Report: 49ers sign G Zane Beadles to 3-year deal

The San Francisco 49ers have signed former Jacksonville Jaguars guard Zane Beadles to three-year contract worth $11.75 million, according to Adam Caplan of ESPN.

Beadles (29) was a second-round draft pick of the Denver Broncos in 2010. In 2014, Beadles signed a five-year, $30 million contract with Jacksonville, but got cut after just two seasons. Now, Beadles seems like the favorite to replace Alex Boone at left guard for the Niners.

Do you like this move? How do you think it changes the 49ers’ draft plans, if it changes them at all?

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  1. Love it. Fits the scheme and fills a need. I personally thought Boone had an off year and at times looked horrible. I think ZB will have a bounce back year and play at a high level in an offense scheme he is meant for. Great locker room guy too

    1. Jeff Deeney PFF tweets –

      Zane Beadles best year was 2012 when he ranked 16th of 81 guards with a +17.1 grade. Has had most success in zone-blocking scheme….

      Beadles had a shaky two years in JAX, but played every snap. +1.5 overall grade in 2014 dropped to -14.6 in 2015 with move away from ZBS.

      While JAX moved away from ZBS in 2015, it was actually Beadle’s pass blocking that declined in 2015. 41 pressures allowed 5th most among G’s

  2. Jags blogs are mixed. Sounds like he’s a streaky player that can stink for several games, then put together several solid performances.

    I think its a typical Baalke draft-flexibility signing. If there’s fantastic BPA or decent guard, he’s more comfortable going BPA.

    I’m a bit worried interest in bottom half guards means Baalke knows Thomas/Martin have little chance of developing into decent players.

      1. I don’t think we can make that assumption. It is a low cost vet pick up, so if he doesn’t win a starting job no biggy. I think it is more likely this means they won’t add a OG early in the draft, and thereby are actually giving their young guys more time to develop and a chance to compete for a starting role.

      1. NO question Martin stunk last year. Thomas not being able to right his way onto an awful starting unit was also a bad sign.

        But I heard Thomas was still adjusting to his knee. I also thought Martin might have lost some strength and/or size, maybe slimming down a little too much for ZBS last year.

        Long shots to be sure.

    1. It’s also rather hilarious that we would assume that he would replace third rate talent with third rate talent. Garbage in, garbage out.

      1. totally agree rather have the guard from Arizona and the tackle from seattle need to protect the quarterback and have a good running game I know davis is coming back move him to right guard get that tackle from seattle move him to right tackle I know he played left tackle tackle at seattle and get that guard from Arizona move him to left guard and stop drafting those guys with torn acls none have ;produce martin have not produce and balke needs to be fired bad draft picks one after another I am a 49ers fan but dam Thomas paine wrote the pamphlet on common sense

        1. I don’t see OT as a pressing need if, in fact, AD is planning on being reinstated, and the 49ers are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and an opportunity to win his job back. The team is VERY high on big TRENT BROWN, and IMO he would make a fantastic swing tackle if AD becomes the starter at RT again. Overpaying for a RT in this market would be a dumb move, IMO, this season.

          However, OG was very much a pressing need, And I like Beadles fit. I do hope the team drafts an OG who has potential to also backup my boy DANIEL-K. I don’t like Marcus Martin as a Center, at all.

  3. Nothing like using cap money to sign the 64th ranked player at his position. Received poor grades from PFF in both run and pass blocking.

    Baalke continues to win Free Agency.

    1. You have to be kidding. If you knew ANYTHING, you’d know he was the Jags best OL and made the Pro Bowl in 2012. He has never missed a game and will be an excellent replacement for Boone. He’ll excel playing next to Staley and not the two bozos he played between for the Jags.

      1. Sounds great if we have a time machine to go back 4 years ago when he didn’t suck. Too bad he does now.

        1. Coffee,
          The above response was not written by me, not my style at all to question someones knowledge.
          Grant can anyone use someones screen name?

          1. No worries OC.

            Yes anyone can use someone else’s name and even their gravatar if they’re using a custom one.

      2. Regarding Beadles, from RotoWorld: “Long overrated, Beadles was released by the cap-flush Jaguars just two years into a “five-year, $30 million” contract. Beadles should step right into the starting lineup at left guard for San Francisco, but he is not the panacea for a bad offensive line which already lost Alex Boone to the Vikings in free agency.”

      1. #38 with a 65.0 overall grade. On their scale he falls at the top of their ‘bad’ range.

  4. From Rotoworld:

    “The San Jose Mercury News reports Colin Kaepernick plans to report to the 49ers’ offseason program on April 4.

    He won’t hold out for a trade. The Mercury News confirms trade talks have “stalled” between the 49ers and Broncos, and the 49ers and Browns, and Kaepernick’s $11.9 million base salary will become fully guaranteed if he’s on San Francisco’s roster by April 1. The Mercury News also disputes reports that Kaepernick prefers Cleveland over Denver as a potential trade destination.”

    1. I’ve never had an opinion about how Colin would do if he comes back, but I’ve always thought that if the 49ers still hold his contract, he would report and do everything ask of him. It’s just my opinion of his character as an athlete, not a certainty at all.

      1. How about his character that asked to be traded? How do you think that goes over with his teammates? You ever play sports and know that deep down that the guy beside you is never giving his all to help the team? Yeah that’s #7.

        1. Prime are you trying to imply that you have professional sports experience? Or, are you trying to imply that Colin’s teammates are naive fools who don’t understand the business aspect of their own careers?

          My point had nothing to do with Colin’s teammates. It was just the simple observation that if he is still under contract with the 49ers on April 1, he will report to the voluntary camp on April 4, and that he will not hold out. This close to April 4 there is no need to speculate. We will find out in 15 to 18 days.

          Montana asked to be traded. Weak character? How did that go over with Joe’s teammates? They thought it was none of their business, that’s how it went over with Joe’s teammates.

          Now you can post that Joe and Colin shouldn’t be mentioned in the same post.


          1. My point is once you ask to be traded your teammates are less likely to battle for you. Throw in the fact he has brought all this other drama, some not directly his fault,and you have an unhappy locker room.
            He’s already been labelled as a guy who won’t study as diligently as required at the QB position,decided to get healthy and rehab outside the organization, and he’s a poor leader altogether. All this adds up to a bad decision for both parties to try and make it work.
            Now you ask me about pro experience, no but I know I locker room cancer based on everything we have seen from #7.
            As for your Montana comparison, totally irrelevant.

              1. Yoda

                This is the greatest pithy comment I have ever seen. Well said, old man.

                I’m riding the stationary bike nowadays, by the way, and walking quite freely as I recuperate the ACL with PT exercises daily. I think of your advice, taken from your knowledge of your son’s experiences, frequently.

              2. SC,

                Thank you.

                Now if my son can help get the bugs out of OLED big screen TVs so that us lower paid, or not paid mortals can enjoy the results, I’ll put him back in our will.

    1. Another bottom tier F/A. What do I think. Here’s what I think:

      How bad is the 49ers front office? Well, Trent Baalke is the man who oversaw the team’s 2012 draft. San Francisco has zero players remaining on the team from that draft. Most of the players from that draft class, including first round pick A.J. Jenkins, are not even in the league anymore. Still, Baalke, who still remains on board, is not even close to the front office’s biggest problem.
      No, that man would be CEO Jed York. Based on his request to be held “directly responsible and accountable” for the team’s play, he wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course, York was a virtual hermit during San Francisco’s 5-11 campaign, so maybe he doesn’t want to be held too accountable.

      Before that season got underway, York was also quoted comparing his decision to part ways with Harbaugh in favor of Jim Tomsula to the Golden State Warriors’ decision to fire Mark Jackson and hire Steve Kerr. How’s that working out, Jed?

      1. And Balke also oversaw the drafts in 2010, 2011, 2013, and so forth. He also oversaw the free agent signings of guys like Akers, Whitner, Rogers, Bathea, Goodwin, etc.

        Shall we go back and look at some of Walsh’ drafts and see how many fails he had, cause he did.

        1. Anytime………and I mean ANYTIME you want to go over Walsh’s body of work and Baalke’s. Actually, im the fool for responding to you.

        1. I’m ok with this signing. Yeah he seems to be on a downward trend, especially in pass protection, but at least he’s a veteran option at a position of need. He has played at a high level in the past so there’s a precedent to go on as slim as it may be.

          1. Tiller 80.7
            Beadles 47.9
            Pears 37.5
            Devey 37.5
            Martin 30.1

            These are PFF’s over all grades for our current group of guards. The value of these grades aside let me use them to show why I question the signing.
            I haven’t seen the contract details but for the moment Beadles’ contract has an average value of about 3.9M a year. The details will say just how long term they view this signing to be but until I can see those we’ll assume it’s face value.

            Sure Beadles on paper appears to be an upgrade at the position but by how much? Is going from 37 to 47 worth $4m a year? Will Grubbs, Chester and Silatolu all sign for considerably more then $4m a year somewhere else? I doubt it.

            If they had signed Beadles to a nothing contract then I wouldn’t even blink but at the likely level of upgrade the pay is outrageous. He’s going to be the most expensive guard on the team and likely wont be a starter unless they feel compelled to because of what they’re paying him. That’s always a good football decision.

            1. Valid points, but I’m guessing not much is guaranteed and they are banking on seeing a better effort than he showed in Jax. Whether they get it is another story, but apparently he played on a bad foot the final 6 weeks and had played ok before then.

              At this point I’m willing to accept anything that has potential to make the team better.

              1. Let’s certainly hope so. I’m probably wrong about his starting chances but that doesn’t make it any better.

            2. How can Beadles be and upgrade? PPF rates him a 47.9 compared to 65.0 for Alex Boone. To be fair Beadles is criticized for getting pushed around but is also considered one of the best pulling guards in football. He also grades out all over the map. In 2011 PFF rated him the third worst guard in the league then in 2012 they rated him the eighth best guard in the league..

