Report: 49ers name Eric Mangini defensive coordinator

My goodness. What a downgrade from Vic Fangio and Ed Donatell.

Mangini was a defensive coordinator for one season nine years ago.

That year (2005), the Patriots’ defense ranked 26th in yards allowed and 17th in points allowed.

In 2004, the year before Mangini, the Patriots’ defense ranked 9th in yards allowed and 2nd in points allowed.

In 2006, the year after Mangini, the Patriots’ defense ranked 6th in yards allowed and 2nd in points allowed.

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  1. I’m not sold on this guy as a genius. He clearly is not in the same league as Fangio or Ryan. He’ll have plenty of talent to work with, but my concern is his lack of diverse schemes and his in game adjustments….

    1. Grant, The forty niners have consistently participated in amateur hour, favoring the interview proccess over talented coaching acquisitions. They let the Ravens, Broncos, falcons hire 49er West coast people and did not bring in Mike Holmgren, or Mike Shannahan who been around 9 superbowls between them and no what a championship team looks like. Both coaches could bring in QB competition for Kaepernick, and not draft lineman without passblocking skills, or WR Busts (AJ Jenkins) or swing and miss on an entire draft 2012. I guess they won’t let a guy from Bemidgi or Catawbwa run their offense–Would you let them tell you how to write?…How about Trestman (the #2 offense last year)! I guess not scoring in the red zone and 1940’s running game is the answer, eshchewing the rule changes that favor the forward pass. What a joke!

      1. Good points Tom but all of your alternatives would either not bring harmony to the group or cost too much money. We are retooling now FYI and a shared vision of making the owner feel good and build their family bank accounts is the first priority. The fans need vote with their feet.

    1. If you ignore the fact they let Mangini go, and no one hired him, then he fits MOM’s budget for the coaching staff. All speculation of course. Not excellent but not really really bad so why not?

  2. Who would you prefer as DC:

    – A guy that in 11 seasons as a DC had cracked the top 10 in points allowed twice, had ranked lower than 20th five times, and ranked 27th or lower in points allowed four times?


    – A guy that in 6 seasons as a DC or HC that has never ranked lower than 21st in points allowed, and top 10 once?

    1. I still think Bowman would prefer Fangio no matter what stats you can provide, but we’ll have to wait and see if Manginis’ genius manifests itself….

      1. Prior to working with the talent available on the 49ers roster, Fangio put up no better a record than Mangini has. Perhaps worse, given he finished in the bottom five in points and yards allowed four times in 11 seasons.

        1. The guy should have been fired when the defense collapsed in the second half against the Patriots. Oh, ya there were significant injuries involved.

          Fangio must have been terrible when he didn’t have those great defensive athletes this season. Maybe he was lucky.

          1. I thought for sure Mangini would fire Sutton after the loss to a terrible 49ers team….

          2. Fangio did an excellent job with the 49ers htwaits. I’ve been a big fan of his work while he was here.

            Doesn’t change the fact that before working with the 49ers he wasn’t very successful.

            Also, while I agree he did a fantastic job despite a depleted roster this year, I think some of the guys that were coming in to fill those roles were better than your average backup.

            1. I also remember way back when, Hammer warned to be prepared for a drop off from Fangios’ defense citing historical data….

              1. I think that might have been rocket, but maybe Hammer did too.

                But doesn’t change anything I have said. Prior to the 49ers, he didn’t have that good of a record as a DC.

              2. Welp, I’ll be in the stands when the Bears face the 49ers. Hopefully both teams have no excuses and we’ll get to see which staff has bragging rights….

              3. You are still missing my point, razor. Fangio may well turn out to be a far superior DC to Mangini. He’s got the runs on the board following a very successful stint at the 49ers, and right now there is no doubt any team would prefer to have Fangio to Mangini as their DC.

                I’m just saying that there is also a good possibility that Mangini, like Fangio, will look a much better DC than what his history suggests with a good defensive roster to work with.

              4. My point is that sometimes strong possibilities don’t always materialize the way logic dictates that it should….

            2. Scooter there will be a great chance for that to be proven in coming seasons. Four seasons is a lot to discount when they were as good as the past four years.

              There are people so ill informed in this blog that they are criticizing Fangio for being too passive as if that makes him a failure. The same people will be yelling for Mangini’s head if we give up a lot of big plays that cost games.

              1. Who’s discounting the past four seasons?

                I agree that anyone that dismisses or marginalises the job Fangio did here is misinformed. He did a fantastic job. He will be hard to better. And I am most certainly not trying to suggest otherwise.

      2. And the only reason you are saying Fangio is because you know what he went on to accomplish with the talented 49ers roster.

        1. And an injury depleted roster. He has worked his way to the top of his profession. Donatell, too.

          1. That’s nice. Prior to working with the 49ers his record was less than stellar. Like I said, you only choose Fangio based on what he accomplished with the 49ers. Will be interesting to see what Mangini can do with such a talented roster too.

            1. I choose Fangio because he is the best defensive coordinator in the NFL currently, and Mangini was a defensive coordinator for one season nine years ago.

              1. Well he was never going to be the DC this year. He was either going to be HC or working somewhere else.

              2. And you are also intentionally avoiding my point.

                There is no doubt that right now anyone would want Fangio over Mangini. But looking at both guys records prior to working with some elite talent, there isn’t much between them. Mangini could easily find similar success.

              3. “Fangio should be the head coach, not Tomsula.”

                I was never a big fan of the idea of Fangio as HC. I think he’s an excellent DC, and that is where he should remain.

              4. I agree. Fangio’s the best.

                Anyone know of Mangini’s 3-4 shaded the NT to play single gap like Fangio did? Players like Dorsey thrived in that front, but might not shine so brightly in a standard 3-4.

                I was hoping the 49ers would experiment with occasional 4-3 in base along with their 3-4 (or 4-3 Under),

              5. “I say it is, so it must be fact”… is that about how it works Grant?
                Fangio had a hell of record with the 9ers, and did a fantastic job last year integrating rookies, backups, etc. I was even pulling for him to be HC. That said, there is NO metric out there I am aware of by which you can say he was unequivocally the “best” DC in the league. And like Scooter and several others have pointed out, he had bounced around with several teams, made a stop in College, and was never anywhere near that conversation before coming to the 9ers.

              6. @ Brodie2Washington

                Fangio’s defense was not a single gap scheme. It was mostly a 2 gap scheme. The gap control scheme was definitely force and contain. It was not a 4-3 Under but they did use a 4-3 alignment. But the gap control by the linemen were mostly 2 gap with some 1 gap reads. I’d almost call them 1.5 gap; the d-lineman fires into his man, controls him, reads the play, sheds him and then fires into the appropriate gap as opposed to simply stacking, shedding and clogging things up at the line of scrimmage in a traditional 2 gap assignment or simply firing into the gap from the snap in a simple 1 gap assignment. actually read and react 1 gap was the norm up until the early 80’s and then Jimmy Johnson’s aggressive 4-3 defenses in college and later with the Cowboys which removed the reading so the d-linemen could just fire into their gap. anyway…most of what Fangio’s defense did was 2 gap force and contain with some designed gap pressure.

                Mangini hails from the Belicheck school who’s roots go back to the Fairbanks-Bullough 3-4 scheme which the old school 2 gap control your blocker and create a pile. Now the Patriots change up assignments too so their not married to the scheme…they have varied gap control and will even switch out right from a 3-4 to a 4-3 based on the match up and the available personnel. But the old school 2 gap… it’s where Belicheck comes from (from Bill Parcells). Mangini was also around to watch the Niner’s defense under Fangio so he’s familiar with them. Mangini is probably familiar with all the basic gap control schemes, it’s a question how much he wants to vary them.

                What will also be interesting is how he decides to scheme the secondary. Again through Bellicheck, Mangini knows pattern matching schemes. (pattern matching is where some of the secondary read the patterns of the receivers and decide to drop into zone or man coverage). Pattern matching was created by Bellicheck and Nick Saban back in the 90’s. Under Fangio the Niners often used a “read 2” coverage which basically had them flex from a quarters coverage to a cover 1/3 man/zone coverage. Saban and I think Carrol and the Seahawks run a Liz/Rip coverage scheme which uses pattern matching that flexes coverage Cover 3/1 (sort of). So I wonder if we’ll see more pressure coverage packages from the Niners (they played a lot of soft zones with a bend but don’t break philsophy).

            1. @allforfunnplay

              Helluva post…! My head is still spinning…good content…’glad I didn’t have you for my D-coach….or did I…?

        2. Pretty sure Fangio is regarded at the top as a DC around the NFL. Mangini, eh maybe not so much….

          1. Yes, success has a way of doing that. Is Dan Quinn really the best DC in the NFL? Or is he really good at implementing Pete Carroll’s D with the most talented defensive roster in the NFL?

            1. I don’t know about Quinn, but I do know regardless of talent, Fangio is one hell of a defensive mind….

          2. Scooter’s point is that Fangio wasn’t regarded that highly before he got here and had a chance to work with some elite talent. I agree completely and see no reason why Mangini won’t have similar success. This is still a very talented defense.

          3. The idea that the 49ers have an unbelievably great roster is the fallacy that led Baalke/York to dump Harbaugh and his staff. That and MOM’s coaching staff budget. It’s the J. Jones syndrome.

  3. Not enough data on mangini as dc. Only one year experience in 2005 and team had 45 different starters due to injuries that year. Defense finished 17th. I do like all the experience being built around tomsula. Smart.

  4. I wonder what the defensive players think of the Mangini hire and I wonder what Justin Smith will do now.

  5. So far…no upgades.
    I wonder what the players are thinking right now…

    1. Robert & Cubus-
      I think they’re thinking “Whew!”. After losing Fangio, it could’ve been a lot worse.
      Unlike Grant, I don’t think the sky is falling.

      1. hopefully they did not hear the Mangini interviewed w/ the Redskins & Raiders and those 2 franchises did not want him.

        meanwhile 9ers picking up more Raiders rejects in Tarver & Sparano.

  6. Mangini was probably the best candidate left. He’s not great but then neither was Fangio before he got here. Mangini has experience and comes from the Belichick tree which are positives. What I like most about the hire is it adds another guy with a HC background to a staff that was seriously inexperienced before today. Sparano and Mangini change the ratio.

    1. “He’s not great but then neither was Fangio before he got here.”

      Yep. Amazing what a talented roster can do for a coach.

      1. The 2014 roster was full of amazing players — on injured reserve or in a funck like Davis. and Brooks.

      2. every defense Mangini has been associated with as a coordinator and head coach performs better before and after Mangini.

        the Raiders and Redskins interviewed him and did not want him.

        the 49ers offense also was negatively impacted by his influence and the TE’s went into the tank once he became their coach.

        everything dude touches gets worse.

        luckily for him he and Baalke are buds since their time working together back from 97 to 99.

    2. @ rocket

      I hope that this ‘seasoned’ a staff can also assist positively in identifying our ‘needs’ and help Baalke with that in the draft and Free Agency. NOW, let’s see which OC we’ll be working with….

  7. Uninspired hire. Not as bad as Tarver, but uninspired. A lot of retreads here. I hope BaalkeYork believe their love in Tomsula justifies losing such coaching talent all over the team. Oh, and the Bears only hired Gase and Fangio. Home run potential at both spots. SF? Highly doubtful unless they wait till next week and hire Chud.

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      1. Your a dope.. Fox is garbage.. Fangio was a joke until he got to the niners… You will soon find out that balke is a stud and knows what he is doing.. Players make coaches… Fox got on the shoulders of Peyton.. That’s why Elway canned him.. Del rio is garbage too.. Look at his staff. No one wants to coach with him. He got tice who was horrific with Atlanta. Mustgrave for OC lmao… Niners got experience every where. Now there talking to perry fewell for DB coach… If niners get the OC right watch out.

        1. er… Fox made the Super Bowl with Delhomme & the playoffs with Tebow.

          maybe he’s not great, but 13 yrs as a head coach in the NFL 119-89 is not garbage. that’s for the likes of Erickson, Nolan & Singletary.

          1. I don’t want to label Fox. But my memory of him is after the super bowl I watched Fox and Elway’s video. Fox was rightly very nervous. When questioned by reporters he nervously deferred to Elway and I’m surprised he wasn’t fired that year.

            At one point Fox said you can’t define us by this one game. But I know Elway and he wasn’t falling for that crap. He knew if he wanted to beat the NFC-W he’d have to beef up his D. So I’ll be paying attention to Chicago also. Hope Fox doesn’t turn them into a bunch of girls.

            Damn I wish we had Jared Allen.

      2. It looks pretty good on paper, but the talent level isn’t anywhere near what the HC and 2 coordinators had to work with at their previous stops.

      3. The Bears? U should lose your job for that statement. John Fox is the epitome of an average retread and 1 of the worst in game coaches in the league. You are ridiculous. Mangini will be just fine with this talent base. Fangio will be back in the bottom if the league in rankings this year.

      4. Grant,

        I love ya. But I don’t think Chicago has the best staff. I wouldn’t even say the Niners have the worst. Let’s see where we are in Week 4.

      5. That’s what I was hinting at before. They have our defensive coaches and Denver’s offensive coaches. The bears took steps to get better. We took steps to bring in failed head coaches to teach tomsula how to fail as a coach.

        1. Well said Shish. It’s like we threw away three aces in order to draw a straight. Not a good poker move!

      6. On paper. Was it gace or Manning? Plus Cutler is a major minus and the defense lacks talent. But fox and vic are definitely good

          1. Gase should do a fine job with the Bears. The idea he is a product of Manning is overblown.

            I really like the coaching staff the Bears have put together.

          2. So… Jim Levitt would have been a good fit as our DC because he coached Bowman and Willis? Whether or not Gase works out in Chicago will have nothing to do with the fact that he coached Marshall for a year.

      7. Wow is that so?
        So with Fox, gase, and a highly regarded D Coordinator they will surely go one and done in the playoffs 2 out of the 3 next years. Thats if they can get Cutler to preform to PManning levels. But for Chi that will most likely be an improvement so happy times indeed

    1. Fangio, Donatell, Seely (and Roman technically) were NFL retreads when joining Harbaugh’s staff so what’s your point? I’m not saying they aren’t superior coaches compared to the new regime however being a retread means absolutely zero! On paper it is a step down on the defensive side of the ball, but bringing in a more accomplished OC may even things out.

          1. Chud or Shanahan… I’m thinking Chud though; who knows maybe Kiffin could be an upgrade from Roman as well.

      1. he meant retreads as in failed nfl head coaches.

        though over on ninernation they found that retreads tend to do better than their rookie counterparts – especially if those rooks weren’t at least head coaches at nationally known div 1 colleges.

        probably a lot of demands on a football head coach at a top tier college program & even more so in the nfl that takes adjusting to.

  8. I disagree. Niners are hiring a very soild staff. Now there interviewing perry fewell for DB coach. Was the DC for the giants when they won there last two SBs… Niners doing a hell of a job.. By the way this staff could be better then the previous… Balke built this team not Jim and his staff. They lucked into incredible talent.. Now I’m not the biggest fan of tomisula but if surrounded with experience he has a great chance to succeed with this talent pool. Now go get an OC that is legit and we are in business.

    1. I find it a bit ironic that they will have so many “chefs” in the kitchen on the defensive side of the ball next year if they hire all these ex-defensive coordinators.

    2. CK-elite Really! How many years was Baalke GM before Jim Harbaugh got here? How many years does it take to build a team? Baalke was an assistant before that- thats all. He was probably good at his job, but like so many others- sometimes gets promoted to a level of incompetency.

    3. I agree. Most people are reactionary because of their love for the prior regime.
      I’ll ask you guys something. Did Harbaugh Live Up To The hype of being an offensive stud of coach? My answer is no. If we had a top 12-15 scoring team in any of his first three years, we’d already won multiple super bowls.
      I’m looking for to a better offense with more scoring.

    4. Yeah CK, just pick one off of the OC tree out there. At the end of the day, by your logic, this has all been a convoluted process to replace one guy, Greg Roman. All of the defensive replacements have been improvements. Why…because you say so. How about seeing your short list of legit OC’s chomping on the bit to sign up?

      1. If you want more aggression from your front seven, you’re going to need stellar secondary play…

    1. meh. don’t know what to think. the giants are so undisciplined on defense.

      giants vs the seahawks, he was laughing on the sidelines on every big russell run.

      i’d venture that very few students tune out a good teacher.

  9. Had to go back a refresh my memory on Mangini.
    Although I recall the players not liking his style, I didn’t remeber it being THIS bad.
    From wikipedia (sorry):
    In his 2013 memoir, former player Nate Jackson, who was briefly part of the Browns practice squad during the 2009 preseason, sharply criticized Mangini. Jackson wrote that Mangini’s coaching style had so alienated his players that they seemed “deep in despair” with “no fight left in them” only a few months after Mangini took over.
    Granted, that’s one guy’s opinion…but geez!
    Deep in depair???

    1. BB was HC at Cleveland and had a pretty dismal run. Now he’s headed to his 6th SB.
      Maybe it wasn’t the coaching in Cleveland.
      Maybe it was just Cleveland.
      In Mangini’s case I do seem to remember some rumbling, but when you’re losing……
      Maybe it was just Cleveland. It may be cursed.

      1. All good points.
        Cleveland is after all…Cleveland.
        The phase ‘deep in despair’ does kinda stand out though.
        But if he wasn’t so player-friendly in SF, I guess we’d of heard something by now.
        I’d still like to see some Eagle 5 LB schemes…
        No team could possibly run on that.

