Report: District Attorney charges 49ers OLB Ahmad Brooks with sexual battery

San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks could face six months in jail after the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office charged him Wednesday afternoon with one misdemeanor count of sexual battery, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

On December 15, 2014, Brooks attended a pool party at Ray McDonald’s house — Brooks’ teammate at the time. A woman allegedly fell and hit her head at the party, and she claims Brooks groped her sexually when she was unconscious.

The woman also alleges McDonald carried her to his bedroom and had sex with her after Brooks groped her and while she was still unconscious. For this, a Santa Clara Grand Jury has indicted McDonald on one count of rape, and he could face as many as eight years in jail, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Here’s a written statement from 49ers’ general manager Trent Baalke: “The organization is aware that a misdemeanor charge has been filed against Ahmad Brooks stemming from a December 2014 matter. We take any charge against a member of this organization seriously and are in communication with the NFL. Ahmad is returning home to California and will not participate in Saturday’s game.”

Stay tuned for more news as it breaks.

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    1. Thanks for the Bleacher Report infor. on Niner dissapointments…Bridgewater is ready for Prime-Time, Kap is not!!…How many times throughout the years of Montana, Young and Garcia did I hear that during practices before a game, the ball never touched the ground (I’ve lost track)…But when Kap has a preaseason or practice debacle (completinhg 2 of 17 deep balls or throwing 6 ints and 7 straight incompletions its disregarded as trivial…I prefer to think as the current coaching staff as trivial, and the Jeff Garcia coaching stafff as understanding that what you do in pracitce carries over into a regular season game…Anyone recall many of Montana’s or Young’s practices before a SuperBowl or Playoff game where the ball never touched the ground and both carried over into colossal wins!!!

  1. One (of way too many) question is whether an indictment suffices to trigger Goodell putting him on the Commissioner’s Suspension List, or Limbo List, or Double-Secret Probation List, or whatever it’s called. Might as well, otherwise it’s just a smoldering fuse for the team.

  2. Brooks was charged by the DA not indicted by a grand jury. Separate actions.

    “Ending months of speculation, a Santa Clara County Grand Jury has indicted former San Francisco 49ers player Ray McDonald on one count of raping an intoxicated woman following a party at his house in December. The District Attorney’s Office also charged 49er Ahmad Brooks with one count of misdemeanor sexual battery against the same woman at the same party nine months ago.”

    1. Thanks for the correction; we might as well get it right. The charge seems like a lower bar, but let’s see how the team and NFL react.

      1. As a replacement for Aldon, I thought. I thought the thinking was that Aldon and Brooks would start with Lynch rotating in. Now that Aldon is gone…

  3. There was decent coverage on Twitter through Niners Nation per the practice today….

    Well, I thought Brooks was due for a solid year, but the reality is from reports out of camp, was that he wasn’t sticking out much…….. I guess we go w Lemonier on base downs and Harold in passing situations. ? Nearly 6 million in cap savings if he is cut, correct?

    1. I’m not sure of the exact numbers but since it would be a post June 1st cut the dead money hit would be split between this year and next year.

  4. Not sure what happened, obviously, nor how guilty he is, but if they released Ray McDonald it will look strange if don’t do the same with Brooks. Personally, I won’t be sad to see him go if they do release him. Not sure they will though.

    1. Didn’t the 49ers release Ray McDonald for violating a court order to stay away from his ex?

        1. That’s what I understood too. The restraining order violation was the one too many repeat they had warned him to avoid.

          1. I have the sequence wrong. McDonald was dropped by the Bears when he violated the restraining order.

  5. Can anyone name any team in sports that has had a shi$ier offseason than this ever? This is unreal.

  6. Aldon Smith 6′ 4″ 263 lbs – 35 3/8 ” Arms – 9 3/4″ Hands

    40 yd dash – 4.78
    Vertical – 34″
    Broad Jump – 9′ 10″
    Bench – 20
    3 Cone Drill – 7.19 sec

    Lawrence Okoye 6′ 6″ 304 lbs – 34 1/2 ” Arms – 10 3/4″ Hands

    40 yd Dash – 4.74 sec
    Vertical – 35″
    Broad Jump – 10′ 5″
    Bench – 30
    3 Cone Drill – 6.69 sec

    He’s the only Super Freak left on the team….

    1. Serious question: Do you think he could play OLB? I know they haven’t been training him for that, suggesting they don’t think so. Why not a situational pass rusher, like they played Aldon in year 1?