        2. Also, he was cut so he doesn’t count toward the Comp. picks. Fits the scheme, was a probowler, had his worse year last yr due to power scheme n using this yr too hence the cut, missed very few games, solid upgrade to our OG squad, and cheap. A total Baalke signing.

      1. Ben Grubbs, Chris Chester, Silatolu would have been considerably better choices. Valdimir Ducasse would have even been better.

          1. Yoda

            The new OL coach is an absolute master of his craft. Pat Flaherty worked with Norv Turner in Washington for a year and then for Tom Coughlin for 12 seasons in New York. He has also worked as a Tight Ends coach along the way.

            I believe he is the best OL coach the 49ers have had since Bobb McKittrick.

            1. I knew he was from the Giants so I assumed that he was some kind of good. I was implying that perhaps he had some valuable input about offering our new guard a contract.

              Bobb McKittrick is my hero as a human being, and I think that Bobb, along with Seifert, were a big unsung part of the golden years.

  5. Is everyone upset because we didn’t get Ted Larsen instead? Sure this isn’t the home-run signing that everyone is hoping for, but there’s really not much out there to choose from. I would bet my life that he’s better than Devey and Pears, so in my eyes, we just upgraded the team.

    Doesn’t get me really excited either, but at least feel a LITTLE better about the guard spot than I did yesterday.

  6. This guy is solid as a rock. Best player on Jags OL. His pass blocking suffered because he played between Moe and Curly. Made the Pro Bowl in 2012, hasn’t missed a game. Excellent pickup.

    1. Coach, I like your optimism, and will defer to your expertise, and he did make a pro bowl, but I am underwhelmed with the signing.
      I guess I should be happy that Baalke actually did something, instead of sitting on his hands…..

        1. There’s only one ..
          Old Coach… here …

          Imposter …
          it’s not cool .. using someone else’s
          screen name !

        2. Dang! I hope they catch the cretin. You deserve to feel secure posting without an imposter saying bogus things in your name.

            1. Fooled YA! I must have 50 imposters using my name. Only the thoughtful, concise and insightful posts came from the real Seb. ;p

    2. While I don’t know much about him as a player. I think most don’t understand just how dependent linemen are to their line-mates. If their is a weak link to the right or left of a lineman it can often lead to them trying to clean up the others mess… i.e.leaning to the side that help is needed or trying to pick up a defender coming through and losing leverage within your gap allowing delayed blitzes through.

      It will be interesting to see how he does if sandwiched between Staley and Kilgore or Davis and Kilgore.

      1. Shoupbj

        Not that anyone really cares about what I think, but I don’t think that Anthony Davis is coming back…if he does, he’ll be out of shape….

  7. Another torn ACL like bargain basement signing by Trent. Zane will revisit the Dr.’s scapel in training camp for fasciitis repairs.

    @PFF_Jeff heard he was playing with plantar fasciitis last year so that could have been the issue

  8. Great signing!….. 4 years ago.

    Now just so so…. I just hope it means they cut Pears, that alone is worth 12 mil

  9. I stated this weeks ago: C’mon Trent, make a move!

    “When the player has all of the leverage, you have to make a deal on the player’s terms. You can’t be hard about it. Find out where he wants to go and basically you gotta just take what they’re going to give you and get out of there. Otherwise, you’re going to be stuck with nothing when you release the player,”

  10. • 44 minutes ago

    Yorks are dulsional ( tomsula like the Warriors ) and ignorant ( dumpster diving for coaches but saying they want to win sing Nolan tomsula). But if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results , then to fire your qb friendly playoff coach for unproven garbage, and gutting the team to save money twice ( mooch and now Harbaugh) proves the Yorks are insane. Either that or just plain stupid and greedy. Either way fans, and the NFL lose.

  11. Maybe Baalke is just not willing to move into the modern league where you have to pay more then four or five million dollars a year for a guard if you don’t want him to be man handled by every defense you face.

    1. Thats the Yorks fingerprint over the budget. Old man York has a well known rep in the league for running a professional sports team like a Wal-mart.

    1. If they win 2 of the 3 on this road trip starting tomorrow, I give them a 90% chance assuming the starters stay healthy.

  12. Before the Beadles signing according to spotrac our all of our signed guards combined equal 3.3M in cap. Then he signs bottom of the barrel Beadles to a contract that before terms come out appears to give him around 4M a year.


  13. In 2015, Beadles appeared in all 16 games for the Jaguars and was rated by Pro Football Focus as the No. 64 guard out of 81 qualifying players.

    1. I suppose many fans are emotional about wanting to win the FA “Cup”.

      Broncos threw everything into the push for a Lombardi with Manning, but it was their draft pick Von Miller with a stellar support cast in D (including 2 key FAs) that got them the prize. Similarly Jerry Reese is making a final push to win with Eli in the next 2-3 years before they rebuilding starts for the Giants.

      Seems to me that the general consensus on this board on why the Niners could not get the FAs they are rumored to have wanted is because the Niners’ FA is viewed as “toxic”. Instead, my feeling is that the combination of a new coaching staff and QB uncertainty are the two reasons why the FAs that the Niners sought did not sign. Perhaps a very large (undeservedly large) guaranteed money would have helped changed their mind but that would set a bad precedence.

      In any case, this is going to be a rebuilding year at best. The past two seasons were lost seasons.

      1. Good view… But my opinion is, the Niners did not offer that much money. I would be willing to bet that when everything comes out, the Niners did not offer nowhere near as much on those supposed “targets”. They have the money, they could have had any of them for the right price. But I applaud the effort of not giving into bad contract free agents. Especially to a rebuilding team. Just a guess but this might be the 1 St year Trent actually uses all o his picks, with no trades… But then again Trent is Trent, wouldn’t be a NFL draft he he wasn’t trading picks…

        1. Steel,

          I agree that the Niners would probably benefit from using all its picks this draft.

          This is going to be a transition year to Kelly’s system. Until they can figure out how the current roster matches the new system, it’s not clear that paying significant $$ to overpriced FAs is the right way to go, particularly on offense where I think Baalke does not trust his own judgement anymore :) On defense they do need depth for rotation.

          Maybe the contenders for the FA Cup, the Fins, Raiders and Giants will all do spectacularly. My guess is that only the Giants will show considerable improvement. I watched some the Radiers’ games last season, and in order to improve substantially, they will a need a new Qb coach. Carr began to develop some bad habits esp. in decision making. (The Radier’s QB coach, Todd Downing, coached E. J. Manuel and began his career in Mike Tice’s team with the Vikes. Almost Hostler-like pedigree).

      2. Mood:

        What makes you think they sought out many free agents let alone made them offers that were turned down?

        1. Cubus… I’ve been saying that since guys like seb and Tom d continually say nobody wants to play for this organization. Nowhere has it bee n written or said that the Niners were turned down for anything. Except Vrabel. But that was about money and not wanting to move.

          1. Steel, Baalke has probably made offers since Jed swore that they would use all that cap space to sign players.
            It is not my fault that Baalke is cheap and will not competitively bid for premium talent, so now the Niners are forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel, AGAIN.
            When the 2 major signings are Thad and Zane, I am skeptical that they did not bother to at least make an offer.

            1. Seb…. That’s not skepticism, it’s the truth. They probably didn’t make offers or competive offers. Why spend that much money on 1 player when that one player isn’t gonna help lead this team to a title next year. It’s wasted funds

              1. Well,even if they made a token offer, it would look like they are at least TRYING to improve.

        2. Cubus,
          Thought I heard rumors that Niners had shown interest in Casey Heyward, Jeremy Lane and Jeff Allen. Were those unfounded?

          1. Don’t know, Mood. Even if they did make offers that weren’t accepted, we don’t usually hear about that do we?

      3. Is it even possible to “rebuild” in the NFL anymore?

        The rookie cap makes it really hard to keep your young guys past their first contract, which gives you a very small window.

        1. Maybe “rebuilding” now describes a team that is not sure of the starting QB for the next season…

      4. Mood, Chip Kelly’s offenses put up points. If SF had scored 28-30 points a game in 2015, they are 12-4.
        The 49ers will win more than they lose in 2016 which should do a lot to hide a lot of their deficiencies.

  14. Do any free agents want to play for the 49ers?

    Mar 15, 2016
    Paul Gutierrez
    ESPN Staff Writer

    Overall grade: D-plus. The “plus” comes from retaining their own most important free agent in Williams at nose tackle and, yes, the team MVP in Dawson. Everything else, though, comes from not signing anyone of note. It makes you wonder if, after the past few years of dysfunction, from Jim Harbaugh, to Colin Kaepernick to Jim Tomsula, players want to come and suit up for York and Baalke, let alone new coach Chip Kelly, who arrived with his own baggage. Wins change all of that, however.

    1. TomD…. Do you realize how much you quote, copy and paste the same old reporters who bad mouth the Niner organization? It’s apparent you don t like the team, but even it up lil buddy. I’m sure Matt B and Matt M are very good reporters. Copy and paste those guys. They dont contribute to your hidden agendas, wich would make everyone think you are non biased on counsel. Or just continue to be you. Unorthodox, hatin, full of bad energy, and the occasional smart comment. Either way, have a good day

      1. TomD doesn’t have an original thought in his body. I’m pretty sure he’s actually an antisocial 4th grader, who just recently learned how to cut and paste in his 4th grade, IC, Introduction to Computers class.

    1. I found it very interesting in regards to Baalke being the best GM in terms of acquiring draft picks and in terms of capital… Better than even lord Sauron in Boston. i.e. he wins more often in off-season than we all give him credit for.
      The problem has been in terms of capitalizing on this value.