      2. Actually he was considered abrasive with the Jets, with it being said that he would humilate his assistants and sometimes a player in front of everyone. In Cleveland he toned it down somewhat but was still said to be a little abrasive.

        1. Those two teams didn’t have pro bowl veterans all over the place either. I highly doubt he will even have to embarrass a player on this roster.

          1. Most of those Pro Bowl vets didn’t give much of an effort this last season. Whats to say they will be able to suddenly turn it up this coming season.

  10. The Bears? R u kidding me? U should lose ur job for the statement alone Grant. Hiring John Fox, which is the epitome of average re tread, is a terrible idea. I’d take Tomasula any day over that hack. And Mangini will be just fine wth this talent base. And fangios D will be in the bottom third of the rankings. There’s a reSon Fangio has barely ever gotten a head coaching interview.

  11. what are the chances of getting cohn banned from his own site? If fox was that good he wouldnt have been fired. If gase was that good he would still be the coordinator with the broncos or a headcoach somewhere else. If fangio was that good he would have been the niners head coach . He cohn do you have any idea as to the niners have as their team strength? its there front 7. Whose ,mostly responsible for the front 7 and the ability to posess elite players at the respective position year in and year out.. TOMSULA> Yes he was a dline coach but had influence on the linebacker corp. Just ask willis and bowman. I rest my case.

    1. Total nonsense!
      Almost all of the candidates for all of the vacancies were fired at some point.
      You must be Jim from Taxi.
      Put the dope down, Jim.

  12. So far the coaching hires have been great which this front office needs to keep doing to rid themselves of this stench they have saddled us with. Surrounding Tomasula with ex head coaches is a good idea. Although none of them where good as a head guy they can be excellent assistants. If the Fewell rumor is true then that’s another home run but we all know the key to this is the OC. If that doesn’t turn out to be an epic grand slam home run than the rest of this doesn’t matter. Problem is I have no idea who that man is. Hope the idiot Jed and Trent do. Trent is not an idiot. Just the owner is. Any ideas who the cant miss OC should be?

  13. OK, Ive long been on record as having admired the work of Fangio & Donatel. I’d have been as pleased as I was shocked if they’d been kept on. Usually doesn’t happen that way, and it didn’t. Sad to see him go but I’m not a jilted lover for goodness sake! Grant acts like Vic was the defensive Messiah and nobody could ever replace him.
    How in the world did Bill Walsh win those rings without Vic Fangio? It boggles the mind.

    1. Without any of us REALLY knowing what they were or are thinking…I just think that Fangio is who the players wanted.
      A steady professional who they respected and obviously had a great deal of success with.
      Of course, they know Tomsula–they know what he’s done and they probably have an idea of what he could do.
      And hopefully they’re optomistic.
      But I don’t think they’re watching all of this and smiling from ear-to-ear.
      There’s got to be some concern.
      Rightfully so.

    2. That’s Grant and his Father’s MO. It’s always about what the team did wrong. Any story you can put a negative spin on. Alex Smith was lousy while he was a 49er according to Grant, but as soon as he was gone, he was the answer. Now it’s about Fangio being the best DC in the game. At some point you just have to shrug and let it roll off your back.

      1. And now Gase is part of the best coaching staff in the NFL. Last week he couldn’t make a halftime adjustment.

              1. Too funny Scooter. From now til week one the 49ers can do nothing right according to you know who!
                Regardless of Mangini or any of the other hires experience or accomplishments, the only thing that matters is the interpersonal relationship between every coach and how they make the players better from week to week. I’m confident in saying anyone can coach that defense, it’s that loaded with talent.
                Now the OC hire is pretty darn important.

              2. I’m being sarcastic razor. This is what Grant was suggesting when the 49ers were rumoured to be hiring him. Now he’s with the Bears he is part of the best coaching staff in the NFL.

              3. Forgive me, I hadn’t noticed the font. On paper, the Bears have a stellar staff irrespective of Mr. Cohns’ hypocrisy….

              4. Jack – I am so glad you re-posted that article… the one where Grant enlightened us all on the meaning of Gravitas. F-in’ hilarious.

    3. You know how Walsh won those rings, with Seifert who was an exceptional defensive back coach and DC.

  14. I think that fangio did not want to return unless he was the head coach and I also believe the organization felt that the defense should have been better under Fangio too much zone and too much of a conservative pass rush with all the talent on the roster they will go to a press coverage and attacking style defense moving forward

  15. This is not a bad hire. I would not like him as a HC but as a DC I think he will do just fine. What do the defensive players think of the hire? Also Mangini is fine behind a mic for those who think that’s an important quality to have.

  16. The DC’s job will be a challenge. I think Cowboy, Brooks and maybe Cully to be gone from next year’s D. Young bunch to coach up in the secondary. Any FA additions? Draft? And then Eric has to quietly scout the SF offense to know if they’re likely to sustain drives. That will effect his play-calling on D.

    1. @Bro T

      I believe that you have a good read of the tea leaves, although I’d love nothing better than to see all three of those players back. What I like so far in the coaching hires, is that these ‘retreads’ know that their paychecks depend on the performance of the D. I hope to see a more spirited attitude in the last half of the season (like Arizona game). There’s no place for ‘taking plays off’ which IMHO we had a bunch of this year. Let’s see Dial and Lemonier more and see if they’re worth their feed, and push Aldon Smith back to aggressive. I’d like to see more ‘hungry’ Olinemen.

  17. If the PLAYERS had the choice to pick the HC post-Harbaugh, who would they have chosen?
    outside candidate
    I’d say Fangio.

  18. Barrows’ comments on Fangio vs. Mangini from this afternoon:

    The 49ers players liked operating under Fangio because the assignments were simple and allowed them to play with abandon. Mangini, meanwhile, hails from the Bill Belichick school of defense that calls for dense, scheme-heavy game plans that vary from week to week.

    The 49ers likely will be more aggressive under Mangini than they were Fangio, who seldom blitzed. Instead, he preferred to drop his speedy linebackers into coverage. The 49ers led the NFL in interceptions in 2014 and tied for second in 2011.

    Read more here:

    1. The one problem I had with Fangio was he wasn’t aggressive enough for my liking. Bend but don’t break secondary. HATE IT! Hopefully a scheme heavy defense will change up the same old look and bring a new look. Not that I didn’t like the old scheme. But I think our division eh emm Seattle figured it out and played to our weaknesses. Remember Fangio’ defenses never got the clutch stops they needed in the big games. If they weren’t giving up 21+ in superbowls.

    2. Aggressive defense can lead to big plays on both sides of the ball. Be careful what you wish for.

      1. I’d like to see a little more aggressive play calling. I would often be upset he didn’t use bowman on the blitz more often. He is a good blitzer. I always thought he was under utilized in that sense.

        1. With our linebacker crew, we should be blitzing every play, using the 3-4 how it’s designed….”never give the suckers a break”

  19. “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent” Vic fangio was the Sunny of the 49ers, had all the talent in the world, and knew how to use it. Now, Mangini has thatat same talent,but now when healthy, we will be even more ddangerous. Now will manginibe Sunny, or will it be sad for us to see Wasted Talent! I think we are in for a hell of a good suprise on defense!! This talent will not be wasted, unless he asks these guys to do things they cant, but with D, there’s not to much we cant do

    1. That’s predicated on the injured players returning to their pre-injury form. I doubt the Cowboy returns….

  20. It should be noted that the other four NFL teams that had Fangio as defensive coordinator never promoted him to head coach.

    It’s about the players on the field. Half the guys on this blog would have won the Super Bowl as head coach of the ’94 49ers.

    1. Then why did the 1994 team have so much trouble the first six games? Talent? Coaching? Or both? Great talent can be very hard to get organized into a strong team effort.

      In Detroit Young looked literally like dead meat crawling toward the sidelines. Even Jerry Jones limited what coaching it would take to get his roster to the Superbowl to any of 500 coaches.

  21. Mike Shanahan for OC. Another guy with HCing experience and was the 49ers OC the last time they won a SB 20 years ago. But maybe going back to an old ex isn’t a good idea… He probably wouldn’t accept a job lower than HC anyway. Any thoughts? His name was rumored before about the OC job..

    1. His teams always excelled in the run game.
      There were lanes I could drive my car through and every year his featured back–it didn’t matter who it was–was a 1000 yd back.
      But he always had the smaller, athletic type of lineman.
      Our mallers don’t zone-block like leopards don’t change their spots.
      Poor fit if you ask me.
      Chudzinski or bust!

  22. Mangini, Sparano … Lane Kiffen? … surround Tomsula with guys who have been head coaches.

  23. Grant Cohn (@grantcohn):

    “Still unfathomable that the Niners promoted Tomsula and not Fangio.”

    Unfathomable? Really? I could go with surprising, and understand people saying its a bad/ wrong choice, but unfathomable?

    1. It is difficult to understand how Tomsula is an upgrade over Fangio, and I think it’s a safe bet Mangini is one of those fall back plans you went over with me earlier….

      1. Yes, I agree Mangini is likely a fall back option. Not a bad (nor good) fall back option though.

          1. I said earlier, I think Dennis Allen may have been option #1, and they clearly were interested in Vance Joseph.

            1. It seemed they entertained an idea to retain Fangio as well, but evidently it was not entertaining enough….

              1. Here’s a thought. I think most would agree that Vic would be a better DC than Tomsula.
                Does it necessarily follow that Vic would be a better HC than
                That’s a different question; apples and oranges.

            2. Not trying to be difficult Scooter, but was it reported that Dennis Allen interviewed?

              I know about Joseph, but they never actually got to speak with him.

              1. They didn’t just want to speak with him, they wanted to hire him as the DC according to the report I read….

              2. Why is it so hard to stick to a question?

                Who do we know was actually interviewed?

                I know they liked Joseph, probably wanted to hire him, but they never even got to interview him.

                We know for sure that Mangini interviewed. Who else.

              3. Jack, I’ve heard they never had a chance to interview as he took the Saints job before they could. Its all rumour, I have no idea if they really did intend to interview him or not.

    1. Probably why he was fired. Now if they could only identify the one that leaked too much….

  24. If my “guesstimating” is on. I do believe Fangio’ defenses have given up 26 points per average. Doesn’t sound like the best DC in the league has been “clutch” in the post season.
    If you want to give credit to the man calling plays not the players themselves.. That is.

    1. Well…that stat is relative though, isn’t it?
      You could make the argument that if the defense didn’t have to be on the field so much they may not have given up so many points.
      The lack of offense has to account for some of that.
      Just saying…

      1. Theres some truth to that. But when they needed a stop. Have they done it under Fangio most of the time?
        I can only recall maaaybe 2 of the games. ATL. Is the only one that comes to mind

        And I can’t recall the offense not taking up a fair poportion of the clock in the playoff games. No doubt the offense wasn’t a big part of the failures, but the defense wasn’t regular season good either.

    2. BTW, where is your homey Lameareafanatic? I was gonna say its a much fresher scent in the room lately!

      1. Lmao it’s classic that you really think you’re liked around here.
        Oh… And judging from some of your comments, you again call others haters and negative about the tomsula hiring but now you bash Baalke. Looks like that New Years resolution of “namaste” didn’t last very long. Like I said it wouldn’t.
        Hey since you’re my shadow have you found me on twitter yet? I would hate to disappoint my fans.

    3. WRONG MD:

      SF def. gave up only 17.1 p/game in 2012 (2nd lowest)
      SF def. gave up only 17 p/game in 2013 (3rd lowest)
      SF def. gave up 21.1 in 2014 (10 lowest)

      FYI Seahawks gave up the least amount of pts in the League since 2012

      1. Mary,

        Nobody ever said Fangio’s defense gave up 26 points a game with the 49ers. I believe the 26 points per game was given as Fangio’s career average as a DC. I don’t know if 26 points per game is correct, or not, but I don’t believe any 49er fan would claim that Fangio’s 49er defenses averaged 26 points allowed.

        You should’ve known better.

      2. In the PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!! Stupid! If you’re going to correct someone. Read what they wrote.
        Why are you looking up SF stats anyways DS? You’re supposed to be a Seahak fan.

        1. MD: It takes very little effort to look up stats. I look them up for all the teams we play. That’s an area where I could definitely use some assistance. I don’t always understand how to translate certain stats like tackles, for instance, into meaningful information I can understand. Kapeesh!

  25. Just wait.

    Next week they will announce, “after an exhaustive Nation-Wide search we have found our new Offensive Coordinator, right in our own backyard. Introducing Jeep Chryst, the next Offensive Coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers!!”

    So the question for us to answer will be, was this the plan all along? are they truly that clueless? or will no serious candidate give them the time of day?

  26. The guy the 49ers have “stashed” away in a back room doing unknown things for our offense(clearly he made a big impact doing it too)the past 2 or 3 years now is suddenly the best candidate to run our defense?

    That makes sense. I mean when you look at the other hires so far, it actually makes perfect sense in that it’s a horrible horrible idea. Pretty much like the rest of the staff so far.

      1. Healthy 81 year old 49er fan dropped dead at his key board this afternoon for no apparent reason. He was found by his wife of 51 years with one finger still on the keyboard pressing the letter “o”. On the screen a text box contained the following.


        1. Jesus you’re that old? I would have been nicer to you in the past out of pure respect for my elder. Guess I should have realized the Yoda avatar was actually for reality purposes instead of satisfying the inner geek.

  27. During Eric Mangini’s one season as a defensive coordinator — 2005 — the Patriots’ defense ranked 17th in points allowed and 26th in yards allowed.

    The year before Mangini — 2004 — the Pats’ defense ranked 2nd in points allowed and 9th in yards allowed.

    The year after Mangini — 2006 — the Pats’ defense ranked 2nd in points allowed and 6th in yards allowed.

    Mangini is not a good defensive coordinator.

      1. Eric in your opinion what lead to the Patriots defense being ranked higher both the year before and after your role as Defensive Coordinator?

      1. I’m telling you the only reason he was tabbed Mangenius was because he was able to get to the playoffs with Dewayne Robertson as his NT in a 3-4 defense….

        1. Yeah, I had a conversation with Cubus the other day about Mangini and said I wasn’t that thrilled with him as an option, and wasn’t sure why he is considered such a great defensive mind. These stats certainly put a less than flattering perspective on the hire.

          1. Does it matter that each defense a Fangio coordinated prior to the 49ers improved in the statistic in question the year after he left?

            1. Not after the fact. But at this point, where we’ve seen nothing, it’s a concern and doesn’t leave us with that warm and fuzzy feeling. Barrows is tweeting that a Mangini defense will include “more blitzing, but more thinking too.” Too much thinking on the field usually means slower reaction.

              1. The whole argument here against Mangini is the points allowed before and after he took over in NE.

                Yes the Patriots got better in points allowed the year after he left, but so has every defense that Fangio ran.

                It should be noted that in 2010 he was part of the group that brought Joe Haden and TJ Ward to Cleveland, and Revis to the Jets in 2007.

              2. What about why it was better before he took over? This was a D that finished in the top 10 three out of four years under Crennel, had a dip the year Mangini took over, then rebounded again when he left. It could be coincidence, other factors could have been at play, and we certainly shouldn’t discount that. But its not a positive sign.

              3. New England had a ton of injuries on D in 2005 and saw the points allowed per game go up by 4.9 from the previous year.

                SF had a ton of injuries on D in 2014 and saw the points allowed per game go up by 4.2 from the previous year.

              4. The 2014 Niners’ defense ranked fifth in yards allowed.

                The 2005 Pats’ defense ranked 27th in yards allowed.

              5. “New England had a ton of injuries on D in 2005”.

                That is a fair point. They were fielding a pretty inexperienced secondary by the end of the season. Actually they lost a lot of veteran players compared to the previous season. Could well have been some issues in terms of team chemistry to start the season.

                The Patriots defense averaged around 16 points allowed per game following their bye in week 7 in 2005. They averaged around 27 points allowed per game the first six weeks of the season.

            2. From the perspective of how the 49ers D may perform next year, it may. But from the perspective of whether Mangini is any good as a DC, no.

              The point Grant is making here is not a great advertisement of Mangini’s skills as a DC.

              1. It’s not a great endorsement at all but as we said earlier today, Fangio didn’t have a great resume when he arrived either. I’ll hope for a Romeo Crennel type of performance.

  28. From Fangio to Mango…..This is unbearable man! I can’t get believe this $hit!!
    York……You cheap bastard!!!!!
    F*#¥ me!!!!………Sorry Grant, I had to vent. :( :( :( :(

  29. Sparano, Mangini and possibly Shanahan? While I agree that it is a good idea to surround Tomsula with experienced coaches, it seems to me we could have a too many cooks in the kitchen. Tomsula may soon tire of the constant and probably conflicting advice from these former HCs.

    1. Cubus – That penny pincher Yuppy York better hire M. Shanahan or Chud next or I may go postal.

      1. Hey, Crab that was my line :) – at least last week it was. I thought you were going to keep the mood light on the blog with humour.

        1. Cubus – You’re right I will back off on the criticism of Yorky….Maybe I’m wrong and these are tremendous bargain hires…….Like HoferFan used to say…TBD.
          I will try harder to see the glass half full but at the moment I’d rather have Jack Del Rio over Tomsula and Co.

          1. No worries. Everybody’s a little, um, irritable. So far, two of the three major coaching positions have been internal hires. Tomsula was selected after a Gase head fake. Let’s hope that Chryst isn’t selected after a Chud (or Kiffin or Shanahan) head fake.

