Report: Bruce Miller charged with seven felonies and a misdemeanor

Check out the latest on former 49ers fullback Bruce Miller. According to TMZ, San Francisco Police has charged Miller with a misdemeanor and seven felonies, one of which is assault with a deadly weapon. Miller allegedly beat a 70-year-old man with a cane.

Sounds like Miller could go to jail, get sued and lose most or all of the $5.2 million he earned from the 49ers since 2011. I do not feel sorry for him.

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  1. “According to Bobby Wagner entire Seahawks roster will be taking a knee during the national anthem to support Kaepernick advocacy this wknd”

    This was a hot topic of conversation around here last week.

    1. Impressive and surprising that he has so much support from a division rival. I think Kap won over a lot of people when he showed a willingness to listen and change the protest from sitting to kneeling. Doesn’t seem like much, but when you combine it with the explanation it is more significant, and helps people to understand a little better.

    2. The kneel bothers me a tad since the game is on 9/11. Baldwin addressed the dilemma, but I think they’ll do it. He mentioned a form of protest pre-game, so I’m withholding judgement.
      Miller: smh

  2. Why imitate Kaepernick when you can have him? Make an offer Seattle. Give us your 53rd guy on the roster, someone on the practice squad, or even a jockstrap and he’s all yours!

    Then you’ll have the leader of the movement, the Martin Luther King of BLM on your team. You can pretend in unison that white police want nothing more than to incarcerate every black man they see. Who could ask for more?

  3. Jim Trotter ‏@JimTrotter_NFL
    BREAKING: The @49ers have pledged $1 million to a pair of Bay Area groups to address various social inequities. Story to come.

    1. This is honestly not something that should be considered big news.

        1. You read that wrong Jack. I am meaning that something like this should not be big news because it should be a normal and regular event.

  4. Let’s not forget that Bruce stood every time for the flag!
    He’s a patriot and an American and nobody is going to be burning HIS jersey………

  5. Cant understand why a player who just made the squad would do such a thing. Maybe he was slipped a mickey. He is also lucky to be alive, that is a major gash on his forehead. I am going to with hold judgement until I hear what he has to say.

    Its sad. He may have just ruined his career.

    1. Don’t with hold judgement. He acted like an azz and deserved the gash on his head. I seriously doubt someone slipped him a mickey.

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