Report: Crabtree injures hamstring, will miss a week or two

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh revealed Friday morning that MIchael Crabtree injured himself during training camp. Here’s what Harbaugh said:

Q: “Will Michael Crabtree practice today?”

HARBAUGH: “Not today, no. He is working through something.”

Q: “Is it serious? Will it keep him out for long?”

HARBAUGH: “No, probably a week. Maybe a week. Maybe two weeks. Same for Brandon Lloyd.”

Q: “Is it related to his Achilles?”

HARBAUGH: “No. Are you going to go through every body part until you get the right one?”

Crabtree’s injury is related to his hamstring, according to Josina Anderson. This is what she tweeted Friday afternoon: “Source familiar with 49ers WR Michael Crabtree on his undisclosed injury that will sideline him for now: ‘I think he has a sore hamstring. Nothing too serious right now.’ The source added, ‘I think they want to hold him back a bit to be cautious.'”

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  1. I wouldn’t mind if Crabs was kept out of the entire preseason as a precautionary. Can’t be too cautious with that guy.

  2. This makes me realize that we need both Johnson and Lloyd. What if Crab and Boldin both get injured during the season at the same time? Offense will hibernate.

    1. Better to realize it now, rather than later. That’s basically been my reasoning for retaining all 6 receivers…..

        1. Exactly! My sentiments as well. It seems none of our WR except Boldin seem immune to ” working through something” injuries.

  3. I was concerned that Crabtree’ (“lower leg condition” as first reported) might have been associated to the achilles injury of last year.

    Glad to hear that its only a hammy and nothing serious.

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