              1. Crab,

                I understand being disappointed with the Tomsula hiring, but Del Rio? No f’ng way.

                As for Gase, I liked the idea of him being HC at the time, but if he’s ready to be HC, and Peyton Manning likes him, why didn’t Elway hire him? He certainly knows him as well as anyone around. Not only that, nobody else hired him either.

                There’s not a single new HC that I look at and say, boy, I wish the 49ers hired that guy instead of Tomsula.

                Please, don’t misunderstand, the jury is definitely out on Tomsula, for me, but I just don’t see any other candidates that are so much better.

                There was a time when I would’ve strongly preferred Fangio, but you have to wonder, why, except by the 49ers, has he never been interviewed for a head coaching job in the NFL?

      1. Don’t think that’s true with game planning. Baalke has said he’s not an Xs and Os kind of guy.

        1. Oh don’t worry, Baalke will give the staff the entire and complete game plan well ahead of time

    2. Rumor mill at Senior Bowl
      “A lot of change has already happened in San Francisco and more could be coming. Sources say that star linebacker Patrick Willis could be shopped to other teams in a trade and also could end up being a cap casualty. Willis missed the final 10 games of the 2014 season with a toe injury. The 49ers feel they have a younger and much cheaper replacement ready to take his place with Chris Borland. With NaVorro Bowman coming back, Willis could be deemed too expensive for a team that is tight against the cap.

      Lastly, the 49ers love Norfolk State outside linebacker Lynden Trail, and it makes a lot of sense as he is a perfect fit as a 3-4 outside linebacker. Given the off-the-field issues of Aldon Smith and Aaron Lynch, it makes sense for San Francisco to have depth at the position. Plus, the 49ers didn’t have a single pass-rusher reach seven sacks last year. Don’t be surprised if Trail comes into play for San Francisco as soon as the third round. “

      1. I’ve been hearing (well, reading) a lot of positive things about Trail. It doesn’t surprise me in the least the 49ers are being linked to him.

      2. Sources say that star linebacker Patrick Willis could be shopped to other teams in a trade and also could end up being a cap casualty.

        Now where have I heard this before?

          1. My source is me. I’ve been saying for a while now that Willis will either be traded or cut given the impressive play by Borland this season.

            1. Willis ain’t going any where this coming year.. He will take a pay cut then could be released the following year. With bowman coming back from a serious injury they want to make sure he is healthy before they make a decision like that.

              1. Forgot to add to that: unless he’s willing to take a considerable pay cut. And then I think even that won’t be enough for him stay with the team. The emergence of Borland in his rookie season makes him a far cheaper and younger option and potentially therefore the more attractive of the two for Baalrk.

          1. I meant here recently Jack. I’ve been saying that I think Willis is on his way out because of Borland’s emergence.

            1. That’s fine mid. I said it a year ago when his replacement was not yet on the team. No biggie.

        1. Boreland was very impressive, until he ran into Marshawn Lynch. I like Boreland, but he is not big enough and I don’t think he can play 16+ games.

          Trade Willis? Even our Front Office is not that stupid.

  30. The lead story on the NBC Evening (world) News tonight was deflate gate. I am not making that up. The most important story on the planet was………. I thought I’d tuned in to The Onion.

    1. That’s what you get for watching mainstream media. IJS
      The onion of give more credit to, than Fox, cnn, abc, cbs, and nbc. You get what cha pay for. And that tv is free. Lol

  31. Tom Gamble set to return it appears.

    If they get Perry Fewell to take the the defensive back coaching position, it’ll be the second ex-DC coaching a defensive position.

    Experienced coaches joining forces to Bludgeon with BaaSula ?

    1. When Gamble got released I wondered about him returning, but I thought it might be too obvious. I welcome his presence in the FO.

  32. I don’t mind Mangini as the DC. I’m sure he has learned alot from his time in New England, NY, Cleveland and SF. The guy has studied and probably knows what needs to be done. Here we are acting like we know the game and being all nit picky about credentials. Mangini is getting Bowman, Willis and Aldon. This is a Top Ten defense for sure. I like the moves whoever is making them….Balke or Jed. Hopefully Chudzinski as offense coordinator and Fewell as db coach up next.

  33. Wow, is the thought of the 49ers front office: Let’s bring in some washed up HC’s to surround this inexperienced stretch of a hire? Next we will see the OC announced : Mike Shannahan. With the talent pool available, this wasn’t exactly the year to “mutually” decide to part ways with a great coach.

    1. You think their sales pitch is that if Tomsula stumbles, they will again hire from within and one of the former head coach assistants will be returned to glory as their new “internal hire”? You know, like tell them that they will leak stuff to the media and see which former HC steps up as the new rat fink in order to take the helm? Kind of a revolutionary business model for a football team modeled after most all other types of businesses. Just thinking.

  34. Some of you niner fans crack me up. This is why we are called whiner fans.. I will see you guys when free agency starts and when Balke kills the draft again.. Soild job by the niners in hiring good assistants!

  35. The Bears may have a great coaching staff, but they still have Cutler and a lot of holes to fill, so I have serious doubts about how good they will be.

    Is it correct that Chudzinski contract is up next week and then the Niner’s don’t need permission to interview him?

    Grant; my best to your family.

      1. Come on razor your reaching man. Jim’s assistants were nothing until they got to SF and were introduced to one of the two best rosters in all of football. Trust in balke cause I sure do.

  36. One possibility at OC could be Pep Hamilton if the Colts decide to extend Chudzinski.

      1. You never know Razor. Pagano and Irsay may think Chudzinski fits the offense better and will improve the run game more than what Hamilton can.

        1. The running game looked like it improved without Richardson. I don’t watch enough of their games, but they probably are a better pass blocking offensive line too. I don’t know….

    1. based on the Foerster hire, they’ll probably go Geep (or Shanahan?) if Chud’s gone.

      though for hilarity’s sake Lane Kiffin, aka the boy blunder, and the original football deflator alongside Eric Mangenius would at least give us something to talk about were the 49ers to go into the tank.

      1. Brian Daboll could be a sleeper no one is talking about for offensive coordinator. I think he might be just what the doctor ordered….

  37. I care less who OC is or the DC is as long as they put together a better offensive line and a better than average secondary. The offensive line had better pass block as well as run block or it’s 8 or 9 in the box all year long. It will be another season like last year on offense. On defense I am tired of seeing the cornerbacks playing ten yards off the opposing wide receivers and Aldon Smith needs more than a power rush to be successful because J. Smith cannot push the opposing Guard and Tackle like he did in the past!

  38. Tim Ryan, color analyst and 49er employee, pointed out that Mangini was also a pretty good nose tackle. It turns out he and Belichick went to the same college.

    “Mangini played nose tackle at Division III Wesleyan University and holds the school’s single-season (11.5) and career (36.5) sacks records.[2] … Mangini joined the Chi Psi Fraternity that coaching mentor Bill Belichick, a Wesleyan alumnus, was part of two decades earlier.”

    He got his start as a ball boy in Cleveland where he caught Belichick’s eye. I wonder if he has any ball pumping experience.

  39. I’m cautiously optimistic. No one ever said “Fan-genius” about Fangio. I recall when Fangio was first hired, I was a bit worried because there were stats on all his previous times as DC which showed his defensive rank descending each year under Fangio (wish I had those numbers now). Now, I must say, Fangio did well with us, but now we move up to a genius!!
    Go 9ers. All you ‘fans’ – stop being so negative! Show a little hope! and get a life too!!

    1. You’re funny John. Get a little hope. My father took me to my first 49er game in 1954. He was a fan since their inception in 1946. Thirty five years of hope for him and 27 years of hope for me later Eddie D and Bill Walsh finally gave us what we had hoped for. That’s 34 and 26 years of re-building (or re-tooling) in our case and you have a pep talk for us about showing a little hope. I’d like to have this conversation after you’ve lived through the long winter. BTW, during the 49ers first ten years, the Detroit Lions were in the championship game 4 times and won three championships. The last was 1957 when they beat the 49ers in a playoff game when both teams tied for the NFL Western Conference championship. There are currently Lions’ billboards in Detroit that say: “Rebuilding since 1957”. There’s what can easily happen to a proud winning tradition. Let’s write to them and tell them to stop being so negative and show a little hope!

      1. That will cheer them up.

        One of my fondest memories was sitting in the end zone watching the first Alley Opp pass score the winning touchdown in the regular season game against Detroit. Then we blew a big lead and lost the tie breaking playoff game.

        1. My dad came home and told me he had tickets for the game and I was ecstatic. Then he said he didn’t have one for me. I listened on the radio and cried when they blew the lead in the second half. ht – while not quite as dramatic, you and me know how the Packers fans felt last week!

            1. Me too! That was almost an identical script to the Packers self-destruction. It was also the third time the Cowboys eliminated the 49ers. I was at the the “Catch” game too against the Cowboys. I’m not sure they could have got out of Candlestick alive if they eliminated the 49ers one more time.

            2. And I was ’round when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and pain, made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands and sealed his fate…

      2. On average, a loyal NFL fan should expect their team to win the SuperBowl once every 32 years. Right? I hope we do better than this too. But, these chat boards are full of haters trying to make the point that if we don’t win 3 per decade, the ownership or coaches are all idiots. Don’t think that’s fair. OK, I know, who said life is fair…?

  40. Grant — I see that above in this discussion you posted Mangini’s rankings when DC — could you please pull up (and post!) Fangio’s rankings as DC at his jobs *prior* the 9ers? As I recall, he stayed multiple years at the earlier teams, and his ranking went down each year under his leadership. So, Fangio starts with good D, and slowly screws it up. I remember seeing those numbers when we hired him — and it scared me — because we had a pretty good D before he got here.

    1. Vic Fangio scoring against:

      Panthers: 8th, 2nd, 13th, 27th. Next year without him, 25th.

      Colts: 17th, 15th, 31st. Next year without him, 7th.

      Texans: 20th, 27th, 15th, 32nd. Next year without him, 25th.

      49ers: 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 10th. Next year without him, TBD.

      1. Those are the facts alright. I had a professor in college who said: “A fool uses statistics as a drunk uses a lamp post – for support instead of illumination”. What does this set of statistics illuminate?

          1. That begs the question the same question as with Harbaugh. When Harbaugh took over for Singletary, the team improved. But was his success because of what was assembled by others and handed to him or was it because of Harbaugh’s skills. Statistics raise more questions than they answer sometimes. On the other hand, there are no statistics to measure the probability of success of Jed and Baalke’s leadership. Nevertheless, the way they have gone about “re-tooling” has been handled very poorly IMHO.

            1. The most important point is, like Yogi Berra said, “predictions are very hard to make, especially about the future”. I would prefer to see a little more honesty and forthrightness from the FO, instead of hiding behind the paranoid belief that showing any of their cards will be used against them and cause catastrophic failure. The 49ers are entertainers and nothing more, and we are who they are supposed to entertain…and not only on Sundays.

              1. Um, off topic, but uh we can keep these Yogi-isms going all day for my tastes. Now that’s entertainment.

            2. Jed and Trent’s success is easy to figure out, look at the W-L column from March 2010 on.

          2. Jack

            Thanks for putting together the figures to rebut Grant’s simplistic reasoning.
            Mangini may or may not be as good a coach Fangiis, but if I recall correctly, Tedy Bruschi, the defensive stalwart of the Pats, missed half of that season, and Romeo Cremel, the previous DC, took some position coaches with him when he left for the HC job.

            1. Yes, Mangini’s Pats D had a lot of injuries, but so did Fangio’s 49ers D in 2014.

              The difference in points allowed per game under similar circumstances is .1.

          1. 2014 was Fangio’s finest work. Top-five defense with zero Pro Bowlers and only one Pro Bowl replacement.


            1. He’s looking at Fangios history;not what he did here. That’s the only true comparison you can make.

              1. No matter how you look at it, Fangio was not considered a great DC when he came here. He’d been an assistant in Baltimore when Harbaugh got him to come to Stanford. He had great success here but his history showed he was not a great DC and in fact his defenses got progressively worse.

                Trying to compare Fangio with SF to Mangini with other teams is a waste of time. The only way you can compare the two fairly is based on their history with other teams and/or what Mangini does with the Niner defense over the next couple of years.

                I liked what Fangio did here, but I also think a lot of DC’s could have had comparable success due to the level of talent on that side of the ball. While Mangini doesn’t bring excitement or a guarantee that the teams defensive success will continue, Fangio didn’t inspire any of those things when he was brought in either.

                DC was not the biggest concern anyway. The OC is the most important hire for this team.

            2. Fangio’s 2014 D gave up 21.2 points per game.

              Mangini’s 2005 D gave up 21.1 points per game.

              Both had only one defensive player reach the Pro Bowl.

              1. The Pats’ defense ranked 17th and 26th in ’05. It was a bad defense in the context of other defenses that season.

              2. And there are plenty of explanations/excuses, just as there are for the 49ers drop off this season.

              3. “The Pats’ defense ranked 17th and 26th in ’05. It was a bad defense in the context of other defenses that season.”

                See my comments about the difference in yards and points allowed pre and post their bye week in 2005. It depicts an interesting picture of a young team that went through a transition from the previous year and took a little bit of time to find its feet, but once it did it played at a high level.

            3. Grant The only way Fangio was going to stay was as the HC. So he chose not to be the 9ers DC. Why are we comparing the current DC to the past DC who chose not to stay. If there is a comparison to be made its Fangoi vs Tomsula as HC’s and we may never know how that would work as no one seems interested in hiring Fangio as their HC

              1. Still would have been Fangio’s defense, just like the Seahawks’ defense is really Pete Carroll’s and the Patriots’ defense is really Bill Belichick’s.

              2. Grant sez “And the patriots defense is really Bill Bellichik’s”

                Then what was the point of bringing up EM’s 2005 stint as DC fo rthe pats if it was really BB’s?

  41. “They will have a difficult time replacing Fangio, who devised maybe the best ‘tip sheet’ in the game. Tip sheets are generally distributed on a Friday before a Sunday game and they tell players what to watch for in certain situations.

    “More than once, players raved about Fangio’s tip sheets. Team radio color analyst Tim Ryan once asked linebacker Patrick Willis why he pointed to the sky after making a big play. Willis told him he wasn’t pointing to God, but to Fangio in the coaches booth.” — Kevin Lynch

    1. Grant – No doubt that you are well schooled in taking the heat from those who disagree with you. That group includes me sometimes. That said,I detest that so many cannot disagree without making personal comments. But I don’t see how anyone can not help but sympathize with you and the media when teams insist on giving you nothing but their own spin and pr on what they are doing. No matter what can be said about his coaching change fiasco, it is obvious that the 49er FO is intent on trying to sucker the press into publishing their pr bs. No football person can possibly say with a straight face that what is happening is anywhere near what Jed York says it is. I don’t want to belabor the point but I don’t believe it is possible to say that this cluster….. is a “re-tooling” and keep a straight face. How you guys can listen to all this and keep your composure is beyond me. It is nothing but theater of the absurd. Like I said I detest the questioning of your person or your motives. My belief, and I could be wrong, is that you understand the wise words of Joe Kennedy: “Don’t get mad, get even”, and there is nothing to be critical about a person who adheres to that principle, IMHO. If I am wrong, I apologize. If not, keep on trying to get even with the slime balls who see the media and us fans as nothing more than a means to fatten their bank accounts.

  42. Quick Question:

    Of our current coaches under contract which ones were in demand by other teams? Please name at least one.

    1. Geep Chryst and Ronald Curry have both received interview requests. The 49ers denied the one for Curry.

        1. Mangini also interviewed in Washington

          Washington’s 1st choice was Fangio, but they went with Joe Barry.

          Raiders did not want Mangini.

          Would Mangini be in the NFL if not for the 49ers?

          Last NFL job should have been 2010, but he had a friend (Baalke since 1997) in a high place.

        1. That should begin an endless supply of young receivers blowing the top off the defense. We’ll be facing 4-2-5 defenses from here on out. Sigh Gore now!

        2. From what I understand (at least through what I have read), Curry is actually supposed to be an upgrade over Morton.

          1. My contention is that, although some have been interviewed by other teams, none of the coaches we have signed, from Jim Tomsula down, have been seriously pursued by other teams. My suspicion is that Trent Baalke wants a coaching staff that will follow his marching orders.

            Trent, you should be wary of what you wish for, you may get it.

          2. At least Curry has played the position at the NFL level, with some success. We really haven’t been able to develop a receiver for quite some time now, I always thought we could and should replace Morton. However, Curry is only a 2nd year coach, so I’m not sure how much confidence I have in him either.

  43. “htwaits”, I’m not putting down coordinators but realize that even with the best, a team can end up 8-8 or worse. Given the talent on the niners the coaches they have now could hardly do worse. The top defenses in the leaque have been on to the niners run first style and the niners been getting by with their defense. There isn’t an offense that can run consistendly against 8 man front like the seahawks or the rams have. Tomusla style of coaching is both emotional and exacting; he get a lot out of players and would expect he will get the same out of the coaches. I would like it that Tomusla have the players to get a least into the play-offs where anything can happen!

    1. What I think you may be overlooking is that Baalke wants the 49ers to run their 2011 offense. That’s the year where the strike killed the off season preparation and there was a new coaching staff coming in.

      If that’s true about Baalke, it’s too simplistic. Also, Tomsula’s enthusiasm will not overcome the lack of an intelligent and balanced offensive scheme that can adapt from week to week and from the first half to the second half. Of course it didn’t look like we had that this year either.