      1. Aldon had been playing the game for a while though. Okoye meanwhile has considerably less football experience.

    2. I agree. Dump Brooks now. Save what cap space they can. Start fresh. Open up a roster spot for someone who wants to play football and not abuse women.

    3. Its an interesting idea razor. He’s lost in the DL shuffle, so I guess the real question is “why not?”

    4. George,
      Athletic freak? Yes. Matching Aldon in almost every physical attribute? Ok yes.
      Glaring difference: Aldon had about 43 sacks. Okoye has 0.

      Personally, my vote for athletic super freak on the 49ers is Vernon Davis. Now, we just need him to play like it (again).
      As for Lawrence, the jury is still out.

        1. No worries. I would like to see them try him as a rush OLB.


      1. Aldon 43 sacks
        Lemonier 1 sack

        I’d like to see Okoye get some experience since it’s not benefiting Lemonier….

  7. If this woman is not truthful, then I understand hesitancy to get rid of Brooks. However, this is not his first run in with the law or his first problem with the team. Suspend him and then reinstate him if not convicted, or just go ahead and kick him off the team.

  8. Well Brooks is already convicted in the court of public opinion. Which, in entertainment is more volatile than court itself. So with that said, Ahmad Brooks will no longer be s 49er. I think his days are done!!! I’m not surprised and I don’t really give a crap.your a grown man that makes millions. Can you seriously look at yourself and say you can’t have a female, willingly wanting to have relations with you? #MAN THE F*** UP!!!

    1. The woman “claims Brooks groped her sexually when she was unconscious” … something doesn’t add up here.

  9. And with the first selection in the 2016 NFL draft, the 49ers select…………………………..

  10. With the first pick in the 2016 NFL draft, the 49ers select…………………………..

          1. Where ever. At this rate we probably would be denied the first overall pick because Miller destroyed a cell phone.

              1. And Brooks got his sexual battery charged. And the incidents just keep going and going and going.

  11. This:
    is behind a pay-wall but there are some 49ers on the list. Also they don’t seem to be up to date on the OL situation.

    4. Aaron Lynch, OLB, San Francisco 49ers

    Last year, this fifth-round rookie tied for the 49ers’ team lead with six sacks, despite playing only half the defensive snaps. He also led the 49ers with 21 hurries and 11 quarterback hits. Our SackSEER projection system liked Lynch’s potential more than his past: He had a 50.8 percent SackSEER rating, because of a strong explosion index, but only had 10.5 sacks in his two seasons of college ball. (Lynch had to sit out the 2012 season after transferring from Notre Dame to South Florida.) With Aldon Smith now cut, Lynch is battling Corey Lemonier for the starting role opposite Ahmad Brooks.

    18. Brandon Thomas, G, San Francisco 49ers

    Thomas is one of the 49ers’ recent “redshirt” draft picks. The Clemson product tore his ACL at a pre-draft workout with New Orleans, which enabled the 49ers to snap him up with the last third-round pick in the 2014 draft. Now he’s healthy and ready to compete for Mike Iupati’s old spot at left guard. Thomas has a strong initial punch and above-average quickness to get to the second level. He should fit in well with San Francisco’s run-heavy offensive scheme.

    22. Dontae Johnson, CB, San Francisco 49ers

    A fourth-round rookie from North Carolina State, Johnson gradually took over last season as San Francisco’s nickelback and was a full-time player by Week 15. He started and played 97 percent of defensive snaps in the last three games of the year. As befits a nickelback, Johnson did an excellent job of preventing yardage (6.7 adjusted yards per pass) but was not quite as strong at preventing first downs (49 percent success rate). But those numbers are a little more impressive, given that Johnson was seen on draft day as a raw athlete with questionable college film. Johnson was supposed to require development, but the original baseline was supposed to be “not ready to play in the NFL.” Instead, it looks like his development is already starting with a baseline of “reasonable,” which means there’s a better chance that the end-point of Johnson’s potential is going to be “very good.”‘

  12. Vestigial criminal act from the Harbaugh era. The team will breath easier when they have cleared the deck of this remaining blight. Where is the class where is the outrage….

  13. Anyone think Dwight Freeney is worth bringing in as a situational pass rusher if they do indeed release Brooks (or Brooks is suspended)? He only had 3.5 sacks last year, but my understanding is he was in the top 10 pass rushers in terms of pressures/ hits.

