaches and players now under contract are there because Baalke thought they were the best available to him at each point in time over the past five years. At the moment those choices are suspect.

              2. Baalke has made one serious draft pick at quarterback, and that was Kaepernick. Many think that he was forced to do that by Harbaugh. I have no idea if that’s true. Once they traded Smith, local writers started wondering when Baalke would draft another QB. There’s no reason why Kawakami wouldn’t have been included. Why he didn’t after firing Harbaugh is dumbfounding to me. Even if he was sure that Kaepernick was the future, Colin’s playing style is high risk and you can see what Baalke chose to do — a cheap free agent. Cheap is a key word in Land of York.

            2. Wait a dadgum minit, I have presented on many occasions ways that Kaep can improve. I have acknowledged his failures yet still see his potential.
              Posters who want to bury him after 3 games do not take into consideration extraneous factors like the O line impotence, the defensive struggles and the coaching deficiencies. Kaep made it to a SB after 10 games and was 6 inches from returning. If he is utilized properly, he can present an unstoppable force. How his supporting cast performs will determine if he wins or loses.
              Being optimistic does not mean that I ignore the deficiencies. Kaep is not excelling, he is regressing. Still, I will remain faithful to Kaep and the 49ers, even if they have a losing season. I was realistic to admit they could lose 6 games, so I was not predicting an undefeated season.

              1. The OL kept the pocket clean for him against the Packers Seb, but he didn’t try to even take advantage of that. The defense also didn’t struggle during the game against the Packers, yet Kaepernick still didn’t try to take advantage of it.
                Let’s be clear on something: Kaepernick made it to the Super Bowl because of his athleticism and the fact there was not that much tape on the pistol. After that season, defenses around the league did their homework and found a way to counter the pistol, but Kaepernick didn’t adjust. Instead, his numbers and effectiveness continued to drop. Then for some reason, the current coaching staff decided to create an offense that played to Kaepernick’s strengths; that was beyond stupid. You don’t build an offense around the strengths of a running QB. Because of that, the offense has been handcuffed by a QB whose skill set is limited and can be defended with little to no problem.
                I will continue to support Kaepernick until he is no longer our QB, but the reality with him is this: the only one holding Colin Kaepernick back is Colin Kaepernick himself.

              2. Kept it so clean he had 6 sacks. Devey was a turnstile. Pears had another drive killing penalty.

              3. On most of those sacks, Kaepernick had a clean pocket yet still took no chances. Find the link to the gifs Cubus provided. They’re an eye-opener.

  9. “Kaepernick is a small-market guy. Grew up in Turlock — population: 70,365. Played college football in freaking Reno — not exactly the big stage. More like one of those half auditorium-half cafeterias. A cafetorium.”

    Gee Grant, let your emotions get in the way much?
    So if going to a large renowned university is a prerequisite for being successful in the NFL can you explain what happened to Jimmy Clausen, Ron Powlus, Rick Mirer (the next Montana), and Vince Young?

    Kap rose the ladder of success meteorically but sadly his descent has been just as fast. Blaming that on his city, university or the size of the school’s cafeteria is over-the-top.
    Part of your negative view of CK seems to stem from his pressers and being a celebrity. Why shouldn’t a person be paid to do endorsements and enjoy celebrity?
    Celebrities are in the eyes of the beholder. How he chooses to wear his celebrity is up to him. I could take it or leave it. I guess I’m not affected by anyone’s celebrity – but that’s me.

    Btw, I doubt Alex Smith will ever (if he has a voice) favor any chance of Kap coming to the Chiefs.

    1. Reed would probably love the chance to have another Mcnabb to mold. He’d probably take his job there too.
      And I agree. I thought grant made some good points but I can see the hatred and finger nails come out in this one. Here kitty kitty!! Lol

    2. AES I think Grants big school analogy relates to how small school QB’s might not be as accustomed to handle pressure as would schools playing on the bigger “stage”.

      1. Prime,
        I gave Grant a list of players that went to ‘big time’ schools that also faltered under pressure to debunk his theory. I’m sure that there are countless successful NFL players that have come from small towns, cities, or schools that have found great success – ever hear of Terry Bradshaw?

            1. Im not in agreement that small school guys cant handle pressure. Im just saying small school guys are maybe not as accustomed to all the hype.
              Grant makes a great point. Since the big contract he seems to fizzle more. Thats because the media and fans expect more and he has more pressure to deal with. He hasnt handled it well at all!

              1. Prime,
                What Grant failed to mention in CK’ detailed regression was the failure of the O-line, bad O-Cord calls, and a head coaching change (that if I remember correctly, was a prime excuse in the Alex Smith soap opera).

                Not saying that Kap has had as many HC’ as did Alex, but you can’t rule out that there has definitely been a disruption in Kap’ game since the new regime.

                This article is nothing more than a personal shot and piling-on by Grant given the fact that small city, small school, and small college have been mentioned.

          1. Media personalities are similar to sports athletes – some are good and some are bad. Some report a story based solely on facts and some report a story based on personal opinion.
            So like celebrities, I could take them or leave them – no biggie to me.

  10. Agree, he did not improved game to game, no clock in his head, holding on the ball too long result in sacks and receivers no longer open. No pocket awardness always seem to run directly into pressure. No confident in his game and it’s shows on the field. If I were him, go out there and make some big play next game.

    1. Couldn’t log in for some reason. I was going to pick the Colts.

  11. Yes, let’s ignore all the surrounding factors. Team owner and GM undermining the team by leaking BS stories and creating an unstable work place. Afterward, dismantling the most successful coaching staff since Siefert and replacing them with 2nd rate coaches. GM who is full of himself and keeps ignoring glaring needs on the team (o-line, inside LB, CB) and instead drafts a punter in the 5th round or salvaged injured players. Yes, CK has played poorly. But, he’s not the only problem.

    1. Nick: You are right on target. They undermined and fired a winning HC and brought a group that should be coaching HS football, at best.

      The team is unspired, and does not know how to win.

      1. Except that first game, they looked pretty good. They showed the world how the Niners can win, but the last 3 games show a huge lack in execution and deficient coaching.

        1. The last two games have shown a deficient QB.

          Its impressive that you are sticking by your QB, Seb, but you are also throwing the coaches under the bus. And for some things they deserve it. But Kaep has given the 49ers no hope of winning a game the past two weeks the way he’s played. That is on him, not the coaches. And that is a real shame as the Packers game was winnable if they had semi-decent QB play, given how the D played, not to mention the better pass protection provided by the OL most of the game and number of times they had open receivers that were just plain missed.

        2. Seb: It was close game up until halftime. Bridgewater, cant read defenses, and fell apart in the second half as the Niners pulled away. Carson, Ben, and Rodgers know how to read defenses. Moreover, they’ve had a chance to study Niner games under Tomsula…

    2. The only surprising thing about the “cost effective” drafting of a cheap punter is that he didn’t need ACL surgery.

        1. Maybe he’s the next Ray Guy. Maybe not. Maybe like Grant’s current view of Kaepernick, he has never performed under pressure and he never will. Baalke’s next logical move will be to have him kick field goals. It’s Bitter Friday today.

  12. I think one under reported story that has influenced the decline of the 49ers is that the Yorks are cheap. They have to spend close the salary cap, because that is expected and reported by all the media. The current coaching staff comes very cheap and is helping the Yorks pocket all that new profit from Levis. A quality coach, and staff, costs big bucks and the Yorks don’t want to spend the money.

    1. I think you are so right. The Yorks are about the money. The stadium is making a lot of money, they are happy. How can we make more? Cut coaching costs. Harbaugh had a large staff and they were well paid. Eddie D had a different approach. Keep winning and the value of the franchise will rise much more than any profits you could wring out of owning a team. I became a 49er fan after their first superbowl win because it they were such a well run organization. Honestly, now I don’t know what I rooting for. They aren’t well run and make a lot of questionable decisions. I don’t know of any other team that elevated non-coordinator coaches to HC and the Yorks have done that twice. I hope people stop going to the games and it gets embarrassing for them and they sell the team.

      1. The Yorks were afraid that Eddie would bankrupt the parent assets running the 49ers the way he did. It turned out that Eddie was very successful taking the parent assets and growing them.

        Now the Yorks have a money tree in the new stadium so everyone is happy except the ticket holders and fans. Few of the premium seat holders are fans. Corporations are not fans, and their guests don’t like to sit in the sun. The corporation owners can’t be bothered with the red tape to sell their tickets when no one wants them so they sit there empty on prime time TV.

    1. Fan77,
      “Old man Hasselback who is slow as heck is play way better then Kaep right now.”

      Nice hypothetical Fan. I’ll throw one in while your at it; How’s Devey and Pears blocking holding up for him?
      See, two can play this game (ha!).

      1. Fan,
        In addition to my last comment, since you seem to be watching the Colts vs Texans game, can you tell me when was the last time you heard JJ Watts named called tonight?

      2. AES,
        Old Man Hasselback didn’t bounce a lot of passes into the ground, throw over the receiver’s head by 15 feet. How many times does Kaep sense pressure and then freak out. He’s like a rabbit being chases by dogs back there. You can’t play QB like that.

        They have tried everything to make the game simple for him at the detriment of any scheme of offensive philosophy.

        I said it last year. he prefers to play playground sandlot ball because it doesn’t rely on any understanding of the pass concepts.

        That’s why he’s struggling now because teams have figured it out.

        He has not counter move or measures.

        He’s going to have a couple of good games until he drifts off into the sunset, but he’s not getting better. This is who he is……

        1. Fan77,
          Yup, it can help even 40 yr old QB’s when they have an O-line that keeps the “D” off your grille.

          Btw, are you going to answer my question? How many times did you hear JJ Watts name mentioned last night, bud?

          1. Do you seriously think the Indy O-line is better then the Niners? Don’t you find it appalling that an old as heck QB is playing at a higher level then Kaep? He was better last week too!

            1. Fan77,
              I know that you are not a stats person, but sometimes you can’t avoid them.
              JJ Watts stat line against the Colts last night was zero solo tackles and zero sacks.
              Yeah Fan, I believe that quantifies the Colts as having a better O-line than the 49ers, what say thee?

              1. AES,
                I know you’re not a knowledge guy, so I’ll try to keep this simple for you.
                Tim Ryan did the game in Houston.He commented on Hasselback. The reason you didn’t hear JJ Wyatt’s name is because they called a lot of quick release passes. It was one two and the ball is out. Go listen to the KNBR podcast if you don’t believe me.

                Here’s Colin’s problem — this is what is going on in his head, Rocket has the stats but he won’t share it with the rest of us, that mis-guided missile!

                Set Hike! One missiiisssiippi….. um.. what comes after one? Oh yeah two…. two missii — wait I think I see a guy wearing the color of the other uniform next to me — I better get out of here THIS PLACE IS NOT SAFE! — oh crap I just ran into Staley’s butt and now I’m going to go down for a sack. Oh well, my fans will just blame this sorry O-Line and not me, yay internet!!!

              2. “Tim Ryan did the game in Houston.He commented on Hasselback. The reason you didn’t hear JJ Wyatt’s name is because they called a lot of quick release passes. It was one two and the ball is out. Go listen to the KNBR podcast if you don’t believe me.”
                ~ Fan77

                Wow Fan, your football acumen never ceases to amaze. So you’re saying that a “quick release” by the QB is that way you nullify JJ Watt.
                Maybe you should send a letter to every C-cord that has had to plan for Watt over the last few years that if they could convince the head coach to have their QB’ use the “quick release” to nullify Watt perhaps he wouldn’t have been an all-pro and AP player of the year twice in 4 seasons.
                Darn those C-cords for not being as smart us you, bud (lol).

              3. AES,
                Boy you are dense. If you want to get to meat of it, they double-teamed JJ Wyatt so they wanted to force someone else to beat them.
                They also called quick passes, 3 step drops. Much like what Brady does. Brady is a dinker and a dunker, in case you didn’t notice. He kills because he has Gronk.

                Now if Colin could read a defense, then maybe he won’t have so many sacks. If he could anticipate throws, maybe he wouldn’t take so many sacks.

