Report: 49ers get Chudzinskied

The Colts re-signed Rob Chudzinski and promoted him to associate head coach Tuesday Morning, according to reports.  Chudzinski was the 49ers’ top choice to replace Greg Roman as offensive coordinator.

Apparently, the 49ers don’t quite reach the Chudzinski Level right now. So, the Niners must turn to Plan B (or C or D or Ʃ) to find someone willing to coach its offense.

Whom do you think the Niners will convince to take the job?

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    1. Continuity on offense would make the Harbaugh firing look even worse than it was. We fire Harbaugh because the offense regressed and Roman sucks only to hire Roman’s understudy? This offseason has been a disaster.

    2. Holmgren and Shannahan are still available. They were under Bill Walsh who pioneered the acquisitions of clever assistant coaches and giving them creative upper management titles to avoid hostile takeovers of opposing NFL teams; a move the Colts just used on the 49ers. It’s sad to see all the other teams using all of our West Coast weapons against us. It’s going to take A walk-out by the fans next year. Watching the game at home on a big screen with the kitchen beside you rather than buying a $15.00 Vegan Dog would send the York’s a message.

    1. I’m not understanding the interest in Daboll. I can give him a pass in Kansas City, but his one year in Miami saw him generate a 20th ranked offense.

  1. I am now wondering if they guy they have been targeting is Cam Cameron. Just a thought, that’s all. I assume he has been tied up in recruiting.

    1. If they hire Cam Cameron I’m jumping ship, one of the worst OCs in football. Had an average offense in the SEC with Mettenberger, Landry, Jeremy Hill, and OBJ.

  2. “he 49ers don’t quite reach the Chudzinski Level right now”… While its accurate to state they lost out on him, they obviously never had a chance as the Colts didn’t let him interview and signed/promoted him before his contract expired today. Explain to us all why that’s a negative to the 49erse outside of not getting a shot at a guy they wanted? He was never available to get.

    1. If Chud wanted the job, he wouldn’t have taken a bs promotion to “Associated Head Coach.”

        1. No, it’s just basic logic.Chud would have been available if he wanted to be. The fact that he took a made up job title says a lot.

          1. yea it tell me he making alot more money then a he would have made as a oc also that coach has his health issue properly promise head coaching job

          2. It was all about the “made up job title” right?. Paying him more than any offensive coach in the league had nothing to do with this?! The Colts said they were not going to lose him and then didn’t. Simple as that. No team, Niners included, had a shot unless it was for Head coach.

          3. No… it only says Luck>Kap in Chud’s mind. 9 of 10 people make the same choice.

            So much negative speculation. I suppose it’s human, just not logical.

            If he’s willing Shanahan is by FAR the best candidate. Ballke might be scared of him though. Who was OC the last time the Niners WON the SB? Molding a innacurate running QB into a MVP with an almost unstoppable offense. Hmmmm….

        2. Just as pure as your speculation that Chud didn’t investigate his opportunities and pick the one he thought was best for him.

    2. Put it this way, if the 49ers job was desirable at any level to him, Chudzinski would have let his contract expire and at least check in with an interview knowing that the Colts would be willing to bring him back. So it does speak to a general lack of desirability of the 49ers position.

    3. Money doesn’t come into play because the Niners didn’t have a chance to talk to him about money. He declined a chance to interview to be the Niners OC that is as far as it goes. We can speculate on why, but he chose to stay on as an assistant with the Colts instead of coming to SF to run the offense. That speaks volumes on how the franchise is viewed right now.

      1. Or how coaches feel about working with a QB who might have reached his potential. If Colin Kaepernick is this great new talent and had outstanding upside, coaches would be calling the Niners to get an interview. As we have seen, not so much.

        1. FDM,

          Kaepernick is one year removed from being a top ten rated QB. The idea that Coaches wouldn’t come here because of him is ludicrous. When somebody declines an interview or takes another job, it is a sign they don’t see your organization as a fit either due to the hierarchy or the overall environment around the Coaching staff.

          The risk in hiring Tomsula was a lack of contacts around the league. I think it’s clear this is the case and in fact the best Coach hired imo (Sparano) was through Baalke. What we are seeing now is some candidates preferring to go to teams with HC’s they know already, or in Chuds case, maybe not liking how the team is run.

          I don’t think we can overlook how much influence the split with Harbaugh has had on this process either. I would guess a number of Coaches looked at that and decided they had no interest in being in that situation.

          Whatever the case may be, working with Kap would be a positive for most of these guys and at the very least, not a reason for not wanting the job.

          1. I disagree Rocket because Kaepernicks fall from grace has been dramatic. Coaches out there see a guy who had unlimited potential but he has 2 very substantial flaws that no coach out there can fix and or teach. Number one, that’s accuracy. Number two is poise.

            Kaepernick can do everything he can to fix his mechanics, that’s step number 1. But what matters most is when he faces elite defenses like the Seahawks, can he put the ball in that tight windows under pressure and secondly, can he stay focused and not try and be the hero and make ill advised decisions.
            My point is if he was this great QB and franchise QB, don’t you think a hire would have been made already? Sure its easy to say no one wants to work for the Yorks or Tomsula but money talks. The Niners had the highest payroll for coaches the last 4 years. And the new OC would have complete autonomy with the play calling as along as the run game was a fixture and remained balanced.

            1. FDM,

              I pretty much said it all in the previous post. A guy doesn’t turn down a job because he feels like he can’t work with a QB who has been a top ten player and is just entering his prime. In Chuds case it really doesn’t make any sense considering he had some great success with a similar player to Kap in his rookie season.

              The dramatic fall from grace is two fewer TD passes and two more Ints. The completion percentage was better than the previous year.

              I mean no disrespect, but the views from people who are down on Kap on this site are not realistic and borne out of frustration. The fact is Kap is a 27 year old QB who has gone to a SB and an NFCCG, has been rated top ten in QBR and NFL rating and who has a reputation for being the hardest worker wherever he is. If there are Coaches who wouldn’t work with that, then you would have a hard time finding Coaches for most teams in the league.

              The unflattering truth is becoming clear: The organization looks bad for the way things ended with Harbaugh. It looks bad for hiring a Dline Coach who is unqualified for the job. There is now a perception that the GM and owner are running the team like puppeteers. If you want to know why they are having trouble attracting Coaches, that is where to look; not the QB.

              1. Glory days Rocket. It’s time for guys like you to realize the NFL is a what have you done lately type league. Not what CK did 2 years ago. The sooner you realize that the sooner you will realize CK has a long way to go to prove he is a franchise QB.

              2. Exactly Prime. The one pass away from a SB analogy seems like so long ago. People use that as some sort of get out of jail card for Kaepernick. As I have said before, Kaepernicks flaws are hard to coach. Also, like Grant mentioned, there is no guarantee Kaepernick will be with the 49ers long term based on how his contract is structured. If you are a coach, that is a lot of uncertainty to the situation. Add the fact the Niners want to be a power running team its hard to imagine any coordinator would find that job exciting.

              3. Franchise QB’s are few and far between guys. I don’t know how else to say it but the idea that potential OC’s aren’t taking the job because of Kaepernick makes no sense. He’s better than at least half the league’s starting QB’s and has a previous record of playing at high level. One season of inconsistency doesn’t change that. That’s a fan viewpoint; not a Coaches.

              4. Rocket, Having an average Qb who lacks the ability to throw from the pocket with consistency, ability to read the opposing defense and finding option receivers wouldn’t attract a lot of good coaches even though Kap has the athleticism who can throw long and who has ability to run with the football still a big question from other coaches stand point. And than you have the owners and GM who doesn’t have an idea how to run a football organization and certainly the new HC for 49erw made a lot big factor as well in the decision for other coaches to come to San Francisco:-)

              5. @rocket

                I believe that you’ve leapfrogged both Razoreater and Bayareafan into the president of the CK denyer and fan club. Good luck….

              6. Oregon,

                Not remotely surprised you would feel that way. If you can read what I’ve written and tell me where I’m wrong feel free.

            1. Suddenly, all the remaining OC left on the market are no names assitant coaches just like our new HC . It’s funny how many HC, assistant coaches coach interviewed by the 49ers none of those highly known coaches would even consider coming to S.F. lol!

            2. @rocket

              You have pointed out the two athletic attributes that CK possesses …running and can throw long. No one, especially me has or does dispute those….but those, IMHO do not make him a franchise QB. His long throws are not accurate, so it’s like firing a missle, not caring who it hits. A running QB is only a threat as long as the D is fooled. Right now, every team has a ‘spy’ just for CK, so have basically ‘de-fanged’ his running ability except for maybe a couple of plays a game. You say that CK is better than half the QB’s in the league, which implies that he is also worse than the other half if even….That is not a franchise QB….IMHO His qualities make him a back-up or ‘spot’ QB.

              1. Oregon,

                I have never said Kap is a franchise QB. Not once, not ever. What I have done is continue to counter the hyperbole against the guy around here with the cold hard facts. I have made nothing up and have never said he was the second coming of Montana. I have stated on numerous occasions that he needed to improve his fundamentals and get better as a pocket QB.

                I’ve also said and continue to say that Kap is not nearly as bad as some are making him out to be. I guarantee you Coaches are not looking at an inconsistent season and forgetting the prior ones as some on here want to believe. The league is a what have you done lately business for Coaches, but players with as much talent as Kap has get a lot of leeway until they prove they can’t do it.

                There were a number of things that conspired against Kap taking the next step this year not the least of which was pass protection and going away from some of the things they had done in the past, but there is no doubt Kap himself needed to improve his own play which he is trying to do right now in AZ.

                Right now the rhetoric among those against him is the fact he was exposed this season, his play fell off a cliff, he’s maxed out, etc. etc., yet his numbers weren’t that different from last season. 2 TD’s and 2 Ints. as a matter of fact. His completion percentage was actually better this year than last year. The deeper throws weren’t as successful as they were last year which was big because they tried quite a few the first half of the season and ultimately his YPA was down because of it. He was top ten in both rating and QBR last year with numbers not far off from what he put up this year. The difference this season was consistency. He had too many games where he was off and it cost them. However in saying that, this team was also in position to easily win another 3-4 games with any one thing bouncing the other way.

                Bottom line and the main point of this was, that no potential OC would look at the body of work and potential that Kap has and come to the conclusion he couldn’t work with him. That is ludicrous and beyond rational thought considering what Coaches walk into every year. Coaches want to teach and help talented players get to where their talent says they can. That is why they are Coaches. To suggest a Coach doesn’t want to work with a player who has achieved what Kap has in a short period of time because he had one inconsistent season is fan speak and nothing more.

              2. Rocket- These guys are one step away from a padded room. To even take the time to try to reason with them is an exercise in futility. The actual fact of almost every writer agreeing that the way York and Baalke handled the separation with Harbaugh was a disaster. Whether they should not have renewed his contract aside. The way they handled that situation and the back handed methods used this last season did not speak well for anyone working for them with out certain guarantee’s in place was a given. Yet all that aside the Kaep haters always look for any excuse to blame every negative thing that happens with this franchise on him. So it must be Kaeps fault for the Niner’s not getting a good coach or GM or offensive OC rather than the dysfunctional front office they would have to work with.

  3. Lets just get Shanahan and start building a solid playbook so these guys can get to work already

  4. Niners nation has an article on Chryst:

    The following from the article was something that I didn’t know.

    “We don’t know what happened the last three years, but at one point in the 2011 season, Chryst was handling two-minute drill work. In the divisional round playoff game with the New Orleans Saints, Chryst called all the plays on the final drive that culminated with the Vernon Post.”

