Report: 49ers to hire Adam Henry as wide receivers coach

The 49ers will hire Adam Henry to be the wide receivers coach, according to reports.

Henry coached LSU’s wide receivers the past three seasons and helped develop Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry in 2012 and 2013.

Good hire. Big upgrade over John Morton, one of the 49ers’ worst position coaches the past four seasons.

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  1. From what I have read it seems like a good hire. Like the rest of the staff, won’t know much till next season. I have know idea if we have a good staff or not, no one else does either. I still like the staff but next year I may not.

    1. It appears Grant was ahead of the curve with his Pick of (QB) Bryan Bennett. LSU runs a traditional 2-Back offense with (QB) under center so the 49ers hiring
      of Adam Henry to coach wide receivers could suggest an offensive direction in round 1. Also, Optioning Kaepernick more risks more late hits while he’s on the ground (remember Clay Matthews out-of-bounds hit on Kaepernick 2 years
      ago). So the 49ers could take an option (QB) in the first 4 rounds to ensure they have solid back-ups.

  2. Grant

    Could this possibly mean that that the stars have alligned to where we can finally see just what we have for a receiving corp ? Perhaps a better look at Stevie Johnson , Brandon Lloyd, Patton,and anyone besides Crabtree? With both Harbaugh and Morton gone, we can see who else is on the team. I DO NOT want to lose these WR’s to free agency without giving them an honest chance.

    1. Isn’t that up to Baalke? They have room for ninety in spring training. There should be some chances.

  3. Seems like a good hire. Nobody could be worse than Morton. While I am not happy with the way things came down- the undercutting and setting Harbaugh up for failure to justify getting rid of him, Jim had a lot of weird blindspots when it came to procedure and loyalty to some very bad coaches on his staff. Even though I think Trent and Jeff might be even bigger handicaps than the baggage Jim carried with him, I can understand their displeasure with the obvious issues Harbaugh had. It remains to be seen if the trade off to fixing those problems is worth any the new problems created by the turnover. Well it is what it is, but we can nevertheless hope and remain optimistic as to the possibility of a positive outcome.

    1. I respectfully disagree.with undercutting and setting him up for failure..Because they didn’t coach this team..he still had to coach..they didn’t blow leads in games..didn’t score in second halves..didn’t have a dysfunctional offense..poor red zone,playcalling,wasted timeouts,failure to score tds…Failure to utilize young talent..That’s on Jim and his staff..You can hate Jed and Trent..but the coaching issues on the field shouldn’t be the reason for it..

      1. DeezyBee—-I don’t hate Trent. I only point out the area’s that he is weak in. In fact I think Harbaugh has some of the same negative traits which is why they could not co-exist. I have also stated that Trent is capable of learning and adjusting, but it’s just a matter of how long that would take and a question of how much the franchise regresses before that happens. One of the things I posted early on was that Trent and Jim were not a good combination because they were both basically rookies at their respective positions. Each would have been much better with a more experience person in the other position. Too bad for Trent because he has a combination of control and ego issues which are not ideal for a GM.

        If you read the second part of my post I point out one of Harbaugh’s flaws. He had quite a few short comings as a coach. The problem with TB and York is that they were focused on Harbaughs obvious short comings and blamed him rather than also recognizing their own. Which is why I added that I wonder if the trade off of getting rid of Harbaugh’s negatives would compensate for the loss of what he was good in.

        These coach’s even though inexperienced might surprise us. They are mostly unknown quantities which along with the possibility that they tank also leaves the possibility that they could be innovative and succeed.

        As to the undercutting. Something since early 2013 just didn’t make sense until the purging of Harbaugh and staff. It all makes sense now. While I recognize why they felt they needed to get rid of him, it still wasn’t the thing to do or the right way to go about it. You need to give a person the leeway to fail or succeed on his own. If you can not see that Jim was undercut then you are either an innocent or just not very sharp. I suspected this was going on for sometime- since early 2013 but I didn’t realize that York was involved in it as well. Now most writers and fans recognize that it was a fact.

        Actually it wasn’t until I discovered different NFL or 49er forums since about 2009 that I was even aware of or concerned with front office politics. So most of my perspectives were formed recently.

        1. Deezybee– Reread your post and I think I actually agree with it. Misread the part were you stated “you can hate trent and York” did not realize it was a general statement and not just applied to me personally. I agree that Trent and Yorks shortcomings are not excuse for Harbaughs blunders. I do think that their undercutting was another issue that just added on to the ones he already had.