                If he ran for 90 yards for a TD, maybe all is forgiven. Of course he’s only done that once.

                But hey he’s going to lead the QBs in rushing, isn’t that awesome?

                Laugh all you want, you’re still two steps behind the convo. Just like Kaep.

                That being said, I will root for a Niner victory. Do I think Kaep is going to do well? Nope. But hey we had a blue moon in July and a red moon in September so maybe Kaep’s due for some rare event, like maybe passing for yards not in garbage time.

            2. “Boy you are dense. If you want to get to meat of it, they double-teamed JJ Wyatt so they wanted to force someone else to beat them.”
              ~ Fan77

              Dude, you really have issues with comprehension. The Colts nullified Watt for an entire game. Whether he was double-teamed or not makes your premise that the Colts O-line isn’t better than the 49ers is beyond ridiculous (“Do you seriously think the Indy O-line is better then the Niners?” Fan).

              But ridiculous seems to be your trademark here (“That’s why he’s struggling now because teams have figured it out. He has not counter move or measures.” Fan).
              Making this kind of assessment only displays your true dislike for Kap(which no matter how many times you try to dismiss has been on full display here) and proves your inability to view the other variables involved in his poor play.

              But hey, if you believe that the Colts O-line is worse than the 49ers who
              I am to argue, right bud?

    1. Yes he is. People in Houston love him. He can make plays but he goes down without being hit sometimes and he definitely takes himself out of games when most other backs would stay in the game. He’s a weird, weird dude.

  13. Grant, do you think Kap needs a new Tattoo as an inspiration?
    Pride comes before the fall, maybe………..

  14. Whats happening to the 49ers is Baalke’s fault. It seems that he can’t draft wide recievers, offensive linemen and QB’s. His only three success’s on the offensive line have been iputtai, Davis and kilgore. Last year most of us saw a gradual failure of the offensive to the point it looked like the offensive linemen were trying to touch Kap before the defense did. The last report by draft focus had Kap harried 45% of the pass plays and everyone is putting the blame on Kap like he’s the failure! Kap needs at 5or 6seconds too compete successfully and Montana or young would fail behind this line though they would look better.

    1. 1) I think your right about the TEs. It’s amazing how the team crowed about the 8 TEs that had at one time, and now you’d be hard pressed to find a TE that has made an impact.

      2) Hyde will get more rushes during the first half. If that’s a total bust, they might switch to Reggie being the primary back.

      3) Your absolutely right that they need to start using T. Smith more. As you point out, it’s a big investment and they aren’t giving him the opportunity to show his ROI.

      4) Trying to call when Kap gets benched is liking trying to time the stock market.

    2. I’m looking forward to seeing if it will be a Jekyll or Hyde performance by the D. Hopefully Mangini doesn’t try and get too cute with this one.

    3. I don’t think there is much of a chance that Baalke fires Tomsula in season. I’d be surprised if Tomsula doesn’t get at least two seasons regardless of how bad the first is. That stems strictly from the idea that when you fire a coach in season or after the first year the GM that hired him is going to take some serious flak. That’s not about the person not working out as much as it is if this person was so unqualified to even make it one year then how could you have possibly hired him in the first place. After two years Baalke(if he’s still around) can stand up there and throw up his hands and say well we wish him the best and we’re sorry it didn’t work out.

      1. Agree with this. Tomsula will likely still be the HC at the start of the 2016 season. And to be honest, that’s probably fair enough anyway.

        1. The only way Baalke can fire Tomsula after one season is if he replaces him with a big name.

          1. If Tomsula’s team losing games by 14 or more points, then I don’t believe there is a way that Baalke can retain him or the coaching staff.

        2. I really didn’t like the hire of Tomsula and like the coordinators even less, but I agree the chances of them being fired after one year are slim. Baalke and York won’t make changes unless they are forced to by a crumbling locker room and/or continued incompetence on the field.

          1. No, but that perspective could change quickly if the offense lays a new egg against the worst pass defense and Mangini tries to add confusion into the mix again.

            1. If the 49ers get completely blown out a handful more times this season, with next to no offense and a paper-thin D, then sure I can see some coaching changes coming next year. And that is certainly possible.

              But I kind of think we have now seen the worst of the 49ers. I’m sure there will be some more ugly games ahead, but I also expect we’ll see some good games from the team too. There is talent on this roster. At least, that is what I’m hoping!

    4. Nice article, Grant. Particularly bold is your prediction about Kaep being benched at half time. If he’s awful in the first half, I hope it happens.

    5. – totally agree about not featuring Hyde, at least as a runner vs. the Giants. Their run D is top notch. The thing is, he’s still our best back.
      – I’d love to see some 2HB formations (Hyde and Bush), which can threaten the edges with pitches and quick swing passes while also providing protection vs. blitzes. Our Ts are in trouble, esp w/o Staley.
      – Kap needs to be in Shotgun/Pistol most of the game. He has trouble reading the D. At least in shotgun he’ll be able to do it better.
      – every play needs a quick option built in. Cut out the slow-developing crap, especially the 4-Go concept, cause Kap can’t read post-snap or deal with pressure. He really needs a short crosser on every play for an easier outlet, which also sucks the backside LB in to create room for the curls and deep in-routes. It also pairs well with a back out in the flat.
      – We need more Blake Bell, Patton and Ellington. Less McDonald (no hands) and Boldin (no speed).
      – More Armstead, please. Other than that, the D was fine last week.

  15. “I don’t play for job security,” Kaepernick announced. “Whether football is here or not, I will be fine. I go out, I play to win. I’m not worried about job security when I step in this building.”

    I liked CK’s old new conferences better. No wonder Harbaugh didn’t let him talk much…three letter words and that was it.

  16. I am ready to move on and talk about something else. Sadly we don’t have much else to talk about. How many more ways can we discuss Kap’s failure? Its a deep trench at this point. People are just piling on at this point.

    CFC said that he thought JT would get two years. Man if I were a fan paying for seats that’d be hard to swallow. I guess you get two really good years of draft picks then. What’s the future you build around? What’s the plan from here on out?

    1. Wilson:

      I think JT gets 3 years. They’ll find a way to stick this season on JH and they (Baalke and his cronies) will declare that next year a rebuilding year and move on from there with JT for 2 more.

      This team is in disarray. it goes beyond the Oline and QB; they don’t know how to win. They look slow and soft. Harbaugh made them believe they could win…now they don’t look like they want to play for a 1st down, nonetheless win a game.

      1. Geez, this is going to be hard to watch if he gets 3 years. I was and am a JH fan. Its already hard to watch this season. Seems like the players would want out if the GM keeps an incompetent coach. I think I’d see a revolt from the locker room before 3 years, even before 2 years. That kind of dysfunction is hard to recover from.

        1. Whether or not anyone admits it, the 49ers are rebuilding. Under those circumstances JT&Co should get three years to get it right.

          1. You’re really advocating for three years? What qualifications do they have that they deserve three years. When has a HC promoted from a non coordinator position been successful?

            1. I’m not advocating anything, just trying to give some perspective. When you lose as much talent, and get as young as the 49ers have, you gotta give the team time to develop. Besides, firing Tomsula after 1 year looks really bad on Baalke and York. Patience is really the only play from here.

              1. Man I can’t see how keeping JT 3 years does anything for us but keep us at the upper end of the draft each year. I don’t think Jed can do that with his promise to compete for SB’s. I don’t doubt we are rebuilding but the issues is we aren’t competitive for lack of talent at QB, Coaching and O line. Players are going to quit on coaches who can’t get them in position to win.

            2. So, if JT stays 3 years, then you believe that Baalke will be here at least that long as well?

              1. Yup. Just because we don’t like the direction of the franchise doesn’t mean York agrees with us. And even if he does, he can’t admit it.

                And even though I hate the way this team looks right now, I think we’re all being pretty emotional about this. If the team finishes strong we may feel different about some things.

              2. Jed York cannot go 3-13 or worse this year. That would mean Baalke, his right hand man has drafted poorly and chose an unqualified head coach. Fired.

              3. Baalke didn’t choose Tomsula. York did. York loves Tomsula. And a horrendous year or two is exactly what Baalke needs to restock the team with talent. Whether or not he can is up for debate I guess.

              4. I don’t know how you can read emotion into all of this, sure some are. I think the team can improve but what would finishing strong be? 3-13? I am not making emotional decisions, rather looking at the body of work so far and JT’s handling of the current mess. He seems incapable of making personnel decisions. Lets see if Gabbert can make Chryst look any better?

                You’re right York can do whatever he wants and doesn’t have to agree with us. Man it seems pretty risky to stick with a coach/s that don’t seem to have what it takes to compete. It would be really weak to not be able to make the changes needed. York dumped Nolan, Singletary mid season.

      2. Tomsula will be fired within 120 days of the superbowl. That’s my call. No way any 49er fan is going to accept this BS garbage from York. Trust me, empty stadium, opposing fans, angry media, changes have to be made when the Yorks lose money and they will. Tomsula will not be around in 2016.

    2. How long can the Yorks stand the embarrassment of empty corporate seats between the 35 yarn lines being shown on TV? At $100M per year, I think they can tolerate that for as long as they own the team. By the way, those are the $20k and the $80k license seats that go for over $300 per game.

  17. Tomsula will stay another year. He is a management kiss ass, liked by most of the 49ers and comes cheap. Perfect for someone like Jed York. I’d say pick another team to follow the next few years if playoff games matter to you.

  18. Prior to the season I said we don’t need a radically improved Kaepernick to win.

    All we needed was the 2012-13 version. High Yards-Per-Attempt + good INT/TD ratio = wins. If he developed additional skills over the summer, all the better.

    But Colin’s been awful. His lowest YPA in his career. He’s incredibly easy for defense to scheme. Dare him to throw deep outs or over the top. He’ll miss. Blitz, and hes too slow eyes to hit the hot route.
    If they played the Vikings this Sunday, the Vikes would shut down Colin knowing they don’t have to defend the entire field.

    Colin’s so bad, there is no “Chryst should try this” fix. There’s the cold reality that if you have a slow eyed quarterback with major accuracy issues, all schemes will fail.

    Like everyone here, I have my preferences for what to try on offense. 3 TEs. More play action. Involve Ellington and Bush more, rediscover Miller… But all that can be shut down if the QB sucks. And our quarterback sucks.

    Like it or not, the next two seasons hinge on Colin pulling out of his funk. If Colin tanks, we will have to draft a QB, and rookie quarterbacks usually suck too.

    Colin’s done it before. He has the ability to run an explosive offense. I’m not writing him off. But I’m not counting on it either.

    And of Colin does tank and we are forced to cut him, I hope York doesn’t take it out on the coaches. Give Chyst, Logan and Tomsula a chance with a real quarterback.

      1. Playaze,

        B2W never said, nor even implied, it would be easy to find a real QB. He only used the term, “real QB”, to make the point that the coaches may actually be pretty good.

        Coaches can only do so much. At some point, the players have to execute.

        Given the lack of talent on the O Line this edition of the 49ers suffers from, I think that the coaching staff has created open receivers at the same time CK has been in a clean pocket, pretty consistently. CK has just broken down and missed throws, period. I’m just not sure how this reflects on the coaches.

        1. A clean pocket does not mean the QB is sacked 6 times. GB put pressure on Kaep all game. If you were talking about a clean pocket, maybe you were referring to the Steeler game when Big Ben was not touched.

            1. I just watch the games and see that Kaep has nanoseconds of time to throw. Quit defending Devey and Pears.

              1. In other words, you’re refusing to look at the the gifs because it will blow apart your theory.

              2. Seb,

                I never said CK has had perfect, or even good, pass protection so far this year. I said, “Given the lack of talent on O Line…”

                CK has had clean pockets often enough this year to have had much better production. It’s just a fact.

                Would it be nice if the O Line was better (much better)? Sure. But CK hasn’t been pressured every drop back and on a lot of those plays, he’s missed wide open receivers. He just has.