      It was also interesting to note that the best in terms of identifying value in the draft was our prior GM Scot McCloughan.

      1. And #2 being Schneider… I put those periods in for Razor, whatever pasture he has moved to. Miss the guy. Hope he’s well.

        1. Not sure what happened to Razor either. I know he made a bet with Jam which if he lost meant he would no longer post on this board. But if I recall correctly, there were two parts to the bet neither of which has happened yet. I do remember Rocket was against the bet, so maybe he knows more.

  15. This is right up Baalke’s alley. Find value in someone under appreciated because of scheme he thinks. Under pay him and then hope to make him look better with their scheme.

    If Zane looks better in two years he will want a raise. Baalke will think that this is the attitude of an entitled a-hole. He will then refuse to pay him more and think that he find someone else just like he found Carlos Rodgers.

    1. Steelematic,

      Thanks. A compliment. You’re learning that the comet that hit the Yucatan Peninsula
      millions of years ago means it’s not sunny indefinitely–that we actually live in a violent universe where that Supervolcanoe in Wyoming/Yellowstone could blow at any time.
      Therefore, your overly sunny York ownership outlook 24/7 needs a counterbalance. The way they treated Kap and Harbaugh when coach H was taking baby steps with Kap in his development is a small sample size of this ownerships self inflicted wounds on PSL holders. Leaks and other Machiavellian moves are apparent…Consider me your counterbalance.

      1. Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 2h2 hours ago

        Jed/Trent Dream Scenario is in play: Overplay their trade hand, let Kaeperick’s

        Tim Kawakami Verified account 
        Tim Kawakami Retweeted Gregory Prongos

        I’m not sure Jed/Trent know the difference any more. /I know, I’m mean.


        $11.9M guarantee, cut him after April 1, watch him go to LA.

        Tim Kawakami ‏@timkawakami · 2h2 hours ago

        Jed/Trent Dream Scenario is in play: Overplay their trade hand, let Kaeperick’s $11.9M guarantee, cut him after April 1, watch him go to LA.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised either way, but I definitely see Goff as the best QB in the draft by a pretty good margin. Many are seriously underestimating how good this kid is as a passer in every situation. His play from the pocket is better than I see from some QB’s starting in the NFL right now. He’s so comfortable and natural under pressure and the accuracy doesn’t suffer no matter what is going on around him. I’ve followed his career since he started as a freshman and he has improved every season even with poor Oline play. I truly believe this guy is going to be great at the NFL level.

      1. And he’s only 21. Even with no change in his conditioning routine Goff will fill out, his passes will gain a little more zip. Not that’s its lacking. He throws great opposite hash deep outs.

        When’s the last time you have seen a 21 year old with this kind of quick release, pocket footwork or accuracy?

        I laugh at “small hands.” Goff 9.00″, CK 9.25″.
        Fumbles 2013 – 9
        Fumbles 2014 – 9
        Fumbles 2015 – 4

        The gap between Goff and Wentz is bigger that most think.

        1. He my dream QB in this draft. I was rooting against the 49ers every game after realizing how bad they were to lose out and get him.

        2. The guy has never turned his back to a defense. Cal never ran a play action. There is little to no blitzing in college football. When he was pressured and the timing of his three step drop was changed, it resulted in a 5 INT game.
          Cal primarily runs a three step drop scheme. Goff is no day 1 starter in the NFL. He should have came back for his final year in college to work on his flaws. He certainly is talented, but he is not Mariotta, Luck, or any other franchise changer.
          The further we get away from the NCAA season, the better Goff appears. However, agents own stories, reporters, and the media this time of year. Goff is not ready to step in today and play NFL QB on any team. If he goes top 5, expect to see him running for his life. Another great talent destroyed by expectations.
          He simply is just not as good as past QB’s thought about in the same draft position.

          1. Matt,

            I couldn’t disagree with this take more. Most College QB’s are playing in the same type of system now including QB’s taken in the first round the past few years. You could say the same thing about Mariota and Newton that you just said about Goff in regards to play action. College defenses do blitz and you can see numerous examples of Goff getting blitzed if you watch his game film on Draft Breakdown. Throwing accurately under pressure is one of his best qualities. The 5 Int. game featured 3 picks that were not Goff’s fault and again you can see for yourself if you go to the Draft site.

            I agree he shouldn’t start day one, but that is not a reason to pass him up. It’s stupid to base a pick on whether the kid can step in right away or not. You make the pick based on who will be the best player long term. It would have done him no good to return for his Sr. year. He started every game for 3 seasons. He had learned as much as he was going to learn at that level and in that system.

            Luck was a generational player. They are few and far between, but Goff compares favorably to Mariota imo. Doesn’t have Mariota’s athleticism obviously, but he’s a better pocket passer. He’s also a better passer than Winston imo although WInston played in a system more suited to the NFL which gave him a leg up heading to the pros.

            I agree that getting beat up playing his rookie year is not ideal, but again, if the Niners take him he would sit behind whoever the starter is and realistically he fits Chips system based on the style and volume of throws expected in the gameplan.

            He’s just as good as any QB prospect to come out not named Luck in the last few years. He may not be ready to play right out of the gate as some others, but again that is not what you are supposed to be looking at anyway. He may be more ready than we think though as his ability to go through progressions and set his protections are better than most QB’s coming out of College and when you look at David Carr who played in a similar offense, he adapted pretty quickly.

            I’ve been saying this for awhile now and I’ll say it again: people are underrating this QB, and the class in general. There will be some good NFL QB’s that come out of this class including Goff.

  16. PFF ranks Beadles @47.9, the fifth worst guard in current Free Agency. Alex Boone ranked at 65.. He’ll need a career year just to fill Boone’s shoes.. Just another example of quality Free Agents avoiding the 49ers like the plague. York doubled down retaining Baalke who then hires Chip Kelly a guy viewed by the NFL Player community very negatively. 2016 is looking like a disaster unless these mediocre Free Agents players signings all have career years and Baalke hits the 2016 draft into McCovey Cove..

    1. Can anyone say: Tsuyoshi Shinjo ?…Zane is the latest Baalke’s analytics player signed to fit a low spending scheme offense…Analytics declares Kelly’s offense doesn’t need good players and scheme will allow Jed to spend less.

  17. Another rumor circulating about a player the Niners may be interested in. This time it’s Courtney Upshaw. Not sure why they would be interested in an OLB who can’t rush the passer but that’s the rumor.

    1. Could be Coach. I’m not sure what he’s commanding but I guess he could be a depth signing if the money is reasonable.

  18. To all the other people on this blog of Irish origin, Happy St. Patricks Day and don’t drink too much green beer.

  19. Barnwell grades free-agent deals.

    money is flying all over the place in free agency. Who deserves high marks, and who will come to regret their decisions? Bill Barnwell breaks down each big deal.

    Chris Long (Patriots): A

      1. I guess Free Agents seem to like the Patriots…They compete for SuperBowls, the 49ers get an A for giving lip service to compete for SuperBowls.

  20. I predict the 49ers will use one of their 6th rd picks or UDFA on LaQuan McGowan. He will be moved inside to OT or G.

  21. Bay Area Sports Guy
    Bay Area Sports Guy Retweeted Niners Nation

    I’m not a huge believer in Approximate Value, but I definitely believe Trent Baalke is a below-average drafter

    1. Which explains why Baalke whiffs on so many of his OL draftees and has to cover his mistakes OL through F/A signings.

  22. I don’t remember ever reading anything about the 49ers interest in Zane Beatle(did i spell that right?) They kept it secret. Slick move by Baalke

  23. Josina Anderson tweets the cash strapped Broncos are signing Russell Okung for 5-years, $10.6m per year.

    1. Rumors the Okung signing frees the Broncos to trade Ryan Clady. Clady’s contract is too expensive.

      Now if only I could think of a team that had alot of cap space, was in need of an experienced OT, and had something the Broncos wanted.

      1. and if Denver keeps Clady or trades him to another team (besides the 49ers), they will have more picks.

        1. Yup. It would hing on two questions. Is Clady’s knee OK, and can he play right tackle? If the answer is “yes”, why not?

          Overly optimistic scenario…
          – Clady is healthy, on the 49ers, can play RT.
          – 49ers trade CK for Clady+Day 3 pick
          – Then the 49ers can shop the rights to Anthony Davis in a conditional trade.

          1. If the 49ers did trade for Clady, that would free them up from having to draft an OL early.

            Likely positions for early picks imo would then be (in no particular order):
            – QB
            – CB
            – coverage ILB
            – pass rusher

            I’d still love a DL pick early, but don’t expect that to be the case.

      2. Trade Kaepernick and a fourth round pick to the Broncos for Clady and a third round pick.

        1. Works for me, but would Denver see Clady as a worse player than Kaep (thus needing to add a sweetener of swapping their 3rd for the 49ers 4th)? Not much difference in value between the Broncos 3rd and the 49ers 4th admittedly, so could be a good pot sweetener though. Good thinking.

          1. Clady has a 2016 cap hit to the Broncos of $10.1 million. The dead cap money to the Broncos is $1.2 million, so wouldn’t the 49ers be picking up the rest of the “hit” for 2016, i.e. $8.9 million. He’ll be 30 starting the 2016 season. Okung will turn 29 in October 2016.

            So the Broncos just signed Okung for $10.6 million per year. Does make you wonder. But Clady did tear his ACL…. How did Clady grade out on PFF?

            1. Okung’s contract is essentially a one year deal for 5 mill. The higher numbers come into play if the team exercises a 4 year 48 mill option after the season.

              I’d say no on Clady simply because he is too unreliable due to injuries.

              1. Agree, that’s why I like the idea of the Broncos trading him to a tackle-needy team for hopefully a third rounder that can be used in the Kap trade.