    2. Give Harbaugh credit for brains…he knew what he was doing …sticking his finger in the ‘collective’ FO’s eye…he did, in effect fire himself. I’m sick of the unproven ‘undercutting’ , leaking, etc. Geez, he’s gone, and he ain’t coming back….just like he did to Alex Smith Ironic, …no? Personally, I was a member of his fan club (not) until he quit being a coach and became a ‘personality’….he had the goods, and he didn’t deliver.

  4. I’m interested to know how much sway Mr. Henrys’ input on the selection of a wide receiver will have on Baalke. Let’s hope it’s significant….

    1. To be honest I’m hoping Henry has a bigger impact on the receivers Baalke has already selected that are still on the roster. Patton and Ellington have talent. The 49ers haven’t developed it.

            1. Don’t know, but I remember suggesting early on in the season that they use him as a hybrid WR/RB.

      1. Same here, but I was speaking to the familiarity with the SEC college wide receivers he has coached against and scouted….

        1. I know. I’m suggesting that maybe Baalke isn’t such a bad evaluator of WR talent (AJ Jenkins aside), but the coaches the team has had have not done a good job of coaching that talent up.

          1. To be fair, neither one got much of an opportunity. We know Baalke was interested in trading up for OBJr. in 2014. The hiring of his coach signaled a wide receiver in the first round to a couple people on here, but Baalke may take advantage of Henry like he did Donatell and draft him projects to develop….

          2. Scooter- If it was just AJ I might agree with you, but we can not forget McDonald who was drafted as a receiving TE. Receiving was supposed to be his strength and his blocking was what was supposed to be developed. I also think that he has to take some responsibility for the garbage dump of WR’s that this team ended up with at the beginning of the 2013 season. Even the best can have some misses, but Trents watch has been a disaster in that area.

            1. McDonald had very, very limited experience as an in-line TE. He was not a plug and play option, he needed to be coached up.

              Mangini and Morton were the TE and WR coaches last year. Not good. If McDonald, Patton and Ellington continue to be poor receivers, then sure, they were bad picks. But lets see what Henry and Sparano can do with them.

              1. Scooter; I think both Patton and Ellington were not bad pick for the fourth round. I like Ellington more and think he will the the better receiver, but the year Patten was taken their were fewer good WR available to take at that position.

                As to AJ still being on the KC roster- Lets wait to see what they do with him this coming season. He was getting very little burn of a wide receiver poor team. Remember why the trade was good for the Niners. The receives the Niners got contract was not guaranteed and could be released last season with out a cap hit. AJ was still on contract. Releasing AJ would have cost the Chiefs a big cap hit. They had little to lose giving him the last year of his contract. The fact is that he got little if any actual playing time. Dude was a bust.

                As to justifying his draft position at 30 because of a dearth of other WR, it doesn’t hold water. Baalke never said that he was taken because he was best player available. He was projected to go in the late second or third round. He had his name in an envelope and bragged that he got a steal. He said he was the guy they wanted all along. If Baalke doesn’t do the envelope thing it wouldn’t have been that bad. The envelope and his gushing on how great a receive he was going to turn out to be ( bragging ) just emphasized and brought attention to how bad a whiff this really was. Everyone seems to have forgotten the details of that pick.

          3. @Scooter

            I know that I must sound like a broken record, (remember those?) but AJJ is still on the KC roster, whereas Jon Baldwin is in outer space. Just as the stat that 6 ex-49ers played in this Super Bowl, I have the fear that AJJ is going to break out and become the WR that we dreamed of when drafting him. One target for a #1 draftee is not a quality test.

            1. I think heading into his 4th season with just 17 career receptions to his name we can agree he wasn’t worthy of a first round pick, even if he goes on from here to have a decent career.

              What I do find interesting though is that the Chiefs list him as 200lbs. I guess he managed to put some weight on after all!

              1. Scooter….The way you framed that, is a bit misleading…”heading into his 4th season..” he has one season w/ 1/’target’, and 17 receptions in his next 2 seasons. I am in agreement that he was not the prototypical ‘first rounder’ but if memory serves me, because of our draft position, all of the can’t miss WR’s were gone, and we did need a WR. It’s not how we got him, but what we DIDN’T do for/with him when we had him. Desperation or not, he deserved a more complete chance.