              3. Seb, just like the Steelers game was not a good example of why Kaep isn’t a good QB, the Packers game is not a good example of the pass protection issues for the 49ers OL. They actually did a pretty good job. The sacks were almost all on Kaep holding onto the ball way too long, and not manoeuvering in the pocket. Poor QB play.

                Quit defending Kaep.

  19. Not wishing harm on anyone, but if he was to hurt a pinkie or something, then the backup can come in and he lose his job. This staff isint even addressing the situation. Whatever happened to the “competition” to earn spots

    1. I don’t think that “competition” at the position is an important issue to Tomsula. It’s one of the reasons the team plays soft.

      I was watching a Michigan game and one of the commentators mentioned that Michigan was much better this year because Harbaugh pushed competition at every position. The Wolverines seem to be playing tougher now as a result.

  20. NFL:

    “Frank Gore was the workhorse that the Colts needed as they down the Texans at home.”

  21. I remember these types of articles about Romo like what 2, 3 years ago lol Kap will bounce back, the team will bounce back #faithful

    1. Nah, there’s a difference. Romo could play from the pocket. The question about him was can he win in the playoffs and not choke? He could read defenses but people didn’t trust him to win games. Kap’s won games but can’t play from the pocket or read defenses. One’s just finishing with the right skill set, the other is a fundamental problem.

  22. Frank Gore 22 rush 98 yards.
    Hyde will never get numbers like that if the 49ers are losing like 28 to 0.

    1. Stanford is a feeder team for the Colts. The Colts were getting great defensive line play from two Stanford rookies. The Colts defensive backfield wasn’t so great until the last Houston offensive play when they smothered everyone. The Colts also benefited from some mindless penalties at exactly the worst moments in the game for Houston.

      I enjoyed a football game tonight. Go Gore!

  23. silly comments and article. Kaep is a decent QB, when he had a good Oline he ended up in the nfc championship game and Superbowl. Somehow hes dog poo now that he has less than two seconds to throw before he gets slammed. Brady behind this line would look ordinary if not pedestrian. fix the line and then you can get a proper evaluation of the kid. All i have to say is be careful of what you wish for remember the early 2000s… Alex smith was god awful and then the two yrs the line played well with good personnel he looked like he belonged.

    1. I totally agree. Kaep has flaws, but his potential is great. Niners need to make a change at the right side of the O line, or they might not win another game.

    2. You’ve got it backwards. The O-line, once the best in the league, allowed him a lower degree of difficulty. Our D was fantastic, and the offense was effective running the ball. We owned clock, field position, and most importantly, defenses didn’t have him fully figured out.

      Now the O-line is bad. No hiding that. Now he needs to make difficult throws more quickly. Defenses also rush to pin him in the pocket and he doesn’t know how to slide in the pocket while focusing downfield.

      Your comments about Brady are wrong. He beats the defense before the snap. He makes his read, gets the ball out, accurately, and moves the chains. After 6 plays or so, the pass rush just doesn’t have the same oomph, and now the O-line, however talented they are, look like Pro Bowl studs. Further, he slides in the pocket with his eyes downfield, avoiding rushers rather than running into them. He makes his line look good, and if he’s given good protection, he destroys defenses because he chooses the best of 4 or 5 options, whereas Kap can barely make use of 1 of 4.

  24. Grant you are wrong for implying that the stage isntoo bright …the dude is 5-0 in monday night games.

  25. One way to sense how effective your QB is to put yourself into the shoes on an opposing Defensive Coordinator. So, here you are…you’re the DC for the Giants…your getting ready to play the Niners. Are you confident, are you scared to death, how would you stop Kaepernick…hard to scheme or rather easy? As DC are you looking forward to the game, or wishing it would go away?

  26. Anyone wish to opine on this question?:

    If you were Baalke would you try to trade for Hoyer or Mallett in the offseason?

    1. HELL NO!!!!! Both of those guys are awful. You’d be better off going after Ryan Fitzpatrick or maybe Johnny Manziel.

    2. Why, you already have Gabbert? They’re about the same – good enough to resemble an NFL QB, bad enough to lead you to a 3-13 season.

    3. I’d trade for Mike Glennon, and have him compete with Gabbert and a rookie (with the idea the rookie would most likely sit and learn unless he shows he is clearly up to it right off the bat).

        1. Depends on what you offer for him I guess. Winston is the future of that franchise.

        1. Given Andrew Luck’s record against the Patriots, I wonder if there are any Colts fans advocating trading Luck for a veteran QB, playing Hasselbeck the rest of the year, and getting in a new rookie to take over – possibly right away? After all the Kaepernick Luck records are very similar this year. They both “always” fold under pressure in the big one.

          Because I respect your contribution here, I expect a longer view from you than from Grant who, after all, has a very single minded objective for what he writes.

          1. I think we may have a misunderstanding here. You realise I mean trading for Glennon at the end of the season (assuming they decide to move on from Kaep), and drafting a rookie, right? I don’t expect any moves to be made in that regard this season.

            1. That’s what I understood you to mean. What if Luck and Kaepernick play at a similar level for the rest of the year? Do the Colt fans ask for the same outcome? After all Luck hasn’t won as many “big games” as Colin.

              Actually, I’m just being difficult on the topic of fan/Grant type reactions.

              The real problem is that I have no faith that anyone in the current organization has a viable plan for the future. Who will find the next Montana? Who else will satisfy? Who will ever sit in those corporate club seats at Levi’s? Will Tomsula ever finish a sentence in front of a reporter?

              Will anyone ever explain how Walsh and Montana only won two Superbowls in the years following winning the first one? Will God ever speak to me one on one? And so on.

  27. With each passing failure (no pun intended), rational hope for a rebound of CK to the ranks of functional, or better, QB play fades. One thing that keeps hope alive for me is the possibility that CK is caught in a no man’s land between two techniques.

    I used to be a pretty good golfer, and have made swing changes over the years. Sometimes the changes were easy to integrate, other times, not so much. When the new movement pattern is becoming ingrained, you can find yourself in a no man’s land, where the new technique isn’t functional, but even worse, your old semi-function technique isn’t functional, either. There’s just enough of the new motion in the old motion to screw things up. Next comes thinking. After that, doubt. Then, your finished. At least, until, or if, you can get things sorted.

    My hope is CK is in “No Man’s Land” technique wise and will come out of it soon. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m hoping.

    IMO, had CK made the easy throws created for him, the GB game would’ve been much different. They might not have won, but they would’ve at least made GB work for the win.

    1. ^^^This^^^

      Hopefully he’s just thinking too much and will work the kinks out. But that’s just hope.

  28. Interesting article. My only thought is: Grant, do you worry about your safety when you walk into the 49er facility after you’ve called the coaches incompetent and the QB a choke artist?

    1. Apparently, CK has barred Grant from his Twitter. I don’t use Twitter, so I’m not sure what this means exactly.

    1. I was impressed with how well Ward played Cobb. Cobb is not Beckham though. I think his foot injury was a bigger deal than anyone realized. He looks faster and more prepared this year.

  29. Boomer Esiason on Baalke and York:

    “Trent Baalke and Jed York have turned Colin Kaepernick into RGIII. They basically ruined him right now, and you fire Jim Harbaugh, you lose Greg Roman who is the offensive coordinator up in Buffalo. You see what Tyrod Taylor is doing. You ruined your quarterback, your $126 million investment. It is a disgrace what’s going on there.”


    1. I was about to post this link you beat me to it. Things are getting entertaining now. Its kind of like a male soap opera. Pull out the popcorn and lets see how this one plays out.

    2. If only “Boomah” had been reader of this blog for the past three seasons, he would have known that Greg Roman was solely responsible for all of Kap’s deficiencies, and that Jimmy T screaming Tempo in the off season would solve all the problems that ailed the Niner offense.

        1. BE may be right, to a degree, but ask yourself, could a bad coaching situation screw up a truly good QB, once that QB has played at a high level? Maybe, but it seems more likely that the problems we’re seeing have a lot to do (not entirely) with CK himself.

          1. “Maybe, but it seems more likely that the problems we’re seeing have a lot to do (not entirely) with CK himself.”

            Come on man, there has to be someone fans can blame.
            You are taking all the fun out of it……that a QB could be accountable is dangerous thinking. Please stop now.

  30. Your opinions are always black and white Grant. Absolutes without acknowledgement the reasoning is flawed. Kap has performed under pressure for years. Playoff games on the road are pretty high pressure and he seemed to do ok.

    There is no doubt he’s a deer in the headlights right now, but it’s not as simple as being incapable of dealing with the pressure of a big contract or having more responsibility.

    Some on here hate it when I put up stats to back an opinion, but I do so because it’s a way to assess performance without personal bias or emotional reaction to what you think you see but often don’t. The stats tell us that Kap really started to take a dive in performance when Kilgore was injured last season. The Oline play had been sporadic, but losing Kilgore seemed to take it down another level. PFF graded the sacks at the end of the season and blamed Kap for 7 of them. That means 45 sacks were given up by breakdowns and poor play, not to mention a number of sacks that were avoided by Kap escaping them.

    The common denominator between last season and this season as far as Kap’s performance is, he and the Oline have struggled without Anthony Davis and Kilgore. A lot of the defensive pressure is coming from the middle which negates the QB’s ability to make a play. Outside pressure you can step up and keep your eyes downfield with, inside pressure you can’t.

    There is also no doubt that Kap bears a lot of responsibility for his struggles. To be afraid to make a mistake to the point you can’t complete 10 yard passes shows a weak mental makeup. A player can not let past performance affect him and it’s quite apparent Kap does. He also is trying to think while playing and it’s slowing everything down to the point he’s paralyzed. It’s one thing to try and incorporate lessons about playing in the pocket into your game, but he seems to be trying to make dramatic changes all at once and predictably it’s failing miserably. His decision making and accuracy have been terrible the past two games to the point he doesn’t look like he should be playing pro ball. That is troublesome as much for the inability to recover mentally as it is the on field performance. It looks to me like he is seeing ghosts out there. He has taken a lot of sacks in the past 20 games and it seems to be killing his confidence.

    I don’t know if Kap is going to snap out of this and it looks like he’s on borrowed time in SF, but articles like this that create some analogy that clearly isn’t backed up by the facts are silly. You should be better than this by now Grant.

    1. How’d he do in the fourth quarter in Seattle?
      “…shows a weak mental makeup.” It seems we agree.

      1. How’d he do in in arctic conditions in GB two weeks earlier? How well did most QB’s play in Seattle that year?

        What I disagree with is your analogy that he can’t deal with pressure. Saying somebody can’t do something when there is clear evidence to the contrary makes no sense. If you want to say he hasn’t been able to lift his game I’m with you. If you want to say he can’t play consistently from the pocket I’m with you. We do agree that he is weak mentally. Can’t play with pressure? Not backed up by the facts.

        1. Kaepernick posted a passer rating of 75 in Green Bay two weeks earlier. Would have been lower if Mycah Hyde hadn’t dropped that pick-six at the end.

          1. You love hypotheticals to try and prove your points. The passer rating is enough and yet he still made some great plays during that game to win on the road in GB.

              1. You did see this past week the defense held Rodgers to 17pts right? Kap’s terrible play and no offensive production lost the game. The defense can’t win on is own.

              2. The defense limited Rodgers to 177 passing yards and 1 TD at Lambeau. That’s unheard of.

              3. Rocket,

                I believe it was Bill Simmons, on Grantland, who noted that one QB had more “Houdini’s” than RW. Guess who? Right, it was CK.

              4. Wrong again Grant. He threw for 227 and ran for 97. It was a combination of both and again, he led the winning drive at the end of the game. This is why I smh when this topic is discussed. It’s like some of you completely ignore anything positive the guy does and criticize. QB play isn’t always pretty even when you win. Winning is the only thing that should matter; not the style in which it was achieved.

              5. Rodgers had a passer rating of 95 if your going to let the stats work both ways so he didn’t play badly. They Packers still scored 20pts on the defense. Like I said this week Rodgers was held to 17pts. An offensive outing like that playoff team would have won over the SB favorites with 23pts.

              6. He almost never plays badly, but that production was extremely low for him at lambeau. Show me another time he passed for 170 and 1 TD at lambeau.