      1. That’s TWO good ones!
        Crab15 is on a roll.
        This blog needs a rimshot app.

    1. Cubus our 2 min O was much better back then. I gave the credit to Smith but maybe it was Chryst.

  5. I’ve been calling plays in Madden ever since the first game. Before that, I played Super Tecmo Bowl. And even before that, I played the foosball on Intellivision!

    Where do I send my resume?


    1. You’ll have to fight with Prime.
      He does believe that all football knowledge comes from Madden.

      1. Still waiting for you to prove that Shadow Man. Then again your a$$ does all your talking for you.

        1. Easy talk when you know we can’t go back to find it anymore. You stick with your story monkey. I know what you said. Chump!

    1. That was supposed to be a gun to my head symbol but I couldn’t get that right either….I can tell I’m going to have a crappy day.

      1. Hey I could tell it was a gun and am impressed. Did you do that using one of those crazy fonts?

  6. The Yorks must sell the team they have no idea how to run one. There were no plans in place, picked a HC that has no idea, but a nice guy!!!
    They will be looking for a GM next year WATCH!
    We could get the first pick in the 2016 draft WOW!

  7. Be prepared for
    “Chryst was our choice all along. We have confidence he will be a great teacher and will win with class”

    1. My thought exactly.
      It’s all BS.
      They’re drowning right now.
      What a waste of a truly talented roster.

  8. Gotta wonder….
    He has the same agent and Gase and Kiffen. None signed. Are the Yorks cheap? Or is their agent a gold digger.

    I had a feeling he wasn’t coming for two reasons
    1…. Luck or CK??? Hmmmm no brainier.

    2… The colts were going to pay him. You don’t block meetings if you don’t like the coach. He’s making more money than Jed would probably want to pay.

  9. I’ve wanted Shanahan or holmgren.
    So it’s down to this. And what I always want never happens. So get ready for the Chryst era.
    Positive is it can’t be worse than Raye.. Right??????? :-0

  10. I warned you of the return of Chryst 2 weeks ago. I believe he hails from the Mike Riley school of offense, single back- primarily power zone running and play action off of it. No quarterback read game, excelled with H-back or Fullback from 3 WR sets or Double TE’s that were able to execute trap blocks on the defensive end to run zone slice or some other lead zone concepts. Makes it extremely difficult for the defense to handle all the double teams and rally troops to the point of attack without opening themselves up to play action or drop back passing. Typical inside zones/bubble screens, maybe some west coast concepts….

    Baalke will say at the press conference that he searched high and low, but in the end it was the power of Chryst that compelled him. Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in York; trust also in me, in Chryst’s name, amen….

      1. Just trying to provide some insight into his offensive background. I think it’s more a case of he’s all they’ve got left….

    1. Razor after next season when the 49ers finish the season 6-10? Would you still have the same trust with Jed and Baalke and the coaches they hired? I wouldn’t even think for one second that the 49ers are going to be good or better this coming season. Kapernick days at S.F are also numbered.

  11. Well…the best bet is we go after the Shanahans. I know we probably won’t but that’s likely the best and and most solid bet. RG3 played his best in that system. That team went from being irrelevant to a playoff team.

  12. They should contact Holmgren. I have no idea why they are reluctant, if they are using age as a factor, that is stupid. With age comes wisdom, he has gone out of his way stating that he would love to coach them.

    1. Holmgren has stated that he is through with coaching after the 49ers didn’t even give him a shot at the coaching gig.

        1. Welcher, maybe your boy Josh Johnson can turn that clip board into a playbook. Call some plays and be the next great coordinator?

        2. Jordan, you’re right there’s no body good out there. All the faithfuls should be prepared for the worse to come. This 49ers team isn’t going to any playoff or SB any time soon:-)

  13. When it comes to running an NFL organization, Jed is without a clue……Baalke aint much better at it. Sell the team Jed, you’re in over your head.

    1. A good scout doesn’t make a good gm. Inheriting a team doesn’t make a good CEO. Lord help us!!

  14. Well at this point my hope would be Shanahan, but I think Chryst is definitely in the mix, not really liking it.

    Inman is throwing around the possibility of the Pats TE coach Brian Daboll who I’m not too familiar with. Did a little research and his best year as an OC came in 2011 with the Dolphins. Got some decent production out of Matt Moore. And has had some success in the ground game, of course he had Jaamal Charles in 2012, but also was Reggie Bush’s OC during his career year, and also Peyton Hillis’ during his. So obviously the run game is there.

    The passing game has struggled mightily, but he hasn’t had the best crop of QBs to work with : B. Quinn, Cassel, Moore, Delhomme (w/ Browns), Derek Anderson, Chad Henne, C. McCoy, etc.

      1. I’m not overly enamored by Daboll. He appears to be pretty much a carbon copy of Roman in terms of running the ball consistently, but not having much of a passing attack.

        The offense has to get more out of the passing game imo. Running the ball is a great philosophy, but you have to be able to throw it effectively at some point.

        1. I agree also, but look at the QBs he’s worked with, not exactly cream of the crop. Maybe he’s had to over-compensate in that past due to the horrendous QB play.

  15. Welp…. What do we do now? As of now, the sky is falling. We look terrible. What’s going to make it worse is we SHOULD be playing in the NFCCG game next year. Right now, I’m hoping for the playoffs.

  16. I think that it’s fair to say that those coaches that showed little interest in joining the staff or jumped at the chance of joining another team did not share Jed’s vision of being a few coaching changes shy of winning the next Super Bowl. As to those who have joined the program, by and large they showed only that they want to stay in the Bay Area for one reason or another. Yogi Berra liked to say that “In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.” Jed has had some good theories.

  17. A little information for those who have assumed that Colin was not involved with his craft when he was on the sidelines:

    “Chryst remained on the sideline during games all four seasons and was regularly seen consulting with quarterback Colin Kaepernick between possessions as they looked over snap shots of the opposition’s defense.” … Matt Maiocco

    The lint in my front left pocket is vague this morning, after being clear about Chryst a week ago.

  18. Well until the hire is officially made there is still hope they wind up with a good candidate. The options are dwindling but we have to let it play out.

          1. Grant is hoping the 49ers fall apart, so his prediction that Raiders will win more games than the 49ers next year will be correct.

      1. You crack me up Grant. I bet you can’t wait to blast the 9ers for hiring Sparano as OC.

        “Fingers crossed” lol. You’ve got a full on Pavlovian drool going.

  19. Barrows tweeted out the following regarding Fewell:

    “Sounds as if Perry Fewell has to decide between talent (49ers) and proximity (Wash). He’s an east-coast guy with a family rooted there.”

    1. RednGold i’ve been mentioning Rathman as OC for close to a month now. He played in a west coast brand of offense that ran more than it passed. I’ve always believed you can run a west coast power run system.

      1. I don’t think Rathman has any desire to be an OC. He’s always been a RB’s Coach and seems quite content with that. I really don’t like the idea of a first time OC anyway. This offense needs to improve quickly and a veteran OC would have a better opportunity to achieve that than someone who’s never called plays before imo.

    1. Apparently Jed & Co. does not have a sense of humor. This listing was flagged and removed. Of course, the FO could have told Craigslist that the position has been filled.

  20. There is no urgency in hiring an OC if they intend to use the same playbook. If they are not, they better get an OC like pronto.
    Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

  21. Its January, 2009. I jump on the net to see how Singletary’s OC search is going. So far its gone like this…

    1) The 49ers assume their OC opening is a plum job. Candidates would be flattered to be considered, and jump on any job offer.

    2) Many hot names thrown around. The cutting edge of creative, modern football.

    3) For some reason, the process seems to be taking forever. Few (if any) actual interviews are reported.

    4) All the hot candidates are going somewhere else, or staying at their current job.

    One of Singletary’s named contenders never expressed the slightest interest in the job, and seemed amused his name was even out there.

    This is getting embarrassing.

    5) The only remaining candidate is Jimmy Raye.

    No way does the ancient one, Mr. Raye become OC. I’m certain there’s an up and coming offensive mind the 49erds have been quietly sitting on. I’m pretty sure their interviewing him out of courtesy because he invented the Dag Gum offense back in the leatherhead days.

  22. Did the 49ers put in a request to speak with Chudzinski? I know the Rams did, but don’t remember reading that the 49ers actually did as well.

    1. Yes and they were turned down.

      Earlier this week, the team requested permission to interview Colts assistant coach Rob Chudzinski, the NFL Network reported. That request, however, was turned down by the Colts, who may have plans to promote Chudzinski, whose current title is special assistant to head coach Chuck Pagano.

  23. Mark Maske tweet: “Perry Fewell’s agreement with the Redskins is to be their defensive backs coach, according to source.”

      1. First Chud, now Fewell. Even no-names are turning down the 49ers. Well done Jed and Baalke. Win with class baby, win with class.

    1. Should we be surprised. A team that purges its defensive staff despite the fact the defense…
      – Was so injury ravaged, they have only 3 starters remaining at year’s end.
      – Was starting 4th string ILBs and 6th string CBs, 3 string NTs.
      – Was on the field more then previous seasons because the offense couldn’t sustain drives.
      – Worked magic getting rookies to play quality snaps.
      – Was a top 5 defense.

      is having a hard time attracting guys like Fewell?

      1. Could it be the that Fewell has family and permanent home in that area of the East Coast and doesn’t want to leave, as pointed out by reporters? A DB position is not exactly a plum job after the DC gig.

        1. I’m guessing that is a big factor, but the way things have gone, it’s still demoralizing for the team.

        2. And maybe a little bit has to do with sticking it to his new rival NY Giants for firing him.

  24. It’s funny how pathetic this organization’s brass looks right now. Jed the pathetic, he forgot that the Harbaugh brand has a lot of credibility in this league. Everyone in the league knows we are a joke right now.
    A novice football mind knows that the Tomsula hiring was stupid. If for nothing but the fact that he’s never been a coordinator in the NFL before. His jump to head coach from d-line coach was unheard of. The players got Tomsula hired and he was cheaper than Fangio. I like Tonsula, however, make him the D coordinate 1st, and let Fangio be the head coach.
    We have no credibility as a team. We have no credibility as an organization. We are a joke right now. I can’t believe this.
    The only positive for me on a personal level is that there will be plenty of seats next year for the games for me to take my son. He’s a big Bowman fan.
    We are screwed royally.

    1. “We have no credibility” says the guy who called Baalke out for not signing Josh Gordon.

      1. Jack,

        Thats why you’ll always be a junior blogger. You can’t resist the attack. You need to learn how to kiss azz instead of being a shi- stirrer. Josh Gordon has nothing to do with credibility. We’re talking about 2 different organizations. We’re talking about 2 different organizations. That was almost 2 seasons ago. Who knows whether or not he could’ve been influenced by winning.
        Funny that you never responded to my messages??? Now that he violates his probation by drinking alcohol, you’ve got opinions again. That’s laughable.

        1. “Who knows whether or not he could’ve been influenced by winning.”

          That sure has kept the players’ noses clean out here the last 4 years. This organization has been dealing with a number of alcohol offenses during that time. Matt Barrows wrote an interesting piece on it last year.

      2. It might shock you… But them again you ego will block it. There were a lot of fans who wanted Gordon. And I doubt you really thought he wouldn’t stay out of trouble. But then again you think the nfl isn’t a dirty business either. Go figure. Jordan’s right you’re nothin but a jr blogger since trolling and looking for arguments for the past month. Follow Grants way and maybe you’ll get more hits on the webzone.
        Didn’t I say that last month? Keep up the bad work Hammer! You use to be the Don Juan…. Now you’re just Twuon…

    1. He did a good job developing Tolzien and Wilson at Wisconsin. His offense (last time I looked at it) was closer to WCO then most others with that same label. Efficient. High percentage timing passes. Quick release quarterbacks.

      Unfortunately Colin’s poorly suited for that offense.