            2. Oregonin: Your post on AJ still being on the KC roster and Baldwin being in outer space along with your fear that AJ was going to break out is an example of your lack of memory on anything over a year past. As I stated in my previous post response to Scooter the difference between AJ and Baldwin is the length of their rookie contract. Baldwin could be released this last season with out a big cap hit while AJ couldn’t. That is why it was a good deal for the Niners.

              The fact that even after all that has transpired you still hold illusions that AJ is a potential great receiver pretty much speaks to your football evaluatory credibility. You have no clue when it come’s to evaluating the effectiveness of a simple position like WR yet you think you can make a judgement on a QB’s potential?

  5. Coach Henry got the most out of Zach Miller as the Raiders TE coach:

    2009 Oakland Raiders 66 rec 805 yards 12.2 yds/rec 3TDs
    2010 Oakland Raiders 60 rec 685 yards 11.4 yds/rec 5TDs

    1. Helped turn him into a pro bowler and earn him a nice contract with the Seahawks… where he’s not done much since.

  6. Good hire, now let go and draft a big speedy wide receiver. Amari Cooper will likely be long gone but either Kevin White or Devonte Parker should be available at 15. Baalke has one more chance to make Niner fans forget the A. J. Jenkins pick. Don’t blow it Trent.

      1. I agree on White. A little bit of wishful thinking on my part.

        Most mocks I have seen have the Vikings taking White at 11. I guess it means they are giving up on Corderelle Patterson.

        I hope someone in the Viking front office decides to give Corderelle another year to show that he was not a wasted draft pick and use #11 to fill other needs. In that scenario White may drop down to 15.

        1. Could be Rick ,if he is there at 15 I would be very happy.The wild card however would be if Shelton is there at 15, then what.

          1. If Shelton is there you take him. This Wr class is nowhere near as explosive as last years and these receivers are more similar to Crabtree than to AJ Green.

  7. Thank you!

    Finally a WR coach with some credibility. I couldn’t stand Morton and thought we needed an upgrade there big time. Great hire, hopefully he can get Patton going this season.

    1. Careful Leo, I hear if you say it’s name 3 times while looking into your monitor it appears and ruins the board.

  8. Just read Peter King’s love note to Tom Brady. What was interesting was the game plan McDaniel’s had to beat the Seahawks. Short, quick passes with the receivers turning up the field and not going side to side. Passes to the running back to avoid theDB’s.
    I don’t remember many Niner’s game plans with similar plays. In fact I don’t remember many passes to the running backs, a few to the fullback and very few to receivers moving vertically.
    It was also interesting to read about the drills they ran over and over in practice to catch the ball, turn up the field and watch out for the strip attempt.
    Brady also said you do not throw the go route because Sherman will pick it off. My impression is the Niner’s threw sideline passes at Sherman when they had receivers who did not have the speed to go deep. I really wonder if the Niner’s game planned as much as other teams or they simply ran their offense regardless of the defense they faced.

    1. I don’t remember many Niner’s game plans with similar plays. In fact I don’t remember many passes to the running backs,
      That’s true but it had nothing to do with whether or not the RB was being used or even wide open, like he usually was 5 yards down in the middle of the field…

    2. Bellichick has gone far in effectively implementing two simple but important tactical goals: (1) change game plans as much as needed to suit the current week’s opponent, (2) take away the opponent’s key offensive piece. To this end, he has made sure that his team consists of mostly smart and versatile players and open-minded, adaptable coaches. I don’t think he would have gone to 6 super bowls without Brady, but I think he could have gone to a couple with other QBs. Nobody plays the salary cap and free agency game as well as the Pats.

      Jed may say he wants to be like the Seahawks but what the Niners really want is to be like the Pats organization. On contract negotiation and player valuation, they are as good or better than the Pats. On drafting and acquiring defensive talent, they are also comparable. Where the Niners have been seriously lacking is the ability to acquire key pieces of offensive talent with interchangeable parts that work together on a consistent basis game-to-game and season-to-season. In over 25 years since acquiring Steve Young, the Niners have had just one Pro-Bowl QB. From Nolan-Mcloughan era to HarBaalke era, Niners have wanted to be a run-first team whose offense bogs down when the run game is countered, and then has had to depend on D and ST to bail them out for a win.