        2. Another possibility is that the Broncos trade Clady to some other team that is willing to give up a draft pick high enough to facilitate the Kap trade.

            1. Florio said it is likely that Clady would be traded. So this supports my proposition assuming of course that there is a decent draft pick provided by the other team.

        3. MWD

          Then what? You release your current LT who’s better and paid less than Clady?

          That doesn’t sound very smart, not unless you plan to get a higher draft pick by trading either Clady or Staley.

          1. Why trade either one or even release Staley? Have one play LT (preferably Staley) and the other RT.

            1. MWD

              Doesn’t work that way. The positions are not interchangeable, and LTs are paid millions more than RTs, so whomever is stuck at RT would be unhappy, and likely leave.

              1. How exactly are they not interchangeable since Staley started his NFL career as a RT? Also, why would the one assigned to be a RT leave if he keeps his current salary?

  24. 3 years for 12 million total….this is hardly a major signing. You got Russell Okung rumored to sign for over 10 million a year. Tackle vs Guard, I know, but still, hes getting paid around 30th for guards, hardly a big deal

  25. This is a pretty good low cost signing. Those quoting his PFF grade from last year as “proof” of how bad he is should also keep in mind he played through a plantar fasciitis injury most of the season, and was also playing a man blocking scheme for the first time in his career. Prior to that he had scored positively by PFF as a ZBS LG (courtesy of Jeff Deeney). He’ll be back in a ZBS with the 49ers.

    1. Zeeney leaves out what the scores previous to 2014 were and that he’s been trending down each year.

      I’m sticking with my point problem with the signing. There are better options out there that could have likely been had for similar type money.

      1. “Summary: Beadles was avg to very good in 4 of first 5 years, had his worst year in 2015 (-14.6). Was scheme the cause or something else is?”

        “Zane Beadles best year was 2012 when he ranked 16th of 81 guards with a +17.1 grade. Has had most success in zone-blocking scheme….”

        You are right, he didn’t say he was positive every year, but average would be pretty darn close to a positive grade if it isn’t positive. We know he was +17.1 in 2012 and Jeff Deeney also says he had his most success in a ZBS which would seem to suggest his grades in Denver were higher than his grades at the Jaguars (where he still posted a positive grade in 2014). You say there are better options, but if the reasons for Beadles decline last year were indeed the foot injury and change in blocking scheme (which combined seems a reasonable reason for a decline in play) then he probably is as good if not better than any of the other options still available. And he isn’t costing much.

          1. I’m not here to bash the guy. I still just think there were better options even for the money paid.

            1. Well, at least he is better than Devey. If he can beat out Devey so Devey does not make the 53, I will accept him and consider him an upgrade.

          2. Scooter good find on that OL article. Our line used to have 2-3 top talent players but not any longer. Our system also changed last year exposing players weaknesses.

            1. Agreed Wilson. Staley is the only player on the OL I would still classify as ‘good’, as per the article. Ideally they would add one more ‘good’ OL, and can fill out the other 3 spots with complementary talent.

              Beadles is complementary talent (hopefully).

        1. He was 17.1 in 2012 then he(Deeney) leaves out the 2013 score and then we learn he was 1.5 in 2014. If we know 2012 was his best year then we also know that 2013 was lower which means he’s been trending down each year since 2012. Sure he had an injury this past year that really tanked his score but that doesn’t take into account that he clearly peaked in 2012 and has dropped off each year since. So now we have a player recovering from an injury that killed his game who’s also been trending down over the past 3 years or more.

          I see players available without that set of circumstances that could likely be signed for the 4-5M a year range. They would have been ‘safer’ players to bet on.

          1. Silatolu was the guy I was hoping they would sign, but not sure when he will be ready after his knee injury. He is also better off in a man scheme over ZBS, so probably not a good fit anyway.

            1. No question he’s the best option left out there. Chester and Grubbs are both maulers in the run game but are swiss cheese in the pass.

  26. Looks like Chip is pumping up Kaep on staying. States per Maiacco that he would love for him to be back. The repairing of a relationship is in full swing. They never intended of trading him. He will be the starter in 2016 bank on it.

      1. I will bet that if Kaep is kept he will beat Gabbert out. This is a business and if truly wants to leave he could get his wish for the right price. If he is on the roster he will start.

        1. No, no, I just heard he is going to report.
          In Chip Kelly’s system, he will take the league by storm, again.

          1. I don’t know about that since Kelly has gone from “when Kaepernick reports” to “if Kaepernick reports”.

      1. Keep scanning that twitter account Jack:

        Benjamin Allbright ‎@AllbrightNFL
        Source “firmly believes” Kaepernick to #Broncos “will happen, given time.”
        6:14 PM – 17 Mar 2016

          1. He’s a professional being paid you should look into receiving some kind of royalty from him.

      2. I don’t know if the trade will materialize or not, but things are coming to a head as we get closer to April. If they truly don’t want Kap and think they can trade him, then they are not going to want him taking part in the offseason program where he could potentially suffer an injury. If he’s not traded by then, the determining factor will be whether they let him take part or not.

        1. The 49ers have no reason to rush. They’re on the hook for the dead money regardless of when the trade is done.

          The deal will likely be for a conditional 2017 pick.

          1. That’s correct, but as I mentioned if he suffers an injury the plan goes belly up if a trade is indeed the plan. That’s why I think April 4th is really the date that will show the Niners hand if he isn’t traded by then. If they allow him to take part in the OTA’s, they are likely keeping him unless the Broncos come up with a much better offer.

            1. There is little to no chance Kaepernick would be participating in drills on 4/4 anyway. Their training staff has proven to be very cautious with guys coming off surgery.

  27. Good move if this is the 2012 Pro Bowler Beadles, but a bad move if it’s the guy whose numbers have declined since then.

  28. He will do better in our blocking scheme than with his previous team, also important he brings leadership and is a hard worker.

    1. Heard on a podcast about a month ago 40% of Kelly’s practice reps are inside zone plays. The O-line and backs are going to get reps up the yang.

      I’m looking forward to seeing how the new guys do working with Pat Flaherty. His players on the Giants think the world of him.

  29. Quick question…. When will there be the first Chimp Kelley reference? Will I be the first when he messes up?

  30. The niners haven’t done anything except get rid of boone which is good because you cant build championships around people who sit out of practice and cause drama in the media, grabbed a QB for the offseason, and snatched up a wide receiver that could/or could not make the 53 man. Even the lineman we just hired is low risk. Essentially it doesn’t make sense to run in with your hair on fire in free agency just because you have money to do so, when I doubt that the hiring of any of the free agents currently under ridiculous contracts for their skill level, will get their team to the SB. Trent is a smart GM and i’m glad that the 49ers don’t do business like the rest of the world based on what other people feel is right or want. We haven’t even used the insane amount of talent trent has brought to the table correctly yet to know exactly what we need. I’d say with the losses at defense over the last two years we start there, keep working on the offensive line, and the rest will catch up with proper coaching.

    1. Sorry, but your post is borderline insane.
      Trent Is a smart GM? He re-signed DEVEY.
      Insane amount of talent? Guess again. FYI, the Niners may spend millions, but other teams have spent millions, too and have elite defenses with stout O lines. Niners just set an insanely pathetic record failing to score points. Their Offense was so inept, it was a miracle they won 5 games.
      When your defense is ranked 29th, and the offense 31st, the insanity is expecting them to go to the SB with a DC from the lowly Browns and an OC who wont even call the plays.
      If you are talking about an insanely talented team, you are 3 years too late.

  31. I’ve been wondering about these outsized contracts relative to the rest of the player contracts on a team. Here’s what Kelly said when asked about the lack of FA activity by the team:

    “Some of the money that was thrown around at the beginning (of free agency) – you’ve got to be able to manage that,” Kelly said. “Are you going to pay some guy who’s never been to a Pro Bowl and he’s going to make more than anybody on your roster? That’s a little bit difficult.”

    Read more here:

    1. Given the voting system for the pro bowl I’m not so sure it’s should hold the value that it does.

    2. It is a fact that if a player is a pro bowler, their team will do everything in their power to keep him and not let him become a free agent. However, it does not mean that free agents are not talented, and cannot improve the team and help them win .Just because a player is not a pro bowler does not mean that he is not coveted, especially to fill a need.
      Dissing the whole free agent process smacks of desperation by Chip, especially since the Niners struck out. They even hit into a double play when they re-signed Devey.

    1. Chip is doing some damage control. When asked about Kaep, he said he loved him, and is a big fan of Kaep. too bad he did not say that in his initial PC. Then he mentioned Gabbert every time Kaeps’ name was mentioned. They say Chip is a smart guy, but he was not smart enough to lavishly praise Kaep back then. Chip needs to work on his people skills.
      When asked about the possible trade, instead of saying that he was lured to this job because he wanted to work with Kaep, he just said that he will let the personnel department handle everything. Wrong. As Head Coach, Chip needs to out front in trying to keep and secure talent. Passing off the responsibility does not sound like Chip has any say at all. He should be fighting to get the players he wants, not being laid back and accepting whatever they find at the bottom of the barrel.
      In the end, Chip confirmed what I have been saying all along. Baalke and Marathe were at the meeting with Kaep’s reps at the combine. Forcing Kaeps reps to deal with the leaker was a huge insult, and it is no wonder why they asked permission to talk to other teams minutes after the meeting.

          1. Before the draft season got into full swing you could find more then one draft site that had MT listed as their #1 WR.

            I agree that he’s listed lower now on most sites then I expect he’ll go.

          2. Too bad there are 2 Michael Thomases. Maybe the Combine did not realize that, or thought that it would be confusing to have both there.

              1. Hopefully, he will be below the radar and the Niners can grab him in the later rounds. There is no denying his productivity.
                I also like Cal WR Chris Harper, who did not get a combine invite.