  25. 49er offiially in wattawedonow mode…again…
    Almost laughable at this point.

  26. What scared off OC candidates more…
    (A) A management that impulsively purges coaching staff?
    (B) A management that sets impossible “win the super bowl or else” standards?
    (C) A ownership that jerks candidates around by conducting fake “far and wide” talent searches, only to promote from within?
    (D) A quarterback that simply doesn’t have the ability run a sophisticated NFL offense?

    1. How about a simpler alternative: anxiety from not knowing the people among the Niners organization and coaches, and sticking with a better offer from the current employer (Chud). I think Kiffin was never approached by the Niners (Sexton hype like the way he got Kiffin the USC job), Maiocco said in his chat that he was not aware of Niners pursued Kiffin.

      The two potential coordinators who spurned the Niners are also the ones whom the Niners interviewed and spurned for the HC position (Fangio and Gase). Is that surprising?

      1. How do you know it was a better offer since the 49ers never had the opportunity to talk with Chud?

        1. ‘Associate HC’ position may pay more than OC (Chud earlier was ‘Assistant to HC’, I believe). With Pagano’s health problems, Chud has a shot at HC at some point, and definitely OC to Luck if Pep moves on. Seems to be a better deal overall.

          1. Exactly.

            A shame, I had definitely hoped the idea of being an OC again would prove more of a lure, but its hard to argue he’s not on a good wicket at the Colts.

      2. Fangio spurned the 49ers? I thought he was released in the purge.
        Gase might be a close (but not exact) fit for the (C) answer.

      1. All of them, or none of them, or some of them.

        The 49ers are so secretive (not complaining. its their right to be quiet about internal operations) that we don’t know for sure.

        The lack or progress on the OC position as an indicator of difficulty… or they have a candidate chosen but for some reason are keeping a lid on it.

  27. Could it be that the word around the league is that the last place you want to be is on Head Coach Trent Baalke’s staff?

    1. yes. Baalke is going to be gone in two years. Mark it down. The next two years are going to be back to singletary like standards

  28. Are baalke and york the new al davis. It sounds like people really aren’t thrilled to come work for these guys. Ferrell going to the redskins over the 49ers….really a less talented team with dan snyder as the owner is a more appealing gig?? We are literally going from prob the best complete coaching staffs to the worst

  29. Brent Jones said on KNBR that Niners should offer Bevell $2M+ salary and assistant HC position to lure him away from the Seahawks. Wish that the front office would have the strategic imagination and/or the cojones to pull such a thing off…

    1. My guess is that Seattle would simply match any offer made by SF. For this reason, I don’t think I would do it. Rightly or wrongly, it would just be viewed as another candidate who doesn’t want to work for the 49ers organization.

    2. No chance that will happen. It’s Jones trying to come up with some idea to erase all the negativity.

    3. Apparently he doesn’t realize the hawks could/would deny the 49ers any attempt at prying away their OC for the same position.

      1. Is his contract up
        After this year? Of it is. There’s nothing they can do.
        But match and pay him more.
        And with lynch basically out the door. Why would
        He want to stay? Wilson will crumble without lynch and he’s going to break that team. When they lose Sunday they will be a playoff caliber team. Not a Super Bowl favorite anymore. They better pray their offense stays. And that offense is M Lynch.

  30. So Chudzinski decides to stick with the team he helped get to the AFCCG, and where it is widely believed he’s been told he’ll be the next OC if/when Hamilton moves on. Fewell decides to stay on the East Coast.

    Bad day for the 49ers, but I find the dialogue that this is all about the 49ers credibility or ineptitude rather than other motivating factors a bit dramatic.

    1. Scooter,
      Ever since the Harbaugh firing-Tomsula hiring, the fanbase has been Baalkenized. There are conspiracy theorists and others lament of sheer ineptitude. Some express unfocused rage and many are just depressed. When I can’t think of a common sense and obvious explanation for a F.O. move or non-move, I just blame Obama.

      1. Mood,

        I’m usually a half full guy, but at some point we have to come to a realization that this may not turn out well. There is still a chance they hire a good OC, either Shanny or maybe somebody we aren’t thinking of right now, but overall this offseason has been pretty damning for this organization, and I don’t see how we can view it any differently.

      2. Mood,
        No, you should blame your Indian countryman, Paraag, Baalke, and Jed for wanting corporate harmony – a Silicon Valley style culture. What a bunch of BS.

    2. Scooter,

      On Fewell I will agree that geography played a big role, but on Chud I don’t. I don’t recall many situations where a Coach listed as a special assistant turned down a job that would give him more power and influence. In Indy he is an assistant; with the Niners he would have been in charge of the offense. The fact that he turned down a chance to interview previously tells me the Niners are not an organization he wants to work for.

      1. Yeah, why on earth would a guy that likely wishes another chance at a HC job want to take on a role as Associate HC and work with an offense the likes of the Colts? Is it that hard to believe he might see that as a pretty attractive gig, and more attractive than being the OC of the 49ers offense?

        And last time he declined the job for another one. That was under Singletary, and the 49ers offense had flat out stunk for a number of years. I’d say a dang good call on his part, but not likely because he has something against working for the 49ers.

        Lets just say I think it is reasonable to believe other factors may be at play than simply Chudzinski not wanting to work for the 49ers.

        1. Scooter,

          His chances of getting another HC job would be greater if he is the guy leading an offense. Being an assistant in Indy is really just that; being an assistant. Hamilton runs the offense and Pagano’s the HC. His chances of impressing future employers is much greater if he’s actually the guy in charge of something.

          Look I can see why some on here are starting to get annoyed with the idea that the Niners aren’t viewed in a favorable light right now, but I don’t think we can look at this and not admit that is a possibility. There’s more credence to that than the alternative imo. There is still the chance they hire an OC people can get excited about and that will change the narrative a bit, but if they hire Chryst that will further cement my belief that they are settling for second and 3rd rate candidates because they can not attract better due to all the bad pub around them since last season began.

          1. It would be greater if he led an offense that was successful for a successful team. He’s not the OC at the Colts, but he’s heavily involved in a potent offense. I think this tells you more about what Chudzinski thinks of the 49ers offense than it does about what he thinks of the front office and head coach.

            I’m not trying to suggest the 49ers are seen as an attractive place to go work right now. Obviously they are not. But the idea that the only reason these guys are staying away is because the front office is inept and lacks any credibility is a bit dramatic, as a I said initially.

            1. Scooter,

              I think this tells you more about what Chudzinski thinks of the 49ers offense than it does about what he thinks of the front office and head coach.

              I don’t think so. He had the same type of personnel in Carolina as he would have had here and did quite well.

              But the idea that the only reason these guys are staying away is because the front office is inept and lacks any credibility is a bit dramatic

              For the record that isn’t what I’m saying. My point is simply what you and I both feared initially: that Tomsula’s lack of experience in the league would mean he lacked contacts and hurt his chances at putting together a quality staff. I think that is clearly what is happening here.

              The other things like the Owner and GM being controlling/hard to work with or at least the perception that they are, doesn’t help, but the key factor here is that there is not a strong HC in place and Coaches are reluctant to join a team where they don’t know the HC very well and the perception is that he is nothing more than a conduit from the GM box.

              1. FWIW, but me down in the “I want to stay as far away from a meddling owner and GM, because I don’t want to feel like I’m wearing a metaphorical straight jacket when calling plays on game days” column, as well.

        2. Not to be insensitive, but their head coach has battled cancer. Who knows if it ever comes back. He’s not guarunteed and long career at this point. Maybe chud thinks this and is learning the ropes to take over. God forbid he gets sick again. But it is a possibility.

      1. No, not surprised. Just trying to offer some perspective for those wailing and gnashing their teeth.

        1. I know, I meant it more as a knock at the chicken little’s here.

          I’m still with you Scoot, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried.

  31. Bad day for the 49ers, but I find the dialogue that this is all about the 49ers credibility or ineptitude rather than other motivating factors a bit dramatic.


    I have to say, you are like a constant ray of sunshine. Is it because it’s summer down there, or are you just an eternal optimist? I don’t know about everyone else, but I appreciate your unflagging optimism in the face of a whole lot of reasons to feel pessimistic. I tend to be a cynic, but I find some solace among all the bad news whenever I read one of your posts. Thanks Man.

      1. Scooter I’m with you man.
        I was furious and dumbfounded after the presser introducing tomsula. But I calmed down and thought it’s going to fall on who they hire as an OC. So I’ve been calm an trying to stay positive. If they hire Chryst (which I think they will) you’re on your own buddy. :-)

    1. I’m staying optimistic until at least the second game, or Larry David is named OC.

      BTW, did anyone see Donovan McNabb and others get all bent out of shape over Larry David saying that he could be the OC of the Jets in an interview? Is was painfully obvious he was joking, but McNabb and others took it seriously. Too funny.

      And think of some new material. Each commentator I heard used the line, “Larry David should curb his enthusiasm”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Soooo, funny and creative. NOT!

  32. Scooter,

    Chud stayed cause he didnt want to come to san fran. Yeah he could become the next oc if pep leaves. Who knows how long pep will be there. He could come out here be an OC right away, if he turned the O around he would be an immediate HC candidate. He simply didnt want to come

    1. “He simply didn’t want to come”.

      Sure. He didn’t want to come to San Fran (or St Louis). Can’t argue that, if he wanted to be here, he’d be here. The reasons he didn’t want to come are far greater than simply not wanting to work for the 49ers. He’s got a pretty good gig going with the Colts.

  33. Why doesn’t Steve Young fight for this OC job? He’s always so opinionated over everything the 49ers do wrong…He has all the answers so lets see if he can back up his mouth.

    1. But, Crab, that would mean hiring a guy who doesn’t have the kind of experience normally expected in a good candidate for the position in question. Who be so stupid as to make that kind of hire? Oh, wait, never mind…

      1. Xgolf – I was just kidding about Young but I agree w/you about who’s stupid enough to hire him. Lol

        1. Crab,

          Yeah, I knew you weren’t suggesting SY for OC in a serious way. I was trying to draw a parallel between the hiring of Tomsula (jumping from position coach to HC) and the possible hiring of Young as OC (jumping from TV to OC).

          1. Hey
            Steve Kerr just did it and he is leading the dubs to the best record in the nba. and the NFL and NBA aren’t that different. they both have the letter “N” in the title of their leagues and their respective sports are played with a type of “ball”

    2. Seriously, I’m hoping for Shanahan now…..There’s not many good (qualified) coaches left now.
      York created this clusterf#€*, so his weenie ass better find a good solution.

  34. Crab,

    I would love to see that happen, but I think Young’s earned the right to talk s#@* about the Niners after he watches Baalke and the Yorks lead the team astray from the path to glory that was blazed by Montana and then Young.

  35. So another coach passes up the opportunity to coach this team. It would be different if we didn’t have a heck of a group of athletes. But we have all the pieces needed for the success on the field BUT no one wants to be involved in this mess. I wonder how the players who wanted Harbaugh gone are feeling? Was it worth the turmoil? The uncertainty. SMH.

    1. KY49ER:

      “But we have all the pieces needed for the success on the field BUT no one wants to be involved in this mess.”

      If success is winning more games than we loose, then it’s possible that we have those players. If it’s winning Superbowl 50, that’s a very very long shot probably based on the memory of some of our players greatest season. Every position in the front seven on defense has big question marks, and the secondary was patch work all season.

      On offense we have an unstable line, a QB who seems to be declining, no real speed at receiver, and the only coach that seems to be available has not improved Kaepernick over the past four years.

      Are we reloading or rebuilding?

      1. Well I would have like to have said, We are reloading. After this debacle we are clearly rebuilding – rebuilding something that was pretty well built.

        Great leaders will will this empire fall into despair, then decide to take it over. You never want to be the man, who replaces the “The man”. You always want to be the one after him. Tomsula, took the bait.

