Report: 49ers acquire Stevie Johnson from Bills for conditional 2015 4th-round pick

Adam Schefter just tweeted that the Bills have traded wide receiver Stevie Johnson to the 49ers for a conditional 2015 fourth-round draft pick.

Surprising trade considering how deep this draft’s wide receiver class is. On the other hand, Johnson probably is a better player than any receiver who will be available during the fourth round of next year’s draft. 2015 will feature a weak class of receivers.

Do you like this trade? Why or why not? And do you think this means the 49ers will not draft a wide receiver today, Day 2 of the draft?

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  1. For those living in the 21st century with full internet access, any word on Johnson’s contract status?

    1. SactoGreg,

      He’s signed for another 3 years at very reasonable salaries. This is a big time move by the Niners and pretty much spells the end of Crabtree in SF after this season.

    2. Going to have to restructure his contract…. CAP hit for 2014 is only $4 million…..

      1. not really. carlos rogers money should bring the cap number up next month!

    3. Baalke is better at drafting defensive players, so it makes sense for him to draft defense, trade for offense

    4. I am so sad they traded Stevie Johnson to the 49ers, I hope they don’t kick themselves in the butts later, like when they traded Marshawn Lynch to Seattle and they went all the way to the Super Bowl!
      I know they want third round picks for next year but they could also be very stupid too!!!!! Still a Buffalo Bills fan after all the good, the bad, and the ugly! LOL

  2. It would seem foolish to pass on the best panted available because of this trade. Fully expect miners to continue onward with their draft as drawn up and do not expect this trade to have any bearing on today’s choices.

    1. Matt another WR in the first 4 rds would be a waste. Look out for Jeff Janis after the 4th rd. Also look out for a couple more redshirt injury drafts like last year.

      1. Stevie Johnson is not a stretch the field threat. He is essentially Crabtree and Boldin.
        Would be a waste not to fill needs. Johnson is going to make 5.75 million next year.

  3. Still think they add a WR but I think this almost guarantees Crabtree is gone. Should give the 49ers a great offense this year with Stevie’s ability to get open in the redzone/slot, no excuses for Kaepernick.

  4. This is a great pickup. Stevie is a raw receiver with all the tools. He’s fast, quick, tough and has a ferrocious attitude. I love this pickup. Why did Baalke not get this done yesterday so that he could package his picks and move up to get Fuller?

    I’m not too happy with Baalke so far. I’m curious though, what does Stevie’s acquisition to do Brandon Lloyd?

    1. Bay….Loyds going to have to compete for a spot on the team and i disagree with you on Baalke i believe he is on his way to a monumental draft weekend.

      1. CB is a good idea but if there is a great RB available it would’nt shock me

    1. Nah, I would package up to grab Marquis Lee….. No excuses not to do it. Then grab a C and a RB and a backup QB and we are done. Package, package package….

      1. Lee is injury prone and not the great with a monumental team at USC.
        He will not transfer well to the NFL when big hitting safeties light him up.

        1. Matt: I think that is what others said about Keenan Allen last year…see how that turned out?

    2. there are a lot of good D-line prospects still available in the 2nd round that will be tempting.

  5. With Crab Boldin Johnson Patton Lloyd not to mention j baldwin CB just rose above WR as a draft need. Now all we have to do is target a CB and go get em

      1. Baldwin does really suck. I wouldn’t be shocked if Crabtree was dealt…..something seems fishy here with all these veteran receivers now. It’s getting crowded and Niners may not be able to afford Crabtree next year.

        1. That’s what I am wondering is Crabtree gone and if so why? I love having Bolden on this team but if I were to choose it would be Crabtree.

          1. could just be a contingency…

            they probably have a good idea on how difficult it will be to resign Crabtree; so this would be a preemptive move to prevent the WR core being completely depleted if he were to leave.

            it could also be because of how old Boldin is and how fragile Crabtree is (fortunately, his injuries come in the offseason/training camp). and Kaep isn’t good enough to just throw out Patton (who was also out most of last season) and Lloyd (assuming he makes it) or a rookie…

            they can deal with the cap later.