              7. You need to read more carefully. This was a response to the “mostly scrambles defense won the game” comment, not the Rodgers one.

          2. If you’re talking about the “INT” that want in the playoff game in GB, the defender barely got his fingertips on it and never really had z chance to pick it off.

          3. You are acting like Fan now Grant. What if’s are a losing proposition. Why don’t you tell us all what Rodgers rating was? How about his QBR? Here’s the facts: Kap led his team to a win in poor conditions on the road in GB. His QBR was 88. He outplayed the franchise guy on the other side in his home stadium. He then went on the road and beat a great defense in Carolina. He then had his team one play from winning on the road in Seattle despite being the only offense his team had the entire game. It sucks that the game ended the way it did, but that’s football and doesn’t take away the fact Kap had a good run during those playoffs and the year before.

            1. His passer rating was 75 in Green Bay and 87 in Carolina. The defense won those games. Kaepernick was along for the ride.

              1. The defense didn’t win those games; the team did. One couldn’t do it without the other. That’s how this game works Grant.

              2. Grant what was Carolina’s defense ranked? 2nd in the NFL. What was the average QB rating against them? The opposing QB’s ranking against the Panthers was 81.4, good enough for 9th in the NFL.

                Kap’s 87 was pretty good then. Defenses don’t win on their own.

              3. The Niners picked off Cam Newton twice and held the Panthers to 10 points. Yeah, the defense definitely won that game.

              4. People have a hard time accepting that Kaep is ordinary. He can be extraordinary and make one play, like run for 90 yards, but the rest of the time, he holds the team back with his limitations.

                Rocket likes to make the argument that it’s a team win. But players at certain positions are expected to execute.

                Take a FG kicker. It doesn’t matter if he can kick the ball into the stands if he can’t make the kick when it matters.

                What good is a QB who can make a pass when it matters?

              5. A lot of quarterbacks would look good some of the time playing with one of the best defenses, one of the best offensive lines AND one of the best running games.

              6. The defense didn’t score 23. It takes both sides to win Grant and you are sounding pretty silly now with your refusal to accept it. It also doesn’t change the fact your point about Kap not being able to handle pressure is completely unfounded and not backed up by the evidence.

              7. 23 usually isn’t enough to win at Lambeau. Kaepernick chokes in the biggest moments. He choked plenty of times when he had a great OL. He choked in Green Bay — Hyde just dropped the pick. Kaepernick threw that pass blindly, like he tends to do.

              8. Fan sometimes you’re just blind. We are saying he’s ordinary. We’re just asking the rest of you to stop saying things like “the defense won the game” because the defense won part of the game but didn’t score a single point. Again you don’t have to ignore the good to justify your positions. His good play don’t negate his bad play. Your points still work, they’re just more balanced.

              9. Yes you’re right Grant. Newton, RGIII, Wilson and Kaepernick were all propped up by good defenses and running games. They still had to play they’re part in order to win. The league has figured our 3 of the 4 as lines, run games and defenses age. It still doesn’t make your point no matter how much you try. Defenses contribute to part of the win unless they score all the points too they don’t get credit for all the win. Newton is in a terrible division too.

                This type of QB has been figured out.

            2. You are looking at the team ratings Grant. Rodgers rating was 52.1 and his QBR was 57.6. The conditions were brutal and Kap was the better QB that day.

    2. Name a situation where Kaep had to make an accurate correct pass to win the game.

      In the SB year, he leaned on the Defense. In the ATL game we ran the ball in the 2nd half. We relied on Gore. In the SB he didn’t play well in the first half and if it wasn’t for the black-out, that game is a romp. People forget that during the comeback Niners caught some breaks, like the Ray Rice fumble and the Ted Ginn return. And it all doesn’t matter because he mad four bad passes to Crabtree.

      In the next year he ran for the first down against GB, and was a dropped pick six from totally losing the game. Never mind though because in the Seattle game he stunk.

      You will pull out one decent game in Carolina to justify your position but ignore all the other evidence. Do we really need to make a list of brain fart plays, bad time-outs and false starts to show you that he just can’t process the game fast enough when the moment counts, and that Grant’s right?

      You like to think anyone who disagrees with you is extreme, but it sure seems like you’re the one that is extreme in your defense of one of the worst QBs in the league. He was a flash in the pan. Here in now — he sucks.

      1. Fan chill man. Kap’s gone down in flames. The ship is sinking with him. And you still just want to quote one set of facts. What you say is true and there’s a whole other side of the good plays he’s made. He’s done here.

        You asked for a good throw in the 4th quarter. What about the throw at the end of this clip to Davis for the TD? Third down throw to Crabtree? You don’t have to ignore the good facts to make your point. The bad ones speak for themselves.


          1. So those passes didn’t contribute to the win. Without the TD VD and the 3rd down pass there’s no win Fan. If you’re measuring only by walk off TD passes then your right.

          2. Grant’s point was Kap can’t play with pressure and it is invalid. He made a poor analogy and in typical fashion he’s digging a deeper hole because he can’t admit he was wrong.

            1. He can’t play with pressure. That’s why he choked in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl and the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship game the next year. He shrunk from the big moment. Now he’s shrinking from the big contract. He needs low stakes.

              1. He can’t play with pressure. That’s why he choked in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl and the fourth quarter of the NFC Championship game the next year.

                He brought them back from a huge deficit, scoring 25 points in the second half. The incomplete passes to Crabtree at the end are not an example of choking. They are an example of the Coaching staff being bullish on the play they think should work and some pass interference ignored by the officials. In Seattle he was being aggressive right up until the end. That is not choking. Choking is when you freeze up and can’t perform. That’s what happened last week against GB; not in the SB and NFCCG.

                If he couldn’t perform in big moments they never would have sniffed the success they did in those years Grant. You have no argument here.

              2. “The incomplete passes to Crabtree at the end are not an example of choking.”

                I think we’re done here.

              3. “The incomplete passes to Crabtree at the end are not an example of choking.”

                I think we’re done here.

                You never had a point to begin with. At the time it was the Coaching staffs play calling on that last series that everyone had a problem with. Now it’s about the QB choking so you can form an analogy that has no basis in reality. Really poor job here Grant. You’re better than this.

            2. Rocket I think Grants point is very valid. Look at all the games Colin Kaepernick was asked to be at his best, and the results demonstrate he seems to struggle in big games, at inopportune times. Nothing more evident then 2 weeks ago against Arizona.
              Now yes he has played well on the big stage but that was almost 2 years ago. In this league its what have you done lately. Lately, not so good.

              1. Is it possible Rocket can come up with a stat that shows #7 is right on par with the other QB’s in the NFL. Or can he finally admit that #7 was a flash in the pan and all his stats are a complete illusion to who and what he really is? A running QB unable to play within the pocket and deliver in big moments! Rocket, reality needs to slap you smart!

              2. FDM,

                Grant is rewriting history using small examples that fit his narrative. Even with those examples he’s stretching the truth to the extreme.

                Kap played well in the SB and was their only offense in the NFCCG. He turned the ball over 3 times yes, but he also had them in position to win with no help from the running game.

                He’s been fine on the big stage and has won a lot more of the big games than he’s lost. A week three game against AZ is not a big game in the context Grant is talking about. Kap played terribly, it was also week 3 of an NFL season.

                I understand this is a what have you done for me lately league. What I don’t agree with is a story that is nothing but a fabrication based on minimal information used and a clearly biased narrative.

              3. I think you are basing Kapernicks career on the fact he played well in the past. But like you said, in some of those games, he played poorly as well. The other factor was that in the NFCCG in Seattle, “He turned the ball over 3 times yes, but he also had them in position to win with no help from the running game.
                But now the running element in his game has made the entire offense out of sync. Plays are being abandoned early, the WR’s are open, but he choses to run, and his linemen are confused as to what he will do next because he is undisciplined in his progressions.

                Also, the game against Arizona was a big game. First off, every game in your division is huge. Its not just a regular game. And it was a measuring stick type game because it was against an elite defense.

                I don’t think you classify Kaepernicks narrative anymore as with minimal information. 2 years ago he was a good QB. Today, he is not. He is not worth investing 12-16 million dollars a year. If we all were paid on what we did 2 years ago, then of course we would not be worried about job security. But his regression is real and it does not make up for what he did in the past.

                The NFL is a copy cat league. Defenses are scheming to take away what Kaepernick does well and he has not evolved to change that. Any criticism he endures is well deserved and should not be nullified because he did what he did 2 years ago or what the statistics say.

              4. FDM,

                2 years ago he was a good QB. Today, he is not.

                Bingo. Give this man a hand. This is the key to this whole thing FDM. I’m not saying he’s playing well now, in fact I’ve said he’s playing horribly. All I’m trying to get across about the past years is that he did play well quite often and contrary to the opinions expressed in this article, played well under pressure many times.

                Grant is trying to pass off an opinion that he’s never played well with pressure, that somehow this goes back to where he grew up and went to College and ultimately failure in the SB and the NFCCG in Seattle. It’s a viewpoint that is so devoid of common sense and factual truth I have no choice but to call him on it for a clear agenda driven and flawed analogy.

                Fan has been doing this from the beginning, I’m used to it from him, but Grant has an obligation to research and verify his opinions being a paid writer who has been entrusted with running a 49er blog. An article like this is really unprofessional, biased and poorly researched.

                If you want to say he is playing poorly now, may not have a future here beyond this year, they need to draft a QB etc, I am in full agreement. This is about rewriting history and portraying it very differently to how it really was.

              5. Ummm…. who said he was a good QB? Says you? So you can verify your argument? I don’t think Greg Cosell thinks he’s a good QB. Tim Kawakami doesn’t think so.
                What makes a good QB to you? Stats? We’ve been saying it’s crunch time. Not doing stupid stuff at critical points in the game. Getting other players involved. How many times does Kaep run instead of throw to an open receiver? That doesn’t sound like a good QB to me.
                Do you want to go by his record? Okay, Alex Smith under Harbaugh was winning games. Do you think he’s good QB, or did he need a good running game and Defense?

                I’ll say this, at least I can pull up a highlight of Smith actually making a throw when all the chips were on the line, and he won a game. Remember Vernon Post?

              6. Fan,

                He was ranked in the top ten his first two years, went to a SB and NFCCG in back to back years and won a lot of football games. He played well during that time. To say he didn’t is nonsense.

              7. Rocket says “He was ranked in the top ten his first two years, went to a SB and NFCCG in back to back years and won a lot of football games”

                The fact he was ranked in those successive years does not mean he was and is a good QB. All it means is that he played well enough at that time. It takes consistency to be a good player. I mean if a statistic from 2 years ago means something, please explain.

                I get what you are trying to say Rocket in that Kaepernick was a good QB. But really he wasn’t. His stats were inflated to a point that it never really revealed his short comings til defenses were able to game plan for him. It all started in the SB. People forget that if not for the blackout, that game was a blow out.

      2. Fan,

        You continue show that all you do is spout off about things with absolutely no objectivity. You criticize a throw that was almost intercepted and ignore the fact he led them on the winning drive to finish the game. It’s so typical of you. He was playing in arctic conditions on the road in GB and won the game with a last minute drive and all you can focus on is what didn’t happen. This is why I feel sorry for you. You couldn’t even enjoy that run because you wanted this guy to fail so badly.

        The SB run happened with the defense playing very poorly and in fact was the main reason they didn’t win the SB. They gave up 4 TD’s in the first half for goodness sake yet your focus is on Kap. He actually played pretty well in the first half with the exception of a pick that led to no points for Baltimore anyway. The first two drives of that game the offense went 60+ yards and kicked a FG, and 56 yards until a fumble by LMJ. They had to start their 4th possession from the 6 yard line and were conservative with the play calling which led to a punt. The final possession of the half he led them 56 yards with under two minutes to go for a FG. Your opinion that he didn’t play well in the first half of the SB is predictably wrong because you don’t make educated statements. You make statements based on your feelings about the player. That is why I don’t give you any credit for your criticism of Kaepernick. You have been criticizing this guy from the time he took over no matter what he did on the field. The fact you are now filled with glee because he’s struggling, doesn’t change the fact your views have been clouded with personal dislike for the player either because he knocked your boy Smith out of the starting role, he is not like Smith in personality, or both.