      One the short, quick passes with the pats receivers turning up the field and not going side to side, watch the excellent route running by Edelman and Gronk, much better than anything I have seen from Crabtree/Vernon. I am inclined to believe that the main reason for this problem not poor receiver coaching, but the lack of time devoted to practicing the short and mid-range passing game. Not sure why that would happen but I had once read a beat reporter observe that the complex running game and blocking schemes of the Niners took a lot of the practice time.

    3. The Chargers also beat the Seahawks using a short passing game.
      On the other hand, the Chiefs and Cowboys won by primarily relying on their run game.
      To beat the Seahawks, you have to play possession football: run or pass, many-play drives and minimize negative plays. Patience and Execution.
      Let’s see what the Tomsulan solution is…….

  9. Early offense positional favorites. I reserve the right to completely and utterly back out of all of these predictions once they’ve been shown for the folly they are.

    QB: Garret Grayson. I see him as a day two pick most likely in the mid second round. High accuracy, throws before the receiver is open and can put the ball through tight holes. He’d be a great pick up for the 49ers and he’ll probably be available to them with their 2nd pick and maybe even their third.

    WR: Kevin White. If he stayed in College for another year and avoided getting hurt he’d be the #1 receiver taken in the 2016 draft as it is he’ll probably be the third one taken this year. I like his size and speed and the fact that he’s gotten quite a bit better each year he’s played. He lacks a lot of experience but shows a ton of upside.

    RB: (Tie) Duke Johnson & Mike Davis. Duke is probably the better player between the two and the comparisons to Gore are understandable. Both players are the size I like for RB’s although Davis is beefier he’s shown the speed and stamina to take it all the way. I’ve read that some believe that Davis was better then Lattimore and that he’d be higher on most lists if it wasn’t for his injury.

    TE: Clive Walford. The speed concerns are there but WR’s are for speed and TE’s are for the red zone. OK stop with the the Saints and NE comments I don’t really adhere to that philosophy but overall I’d still take a soft handed TE that can reliably catch the ball on short routes especially inside the 20 over one that is faster then stink but runs bad routes and has brick hands. Besides, get him in the hands of an NFL trainer and see what they can do about that speed.

    OT: Cedric Ogbuehi. . I don’t put him on here because he’s my personal favorite but because Im simply totally convinced Baalke will draft him. Really is there ANY chance that Baalke wont draft this guy? I mean if he isn’t a Baalke draft pick then I don’t know what is. He’s a potential first round player that will slide a few rounds because of a recent injury. Baalke will draft this guy to take over for Staley in a year or two when he fully recovers from his ACL tear. What I’ve read he’s short on strength and is susceptible to power rushers but that’s fixable with time in the weight room and with an NFL position coach.

    OG: Waiting for the combine and the cone/shuttle results before deciding between the Guards.

    1. all of these predictions
      I shouldn’t have said predictions. I don’t mean this list to be who I think the team will draft.

    2. Kevin White had no option of returning. He’s a senior.

      The worrying aspect for me is he’s a senior with only one good year of play under his belt. Another worrying aspect is he went cold over the second half of the 2014 season after a fast start, being held to under 50 yards in three of his last six games, and under 65 yards in four of his last six. If it wasn’t for the game against Texas where they force fed him the ball his end of season would have looked very ordinary. Did teams start to work him out?

      Also, despite his massive stat line, he was right on the line of where I like to see senior’s producing in terms of share of receiving offense – 35%. He played for a team that passes a lot. He made a good but not elite contribution to the team.

      I’m left in a quandary over him. I like what I see on tape, but there are a lot of red flags for me. I’m leaning towards hoping the 49ers stay away from him. Too risky for me to invest a mid first rounder in.

      1. Kevin White had no option of returning. He’s a senior.
        I worded that badly, I am aware he’s a senior.

      2. Scooter I said pretty much the same thing except your version was much wordier. He’s lacks experience but has upside.

        1. That wasn’t really what I was getting at though, CfC. It is always a concern when a player takes as long as White did to break through.

          Is he a slow learner? The NFL won’t afford a mid first round pick much time to find his feet.

          Does he only excel when he is older and more physically developed than many of the guys he plays against? He won’t have that luxury in the NFL.

          Red flags.

          1. Those are the kind of red flags that you and I cant get answers to without having direct access to the player and the coaches and family around him and since we wont get that access I will go off of what those that do say about him. The fact that so far he’s considered by many to be the #3 prospect in this class(be that what it may) would suggest that those that know better then us don’t see the same red flags as you do.