        2. I hope you are right about Crab being dealt somewhere. That would guarantee that this coming season won’t end with Kaep forcing a throw to Crabtree instead of going to an otherwise open receiver. Crabtree will want more than Niners will be able to pay and getting something for him now would be prudent.

    1. They just did, his name is Jimmie Ward.

      The secondary looks like Bathea and Reid at safety, Culliver, Brock or Wright at starters, with Cox, Ward and Cook at nickle/dime. And Ward obviously can also play at safety.

        1. Dammmm! All over the place on Richard Shwermin. Hopefully he can duplicate some of that noise this year!!!!!

  6. Holy crap! Atta boy Baalke! Great deal for a guy who will produce right away. A clear upgrade over Manningham. I love it, now we can draft a speedy WR that can be developed during the season.

  7. Baalke is a ninja! Drafting Jimmie Ward fills almost 2 needs – future safety (after Bethea) and starting nickel CB. Trading for Stevie Johnson gives us a legitimate 3rd WR this year and gives us a potential replacement for Crabtree. This makes it so that we don’t have to draft a WR in round 2. Any WR we draft likely won’t crack the top 3 WRs now on our roster, which means we can get more of a project player later in the draft that can sit and learn during his first year.

    I’d still get a WR in the 2nd or 3rd, but now we don’t have to reach for one, if we aren’t absolutely in love with whoever is available when we pick.

    1. They could pick up Cody Latimer nicely now. I think CB is more pressing now though.

  8. I don’t think this changes anything as far as the draft is considered. They can still take a WR if they want knowing that there is going to be some big changes at that spot in 2015.

    Another possibility to consider: Does this put Crabtree on the market right now? Not likely but it’s an option that picking up Johnson gives them.

    1. That’s an interesting question rocket. I’m guessing no, but its not out of the realm of possibility.

  9. This trade probably couldn’t have happened yesterday since the Bills needed to get Watkins to deal Johnson. Probably too much going on during the draft for Baalke to get this deal done prior to today.

  10. Stevie Johnson’s career yards per catch average (12.7) is lower than Michael Crabtree’s (13.0).

    1. Grant,

      That was due to a down year last season. The 3 seasons before that he averaged over 13 yards a catch and went over 1000 yards. The Bills had a new Coaching staff, system and multiple starting QB’s last year that played a part in the numbers being down, but this guy is a legit 1000 yard WR. Hometown kid too.

    2. Grant on really bad teams with really bad O linemen and really bad OB’s [EJ Manual might not be really bad just really young]

    3. In real life Grant, that 3/10s of a yard is zip. Stevie has more stonk than Crabs. He’ll light up Sherman first time that fool opens his mouth.

    4. Grant: I think that is a bit misleading. The Bills have had awful QB and an inconsistent offense. Steve Johnson has been their one bright spot…

  11. I like the solid addition to the receiving core. He was pretty banged up last year. Only 27 yrs old. How he recuperates will be big. Hope he gets back to 100%

    IMHO we would have had 1 if not 2 SB championships if we had that legit SPEEEEED WR to stretch the field. IMO it’s so OBVIOUS it opens up EVERYTHING!!

    The running game (can’t stack the box), & Crabs/Boldin who are attack primarily short & intermediate

    Kaps strength is to throw intermediate to deep & he’s shown he’s fairly consistently accurate doing it. WE’VE NEEDED A LEGIT DEEEEP SPEEEEEED WR ever since HarBaalke was put together. It’s the MISSING PIECE TO OUR OFFENSE!!!!

      1. Richardson would be a great fit too, Herron on day 2 might be a bit rich for me though.

    1. I’ll be following along for Martavis Bryant. Its tough to see them drafting a WR early in the second after making this trade… But shucks that would be cool.

    2. Ellington is an interesting option – he’ll be there in the late 3rd. KR/PR, but probably not our WR of the future.

      Agree with others about CB as priority – curious if they go with the Desir/McGill tall DB or someone in the traditional 5’11 / 6’0 mold.