      That’s why the OC is so important. It looks like they are waiting for the competition to fill their OC spots, only the Rams are still looking, before they negotiate with someone.

      1. I’m with you the OC pick is critical… I actually think the 2011 offense was effective because that year they used a lot of double TE formations that lead to personnel miss-matches on the field with VD and D-Lay. Sure the strike affected everyone but I think the scheme with the right personnel mix was the true reason for success. They also incorporated a lot more shifting in and out of formations to create deception in their run game along with the creative fly-sweep. I felt the offense became easier to defend once D-lay left for the Titans, V-Mac failed to deliver as viable TE, and the offense eliminated a lot of pre-snap shifting due to all of the delay of game penalties.

        Not to pile on Baalke, but we could have solved that issue by drafting Fleener instead of AJ in 2012! Hindsight is 20/20 though. He swung at a speedster and missed!

        1. Fleener has taken some time to realize his potential, but it sure would be good to have him now. That was one of Grant’s choices that I loved. I also enjoyed watching him at Stanford.

          1. Have I missed something? Hasn’t Fleener has been just OK and absolutely nothing special?

  44. It is apparent from the comments I’ve seen during this season that many of the fans and especially Baalke are determined to keep true to the “49ers character” as a “power running team”. My problem with that is that is works very well in hindsight and has served us particularly well because, and this is not an insignificant factor, we have had a hall of fame running back that took over as “bell cow”. Unfortunately, even though we have had HOF running backs (more than one at a time) historically, they have not been “bell cow” types like Gore. When I read the comments here and listen to the FO speak, it is as if the missing links to success are abundant and growing on trees somewhere out there. Carlos Hyde looks promising. Every other back likely on the roster (other than rookies) is a question mark. Assuming that we can easily find another back the caliber of Frank Gore is foolish. What a good team needs is coaches from the top down that can identify the character and strengths of each player and make the system fit them – not the other way around. The the “Big Tuna”, Bill Parcells won 2 Super Bowls for four NFL franchises, one of which was a gift from Roger Craig who as not able to fall to the ground without fumbling in the final seconds of the NFLCG. And I don’t know anyone who thinks those wins were because of his offensive genius. I am not trying to be negative. I will always root for the 49ers now as I have during good and bad times. But really, filling out a staff with a first time HC who either cannot or will not say anything about how he envisions the team getting better going forward, and filling what virtually everyone believes is the vital piece of the puzzle last with whoever they can get, legitimately calls into question the competence and motives of those in control. It is, as I’ve said before, Ready, Fire Aim! Of course, we can all go on thinking with our heart and not our head.

    1. Power, clock chewing, ball control offense isn’t my favorite… but I understand seeing the value in drafting players (and acquiring coaches) that fit a specific model. Tomsula touched on that last week.
      1) Draft players that fit your system
      2) Once the roster’s assembled, do a 180 and modify the system to fit the roster.

      The tough part about committing to the power model is that the NFL is constantly tweaking rules to favor passing… and punish power and read option systems. (google the NFL competition committee. Notice they are all pro-set coaches)

      PPPs (Pretty Pocket Passers) are essential for expanding advertising demographics. That’s why its OK to break Ian Williams’ leg, but not Tom Brady’s knee.

        1. The Seahawks noticed the rule changes. They were (in part) the target of them.

          Not saying ball control doesn’t work (as of now it clearly still does) but the NFL will continue tweaking rules to keep PPPs in the mix, and ad sale revenue high.

          1. Are you really sure that’s true, considering the Seahawks won the Super Bowl last year, are going again this year, the 49ers went two years ago and nearly went last year and three years ago? Given the dearth of running teams in the NFL, doesn’t that seem to indicate that a running team does have as good of a chance as a passing team?

            I do agree that the league is trying to encourage passing and a passing offense is more fun to watch, but I’m not at all certain that a running offense can’t win in the NFL.

    2. Baalke is on record recently stating that there is no problem finding running backs in the draft. Maybe that’s why he’s so confident that our scheme is “running the ball.”

    3. Consistently running the ball, rather than spread the risk around, a-la-Green Bay Packers-West Coast -means guys like 6’2″, 265 LBS., Jerremiah Trotter can predict the play if they don’t respect the pass. Playing the 49ers 5-6 yrs. ago he said: “I looked at their alignment and knew what was coming, so buckeled my chin strap.” During the (5) consecutive dive plays from the (6) yard line he lined his helmet up on Frank Gore’s wrist and snapped it in half. That’s Baalke’s vision, he was there during the Hostler days too…Rob Chudzinski is not an upgrade either. He comes from the Mike Martz/Air Coryell school–deep downfield passes. He’s never met a (7) step drop he doesn’t like and rarely deviates from it. the 49ers led the league in taking sacks in ’14, can you imagine Baalke’s draft picks being asked to hold their blocks even longer! Baalke was supposed to “build the roster according to its talent.” What’s he watching on Sunday’s…Please add a few (3) and (5) step pass patterns Trent, if not for your (QB’S) safety, then for your season ticketholders!

  45. It’s obvious that the Org wanted to purge itself of all things Harbaugh. The coaching staff being put together also gives off a smell of frugal cost saving.

    At this point as fans all we can do is trust the hierarchy in their decisions whether we agree or not.
    My only thoughts are; when York made the statement that he and the top-brass are to be held “accountable” for the teams record, what exactly did he mean?

    If the team continues it’s downward trend and falls below 500 in 2015, is York going to fire his current coaching staff?
    Will York fire Baalke?
    Will Jed enforce a take a pay cut on himself, or look to sell the team?

    There are no clear specifics as to what York meant when he used the term “accountable” and I believe that if the team starts the season in bad form that he should be pressed to make himself absolutely clear as to what he meant.

    1. I still don’t get why people keep bringing up the cost savings. Okay yes they are saving money on the switch from Harbaugh to Tomsula, well duh. Did you really think Tomsula was going to bringing home $5mil a year. He is their pick, the guy they believe can rally this team together and get them playing to their full potential. I highly doubt money played much of a factor in this decision.

      And so far our coordinators are former HCs that have been around for quite some time and have built some credibility for themselves or are former coordinators being hired as a position coach (Mangini, Sparano, Tarver, possibly Fewell). If they really wanted to save money they could have gone after nobodies and promote them to coordinators, but they didn’t.

      No one is going to say this is an upgrade from our former staff, but I think we can all agree it will be heck of a lot less drama and distractions.

      1. I tend to agree. Although we don’t know for sure, I would think these ex-HCs are not being brought on board cheaply. In the case of Tomsula, I think his salary is commensurate with his experience. I think you have to look at the budget for all of the coaches and not just single out an individual. Fangio was the highest paid DC last year and we had a large number of coaches/consultants attempting to right the ship on the offensive side (the sheer number was pointed out by Barrows and others as a likely reason why the attempt failed).

      2. The overall coaching staff cost for 2014 and 2015 will be interesting numbers. Will it be Jack or Grant that come up with them first?

      3. “Did you really think Tomsula was going to bringing home $5mil a year.”
        ~ Leo

        Of course not – Dah!
        And that is my point precisely. The team is NOT going to pay a large payroll to their incoming staff. Do you really think that M.Shanahan will come in at a bargain deal as a O-cord given the fact that he has been a HC with a SB win on his resume?

        Also, does Tomsula have autonomy on selecting his coaches?
        If not, why?
        Why is a HC who has been given the reigns and responsibility to take the team to a better record than last year not able to choose his own coaches?

        My concern isn’t only so much about the payroll for coaches, but for the way the entire process has and is being played out.
        Seems very amateurish thus far.

              1. Yup, another one of those “mutual agreement” deals. No solid proof, but I believe that Baalke is the architect behind every coach signing coming in.

                Tomsula will be given the credit and even made to look as if he is responsible for any signings as paper-tiger validation, but I’ll believe that Baalke has given Tomsula complete autonomy (in coach hiring) when I believe that Belichick had nothing to do with footballs being deflated.

              2. AES,
                I don’t believe that it is unusual for an established GM to have a say in the coaching staff that a rookie HC assembles.
                For the sake of discussion, let’s assume that Baalke is the one putting together this village of like minded individuals….sure, it is a different model and has its risks, but would you rather have Tomsula put his staff together? The entirety of his NFL experience has been with one team. My guess would be that Baalke has a bigger net of contacts, just my 2 cents.

              3. Jack,

                I’m not saying it’s not the case, but Baalke saying so is hardly proof positive…

  46. Yesterday, La Canfora tweeted that Chud’s contract expires on 1/31. Now according to Niners Nation, Alex Marvez is saying that the contract expires this Monday, 1/26.

    1. Don’t believe what you read on the internet. Wait, should you not believe me? Conundrum.

  47. Didnt Baalke hire Mangini 2 years ago? If so, seems like this was a hint that Baalke was going to out-ego, and out-kiss a– to Jed and Paraag, vs. Harbaugh? They have now cleaned out the Harbaugh regime almost entirely. Think word gets around the league about how bad it is to work with these d bags? No wonder they can’t attrack top coordinator candidates, or somebody that could actually help draft offensive players? Congrats to Jed, Paraag, and Trent for f’ing a good thing up.

  48. Am i alone here, I hated the Harbaugh firing, i’m not tremendously confident in the Tomsula hire but so far i’m pretty damn happy with the asst coaches and DC that have been hired. Tomsula a neophyte as a head coach has surrounded himself with experience. I still have my doubts regarding Tomsula but i’m liking his staff…….so far.

    1. OC:

      I think we’re just having difficulty seeing how Mangini will improve or even maintain the defense. His performance hasn’t been stellar in the past. As BASG points out (in my post below), one of his duties with the 49ers was to help Harbaugh decide when to challenge a call. We finished 25th in the league in success rate in 2013. Last year he was the TE’s coach and we all know how well that played out. My biggest concern is how the player’s perceive him and will they work as hard for him as they did for Fangio. Mangini has had a bad reputation with regards to player rapport. Hopefully he has learned and will be able to work well with the players. Mitigating this concern is that it appears that the players will be willing to go through a brick wall for Tomsula.

      Also with all of the ex-HCs being hired (the experience they bring is great), are you at all concerned about “too many cooks in the kitchen”.

      1. Cubus I did’nt say that I like Mangini over Fangio. I knew Fangio was gone when they fired Harbaugh and that i’ve said repeatedly was a moron move but overall i believe that the 9ers are putting together a pretty good staff of asst’s.

        1. What’s your take on the notion that there might be”too many cooks in the kitchen”. I gotta believe that HCs in the NFL are strong-willed, outspoken people. Tomsula may have his hands full corralling that bunch, or do you think that won’t be a concern?

          1. Cubus you may very well be right but we wo’nt know what kind of leader Tomsula will be untill about half way through the 15 season.

            1. OldCoach:

              I actually am pleased with the hires up to this point, with the exception of Mangini. I’d certainly complain more if they were bringing in people with little to no experience :) I suspect Tomsula is also a strong personality and hopefully can manage the situation.

            2. Cubus one thing we do know about Coach Tomsula is that he is a leader. A guy that can relate to players on a personnel and professional level. The old adage, motivate by fear or love, he definitely will motivate through being a father figure. Its pretty clear hearing the players talk about Tomsula that they would run through a wall for him.
              Now the concern with him is his experience. How can he manage all the other coaches, delegate, and be a teacher and leader for them? As the staff starts to shape itself, there are some very experienced and strong personalities to contend with. I see that as an advantage. This is going to be a good thing for this organization. Im very optimistic.

        2. @OldCoach

          Like yourself and probably everyone else, I was elated at Harbaugh’s hiring. Finally, we were getting an offensive minded coach! When he declared later that he was a follower of Bo Schembechler, my heart sank. When he swapped out Alex Smith for Colin K, and then traded him, he lost me completely. JH appeared to be committing “SF 49er suicide” . Getting rid of an overall #1 pick for a second rounder whom no one else took note of. I was lobbying for and hoping for his firing. I am happier now with our coaching situation than I have been in at least 3 years. No more ‘cute’ gamesmanship, just serious football. Yeah, he had charisma…so did the pied piper.

          1. So, you were off the Harbaugh/Kap bandwagon even when they made a SB appearance based on A.Smith’ eventual benching?
            C’mon OREGON!

          2. Do you really think Harbaugh had the power to trade anyone? Really?

            Doesn’t Baalke make clear enough that he controls the roster?

            1. htwaits,
              Harbaugh may not have had the power to trade anybody, but that does not mean that his input was ignored and as such provided change in personnel.

              I believe that one (of likely many) contention between Harbaugh and Baalke may have resulted from the Alex Smith to CK transition.

              I believe that Harbaugh led the movement to replace A.Smith with his personal/preferred draft pick, Colin Kaepernick.
              CK’ overnight meteoric rise gave credence to Harbaugh’ decision and eventually led to Smith’ departure the following year.

              But Kap subsequently plateaued and even faltered (2014) after the championship game against Seattle in 2013 and I believe that precipitated the FO contention with Harbaugh. Baalke and York trusted Harbaugh with the CK decision especially after the SB appearance, but I also believe that they felt that making runs at a SB would become an annual routine after 2012. That trust over the last two season’s had evolved into buyer’s remorse.
              But that’s just one man’ opinion.

      2. Wasn’t “too many cooks in the kitchen” a criticism of Harbaugh’s offense? Now maybe we’ve got too many HC advisers waiting to take JimT’s job.

    2. I hate that Harbaugh (and his all star staff of assistant coaches) is gone.

      I’d have to by a fly on the wall of the 49ers facility to know why. It could be Jed’s ego run amok, or power tripping by Baalke.

      It could also have been a Charles Hayley situation. The teams knows its worse off without Hayley. But Hayley essentially fired himself with his jerky behavior. The team felt it had no choice but to do the paper work.

      Its possible Harbaugh fired himself, and forced 49er management to do the paperwork too.

      I’m ont certain in any direction.

      1. B2W,

        I think there was at least a component of self firing involved in Harbaugh’s firing. He may not have really wanted to be fired, but his alleged unwillingness give in on anything would be hard to live with, year in and year out.

    1. “I think, when you look at building staff, once again, it’s synergy. You get too many people with too much experience, that all, maybe looking for the next step, that doesn’t always work either,” said Baalke.

      How many is too many?

  49. During the press conference the day after the season, Jed brought up Bill Walsh, and almost immediately Baalke jumped in and started talking about Bill Parcells.

    Now the only thing common about Walsh and Parcells is their first names. Their football philosophies were poles apart. I always thought Parcells was vastly overrated as a coach and a GM. One of his two Super Bowl wins was a fluke because of a Roger Craig Fumble and a missed FG by Norwood. He was a creation of the East Coast media hype as much as his football genius.

    Baalke is obviously a Parcells acolyte and it looks like he is planning to turn the 49ers into the 1980’s New York Giants. As someone who grew up watching the great Walsh offenses, I just don’t understand how Jed can stand idly by and let that happen.

    I am starting to wonder if Baalke has some pictures that Jed does not want made public. For some reason he simply won’t stand up to the guy.

    1. I’m with you on Parcells. If he was in any city other than New York, he would be a footnote on the list of great HCs. But as we all know, everything is better in the Big Apple. Four teams in major revenue markets = 1 Super Bowl win and 1 Fluke Super Bowl Win courtesy of 49ers.

    2. Those Parcells led Giants team gave the Walsh led 49ers teams a lot of trouble in the mid to late 80’s.

      1. True Jack, but Jed has assured us he is about winning Super Bowls not making trouble for other teams.

      2. BTW – Walsh’s record against NY Giants in 1980s: 7 wins 3 losses, including 2 wins and 2 losses in the playoffs. The two wins were in SF and the two losses in NY. Cold east coast weather and home field advantage are forces that even Walsh could not always overcome. I stand behind my statement that Parcell’s bigger than life image is a “New York is the best” thing. The many people I know from NY are constantly telling me how this thing and that in California are almost as good as New York.

  50. also is it just possible that harbs was a jerk who could not get along with anybody but his pets.aldon smith thought he could show up to practice drunk and get away with it .any crew i worked on show up drunk ,pick up your check and hit the road

  51. I dont love the mangini promotion, but I do love the talent they are putting around him. Tarver, and perry fewell will be good and have experience. The reak question is OC and staff.
    If we can get Chud and a solid QB and WR coach it would be a good stuff

  52. I gotta think that Mangini is aware of the talent he has on this defense. He has the benefit of being familiar with the team, being on staff for 2 years, granted on the other side of the ball. Being a defensive-minded guy, there’s no way he made himself blind to how Fangio ran this D at such a high rate. With the combination of him and JT, they know exactly what works with this team. Yes he will run “his” defense, but likely not straying too far from the blueprint of success. I don’t think he’s ever worked with this kind of talent-filed team in the past, which may have lead to a scheme-heavy game plan.

    I also gotta think JT will reel him in if he try’s to get too creative, and the vets on this team can give their insight also.

  53. Mangini’s pass defense ranked 31st in ’05. Fangio’s and Donatell’s pass D featuring Perrish Cox and Chris Culliver ranked 5th last year.

    1. You write of Culliver like he was a poor talent. I disagree by the end of this season he was playing at a high level.

      1. OC,

        Culliver gave up the 6th lowest QB rating among CB’s who played at least 50% of snaps last year.