  36. Jed – Just keep promoting from within.

    Chryst to OC, ball boy to QB coach and towel boy to DB coach.

  37. Those saying Chudzinski staying with the Colts (and Fewell staying back east) mainly because those jobs are attractive in their own merit make a very strong case. Chudzinski got a promotion and a Luck. Fewell stays close to family with a club that has a new management. It might not have anything to do with the (apparent) 49er dysfunction.

    Personality conflicts between Harbaugh and management aside, 49ers purged their coaching staff in main part to fix the horrible offense. And so far zip. If they quietly already have someone they love and are just messing with our heads, fine. But in the mean time I’m going to sweat, because it looks so similar to the Jimmy Raye offseason.

    1. Anything is possible, and if Chud really thought an assistants job in Indy was the best thing for him, then good for him. But the idea that he’s setting himself up for a HC job or furthering his career by staying there doesn’t fly. You don’t get many HC jobs by being the assistant to the guy making the decisions. You get jobs by being the guy making the decisions and showing a prowess in doing so. He got his first HC job because he did well as an OC in Carolina. Being an OC again would be the fastest path to another shot.

      1. Chud probably sees a faster path to becoming the OC on a winning team as being in Indianapolis where the current OC may move on to a HC job soon. You can’t discount Luck as a major factor in how fast a path opens up for either guy.

        Chud may not have been wearing rose tinted glasses when he evaluated the staff and personnel of the 49ers.

        1. I don’t think so considering the Niners were top 3 in winning percentage before this season

          Think of it this way, which is more impressive:

          Taking over an offense that was already a top unit with the Coach that preceded you and has the best young QB in the game directing it or…

          Taking over an offense that was in the bottom half of the league and hasn’t had a better than average passing game in over a decade?

          Option B would impress teams a lot more than option A when it comes time to find a candidate for a HC position.

          As far as personnel goes, the Niners possess as much or more offensive talent than his Carolina team did.

          1. Chud seems to have done an evaluation and acted on it.

            If you treat the OL as a unit, I don’t see the continuity needed for outstanding results. The rest of the offense seems undefined to me.

            On defense, and any OC would think it’s important, I don’t see any positions or units without question marks about health or performance.

            1. I doubt he did much evaluating considering he didn’t interview with them. The Niners Oline has always been good in the run game and talent wise they are better than what he had in Carolina.

              Don’t forget that in Carolina he really only had Smith and Olson in the passing game as top options – much like he would have here, and the running game featured two good RB’s sharing the load – much like it would be here, and had a QB who was extremely athletic, not a pocket passer but made a lot of plays with his legs as well as his arm – much like he would have here.

              The defense is likely not even a consideration to him but few would look at the talent and performance the Niners have put together and see it in a negative light.

              1. They do seem to be falling all over themselves to come here. As I said, you may be projecting too many best years in the past into 2015.

          2. Another thought process could be “Why take the risk of flaming out at the 49ers when I’m on a good thing at the Colts?”.

            As I said, I think this says as much about what he thinks about the 49ers (and Rams) personnel as it does about the 49ers (or Rams) FO/ HC.

            1. I couldn’t see that Scooter. There isn’t a Coach worth a damn that would take that mindset. If anything, Coaches want a chance to show they can make players better. Chud taking the Browns job was a clear indication he wasn’t worried about flaming out.

              1. That was a HC job. Its a bit different to an OC job.

                I think you overstate how much coaches may think of the 49ers offense. Kaep in particular.

                This is a guy that has already made a name for himself. He’s not an up and comer. He is rebuilding his image at the Colts. And I’m sure he is getting paid well to do so.

              2. The position was different Scooter, but his chances of success were very low and he had to know that considering the personnel he had. The point is he did not worry about flaming out and took a job with a really bad team.

                Maybe I am overstating the quality of the Niner offensive personnel, I don’t know, but here’s what I see:

                One of the best Olines in football before this past season, and they improved throughout the year

                Two very good receiving options in Boldin and Davis. Davis’ off year wouldn’t scare anyone away due to the talent they know he possess’.

                A good running game with a vet available in Gore who is still putting up 1000 yard seasons, a good young RB next in line in Hyde and Kendall Hunter returning.

                A young QB who has already won a lot of games and is motivated to be as good as he can be.

                There’s definitely some question marks in regards to the WR depth and how they will replace Iupati, but if you look around the league, this is not a bad situation at all and certainly not one a possible OC would look at and determine he couldn’t work with.

                I’m not sure how much being an assistant to good Coaches rebuilds your image more than having success on your own does. As I mentioned to htwaits above, making this offense better would be far more impressive than taking over an offense that is already top shelf under another Coach.

              3. What an outsider may see:

                – A one read QB who wasn’t very good despite having a good ground game and talented receiving corps.
                – A team relying on a 2nd year RB that was only decent in spot duty, as Gore is off contract.
                – A TE that is past his prime and struggled to do much of anything last season.
                – A slow receiving group that is likely losing one of its best in Crabtree.
                – An OL that struggled in pass pro and is likely losing its top interior OL in the running game.

              4. Scooter,

                And yet even if they did see things that way which I highly doubt, there’s the fact this team went to 3 straight NFCCG’s, a SB, and in a year when they suffered a lot of injuries and dealt with turmoil seemingly every week, they finished 8-8. Again, I can’t see any Coach looking at the personnel on this offense, or the possibilities for winning, and saying ” I can’t work with that.”

              5. As Matt Barrows said, if they have other choices they aren’t likely to come here at this time. Scooters thoughts on what outsiders may think is in line with Barrows. They may also think that a lot of fans and certainly ownership/GM have an unreasonably high evaluation of the teams near term potential to win the Superbowl, especially number 50.

              6. I don’t recall Barrows saying he thinks candidates may be looking negatively at the Niners personnel but I may have missed it. Do you have a link? I’d like to read his thoughts on that.

                I doubt anybody is taking Jed seriously on his SB or bust nonsense from the PC.

              7. Scooter,

                Points 1 and 5 seem to be contradictory. How good can a receiving corps be, if they can be called slow?

              8. For what it’s worth, I don’t remember any reports indicating that prospective coaches don’t like the 49ers players. In fact, most reports seem to say that it’s the overbearing 49er FO that is turning coaching candidates off.

                Additionally, on KNBR today, Barrows alluded to the fact that Gase’s agent, James Sexton, might be steering his clients away from the 49ers as a result of how Gase’s HC interview process went down (Gase thought he had it wrapped up).

              9. Kyle Shanahan turned down an interview and there’s no way you could say he did it due to personnel after what he had to work with in Cleveland.

              10. rocket:

                “I don’t recall Barrows saying he thinks candidates may be looking negatively at the Niners personnel but I may have missed it. Do you have a link? I’d like to read his thoughts on that.”

                It was a short reply in recent chat which I no longer available to me. He didn’t offer any thoughts. Here is an approximate reconstruction and I could have the wrong Matt.

                Question: Why are we having trouble hiring coordinators and other assistant coaches?

                Matt: They have other options. (Or something to that effect.)

                “I doubt anybody is taking Jed seriously on his SB or bust nonsense from the PC.”

                Do you have any other source for that doubt, other than other fans?

                I take what Jed said as serious. In effect he was listing Jim Harbaugh’s failures even though the departure was “mutual”.

                Perhaps Jim’s biggest failure was that he never backed off on asking ownership to spend more and more money building Jim’s winning tradition. That thought comes from Matt Maiocco’s chat today.

              11. Ex, those points I made weren’t meant to be mutually inclusive. Just pointing out an outsider may see some of those things and not be impressed.

                Rocket, its being pretty widely reported Kyle Shanahan was going wherever Quinn went. Quinn may have already told him there was no chance he’d sign for division rivals of the Seahawks.

              12. Scooter,

                I should’ve posed my comment as a question, rather than an observation, since I had a suspicion that might be the case.

              1. Sure he could have Rocket. Maybe he didn’t want to work with another running QB who thinks he’s a rockstar.

    2. I have to say I am worried about the coaching staff they are assembling. Some decent hires in there, but it is definitely looking more and more likely that Chryst will be the OC, and that doesn’t fill me with the warm and fuzzies.

      Those that are saying this is because of how candidates view the 49ers are of course correct, to a degree. If the 49ers were seen as an attractive place to work, they’d have their pick of candidates. But I don’t think the narrative that this is because the 49ers are seen as inept is completely true either.

      I hope the 49ers have more than just Chryst waiting in the wings. As I’ve said previously, if they hire Chryst as OC, I hope they bring in Mike Shanahan as a Senior Offensive Assistant, or even as an Associate HC if that makes him feel more important. Someone to help Chryst on the offensive side of the ball.

      1. Here’s the thing Scooter. I’m afraid they think they’ve already hired help, because Sparano and Foerster have OC experience.

      2. Don’t become a cynic, it might age you.

        You and I agree that it’s not completely true that the 49ers management is 100% inept, but you might consider what Matt Barrows had to say on this topic.

        In effect, he said that coaches with options were much less likely to come to work for the 49ers. If you look at the list of those presumed to have accepted positions with the 49ers, how many of them have valid attractive offers elsewhere?

        There’s a good chance, based on one report about two weeks ago, that Shanahan would want to work as an adviser to the new OC or as OC himself. That report now seems like a pipe dream. Expressions like pipe dream always make me wonder about their origin.

        1. There’s a good chance, based on one report about two weeks ago, that Shanahan would want to work as an adviser to the new OC or as OC himself is like a pipe dream. Expressions like pipe dream always make me wonder about their origin.


      3. @Scooter

        Fear not my good man…the coaching staff is going to be just fine. There are plenty of coordinators and coaches out there….granted most of them don’t have the pedigree that the ones who have been bandied about on here, but in that same light, they haven’t got as many losses as the pedigreed pups. After all, all of the ‘name’ coaches were looking for work weren’t they? Which to me indicates that they weren’t any more successful than any of the others. All of the NFL coaching alumnae came from the college ranks, and they still have jobs, so let’s bring in a new crop and break ’em in….no joke….what’s to lose.?

    3. It’s not clear how much Chud is contributing to Indy offense. Luck makes everyone at Indy look good. It appears to me that Fleener’s production has gone up since Chud arrived. At Stanford, Pep’s play calls never seemed particularly brilliant. I was surprised when he got the Indy OC job.

  38. “You don’t get many HC jobs by being the assistant to the guy making the decisions.”

    I’m not sure that the 49ers feel that way about HC candidates, and if they don’t win the Super Bowl next year, there should be an opening with them. I think there are a lot of coaching candidates who would rather wait for Jed to grow up!

    1. Just to make sure I clarify that statement I made, I’m referring to being an assistant to anybody making decisions. Obviously as an OC he’s still assisting the HC in the grand scheme, but he would be the decision maker in regards to the offensive game plans and play calling in most cases.

  39. Maiocco is saying that Tomsula is expected to hire another NFL Europe colleague:

    Steve Logan served as Tomsula’s OC with the Rhein Fire in 2006. MM says it is unclear if Logan is being considered for OC position. From the article:

    “Logan was the Boston College offensive coordinator in 2007 and ’08. In Logan’s first season in that role, Matt Ryan was awarded the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, given to the nation’s top senior quarterback. Ryan became the No. 3 overall pick of the Atlanta Falcons in the 2008 draft.”

          1. Good. Maybe he can double up and do some side work with

            I could see teaming up w/ Staley on “The Joe Show”

              1. Crabs sarcastic suggestion of Steve Young as OC will look good, if Logan in named OC. Good god, I really can’t believe the hubris.

                I’m trying to be optimistic, but man is it getting hard…

              2. Rocket,

                I’m hoping for the best, expecting borderline competence, fearing the worst, and reminding myself that the Warriors and Giants are relevant these days, so things could be worse.