      Don’t be shocked if they grab Austin Sefari-Jenkins at TE. We have an identity as a big boy offense – think about the options with 3 legit TEs capable of beating LB/S coverage or blocking little CBs.

  12. This trade means the Niners can stay focused on upgrading their secondary and pass rushers on day 2

    1. I like Desir. Also like Breeland and Phillip Gaines in the 3rd round, although they may not last that long.

      They could also look at taking Colvin and redshirting him.

    2. Didn’t someone have them in a recent mock draft? And don’t forget that Baalke had lunch with Breeland. That’s a key indicator.

    3. I’d love it if they got Desir.

      Ward + Desir would be a nice combo of picks.

  13. Still have all picks today & ammo to replenish needs. Johnson for a NEXT YEARS 4th rounder?? Love it!

    Yes future replacement for Crabs who with greedy Eugene Parker will likely be gone.

    Nice move Baalke! My concern now is he injury prone or did he just hit the injury bug last year?

    1. Last year was the first time he had some injury trouble. He was a 1000 yard receiver three straight seasons before that.

      1. Thanks…sweet. Love it!

        Like I said coming home to the sunshine vs depressing cold a** Buffalo & to a Contender should give Johnson new life!

        I was in the military for 12 years stationed in Maryland/East Coast and lived there 10 years. When I came back to Cali I felt reborn & ready to go! I have a great feeling the same will happen to SJohnson

        Solid move!

    2. a 4th rounder does seem cheap. Is there a problem we dont’ know about or is Baalke that slick?

  14. I say take a CB in 2nd rd. I like Jean-Batiste or Pierre Desir for 1st pick and then a speedy WR

      1. Baptiste would be a great press corner. It’ll be interesting to see which way we go at CB this year. Do we go for the smaller, quicker guy who can play off? Or do we take a page out of the Hawks’ book and go mostly press? One advantage of press corners is that you don’t have to draft them as high… you can get bigger guys who are a little stiffer and have technique problems in the mid-to-late rounds, which is what the Hawks have done, and coach them up. We’ll see…

        1. I’m just guessing, but given Cully is only signed thru 14, and Brock is signed thru 17, I think we look for a CB more in Cully’s mold. Plus, any corner that can help tackle Beast Mode would be welcome!

  15. I love the pickup. Just can’t figure out why the Bills would give up a great player for such little in return. Do they know more about his injuries than their letting on or is it solely a salary cap move? I haven’t heard of any attitude issues but the local press said the Bills were upset that Johnson wasn’t committed to working out last off-season. I know they drafted Watkins but Watkins/Johnson sure seems like a great tandem.

    I also do think the 9ers still pick up a receiver. If Martavis Bryant is still available in the 3rd I think the 9ers would pick him up.

    1. I believe Harbaugh, the Staff, & this team will get Stevie motivated. He’s now on a Contender. Our group loves to work & they should get Johnson re-juvenated & back on track. I just hope he’s close to fully healed. This change of scenery & environment, new winning team could get the best out of him. I have high hopes for this guy. Again…hope he can fully recover from his injuries last season & come back starting fresh

    2. The Bills have Watkins, Wood, and Goodman as their top 3 now. Plus, Stevie Johnson reportedly clashed with the new regime there.

  16. Grant you should interview Stevie now before he finds out that you disparage 49er players…

  17. I think I read he’s a CAL guy right? Welcome home!!!

    Oh yeah back to the sunshine State! Buffalo has to be a depressing place to live

  18. I think this is a blessing in disguise….. We now have 4 legit rrecievers, well lloyd is a question mark.. Patton can be good, if he puts in work. My thing is, is he stable enough to fight Sherman and Kam and Earl. If he brings that crazy attitude to the bay, ill love it. He now has a legit QB, and he used to eat up some number 1 corners, imagine other teams 3rd and 4th corners getting toasted.