        1. Yeah, I remember that’s why he visited, but the NFL free agency site lists him as the number 2 OLB still available.

          1. Yes, he’s primarily been a 4-3 OLB in his career. Those guys typically play ILB in a 3-4.

  14. Just when you think the bleeding has stopped… we get another bullet in the side.

    I just want to start this season already. If Tomsula can get 8 wins out this team he should get Coach of the year.

    Honestly i dont even care that much, but im just sick of the media. And you know every primetime game this year its going to be the same exact narrative throughout the game. Here’s all the losses, retirements, yada yada yada.

    I just want this team to prove everyone wrong so badly.

      1. Some say, the hotter the fire, the stronger the steel.
        Niners are ranked at the bottom, so they have no where to go but up.
        I, too want them to prove the pessimists wrong.

    1. I can’t agree more, I wasn’t over impressed with the Tomsula hiring, but give the man his dues if anyone has inherited a worse situation (outside of Cleveland of course) then I can’t remember it…… If he get’s 6 wins I think it’ll be a job well done, 8… as you say COTY.

    2. OH NO !….The sky is falling AGAIN….woe is us…cancel the season…What are some folks on here gonna’ do when the season starts ? No more soap operas. It is what it is…

  15. The good news is that Lemonier is a lock, and Rush might make the 53. TJE could land a spot, and Okoye might survive the cuts.
    I hope they did not destroy the tapes and that the film exonerates them. If not, next man up.

  16. Charges will be eventually dropped against Brooks so hopefully the Niners don’t rush to judgement and cut him…

    Blondy “Who Shall Go Nameless” in the video below had to have a cover when her ‘significant other’ found out she was banging McDonald that night and throughout the next day…. Just couldn’t turn that chance down.

    Nice sad face though:

    1. An anti-SLAPP motion must be heard within 30 days of service which would have been in June. Does anyone know what the decision was? It was a bush league move on the part of McDonald’s attorney and could only have been done to intimidate (which the statute is meant to protect against, duh). If no decision was rendered, there must have been a deal because it was a certain loser which virtually guarantees payment of the victim’s attorney fees..

    2. California’s law is effed up, they say it is to protect a victim from intimidation for reporting a crime, yet what about the possibility that a person commited the crime of perjury in the hope of suing for monetary gains, lawyers know that some clients who have money will pay to have it go away.

      If you are raped, you need to have a the hospital perform a test to show you were raped.

      As for broke, need to see the video, she fell, hit her head and became unconscious, who is to say that a person, in this case Brookes, was not trying to revive her somehow, that in trying to awaken her he might have touched her accidentally in what she deemed inappropriately.

      Makes you think about helping a person, you might get sued, it would not be the first time people try to scam. Right now, I will wait for the evidence.

      Still, you should have the right to sue someone who lies.

  17. Brooks + McDonald =
    more of the Harbaw legacy.
    (impress me, why doncha..?)

    Sarkisian channeling Ann Arbor
    (channelling University of San Diego)

    1. What’s mind-boggling is how much of a dumb@$$ you are. Harbaugh is coaching the Wolverines now, so get off the 49ers blog.

      1. He really gets under your skin doesn’t he? I view him as a discolored wall in an adult bookstore booth….

        1. You picture that, and I picture the troll framing his 100th restraining order from Alex Smith.

    2. You do realize how stupid that is. Brooks and McDonald were on the team before JH showed up. Even before TB’s tenure too. I think TB kept stocking the team with guys with bad pasts like Cox, Edwards, Simpson, and others. What do you expect when you keep adding guys with a history of that.

  18. Hopefully Trader Trent can pull something off for a draft pick he would’ve just used on someone with a torn ACL anyway

  19. Are there any teams with a glut of pass rushers that will cut some? Seems like TB is probably scouting other camps for OLB’s. I liked some of the ideas o Tank or Dockett, but is that too much of a skillset change and they both seem like they’d be horrbile in coverage.

    1. “Are there any teams with a glut of pass rushers that will cut some?” … wilsonm73

      A “glut of pass rushers” is your classic oxymoron. Pass rushers are as rare as hens teeth. ;-}

      1. Okay maybe I should restate it. Are there teams with average pass rushers who could be functional for us better than Lemonier and Rush? People with new talent from the draft and cutting large contracts who could get 6-8 sacks a year. Lynch has been on the injury list a lot in two years. Lots of hamstring issues. Harold is a bit undersized but will play well. I guess Mangini can dial up blitzes all season and bring pressure from other places. Seems like we should use some of that cap space to help ourselves here.