          2. Razor,
            If they’re going with a radio host, I would have preferred Damon Bruce or Larry Krueger. Even the “Razor” Ralph Babeiri would do.

        1. Funny you mention Breakfast in bed because when I saw this hire the first thing I thought of is when Art Shell hired a guy who was out of football and running a Bed and Breakfast to be his OC during his second time as Raiders HC.

          1. Tom Walsh, the guy who said that Randy Moss was done. Next year, Randy Moss broke the single season TD record with the Pats!

            1. Good stuff Mood. Was to lazy to look up the name. And since we haveAl Davis the 3rd owning our team now. It sounds great.

          2. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Kind of like an owner firing a head coach because they can’t get along. Lol

      1. That’s exactly what he’s going to be. So you know what that means.
        Shanahan is not walking through that door!
        And we get an OC with a SUV for a first name and a knock off savior for the last name. Oh BOY!!!
        I’m done!

    1. I saw this. Seems like a good position coach hire. Possibly QBs or WRs since this is only Curry’s 2nd year coaching.

      But if it is in fact for OC, then no es bueno

            1. Maybe this is being leaked so that when Chryst is announced we’ll be saying, “Well, at least it wasn’t Logan”.

              1. Ah yes.. the ol’ break your finger to distract you from the bullet wound tactic… Baalke you sly dog.

  40. There shouldn’t be a problem with Logan being an one and out OC who gets a head coaching job.

      1. The guy is too folksy for me. I don’t think he’s the OC, but could you imagine his press conferences?

    1. George: On that video, Steve Logan compared Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton and said Colin has better accuracy than Cam. He also liked Colin’s ability to drive the ball deep. He said that the Seattle defense just doesn’t allow long drives and you have to invert playcalling (e.g. call deep shots on first down, and zone read and running plays on 2nd and 3rd down). He likes the idea of having 1 on 1 shots deep down the field instead of playing into Seattle’s strength in not allowing long drives.

      It was interesting and he clearly articulated what he thought. I don’t know if I agree because I still believe the surest way to beat the Hawks is running the ball on them and throwing against running looks including being willing to take 5 yard checkdowns. So far Alex Smith + a good running game has been the clearest way to beat Seattle.

      1. Turning the play calling upside down as Logan is describing it assumes you have WRs that can stretch the field doesn’t it.

      2. You must be a kaepernick die hard. I’ll take Cam Newton anyday over Kap. His a lot smarter and good present in the pocket and accuracy he’s very good and he can take his team on his!

  41. Hire me… I’ll bring on my assistant Prime…. He’s very well versed in all seasons of John Madden. He will even walk your dog if I tell him to Jed! I can’t promise he won’t say racial things or make fun of cancer victims. So there goes the winning with class theory, But by golly he knows football due to his extensive pot smoking and madden playing. Gotta be better than a talk show host who coached two European teams one being the TB bucs. I’m on Craigslist Jed. Hit me up! We got this! WHOS GOT IT….. Ah F*** it!

  42. Do you guys think Chryst would be an ok to decent OC? Maiocco wrote a while back that if Roman had left for another job, Chryst was Harbaugh’s logical choice to be promoted. We are all upset about the way Jim Harbaugh was run out of town, but is this coloring our perspective on Chryst unfairly?

    He did call the plays on the winning drive in 2011 against the Saints. Promoting him would mean almost no terminology and major learning curve change for Kaepernick so they could focus on fixing things Roman did wrong, etc.

    I don’t want to over-rationalize this, but is there something positive about Chryst likely being promoted that I missed?

      1. Can’t think positive about continuity with a mediocre offense. No thanks. You fire a coach to change the outlook. This offense needs anything but continuity.

        1. MD,

          Maybe it’s not the playbook that’s the problem, but rather the application of the playbook. Chryst could be ok. I’m not holding my breath, but…

          1. OK don’t win the gold ring for Jed unless we’ve got the 1992-1993, 1995 Dallas Cowboy roster.

          2. Ex…. Ill gladly eat crow, but I can’t help but think of the last time the hired from within. I’ll give the staff some games next year, but I won’t be optimistic about it. Fool me once…. Yada yada you know the rest.

            1. MD,

              I could easily be deluding myself into thinking that Chryst might be ok, but I swear, if you squint really hard for a few minutes, and then close your eyes, things don’t look so bad…

    1. Kap likes him — and the continuity thing that you mention. Can’t think of anything else…

      1. Of course there doesn’t seem to be any indication that Colin got better while being coached by Chryst.

    2. ‘I don’t want to over-rationalize this, but is there something positive about Chryst likely being promoted that I missed?’

      Lemme see…they don’t have to pay moving costs???

    3. It’s possible to find something positive in anything if you try hard enough and you found about the closest possible in the fact the offense wouldn’t have to change meaning no learning curve. However seeing as though the offense has been a big problem area, even when they were winning, at least in the passing game, I don’t think that is much of a positive.

      Lets put it this way, if Geep Chryst was considered to be the best candidate, he would have been hired by now. Not only has he not been hired, but they haven’t even designated a position for him to Coach as of yet.

      There really is no way to sugarcoat this: if he’s the guy named OC, he is a fall back option and one who has a poor record in this role previously. He’s also been the QB Coach for 4 years and there has been little development as far as mechanics and pocket awareness with the QB he has been in charge of helping.

      That is if Chryst even was his QB Coach. The guys from EXOS told one of the beat guys that Kaepernick told them he hadn’t really had a QB Coach before. I meant to mention this as a subject when it first came out and forgot. Kap told EXOS he hadn’t really had a QB Coach before. That would explain a lot.

        1. Rocket, thanks for your comments. Yeah, does not make sense unless he was talking about his offseasons.

        2. That seems like the most likely explanation. There’s no reason to doubt that he had coaching from Harbaugh and Chryst during the “legal” coaching season.

      1. From 2011-13 the offense was top 1/3 in the league in scoring. It wasn’t bad until last year when they went away from their strengths.

          1. They don’t have a QB that can carry them. They need to run the ball to create easy throws off of it, and/or scrambling lanes.

      2. Rocket,

        Maybe they wanted to do an extensive search, casting a wide net (all done with class, to be sure) to verify what they knew all along, that Chryst was the right man for the job. Just like with Tomsula, and look how much confidence was inspired by the way that hire went down.

    4. I don’t know why people assume Chryst would be a disaster, but if Baalke thought so highly of him, Chryst would have gotten the job 10 days ago. However, even if he’s Baalke’s backup, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t succeed.

      1. All they needed to do is get rid of Jim Harbaugh and the “true” talent would shine through.

        The only bad thing I know about Chryst is that he was employed during the time when Colin’s basic quarterback skills seemed to be in decline.

        If Kaepernick meant that he had never had off season QB coaching, it would be interesting to know if that was by design or did no one ever tell him that he needed more coaching.

        1. Given Colin’s deterioration, Baalke had good reason to fire Chryst. But the fact he didn’t suggests he didn’t put the blame on him. That’s logical, right? We are all trying to approach this through logic because we don’t have any facts. To quote Charlie Chan, “Blind man feels ahead with cane before proceeding.” Try to remember that, Yoda.

          1. Nope. Charlie Chan was nothing but a degrading racial stereotype.

            “A blind man mindfully steps off the cliff.” … htwaits

            Chryst is a cheap fallback OK option unless your head is on Jed’s chopping block.

    5. It’s possible that the only contribution that Chryst made to that drive was the winning touchdown pass based on his knowledge of how the Saints tended to play that situation. He brought that information with him from Carolina.

        1. Yes, and I’m saying that it’s possible he didn’t call the two minute drill, but that he put the final play into the play book based on his past experience against the Saints.

          The thing is that “the word is …” stuff is frequently sports(urban) legend. We know for sure that it was his play, because he got credit for it at the time.

  43. When all is said and done…worse case scenerio…they’re just changing a few offices around.
    Good deal!!!

  44. Oh boy. If this is true….smh.

    Another View ‏@Try2BCivil 6m6 minutes ago
    @BASportsGuy Jason Cole on with D. Bruce said the word around the league among coaches is that 49ers do not want to pay much for assistants.

    1. There’s a shocker.
      Makes sense though.
      They ddn’t want to pay much for a HC either.

      1. That sounds a lot like my “MOM’s Budget” theory for coaching staffs and other incidentals like requests for a new practice field, etc.

        1. Think of it as a re-tooled and streamlined cost-effective coaching staff.
          Be thankful that Jed hasn’t yet outsourced the coaching to a low cost geography…….though one cannot rule out the possibility that he has not thought of it.

      1. Tomsula: “Wassup Aubrayo! Heard you weren’t busy.
        Franklin: “Wassup coach! Nothing much. Just waiting by the phone for my next opportunity.”
        Tomsula: “Not sure if you heard, but I’m the big cheese now in SF. Well the biggest cheese under Trent anyway.” a
        Franklin: “Yeah. Saw it on Sportscenter. Way to leapfrog coach!”
        Tomsula: “Thanks buddy. I had the two qualities they were looking for most. I always say ‘yes, sir’ and I work for bupkis. Check them boxes baby!”
        Franklin: “Er…what boxes?”
        Tomsula: “Nevermind. Just thinking out loud.
        Frankiln: “Whatever. Good for you coach. Soooo…what can I do for you?”
        Tomsula: “Well buddy. I got an opening back in SF. Just wondering if you needed a job.”
        Franklin: “Sure coach. Ready to play the Nose. Been keeping in shape. Good to go!”
        Tomsula: “Uh…no dude. Your playing days are over. I want you come and coach for us.”
        Franklin: “Geez. Kinda harsh there coach. But I guess you’re right. Sure, I’ll take the job. But, wait a minute. I don’t have any coaching experience.”
        Tomsula: “Don’t you worry buddy. I got you covered. You can be a defensive assistant.”
        Franklin: “Great! What do defensive assistants do?”
        Tomsula: “Aw…we’ll get to all that later. I just need to hurry up and get a staff.”
        Franklin: “Sounds great coach. I’m in!”
        Tomsula: “Cool. Jed wants to know if you take foodstamps?”

  45. I’m really impressed with some of the faithful who still believing and are hoping that Jed and Baalke can turn this team around after letting go the best HC they’d ever had after WALSH era.

    1. Smart move by Chudzinski for not coming here. His Colts team is on the rise same with his QB luck. Just a matter of time before they win it all in Indianapolis.

      1. Andrew Luck will get his Super Bowl just a matter time. This young talented QB someday will have his name in the hall fame as one of the great QB that played in the NFL he’s heading in the right direction in the last couple season.

          1. They need a running game,seem to recall FG alluding to playing there if he leaves the niners.

    2. A one year deal. And people are trying to say it doesn’t say anything about how he feels about the 49ers situation. Smh.

      1. He gets to work with Andrew Luck and could take over the OC role there should Hamilton move on after next season. It’s a pretty solid gig.

        1. Yeah, but there’s no security in a 1 year deal. It pretty much states “I’m gonna wait and see what’s available next year.”

        2. If the Colts have trouble next year he could wind up as the head coach or Hamilton’s OC. That’s two other possibilities.

  46. “There’s no shortage of good coaches out there, and there’s no shortage of good coaches that want to be a part of the San Francisco 49ers.” … Baalke @ Tomsula’s Presser

    1. Yes, htwaits, it does look like they miscalculated, but let’s wait for the product they put on the field next year. We can all acknowledge Harbaugh’s success, but let’s not forget the nagging problems with the offense and his spotty clock management. IF this leads to improvement on that end and IF the defense remains dominant, we’re not going to remember this.