  19. This is a great trade. Anything to keep Baalke from having to draft a receiver is a good thing.

    1. Jack, you’re right about that. And not just because evaluating WRs has been difficult for Baalke at times. It’s a position that requires too many mental adjustments for most rookies. I feel like our last few moves have been about taking nothing for granted THIS year. I think it’s exciting.

    2. Haha, not sure about the swipe at Baalke, but this is a very good trade. Johnson is great value for what will likely be a 3rd rounder next year.

      Watch the 49ers trade one of their 2nd or 3rd rounders for a 2015 pick now.

      1. That was in jest Scooter, sort of. Yeah, I don’t think Baalke will let himself go into 2015 without a 3rd round pick.

  20. Johnson had bums JP Losman, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Thad Lewis and E.J. Manuel throwing him the ball. Now he has a real QB. Boom shakalaka baby!!!!! OWWW!!!!

          1. Yes – they have tried pretty hard to find a 3rd receiver all offseason. This is a much better pickup than Lloyd.

  21. I also think this meanswe will not draft a wr on day 2. We will continue to find mean azzes on defense and bolster our line depth with these 5 picks.

    1. Maybe not, but there is a decent shot Crabs is gone next yr. Boldin is long in the tooth, and SJ’s contract steps up huge next year (barring a restructure). Given this is the draft that is deep in WRs and we’ll probably need one next year, I think we still could get one.

  22. I’m a little surprised no one has brought up Stevie’s hands. Seems like he has some relatively famous game losing drops. I’m sure someone has some PFF numbers to either support or refute this concern.

      1. All the time playing for a powerhouse like the Bills, a team loaded with quality QBs…

        1. That’s true.
          E.J. is responsible for a significant amount of those.
          One can say that a great WR should still make many of those catches anyways.
          But Stevie is always thinking RAC.

          He was expecting that EASY throw to actually be thrown to him, not wide.
          He had stop pause and think about it when he shoul’ve be thinking RAC, which he was.
          Should he have caught that?
          But a WR expects a short throw like that to be on the mark.
          Even Fitzpatrick made Johnson look better than E.J. did.
          Give him a QB that lead him or put on the numbers and he’s MONEY.
          Just saying…

  23. I’m seeing two trade ups in the second round. One for Allen Robinson, he will sit back and watch this year, learn from Crabs and Boldin and then take over for Crabtree next year. He’s big, nearly 6’3 and has hops. Put him in near the redzone and troubles go away. Trade number 2 will be for Desir or maybe Baptiste, maybe they stand pat and get Gaines. The rest of the picks will be sent off for next year.

    Man this trade got me so excited. I live in Seattle and I just showed my co worker the three clips posted above of Stevie burning Sherman. He wasn’t too happy about this trade. If it makes a Seahawk fan made then it’s a good trade.

  24. Why not use some of this years picks instead of next years 4th maybe 3rd. Something else coming down the pipeline, I do believe so. Maybe we regain that pick by trading some of this years later picks.

    Also seems to me the receiving corps is looking really strong. If Patton proves out and CK figures it out – yup looking good.

  25. Didn’t know about the high drop rate

    Get with VD & put in extra practice time with the jugs!! I was & am still shocked how much VD improved his hands. From stone bricks to actually pretty dependable. I think that’s almost a miracle. So yes Stevie you can work & improve this!!

  26. This Stevie Wonder Johnson trade made the Jimmie Ward pick look much better to me.
    I’m feelin like I just came from a Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar seminar. ……..I feel good!

    1. lol… maybe, CFC called Baalke this morning because you were upset with the Ward pick yesterday and asked Baalke to do something about it. So, this one is for you Crab! :)

      1. ricardo – Lol….I appreciate that….. CFC is in Baalke’s “circle of trust.”