        1. MW, this is a blog site, and not a court of law. I am expressing my opinions, and do not insist on you believing every word I say. I also believe that you can doubt every word I say, but your insistence that if it is not cited it is false, is just toeing the company line. The Niners leaked smears and lies about JH, and they are doing it again against Kaep. I do not need sources to say that, and if you cannot believe that the Niners did that against JH, I cannot change your mind.

            1. Seb, I don’t want to go round and round with this stuff -the comment was about your take on the situation as being a closed system.You have made up your mind and feel you are correct.Whether or not your points are valid is subject to scrutiny if you state them publicly -I must say that claiming that someone who doesn’t agree with them or simply asks for validation for your statements is categorically “towing the company line” seems a bit myopic. I don’t mean this as a personal affront by the way on most other topics you weigh in on I am happy to read.

            1. Maiocco reported that others have attributed Marathe as the source of the leaks of the disparaging proprietary info of the study times. The losing of the locker room was conveniently leaked around the same time, and I considered that was done to help justify the benching of Kaep which would lead to his ‘mutually parting ways’ with the Niners

            2. Of course, the Niners deny Marathe was the source of the leaks, even though Jed stripped Marathe of the title of president and sent him to Sacto to help run the soccer team.

            3. Since you insist on sources, here is a good one.-Steve Berman, the BASG, November 18th, 2015.
              Niner Nation, Nov 3rd, 2015.
              Socalisteph Nov 3rd 2015- I’m just going to tweet, it is not Jed who is doing the leaks, Its Paraag.
              Grant Cohn, Dec 4th, 2015. He gives a good time line on the FO chaos demotion and reassignment.

      1. Seb

        What coach in his right mind is going to “lavish praise” on a QB such as Kaep who obviously doesn’t deserve it ? You seem to be reverting back to your earlier days of believing that you know more than the GM, HC, and FO as to how to run a NFL team. REALLY ! Get over yourself. Should ‘Chip’ coddle him for the wonderful way he won two games this last season ? I think that Kaep would prefer Aldons GF to do the coddling…maybe bring JH back….?
        Kaep has been the largest disruption in the history of the 49ers…get him gone….

        1. Ore, considering the Niners set new records in offensive futility, I have not said that I myself could do better. I said my cat could do better, because he is one sharp cookie.
          Don’t worry, Kaep will be long gone within 2 weeks, and I cannot wait to hear him talk about why he left. Chip is going to be left with Gabbert, and he may perform miracles, but I am a wee bit skeptical.
          Chip does not coddle players, he throws them away like they are a piece of trash. No wonder no decent free agents wanted to come here. Maybe they were afraid that they would be cut on the team bus.

          1. Seb

            What in blue blazes are you talking about ? Throws them away like they are a piece of trash…? Once again , you’re heading off into ‘The world according to Seb’ Pure fiction, Seb…AND YOU KNOW IT !

            1. Sorry Ore, but that narrative kinda fits with his tenure at Philly. Let’s both be glad that Chip does not have to deal with personnel moves this year.

  32. Matt Barrows ‏@mattbarrows 36s36 seconds ago
    Great bullet item on Jared Goff in Lance Zierlein’s draft profile: “Competes on third and long, seeking out first downs over check downs.”
    Well, he definitely isn’t Gabbert 2.0 then.

    1. Not even close . This guy is Dan Marino minus the arm strength but way more mobile. He’s played behind horrible lines with no supporting cast and still excelled. He’s my pick at number 7 if he’s there.

  33. Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer 1h1 hour ago
    Jared Goff will throw in a few hours at Cal Pro Day. Every evaluator I talk to says his tape is superior to Wentz’s. Upside is the question.

    My guess is that as we get closer to the draft we’re going to see Goff slide back into the #1 spot.

    1. That’s the rub.

      Goff is the more pro-ready prospect based upon game tape, and proven ability but Wentz has more “potential” because of his athletic ability and build. It all depends on what a coach wants… raw moldable talent, or someone with the proven ability to make smart, quick decisions and get rid of the ball accurately.

      If you look at him, you know he is no Elway, Luck, Favre or some other high upside prospect. With that said their are plenty who have succeeded without this physical upside and I believe his floor is much higher. I prefer Goff because at the very least I could see him being a very serviceable qb.

      1. You can get a very serviceable QB later on in the draft. It murders your franchise if there just serviceable for a first rnd pick.

        1. Yes, I remember the Niners picking up a skinny kid from ND in the third round who worked out well…..

      2. I don’t buy the Wentz has more long term potential claim. That’s what people were saying about Ryan Leaf the year he was in the conversation to go #1 over Manning. Goff is the same size as Matt Ryan in height and weight, he’s also very young and will put on more weight naturally in the next couple of years. He’s not a runner, but a QB shouldn’t be running much anyway. What you need from the QB is mobility, elusiveness and short area quickness which Goff has. Passing wise, he’s already NFL caliber and will only get better.

        1. I didnt mean it like that. Simply by winning the genetic lottery Wentz has more to work with, but that is overrated in my opinion. Brady, Manning, and Montana never had the physical tools that Elway or Favre had but they turned out fine. For that matter they never had the tools that jamarcus russel had either.

  34. I think Cleveland will get Goff, and the Rams will use one of their 2 second round picks to move up and get Wentz. The Niners would be better served to select a pass rusher, and if they do not select an O lineman in the first couple rounds, it may not matter which QB they select because he cannot throw the ball while flat on his back.

      1. Since Tiller showed he can play both sides, and Brandon Thomas was drafted to play LG, a better line up may be Staley, Thomas, Kilgore, Tiller, Davis.
        Beadles was rated only 3 spots higher than Devey.

        1. Regardless of the moving parts the 49ers have depth. I’f the scheme fits the personnel and with a commitment to the run this oline can be productive.

  35. The fastest way to build a team is to not select a QB in rnd 1. You go with Gabbert or Kaep for a year or two and select and develop a QB after rnd 1. Go best available defense player and target your QB in Rnds 2-4. This team is 2 years away from being a consistently competive team if they do things right. Chip can get the most out of QBs. If he can make Sanchez decent there is no reason Gabbert can’t be respectable. I would prefer Kaep but it’s not likely he wants to return. If they took Goff I wouldn’t be upset just don’t want him to get destroyed behind this line.

    1. I disagree. Finding a QB is the fastest way to compete because good QB play can mask deficiencies elsewhere. Just look at the Bucs last year compared to the previous year, or how quickly Seattle became dominant once Wilson gave them good QB play, or Newton in Carolina, Luck in Indy etc.

      I realize the Broncos just won the SB without good QB play, but that is the exception not the norm. To contend year in and year out in this league you have to have a QB, and if you have a chance to get one as the Niners may in April, you take him. More than half of the starting QB’s in the league were first round picks and 5 were taken beyond the second round. That is why you draft a QB in the first round.

      1. Rocket:

        I don’t disagree with you, but if you just look at Seattle under Carroll and SF under Harbaugh, it was their defenses which quickly turned them into competitive teams and not their offenses. So, I’m not sure. It seems that there are multiple ways to skin this cat. Having said that, I would be ecstatic if we draft Goff (who I prefer over Wentz) as long as Jack is off the board. If Jack is there, then for me it would be a tough decision.

        1. Prime,

          Possible but the odds are better if they take a QB in the first.


          That’s true to a degree, but in Seattle they had a pretty good defense, top ten in fact the year before Wilson was drafted and went 7-9. The Niners had great defensive play, but they got to the SB when the offense outplayed the defense behind Kap in 2012.

          I’m not saying drafting a QB is the only way to rebuild, but if we are truly looking at trying to build long term success and consistent playoff caliber teams, we have to have a QB, and there are only so many times you get the chance to draft one this high and with this much potential. I like Jack too, but there is no chance I would take him over Goff. A QB has so much more impact on the game than an ILB it’s not even comparable. Just look at what we had in the past with Willis and Bowman. One of the best tandems in history and yet they couldn’t stop the defensive slide in 2012 when JS went down. The Niners had to rely on the offense to get to the SB and more directly the play of the QB.

          I can’t guarantee Goff will be a franchise QB of course, but he’s shown an ability that transfers favorably to the NFL. He’s a guy who will stand in the pocket and deliver the ball accurately pressure or no pressure. That is what you need to be successful at the QB position in this league.

      2. Maybe the best way to win is by drafting defenders and building up the defense. Like they say, Defense wins championships.

      3. Often teams don’t have a choice what positions to start rebuild. I prefer quarterback based on the following question…

        Would you rather start a playoff game with an inexperienced quarterback or an inexperienced (any other position name)?

      4. I’m not a big proponent of drafting a QB with the first pick either – unless he is a sure blue chip ala Elway, P.Manning, or Andrew Luck. But how do we know that Goff, Wentz, or even Lynch and Cook can’t become the next Aaron Rogers or Russell Wilson who were selected late in the first or 3rd rd.

        I would be ok with Cook, Lynch or Prescott in the 2nd to 3rd rd.
        Why? Because neither Goff or Wentz would be our starter on day one. If we can wait for Wentz or Goff to possibly be ready in their second year, then let’s pick the second tier QB who realistically would be ready in year two or three.

        I’m really starting to lean toward DEFENSE! in the upcoming draft especially given the fact that we didn’t or haven’t done much by way of free-agency.

    2. I’m usually of the philosophy of BPA but the Niners have the luxury to draft a QB in any round in the hopes he will sit behind Gabbert for a year or two.
      No one in this draft is ready to be a day one starter.

  36. Matt Barrows ✔ ‎@mattbarrows
    #49ers coaches here for Cal pro day: Chip Kelly, Ryan Day, WR Bob Bicknell, RB Tom Rathman, Ass’t o-line Eric Wolford.
    9:42 AM – 18 Mar 2016

      1. Hey .. Seb …

        doncha think your avatar is in need
        for an upgrade .. ??