        My defense of Kap is based on things you are wrong about; not a blind defense of his play. You want to pretend he’s never done anything good for this team and it’s ridiculous. I don’t defend poor play and never have. When he’s played poorly I’ve said so. What I don’t do is judge somebody based on other factors that have nothing to do with his play on the field. If I see a QB that I don’t think can help the Niners win, then I’m looking for other alternatives. If the QB has led us to some pretty big wins and is working to get better, I will support him. There is no prejudgment or bias; just reaction to what I see on the field. What I see right now is a confidence shot player who can’t help us win and if that continues he has to be replaced by somebody who can. That is all I care about and all anyone who is a fan of this team should care about. Wins in any way they can be achieved.

      3. Fan77,
        30 starting QB’s didn’t play in the 2012 SB.
        That includes Brady, P. and E. Manning, Rodgers, along with Brees.
        But you continue to regurgitate Kap’ SB play.

        Yep, Kap fell one pass short (or too long) from winning. But let’s all forget that he brought us back from a big deficit. Selective memory sure runs rampant around here.

    3. Rocket,

      Why bother with facts and stats, when you can just use magical thinking? It’s so much easier and you can just say anything you want.

      1. Magical thinking…like you when predicted the Niners would go 12-4 this season?

        People don’t forget.

        1. Very Grant of you to pull the most wrong part of that post.

          I didn’t make a prediction, I gave a range of outcomes. From an extreme high of 12-4, to a low of 8-8.

          These predictions were made before A Davis retired, A Smith was cut and Kilgore wasn’t healthy enough to play.

          Your omission of these facts makes your notation of my 12-4 “prediction”, more or less, a lie.

          After those losses, I adjusted the lower bound to 7-9 and an upper bound of 10-6. This reduced upper bound has turned out to be overly optimistic.

          I made a wrong prediction. I’m going to own, fix it, and move on.

          See how easy that is, Grant? Why don’t you try it? I’m pretty sure the times you’ve admitted you were wrong (which happens plenty) can be counted on one hand.

          Not only do you rarely admit when you’re wrong, but you double down, refusing to let go, and then, you just pretend you never made the wrong prediction, in the first place.

          At least I’ve never tried claim a ball was thrown the height of a three story building over a receiver’s head, so I’ve got that going for me.

          BTW, can you explain how you can do your job without a DVR?

            1. Clearly not a good call, Grant.

              If you are trying to make me feel foolish or bad about myself, you’re failing.

              1. Grant,

                I just took a look at the post you culled that comment of mine. Again, you made it sound like I made an unqualified prediction of 12-4. In the last line of that post, I wrote 12-4 max and 8-8 min.

                On top of that, since that prediction, the 49ers lost 2/5 of their O Line and A Smith.

                I challenge you to explain how you feel it’s ok to intentionally omit these factors?

              2. Your second sentence was strong, too: “The 49ers are better than the Rams, Browns, Giants, Falcons, Vikings, Steelers, Lions and Bears anywhere, that’s 9 wins.”

    4. I don’t understand why folks here consider Grant’s extreme and rather puerile opinions so seriously. If Grant assumes this TMZ style to get the comments rolling in, it does succeed. Seem like Grant’s opinionating style is far better suited for BR than this blog.

      Rocket is right that the steady decline in Kap’s play mirror’s the steady decline in O line play, first because of Kilgore injury, then because of Davis’ retirement, then came the abysmal right side, and finally came sub-par play on the left side.

      Lousy O line not only affects the play in which O line does not pass block well, it may also affect the plays where the O line blocks adequately but the QB is now so jittery and lacks faith in the line that he feels ghost pressure makes poor throws. Add to it a QB like Kap who was never a sufficiently accurate passer under pressure.
      Add to that a coaching staff that is over its head and is not able to inject confidence in their offense that the plays they have designed will work. It’s the worst of all worlds for the offense, except Hyde’s play, which unfortunately can be neutralized by stacking the box.

      QBs like Matt Ryan and Andy Dalton are suddenly looking very good now that their O lines are playing well. So does Cam Newton. Their lines are top-10 this season. On the flip side, Luck’s numbers are awful because his O line was playing awful. (side note: Pep Hamilton used multiple TEs’ last evening to effectively protect Hasselback).

      There may be 4-5 QBs in this league who can play at a very high level with lousy O lines. The other 27-28 can’t — fans just have to deal with it.

      1. So logical and without hyperbole. I don’t know that some will even understand what you are talking about.

        1. Smh. He was 10th overall in rating and 6th overall in QBR the following season along with winning two playoff games on the road.

          The decline started last year when the Oline was playing poorly in pass protection and Harbaugh and Roman went away from Play action too often.

          1. And yet that season ended the EXACT same way as the previous one — him choking at the end. He’s scarred by the Super Bowl.

            1. The O-Line argument is a weak one. His decline started when Harbaugh and Roman were trying to add to his plate to expand his skill set and he couldn’t handle and process the information. I said it LAST YEAR that Kaep was holding the ball too long and was running into sacks. It was obvious he had limitations and teams figured him out. That was the reason for the decline.

              I said it in pre-season this year when Kaep ran for 34 yards and had time to stop and throw a pass. Nope. people got all pissy. And that was a pre-season game.

              And now the wheels have come off. He’s exposed. Even if he has a game or two up-ticks will not change the fact that he has bad mechanics, a big wind-up, slow to react, slow to
              adjust to the speed of the game. He makes the O-line look bad, and receivers look bad.

              Now it’s okay for guys like Rocket to say, “Oh I was balanced, I always saw his problems — blah, blah blah.”

              It least I’ve been consistent. I always said I wanted him to do well but just didn’t think he was that good. And now Rocket wants to make it about Smith and I’m a Smith lover when I repeatedly, and Grant knows this, said I would dump Smith for Payton Manning back in 2012.

              Rocket you should man up and just say you were wrong about Kaep. Your stats led you down the wrong rabbit hole.

              It’s time to get on the Gabbert bandwagon!!!!!

              1. Fan,

                The problem you have is that I don’t forget what you have said in previous years. You have never gotten behind Kap with the exception of backhanded compliments like I hope he can keep this up but I doubt it or he played ok but..

                You were a big time Smith supporter and still are. You brought him regularly then and you still do it now. You are trying to pretend he doesn’t play into this but you can’t help yourself and bring him up in comparison every time it doesn’t portray Kap favorably.

                I stand by what I’ve said and that is you have criticized Kap irrationally from day one. From wearing a Dolphin hat to being surly in PC’s, to ignoring pretty much every positive thing the guy has ever accomplished. You are a hater, but at least you might finally see your dream come true.

              2. Rocket you should man up and just say you were wrong about Kaep. Your stats led you down the wrong rabbit hole

                You keep saying this and it’s a straw man argument. You want to pretend I’ve been a blindly devoted follower of Kap and could see no wrong and it’s complete nonsense. I supported Kap, pointed out the fact he was playing pretty well backed up by the numbers and wins when you stated the opposite. I’ve stated many times he needed to improve his play in the pocket and his fundamentals as well but you don’t seem to focus on that. Just the fact I won’t go along with a flawed and biased viewpoint that he’s never been any good.

                I am a realist Fan. You are a hater. The difference is I see the good and the bad and allow for both sides of the debate. You want to pretend it’s all been bad or that the positive meant little in the grand scheme. That leads us nowhere because you refuse to acknowledge anything from the other side. I think I’m done here.

            2. So one play at the end of a great playoff run means he was scarred from the previous year and can’t handle pressure…you have lost it Grant.

              1. “Rocket,
                You’re delusional is what you are!” … Fansince77

                Rocket, I agree with Fan. You are delusional to think you can discuss any of this with Fan and Grant using reason and logic. They both have agendas that have been pointed out over and over again. Fan is fixated, and Grant cynically goes for turmoil.

                Who knows where Fan’s fixation comes from, but it’s clear where Grant’s got his formula.

              2. HT,

                I think you nailed it. I’m going about this the wrong way. I need to change to extreme black and white bullet points and ignore anything that contradicts my opinion. That seems to be the majority of what this board is now.

          2. And there’s the stat guy! Rocket, a lot of good teams are winning with poor offensive lines. It’s the nature of the NFL with defensive players being as quick and fast and agile as offensive players. You could make the arguement that there are better athletes on the defensive side of the ball.
            Bottom line, the great Dallas Cowboys olines in their hay day could not make #7 accurate and cool under pressure. He is what is so why do you keep making him out to be someone the Niners should continue to develop?

              1. Grant,

                I would venture to guess that you could include many of the more reasoned posters on here on a list of those who more closely align themselves with Rocket than Fan.

              2. You seem to feel I’m stubborn and may not be worth arguing with based on my refusal to conform to the “Kap sucks and always has” movement, and I’m saying if that’s how you feel so be it.
                You seem to feel I’m stubborn and may not be worth arguing with based on my insistence on repeatedly arguing with anyone that thinks different then I do on the subject despite the fact that my view is clearly in the minority.

                “and I’m saying if that’s how you feel so be it.”
                Ok, thanks for saying so. Doesn’t actually mean anything or address the discussion we were having but again, ok.

              3. Fan,

                If more people are needed to drag the rent down (as you stateed 12:24,3-posts down) shouldn’t you include Seb in this longwinded Kap story rental decline?

            1. Prime,

              Read what is being said instead of reading into what you want to read. There is a clear correlation between a drop off in Kap’s play and the play of the Oline when Kilgore was lost last season. I didn’t make it up; it’s a fact.

              Some QB’s can overcome poor play by their Oline, but it’s a very small list and even fewer recover from being sacked 50 plus times. It’s very apparent Kap has lost his confidence. Some of it is due to his inability to overcome mental hurdles and some is based on his Oline not being able to protect him. The end result is poor QB play and that is the bottom line.

              1. Easy outlet to blame the Oline Rocket. Tell me how that correlates to looking like a rookie playing for the first time? Or how about the lack of maturity and leadership in big games?
                Point is you don’t continue to work with someone whose fearful and has demonstrated lack of fundamental improvement in his 4th season. He is not a QB you build around for the simple reason how he plays in crunch time.
                Your telling me me he showed up against the Cards which was a huge barometer game and part of those pick 6’s was on the oline? Cmon man!

              2. Prime,

                Complete loss of confidence is why he’s playing so poorly. Some of that is on him and some on the Oline based on the examples I have provided you.

                The Ints. against the Cards were 100% his fault. I never stated anything different. The topic we have been focusing on here is the idea that Kap chokes under pressure and when the decline began to happen. In both cases Grant is incorrect because the facts don’t back his assertion.

                As to whether they continue working with Kap, right now he is playing so poorly there isn’t much they can do. He has to pull himself out of it or he’s done here. He may already be done in so far as they are planning on the future without him, but he makes it a pretty easy decision if he continues to play like he has the past two games.

                No matter what happens the rest of the way my personal view is they need to draft a QB with a high pick and bring in a vet to provide real competition. Whether Kap is still around or not, they need to plan for the future and strengthen the position.

              3. No, Rocket, you must come up with an easy to understand take, with only one the key parties responsible.

                Just because this a complicated situation, that doesn’t have one clear answer, shouldn’t stop anyone from determining who is at fault and then tearing them apart.

              4. Here’s the problem with your argument: You equate the drop off due to Kilgore not being in the O-Line.

                Here’s the dots you connected that makes you feel good about your stance on Kaep:

                Kilgore missing = Kaep Struggling.

                What you can’t or refuse to grasp is this larger, bigger sample of info.

                Here it is:

                Defenses adjusted + Kaep slow to read defenses = Kaep struggling.

                He’s never been as effective or dynamic as he was his first season. He had 3 seconds to throw and he never does. Why? Because he can’t read the defense. He’s lost out there. Game over!