        1. We play racquetball twice a week, I let him win sometimes.

  27. Not at all worried about corners with the niners and who they draft. They always get it right. Look at tarell brown. 5th round pick. cooper was undrafted last year and plucked off the practice squad. The niners get it when it comes to safetys, corners, dlineman and linebackers. Also centers. Its receivers, running backs that at times gives us some head scratchers.

    running back

    1. and i can guarantee balke gets rid of a few pics to restock for next year and protect the loss of that 3rd or 4th pic for johnson. Dont forget the gabbert trade that goes to a 5th rounder if he actually plays. I expect we trade out at least 2 pics before this draft is over

  28. Still need to draft a wr. Boldin is gone in two and the niners cant resign aldon, kap and crab. Crabtree will be the odd man out. We need a field stretcher and a redzone target. Our season abruptly ended the last two years due to our inability to score a TD late in the game.

    Let’s correct that.

    1. which is why Kelvin going right before our pick was so painful. If he were a Niner the last 2 years, we have to more rings.

  29. I’m sure Baalke had this set up before the draft. IF the Bills drafted a quality WR and IF the Niners locked up a trade for their soon-to-be discarded Stevie then go for a killer diller slot defender who at 195 lbs. on a 5’11” frame knocks people cold and has the fire to take on anyone inlcuding TEs. Baalke is so far ahead of you “experts” it isn’t even funny. Well actually it’s funny as hell but what the hey…

    1. Ghost – I’m starting to see the light now…..that Baalke’s a BAD Man!

    2. I’ll tell you one person who doesn’t like this trade, Brandon Lloyd. Between Boldin, Crabs, QP, Stevie, Osgood (amazing special teams contributor), and the rookie yet to be drafted, the roster is looking heavy. Oh, and Baldwin is sweating too, but I already consider him gone.

      1. Baldwin is as good as gone, but if Harbaugh can put together some special plays, Lloyd will get plenty of action….Who’s double-teaming who?

  30. Read a Bills fan site and some are very disenchanted that they get Watkins for high draft pick stakes while giving their beloved Stevie Johnson for peanuts Are the Niners now the official ‘Scavenger Team’?

    1. Scavenger is such an ugly word. How about the Niners who play at the top and the Bills who play in the basement?

  31. Is Steve Johnson the guy that missed the easy pass for a TD, and he blamed Jesus or something like that ?

    1. You got it a bit wrong. Yes he blew it on a clean pass and he had some words on Twitter that were really between him and his Maker. But if you look at the links above where he basically owns the Hawks corners and especially Sherman you might understand Baalke’s thinking…

        1. There are three red links in the top third of this blog. Look ’em up…

  32. As some others have pointed out, this trade pretty much guarantees Baalke drops a 2014 pick to add one in 2015. If Martin makes the team, they lose a 7th to 5th rounder in 2015 as well.

    1. Awesome reel there, bay! This guy is a monster, and we got him for a 4th? WTH?

  33. Johnson’s number against the Seattle in 2012:
    Receiving: S. Johnson (BUF) – 8 REC, 115 YDS, 1 TD

    I’m not saying he’ll keep putting the same numbers against the Seahawks, but Imagine him with Davis, Boldin, Crabtree and our running game :)

  34. Anyone who has written here [since the NFCCG] that free agency and the draft are all about beating Seattle this year had better not be complaining about the S. Johnson trade. He may be just enough to get us by Seattle this year and back to the SB where we belong.

    1. Agreed. But who is going to return kickoffs and punts for us? Who is going to stretch the defense for us? Still big questions…..

      Who is going to run the rock? If it’s still Gore more than 10 carries a game, I have a serious problem with that…

  35. I have gone from mildly happy [before the Johnson trade] to totally stoked about the rest of this draft. Like i said earlier i think Baalke may be at the begining of a monumental weekend

  36. I was listening to Buffalo sports radio this morning on my way to work, and all the speculation was on ‘what can we get for Stevie Johnson’. The consensus of the guys on the radio was perhaps a 5th rounder. Stevie’s contract is a bit bloated, particularly after next year.
    He is a natural receiver though, and knows how to run a route and get open. Occasionally thinks too much and will drop the easy wide open passes. Also, he’s a bit of a jokester flake….but by all accounts likeable in the locker room.

