Report: 49ers DE Nick Bosa could miss week 1

According to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport, there is a possibility 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa could miss the season opener at Pittsburgh.

The reigning NFL Defensive Player of The Year has missed all of training camp while awaiting San Francisco to give him an offer he can’t refuse. Now it sounds like the conversations may be at a crossroads.

“For a deal to get done there has to be communication on all sides, there has to be back and forth on all sides, and there needs to be a willingness to do a deal,” said Rapoport. “It doesn’t sound like the conversation is very active. Nick Bosa knows what he wants, he knows his value. He knows what he values himself as and that’s what he thinks he should get. Until the 49ers get there, I’m not sure how much discussion there will be.

“Will he miss a game? I don’t know, but I will say this, if it’s possible for anyone to miss a game Nick Bosa would be in the conversation. That family, as principled as they are, I can see it.”

The 49ers pride themselves on getting their players paid and in on time. This is the first time under the current regime that a player has gone this far into camp.

San Francisco also has a history of opening negotiations with low ball offers. This led led to what George Kittle’s agent Jack Bechta called the “Valentine’s Day Massacre” while negotiating a new deal for the tight end in 2020.

Lynch has stated the 49ers have budgeted for the Bosa extension. The defensive end is looking to become the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. This would mean getting more than the $33.67 million annual salary paid to Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

If the 49ers want to have their best pass rusher on the field on opening day, they better sharpen their pencils.

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  1. I have been predicting that Bosa was going to miss regular season games. It is a family tradition. His Dad held out missing regular season games so did his Brother and Uncle. The sticking point with his Dad and Bro wasn’t the amount they were paid but how and when they received their money. With the advent of CTE I always back the player. They are literally putting their lives on the line. If Bosa doesn’t play the first or the first and second games the 9ers will likely start winless. Give him what he wants for god sakes.

    1. agree about Bosa. I guess the Niners did not think Bosa was serious. They wasted a lot of time negotiating.

  2. I think that Nick Bosa is well worth it, we NEED him. But I still think that these agents and players be killing their teams asking for too much money. But, I know, I know, it’s a business. I rather overpay him than for him to hold out for any length of time or risk losing him. Pittsburgh is tougher than you think. I don’t care if they didn’t make the playoffs last year. We need all of our playmakers to build a foundation for a successful season. And a holdout for too long is almost as bad as the frustrating injury bug that plagues the Niners more than any team.
    The 49ers have traded Trey Lance to the Dallas Cowboys for a 4th round pick. What a waste of all those 1st round draft picks! I bet Jed York will never do that again.

    1. jed York is a pos discrace as an owner. He is a yes boy. Mommy and daddy run the show ,but the sister of eddy d is pathetic. Kyle at this point has never won a sb and blew it twice. Lynch had zero gm experience and it has showed with a ton of wasted top 90 talent. They have wiffed on 5-7 players and add the 3 first rounders and a 3rd for lance. I would say 10 misses. In 3 years this team will be in full rebuild with a new coach and gm. GUARANTEED.

      1. Man what does this say about the majority of other teams. Who have had less success.

        Hope with your scenario they don’t replace these guys with other teams cast offs.

  3. I think this is just the first of a number of trades they will make stockpiling picks for next years draft. They will need to cut quite a bit of salary next year and replace those players cheaply, the only way to do that is the draft. I’m going out on a limb and predicting in Aug that if Deebo has a huge year the 49ers will trade him before next years draft. I hope the Lance trade doesn’t workout like the last big trade with the Cowboys…….C. Haley to the Cowboys

    1. Yep! Trading Haley was a huge mistake. Just not as optimistic about everything
      as you seem to be Old Coach.

  4. Inside the Niners QB room recently —

    1. Brought back a QB who they said they wouldn’t re-sign

    2. Traded up for a QB who they then traded away

    3. Now have a QB2 who many considered a bust

    4. Now have a QB1 who was drafted last & is coming off UCL surgery

    But still destined to win the SB. Or so say the genius Coach and brilliant GM.

  5. what he wants. As for the trade to Dallas, it is just a recognition of reality. Many of us knew the Niners overpaid badly in 2021. Trey is a good guy but he was not accurate from his first camp on. Take your black eye and move on time.

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