              5. Fan,

                The Kilgore point was made in reference to when a clear decline in Kaps performance started. Did I say it’s the only reason or that Kap isn’t also to blame for his decline? Grant said it started after the SB and yet nothing backs up that contention. Not personal stats, not wins, not anything. It’s a flawed analogy which is why I pointed out a statistical reference to a point in time where you can see a decline begin.

              6. Kaepernick was horrendous Week 2 with Kilgore. Totally melted down at home. He’s a choke artist who might improve in a few years after people forget about him.

              7. ex,

                I’m fighting a losing battle. It’s like a town that believes a guy is guilty of a crime, works themselves into a frenzy based on a flawed premise and then goes out looking for him with the pitchforks and torches. We are all frustrated by how poorly this team has played but some don’t feel better unless they can find a target to pin it all on. Classic mob mentality.

              8. And now you’ve convinced yourself you’re the only rational one in the room. Nice.

              9. No I’ve just realized that the need to follow an agenda or flawed analogy outweighs the facts and common sense in here sometimes.

              10. Most would say you have the agenda. You’ve been defending the guy for years and your arguments have been proven false. So, you’re grasping for small rhetoric victories.

              11. I’m starting to think Seb and Rocket are the same person. Both are amazingly stubborn and regardless of how many people disagree with them they remain steadfast in their opinion. Nothing wrong with it just might have to decide for yourself if someone like that is worth arguing with.

              12. For so many years many of us defended Alex Smith. Once he reached his ceiling it was time to move him. I was not happy about the demotion because you should never lose your job due to injury. But Alex was never going to be the guy to build around and the Niners did we’ll with the trade.
                With CK, his value was for maybe half a season but as we are witnessing, the league has been able to neutralize his limited skills.
                Your defence of him is confusing because his play has deteriorated so bad that using the rest of the teams play is mind boggling. I infact think it’s the opposite. His poor performances are a result of their poor play, not vice versa!

              13. It’s okay to have an opinion, it’s even okay to be a fan. I would support a person who was a fan of Kaep and had a passion for who he is and how he plays. But Rocket likes to defend his view with logic or stats, that somehow that makes it true and his opinion valid. And every counter argument is based on extremes.

                I’ve never said I was right or smarter then anyone else. I just spoke stated my opinions and views, never shied away from them when the mob, aka Bay Area Fanatic, didn’t like it.

                Turns out Kaep sucks and yet you continue to try and spin the argument into some other direction, like we’re Alex Smith Lovers or it’s Kilgore’s fault.

                I mean how many examples of brain farting do you need from Kaep to realize his brain likes to fart?

                Maybe you need a brain fart stat, let me give a few to you:

                Bears game in 2014 — 4 TOs.
                Rams Game in 2014 — Fumbles in the one yard line.

                Any Seattle game!

                Who makes the same mistake twice? I know a guy – Kaep!

                Throws a fade route to end the SB.
                Throws a fade route to end the NFFCG

                Throws a pick six off his back foot in the AZ game.
                Does the exact thing on the very next drive.

                But wait — Rocket will now pull some obscure stat saying that those mistakes only happen when Kaep is playing on bermuda grass surfaces, which mess up his sinuses so that’s why he didn’t play well in those games.

                Oh I see… That explains why he’s not that good….

              14. Most would say you have the agenda. You’ve been defending the guy for years and all of your arguments have been proven false. So, you’re grasping for small rhetoric victories.

                Sigh you just don’t give up and now resort to false premises. I’ve defended Kap against assertions he can’t play or he sucks, take your pick, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. My arguments haven’t been proven false because they are factually correct in both stats and in the won loss column.

                What fan, and now apparently you, are trying to pass off, is some straw man argument implying I am a Kap apologist, and it’s simply not true. I have called it the way I saw it from the beginning and that is based on what I see on the field and the results. That includes criticism when it is deserved and praise and support when the results are favorable. I don’t support bad play that results in losses. Never have never will. All I care about is winning games and if they find somebody who can do that better than Kaepernick, I’m all for it. I won’t take the angle of extreme hyperbole to describe a career based on a limited amount of info that paints it in a negative light either. That is sensationalism and TMZ like nonsense. The only way to form a true conclusion is by including all practical info and not overreacting to certain individual elements. This article you wrote was not based on anything other than wanting to write the end of Kaps career here and paint him as a complete failure.

                The Grant Cohn system of one week a guy is great and the next week he sucks may garner hits but it doesn’t portray rational arguments

              15. Kaepernick isn’t a complete failure; he’s just a complete failure during the biggest moments of his career.

              16. Rocket,
                I asked Scooter this before, where do you get the energy to keep arguing with some posters here that have agendas and seems to cannot understand simple reasoning?

                Don’t take this the wrong way, but you DO NOT want to poll the regulars here on who they think has an agenda between you and Rocket!

              17. CFC,

                I’m starting to think Seb and Rocket are the same person. Both are amazingly stubborn and regardless of how many people disagree with them they remain steadfast in their opinion. Nothing wrong with it just might have to decide for yourself if someone like that is worth arguing with.

                Yeah Seb and I are really similar in our styles.

                If you think I’m wrong I’m ok with that, but I don’t decide to agree with a flawed point simply because others do. As I’ve explained repeatedly, there is a big difference in calling people on factually incorrect info regarding Kap and being an apologist who can see no wrong. I have seen wrong in Kap, but I don’t disregard everything he’s ever done to paint an opinion that he’s always been garbage either. If you can’t accept that, so be it.

              18. Ricardo,

                It’s nothing more than sitting in my office on a Friday afternoon with a baseball game on and filling time. I’ve always enjoyed arguing for some reason and it’s easy to get into debates around here. I really don’t take any of it personally and have thick skin so it is easy to keep on going.

                Thanks for the support.

              19. This is yet another flawed argument from you. You’re not taking any of your data in the context of how it was gathered, nor considering the viability of how fast the league adapted to the Read Option. You want to weigh the entire sample of data when some of that data is tainted or flawed/

                Based on your logic, I must be a great golfer this summer because I was almost a scratch golfer. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I was a scratch when I was playing the pitch and putt course. And the one time I hit a real course I laid and egg. But based on the sample, hey, I’m a good golfer.

                SMH, and then SMH some more!

                You are much better off saying you’re a Kaepologists, at least you can stand by your passion. Right now it’s all rhetoric like Grant says…..

              20. I have seen wrong in Kap, but I don’t disregard everything he’s ever done to paint an opinion that he’s always been garbage either. If you can’t accept that, so be it.
                What does my acceptance or lack there of have to do with the subject at hand?

              21. Have they ever argued with each other?
                Come to think of it I can’t recall ever seeing them in the same room together.

              22. Fan,

                If a player plays well statistically and wins games, it doesn’t make sense to say he sucks and can’t play. He’s proven he can by what he accomplished and you can’t change that. What’s happened now is the player hasn’t improved and the pieces around him are not as good as they used to be. The same player is no playing without confidence and the results are a disaster. Your premise that he’s always been lousy or can’t play at this level, was disproved a long time ago. You just can’t get past your need to see him labeled a complete failure.

              23. CFC,

                What does my acceptance or lack there of have to do with the subject at hand?

                You seem to feel I’m stubborn and may not be worth arguing with based on my refusal to conform to the “Kap sucks and always has” movement, and I’m saying if that’s how you feel so be it.

              24. Kaep was a gimmick. He caught teams by surprise with the READ/OPTION.

                When he was asked to make a QB play, he failed. Your argument of how he played in both the SB and NFCCG is a fine example of how you value his stats, but not his play in critical areas. Any time any one brings up these issues in the red zone, you defend him by saying its a team game, or it’s someone else’s fault. But a good QB makes throws that wins games.

                You don’t have to agree with Cosell but — this just in — I respect his opinion more then yours — not because he happens to share the same opinion of Kaep, but he shares the opinion of what a good QB is, which is a player that can make throws when needed.

                He’s never been that accurate. He’s never been able to throw with touch. He’s never been able to read defenses. He didn’t forget. Harbaugh and Roman hid his limitations.

              25. And as usual, any time someone says something even slightly positive about Kaep, everyone takes that to mean they think Kaep is great.

                C’mon folks, all rocket is saying is that Kaep has played well, and has performed in pressure situations in the past. Heck, what is his road record in playoffs?

                As for right now, he is playing terribly, and rocket is not arguing with anybody about that. He’s just saying that he has shown in the past he is capable of playing well in games. So the agenda that he is a terrible QB is clearly false. He is an inconsistent QB, with some big flaws in his game, that is currently playing terribly. And because he’s not consistently good/ great, a large section of people on here believe that makes him terrible. The old if they aren’t great, they aren’t good enough train of thought. Which is a fine viewpoint to have btw, but not being good enough for what you want in the QB does not make him a terrible QB. And yes, for the record, I think the 49ers should move on from him at the end of the year.

                Regarding using the OL as an “excuse”. The OL absolutely has been an issue, and is directly attributable to Kaep’s poor play. Kaep clearly is lacking in confidence atm, and one of the reasons for that is he lacks confidence in the pass protection to give him time to throw. So now even when they do give him time, he is still seeing ghosts and making bad decisions. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I AM SAYING KAEP IS NOT AT FAULT! His poor QB play atm is on him. He is the one making bad decisions. He needs to trust the guys in front of him to do their jobs. But saying the poor play of the OL has contributed to Kaep’s loss of confidence is equally true, as is a suggestion that with better OL play Kaep would most likely look a heck of a lot better.

                The facts aren’t black and white like a lot of people want to make them out to be.

              26. Kaepernick’s road record in the playoffs is 3-1. Mark Sanchez’s road record in the playoffs is 4-2. That’s a team stat. It’s meaningless.

              27. Scooter,

                Bang on the money. I’ve said it to the point I’m repeating myself over and over. Maybe you’ll get through, but don’t count on it ;)

              28. He’s won pressure games. And he’s not stunk. Do you have to be All-World in pressure games to not have choked?

              29. He choked in the two biggest games of his life. Sanchez has won more pressure games than Kaepernick. QB wins is not a stat.

              30. So what you are saying is that sometimes with the game on the line he “chokes” (or makes bad decisions/ bad plays – however you want to think of it).

                If he always choked, I’d go with you on this. I certainly don’t think he is a guy that lifts his game under pressure, and I agree that sometimes the big moments seem to impact on his decision-making and mechanics. That happens to a lot of players. But he has also played excellent football in big games, such as demolishing the Packers, bringing the team back against the Falcons, and almost bringing the team back against the Ravens in 2012. As with everything else he does, he is inconsistent.

              31. I’m saying he choked the exact same way in the two biggest moments of his life, and started unraveling shortly after signing a huge extension in which he bet on himself to play like an elite quarterback.

              32. Rocket,
                I’m glad you have a thick skin and not taking all of these personally. I would hate to see you stop coming here because of that.
                Frankly, I hope everybody here doesn’t take any of these arguments/discussions seriously. We all have some level of love and passion about our team, but at the end of the day it’s just sport and entertainment.

              33. Rocket,
                Finally you admit you’re fighting a losing battle. Why? Because KAEP SUCKS! He was never that good. Everything you say just validates Grant’s position that Kaep chokes in big moments. Consistently. Don’t pull on example and say that’s that norm.

              34. Fan,

                If you were scratch at a pitch and put, you’d probably be at least decent on a regular course. You made that story up, didn’t you?

    5. “The stats tell us that Kap really started to take a dive in performance when Kilgore was injured last season. The Oline play had been sporadic, but losing Kilgore seemed to take it down another level. PFF graded the sacks at the end of the season and blamed Kap for 7 of them. That means 45 sacks were given up by breakdowns and poor play, not to mention a number of sacks that were avoided by Kap escaping them.”
      ~ rocket

      But rocket, you’re leaving out Kaep’ curt and edgy pressers along with his poor attitude towards certain media types. And how dare a player be honest by saying he will be fine with or without football – sacrilege!

      Grant is playing us like a cheap fiddle. He knew that he would stir the masses (ok, bloggers on this site) with this article.
      Smart guy, this young Grant.

      1. No, he is just formulaic, and takes after his father. They both throw stones to get attention, hides when Kaep does well, then beats his chest when Kaep struggles. I just want keen insights, not cutting slights.