        1. So do we also blame Fangio and Donatell for Cox giving up a passer rating of 109.6 from week 10 on?

        2. Grant do you not think Mangini, Tarver, and possibly Fewell do as good a job with this current roster? If not, why?

        3. Grant you ca’nt have it both ways either Donatell and Fangio put together great defenses with weak talent or Donatell and Fangio helped young inexperienced players mature into very good players and their defensive success was the partially the result of having talented players.

          1. Cox is not a good player and Culliver is ordinary. Fangio and Donatell got the most out of them. They would get exposed in a more aggressive scheme.

            1. Why is Culliver ordinary? He converted from a safety to corner and has gotten better every year. After the SB he made some very positive strides in tackling and tracking the ball on deep throws. He was able to demonstrate a lot of toughness in coming back from injury as well. Last year he became the #1 corner with Brock out and did pretty well against the other teams top receiever.
              As for Cox, he earned himself a starting role. I don’t think its a credit to Donatell or Fangio. They basically moved him around all year from nickel, to corner, to returning kicks. He stepped up huge with all the injuries and performed well. He is a good player.

            2. Agree with you on Cox strongly disagree with you on Culliver. Culliver will continue to get better as he gains more experience. imho

            3. Very much in agreement with Old Coach on this. Culliver played very well last season, and he is a talented player. Sure, credit the coaching staff for coaching him up, but he’s the one on the field making the plays. And it wasn’t because they were hiding him. The secondary had to deal with a poor pass rush most of the year.

              Culliver had one weakness in his game – not turning his head to find the deep pass. He was much improved in that area this past year, and as a result his level of play improved considerably.

              He is the CB they need to re-sign. Not Cox.

              1. I really don’t think that will matter. Jed was just being Jed with the whole winning with class mantra. Hot air.

      2. Culliver has shown the ability to play at a high level from his rookie year. There was a lot of talk about not looking back for the ball, but overall his play has been pretty good and this year he improved even more. I’d like to see him resigned.

        1. Well said Rocket and FDM. Culliver has been better every year since being drafted. He is that guy that has brought some “swag” to the secondary. He is tough, plays physical and is only going to get better.
          I was down on the secondary last year but he might be the #1 next year if Brock continues to be plagued by injuries.

          1. Culliver won’t be back. He’s had one too many problems plus Brock, Johnson, and Ward will most likely be the starters.

      3. Does Culliver have a pending court case for a felony weapons charge, and misdemeanor hit and run to go with his free agency status? How will all that match up with the new NFL behavior policy and our “classy” future?


    In this article, I found the following statement most interesting:

    “Also, 49ers president Paraag Marathe will play a big role in Tomsula’s transition to calling the shot from the sideline. Years ago, Marathe devised a game-management guide that includes such information as when to call timeouts while trailing late in a game and whether to kneel or run plays while protecting a lead. Marathe has constantly re-worked his formulas.”

    Does this make sense to anyone?

    Marathe’s background is as a consultant/analyst who transitioned to football after originally providing consulting services in a variety of industries including private equity, venture capital, computer software, retail, sports footwear, consumer products, and health clubs. For certain aspects I suppose you can come up with algorithms for what to do in a certain situation that have a very high degree of certainty (such as punt the ball instead of going for it on 4th and whatever – although even this is obvious to most without the need for a an algorithm). But what often happens is that the people who come up with these algorithms don’t know when to stop. It seems to me that the vast majority of a football game does not lend itself to decision making via simple algorithms. Maybe in the future when a computer stores every game ever played and is able to match up an on-field situation with similar ones played in the past – all within a few seconds – and then provide an “answer” with a certain confidence level (similar to IBM’s Watson). Even if we get to that point in the distant future, I doubt the NFL will allow the use of such advanced technology.

    OK now I’m just rambling. This all goes back to my concern that the FO is devoid of actual football experience. It looks like they prefer algorithms for at least some football situations.

    1. Cubus

      I think my previous post will be rejected because it contained multiple web links. So I’m reposting it in parts. I sincerely apologize to Grant and all blog readers if this move results in double posting:

      I have some input for your point. When Maiocco credits Marathe with the game management guide, he is talking about the football analytics team comprising, I believe or three staff members, of which Marathe may or may not be one.

      Analytics in football is new but rapidly developing area. It’s of course not exact but it’s meant to help as a guide to making quick game time decisions. Niners are one of several NFL teams moving in this direction. There are already changes in football play-calling over the last few years based on conclusions from analytics. e.g, greater number of 4th down play calls instead of punts or FGs.

      I have a few useful links I’m adding here. The first one is about the Cowboys and the Indian:
      The Cowboys and the Indian:
      “A. Salam Qureishi grew up in India and knew nothing about football — or America. And yet in the early 1960s, Qureishi, a computer programmer and statistician, helped the Dallas Cowboys overhaul their scouting system, replacing hunches with hard numbers.
      The result: five Super Bowl appearances and two titles. FiveThirtyEight and ESPN Films present “The Cowboys and the Indian,” directed by Mark Polish. It’s the second film in our short series “Signals.” (Watch our first “Signals” film, “The Man vs. the Machine,”

      As a naturalized American of Indian origin, I am pleased by Qureishi’s contribution to American football !

      1. Next:
        “By 2001, that wasn’t the case in baseball, but the NFL hadn’t progressed much since Qureishi’s days. That year, Paraag Marathe joined the San Francisco 49ers as a one-man team with goals similar to Qureishi’s: improve player acquisition.
        Marathe, like Qureishi, is of Indian descent. Unlike Qureishi, he knew a lot about football before working in the NFL. Marathe grew up in the Bay Area town of Saratoga, California, as a big fan of the 49ers and other Bay Area teams. He worked for the 49ers first as a consultant, on a three-month stint from the consulting firm Bain and Co. Then San Francisco executive Bill Walsh offered him a full-time job. “It was a no-brainer for me,” Marathe said in a telephone interview last week.
        Today, Marathe, 37, is one of the elder statesmen of NFL analytics. He oversees it for the 49ers as team president. He sees more of his competitors using similar tools, looking for every competitive advantage they can find. (We spoke last week amid a late-season slump that has eliminated the 49ers from the playoffs after three straight conference-championship-game appearances.)”

          1. Mood:

            Thanks for the input. Analytics do play an important part, but my point is that one needs to understand the limitations. With Paraag as President, he will have a wide latitude as to their use. I’ve never met an analyst/consultant yet (including myself), who doesn’t try to push his algorithms and methods further than initially intended. We are often stopped by higher ups who have the business experience. If I saw more experience in the FO, then I wouldn’t be overly concerned. My concern is that there might be a preference for analytics/algorithms over actual football experience – this seems to fit Jed’s intention of running the 49ers as though they are a Silicon Valley startup.

            1. Cubus

              Glad that you found the links informative.

              > My concern is that there might be a preference for
              > analytics/algorithms over actual football experience
              I wonder why say that this ? In fact, the actions of the NIners F.O. is appearing to show exactly the opposite. They are hiring a staff with tremendous experience. In fact, quoting Maiocco “Sparano, in particular, can provide a lot of assistance to Tomsula during games.” Seems like Marathe will provide some analytics recommendations in real time. Am I missing something?

              > this seems to fit Jed’s intention of running the 49ers as
              > though they are a Silicon Valley startup.
              I’m curious. In your opinion, what ways do you think the running
              Niners by York resembles the running of start-ups?

              1. David Fucillo at NinersNation mentioned that Harbaugh used a game management card designed by Marathe.

              2. By lack of football experience in the FO, I’m referring specifically to the executive team not the coaching staff. By and large I’m glad they’re adding experience to the coaching staff (although I’m not yet comfortable and may never be comfortable with Mangini).

                I’m a big believer in analytics and analysis and Marathe does a good job. I just am not convinced that, with a few exceptions, they should play a major factor in decisions made DURING the game itself. During the offseason, free agency, draft, weekly game preparations they should be used to the extent possible. In previous posts I’ve stated that while analytics/algorithms are very useful, the results need to be viewed with a critical eye by experienced people to make sure they make sense and just as importantly, they need to understand why they are getting the results that they see. I don’t see that football experience in the FO.

              3. Fucillo also said:

                “The 49ers have had a long history of poor game management. Whether it be some bad challenges, or struggling with timeouts, the 49ers have had all sorts of problems over the years. While it felt particularly bad under Harbaugh, the problems pre-dated him to a certain extent. It remains to be seen if Marathe learned from his earlier experience, but given his analytical background, it will be worth tracking what he does in his second run in this kind of position.”

              4. I suggest that everyone try to keep tabs on, among other things, the lawsuit filed by two ex-staffers. The issue is that they were terminated because of their age. I am not suggesting I know the outcome, but the facts reported seem to indicate to me that the move was a very foolish one and the outcome could and should have been anticipated. In my experience, this type of situation is much more prevalent in start-ups where the money is allocated more to the R & D, sales and marketing efforts than solid business administration. Also, start-ups, particularly recent ones, generally rely on multi-phased implementation of their plan. In other words they use each tranche of seed money to move the next established goal. One could argue that Harbaugh’s hire was only a phase of the overall plan which was focused on the new stadium. The new stadium phase provided the next tranche of seed capital (and cash flow) which makes possible the move to the next phase. Which could could be clean house in the coaching staff, reduce the budget, automate additional processes and move forward to the next phase. The ultimate phase is sell the company to investors (by going public sometimes) and get very rich. I’m not suggesting that I know this is happening, but you have started an intellectual discussion about some theoretical business tactics and I say my theories are certainly plausible. BTW I enjoyed reading your take on the analytics aspect.

    2. Delete everything but your last paragraph and you’ve got something. Oh right, we don’t have an edit function like Tim Kawakami. The Press Democrat may be run by MOM’s budget too.

  55. It would be interesting to read what the comments were back in 2011 when Fangio was hired. Too bad they were all purged.

    1. Jack I remember that many here had the opinion that Fangio was fine for a year or two but then his defenses eventually fell apart and they had all their tidy little stats to prove their points

  56. Guess where Tomsula is ranked on the lst of new HC hires.
    Ranking the NFL head coaching hires
    I’m absolutely SHOCKED that anyone would think this way.
    He’s never been a coordinator, you say.
    Being responsible for the whole enchilada is a HUGE undertaking for this non-assuming, blue collar, ‘players coach’.
    And you think this master motivator who wants to ‘win with class’ is in over his head?
    Jed and Trent knew he was the right guy all along and inexperience is a total non-factor.
    I mean, he has former HCs on his staff, right?
    They’ll prove you all wrong in the end when we win it all in the house the Yorks built.
    Super Bowl L, HERE WE COME (or stay)!!!!!

    1. … but it’s a win win for MOM’s coaching budget. Those other guys are all over priced and they would probably hire expensive coordinators and other expensive assistant coaches. Win. Win. Superbowl or Bust in 2015!

    2. KauaiRobe, c’mon Braddah are you serious? Where in the heck did you get your prediction from, I hope it’s only a joke? because I’ve have a gut feeling we’re heading downward the way the hiring of the coaching staff and we’re going tolose some talented players in FA’s. There’s no way are we winning a Super Bowl anytime soon:-)

    1. “…I gained a deeper appreciation for his coaching ability …”

      heh, heh, but not deep enough to stand the test of time.

      Good research work, Jack!

  57. Boys, I came THIS close to being the 49ers’ new OC. But when Trent asked me for my “offensives philosophy” I said “Trent my good man, we’re gonna pass that pill so much, I’ll make Mike Martz look like Woody Hayes.” Trent said he’d get back to me but first wants to see how cheap he can get Geep (for OC).

  58. There were quotes in the media about how Newton complained that Chud overloaded him with a complicated playbook in his rookie year.

    Maiocco’s blog has quotes that indicate exactly the opposite:
    ““When I came here (Carolina), it was a culture shock. There were things thrown at me that I never would’ve even imagined. The whole college system was training wheels and without having coach Chud around, I would not have had the season I had.”

    1. I think both views of Chudinksi are probably too. Talk to Panther fans and they will say that he fell in love with the pass and running with Newton. Cam was like a new toy for Chud that he couldn’t put down. I’m sure Cam learned a lot from him. But he was probably overloaded too.

      I’m hoping that someone in the Niner’s organization (maybe Tomsula, maybe Rathman…or maybe whomever the QB coach is) will keep an eye on this tendency by Chud (if he’s hired) and mitigate it. Kaep needs to be moved around to best use him but he needs to also to learn to be able to read the whole field from the pocket.

      1. Allforfunn,

        How stongly do you believe that CK will ever develop into a proficeint pocket passer? I believe that Chudinski will get the most out of CK by putting him in a system that fits his strengths. I’m just not very sure if he will ever develop into a pocket passer. I’ve come to believe that they should just let CK be CK and if thats not good enough then draft a couple of QB’s

        1. it’s hard to say. some guys don’t get it for quite a while; Young, Cunningham, Gannon…all didn’t become really good passers until they were 30. Some guys never get it; Tebow, Cordell Stewart….

          I don’t think you can base on offense solely on a mobile QB that has limited passing field vision and decision making. Defenses can take away your run game and QB’s mobile options which then really paints you in a corner as far as offensive options go (which is where the Niners were). The stronger your run game and defense, the more you can get away with it.

          So, sure the Niners can draft a QB, bring in a competent back up..whatever it takes.

          But as far as Chudinski goes, I do think his offense is better suited for Kaepernick. Chud runs the Air Coryell by way of Norv Turner’s Ground and Pound Coryell downfield passing game. Kaep likes to attack and throw deep. That’s Air Coryell (in some ways…it’s not completely accurate, the WCO passing game which Harbaugh/Roman used is more read and react to the weakness of the defense). Also, I think initially the reads in the offense are easier. More coverage shells (1 high/2 high) reads and straight up match ups reads and less complex coverage reads.

        2. I agree Coach! Kaepernick doesn’t have what it takes to be an Elite QB in the NFL. The last two season Kaepernick has demonstrated his lack of maturity and the inability to be a great pocket passer and has terrible time reading opposing defense and finding the option receivers. Even you say this guy has the athleticism to run with the football and have a very strong arm but inconsistent most of the time throwing the football. Maybe Harbaugh knows that Kaepernick talents is already top out in his ability. He tried to mold Kap to be a great QB in the NFL but he was unsuccessful in doing so. Like they all say a great smart QB possess a gift that you can’t teach on the field it comes natural and Kaep doesn’t have that natural ability, good luck to all his planned in the off season learning how to be one. it’s unlikely that it will happen, because we already heard all this before and he’s still the same QB with no improvement:-)

          1. How many “elite” QB’ win the SB every year?
            While many here continue to deride CK for not being or possibly never becoming an elite QB there is enough argument to go around to show that not all elite QB’ find continued success every season.

            Who are the “elite” QB’ of the present?
            And here are some that may be considered.
            Eli Manning

            While many of these QB’ have SB win resumes, many except for R.Wilson have not won a SB in some time.
            Brady may win next Sunday, but if he loses his SB win/loss record will show that he has lost more often than won.

            CK may not be elite, but he can still win a SB with good coaching and self discipline.
            My point: the word “elite” is overrated.

  59. An alternative view of Harbaugh’s team’s coaching in 2014. Not saying I agree with it. Just a reminder to fans of the truism that things are more complicated than they seem superficially:

    “At the end of the day, smart teams are well-coached teams that play well in situational football and take advantage of opportunities presented to them; dumb teams are poorly coached teams that struggle in situational football and blow opportunities presented to them.

    It should come as no surprise, then, that dumb teams fire their coaches.

    Three teams have fired their coaches since the end of the 2014 regular season on Sunday; while Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers agreed to part ways after a contentious final season together. All four led dumb, poorly coached teams:
    Mike Smith’s Falcons ranked No. 22 on the Intelligence Index
    Harbaugh’s 49ers ranked No. 24 on the Intelligence Index
    Marc Trestman’s Bears ranked No. 27 on the Intelligence Index
    Rex Ryan’s Jets ranked No. 30 on the Intelligence Index”

    1. If you look at just the game day performance of the coaching staff, I’m not surprised that the 49ers ranked so low.

        1. For sure, but also, in four years, never being able to eliminate wasting timeouts, plus poor results on coaches’ challenges. Particularly, this year, the seeming inability to make adjustments of the offensive side of the ball after half time.

  60. I’m going to repost this here because it appears to have been overlooked and is an important point in considering Mangini’s term as DC with the Pats. They had a lot of injuries and lost a lot of veteran players compared to the previous year (though injury and players being let go), as well as losing some coaches. So there was likely some issues in terms of team chemistry to start the season. This is borne out by the stats.

    The Pats had the bye in week 7 of 2005. During the first 6 weeks leading up to the bye, they averaged around 350 yards and 27 points allowed per game. The Patriots defense averaged around 310 yards and 16 points allowed per game following their bye in week 7 in 2005. That is a huge difference in points allowed, and shows that it took some time for the D to come together, but once it did it returned to pre-Mangini form despite having a lot of inexperienced players in the line-up.

    1. Thanks for posting that Scooter. That more in-depth look certainly gives us hope.

      How do you feel about the reported difficulties Mangini has had in the past establishing a good rapport with the players. I’ve seen virtually nothing regarding how the player’s “feel/get along” with Mangini. Are you aware of anything. As I mentioned in an earlier post, a mitigating factor is that the players will “jump off a cliff” for Tomsula. But still…

      1. I think the issues stem from his time as HC, not as a DC or position coach. From the sounds of it, he’s a terrible motivator, can be less than affable, and took the fun out of playing.

        Part of Tomsula’s job will be to counteract that, making it fun for the players and providing motivation. Mangini can focus on the Xs and Os.