            1. The fact that so far DeVante Parker is considered by many to be the #2 prospect in this class (be that what it may) would suggest that those that know better then us think he is a better prospect. Why don’t you like him?

              1. I do like Parker. Crabtree has soured me on WR’s with foot injuries. Doesn’t mean it’s a legitimate reason or that having a foot injury in College always means you’ll have problems in the pros but when considering using a first round pick I’d be more comfortable using it on a prospect that doesn’t have the injury history.

                With that said, I’ve already mentioned before that without the injury Parker would be my favorite.

              2. Fair enough.

                Now that everyone has calmed down, just letting you know I will continue to post about the draft prospects. I find discussing these prospects fun. But please take everything I say with a large dose of salt.

                WRT to White, all I was saying is that his lack of production before his senior season, and the fact he finished the season nowhere near as strong as how he started it, are concerning. I don’t profess to know what caused it, but seems odd someone with the talent experts are saying he has took so long to put it together, and the second half of the season was a stark turnaround from his early season form. Don’t need to be an expert to notice that, but for what its worth I’m not the only one that has – the guys over at Rotoviz actually wrote an article on it.

                To put it in perspective, the guys at Rotoviz point out he has the fifth highest share of his total career receiving production in his final college season (74%) out of all college WRs drafted (or about to be drafted) since 2006. The top 10 are Cordarrelle Patterson (junior, looks like a bust so far), Josh Gordon (sophomore), Devin Thomas (junior, bust), Greg Little (a RB until his junior and final year), Kelvin Benjamin (sophomore), Jarvis Landry (junior), Stephen Hill (junior, bust), Randall Cobb (junior, but split time as a QB, RB and WR), Robert Meachem (junior, bust) and Willie Reid (senior, bust).

                The ones that have looked the best of the one year wonders are the ones that had their breakout final year earliest (sophomores) or spent a lot of their time playing other positions before focusing in as a WR until their last season before going pro. Of the dedicated college WRs, only one junior (Landry) looks the goods.

                Now that certainly doesn’t mean he won’t turn out to be great, and while I’m no expert I do like what I’ve seen and read about him. If the 49ers take him I’ll be excited by his potential. But there does appear to be some valid areas of concern to make people think twice about his NFL prospects.

              3. Benjamin was almost 23 when he had his breakout season in 2013. Kevin White was 21 last season. He turns 22 in July.

              4. That is true Grant. But at the same time, he was still a sophomore. It didn’t take him until his senior year to break out.

                One thing that makes the comparisons difficult is that White had two years of JUCO which don’t get included in the stats. If he’d been in college his freshman and sophomore years who knows if he’d have made an impact sooner? Maybe we are better off thinking of it as White taking off in his second/ sophomore year, in which case he’s done very well.

        1. Yes it does, Jack. Intentionally so. He’s obviously bigger than AJ so won’t have the same issues of needing to bulk up, but I’m now very nervous of players that wait until their senior year to break out, and tail off at the back end of the season.

    1. “As for the 49ers, all eyes are squarely on owner Jed York after his public power struggle with Harbaugh. The subsequent taking back of the reins by ownership — with a very malleable, inexperienced coaching staff in place — creates a path of least resistance for staff and roster decisions. There is no doubt who is in charge, and pressure is greater than ever for the Jim Tomsula era to be a quick success. The odds, especially in the potent NFC West, may be against the 49ers.”

      malleable: easily influenced; pliable.

      synonyms: easily influenced, suggestible, susceptible, impressionable, pliable, amenable, compliant, tractable;

      Interesting off season. Jed and Paraag certainly have created the organization that they want. Now we get to see how it works against the old football guys out there. At my age I’m forced to root for them, and hope against hope that I’m totally wrong about the next few years.

  10. Coffee:
    The RB being open was true some of the time, but Gore stayed in to block a lot of the time. Plus they rarely ran screen passes and outlet passes to the RB (they did to the FB, but not often enough).

  11. Any else on to this kid Tre Mcbride. Small school(William& Mary) WR 6’2″ ran a 4.34 (his fastest) averages around 4.4 it looks like -Shrine game standout.Good hands,good routes and an ability to create separation.Sleeper in 4/5 rounds!?