  31. Well, I must say that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Like father, like son.
    I think LC wrote this for his son.

  32. Kap throws 4ints and suddenly he’s “petrified” and can’t play QB and is a worse option at QB for the 49ers than any one else in the NFL?

    Russell Wilson throws 4ints in a game and gets called a hero after? Then he throws the losing INT in the Super Bowl and gets paid 20 million?

    People just have their private agendas to adhere to when it comes to Kap.

    1. He was in petrified mode. He admitted it himself during his presser and Tomsula stated that he had to have a talk with Kap regarding just playing ball regardless of what happens.

      1. I think that is what bothers me the most Cubus. Kaepernick is in an offense that plays towards his strengths, yet he has choked in it so far and had to talked to by Tomsula after the game against the Packers.

    2. Correct James…they look down the hallway of 49er demise, nothing else matters. Every other team has an ‘awesome’ QB who makes instant reads and delivers the ball with pin point accuracy. Except there’s only 2 of those guys {you know who}, with just a few other’s who are fairly consistent {Rivers\Romo\Ryan\Manning\} other than that every QB melts down multiple times per year.

      Brady and Rodgers are the only 2 who don’t melt down at least once a year.

      Some Niner fans seem to forget that there are 31 other teams, and most have huge QB issues too. That doesn’t make Kap any better {he frustrates the sh*t out of me} but sometimes a little reality check of the ‘entire’ situation helps reduce the angst.

  33. Fantasy news update: RBs McCoy and Williams won’t play this weekend.

  34. In the end we live in a “what have you done for me lately world”. In the case of Kap, not much. There’s plenty of video and gif evidence that Kap is not seeing open receivers and then, of course, this last game where he couldn’t hit an open receiver 10 yards downfield.

    1. If it was Kaep that was getting booed at a ballgame he’d just come out and say that he doesn’t play for the fans.

  35. If you think the offensive line is bad, wait until they don’t have Joe Staley on Sunday night. If he is out it will be horrible.

    1. Everyone will get to see Boone at Tackle if he’s not injured too. Or we’ll get to see Brown and Thomas, or Tiller or Silberman.

      1. Boone would shift to LT and Silberman would come in at LG. Pray that Staley can play because it’s going to be a long game against the Giants if he doesn’t.

  36. I understand the Bill Parcels model of power football that Baalke is trying to impose on the niners. I am not a huge fan of that model, but it can be effective. However, modern defenses can game plan to take away your strength as has been demonstrated by our opponents the last three weeks; with 8 or sometime 9 in the box stuffing the run. When that happens you must be prepared to take advantage the defense gives you, i.e. single coverage.

    This will happen again on Sunday night and if CK can not deliver he needs to be benched.

    Personally, I would like to see the niners come out throwing and throwing a lot. If CK can deliver it will open up the running game. Yes, I think Baalke is doing this backward. Nobody believed more in the importance of the run than Bill Walsh, but he ran AFTER he had the lead and to kill the clock at the end of the game

    1. Defenses stacking the box and the solution that Leo mentions has been stated innumerable times from at least last season forward. Yet nothing ever changes. Is this due to inept offensive coaching or Kap’s own inability to get the ball out quickly and/or throwing with more anticipation. I think it is more the latter, which is why I’ve given up on Kap. Warner mentioned that he and Kap would be working on making the “easy throw”. I was so looking forward to that because I felt it could finally elevate his game. Disappointment reigns supreme.

      1. Cubus,
        I don’t think the 49ers should give up on Kap.
        But, are you aware of the mental blocks that Greg Norman or Steve Sax ran into, if not, it is a worthwhile read.
        Some QBs e.g. Favre or Eli can throw 4 INTs in back-to-back games…somehow they are not fazed.

        Kap is different, and this is not the first time he has melted down. We saw it last season vs CHI, @OAK and vs SEA……the problem is, I doubt anyone knows, including himself, when or if he can snap out of it.

        1. Appreciate your viewpoint, skeptic, and I hope Kap can turn it around. If you get a chance, check out the gifs fan post that I’ve posted twice now. You’ll see that in many instances in the game against GB, Kap had a “clean” pocket. I guess what really pushed me over the edge is when he kept missing simple (for an NFL QB) 10 yard or less throws.

          Have you ever been so flustered in your life (say from a boss hounding you and looking over your shoulder), that you’ve forgotten basic truths about your job. A very, very simplistic example is 1 + 1 = 2.

          That’s where I think Kap is. We will see in the next game or so if he has the mental toughness to turn his game around. You can always point to games where the great QBs have thrown numerous interceptions. The difference is that in every case they have rebounded well (otherwise they wouldn’t be considered the greats). Can Kap do that?

          But to be honest, even if he has that mental toughness, I don’t think he’ll ever be any better than a middle of the pack QB who relies heavily on his running ability. If I’m wrong down the line, I’ll gladly admit it because I really am not one who wants others to fail. But sometimes you just have to realize the limitations of others.

          1. Cubus,
            Yes, I have viewed the GIFs, thanks for the link.
            They confirmed my belief that it is not the OL or his supporting cast of team mates and coaches that are the issue now.
            I agree with you that it is unlikely Kap will be anything more than a middling QB, occasionally brilliant but mostly erratic….however, if he pulls himself out of this funk, he could be a bridge to the next QB.

      2. cubus,
        I’m far from a conspiracy theorist, but Baalke and York did very little during the off-season to surround Kap with at the very least a respectable O-line. Devey and Pears were not the answer at the start of the season and are not the answer 4 games in.

        Baalke and York knew this and did nothing to improve this obvious situation. It’s almost as if Baalke and York purposely put Kap in a situation destined for failure.
        And why not, it makes perfect business sense to create an environment that highlights Kap’ weaknesses.
        Turning the fans and media against Kap (btw, I don’t recall Baalke or York calming the fanbase and standing up for Kap) could make releasing CK in April and saving millions a foregone conclusion.
        We may be seeing the west-coast edition of Dan Snyder and his right-hand man, Baalke.

        Yup, I know that this is just hypothetical musing, but I had a problem with York telling the fanbase and media that he wanted to win with class and that the team only plays for Superbowl’s. Nice words and not a bad comment coming on the heels of the Harbaugh exit.
        But than York and Baalke hire Tomsula as his head coach with zero NFL head coaching experience and suddenly York’ words are beginning to sound hallow.

        Sure Kap has brought a lot of criticism upon himself, but no one can convince me that the FO went out of their way to give him a respectable O-line to work with – and that they are doing their best to protect their (QB) investment.

    2. Parcell-ball made sense in the 90s, but as Leo stated, the modern defenses make it one-dimensional very easily. I don’t think Phil SImms’ Giants under Parcells would get anywhere offensively in today’s NFL.

    3. Baalke has not used his BPA philosophy on QBs . It’s becoming clearer with every passing season that it’s up to the franchises to draft and groom QBs over 3-4 seasons before they are ready to be competent NFL QBs. Baalke does not appear to have any such plan in place. Just recycling other teams’ draft failures and backups, or checking out and discarding UDFAs is not a plan.

  37. Grant, I have always been under the impression that you are too hard on Kap as well as unfair. I’ve been with the kid since day 1 thinking about the possibilities after he grew into the position. However, I can no longer support him because I haven’t see any improvements or growth & that’s unfortunate. I have come to the conclusion as well that it’s time to move on. My concern is this will set the organization further back unless they can obtain a solid veteran as a “stop gap” until the next qb is ready whom ever that may be.

  38. When sharp, logical people challenge you, and people who are clearly biased and illogical support you, it may be time to rethink your premise.

    1. Grimey:

      I have to say you’ve been upping your game on making statements where I know your implying something but I can’t quite figure it out [you’re becoming more Hammer like] :)

      Seriously, what are your impressions regarding CK and his future with the team?

      1. I like Kap, always have, but he’s struggling right now. At this point it’s difficult to see him reaching the ceiling that many of us thought he could, and he’s definitely on the precipice of completely falling apart, a la Matt Schaub or Jake Delhomme. I can’t predict the future because there are so many hypotheticals, but if he doesn’t snap out of it he’s most likely gone at the end of the season. It’s unfortunate, but he may have to move on for his own good.

        It’s complicated and don’t have the patience to write a book on the subject, but I think that pretty much sums thing up.

        My cryptic comments are cryptic for a reason, but that particular one refers to a conversation above. If you could see some of the comments I’ve held back over the last couple of days…

    1. I was referring to the information in this post earlier when I wondered how long the Yorks could tolerate showing their prime $20K and $80K license seats empty game after game on TV. At $100M per year in new profit, there is no limit to how long they can tolerate it.

      How much home field advantage can you buy with $100M per year? None!

      Levy’s may be the first stadium to put store window dummies in their best seats.

      1. In all the “hold Jed accountable” chatter we forget that from his employers (mom’s) standpoint, Jed’s been a fabulous success.

        Eddie Sr. was all over Eddie Jr.’s “extravagant” expenditures. Money flowing to Youngstown was the main objective. It still is.

        1. No one who sees more of the picture than Colin Kaepernick’s and Jim Harbaugh’s failures has missed the great job that Jed has done for John and Jed’s mom.

  39. Jeff Deeney ‏@PFF_Jeff Oct 7
    Carlos Hyde’s 19 missed tackles forced while rushing leads the league after four weeks. #49ers

  40. Don’t worry guys…everything’s all good.
    Geep says they made adjustments that they feel good about.
    So…problem solved.

  41. Jay Gruden looks like the flashy local realtor, whose pictures on bus stop ads are constantly being defaced with devil horns and a mustache.

    1. Jay Gruden looks like the impossible love child between Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Callahan.

  42. Sometimes you got to hit rock bottom before ascending to the top.

    First offensive play deep pass to Smith, if successful great, if not next play

    Second offensive play, Smith quickly exits the field, go hurry up, deep pass to Ellington/Davis/Patten/, if successful great, if not next play

    Third offensive play, Quick exit of the field by deep receiver, go hurry up and deep pass to Smith.

    On each one of those pass attempts CK rolls out, do not depend on protection. Throw the ball as far as you can and let these guys run under it. Got to loosen up the defense.

  43. Vernon Davis won’t play vs Giants. I was really hoping for a return of the 3 TE sets use vs the Vikings. There’s Bell, but he’s not the blocker VD is.

  44. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_tnoT4YwnM

    Here is the link to the play on which Grant is claiming that Micah Hyde of the Packers dropped a pick six.

    Firstly, Hyde barely got his finger tips on the ball. I suppose there was an outside chance that he could’ve picked the ball off, but it would’ve been a spectacular play.

    Secondly, since Hyde fell to the ground, there was effectively no chance that Hyde would’ve had a pick six had he caught the ball.

    Take a look at the video. IMO, this is just another example of Grant grossly distorting the facts to make his point.

    1. Grant made his comment so it would be easy for a reader to infer it was an easy pick six that was flat out dropped, rather than the play as it actually happened. What would you call that? Oily?

        1. Yes, that was in April. It turned out to be wrong. I won’t lose one minute of sleep over that.

          How do look in the mirror when you know you play fast and loose with the truth every single day?

            1. To never revise a biased description of what actually happened is a short term life strategy. When confronted always try to attack the challenger. These are attributes of mediocre political flashes in the pan. If you’re not going into politics, you might want to put better quality efforts into your work.

              Of course, this advise has been offered by many individuals in this blog. In some ways it’s similar to the advise given to Jed that he needs a high level NFL advisor or two in his organization.

              1. Exgolfer quibbles over tiny details because he’s wrong about the big things. I told you two all offseason Kaepernick was struggling with the deep passes. You two didn’t want to hear it, and tried to discredit me.

            2. You’re trying to make it sound like I predicted 12-4. I didn’t. I said 8-8 to 12-4, BEFORE, the 49ers lost A Davis, A Smith and Kilgore was known to not be ready for the beginning of the season.

              My most recent prediction was 7 to 10 wins. It would take a miracle for them to win 10 games, but there is an outside chance for 8-8 or 7-9, but, admittedly, it doesn’t look good.