  20. Note to MidWestDynasty & Razoreater:

    That means both of you predict
    successful 2015/16 seasons for both
    Mr. Harbaw and his golden boy, Kaep, huh?

    My money says they play .500 ball, at best.
    I am the Super Bowl monkey
    (scratch, scratch, scratch).

    1. Note to Monkey: You haven’t been paying attention then due to your sick obsession with Harbaugh.

  21. Waking up to the ongoing soap opera of Brooks, shaking my head because they aren’t making it easy to be a Niner fan.
    I note he was charged as a misdemeanor, so not sure what sentencing will be applied, but the team and league can’t be too pleased by a sexual battery conviction.
    I don’t know about the accuser here: she went to McDonald’s house for something……and hung around the next day for more…… If it was my daughter we’d have a conversation about controlling one’s environment, managing situations. If you want to play, OK, you made that choice. Don’t like how it turned out? Don’t leave yourself vulnerable.
    I’m not about blaming victims, but is this really rape as we understand it in this case? I understand the charges and why they were brought, but the context is weird.
    Finally, replacing Brooks won’t be by converting one of the big DL. There will be pass rush specialists (Harold, maybe Caradine, possibly Okoye can be like a 4-3 end), but they won’t be fulfilling a OLB role. It’s probably Lemonade on 1 or 1/2, then Harold.

    1. Bro Tuna…

      Well placed post….especially the ‘choices’ part. I’m still somewhat confused as to why the charges were brought given the situation(s) that you described unless there is some sinister plot to defang the game of football by jailing all of the players….wait and see….

      1. Our opinions are subject to how much we do and don’t know about the details. I will say in my college days I had dates pass out on me and was never…….ya’ know? Might as well get an inflatable girl. So the charge is about taking advantage.
        Then too, if someone falls, drunk or not, and hits their head and passes out, I’m concerned for them. At the least its a concussion. Baaaahhhh!

    2. It will be a travesty of justice if an innocent person is falsely accused of rape. Sounds like she willingly went to his residence, was witnessed partying, was witnessed making out on the couch, and she might have had consensual sex. Why did she slip on the pool deck, get knocked unconscious, and no medical personnel were called? If she was imbibing alcohol, is that an excuse to accuse another person when her judgement may be impaired? Could the possibility exist where she may be falsely accusing him for monetary gain, and they were set up by some unknown entity who wants to deprive the Niners of their players so their team can have a better chance to win?
      I hope the tape exonerates them, and she does not get to use the judicial system to ruin his life. I will with hold judgement until I see the tapes.

  22. Who is this “Harbaw” you are obsessed with like some unhinged psychotic stalker? Nobody on the teams answers to that.

  23. F*@k the District Attorney. He’s got an agenda, an axe to grind, or just wants attention. When a woman with suspect character and checkered past makes a claim that something happened while she was unconscious, you don’t slap a charge, you investigate.

    1. Nick: Since this seems obvious to you, me and any reasonable person, it would seem that they must have something on tape that indicates that the groping happened. If I recall correctly, McDonald has/had a security surveillance system, so I’m guessing that is where any alleged evidence might be. Of course, I’m speculating.

  24. Cubus you’re right for the DA to pursue charges against brooks either there is a camera or ray implicated him.
    Cut the dude he is gone next season. He acted like a little girl last season too on the bench plus broke a bottle over his own players head. Dude has been a cancer for a long time. Start fresh. They have two preseason games remaining they need to get creative in trying people at his spot. TB needs to trade for someone instead of acquiring as many late picks possible. Also need to look at cap cuts. Hear willie young might be gone he had 10 sacks. Would he fit in?

  25. This probably gets rid of the last of the bandwagon fans…. now its just us real fans. Good riddance!

    1. I don’t know about you Leo but I’m excited about the youth movement. Lynch and Harold will be explosive mark my words. This could be a blessing..

      1. Definitely excited about Lynch. I anticipate we’ll see Harold on passing downs. But losing a guy of Brooks caliber and experience is a big blow no matter how you spin it. It’ll be interesting.

    2. I highly doubt we have that many bandwagon fans because they’ve been too busy sniffing the Seahawks and Patriots’ jockstraps for the past two seasons Leo.