        Good news … !

        I found one that suits you perfectly .. HERE

        1. MW, I do not even know what my avatar looks like. My son set this up for me and blocked ads and such, so I am happy just posting and not cluttering up my post with sigs and avatars.

  37. Do you believe in magic? Goffs’ hands have grown an eighth of an inch since the Combine.

    1. The clip at the bottom bothers me. Would like to see him throw that pass again to see if he throws it better or not. I know it’s tough to throw a tight spiral with munchkin hands but if he can’t get more velocity on those out passes he’s going to be popular among defensive backs and outside linebackers.

      No I’m not making a gross judgement off of one out of focus clip. Just saying I’d like to see if he can throw that pass with a little more zip on it.

      1. Hmm. I didn’t get that. Looked like a throw from the 32 yard line to the opposing team’s 45 yard line to me. So that would be a throw of 23 yards corrected to the hypotenuse. Assuming Goff was in the middle of the field that would be 23 yards for one side and 26 yards, give or take, for the other. So the throw was about 35 yards.

        The angle of the video made it difficult for me to assess the speed and exactly where it was placed. My gut reaction was that the threw the ball where only Lawler could catch it assuming that a DB didn’t get a really good jump on the ball.

        1. I’m looking for a tighter pass on that type of throw. The pass appears to wobble which slowed it down. It was a medium distance strike. I’m commenting solely on the ball velocity.

          1. I’m also trying hard to not sound like I’m over-analyzing it either. It’s not a great quality clip and it could be from another angle that ball looks like it’s traveling faster. But the ball does wobble and I think that pass needs to be thrown tighter for better ball velocity or NFL defenders will pick those apart.

            1. You’re over analyzing. The throw was accurate and on time. If you want to see how he throws a deep out in game situations there are some good examples at Draft Breakdown.

              1. Haha, certainly not a biased opinion there Rocket ;)

                That pass was a dead duck flailing through the air :)

              2. I already made the case that he should be the first QB taken isn’t that enough for ya?


              3. In all seriousness though, if I come across as biased toward Goff it’s only because of what I see and not because of where he comes from or the school he played for. I’m not a local or a Cal Fan. I’m actually a USC guy.

              4. I knew I was going to catch heat for that :) I had to come clean though as I didn’t want anyone to think my admiration of Goff was based on homerism.

              5. My uncle’s name was a Homer, but I don’t think he ever paid any attention to sports.

                Stanford had to beat USC to go to the 1952 Rose Bowl. All it took was a kickoff run back that was over 100 yards by Bob Mathias between his two decathlon gold medals in the 1948 and 1952 Olympics, an intercepted pass by a freshman linebacker who was in my English class, and me tooting my horn.

                I’ve always loved the occasions when Stanford beats USC. I also remember too many poundings.

              6. How can you be tentative when throwing what is basically practice routes against air?

  38. There have been a few posts that list what the poster feels are Chip Kelly’s weak characteristics. Among those characteristics is “possible racist.” Here is what Harry Edwards has to say about Chip Kelly. If you don’t know Harry Edwards, he has been a consultant to the 49ers since Bill Walsh’s time as coach. He lived in the dorm I ran for a couple of years way back when he was a kid and I was single. Harry is a very interesting person.

    1. This is a good read, ht. Thanks for posting. I’ve always appreciated Dr. Edwards and his relationship with the 49ers.

      1. Harry came to San Jose State on a track scholarship to throw the discus. The 49ers were interested in him as a defensive end out of high school. He refused to play football for SJS, but played basketball instead. The dorm I was responsible for (Allen Hall) also had Bobby Bonds older brother Bob Bonds, and several other soon to be track stars for coach Winter’s track team.

  39. So I listened to the Better Rivals podcast. Neumann proposed an interesting trade between the Niners and Broncos:

    Niners provide Kap and 2016 2nd round pick for Denver’s 2016 1st round pick and a 2017 mid round pick.

    So, you’re probably saying, well it’s only a six spot difference between Denver’s 1st and SF’s 2nd, but he believes that the fifth-year option, which is only available for first rounders, can be important.

    The link was posted earlier by George:

    1. Pick swaps make sense for both teams. I hear Elway really likes Andrew Billings, who could be gone by 37 though.

    2. I like my plan better. Trade Kaep and their 4th 5th and 6th round picks for Denvers first round and a conditional 5th next year.

      1. Seb,

        Do you know what I would like better? Kaepernick, a 5th, 6th and eight 7th round picks, plus Lemonier, M Davis, and Miller to Indy, for Luck.

        Of course, you like the trade you proposed better. Everybody likes that better.

        There’s one little snag, though: getting Elway to actually make the trade. It will never happen.

  40. Htwaits

    Good stuff…If anyone in Ninerville isn’t aware of Dr. Harry Edwards and the effect he has had on the niners and their coaching staff, you’re new to the area…..It’s too bad we cant get Dr. Harry to have a sit-down with the members of the entire FO staff…You too Jed !

  41. Mayock says he’s at the point where he sees Goff and Wentz as, as good or better prospects than Winston and Mariota.

    I’ve been saying this QB class is a lot better than many have been portraying it as for awhile now, and Goff especially is as good a prospect as either of the two from last year.

    Obviously some will continue to disagree, but as more and more draft people watch the tape you are getting the realization that these QB’s are really good.

    1. Rocket I don’t know that you can say that just because Goff is now being listed a bit higher again that it equates to the class as a whole being good.

      1. Wentz and Goff are the guys at the top, but Lynch and Cook may go in the first too and make this a better class overall than last years. It’ll take time to assess obviously, but last year it was two QB’s at the top and not another one picked until the 3rd round. This year it’s two guys likely in the top ten who Mayock is now rating as highly as last years top two, along with a number of intriguing prospects who will go in the first 3 rounds. This class is better and deeper than last years going in.

      2. The Niners should use concentrate on the defense, where the draft is strongest. Many say that the QBs are relatively weak this year, and the WRs are slow.

        1. Seb

          we need 2 OT’s, 1 or 2 Dline and 1 each ILB, and OLB…I feel that Baalke and ‘Chip’ will find them….

          1. Ore, with AD coming back, the Niners do not need to take an Offensive lineman with their first pick unless Tunsil or Stanley fall in their lap. They should go Jack or a pass rusher, then get Spriggs with their second. He is fast and would be a good fit for Chip’s system.
            I agree, the Niners need to take 2 O linemen, but also 2 OLB, 2 ILB, a QB, RB, Safety, CB, TE and WR.

    2. I Don’t know Winston and Mariota that well. They were not on my radar last year. But didn’t get all the early media certainty claiming Goff was no where as good a prospect than Winston or Mariota.

      Sounding like media big boards are catching up with team big boards as they become more familiar with the players… and maybe a little back channel info from team insiders.

      1. Very true Brodie and another thing about last year was that there wasn’t a good group of QB’s overall so the top two were pushed up even more due to the lack of options, and the fact the teams picking 1 and 2 both needed QB’s.

        We’ll get a clear understanding of how much this years group is valued based on where and how many go in the first 3 rounds.

    3. Rocket

      You should have taken yesterdays advice about “green Beer”
      While I will agree that overall, last years class od QB’s was weak…none of this years group is in the same class as Marriota or Winston…that’s a pipedream….

    4. I was 100% certain you would be the one to post this :-P

      All I can say is the silly season is well and truly upon us. Worth noting that Jeremiah shot him down, too.

      1. Am I getting that predictable?;) Jeremiah also likes Wentz better and I can see how some would view it that way.

    5. But, for what its worth, I am warming to the idea of taking Goff. I have been rewatching his film, and on review he does look pretty good.

      I still have concerns about his ability to learn and run a complex offense though. It bothers me that they waited until his third year to start letting him make some decisions pre snap. It is why I don’t understand anyone saying he is a better prospect than Winston. He might throw a prettier and more accurate pass, but Winston mastered a complex pro style offense as a redshirt freshman. He gets it. Same as Luck. And that is what made them elite QB prospects.

        1. I think both players played in a more complex system and both were given more authority in their system. Though it is interesting to read that some teams thought he interviewed poorly from an Xs and Os perspective.

          1. I don’t mean that to suggest either guy is a better prospect than Goff, btw. Goff has a lot of excellent attributes for a QB, including good pocket movement and awareness which I rate right up there with reading Ds and making decisions pre and post snap in terms of importance. Cook and Hogan are nowhere near as good as Goff in this regard.

      1. Looks like Goff is making a comeback! Good thing Razor hasn’t been around he’d be losing his mind right about now.

      2. Or… At the tender age of 20 they let him make decisions pre snap.

        You make a good point. A lot will hinge on his interviews. Wentz did great in his interview with Mooch. Goff seemed to do OK, but didn’t spit answers out as fast.

        What matters to me most is how well/fast they process what they see. Montana wasn’t the chattyest, be his CPU was unmatched.

        1. I’ve discussed the pros and cons of this QB class with rocket before, and said I would take Bridgewater ahead of Goff if they were in the same draft. I still feel that way. Goff has a better arm and looks more the part. Both guys are excellent movers in the pocket, a trait I love to see in a QB. But Bridgewater ran a complex offense and ran it well, being trusted to make all the decisions as soon as his sophomore season, and showed great ability diagnosing Ds. He gets it. That’s the QB I take every time.

        1. Sir, Sonny has done well considering he has a tough task recruiting elite defenders. Seemed like they did well until injuries exposed how thin their depth was.

      3. Ok I stopped reading at warming up to Goff. I knew you’d come around.

        Alright I’ll read the rest too. If Goff had struggled with the added responsibility I’d be right there with you in being concerned, but he thrived in it and improved as the season went on. I have little doubt he’ll be able to pick up whatever is thrown at him at the next level. He’s a film rat and very quick study.