      1. Wasn’t the defense very memorable in 2014? Did that make the season memorable?

        I’m expecting that something special will have to happen if next season is memorable for either the offense or the defense unless a lot of people come up with carrier years including the GM and the coordinators.

      2. Actually, according to Kawakami, they worked backwards from the desire to fire Harbaugh, to actually showing him the door over a one year period. Then in their joy at getting those results, they put out a pretty negative image of their football strategy. NFL people have been paying attention while they scramble for a positive plan of action.

        They’ve exposed their plan to make it acceptable to get rid of Harbaugh, and announced that the road to constantly challenge for the Superbowl doesn’t require outstanding coaching if you have Baalke.

    1. Warner seems to have his goals on solid ground. I think Colin could probably benefit from this kind of off season coaching for at least two or three more years if he shows any improvement this year. The fact that they haven’t booked Warner until April isn’t very encouraging.

    2. About time. JH was supposed to be the QB whisperer. Imagine how many superbowls they would have won if they scored in the top 10-15.
      I’m not that upset he’s gone. I just hope they bring in Shanahan to turn our offense around.
      I like how Warner is rebuilding kap. I just hope it lasts.

        1. Do you think anyone who bought the company line will care about that data. It’s the roster that wins Superbowls. Coaches are overrated. And Warner, as I read it, said nothing about accomplishments, only opportunity.

      1. How much did they or Kap paid Kurt Warner to teach his football knowledge to Kap? Kap is athletic but he doesn’t have the ability or the gift to be a great QB in the NFL. You can’t teach the natural ability as an NFL QB on the football field. Good luck tutoring Kap, it’s just a waste of time and it’s unlikely this guy will be a different QB comes next season.

    3. Thanks for posting this Jack. I’ve been trying to find some type of information on how Kaep and Warner have been working together.

      Do you know if Kaep can continue to work with Warner during the season? For example, review the film from the most recent game with him during an off day via a WebEx session or something similar?

  47. There’s some really funny shid on here ;remember guys, we’re just opinionated fans….

  48. 2015 will be the first season since 1967 that I will actually delight in 49ers losses. Guys … let’s have fun with this. I want Baalke/York to lose lose lose. Stop wasting your life worrying about the draft, Kap etcetcetc. I kinda dig the Seahawks. Wait until Harbaugh comes back to coach the Rams or the Cardinals in 4 years! Did I not predict Chryst as OC three days ago? Ha ha ha ha

  49. Is the 49er management strategy to get a top draft pick next year and not have to trade down to get it? These off season moves are either incompetent or a brilliant draft strategy. The 49ers should be in the top 5 draft picks the next few years. Worked for Indianapolis.

  50. Which contending teams need a top RB? They will all be calling the great Frank Gore the moment his contract is up. Chalk him up as too saavy to stay.

  51. From Maiocco:

    “Tomsula and Bicknell coached in NFL Europe, but they were never on the same staff. Bicknell was an offensive coordinator for five seasons with the Berlin Thunder and Cologne Centurions….Bicknell has never been a coordinator in the NFL. He coached offensive line and tight ends with the Kansas City Chiefs from 2007 to ’09. In 2010 and ’11, he coached tight ends with the Buffalo Bills. He moved to wide receivers coach with Buffalo in 2012, before taking the same job with the Eagles in 2013.”

    1. Did anyone ever catch the Berlin Thunder ? ..
      If so .. was their offense any good ? …

      I mean… if this guy gets the gig … that’s pretty much
      what our offense is gonna look like …

      But otoh … I can see the Eagles sayin’ to Jed n Baalke ..
      about the same thing the Colts said to them

      1. The 49ers could have named Bicknell, Logan or Chryst the new OC a few weeks ago.

        At risk of stating the obvious, If any of these three do become OC, it means they were clearly not the first choice. Otherwise they would have been named OC well before today’s coaching doh-see-doh.

        Not saying it can’t work. One door closing opens another. Its likely there’s some hidden creativity in these guys.

        Surrounding an imaginative newbie with experience like Sparano as TEs coach, Foerster O-line coach, Rathman RB coach could spell a nice blend of creative energy and wisdom.

        1. Brodie, you are right, the 49ers are not hiring their first choice for OC. That ship has sailed.

          But as you say it is still possible to find a competent fall back option. Will they? Even after they make their hire we won’t know until the season starts. What I am pretty sure of is that at this point no matter who they hire they will be met with unhappy 49er fans.

          1. I’m not sure. The longer the search goes, the less confidence I have the new OC will work out. Yup. We will never know till next season.

            What I liked about Gase and Chudzinski… they both (some) success with raw but athletic Tebow and Newton. They also had success with smart pocket QBs Manning and Luck.

            If anyone was going to design an offense that worked for Kaepernick, it was Gase and Chudzinski. If that failed (and it might), they’d be ready to for the next QB.

            Gase and Chudzinski were not only the best options, but the most flexible depending on how/when/if CK’s skills developed.

            That ship sailed. Now it looks like a big mess.

          2. I’d be pretty dang happy if they talked M.Shanahan into the OC slot(with asst. head coach duties) given the aspirant names mentioned of late Scooter.

    2. Yikes. Not good.

      The only positive I can say is his offenses ranked first in points scored in NFLE 3 out of the 5 seasons he was the Thunder OC. But it was the NFLE for Pete’s sake!

  52. Pete Carroll today on Jim Harbaugh

    “The fact that he’s no longer in the NFL makes it a little bit better for us.”
    “I’ll miss playing against him”
    “He was a great competitor.”
    “Oh, he’s going to do a great job.”
    “He’s a fantastic coach.”
    “He’s a great football coach…”
    “I know Jim will do it with great style, with great energy.”

    Doug Baldwin today on Jim Harbaugh

    “I think he is going to do excellent.”
    “He’s a very talented coach, very wise, puts a great coaching staff around him.”
    “He does a wonderful job of recruiting.”
    “He takes advantage of his players’ strengths and weaknesses.”

    1. Baldwin hated Harbaugh when in Stanford and was taking jabs at him as late as 3 weeks ago — what’s his deal?

      Glad today is almost over. Tomorrow can only be better.

      1. Mood,

        It’s competitive respect. Love him or hate him, Harbaugh was a big time competitor and the guys who played for him know that.

    1. There were a lot of complete sentences there. Not much in the NFL about running an offense.

      I wonder if Bob will be allowed to interview with the 49ers, or if he’s interested in leaving his mentor at this point in his carrier.

      If he’s very interested in blocking receivers then the 49ers certainly have that.

      1. ht – Too late, I fired. Luckily I’m a bad shot and only blew one ear off. I’ll be ok……Duct tape will fix it.

        On a serious note, I find myself reading more about Michigan football than reading about the incompetent moves of Baalke and Yorkie……Go blue!….Hail Harbaugh!

        1. I’ve been anti Big 10, or what ever it is for this year. since I saw Michigan beat Stanford in 1949, then as a freshman I was in the band at the 1952 Rose Bowl. Another Big “whatever” pounding.

          I will also be following them now, but maybe not as close as you do.

          You missed the point. You were advised to use both hands to aim the gun.

          1. Michigan ran a single wing offense that was described as to complex for Stanford to handle. There was no free substitution as I recall.

  53. Logan ran the ball with Fred Jackson ranking second in NFLE 2006, and he’ll be working with Foerster as the OL coach. Tells me they plan on shifting from a power running scheme to a zone blocking scheme, which would bode well for Hyde/Hunter. Also tells me Iupati is Ghandi, and what type of offensive players they’ll be looking for in the upcoming draft….

    1. I agree. it’s the perfect time to switch to the zone blocking scheme. Shanahan also uses that scheme and rolling your qb out and play action works well using it. I’m hoping it’s Shanahan.

  54. I think it’s now very clear that Tomsula has few coaching contacts that didn’t work in NFL Europe (surprise, surprise). This whole coaching search feels amateurish. I’m beginning to wonder about Baalke’s network as well.

    It also seems odd to me that they haven’t officially announced any coaching hires except Tomsula. One could argue that Foerster and Sparano could be in line for the OC job (since they both have previous OC experience). With each passing announcement of a “who dat” coach linked to the 49ers, it’s getting harder and harder to stay positive.

      1. I would be curious to hear your take on him as a candidate Grant ,how about you Allforfun-Scooter I seem to recall you advocating him!

      2. hightop,

        I think Shanahan is wishful thinking at this point. I don’t think he’s an option or he would have been hired by now. The fact we keep hearing a different name every once in awhile would seem to indicate they are just casting the net to see what else is there when somebody turns them down or takes another job.

        There is a possibility they are looking at somebody from the SB participants or a College Coach, but it appears they are just throwing things at the wall right now.

        1. Rocket -it would seem so.Everything is sub rosa and from a fan’s prospective -a group I humbly reside with and is of needs an outsiders view the choice seems obvious albeit wishful thinking.Anyroad thanks for your perspective.

          1. I’m sorry man. I really hate being the voice of doom, and I usually can find the positive side of most of things the team has done the past few years, but this is starting to resemble Singetary 2.0, and the longer this goes on the more we are starting to see that the Niners are viewed as a toxic situation. All the stuff behind the scenes with Harbaugh over the past year along with a Coach nobody knows is really proving to be an insurmountable obstacle right now.

  55. Eagles blocking Bicknell from being interviewed. Does Baalrk even have a plan or are they just throwing needle – sized darts at moving targets 100 yards away hoping to hit the bullseye?

      1. Jack, what makes you think that Tomsula and not Baalke is putting together the staff? Is it a hunch or something more than that?

        1. George,

          Two reasons. First, Baalke said that during the introductory press conference. Second, most of the hires are guys that Tomsula has worked with in the past or at least been around.

          The staff so far doesn’t excite me, but we’ll see. While most discussion is only about the negatives for each guy there are some positives as well.

          1. I think you are right on about the hires, and I believe this could work with an OC who knows what he’s doing and can adapt to the personnel. But what Baalke said in the press conference I take with a grain of salt. IMO, if Tomsula wants to hire someone, TB has final approval. I also think he’s running ideas through Tomsula. All speculation, I admit.

            1. George,

              Of course they talk. Neither is working in a vacuum. From the hires so far it appears that Baalke’s input has been minimal.

              There was a tweet this morning from Albert Breer that Tomsula had been making the rounds during the coaching search to speak with potential assistants.

          2. Why does it matter if the staff excites you or anyone else?. Are the results not what matter? You guys on here make me laugh thinking that a name of coach matters? It doesn’t. What matters is how the staff that is put together, works together and gets the players better each.
            I didnt realize the name Chudzinkski or Trestman could do that better than a Chryst, or Tom rathman for Forester…geez guys, get a hobby, enjoy warm weather..

      2. Jack,
        This is absolutely about the front office. Mediocre candidates are rejecting the 49ers for coaching positions because of the dysfunction that has permiated the franchise over the last year or so.
        The front office wanted a yes man for a coach and got one. Now you’re seeing the fallout with regards to the desirability of the position. Coaches want to get promoted. If they fail while forced to run Baalke’s offensive philosophy(which sounds like a requirement for the position) it’s not an attractive situation for them. If they succeed while running Baalke’s offensive philosophy, the narrative has already been written that it was because of the talent that Baalke has procured.
        I’m not saying it’s 100% accurate behind the scenes, but common sense tells you that it is a major issue with regards to the procurement of interested candidates. The only truly gifted offensive mind available is Shanahan, yet the Niners don’t seem interested. Why is that? My guess is that he isn’t a yes man and that Baalke feels threatened by this.
        The last thing is that the Niners are in the toughest division in football. They thrived with Harbaugh and he was ultimately fired. If they couldn’t make it work with an ultra-successful coach like Harbaugh, what type of commitment would they really have torwards lower level coaches? The bottom line is the coaching staff has taken a big step backwards and this situation is similar to the Singletary/OC cluster f#%# episode.