      2. So it seems until the OC choice is announced (or by the F.O.’s favorite MO, leaked) next week, the concern of many fans has shifted from Tomsulaitis to viral Manginitis…..

          1. Scooter — I’m just trying to keep the atmosphere less gloomy. After 8 years of winning with Harbaugh (Cardinal and Niners), this uncertainty and loss of coaching talent is galling. There is no one else I’d want other than Harbaugh going into battle, and I wish he and F.O. could have made it work. But gotta move on. I think the F.O. wants to win and they think they know how. We’ll see.

      3. Taking that a step further, over their final 7 games of the 2005 season, the Pats defense gave up 230 yards on average per game, and 12.7 points per game.

        1. Scooter:

          Do you happen to know the teams that they played in the final seven games? That’s a big drop in yards per game (from 310 to 230) so I think one needs to check how good the opposition was.

          1. Cubus,

            Jets twice 4-12
            Bills 5-11
            Bucs 11-5
            Dolphins 9-7

            Playoffs vs
            Broncos (killed by 4 turnovers and a missed FG)

          2. Of course, opposition quality plays a big role. They played the Jets twice, the Bills, the Bucs, and the Dolphins to finish out the regular season, then the Jags and the Broncos in the playoffs.

            However, in those games:
            – The Jets two games against the Pats yielded their 2nd and 3rd lowest offensive yardage outputs of the season.
            – The Bills had their 2nd lowest offensive yardage output of the season.
            – The Bucs had their lowest offensive yardage output of the season, more than 100 yards less than their 2nd worst performance.
            – The Dolphins had a good day, and recorded their fifth highest offensive yardage output of the year. This was on the back of a good day running the ball.
            – The Jags had their 4th lowest offensive yardage output of the season.
            – The Broncos had their 5th lowest offensive yardage output of the season.

            So in those final seven games, they held 6 of the 7 teams they played to the fifth lowest offensive yardage output or lower for those teams on the season.

    1. Thanks, Midwest.

      If you haven’t seen it, has its 2015 draft tracker out. Here’s what they say about Grayson:

      They say he’s accurate but shows inconsistent decision making and does not process that fast. Yet they rank him number 3 behind Mariota. Of course they could be wrong about him. If not, it looks like slim pickings among the QBs this year.

  61. My fellow Faithful … I will be somewhat shocked if Geep Chryst is not the next OC of the 49ers. In fact I have a stolen copy of Trent’s “boxes” to be checked off on his search. 1. Will work for cheap 2. Will shut up and follow orders and most importantly 3. No one else will take the job (well, Mike Shanahan would, but he’s got a mind of his own and a big mouth. Ok, he’s got three rings … but he’s got a big mouth and …..)

    1. What can you expect with Yorks. They definitely screwed up the 49ers organization that Eddie built with Pride and respect. You’re right the 49ers will have a cheap coaching staff that only knows YES word:-)

    1. But ..but … MidWest ..

      Johnnie Football does do a GREAT job of
      leading up that senior lady’s exercise class !

  62. Now that the 49ers are expected to employ a more aggressive defense (and presumably place greater pressure on the DBs in coverage), and in consideration of pending free agents, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Baalke mix it up this year and splurge a little money on keeping Culliver. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them take a CB somewhere between round 1 and 3 also, even though they drafted 3 CBs last year in later rounds as well as their nickel back in the first round. It goes against his MO somewhat, but sometimes need dictates these types of moves.

    1. hope yer right, Scooter .. but I can’t
      shake that sinking feeling that you’re
      givin’ him too much credit for
      having a brain

      1. I like the approach Baalke has to drafting, in general. Not saying he never makes any mistakes, he certainly does, but his philosophy is one I agree with. I’ve been saying for the last few years they wouldn’t sign a big money CB or take a CB early in the draft despite many fans believing it was a need. But Baalke believes in building from the inside, out, and that good CBs to fit the system can be had in later rounds. And the proof has been in the pudding – the defense has performed well despite not having premium investment in the CB position.

        The Ravens and Steelers have operated using this approach for years. But even they sometimes make an exception. Re-signing Culliver should be an off-season priority. But the other starting CB spot will be open for competition. Brock will be back and in that competition, but I’ve never been a huge fan of his. He’s ok. The three guys drafted last year will also compete. They may bring in another low cost vet like Chris Cook to compete as well. But wouldn’t be surprised to see them spend a reasonably high pick on a CB to add to the mix.

        On another note, it is a shame the safety spot is already well covered for the 49ers. Because there is a guy in this draft I think will be something a little special. I’m a big fan of Cody Prewitt. Don’t focus on his 2014 tape, he had a down year and played less aggressively than he should against the run for my liking. But when I was watching tape of WRs and DBs last year I saw him a few times and he was easily the best safety I saw on film. Great size, but also great range and anticipation.

        1. Looks like he’s killing it at the Senior Bowl. Slightly smaller than Kam Chancellor (1″ and about 10 pounds). What about moving Ward to CB if we decide to draft Prewitt.

          1. Prewitt is very different to Chancellor though. He’s more of a FS. Excellent range in coverage for a guy his size. I also forgot to mention in 2013 he had some monster hits in coverage too. The only area of his game that really lets him down is his lack of aggressiveness in run support. He’s more of a wrap up tackler in run support. He needs to take on more of an active role in that regard.

            I think other needs will be more pressing than drafting Prewitt for the 49ers. Maybe his lack of aggressiveness against the running game will knock him down a few rounds. I doubt it will, I think he’ll go in the 2nd round. But if for some reason he is there in the 4th round… maybe.

            I’m also a big fan of Ward’s game, but I’m not sure how he’d go as an outside CB.

            1. I’m a bit concerned with Eric’s potential concussion problems, so some quality depth at Safety probably should be on the shopping list somewhere.

          1. No. Though I think he is a good scout also. I’m talking about his approach to building the team.

        2. Scooter both the Ravens and Steelers lost their playoffs games this year because of their secondaries and lackthereof a shut down corner.
          A shut down corner gives your defense so many more options and versatility.

          1. The shutdown CB idea is massively over-played. Neither the Steelers or Ravens lost because they lack a shutdown CB. They lost (in part) because their secondaries sucked. Big difference between a shutdown CB, a good system CB, and guys that aren’t good.

            In the case of the Steelers they definitely suffered from Cortez Allen having a down year, Ike Taylor getting old, and not being able to hold onto a good CB in Keenan Lewis (an excellent third round draft pick very much in the mold of CB Baalke likes to pick) that left for greener pastures in 2013.

            For the Ravens, losing Jimmy Smith, Aaron Ross and Danny Gorrer for the season caused problems in the secondary. Webb, Levine and Jackson all played poorly.

            One thing both teams also had in common – the safety play was also poor this year.

            1. Does Richard Shermann make Seattles defense more versatile and elite?
              How about Revis in NE? Both teams are in the SB this year.

              1. Did I say it was a bad thing to have a shutdown CB? Of course they are handy to have. But with a limited budget, some schemes are better served putting that money in other positions.

                The Ravens, Steelers and 49ers all focus on the front 7 and good safety play. Once they’ve got that sorted they can look to invest in the boundary players. The 49ers are now at a point where the front 7 and safeties are pretty set. They can now focus on the corners.

              1. Good article, and I must say I don’t like the term shutdown CB for the reason outlined in the article – people mistake that to mean they never give up plays. But whether you use the term shutdown CB or great CB, I stand by my point.

                Having a great CB is a big boost to a defense. But you can say that about pretty much any position on D – edge rusher, interior pass rusher, run stuffing DL, inside LB, free and strong safety – get a great one and they will boost your team, and make it easier for the guys around them. And I’m a fan of focusing attention on the front 7 and safeties before looking for a great CB.

          2. Prime, just like the Seahawks. Their secondary are very good and are onwe of the best in the league and they won’t have no problem shutting down the Pats receivers. If you’d watched QB’s like Kaep when they have no place to throw the football too, the Seattle defense don’t allow the opposing QB to scramble around the pocket and they make it very difficult for them to get away. That’s why I believe the hawks defense will give Brady trouble all day. And he’s not a mobile QB that can run around the pocket to give sometime for his receivers to get open.

    2. No one seems to know Culliver’s court status. If it hasn’t gone away, it’s a big road block with cap problems looming.

      1. All I know is his case was scheduled to be heard on July 10th last year but was either cancelled or postponed, and nothing else appears to have come from it.

        1. That’s all I could find using Google. It’s probably pending, or there would be something available.

          A sharp reporter covering the team might be able to find out.

          1. “A sharp reporter covering the team might be able to find out.”

            There are no longer any of those working for the Press Democrat…

  63. While I think Sherman is an elite cornerback and makes a difference in Seattle’s defense, I think Thomas and Chancellor are more valuable.
    if you could take one of those players and put them on the Niner’s who would you take?

    1. 49er42: 12s view our LOB as a unit. They work in tandem and we don’t really see one more important than the other. They’re all elite. Kam the “enforcer.” ET who holds everyone accountable. Richard Sherman who is a shutdown corner. He hardly gets throws to his side of the field. In the game with the Packers after his injury Rodgers didn’t even throw his way. And they’re locked up until 2017/18.

      CB Byron Maxwell is a free agent this year and I don’t think we can afford him. He’s going to be expensive.

      1. They’re called the 12’s because they all jumped on the bandwagon in 2012.

        Go away, nobody cares.

        1. Bar None,

          That’s funny and largely true. I know, I have tons of in-laws and friends up there.

    2. 49er42: We can agree on one thing. All 4 of them — 4 for 4 the LOB is the best secondary anywhere.

  64. The NFL Network documentary “A Football Life: Bill Walsh” was broad casted at 6PM this evening.
    For those that missed it, there will be re-runs at:
    9PM tonight
    7:30AM Sat
    7:00PM Sunday

    All times Pacific.

    1. I saw it, and have to say that I am so glad that I got the chance to take the tour of Candlestick Park, before its torn down.

      As former HC Bill Walsh said on his “A Football Life” documentary….Dwight Clark’s “the catch,” was the beginning of Camelot, and a Dynasty. Well if that is so the Stick was Camelot’s Kingdom, and Castle, there was so much 49er history made in that place.

    1. You on the other hand are useless. I hope the Hawks get throttled by the Pats. Tom Brady solidifies his place as the 2nd best QB in NFL history. Go Patriots!

  65. With regards to Chudzinski, I’ve been reading some of the posts and comments over at Stampede Blue:

    Here’s some of what I’ve garnered (take with a grain of salt):

    1) Posters believe Chudzinski is being blocked from interviewing because the Colts view him as a replacement for Pep Hamilton when Pep inevitably takes a HC job (probably in 2016).

    2) Many commenters repeatedly bring up the fact that Chudzinski is a Browns “reject”. Surprisingly, the pictures that accompany the posts on Stamped Blue show Chudzinski with Pagano at and Indy practice and with Chud wearing a Browns shirt. If that’s the best photo they can find, that would suggest that Chud really hasn’t been on the fan’s radar until recently when other teams have requested interviews.

    3) A number of commenters are not supportive of Pep Hamilton especially after the loss to NE. Some think that Chud was the main reason Indy made it to the playoffs. Others say the NE loss was not on Pep but on the defense.

    4) Pagano has known Chud since at least 1995. They worked on the same staff at the University of Miami form 1995 to 2000 and with the Cleveland Browns in 2004.

    One commenter posted the following on Chud’s success (noting that he has had more success than Hamilton):

    “2001 – National Championship in Miami
    2002 – Set tons of records at Miami, lost in National Championship
    2007 – OC for Browns – generated their only winning record in forever (Cubus edit: That year the Cleveland Browns ranked eighth overall on offense, sent 4 offensive players to the Pro Bowl, and finished 2nd in the AFC North with a record of 10-6, their most wins since 1994.) ….
    2011 – OC for Panthers – was a top 10 offense with a rookie QB and not much else but Steve Smith”

    Like I said take this all with a grain of salt, but from reading through the posts and comments I didn’t get the sense that fans felt that losing Chud would cripple the team. A number of commenters are wondering why, if Chud is so valuable to the team, hasn’t he been signed to a new contract or extension.

        1. Thanks, Ricardo. Like everyone else just trying to keep busy and stay positive until we get that OC announcement.

    1. Nice job Cubus.
      I’m not a huge numbers/stats guy, but as they say; “you can’t argue with stats” (or something like that, lol).

      I count on posters like Hammer, rocket, Scooter and of course Grant to provide the stats to prove or many times disprove some argument on the board.

      You are providing some very good contributions to this blog and deserving of kudos.
      Btw, I really enjoyed your Friday 10:52 am (nice follow-up by Mood as well) take on Marathe, good stuff bud.

      1. Yeah, I really think it was. I said that last week when everyone was up in arms about him being the “favourite” for the job. He is completely the wrong personality for what they are trying to build.

    1. Well is chudzenski or Christ.. I have this feeling that Christ will be the OC. This ain’t good.

      1. We don’t know if they are really interested in Chudzinski, I don’t think you have to be pessimistic. It looks like three teams are interested in Chudzinski — Indy, St. Louis, and us. Unless Indy fires Hamilton, we have a better job for him, so I assume it’s down to us and the Rams. We’ll just have to see what happens.

        1. George, I agree there is no need to be pessimistic. There is no way the 49ers would wait this long if they weren’t highly interested in Chudzinski. He’s their #1 option. And despite what many like to say it is a pretty attractive job opening.

          It is by no means a slam dunk, but I think it is a decent chance of happening.

          1. I think there is a better than decent chance Chudzinski is not interested in the 49ers, besides I feel as though Brian Daboll would build a bridge of discipline for the 49ers offense that would allow them to get where they need to be….

              1. The last time they tried to get him he declined and I think the Colts will go the extra mile in retaining him….

              2. 49ers were a disaster in 2009. On the back of lots of losing seasons. Big difference in team and offensive talent on the 49ers roster, and knowledge of the talent, between 2009 and 2015. And if he wanted to stay at the Colts, why is it taking so long to finalise a new contract with him?

            1. Also, dang good call on Daboll. He could be their ace up their sleeve. Have to wait until after the Super Bowl though if they want him.

              I guess if they don’t make a decision shortly after Chud becomes available next week, then Daboll may well be their target.

              1. Scooter, they sure seemed plenty interested in him as their head coach, and the report said they continued to pursue him for the offensive coordinator position. I’m just not sold on Chud as their initial first option….

              2. Yeah, they were obviously interested in him as HC. But in the end they went elsewhere. Yes, they continued to pursue him as a potential OC (according to reports).

                Gase may have been their initial #1 option, or at least well up their list of options. But right now, given who is available, I think Chudzinski is option #1, which is what I meant.

              3. There may be better options out there, I don’t know, but Chudzinski would be a good choice in my opinion.

              4. “Good” choices seem to be the pattern lately, but I think they need to make a great choice for offensive coordinator if they want to revitalize the rivalry with the Seahawks….

              5. There are no slam dunk great choices available razor. Chudzinski is well regarded as an imaginative and creative offensive mind, and there is a good reason the Colts, one of the better offenses in the NFL, want to keep him.

              6. My concern is Baalke is running out of options. If Chud declines for whatever reason, the 49ers are stuck with Chryst. It’s my understanding he handled the aerial attack while Roman manned the ground pounding. All of a sudden you go from “Good” to not so good. After HC, OC is the most important hire. The best man for the job is out there somewhere, and Baalke has been given the confidence and the salary to find him….

              7. Lets wait and see what happens. If they don’t land Chudzinski, maybe they have someone else lined up we don’t know about.

            2. Razor,
              If the Colts really want to keep Chudzinski wouldn’t they have re-up’d him already?
              Chudzinski’ contract expires at the end of this month and the Colts would no longer have precedence on where he decides to go.

              The fact that the 49ers have not selected an O-cord gives me a sense that they are waiting for Chudzinski’ contract to expire.
              I would be surprised if they went with someone other than Chud at this time.

              1. Scooter/AES-Chud may be trying to get the Colts into a bidding war, but regardless, they’ve already stated they will do everything in their power to keep him. They also may be doing some internal evaluations which might have an affect on Chuds’ deal. If he’s the 49ers number one option, I find it strange they went so hard after Gase as OC. Speculating is fun, and if they don’t land Chud this week, it’s only gonna get funner….

              2. I have seen no reports that they went “hard” after Gase as OC. Only that they stayed in contact with him after he was passed over for the HC job.

        1. The pocket lint in my front left pocket made that choice several days ago. MOM’s budget, or the “start up” theory are in play. Maximize cash flow to MOM as profit from the business investment by using metrics to achieve a balance between profit and talent.

          It sort of sounds like a corporate mission statement.

        2. Jack, if they went Chryst, how would you feel about hiring Mike Shanahan as a senior offensive assistant to help out?

          1. And yes, I realise that was a joke on your part about taking “Christ”, but just after your thoughts.

        3. Yup, I’ve yet to see Belichick (considered best coach in NFL) walk on water.
          Although BB would find some kind of prop to make it appear that he’s walking on water!

        4. @Jack

          ‘Saw that too , didja’….I’ll bet our game plans would look a bit different than Harbaughs….

      2. CK=Elite,

        Boy, I’d be happy with Christ as the OC. I mean, really, Wilson would never win another game if Christ was the 49ers’ OC. Remember, Wilson gave credit to God for their win over the Packers. Man, that support would evaporate in a second, if Christ became the 49ers’ OC.