              As far as giving up on my predictions goes, I don’t have a lot invested in them, so I really can’t give up on them. I’m not any more disappointed in the 49ers than I would be had I predicted 6 wins, or less. I don’t understand the “fans” on here that are gleeful that they were “right” that the 49ers aren’t playing well because of (fill in the blank, CK, JY, TB, O Line, Coaching Staff, other, or some combination). Your team is stinkning, yet you’re happy. Great, live it up.

              1. I don’t have to worry about discrediting you, Grant. You do a fine job of that, all by yourself.

              2. Last year I was adamant that Kaep was not going thru his progressions, would rather run that let the play develop, was slow to react, had bad footwork, blah, blah, blah.

                And he was holding the offense back.

                Guys like Rocket said they were exhausted trying to argue or state a valid counter-argument. And to be clear I don’t think anyone could say Kaep had a good year last year. In fact, he was responsible for a couple of bad losses that may have kept the team out of the playoffs.

                So now that he’s clearly not improving, they are making excuses, trying to back away from their stance.

                At least we know where Bay Area Fanatic stood.

                They will pull stats out of thin air to validate that Kaep was a good quarterback, ignoring the larger body of work to say he’s not.

                I can pull five games of of Alex Smith’s career to make him seem like a good QB. What about 18-19 in the AZ win before he got concussed? Do you still think he’s a good QB? What about the Saints NFC game? In fact, Alex’s win was more impressive because he had to do it twice in that game.

              3. Wow Fan your doing the same thing you are calling out Kap fans for with Alex. Five whole games eh? We all can play the same game with you on Alex. Alex stinks too. Its a bit of hypocrisy on your part to selectively look at Alex that way when your ignoring all the evidence to the contrary with Alex. Someone posted that he’s on pace to take 72 sacks this year. Is that all on his line? At least be consistent.

        2. Hmm Grant remembers everything, but picks and chooses what to emphasize. The lack of objectivity is glaring, disturbing, and predictable.

  45. Grant, you’re going to get yourself banned from the 9er facility. You really shouldn’t drink and interact with posters on this blog. You say things a drunk fan in a bar might say instead of a journalist who’s supposed to be an impartial witness. You are way too thin skinned to get into arguments with the people who have been posting on this blog since before you were in high school.

  46. -I gotta give props to Grant for calling out Colin Kaepernick earlier than most “experts” covering 49ers.
    -However, arguing that Colin is not clutch or feels pressure in the biggest moments because of late passes in the super bowl and nfc championships is unreasonable.
    -Colin was great OVERALL, in the 2nd half of both games against 2 great defenses which is what matters to me.
    -All the other stuff is weak headliners and you know it Grant.
    -Colin needs a competent coach or a great coach like the one in Michigan because he struggles making side to side passes, anticipation, and creating time in pocket.

    1. Glenn Dickey was positive that the sexual molestation charges (that never were charges) in Florida were a clear indication that Colin was guilty of a sex crime. I exchanged emails with Glenn and he finally agreed that he had jumped the gun.

      Glenn Dickey, at the same time, still maintained that Colin would never be a “good” QB because he had none of the attributes of the QBs that Glenn had covered. He made that assertion in 2012 and continues to hold the same opinion today. He and several of the “older” observers of the NFL came to the same conclusion. Glenn is also someone who believes that Brett Favre would have become a hall of fame QB without the control that Mike Holmgren imposed on him.

      Grant just mines for opportunities to generate posts and clicks with controversy. When he gets called on it he calls it a personal attack.

      1. Sounds to me that some people are a little bitter because the bubble that once encased #7 has burst, and burst loudly!

        1. Bitterness is those celebrating his demise. Bitterness is those who only want to point out his failures and flaws and ignore his successes. Bitterness is those wanting to only judge his play by his failed passes in the SB and NFCG’s. Bitterness is those who pine after Alex Smith. Many of us are willing to agree that he’s been figured out and isn’t a pocket passer. But that not bitterness.

          There’s some disappointment at how bad our team is this year and that Kap didn’t make the leap many of us were hoping for over the years but not bitterness. Why be bitter over football, its not worth it.

          1. It’s not bitterness of his demise, but liberation from his limitations. A self-realization moment that Kaep is not all that, will never be all thought, and what success do you want to celebrate? He took over a winning team, handed the opportunity to become a legend, to be the missing ingrediant to the SB, but he came short.

            He didn’t get it done in the SB. Didn’t get it done in the NFCCG? Do you celebrate Alex’s achievements in the Saints game, or do you bring up his failures in the Giants game?

            Kaep did nothing for the team when he was in charge, other then impress a few easy to impress fans with flashy plays and big runs to make you forget what he can’t do.

            And now he’s out on an island, exposed. He’s been in the league 5 years and is being outplayed by a rookie #1 pick.

            1. Fan,
              You are a full of sh#% redneck, pure and simple. You have been trashing Kaep for years because you have a personal problem with him. You are the equivalent of 23Jordan or Bayareafanatic and their anti-Smith agendas from a few years ago. Your posts lack rational thought. Go cheer for Smith in K.C. When he gets booted out of Arrowhead you can go spend the rest of your days casting spells on his replacement.
              Kaep has regressed and may not be the starter past this season. I just want to win. I don’t care who the QB is if the team is successful, but they aren’t. From the ownership to the groundskeeper, the team has failed. The roof is leaking and the floor has divots in it. Kaep’s downturn has been in direct correlation to the franchises energy over the last two years. This is a very different team than it was two years ago. It has lost all momentum and that started with Jed York. I’m not defending Kaep, I’m being realistic about the state of the franchise. Crap ownership. Crap draft picks. Crap coaching staff. Kaepernick may be crap, he certainly has been this season. No rookie pick or veteran FA is going to change the fortunes of the franchise in its current state. If you can’t see that, it’s because you simply don’t want to.

              1. I too hope we win. Kaep’s play is abysmal. The coaching is embarrassing. Hyde won’t have any wholes to run through, the game will fall on Kaep. He’ll throw some in the dirt, make a few long passes, run a bit and score very little. Mangini is improving. We’ll keep Manning to the low 20’s or less. We’ll lose because our coaches and QB won’t be able to take advantage of Dahl. Any of our TE’s or WR’s should be able to beat him. We’ll rack up 6 more sacks.

            2. You can’t see your bitterness.

              Yes Fan I actually liked Alex and celebrated his win as fans should. I have repeatedly said I supported Alex as our QB and loved what JH did with him. But just like you said with Kap, Alex has limitations too that also limited the team as a whole. If futile to talk with you because your so unwilling to see all the data. Kap is done on this team.

              Both Alex and Kap are exposed. And shouldn’t a number #1 draft pick out play a 2nd round pick? Alex Smith is a #1 pick that lost his job to a 2nd rounder? You pose arguments that support your bias and ignore anything to contrary. Look at all the QB’s taken before Kap: Newton, Ponder, Gabbert, Locker, Dalton. Newton and Dalton are the only ones playing still and Gabbert rides the pine. Shouldn’t they have out performed Kap? So far none of them has achieved any where near what he did?

              1. The question is why are you bitter?
                The league is about results and not gold stars.
                both Alex and Kaep did not get it done.
                All those other QBs are out of the league and Kaep may be soon.
                We see the data we want to see, and if I’m blind to his successes, they you’re blind to how his failures prevented the team from moving forward.
                Seriously, why do you love him so much?
                He’s got happy feet, late to see reads, hogs the ball, I can go on and on.
                It would be irrational if, let’s say Kaep did make the pass to Crabs to score the TD, and then Flacco leads to Ravens to the winning score and I blame Kaep for the lost.
                It would be irrational if Kaep made that pass to Crabtree in the NFCCG, but Wilson makes another play to win the game but i put the loss on Kaep.
                You pay a QB to make plays to win the game, a FG kicker to make the kick.

              2. Fan sometimes you’re just stupid. No one here calls me bitter. Lots of people call you bitter though, wonder why? No one except you would say I don’t see his flaws. Go back read my posts. You ignore what posters write and straw man every reply making up fiticious arguments to tear down.

                You see the data you want. The rest of us are not as blind. I never said I loved Kap but that doesn’t matter to you can’t come up good arguments so you just make them up. Move to KC and enjoy your 5 good games with Alex. When the next 1st round QB shows up here you’ll be the same. Hateful bitter and blind.

              3. Hoping for the whole repeating a lie enough it will become truth? Enjoy the game tomorrow.

              4. Wilson73,

                I hope the team wins tomorrow. In all seriousness, I hope CK shows improvement. It’s embarrassing that he’s so bad and sucks so much. He represents the Red and Gold for crying out loud. Look like a professional and not some dude chucking the ball around at Crissy Field.

      2. Good points HT. Even when he says undefensable things he’s unwilling to acknowledge them even if he doesn’t need them to make his point.

  47. Instead of cutting him why not just have him shift to a different position with SF ? He’s well-liked by his SF teammates. Cutting him would only serve to prove he failed in SF and would make Baalke and York look heroic. Bill Walsh is turning over in his grave because he probably could have worked wonders with Kap. With all of his speed and good hands he’d be an ideal WR. Trade for or draft a QB that won’t buckle under pressure.

    1. I think he’s wrong for a WR. He’d only be good on long routes so he could pick up speed. His short range acceleration and route running would be terrible. He has excellent size. Somebody will pick him up after he’s cut and make him a back up.

      1. Maybe tight end, but I expect Colin to play QB as long as he’s in the NFL. There is no reason for him to do anything else. He may hit it lucky and do what Jim Plunkett did after the New England coaching staff ruined him.

          1. He’ll go to AZ and back-up Palmer for 2-3 years, while coach Kangol fixes his eyes and instills confidence.

    1. He should go work at a Seattle Fish market and be a fish monger. Once he gets good at that tossing the salmon, maybe he can back up Russell Wilson.

  48. after last week’s loss, i wrote up a 2 page single-spaced posting for this space, and after re-reading it decided to spare you all and the Post Democrat’s servers. as much as i might have an impassioned position and the (questionable) value of watching the Niners since the Brodie/Krueger/Wilcox days, frankly there was no compelling logic. we all know Jed made the kind of call only a weak, untested and inexperience businessman could make. but suffering fools is the unavoidable bane of being a Niner fan right now. and somehow our guy makes Dan Snyder look like Wellington Mara… It is what it is.

    but here’s two cents on the Kaep situation: when he came onto the scene in late ’12, he made quick decisions and threw aggressively downfield. unlike many laser-armed qbs, he showed great accuracy on those downfield throws. (if memory serves he ranked in the top 10 stats wise that yr). and somehow in the process to turn him into the current model of NFL QB-dom – ie, the efficient information processor who also happens to be a highly athletic thrower, aka the Steve Young Transformation – it appears to have failed miserably. We now have a guy who appears to be afraid to make a decision and throw downfield. This is deadly given that qbs tend to have unmolested time measured in half-seconds. but somehow we took an absolute athletic genius and turned him into a indecisive, unconfident qb. and of course, dumping the coach – well known as a developer of qbs – midway thru this process was the coup de grace which defines the Jed era in it’s infantile lunacy.

    I wish I could provide the compelling logic which will convince everyone that a 20-something Kaep still has loads of time to develop into Steve 2.0 – Steve, as many of you recall, wasn’t the HOF qb we remember him as until he was well into his 30s. His Tampa Bay years made Kaep look like Bart Starr and his early Niner years earned him the nickname “Mr Happy Feet” (for his inconsequential dancing in the pocket). But sadly the attempt to turn young athletic qbs into Steve 2.0 has a poor empirical track record, and this cranky old fan has no direct experience in the matter, hence no ability to predict the outcome. I would suggest however that while we might decide to sit Kaep for a game or few, it’s extremely hard to find guys who can make the throws and do all that info processing that Steve recounts. We Niner fans have every right to be angry and frustrated at the outcomes of this team right now. Kaep deserves lots of blame as any qb would. I’d vote to keep him and help him with the transition. But even if i could, to do that i’d have to have a conversation with Baalke and probably Jed, and therein lies the dilemma. SOS.

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