    1. The biggest problem is Tomsula/Baalke took the wrong approach to begin with. If you are going to hire a new OC, you hire him first so he can be a part of hiring the position Coaches who work under him.

      1. Pointed this out the other day. It’s almost like they knew who their guy was and they were accumulating a staff that “he” approved of.

        Or they just did everything @$$ backwards. Who would want to take over an offense and have the FO/HC tell you this is who you have to run the offense with like it or not.

        But that could be the reasoning for not officially assigning titles for some of the offensive assistants. Maybe they’re leaving that to the new OC, with the addition of letting him bring in some of his own guys.

        1. Leo,

          There aren’t many positions left for a prospective OC to bring in his own guys for. I think they retained Chryst with the knowledge he may wind up being the OC by default. My guess is they had a wish list but no assurance any of them would want the job. That is how it’s seemed to play out anyway.

  56. The best laid plans of York and Baalke have gone awry. The musicians have assembled on deck and are playing Songe d’Automne….

  57. I have a question on blocking interviews. I thought the team had to grant permission if the job was for an upgrade position. WR coach to OC or CD coach to DC. This must not be true correct?
    -why would brent jones even throw out the idea about bevell coming here, seattle would block that for sure.

    1. It’s interviewing for the head coaching position they can’t block. Regarding Bevell, he signed a new contract with Seattle last year. I searched the web about it and can’t find information about for how long. I think Brent was just talking.

    2. This is from Matt Maiocco:

      This is a good time for a rules refresher. The NFL considers two tiers of coaches. There are head coaches — only 32 out there in the league. And there are all assistant coaches. They are all grouped in the same category, regardless of whether their title is “offensive coordinator,” “defensive coordinator,” “assistant head coach” or “President of the United States of America/special teams.”

      1. With that said I think you could make the argument that there should be 3 tiers not 2. Coordinators have a lot more responsibility than any position coach, and I’m sure make significantly more money.

        But I would think the thought process would be that if someone was really interested in pursuing a better position and more pay then that team would grant them the availability to do so, as opposed to having a disgruntled employee. But I’m sure that’s not always the case.

    3. Andrew,

      The only position a team can not block a position Coach from taking is a HC job. It doesn’t matter if a new job is a promotion.

      Jones was likely just thinking out loud. Bevell is not an option even if he wanted to make a lateral move here which is very unlikely.

    1. The last sentence in that article sums it up perfectly. If it wasn’t for Deflategate, the 49ers would be the league’s headline joke.

  58. leo tough days if you cant even get a wr coach to come take a promotion with a talented team. Baalke is prob such a narcissist he has no clue he is the issue. Who will he blame things on this year with JH gone?

  59. And now it’s being reported that Bicknell himself turned down the interview. This just keeps getting better and better.

      1. There was a QB who once came to Camelot to speak with Lord Singletary. When the QB went back home he was heard to mutter, “I could have blown that off in thirty minutes.”

        We are watching a play, and TK has written a program for the play. Get your program!

  60. It’s a sad day when you can get a position coach to take a promotion. Im sure some will try to spin it in a positive way. There is nothing positive about this coaching search. If BARK didn’t think they screwed up in the past, they know for sure now.

    As for my expectations, they will remain the same as if Harbaugh was still here. I expect us the be right back in the NFCCG with the roster we have and them being healthy.

  61. Here’s an article from Cam Inman. He talks about the OC search and CK’s work in Arizona with EXOS.

    Here’s a quote that just adds fuel to the dumpster fire:

    “Chryst’s only experience as an offensive coordinator came in 1999-2000 with the San Diego Chargers, when they transitioned quarterbacks from one Jim Harbaugh to a brash Ryan Leaf.”

    Here’s a more positive quote from Trent Dilfer (yeah, I know it is Dilfer, but at this point I’ll read anything that might provide a glimmer of hope):

    “I’ve talked to people around the league, and it’s not that people don’t want the job,” ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer said on 95.7 The Game. “It’s a really attractive job to a lot of people.

    “People want to work with Kaepernick,” Dilfer added, “especially with what they’re hearing of what he’s doing down here in Arizona with Dennis Gile and Kurt Warner, who are doing a great job with him. Colin is throwing the best he’s thrown in his life.”

    1. Thanks for the read Cubus,

      Its a nice change of tone. Pieces are definitely there offensively. And its good to hear positive things about Kaepernick from one of his biggest critics.

      I wonder if Shanahan truly is or was an option at any point.

      1. I’ve never thought he was an option given who he would be working for. I don’t think he was ever an option for them either.

      2. Gile is one of Dilfer’s boys. Wouldn’t expect anything but praise from him, just like after Gile worked with Tebow.

        1. … and what Dilfer said was based on “reports”. That leaves him free of criticism as far as his own judgement is concerned.

    2. Dilfer is close with the front office. I suspect this as a Jed-leak to try to save face after several embarrassing public rejections for the OC job.

      This could all still work out under Chryst, but everyone has to admit that the public perception of this whole process has just looked and smelled terrible. It also looks a lot like Jed is repeating the early stages of John York’s clueless, awkward, and hubris-filled firing of Mooch, letting Terry Donthaveaclue gut the franchise and then hiring 3 straight loser HCs.

      My personal worst case scenario is Tomsula going 5-11 in 2015, leading York to shift all of the blame to Baalke and firing him and Tomsula. Then issuing a worthless “we’re sorry for screwing up but please renew your tickets” apology letter to the season ticket holders. Then hiring a new GM who purges the team of the expensive talent in 2016 (including Kaepernick, Willis, Staley, Bethea and a few others) and starting a 2005-like rebuild. After cycling through at least 2 more coaches after Tomsula, a chance exists the team begins to contend again around 2020-22 if York finds another good GM and HC.

      Hopefully history doesn’t repeat itself here. Jed sure seems to be trying hard to repeat the mistakes of his father and completely destroy all of the goodwill he built up with the Harbaugh hiring.

      1. Way I see it, the 49ers were 8-8 under Singletary his first season in charge, despite having a very ordinary coaching staff and a less talented roster than they currently have.

        I’d like to think Tomsula is a better coach than Singletary, even if it is marginal. And even if the 49ers hire Chryst as OC, he’s no worse than Raye, and probably better. And he’ll at least have some other guys with OC experience to lean on. I think it is unlikely this team completely tanks it next season based on talent alone.

        1. Scooter,

          I think Tomsula is very likely a much better coach than Singletary. Unfortunately, Singletary was so horrible that’s not necessarily a very encouraging statement. Chryst is also probably better than Raye, and possibly better than Roman. That’s a “we’ll see.”

          The 2015 49ers (at present) are significantly more talented than the 2009 version for sure. Unfortunately the difference is that the NFC West as a whole was very weak in 2009. Now, the Seahawks are SB contenders, and the Cardinals were an 11 win team with a quality coaching staff. The Rams are defensively talented, and offensively curious, with a HC who has led playoff teams before. If Tomsula ends up getting outcoached with superior talent to most teams he faces, we could be better on paper than the 2009 version, and yet end up worse overall because the NFC West is one of the toughest divisions in the NFL.

          Everything is a major question mark right now. On paper, we look worse than we did at the start of 2014.

        2. Think about it. “Win the Superbowl vs. Unlikely to Completely Tank”

          Oh, where did we go wrong?

    3. If what Dilfer says is true — and it may not be — sounds like they should try to sign Gile as their QB coach, or Warner (which would be a coup and a major vote of confidence). Make Chryst the OC and strengthen the oline, RBs, and WRs through free agency and/or the draft, and maybe they have something.

        1. According to a celebrity net worth site, Kurt had a net worth of $30 million and an annual income of $11 million some time after he retired. There was no date attached to this financial information.

  62. Haven’t heard his name mentioned but if they don’t get Bevell…what about Carl Smith for the OC job?
    Just throwing that out there…

    1. Why would Bevell be interested in anything but head coaching jobs. Who’s got it better than Seattle?

      1. I didn’t suggest he’d be interested in the 49ers…but I GUARANTEE the 49ers are interested in him and they’ll definately request an interview if they don’t hire someone else before Sunday, which appears unlikely at this point.
        More to the point…I was wondering if they’d consider Smith?

    2. The only way I see Bevell as a possibility is if the Seahawks get destroyed in the Superbowl and Bevell is fired. As much as I would love for that scenario to happen, even if they lose, they’re likely to hold on to Bevell. As has been mentioned many times, the 49ers would need to receive permission to even speak with Bevell unless he is fired. As ht says, why would Bevell even consider moving unless it is for a HC job or again unless he gets fired.

      1. Maybe Sean Payton wants to leave the Saints and be the new 49ers OC. What the HECK are you guys talking about on this bog? No coach with ANY choice is coming to SF. Capisce?

  63. Rotoworld says “Yikes.”

    Eagles WRs coach Bob Bicknell reportedly isn’t interested in the 49ers’ offensive-coordinator job.
    Yikes. The 49ers are having a tough time luring someone in to call plays for Colin Kaepernick and Co. Alabama OC Lane Kiffin chose to remain in Tuscaloosa, Colts special assistant Rob Chudzinski accepted a promotion in Indianapolis, and ex-OC Greg Roman joined Rex Ryan in Buffalo. It’s unclear where the 49ers will go from here. QBs coach Geep Chryst is a candidate for a promotion.

      1. Dillfer only commented on reports that he has heard, not on any personal observations. He can dump those comments and walk away from them on a moments notice.

  64. Jeff Gravley WRAL via Maiocco: Logan’s going to be the quarterback coach.

    Musical chairs tells me Chryst will be OC.

    1. Nailed both coordinators if that happens…which isn’t something I’m exactly proud of.

    2. Logan

      “Jim Tomsula is one guy who I would open this can of worms back up for”

      “The San Francisco 49ers’ roster is a roster that is Super Bowl competitive.”

      “Kaepernick is my kind of guy – mobile, accurate and smart.”

    3. What other positions has Chryst coached in the past?

      Could be a move to another position or just some type of offensive assistant? There’s still hope.

  65. It’s that guy with the funny name who already works for them, Geep. Expect an announcement soon, probably Friday so they can get out of town before the fan is hit…

  66. The main way Tomsula could distinguish himself from Singletary is by hiring a good, qualified offensive coordinator and let him do his own thing. The fact that no one wants to be this team’s OC despite having good talent tells me that we’re in for the Singletary era redux.

    1. But ‘doing his own thing’ is a moot point since the new OC won’t even be able to hire his own staff.

  67. 49ers should be calling the Bears to ask permission to interview Matt Cavanaugh, and should also give Cam Cameron a call.

    1. Both would be better than Cryst, in my opinion.
      And of course, Cavanaugh has the Niners connection.
      I like Carl Smith alot though.
      I don’t think Wilson does what he’s done without Smith in his ear.

        1. Actally, I don’t expect any team to them permission to interview any assistants.
          Just tossing a name into the discussion that I hadn’t heard yet..
          We obviously have a alot of time to throw ‘what if’s’ around…

    2. I’m starting to warm up to the idea of bringing aboard Cam Cameron, but I’m not sure his offensive scheme would fit the current player personnel. Everything I’m reading seems to indicate that he operates an explosive offense, and that isn’t what our offense currently supports.

      1. They need a vertical threat WR.

        Think about the offense he had at the Ravens. Flacco at QB, Rice at RB, Boldin and Torrey Smith the WRs, and a big, physical OL. The only thing he’d be missing at the 49ers is a Torrey Smith like WR. They can sign and/ or draft one. Other than that the personnel fits perfectly.

              1. How would signing Torrey Smith to play in Cam Cameron’s offense, in a role he’s played well before, be a mistake?

              2. Forgive me. I must have missed the Cam announcment. Smiths’ hands and Kaepernicks’ bullets doesn’t sound like the best idea for a guy who’s going to want big money….