        Really good article that I’ve posted before but will do so again because it does a great job of going through pretty much every detail on what he did this season.

        1. “Goff had control of everything from read-option plays to improvising on routes with receivers. He even had some protection schemes.”

          This is meant as praise, but to me it also highlights what I am talking about. He was advanced for a spread style QB, but what he was being given the freedom to do was still pretty remedial in terms of NFL QBing. And it wasn’t until his third season as the starter he was trusted this much. Guys like Winston and Bridgewater were tasked with far more, far earlier, playing in pro style offenses.

          He’s got a lot of good traits, but to me this is his area of greatest concern in terms of making it in the NFL. If he hadn’t struggled some against the better Ds he played in 2015 I’d say its less of a concern, but Utah, UCLA and Oregon all caused him some problems. He was better against Stanford, but even then he was less than stellar struggling to get the team in the end zone until late in the 3rd qtr. These are signs he struggles to read and process more sophisticated Ds. Add that to playing in an offense that keeps the decision making pretty simple for the QB, and what the QB needs to read quite simple, I feel it is an area of legitimate concern.

    1. Teams that don’t need to start a rookie QB are going to go for Wentz because they know they can put him behind a clipboard and develop his game. Teams that need a player that’s closer to being ready to step on the field are going to prefer Goff.

      1. Hue mentioned Flacco when talking about small school QBs, but he does not have the luxury of having a Ray Lewis and a stout defense to help him out.

  42. The earlier a QB develops pocket presence and a quick release, the more likely proper technique will hold up under stress years down the road. Is this true, or a misconception?

    1. Like Dan Marino? Yes, but the NFL presently is coveting big QBs who are mobile and elusive, but also are accurate. Seems like they need those attributes to be able to survive in the NFL today.
      Brady is a good example nowadays, yet he did not shine against the Denver defense. Carson Palmer is a bad example, and was exposed by another good defense.

  43. Just read an article about Chip, and he says that Chip needs to work on his people skills. I totally agree.
    Chip needs to think things through. He should have praised Kaep to the high heavens in his initial PC, and not waited til now to say that he loves Kaep and really wants to work with him.
    Chip should not have said that he wants to work Kaep hard and coach the heck out of him. Maybe he does not know this, but Kaep is recovering from 3 surgeries, so he should have said that he wants slowly build up his workload after he recovers fully, but intends on working hard with him going through the new playbook.
    Chip said that he was not allowed to communicate with Kaep because of the CBA, but now says he is talking with him. Too bad he should have said that he was in constant communication, just not talking directly about football matters.
    Chip really needs to work on his people skills.

    1. One might think that The Seb has taken a speed reading course and missed the part about comprehension.

  44. Seb,
    If I were Kap, I would treat Chip’ comment about coaching the heck out of him, as gold!
    Coming off the heels of last years unwritten coaching philosophy of ‘do whatever you need to do to survive’ mentality, it’s more than refreshing and comforting that Kelly is willing to focus a great deal of attention on getting CK back to speed.

    Sorry, but what see as a lack of people skills, I see as a headcoach reaching out to help a player get his grove back.

    1. AES, I am just commenting on an injured player who might not pass his physical, and the HC acts like he is fully healthy and has no rehab issues.
      Chip had his chance during that initial presser, and bunted by mentioning Gabbert every time. Maybe he should have mentioned that he would give Kaep back his starting job that he lost due to injury, but decided to refrain from making a declarative statement.
      Its OK, you may have a different take on the situation, I just want to give my opinion. Chip may turn the team around, but I think it will be very difficult.

        1. Ore, the game is changing. Not too long ago, they would break an ampule of ammonia under their nose and tell them to not be a sissy and snap out if it.
          Now that they found that 90 out of 94 players’ brains they examined had CTE, the human cost of this brutal sport is all too apparent. Even the league has finally admitted it, instead of denying and ignoring the problem.
          Maybe it is time for comprehensive health insurance for players and former players. Maybe the doctors should treat players like human beings instead of chattel. Maybe Kaep had good reason to distrust the Niner doctors.
          Calling injured players sissies is poor sportsmanship.

            1. No, but calling him a sissy for getting so injured that he needed 3 surgeries, is.
              I would not doubt that he exhibited mild concussive symptoms from all those hits he endured.

              1. Yeah, I don’t disagree with that. These guys take a ton of punishment.

                Kaepernick may not be a very good QB, and I might think he spends a bit too much time looking in the mirror, but I’d never call him or any other player a sissy.

              2. Jack, thank you for being so reasonable. I know Oregon said what he did kinda tongue in cheek, so I did not personally say he is a bad person for having that attitude, but the game is evolving so the brutality and physical cost needs a more nuanced and pragmatic response.
                I love football, and think the players are supremely skilled, but I hope it becomes safer, and we do not see more Steve Youngs getting bludgeoned into the turf.

              3. Jack, I do agree with you about Kaep, and his need to stay off social media and put his nose to the study grindstone. I really hopes he improves, no matter which team he plays for.

              4. Seb

                In football, everyone plays hurt; he doesn’t play hurt when he runs out of bounds instead of running out the clock by taking a hit for the team. Read about Jack Youngblood who played half a season with a broken leg. Three surgeries…but none critical….

            2. Are you going to keep calling injured players sissies?
              Grant and his taking a hit for the team mantra is counter productive, especially if the player gets injured and deprives the team of his services. Macho bravado sounds good, but may doom a team to failure due to attrition. It is much better to avoid big hits, and live to play another day.

      1. Seb,
        Why in the world would Kelly promise CK that he was the starter at his presser?
        Do you really think that Chip knows without any doubt that Kap can just show up in TC and be the starter?

        As HC Kelly owes it to the team to have Kap and Gabbert compete in TC to find out who his opening game starter will be.
        If Bill Walsh could not guarantee Joe Montana that he would be a starter rather than compete with Steve Young (hence JM’ departure to KC) why does Kap deserve any different?

        Seb, we are not talking about the 2012-2013 version of CK here. Even if injuries and poor OL play diminished Kap’ quality of play, the way I see it he still needs to prove himself if he wants to be the starter.
        If CK can win out in TC then he deserves to be the starter and I will be happy for him and the team.
        But if Kelly were to give Kap the starting job without a TC competition, it would be his first mistake and quite possibility the beginning of the end to his days as 49ers HC.
        I know that he would lose my respect as headcoach.

        1. I would have done that to promote Kaep as a starting QB, so he would be more attractive of a better offer of compensation.
          If the Niners had done that, he might be considered good enough to get a first round pick for him.
          Now, the Broncos can point out that Kaep is a benched second stringer who lost the locker room and did not study, and the will feel justified to offer only a 4th round pick for him.

          1. The Iseb is born. Iseb proclaims that the world is a simple place, such that if one follows The Iseb’s advise great success will follow.

            1. Well, in any trade strategy, it is counter productive to denigrate your product, and expect great returns.

          2. Seb,
            Even if Kelly tries a misdirection ploy by naming CK his starter with the hope that another team would possibly offer the 49ers a higher pick, well, I just don’t see that happening.

            If I’m the owner of the team that gives up a high draft pick simply because Chip named CK the starter at his presser I’d be looking for a new GM.

            You can rest assured that the teams who have shown interest in Kap have done and are still doing their due diligence in evaluating every aspect of his game.
            And that they are determining the majority of their trade value based on what CK has done over the last two seasons vs his first two seasons.
            If we can get a 2nd rd pick for Kap it will be a steal. A 3rd rd pick, I’d be happy. A 4th rd pick, I’d call it a good day.

        2. Chip, with his faux pas, has already lost some of my respect for him. Chip really needs to take a course in human relations, before he addresses the team in the OTAs.
          Please read the article on NN, it might give you some more insights on Chip’s interpersonal skills and shortcomings.
          I hope he does well, but think he might just repeat his Eagles experience again. Nothing to date has shown me that he has learned anything.

          1. Evidently, Chip hasn’t become sufficiently enlightened to channel Seb…yet. Seb sits in judgment…

            1. Gosh, Cassie, maybe you need pointers on how to beat Trump, too. Looks like he is steamrolling the opposition.

          2. When Chip was hired Sebnnoying loved him. Thought he was the great white hope!
            Now that Chip has not publicly declared anything Kaepernick, Sebnnoying has lost respect.
            I see your game Seb and it stinks!

            1. Prime, what are you talking about? I said that Chip was giving Kaep high praise lately, but it may be too little too late. Now that he has spoken some more, I just see a desperate man who just saw the GM flail away and come up with a bunch of turnips instead of harvesting gold during free agency, so he will have to rely on that same GM to hit a home run in the draft, even though he struck out on an entire draft class previously.
              My only glimmer of hope is that they keep Kaep, and he can take the league by storm again, so I can make you eat your words, but have logically assumed that Kaep wants to flee this dumpster fire to go to a SB contender.

              1. I love how you play the world vs. Kaepernick card. In fact it’s getting comical. The point is and the one fact you fail miserably to acknowledge is that this whole uncertainty revolving around Kaepernick and his value is his play.
                You blame the injuries, the front office, the doctors, the trainers, the coaches, the GM but at the end of the day, no one is confident in Colin Kaepernick because of how he has played the last 2 years. Not just under Tomsula and the garbage show last year, but even in the last year under Harbaugh and Roman. That year was the beginning of the storm getting milder and milder to the point it was just a fart in the wind type of storm.
                Go back and watch the last 20 games Kaepernick played in. Chip Kellys praises would have done nothing to heighten his value. Nothing!