      1. When I proposed trading Brooks and Miller, you snorted in derision. Now I wonder if you still think that trading them is still a bad decision? I bundled those players to make the deal more palatable.

        1. Your proposal didn’t include Brooks Seb. It was Miller and a bunch of bubble players.
          Trading Brooks is a bad idea because of the lack of depth at the OLB position. Rush is practice squad material only and Lemonier has been a vast disappointment.

          1. Sorry. I guess I proposed so many trades, I did not include Brooks. I another post, I did propose trading him because I knew he had problems, and he cussed out the coach.

            1. No problem Seb. And for the record, I had talked about trading Brooks before the draft for the same reasons you mentioned.

              1. For the record, I hope Brooks is exonerated and can play for the Niners. He came to camp in shape and focused. Did everything the coaches asked him to do so he could help the team. Losing both Aldon and Brooks will be a big setback, and the replacements are not as talented.
                Still, this will allow another bubble player to make the 53.

          2. I also wanted to trade him because I was content they had Aldon and Lynch, and he had salary cap savings if traded.
            Too bad Aldon imploded, but back then, I was counting on him to have a big year.

  26. Since this almost certainly won’t be cleared up before the season, they can either cut Brooks or put him on the reserve/inactive lists. At the least, this opens another roster spot. With these open spots now thanks to him and Simpson’s stupidity, White, Haynes, and Okoye can all possibly make the team.

  27. Jed York should place Brooks on reserve, and use that spot to invite Michael Sam for a tryout. It would be a PR bonanza to champion an underdog, while not promising a spot on the roster, and would help atone for the anti gay statements of the past. It would be extremely popular with the SF Gay community and could deflect anger away from the Niners because of Brooks.

  28. Back to football:

    Joe Fann @Joe_Fann
    Colin Kaepernick opened red zone 7v7 with back to back touchdowns to Vernon Davis and Anquan Boldin.

  29. Joe Fann @Joe_Fann
    Ian Silberman running with the first-team offense at right guard. Marcus Martin at center. #49ers

  30. From the Broncos:

    Lindsay Jones ✔ @bylindsayhjones
    You guys, I just saw Blaine Gabbert throw a gorgeous 30 yard touchdown pass in practice vs Broncos. I know, I can’t believe it either.

  31. Always enjoy reading stuff like this…

    Joe Fann @Joe_Fann
    Colin Kaepernick 52-yard touchdown pass deep right to DeAndrew White. #49ers

    1. Here’s a fun one:

      Adam Kinney @AdamKinneyRadio
      Ref blows a call saying Latimer made reception on sideline. 49ers Bowman “cmon ref I know we the visitors, I know you’re a #broncos fan”

  32. Joe Fann @Joe_Fann
    Practice over. DeAndrew White was the offensive player of the day. #Alabama

  33. Cam Inman ✔ @CamInman
    Jim Tomsula talked with Brock (leg) and Moody (knee), doesn’t believe either injury is bad. “We’re in great shape with that” -Tomsula

  34. When the discussion came up last year regarding McDonald playing after allegations of domestic violence, several posters advocated automatic suspension upon a complaint being filed and/or a player being arrested. Others suggested such action should be taken if a player is charged. I stand by what I wrote at the time – I would not suspend a player until and unless a formal review of the evidence establishes that the player would be bound over for trial. In some states, an indictment would be such an action; in California, the same state will adhere after a preliminary hearing in which a judge determines whether sufficient evidence exists for the defendant to be bound over for trial. The filing of charges by the DA is not commensurate with an indictment.

    I will add to that one modification – I would only wait to suspend the player until after he is bound over for trial absent prior notice to the player that a mere accusation was sufficient for discipline (as with McDonald’s eventual summary release). That is one of the differences in these two instances as they stand now – McDonald was reportedly on notice that additional incidents of the same or similar nature would be met with discipline. It may also be that Smith had the same or similar notice with respect to his legal issues. However, unless the 49ers had put Brooks on notice of such a possibility, I believe they should not take action until it is determined if he will be bound over for trial.

    An additional note, and I admit that the following is just a suspicion at the moment – charging Brooks may be more about McDonald’s alleged actions than Brooks’ alleged actions. Brooks’ testimony may be necessary to strengthen a case against McDonald.

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  37. Mari, you are confusing things a bit. It isn’t the Skeptic community you mean, it is the subset where they cross with feminists.It is the latter that usually can’t wrap their head around the concept of “honest disagreement”…

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