              3. No worries razor. This whole thread was talking about the possibility of hiring Cameron as the OC, and how a vertical threat like Torrey Smith is the missing ingredient for one of his offenses.

              4. I think anyone they bring in, no matter the offense, whether it be F/A or Draft, he has to have strong hands to go along with that speed. Think OBJr….

            1. It doesn’t fit Baalke’s MO to add a receiver through FA?

              That isn’t what I said Jack, although I will admit that I didn’t clarify it enough. I was referring to the fact that Baalke doesn’t spend big money on FA WRs. He tends to go more for the low-risk high-reward type of FA WR.

          1. Yeah, that’s something I’ve actually mentioned previously when I brought up Cam Cameron. They can hire him as OC and get him his WR tandem from the Ravens days.

            If the 49ers were feeling really bold they could even try and bring in his old RB too!

            1. Cam Cameron would be a step above what we are currently looking at but his name hasn’t come up at all. I think we are stuck with Chryst.

              Great idea though Scooter.

    3. My initial reaction regarding Cameron is: wasn’t he the guy that John Harbaugh fired in 2013, after which firing the Ravens reached and won the superbowl?

      1. Yeah, that’s the guy. He was good the four years prior to that though. The lowest his offense ever finished was 16th in terms of points scored.

    4. From Ian Rapoport:

      “The #Redskins have hired a QB coach for the first time in the Jay Gruden era. It’s Matt Cavanaugh, the team announced.”

      1. Well there you go, I hadn’t realised he’d been let go by the Bears. The 49ers missed an opportunity there.

          1. QB coach for the dysfunctional Redskins or OC for the dysfunctional 49ers. Meh, toss a coin.

  68. It’s just so amazing that they had such great coaches like Tomsula, Mangini and Chryst already on staff that are fully capable of winning a SB with this team.
    Who knew that all along the weak links were Harbaugh, Fangio, Roman and Seely.
    Oh yeah, Donatell and Solari sucked too.
    Now that those losers are out of the picture we can finally focus on ring #6.
    I, for one, am hyped.

  69. It’s always at the darkest hour. Sometimes it takes a disaster to get you to turn to Chryst for answers, and it’s no different here for the San Francisco 49ers….

      1. The insight was free, so why bite the hand that feeds you? Anyway, you’re welcome NPD!(Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

  70. On a slightly positive note, the 49ers aren’t the only ones having a lot of trouble finding an OC. The Rams also missed out on Chud, and now their fall back option Nathaniel Hackett has taken a QB coaching job at the Jaguars over the OC role at the Rams.

    I guess they must have an inept front office too.

    1. I find that interesting because I believe the Rams job might be one of the best in the NFL. They are an average team with a lot of talent. If they get a decent QB, which I expect them to draft, they could very well be in the playoffs next year.

    2. It may have something to do with the massive uncertainty of where the Rams will be geographically more than anything.

    3. The Raiders were turned down by a guy who is going to stay in college instead of be their DC.

      Not sure comparing the 49ers to the Rams and Raiders is really a good thing though.

    4. The have ownership problems, location problems, and a very strong minded head coach. Oh yea, quarter back vacant spaces.

  71. So this is what it has come to? Talking ourselves into Cam Cameron? This offseason has just been the worst.

    1. Well, Cam Cameron has been the OC I’ve been pitching all along, so I’d be happy with the signing regardless.

    2. It’s going to get a lot worst when the season starts for the 49ers. I guest Jed York and Baalke already knows what is coming their way comes next season:-)

    3. I should also point out it is very unlikely he’d come to the 49ers. He said last year when he was being considered for some OC positions that he had no intention of leaving LSU any time soon as he loves it there.

    4. Cam Cameron sounds a whole lot better than Geep Chryst to me, but yes we are now at the bottom of the barrel.

      Just think, if they’d hired Shanahan, we’d be sitting here with Shanny as HC, possibly his son as OC, Vic Fangio would still be DC and Donatel and everybody else would still be here too. Instead we have arguably the worst Coaching staff in the league. Great job Jed and Trent. Anything is better than dealing with Harbaugh I guess.

      1. It’s shaping up to be a Ragtag group, let’s just hope they round into a bunch of Inglorious Bastards….

  72. Ok, now I am getting concerned.
    First, I would have preferred if Harbaugh stayed as the coach. He is a good head coach, but it appears he is very hard to deal with. But , I was also clear that his offense had lots of problems that continued from year to year and never seemed to get fixed, so a new approach on offense would be helpful.
    I was hoping Fangio would be a good candidate for HC, but apparently no one in the league views him as one so I let that go.
    Tomsula is well respected by the players and from what I have read had some chances to interview for DC jobs. Plus being the HC is a lot different than being a coordinator.

    So now the question was/is who is going to run the offense? It is looking like either no one is interested in the OC job, or the press is completely wrong and the candidate is still working. I tend to think it is the former. So what is the problem here?
    Is it working with a rookie head coach? Could be, people don’t like the unknown.
    Is the salary? Maybe, but it appears that many have not been interested before the interview and salary discussions take place.
    Is it Kap? He has talent, works hard and from what I read is smart (college grades and test scores). His decision making process appears hurried, its rare that he appear calm in the pocket, so his upside maybe limited.
    Is it the players? The offense maybe in flux which could scare coaches. There is a major weakness at Wide receiver with no one who scares the other team and the 49ers don’t appear able to solve this, so this could be a factor.
    Is it the perception that Baalke makes all the major football decisions; “we run the ball” that has impacted the job search? Frankly this would seem to be a big factor. AN OC wants to run his offense. He wants to put his mark on the team. he wants to put himself in a position to run a great offense so he can be considered a HC candidate. If he just runs the Parcells/Baalke offense I don’t think that will happen so what hot shot offensive coach would want the job?
    That is why I think it will be Chryst who will end up as OC.

    I hope I am wrong, because if our offense can end up in the top 12-10 in points we will have a very good team.

  73. I just don’t see where this offense is shaping up to be any better than the one under Roman….

    1. I agree with that. The only improvement will be getting back to what they did in 2011 to 2013.

      1. Agreed. Its not like they were ever going to transform this offense into some high-powered scoring machine. I think Baalke/JT know exactly what the strengths of this team are, power running and ball control. They know if the O-line play was back to pre-2014 form, the receivers didn’t drop everything that came their way, and we could find our most suited offensive identity and stick with it, than this team would have still been in contention this season.

        There goal is to clean this mess up and get back to what we do best.

        Now the actual execution of this plan so far is a whole other story.

        1. There goal is to clean this mess up and get back to what we do best.
          I think the one and only goal Jed and Trent had was to oust Harbaugh, that’s it.

          1. I think the one and only goal Jed and Trent had was to oust Harbaugh, that’s it.

            I agree Robert, at least it was the only thing that was meticulously planned. It’s becoming clear they didn’t have much of a plan beyond that.

  74. That’s the problem.
    I don’t think the Niner’s defense is as good as the Hawks. The offense is not as good as the Hawks offense which frankly isn’t saying much. So what I want to see is an improvement in the offense so it is clearly better than the Seattle’s. If this doesn’t happen we are not going to beat them. If Arizona gets health then we may not be able to beat them if the offense does not improve. It appears that we maybe stuck with a conservative offense which strives to not lose games instead of win them.

  75. I remember trying to get excited about Jimmy Raye. I’m having the same feelings now that I had then.However, the problem then ways that coaches did not want to be on the staff with Mike Singletary. The problem now appears to be that nobody wants to be on a staff put together and directed by Trent Baalke. What do you do when your GM is anathema to the rest of the league.

    1. What do you do when your GM is anathema to the rest of the league.

      Pray for the best, hope for something good, and expect the worst.

    1. Logan’s plan for Carolina against Seattle this year was that they should throw a bomb on every first down, and use the read option on all other plays. It’s easy to remember, and he is a very entertaining personality.

      Kevin Lynch discussing the coaches that haven’t come here so far:

      “If any of those coaches makes an even mild success of the offense and simply returns Kaepernick to his 2012 self, they become instant head coaching candidates. It could mean that they feel tutoring Kaepernick would be difficult, or that the coaching environment in San Francisco would be problematic. ”

      Take your pick. Reality is in there somewhere.

    1. Can’t wait for this to be taken out of context. Before people get started, I am sure he doesn’t mean the QB can be completely inaccurate. He’s saying you don’t mind trading a little bit of accuracy for a guy that can extend a play.

    2. Yeah, but Barrows makes a good point. Colin who is considered a mobile QB was sacked 52 times last year, which was second in the league.

      1. Kap can’t escape pressure because he’s not that quick.
        He’s fast on the run because his stride is so long, but he has no feel for pressure in the pocket and can’t move quickly in and out of it.
        A guy like that NEEDS a top-tier pass blocking line.
        We don’t have one of those.
        We got maulers that mow their way through the line and open running lanes.
        It’s a bad match, but which one is easier to fix–the line that doesn’t pass-protect or the QB that can’t escape pressure?

      2. How do we separate Colin’s sacks into ones that were enabled by what they were trying to teach Colin about the pocket, and the ones where Wilson would have taken a sack from the ones that Colin wasn’t shifty (unlike Wilson) enough to escape?

        It’s a multifaceted situation.

    3. Leo,

      The guy has a solid background. It’s the European League stuff that I think turns people off without even looking into who he is.

      1. I’m with you Jack…

        He’s worked with Matt Ryan, David Gerrard, and Jeff Blake…. its not like he’s unqualified.

        1. Grant

          Wait, so you’re saying Geep is the guy responsible for the 49ers’ prolific RZ scoring offense?

        2. Only Matt Ryan brings forth some confidence that Logan can get it done with Kaep. The other two…not so much.

      2. … and he talks up an entertaining storm. My hunch is that he will look for ways to simplify what he’s trying to do with a QB.

  76. As depressing as this debacle of a coaching staff search is right now…equally depressing is that little game to be played on Sunday.
    As big a football as I am, I have aways loved the SB no matter who was in it, until this year.
    Seriously folks, I loathe both teams.
    Even in the years when I disliked both teams I always leaned a little one way or another–mostly to the NFC, of course.
    This year, I hate them both equally.
    I will be watching…reluctantly.
    I look forward to the commercials and moreso, Miss Katy Perry’s halftime show. (Yowza!)
    The Draft can’t come too soon this year…

    1. He’s got the talent to go higher. Will be interesting to see how he goes between now and the draft, see if he can repair his image.

      1. Beckham’s biggest problem is Josh Gordon and his ‘model’ behavior. I think no matter what he does, Beckham will be compared to Gordon which will most likely cause his stock to drop. If I’m right and Beckham does drop, then I wouldn’t mind the team spending a second round pick on him.

    1. And now we wait for the statement from Baalrk saying that Chryst and Mangini hit all the checkboxes and that no other candidate matched their credentials.

      1. Will be interesting to see if they do try and sell it that way. They have to know that will go down like a lead balloon.

        1. I don’t think they care, quite honestly.
          Remember the ” I guarantee you we’re not going to win today’s press conference” crap?.
          The believe wholeheartedly in what they’re doing-fans be damned.

    1. Well, at this point Chryst was pretty much a forgone conclusion. Oh well.

      I really do hope they bring in someone with a bit of nous as a senior offensive assistant.

  77. Hi I am Roger Goodell and with the 1st pick of the 2016 NFL draft the San Francisco 49ers select…………..

  78. I have no problems with this hire. Its the best hire the Niners could of had with any chance of making the playoffs next year. I assume the same playbook will be used which I have no problem with. What I want to know who is going to be calling the plays!! I also would not be surprised to see a new OC next year if they don’t make it far into the playoffs.

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