              2. Prime, I have acknowledged that Kaep has regressed, but you do not acknowledge that it is a team sport.
                Dan Marino was all pro for many years, but he could never win the big one because his supporting cast was insufficient. He is in the HOF, but has no ring because he was not surrounded with Ronnie Lotts and Jerry Rices.
                Kaep was let down by his O line, and even Joe Montana would have failed behind that line.
                The coaching was even worse. Forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer was almost criminal. Kaep is 10 times better when allowed to be able to move and utilize his skills properly. Instead of accentuating his skillsets, they hid his strengths and exposed his weaknesses.
                I bet John Elway will know how to use him to maximize his potential, and Kubiak is licking his lips and rubbing his hands with glee just thinking of all the myriad ways he can be used to dominate the opposition. With that Bronco defense, I expect Kaep to take the league by storm, AGAIN.

              3. The storm has passed Sebnnoying. And with it, it took your reasoning. Bye bye storm, bye bye!

              4. Sorry, Prime, like this season, there will be storm after storm rolling in. Better get used to it. Storms will be coming, AGAIN.

              5. No more storms, dry summer, El Nino. The wind will take #7 east ward bound. Its nothing but sunny skies from here on out. Time to board the Gabbert, Goff, Wentz, or Cook jet stream! Bye bye storm!

              6. Hmmm, Prime, your forecasting skills may be as deficient as your football acumen. I just checked the weather site, and they say- A STORM IS COMING.

              7. Nope, wrong again Sebnnoying. It’s says no storms in the area because it can’t read defenses, is a bad teammate and is inaccurate. As a result, temperatures expected to reach an all time high!

              8. Prime, I guess you want to eat your words. You yourself declared that Kaep took the league by storm. I like that phrase so much, I will keep saying it and cite you as the source of that comment.

          3. Seb,
            Chip as not hired to be a public relations manager, he was hired to be a headcoach.
            I actually gained more respect for Kelly after reading that he called on Dr. Edwards on a few occasions.

            Here’s Dave Zirin’ account in an interview with Dr. Edwards regarding Kelly:

            “Well, I go back to a relationship with Chip Kelly before John Carlos was called in, when the LeGarrette Blount situation took place, where [Blount] threw that punch after the Boise State game. The first thing that Chip Kelly did was to get on the phone and call me, and said “come up, we need help up here on how we’re going to handle this.” Chip wanted to make sure that LeGarrette Blount wasn’t just turned out on the street, but at the same time he had to deal with the situation, not just in terms of LeGarrette, but in terms of a number of his players, black and white, where they had crossed the line in terms of what the University of Oregon felt was appropriate behavior.”

            Seb, I had some reservations on the 49ers hiring Chip because of the noise a few players made in philly, but the more I hear from other players from Kelly’ college days as well as other players who are still on the eagles team about Chip being a good coach and always surrounding himself with very good coaches and striking down allegations of him being racist the more I find myself liking the hire.
            At the very least, I will give Kelly a couple of years to see what he can do for my beloved team.

            1. AES, I really hope Chip succeeds, and I never ever called him a racist, but he is not very people savvy.
              Please read the post on NN, to get another perspective.
              Chip needs to work on his people skills, like ALL of us.

              1. Seb,
                Same was said of such great head coach’s like Vince Lombardi, Tom Landry, George Allen and even Bill Walsh.

                Again, these individuals were hired to be head coaches not PR people. I’m hoping that every player in the 49ers locker room can look past all the negative talk from a few malcontents in philly and give his a fresh start as their new HC.
                I believe they will, especially if he gives them the formula for winning again.

              2. AES, I like your enthusiasm, but with the FAs shunning the Niners, Chips’ job will be a tough row to hoe.
                Just found out the Niners have 59 mil in cap space, and no one to spend it on.
                I hope Chip will be smart enough to not let Baalke run roughshod over him like Baalke did with Tomsula. If I see Hayne getting cut on the team bus again, I will scream. Chip should be savvy enough to use Hayne properly. Hayne will do best at punt returning, because he just needs to run and not worry about blocking assignments.

              3. Seb,
                It’s become obviously apparent that your 49er fandom centers around players named Kaepernick and J.Haynes.
                You my friend, may be setting yourself up for a big disappointment because there are no guarantees in football as I’m sure you know all to well.

                We have a new head coach with a new mindset and ideas who will choose which players best fit his concepts.
                If he feels that Kap is his guy, he will work diligently with the FO to make an effort to retain his services and make CK a happy camper if and while he’s a 49er.
                Same goes for Hayne and every player on the current roster.

                I’m hoping that Baalke gives Kelly a good measure of autonomy to seek out the ‘best-fit’ players in the upcoming draft and FA to meet Kelly’ vision.
                I’m giving Chip two years to see a much improved team and a serious playoff run in year three.
                I would like to see Kap and Haynes be a part of that movement, but if they are not (same goes for any player) it’s their loss – not the 49ers!

              4. AES, I have been a fan of Joe Montana, and even had his poster on my dorm room wall, but in the end, I wished him well and became a Steve Young fan.
                It happens. QBs move on. I will wish Kaep Godspeed, but move on. Dont think I will become a Gabbert fan, but hope they draft Hogan. If they draft Goff, I think he will get the Alex treatment and will look forward to a 4 win season. If they draft a pass rusher with their first, I expect maybe 6 wins. However, if by some miracle Kaep returns, I hope they will have a winning season. Kaep is perfect for the Chip Kelly system, and with AD coming back, the O line will improve. With Hyde back healthy, they actually might have a running game, so the defense wont stack the box and dare them to pass.

              5. Its not the San Francisco KapHayners, its the San Francisco 49ers. Your a fan of the players, not the team Sebnnoying!
                The storm has been washed away!

      2. why keep harping on kaep getting his job back due to injury? he got his job due to smiths injury and never gave it back.

        1. Many disagreed with the decision, and many criticized JH for making that call. Believe it or not, it split the locker room and may have been one of the reasons why they did not win that SB.

          1. The switch to Kaepernick had absolutely nothing to do with them losing a Super Bowl. You keep writing the same thing and it’s stupid. Not only did they reach the Super Bowl after the switch, but they were close to going back the following year.

            You really need to go back to the drawing board and get some new material. The old stuff is beyond stale.

            1. Jack, it did cause turmoil, and thankfully, AS was classy enough to take his demotion with grace and dignity.
              He lies the dichotomy. Kaep was good enough to almost win it, and also good enough to almost get back, but in the end, he was not good enough to go all the way. Even if there was only a smidge of resentment, maybe it was enough to keep the Niners from winning another ring.
              I am sorry, but Prime keeps bringing it up, I am just responding to his posts.

            1. No he doesn’t. He keeps telling you that Kaepernick sucks. And he’s right. For the better part of the last 2 seasons Kaepernick has been a bad QB. You should take his jock off your head and stop trying to come up with lame @ss excuses for it.

    1. Upon entering Memorial Stadium a vendor was engaged with a man wanting to carry a sidearm who had earlier shot himself in the foot, mumbling something about Kap is going to be the 49ers starting QB….?

  45. Article Photo

    Jared Goff Holds Overwhelming Lead in Mock Drafts’ Projected 49ers Pick

    By David Bonilla • Mar 15 at 3:35 PM • Share

  46. The team that needs a Hollywood QB

    They’ll do fine economically in Los Angeles, seeing as they announced a month ago that they had taken 56,000 deposits on season tickets. But they can’t reintroduce themselves to Southern California with Nick Foles and Case Keenum as their quarterbacks. They’ve shown no interest in Fitzpatrick or Griffin III, and they have the No. 15 overall pick in May’s draft. And as bad as Kaepernick looked in 2015, his celebrity star shines brighter than the quarterbacks on L.A.’s roster. Plus, an offense featuring Kaepernick and Todd Gurley could lead the league in rushing.

  47. Ryan Sakamoto ‏@SakamotoRyan · 22h22 hours ago

    Kevin O’Connell (Special Projects) & Vince Oghobaase (Assistant Defensive Line). Good to see the #49ers sign on a #SDSU Aztec!

    Because of the above coach– as I stated before– showing Kelly has learned about his offensive predictability, OConnell brings the New England Patriot playbook to the 49ers, who draft Jared Goff, the only man capapble of the quick reads required in this offense, currently the quickest reader, and most accurate QB in the 2016 NFL draft.

    Youthful QB coach Kevin O’Connell wise beyond his years

    1. Hmm, those empty seats are hurting the bottom line. I wonder why they are empty? They lose out on parking fees and beer sales. Maybe they should not have fired JH, and with Kaep probably leaving, a 4 win season will most likely continue the trend.
      Its another bait and switch tactic. Make promises, then renege on them, and expect no repercussions.

  48. Tim Kawakami Verified account 
    This is why I’ve said the free-agent dormancy is largely a cash issue for Jed, not a cap issue. He wants to keep every dollar possible.

    Ben Kaplan ‏@kaplanvisuals · 13h13 hours ago

    @timkawakami Hoarding money with class.

    Valerie Martinez ‏@valerie0174 · 11h11 hours ago  Lathrop, CA

    @timkawakami that’s for sure it’s called being cheap! That’s why we were the way last year! Also cause we didn’t have Harbaugh!

    Mike ‏@Le_Steez · 13h13 hours ago

    @timkawakami mysterious tweet..was rooting for chip…i fear he went from bad to worse situation.

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  49. Goff’s hands measured in at 9 1/8 inches at the pro day, which was 1/8 of an inch longer than the measurement that came in at the NFL Scouting Combine. He even joked about the measurement following the pro day saying, “They got a new measuring tape made for small-handed people.”

    Are 9 1/8 inch hands seen as a drawback for an NFL quarterback? The measurement is the same as 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr.

    Goff finished his throwing session with a 40-yard pass completion and ended the day 61 of 69 with two drops, per Mat Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. Of – See more at:

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