        As a side note: how does God decide which team to let win? How many of a team’s players prayed, or cumulatively how hard, or had the player who individually prayed the hardest, or ???? Poor God, how does he make his mind up about such important things as an NFL game?

        Anyway, given God’s apparent intimate involvement with the outcomes of NFL games, I would be completely behind Christ becoming the 49ers’ OC.

        Now if Chryst became the 49ers’ OC, well, that’s a whole other story…

      3. “Well is chudzenski or Christ.. I have this feeling that Christ will be the OC. This ain’t good.”

        Really? I think Christ could do wonders for the 49ers. I mean, Dude walked on water!

    2. I heard church bells ringing throughout the 49er kingdom. I jumped onto the blog find out what. No Lane Kiffin in Ninerland.

      I don’t know him that well. For all I know, he’d be a dandy X and O guy, but his track record of low moral and discontent scared the baby ruth bars out of me.

    1. OK. Jim Tomsula is a good egg who comes strait at you right down the middle. For human relations that’s great.

      Then there was that human manipulator, Bill Walsh.

      It would be interesting to know why Jim’s team went 4-0 followed by 2-4. In a development league there could be all kinds of factors not related to the coach. It could also mean that the second time around, the other teams stuffed the middle.

      1. @htwaits

        I think that in the Euro developmental league a lot of players got claimed or traded by their senior (NFL) clubs. Not the same teams at the end than at the beginning of their season.

    2. @George

      What a great article…Thank you for sharing…This sounds like the guy I will back! We’ve got several ‘problems’ on the team that could use some hands on…

  66. So how are we doing with Baalke’s two primary missions for the team post Harbaugh?

    1. Maintain continuity on the defensive side of the ball.

    2. Significantly improve the offense, which includes improving Kaepernick’s play.

    It’s early days, but how are we doing so far?

      1. Earlier you posted that Harbaugh lost you when he traded Alex Smith. I posted this but it’s really too far back for you to have seen it.

        Do you really think Harbaugh had the power to trade anyone? Really?

        Doesn’t Baalke make it clear enough that he controls the roster?

        Isn’t it possible that he and Baalke had a disagreement on that issue? Trading Alex fits Baalke’s over all personnel approach, and doesn’t fit Harbaugh’s desire to always push his bosses for more of everything.

        1. You don’t think Alex Smith had something to say about the whole issue too? After getting demoted, he wanted out, and was not happy with Harbaugh.

          And I would be surprised if Harbaugh was up in arms about trading Alex if he wanted out.

            1. @htwaits

              Sorry, I guess I didn’t see your earlier post…I disagree that Harbaugh didn’t have any juice when it came to personnel matters. What GM would be so obtuse as to refuse his HC’s wishes to get rid of or to acquire (as with CK) when the coach could make the whole barnyard smell bad by not playing the 51 Million dollar ‘backup’? That, to me would be high-stakes chess with multi-million $ pawns. I believe that the ‘trader of Alex Smith’ would want to get him out of town pronto, to keep from splitting the locker room as well as the fan base.

              1. … but you seemed to blame Harbaugh to such an extent that you wanted nothing to do with him from that point on. At least that’s how I understood what you wrote. Anyway, they are both gone now.

  67. “After ranking among the top units in the league, the 49ers’ special teams dipped dramatically over its final two years under Brad Seely.” … Matt Maiocco

    “The 49ers ranked No. 1 in the NFL in 2011 and No. 2 in 2013. In 2012, the 49ers ranked 15th.” … Matt Maiocco

    Special Teams Ranking

    2011 … No. 1
    2012 … No. 15
    2013 … No. 2
    2014 … No. 23

    One of the two quotes by Matt has to be wrong. Typo?

    1. Its a cynical view. I think a far more logical reason would be they simply want some coaches with good experience in the building to help out, help generate ideas. The whole “it takes a village” concept.

      1. Do you think Baalke meant it when he said that too many experts wouldn’t always be a good idea. Are all these guys who want to be head coaches JimT’s idea or Baalke’s idea, or Yorks idea?

        1. Yes, I think he meant it too. What he said is now being taken out of context.

          “I think, when you look at building staff, once again, it’s synergy. You get too many people with too much experience…maybe looking for the next step, that doesn’t always work either”.

          He didn’t say he didn’t want any experienced coaches. Just that it can be a bad thing in some instances to have too many experts, guys throwing their weight around, pulling in different directions, looking to make themselves noticed.

          Here is the rest of his statement about it.

          “If you look at the organizations that have had a lot of success, they’re organizations that have had a lot of stability. They’re organizations that are able to lose a competent coach, and replace from within. That’s the type of staff we’re looking to build. A very competent staff with a good mix of veteran and youth guys, that are going to be able to grow together. And when you lose one, you’re going to be able to elevate the next man and then fill from the bottom up.”

          They are after a mix, and want competent guys that are waiting in the wings if a coach moves on for pastures new.

          1. The stability Baalke referred to, which in turn allows promotion from within, hasn’t been available in the 49er organization since the Yorks took over. You don’t clean house periodically and at the same time promote stability and grooming people for promotion.

            One exception to that might be Jim Tomsula, but I’m not sure that anyone groomed him. No group of 49er coaches have grown together. The Steelers, Giants, and Patriots might be in that category over the past 10 – 20 years. It’s a great idea, but I don’t think we’ve gotten there since the Walsh/Seifert era gradually ended. There was nothing like that before them.

            Labeling an observation as cynical without further clarification can be simply dismissive. Tim Kawakami, Ray Ratto, and Lowell Cohn are cynical in their criticism. Most 49er beat writers are cynical in that they generally avoid taking a critical position on actions by the 49ers. It depends.

            1. There is instability whenever you change HC, especially if you fire the HC. That is pretty much a given.

              What Baalke is referring to is putting a coaching staff together with Tomsula that if coordinators or position coaches move on there are people in place to take over.

              They actually had the same thing in place with Harbaugh. If Roman was to take a HC job, they had Chryst, Morton or Solari. If Fangio took a HC job, they had Donatell or Leavitt.

              I am not being dismissive of cynical viewpoints. As I said to MidWest, it is a possible explanation. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some truth to it, in that it is one additional benefit of these hires – Baalke wouldn’t be blind to this. I just think the more logical and likely scenario behind the hires, and main reasons for them, is they are doing exactly what Baalke said they would do in assembling a staff.

              I imagine that someone who is a tad more sceptical of the motives behind Baalke’s moves than I am would be more inclined to believe the cynical viewpoint is likely the true and main reason.

              1. According to Baalke, Tomsula is putting together his staff. Everything in your post is about Baalke, and here I am being cynical about Tomsula building the new staff.

              2. One thing we do know for sure. Harbaugh built his own staff other than the holdovers the 49ers requested. Now one of those holdovers is “said” to building a staff for future continuity.

              3. That’s pretty weak htwaits. This whole thread was based on what Baalke said when interviewed directly after the press conference. And it was made clear that Baalke would be involved in the process.

                Those that are cynical about Tomsula putting together the staff are the ones that believe he has no say in the matter. Big difference, and you know it.

            1. @htwaits

              It seems that everyone puts John H as the peacemaker of the family; Just because Jim H stays in the headlines appears to be just fine with John as long as his team keeps winning in head-to -head games. I think that John is just as competitive, perhaps a bit cagier….

      2. I disagree Scooter. It’s a valid reason and one of three possibilities. The second is what you mentioned while the third is that the front office believes their new coordinators will be hot commodities in a year or two aand have a chain set up to quickly fill the vacancy if need be.

        1. Sorry, didn’t mean to imply it wasn’t a valid possibility. Just that it is a cynical viewpoint. And I think reasons two and three you mentioned are more logical, and probably more likely accurate. And are in keeping with what Baalke said when he was asked about putting together a coaching staff – see my reply to htwaits a few posts above.

    1. Bro – You said you enjoy Yogi-isms in another post. Yogi liked to say: “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Pretty much describes how the FO has been running things for the past year.

  68. I think they want an OC who is open to Paraag’s magic formula for calling plays based on down, distance and tendency, couple with formation. I’m not sure there are too many OC’s that are that desperate for a gig.

    However, if for some reason, Malcolm Gladwell talks them out of it, keep these names in mind: Anthony Lynn, Al Saunders and Charlie Weis.

  69. IMO

    1. The Niners have their offensive system – Harbaughs playbook

    2. They replaced Harbaugh with a defensive minded coach a la Walsh/Seifert. The WCO continued. Niners have never in their history have hired a HC that had previous NFL HC positions.

    3. Finding a OC who is willing to use JH playbook is the slow up. (they wont find one)

    4. The reason for the same playbook is to minimize the transition. CK has enough issues without learning a new playbook.

    5. Where is the outcry from anyone stating that we need to get an OC asap so CK can start learning the new playbook.

    6. When they finally announce their new OC there is probably going to be an uproar. Using due diligence helps to defend the decision. Exploring all possibilities just past the SB. It doesn’t really matter win it happens, as the offensive playbook will be the same.

    7. The importance for the Yorks to be in next years super bowl in there ultra modern stadium that Harbaugh built, the world stage, cannot be minimized. They want/need to minimize the impact of a new staff, if there is any chance at all.

    For me Chryst is the only one available to fit the criteria. I am not saying I like it or I don’t. Just my opinion.

    1. Your argument is well reasoned, and it may very well happen because, to summarize what I know:
      — they kept GC but said he would not be the QB coach
      — they hired Sparano for the TEs, but there’s no one yet for the WRs
      — GC did coach WRs at one time, but that was back in the day (1991)
      — GC has been an OC before
      — they also kept Ronald Curry, won’t let him talk to the Bills, but haven’t announced his position.
      But like Charlie Chan said, “Hasty conclusion like toy balloon – easy blow up, easy pop.”

  70. +1000

    Mary … do you know what a “pier” is ?

    Why doncha take a l-o-n-g walk ..
    off a short one ?

    1. She (or he) has become a far more annoying troll than the Alex Smith/ Super Bowl Monkey idiot. At least that loser didn’t constantly post Seahawk links on the 49er fan blog.

  71. @Undercenter

    I suppose I’m being somewhat cynical, but in number 5 of your most recent post,I guess that there are more people who believe that it’s no small feat to find a ‘desired’ OC whose job security is tied to CK changing the stripes on the Tiger to where he is able to learn a second playbook before learning a first one. I will walk away from this after this post, but I cannot seriously entertain the idea of him being QB in the 2015 season. ‘not being smart-ass, just realistic…

  72. I’m reading that Abdullah impressed at the Senior Bowl. The kid is everything that James was supposed to be. I think he’d be worth drafting in the second round.

    1. He looked really good Mid. Some really nice runs. Very decisive, good speed and acceleration.

    2. With the depth at the position in this draft and having taken one last year early, I’d be surprised if they selected another running back in the second round….

      1. It would be worth the investment Razor. We’d get a shifty back to go with Hyde’s pounding style and a very capable receiver out of the backfield.

        1. Hungry? Here’s a breakfast snack to munch on. What if the 49ers let Tomsula attempt to talk Paul Johnson into being their OC? What if the 49ers came out and ran a Triple Option in the classic Wishbone backfield? First resign Gore, then go get Kuhn. That would give you Kap/Gore/Hyde/Kuhn on almost every snap. Bludgeon much? I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both receivers Thomas/Johnson came out of GT’s Triple Option. Stack VD at the end of the line for his blocking prowess. Ellington in the slot for jet sweeps, option sweeps, counters and reverses. Before you call me insane, consider the crazy plans through history that were given little or no chance for success, but in fact were just crazy enough to work:

          In 525BC, the Persians were invading Egypt and knew they thought cats were holy. They painted cats on their shields and actually suited cats up on the front lines. Because of this the Egyptian archers refused to fire and the Persians won the war.

          During WW1 German U-Boats were devastating shipping lanes. With no defense the convoys developed their own crazy idea. They sent out crews on small rafts at night to look for periscopes. When they found one they would either tie a bag over the periscope or smash it with a hammer. They actually took out the periscopes of 16 U-Boats during the war.

          During WWII the Russians were being crushed by Germany. They had some old wooden bi-planes they decided to give to the women because they were women. Many of these Night Witches flew over 1000 bombing missions because they were so slow the Germans couldn’t slow down to hit them and their wooden frame was hidden from radar.

          The Trojan Horse may or may not be true, but Vikings actually used the tactic to sack Luna. Hastein wanted to invade Rome so he hid himself and his men in coffins claiming they just wanted to bury their dead. It worked, they bypassed the walls, and took the city. Afterwards they realized they mistook luna for Rome.

          In 1398 facing defeat at a charge of 120 war elephants, Timur ordered his men to dismount their camels and load them with hay. During the charge they lit their camels on fire and it actually spooked the elephants enough that they backed up over their own men allowing Timur a victory as well as 120 new elephants to use.

          In 756, Zhang Xun was under siege and ran out of arrows. He ordered his men to play drums to prepare an assault and lowered straw dummies from the walls. The enemy loaded the dummies with arrows which replenished Xun’s archers. The next night they did the same thing but the enemy knew better. Xun actually did have his men attack and they easily broke the seige.

          In 225 Shu Han was crushing a rebellion in the south. He defeated the rebels, captured their leader, paraded him around his camp, and let him go. He repeated this 7 times until the rebel leader finally quit rebelling.

          1. Dang Razor-
            What an epic post. The Zhang Xun ploy was so “Watercourse Way”. I’ve always admired it.
            Hard to digest your suggestion; its so far out of the box. Not discounting it, but I’m initially cautiously skeptical. I worry for one thing about committing too much to a gimmicky plan. When DCs catch up to it, which they will, they can shut down your bread & butter plays. In 2011 the GRo/Harb Offense was having success partially because of its lack of familiarity to defenses. In 2011 the D garnered a turnover advantage that was also frequently clutch that allowed Harbaugh’s field position strategy to thrive.
            Anyway, it might achieve early success but not sure if its sustainable. Remember KC’s Wing T Offense? Lots of yards but no championships.

          2. Razor, wow. Never realized you were such a fan of history. Because I think TB is a ball control “ground and pound” guy, I doubt anything like this is in the cards. I also think you know that.

          3. @Razor

            WOW!….What did you put in your coffee…? I don’t disagree with anything you said, but I want some of what you put in the Java…

          4. Razor,
            Good stuff as always, but I still prefer the Genghis Khan philosophy of sheer strength to overpower the enemy.

            “I am the flail of God. If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”
            ~ Genghis Khan

            We pound our enemies with a strong offensive line like we were doing in 2012.
            Our success will come by way of an overpowering O-line.

              1. htwaits,
                Ha! No, but he did have to find creative ways to provide the daily necessities to keep his vast army supplied.

                Maybe the 49ers FO will provide some cost-savings creativity on their coach signings and use the extra monies for re-upping Iupati and free-agents.

    3. He’s quick and elusive but also seems sturdy. He reminded me of AZ’s Ellington.
      I’ve read/heard that Abdullah has put the ball on the turf a bit.

  73. Gc u need to lay out all the facts regarding that 2005 season. The pats had 45 different starters that season, including losing Bruschi and Harrison.

  74. 2014 stats vs. common opponents (Passing/rushing)
    Vs. Oregon
    Winston: 29-45-348-1-1/8-(-15)-0
    Hundley: 26-37-316-2-1/22-89-1
    Vs. Michigan State
    Mariota: 17-28-318-3-0/9-42-0
    Petty: 36-51-550-3-1/7-(-36)-1
    Vs. Kansas State
    Hundley: 12-24-136-1-0/11-96-2
    Petty: 34-40-412-1-1/7-6-1
    Vs. Washington
    Mariota: 24-33-336-2-0/7-(-1)-0
    Hundley: 29-36-302-2-0/7-18-2
    Vs. Stanford
    Mariota: 19-30-258-2-1/9-85-2
    Hundley: 17-32-146-1-0/6-(-18)-0
    Vs. Oklahoma State
    Winston: 25-40-370-1-2/5-9-1
    Petty: 18-29-262-2-2/5-23-1
    Vs. Virginia
    Winston: 22-35-261-1-2/5-16-1
    Hundley: 20-33-242-0-0/15-39-1

  75. “The 49ers have not announced any staff changes since promoting Jim Tomsula to head coach Jan. 14.” … Cam Inman

    With so many “reports” turning up, it’s easy to forget that the 49ers have made only on official announcement. Maybe Tuesday.

  76. Reports Washington is also interested in Perry Fewell as DB coach.

    Not sure if its because McCloughan and Baalke have similar team building models… but I’m expecting more of this kind of competition for players and staff down the road.

    1. He really couldn’t care less about his NFL career. I was glad they didn’t trade for him then, I’m really glad they didn’t trade for him now.

    2. It was only one guy (23jordan) who was advocating to getting Gordon. For a 1st round pick mind you.
      Between him being MIA and his boyfriend Bayareafanatic, the blogs IQ has been at a all time high!

      1. I have Bleacher Report bookmarked but the only time I go there is when someone post a link to something silly. It is funny in an uninformed way.

    3. I’m very thankful that we didn’t. I wonder what Gordon’s excuse will be this time.

          1. Josh Gordon: It was rubbing alcohol. Honest!
            Roger Goodell: Do you honestly expect me to believe that?
            JG: Hey, if Tom Brady is allowed to say that he didn’t throw that he was throwing a deflated ball, then what’s to to say that I ‘actually’ knew I was drinking?
            RG: So you admit you were drinking?
            JG: Only if you admit that you did see the Ray Rice video.
            RG: Touché.