  37. I see a Jordan Matthews or an Allen Robinson unnecessary now and maybe a speed receiver in Paul Ford or a Dri Archer who can also be a RB. A CB can be a high priority second round pick and a Desir and Jean-Baptiste are high targets. We can trade up for a good pass rusher tonite and still have a lot left over for filling in other needs like Center, OG, Linebackers and a whim pick. My whim pick for day 3 7th rounder is Brandon Coleman from Rutgers. 6’6″ coming out early and from an injury. Might be a good receiver for first downs and some redzone plays.

    1. I like the Coleman idea if we wait on picking a WR, but he’ll be more like a 4th or 5th. He’s actually pretty fast, obviously big, long arms AND threw up 21 reps on the bench… which means he can create separation against press coverage in the red zone.

      1. Probably more gettable now with them trading down and having more pics for Saturday. I think they took 12 WRs in the first 3 rounds…so you are right…at #15 he won’t last as far as the 7th.

  38. Haven’t seen it posted yet but if it is sorry.
    Johnson’s cap hit in 2015 and 2016 is almost 9 million a year.

      1. Yep – very cap friendly for a guy with three 1,000 yard seasons from 2010 to 2012.

    1. “Johnson is signed through the 2016 season with contracts set to pay him $3.925 million this season ($3.65 million base salary and $275,000 workout bonus), $6.025 million in 2015 and $6.125 million in 2016.”

      1. Got my information from Mike Rodak ESPN
        2015 8.85 cap hit
        2016 8.95 cap hit
        Sorry if this wrong

        “The Bills don’t benefit financially from trading Johnson this offseason, but the savings will be more found over the final two years of Johnson’s deal. He had a $8.85 million cap number in 2015 and a $8.95 million cap number in 2016, which the Bills will avoid with this deal.”

  39. This is a very good trade for the 49ers. Giving up a conditional pick (probably 3rd rounder) in 2015 for a proven performer at WR, a position of need, is a pretty easy decision to make, especially when you have 4 picks in rounds 2 and 3 that could be traded to replace that 3rd (or better) next year.

    The 49ers are now in a position where if one of their WRs gets hurt, they still have at least 2 good, proven performers + an up and comer in Patton. I’m guessing Lloyd will be gone now. And I expect the 49ers will still look to add one more WR to handle return duties.

    The 49ers can now truly just go BPA the rest of the way. Yes, they could still do with players at a few spots, including CB, but absolutely no need to reach for anyone now they have Ward to play the nickel.

    This could be a fun day for 49er fans.

    1. Sounds better and better the more I think about it.

      You’re right Lloyd is likely gone for absolutely nothing out of pocket, and might as well put Baldwin on that list.

      I think Lee would be ideal due to his combination of talent and return skills. I also really like Moncrief and Matthews, but if we were to pick them up we would still be missing return specialist. Could maybe pick up one in the later rounds.

    2. Scooter, when you look at all the good players still available, it makes me grin ear to ear. This 2nd round is going to be like a player buffet where you know you’re going to find something you like — and maybe find something new to try. Pretty stoked by this move for Johnson. I’m still thinking DL/OLB will be on the course today, though.

      1. I’d love the 49ers to bring in another pass rusher in the 2nd round. An Attaochu or Lawrence type player. But would probably have to trade up for such a player.

        To be honest, at this point with the trade for Johnson, I’d be happy for the 49ers to just sit at their picks and take BPA each time, and trade one of their 2nd or 3rd round picks away for a 2015 pick.

        1. I think this is where Baalke makes his moves. Trade up, trade down, and trade away for another draft day.

          1. Yeah, I think that will be the case too. I just meant that if they don’t I’d be happy with that too. They are now in a position where they can just sit back and wait for good players to fall to them, if they wanted.

        2. I would like them to take a stud at C, and a replacement for Justin Smith. There will be a run on WR, RB, and CB in the 2nd round. The Niners will find good value at their spots.