  12. There’s a lot of wishful thinking going on here.

    The 49ers are NOT going to draft a WR in the 1st round this year. Trent Baalke has already devalued the WR position. Remember his comment “we’re going to run the ball” during his HC acceptance speech … errr, I mean Jim Tomsula’s HC press conference.

    Baalke is a risk minimizer. He cannot afford another high draft pick bust like AJ Jenkins, LaMichael James, or Vance McDonald. Baalke also realizes that he’s a fraude. So he’ll devalue the WR position, say that it’s not important, and try to convince himself and everybody else that there’s a greater need other than WR.

    Mark it down.100% guaranteed. Baalke will not draft a WR in the 1st round.

  13. Who are the WRs in the draft you think we will be targeting now with Henry as WR coach? Anyone from LSU?

  14. I do find it humorous just how seriously some of you are taking your “scouting abilities” to be.” I mean if you really are that good at being able to dissect a player by looking at youtube videos why aren’t you employed by the league as a scout? Why aren’t teams seeking your opinion if you can dial in a player by watching 25 minutes of clips made by a fanboy. Oh you watched their whole season did you? Oh wow, that sure makes a big difference because again you have the skills necessary to be a professional football scout? I would think if your opinions are as solid you believe them to be that you’d be fairly sought after by teams college or pro. Are you?

    I don’t pretend to be a scout, I gather the opinions of people that actually know what they’re doing because they’re actually employed in some fashion at doing it. Now does that mean they’re always right? Clearly not but I’ll still take the opinion of a draft analyst or scout over that of a computer jockey 10/10 times.

    It’s one thing to say you like a player and that you’ve read a lot of good things about him but when you start trying to talk like you’ve “analyzed” film or have broken down their career I just have to ask what in the world makes you even the least bit qualified to throw out those kinds of statements? You say they aren’t explosive out of their stance? Ok how many snaps did you hold a stop watch while watching in real time and then what basis of comparison are you using?

    These discussions would go a whole lot smoother if people would stop taking themselves so seriously.

    1. But the guy running the scout training website told me it could launch a new career….

    2. Coffee- It is obvious to everyone that this is a football forum board. No one claims to be an expert People post here to give their opinions and to share information that they have gleaned from other sources. No one is here is ever on the field with a stop watch.

      You find it humorous that people have the audacity to share information and discuss their opinions on a site that is there for precisely that purpose. You find peoples taking themselves so serious humorous since they obviously don’t make evaluations using the same criteria as you chose to use. If I didn’t know better I might have assumed you were a patronizing and condescending a-ss rather than just someone who is fearful of straying out a self constructed structural box who feels him uncomfortable and threatened when others don’t subject themselves to those same restrictions.

      It’s OK to have your own opinions outside of the dictates of experts. In fact it’s quite dangerous to always religiously follow their dictates.
      You can follow what every criteria you like but don’t try to play that silly mind game in trying to limit and restrict mine using the ” what makes you qualified to have an opinion trick”. Well what makes YOU qualified to say that others opinions are not valid.? Scratch arrogance and you find fear and insecurity.

      1. Coffee- By the way- Your relationship with others would run much more smoothly if you didn’t take your own constructs for what constitutes something as valid so seriously.

    3. Coffee you just posted several picks you saw the 49ers making including Ogbuehi who you intimate is a clearcut Baalke pick,including aspects of their game you gleaned from where? The same place most of us draft enthusiasts do.No problem just don’t get the attack on other people for doing the same.This is just a 49er blog and the perfect place to opine about the game.Some of us like Jack and Grant enjoy the stats angle,others like AFFP enjoy the strategic side of the game,others myself included love draft time and love puzzling thru it and find it…well fun.As a disclaimer I in no way consider myself a prospective GM or qualified to be one.Have fun,have a snickers my friend!

      1. Hightop; Why? It’s a manipulative psychological ploy to gain the upper hand in a discussion. A means of dictating and establishing control. At least you recognized he was totally and way out of line. I wouldn’t offer him a snickers though. He deserves a kick in the a-ss. Tough love!

  15. Clearly not but I’ll still take the opinion of a draft analyst or scout over that of a computer jockey 10/10 times.

    But whose opinion do you take when one scout says draft him and the other says don’t draft him?

        1. MidWest ..

          How so ?

          seems (in Grant’s case) .. the acorn didn’t
          fall too far from the tree

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