  77. Updated 2015 cap numbers for the 49ers:

    If I’m reading this right it looks like we are only about $200,000 over the cap for 2015. This assumes a 2015 salary cap of $140 million (which I don’t believe is official). I thought the Ray McDonald dead money was going to be about $3 million but it looks like it will be $4.6 million (ouch). Looks like shipping Brooks out could save $7.2 million.

    I have to say looking at Aldon Smith’s number of $9.75 million, all of which could be potentially saved, it makes me think about possible scenarios. Of course the same could be said for Kaep and Willis. As Rocket pointed out awhile back, restructuring Willis and Smith (shifting base to bonus) could help out quite a bit in 2015. And then there’s Vernon; releasing/trading Vernon could save about $5 million (not sure who would be interested in a trade after his 2014 performance).

    1. Forgot to mention Stevie Johnson – savings there could be $6 million. And then there’s Dawson and Andy Lee, who together count against the cap for $6.7 million (but only $5.2 million in savings if released). I wonder how that $6.7 million matches up against other teams kickers (might be worth doing some research).

        1. Well, let’s look at the 2015 “cap numbers” for the both the punter and field goal kicker for a few other teams:

          San Francisco – $6.7 million (Dawson and Lee)
          Green Bay – $4.9 million (Masthay and Crosby)
          Seattle – $4.825 million (Hauschka and Ryan)
          New England – $4.4 million (Allen and Gostkowski) Gostkowski number is for 2014
          Dallas – around $3.2 million (Bailey and Jones) Jones number is for 2014

          The biggest difference seems to be in the amount the 49ers are paying Andy Lee. It’s at least $1 million more than any of the teams listed above.

          1. After finding a better site, it looks like Phil Dawson will have the second highest cap hit for a kicker in 2015 and Andy Lee will rank 11th.

  78. Looks like the 49ers will be facing a bit of competition for Perry Fewell’s services. The Redskins were reported previously as a potential landing spot, now sounds like the Bengals may be after him to take over Vance Joseph’s spot, which would free up the Bengals to let Joseph interview with the Broncos for their DC role.

    1. I speculated earlier that interest in Fewell might be due to McCloughan and Baalke having similar philosophies.

      Either way, I’m expecting more of this kind of competition for players and staff down the road. DC’s another team (along with Seattle, Dallas, Balt, Carolina) that have gone to the ground and pound model.

      I’ve always believed teams with an atypical scheme can acquire talent with less draft capital… because much of the time, other squads aren’t competing to sign those same players.

      Add DC to the (still short) list of teams competing for the type of players and coaches the 49ers covet.

    2. Suddenly Joseph is potentially available but they wouldn’t allow the 49ers to interview him. Why is there an indication that Joseph will be allowed to interview with the Broncos?

      1. Just rumour. Apparently the Broncos haven’t given up on getting the Bengals to allow Joseph to interview. He apparently interviewed for the HC job there, and he has worked with Kubiak before so no doubt he knows he’s got the job if he is allowed to interview. Wouldn’t be surprised if he has let it be known with the Bengals front office he wants to go. And rumour is the Bengals have been in contact with Fewell as a potential replacement.

        As to why they denied the 49ers? Well, they denied the 49ers and Broncos, but only the Broncos have been persistent about it.

        1. Sorry, there is no rumour the Bengals have been in contact with Fewell, just that they may let Joseph go if they can find a suitable replacement.

        2. Still seems odd to me. If a team says no to your request, I would have thought that that was the end of it. You don’t think there are any late round draft picks involved do you?

          1. The team holding the contract can say no or yes to each team on a one to one basis, and they can change their mind anytime they choose.

            The 32 owners pretty much make their own rules for dealing with each other.

          2. Usually it would be. But if a coach under contract would really like to leave for another job, it isn’t always a good idea to hold onto them. Aside from ticking the coach off, you’ll get a reputation for blocking coaches – not a good reputation to have when it comes to trying to attract future coaches.

            1. That’s the “any time they choose” part of what I wrote. This site needs edit capability and emoticons.

            2. Yeah, I’m a firm believer in not keeping disgruntled employees especially if they are key. Maybe he’s expressed his desire to leave after the 49ers asked for permission.

              1. I expect that is the case, though it is more about him expressing his desire to leave after the Broncos asked for permission. Key here is he has already interviewed with the Broncos for the HC job. Both parties will be familiar with the other, an interview at this stage is just a formality. And while he didn’t get the HC job, he’s worked with the new HC before, so I can only imagine there is strong interest on his part.

              2. “Key here is he has already interviewed with the Broncos for the HC job. Both parties will be familiar with the other, an interview at this stage is just a formality. ”

                That makes a lot of sense.

  79. From Schefter regarding Chudzinski:

    “Colts asst to the HC, Rob Chudzinski, is eligible to interview for OC jobs starting Tuesday. 49ers and Rams both want to talk to him.”

    1. so, cubus ..

      if that’s the case ..if you were Chud ..
      who would you want to work with ..

      Bradford … or CK7 ?

      I think that’s a no-brainer …

      (Kaep-haters aside, of course)

      1. MWN,
        Correct. The 49ers still have a playoff worthy team that has a chance to become even better than last year with a few tweak’s in personnel and coaching.

        I look for this team to come out and prove all the naysayer wrong this season. Our defense will be stronger with the additions of Willis and NaVarro as well as a full season from Aldon and a better polished Aaron Lynch. Add Chris Borland to the mix and this defense is above board.

        Kaepernick must and believe will show much improvement from last year. We will shore-up the O-line and find our long awaited WR deep threat.
        It will be a very good season.
        As my friend Hoferfan67 used to say: All arrows up!

          1. Fisher has unlimited power, and Chud would have a say in which quarterback he prefers. He also figures to have a prominent role in the upcoming draft. Veteran coaching staff with a dynamic GM and an owner that keeps his nose out of it….

            1. Ok that’s mostly fair.

              “say in which quarterback he prefers”

              I doubt at this point that Baalke is married to the idea of Kaepernick being the QB of the future. He was Harbs chosen one, so I see flexibility here. Chud would likely have full say here.

              “He also figures to have a prominent role in the upcoming draft”

              I couldn’t imagine the guy that you are paying to run your offense wouldn’t have prominent say in the personnel you choose for that offense. Yes Baalke has a vision, but Chud has his philosophy, and if they want Chud, Baalke will likely have to make it a point to give Chud some say.

              But you’re right that Fisher and his staff have the leverage regarding credibility and stability, plus I like what they’ve put together over the past couple years with Mason, Quick, Bailey, Cook, Austin. So it won’t be easy for the niners to get their guy.

              1. I’m looking at the OC tracker on Turf Show Times. They list eight potential candidates that they know about for the OC position with the Rams (three are in-house and five are outside). The outside candidates listed are Chud, Kromer, Hackett, Munchak and Martz. Not sure if this means anything other than they seem to have more potential candidates than we do. But since any of those candidates except Chud could have been signed already I believe, it would suggest that Chud is at or near the top of their list.

      2. Bradford has shown a lot of promise, but the guy just can’t stay healthy, otherwise I don’t think it would be such an “easy” decision for Chud.

        I find it interesting that JT and Baalke have already begun to put some of the offensive pieces in place (OL coach, QB?, TE, WR?). Isn’t the normal protocol for the new OC to bring in guys he’s worked with and who know his verbiage, philosophy, etc.??? Maybe I’m wrong.

      3. I think it will come down to who Chud feels he can have the most success with as I would imagine the money would be comparable. There is also the freedom to do what he feels best aspect. If Tomsula/Baalke are too overbearing with what they expect and Chud feels he is being told what he can do or not do, then he won’t come here. If they allow him to run the offense with authority, I think he would choose the Niners over the Rams. Better QB to work with and greater chance of immediate success.

        1. Do you think Tomsula would be an “overbearing” head coach with his offensive coordinator, or is it Baalke you’re worrying about. Harbaugh was supposed to be overbearing with the front office, but Fangio had total control of his defense.

          1. Both Baalke and Tomsula appear to be focused on power run football. Few OC’s are going to want to be pigeonholed into that type of offense.

      4. If Chudzinski truly does covet becoming a HC again, he’ll go wherever he thinks he is most likely to find success and make a name for himself.

        The 49ers are the more “ready now” team, and offer the opportunity for him to make a name for himself as the guy that harnessed and unleashed Kaepernick’s skills. The Rams can potentially offer the opportunity for him to make a name for himself grooming a rookie QB, and have a pretty good defense to support a developing QB and offense.

        Both could be attractive options for him.

  80. Over a month into this search and we still do not have an offensive staff. The side of the football that has struggled the most is the side that we have not addressed. So frustrating.

    1. They have most of the staff KY. What they are missing is an OC. If they wind up with Chud, they are in decent shape. If they don’t get Chud, then they should bring in Shanahan, but most likely they will settle for Chryst which would be the icing on a less than stellar Coaching staff.

  81. Just got online and saw 666 comments.

    Not a good sign….

    So I thought I would hurry up and make it 667

  82. I do’nt hear anyone clamoring for the 9ers to sign Josh Gordon anymore. Hopefully it will be a lesson learned about signing players with on going addiction issues.

    1. All you can do is make sure you have a proactive support system when drafting a player with issues and provide an opportunity for him. What he does with that opportunity is up to him. It’s my policy to give someone a chance to prove themselves. If they fail, I move on. I would never bet on a player like Gordon because he made it clear which is more important….

    2. I agree with Razor. It is hard to say avoid all players with addiction issues. Many people have negative addictions. With that being said, many people have turned their lives around. I do believe they have to first want to change, then they have to change their environment. Chris Carter and Brett Farve are the first people that pop into my head.

      1. I would give anyone a 2nd chance and maybe even a 3rd but i would’nt giive up a draft pick or any guaranteed money for or to them.

  83. I have never known anyone with a serious addiction issue, at least to my knowledge. Perhaps if I did, I would feel more strongly about not potentially signing Gordon. At the moment, I would consider listening to possibilities, but really don’t feel strongly one way or the other.

    So, I’m going to play devil’s advocate. Are there any scenarios under which we would sign Josh Gordon? As I understand it, it is unlikely that he will play in 2015. What if we gave up a 7th round pick to just have rights to Gordon. I’m assuming we don’t have to take on his salary. We don’t pay him anything or very minimally until 2016 when he could be on the roster. I’m not sure if he can be around the team in 2015 even though he won’t be able to play (kind of like Aldon was last year). If he could that would be a good thing, but again, at a minimal salary ($400K or so). If he still hasn’t gotten it together by 2016, we release him. I don’t know if this scenario is possible; maybe some here have better scenarios or perhaps the vast majority agree that it is a lost cause.

    Of course this might not fit with Jed’s “win with class” mantra.

    1. Cubus a 7th rd pick and no guaranteed money sounds good but how do you replace him if he slips again in the middle of the season.

      1. OC:

        There’s certainly some risk. Again, I know very little about addiction issues. Would Aldon be a good mentor since he’s been through this (and assuming he is able to continue keeping his act together). Or is there a higher likelihood that they both would get into trouble if Aldon was Gordon’s mentor.

        If we gave up a 7th with no guaranteed money and if I were Baalke, I would continue to build (free agency and draft) the team as if Gordon was not and never would be on the team. Then if he turns it around and makes the roster in 2016, that would be gravy.

    2. You take on the player’s contract if you trade for him. If the player is a free agent then there is no contract except the one you negotiate with him.

      1. Right, but if he’s suspended for 2015, I don’t think they would have to pay him. And any contract should give them the right to release him before 2016 if it looks like it’s not going to work.

    1. If the 49ers miss out on Rob Chudzinski, that could be the case.

      It will be a daunting task for an OC.
      1) Red zone is one of the biggest weaknesses
      2) Tomsula said that was due to the speed of red zone defenses… and the 49ers have to be much quicker at red zone offense.
      3) The quarterback has the slowest release (by a mile)… and takes too long on pre-snap and post snap reads.

      I can see why some potential OCs would pass on the job.

      1. Biggest reason to pass, IMO: Jed Dickhead’s statement that he expects a Super Bowl every year. If he was being serious, it means you are likely to be out in a year, no matter how good you are. So if anyone else wants you and is willing to pay the going rate, say, Jeff Fisher, why would you want to come here? You wouldn’t, no matter how good the talent and weather here.

        1. I go back and forth on this, but Dickhead’s foolish my-Johnson-is-bigger-than-yours statement might have been the kiss of death for good OCs.

          1. It isn’t even a question about how Jed really feels about the Superbowl. Outside candidates with aspirations need only look at how Jed dealt with his winning coach for the past year. Fans may be blind to that kind of crap, but coaches and other professionals aren’t.

      2. I’ve always wondered if the fact that his eyeballs look like they’re all of 3mm apart had anything to do with his lack of vision. There’s no depth perception. I mean he’s practically a cyclops. :)

        1. Could be the pitcher’s background.

          Montana – Basketball. He sees everything in his peripheral vision. Doesn’t stare down targets. Gets rid of the ball quickly. Turns others on his team into weapons.

          Kaepernick – Baseball. He blocks out everything in his peripheral vision. Focuses on the main target. Takes his time winding up.

          I wrote a funny piece on that a few weeks ago where Baalke time travels to Colin’s high school and talks him into dropping baseball for basketball. (no one thought it was funny, but of well).

  84. At this point I’m waiting for the announcement that Joan in accounting is the new offensive coordinator.

    1. If only it was Joan from MadMen we’d actually have a reason to watch our games next season.

  85. I expect Chud to be hired sooner than later, he will bring immediate change to our prehistoric offense under Greg Roman…..All arrows up for Chud! ;)

  86. In case anybody thought we made the wrong choice back in 2013. From PFT:

    “The Bucs are expected to release S Dashon Goldson this offseason. The Bucs signed Goldson to a $41.25M contract that included $22M guaranteed in March of 2013. He was PFF’s No. 81 safety among 86 qualifiers in 2013 and No. 86 among 87 qualifiers in 2014. Dumping the 31-year-old (in September) Goldson will save the Bucs half of his $8M 2015 cap number.

    1. Much easier to look good when you have a number of good players around you. He didn’t have that in TB.

        1. I think he was instrumental in allowing Baalke to draft athletic cornerbacks in later rounds that lacked technique or that played a different position such as safety….

        2. I’m sure Donatell played a part, but having the players around you to let you play your game is the key. Goldson also ran into problems with penalties as the league cracks down on the defenseless receiver contact.

          1. Once you develop that reputation as a hard hitter, the refs instinctively scrutinize your every hit….

            1. Hey Mr. Eater, are you the new cut and paster?
              At least Claude cited it if it wasn’t his own. Nice try, trying to look all smart and all!

              1. I understand your dogs jealousy when all your time is spent with your doll, but why be jealousy of me is disconcerting….

              2. Good old Alex Smith card hey Mr. Eater? When in denial or served up some reality you clowns bring up Alex. Nice work CPII.

              3. For a greater understanding as to why narcissists are so quick to attack others and so unable to deal with the loss of their beloved quarterback, it’s helpful to talk with them and learn about their childhood. People like you aren’t born narcissistic-they’re born Canadian….

              4. Did you dress up your doll in tube socks and that flannel nightie with only eight buttons last night?

        3. Donatell was no doubt a factor, as was Fangio’s defense itself which allowed him to play aggressively. But the calibre of players he was surrounded by was the biggest factor in my opinion. Having the talent in the front 7 to allow for four men rushing and generating pressure, and having athletic linebackers that can cover, meant Goldson’s weaknesses could be covered up some.

  87. From John Keim of ESPN:

    Source says Fewell already has an offer from the 49ers to be their DB coach. Might have other options…

    He’s interviewing with the Skins today.

      1. Sure they did. And Chud won’t want to come here because the front office will dictate what he does on offense, draw up the playbook for him.

        1. We’re about to find out if the number one option on the 49ers OC list is interested in working for Baalksula….

  88. I’m a little late to the party, but one factor about Mangini’s lone stint in 2005 as a DC has not been discussed.

    Who was the DB coordinator from 2000-04 for all 3 of NE’s sb titles? Yep – Eric Mangini. Here is an article after the 2004 AFC title game in January 2005. There is a plug for Mangini getting a DC job for the masterpiece he helped drop on Manning.

    Who flummoxed the Warner GSOT passing game, the 2004 TO Eagles, Peyton Manning’s high flying squad (multiple times) and others? Yep – Eric Mangini.

    This is an interesting hire and not at all a “my goodness” hire as the author of this blog suggests.

      1. you may be right, ad .. but I think the
        “re-tooling” Mr. Silver Spoon talked about ..
        turned out to be mostly about firing all the coaches ..
        and … swapping Mangini for Vic has
        mostly been received as a downgrade …

        The proof .. (as they say) will be in the pudding,
        and if the Niners don’t end up playing in
        the Super Bowl they host .. then
        methinks Jedi has a lot
        of ‘splainin’ to do

  89. Maiocco: Perry Fewell has offer from 49ers for DB coach. Fewell’s now scheduled to interview for the same position with Washington.

  90. ChudWatch from MM:

    “Nathaniel Hackett will have 2nd interview with Rams tomorrow for offensive coordinator. > 49ers and Rams only teams without OCs.”

  91. what is the betting line on this one:

    the Niners winning percentage next year
    tops that of Michigan under Coach Harbaw…?

    “who’s got it better than…” (2 teams; see below *)
    gobble, gobble, gobble.
    * = Seattle and New England.

    I approve of this message; I am the Super Bowl monkey.

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