  40. with this acquisition we have

    insurance if we lose crabtree
    a WR who dominated seattle sheman
    another physical wr like boldin

  41. Some guys I think could be Niners by the end of day two:

    Ra’Shede Hageman
    Bashaud Breeland
    Phillip Gaines
    Stanley Jean-Baptiste
    Stephen Tuitt
    Bruce Ellington
    Martavis Bryant
    Carlos Hyde
    Bishop Sankey
    Marcus Martin
    Cody Latimer

      1. The future of the franchise will be decided tonight. Do we win the next 10 straight SuperBowls or do we fall off into oblivion, cast to live a hellish life of constantly losing in the playoffs, or worse yet a perennial SuperBowl loser. It’s too horrible to imagine.

    1. Well that settles it then. They must trade up to the top of the second and select Fales, then trade every other pick they have to move up with the other second rounder for Murphy. They must stop the apocalypse from happening.

    2. Got 2. I got one, Brandon Thomas OG/OT as comp pick redshirt for a team “that could afford it.”

  42. What a great trade. We just got a whole lot better
    I’m thinking he will replace Boldin in a year or two or Crabtree if he is too expensive to sign.
    Does this deal give the Niner’s one of the best receiving corp in the NFL?

    1. Easily! You now have 3 1000 yard receivers to worry about. And a right end who can stretch the field also. There is NO way in hell Seattle and their 2 pro bowl secondary can stop what’s coming. Especially since Dick Sherman was beaten by Johnson already. Who’s he going to cover????
      This trade puts us over the top in the passing game. IF!!!!!! CK can improve and our OC actually uses this talent to its fullest.

  43. This trade was specifically for Dick Sherman. This guy wore him out when they matched up against each other. The BEST thing they could have done in this draft.

    I still have a funny feeling they were the team that forced tb to move up that quick. They lost but this was their backup plan. I would take this trade over again 50 times to drafting a wr from Baalke. These receivers coming out are a talent… We are built to win now. We just got proven talent and a multi 1000 yard receiver. Best move by far in this draft.

  44. Stevie Johnson….
    Okay, so he became a father at age 20…or 21…
    He has been penalized in the NFL multiple times for
    excessive celebrations after scoring a touchdown…

    Any off-the-field issues here…?
    Perform your due diligence before you sign him,
    not after. I’m just sayin’….

    Catch a few or catch a bunch.
    Advise the young man, we have a monkey on our backs.
    I am the Super Bowl monkey.

    1. This guy is hilarious!
      Glad you’re here monkey.
      Some of these guys gotta lighten up a bit…

  45. What’s not to like? The niners get a proven pro WR for a pick that wouldn’t have made the team anyway. I’ll take proven players over rookies with question marks. He’s a better WR right now than any wr this draft with the exception of Watkins and Evans. The only problem is we still lake speed at WR.

    1. And that’s the risk you take if you trade for a talent with a drug problem. If true what a waste. The guy is an incredible talent and is on the verge of flushing it down the toilet.

      I guess we can safely assume WR will be high on the Browns list tonight.

      1. Apparently they knew about it yesterday yet didn’t take WR in the 1st round. Interesting.

        Yes, you’d have to assume a WR will be going to the Browns at pick #35.

  46. Where are all those who were screaming for a Josh Gordon at the trade deadline now?

    1. They should definitely trade for him now and no I’m not joking. We don’t need him this year, he’d probably come cheap, and we’d have a top 5-10 wide receiver in the future.

      1. If they got him for a song (like a 7th rounder) then fine. But anything of a 4th round or higher nature would be too rich for my blood for a guy that is increasingly looking like he’ll dope himself out of the NFL.

        1. A third would be too rich probably but I’d do it for a fourth, I mean what’s really higher the chances he doesn’t learn from this mistake after being suspended a year or the chances a fourth rounder turns into a top 5-10 WR? I’d take the risk.

          1. I wouldn’t. He and Justin Blackmon aren’t worth it. Can’t count on them.

            1. Maybe weed will be legal by the time he gets back.
              Worse case scenerio, he can play in Denver.

  47. HOLY COW!!!
    Can you imagine all the heads that would have exploded if The 49ers had traded for WR Josh Gordon last season only to have him get suspended for the next season.

  48. note to Leo:
    tell us that you “know the drill”….
    1. “become” a husband
    2. “become” a father
    3. live your life as a husband and a father
    4. raising a child is not a one-man job
    (teamwork between the daddy and the mommy)

    1. Just because someone has a child early in life at doesn’t make them a bad person…its how you react to the situation that does…I did it the “right” way mind you….

      But again I ask…Is he a good father???

      1. Exactly Ricardo..That trade possibility was in first couple weeks of season..all we had was boldin and kyle Williams and marlon moore..Hell yeah I would’ve made that trade..And when crabs and mario got back..We’d have a pretty good receiving core..

  49. Gordon getting suspended for marijuana? They still test for that? Hardly qualifies as a performance enhancing drug, unless you’re in a Doritos eating contest.

  50. …and apparently I was slow on the draw posting that. Well, at least I don’t have to hear anyone complaining about not making that trade, without any knowledge of whether it was actually being offered.

  51. For what its worth regarding Stevie Johnson, at his pro day in 2008 he ran a 4.46s 40 with a 1.49 s 10 yard split. He’s known for having good acceleration off the line.

    While he may not be the stretch the field guy the 49ers would like, back in 2012 when the Bills extended his contract he was considered their only legitimate deep threat at the time, even though his yards per catch average was only around 13. He’s not a burner, but he can get deep.

  52. If Mike Lombardi calls Trent Baalke and offers Gordon’s contract straight up for Crabtree, do the Niners make the trade? It’s like getting rid of an expiring contract in basketball. The Browns have the need and the cap space to do it.

    1. If Lombardi calls they’d better hang up because he’s working for the Patriots now.

      1. I like the idea of Lombardi calling from Boston to make trades for Cleveland.
        Lombardi’s like, “W-wait! What city am I in? I work for WHO????”

  53. I have a gut desire to Trade up for carr! But cognitively I get that would not be a move we should/need to do.

    I say cb, rb and dl.

    What I would really like them to do is to trade up in second round and also trade into the second for 3 total picks in 2nd round and pick whoever is the best best player on the board regardless of position.

  54. ‘I have a gut desire to Trade up for carr! But cognitively I get that would not be a move we should/need to do.’
    Just curious…but are you mistaking this site for ‘Inside the Raiders’?

  55. I’m coming to the conversation late so I hope I’m not repeating anybody. However, I live in the Bills media market, Johnson is by NO means a replacement for Crabtree. He’s coming to compete for the #3 spot and potentially #2. Both Crabtree and Boldin are far more reliable receivers. Johnson occasionally has major drop issues. His mouth gets him in trouble sometimes. Maybe it’s because Buffalo has had a serious drought in quality at QB, but Johnson has not proven to be a top tier player, that’s why Buffalo has taken a top rated receiver in the draft TWO years in a row.

    Now all that said, I LOVE Johnson as a number two. I think Baalke is thinking about the future for when Boldin leaves (there’s no way the 49ers pay him $5mil at his age next year).

    We have enough ammunition to move up tonight and grab the best CB AND the best WR. I think you want pressure on everyone at WR to perform. By taking a WR tonight we set ourselves up to have 4 quality #1/2 WRs this year and next year.

    Great move by the FO, but Crabtree stays. He’s a top tier WR right now, and you don’t let a top tier WR walk when your QB is still developing his game.

  56. I love this trade. We get a Wideout with NFL playing experience. Excellent move.

  57. I am really unclear – why does everyone think Crabtree is so great? He has one 1,000 yard receiving season and is not particularly gifted physically. He has good hands, but isn’t tall, fast, and lacks jump ball ability (which has ended our seasons twice). Sherman was right – he isn’t a top 20 receiver, though he acts and will insist come free agency that he is. Why would we want to overpay for him when we can go out and get someone potentially great in next year’s draft?

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