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  1. That’s because the direction of the investigation is shedding a positive light on RayMac. Have a bowl of moral fiber with TK, and Killion….

          1. The only report that has come across my desk Claude, was Maiocco reporting the 49ers were optimistic about the direction the investigation was going. That, and most recently, Coach Harbaughs’ announcment. Do the math…..

    1. Integrity – the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

      The Founding Fathers thought it wise to implement a judicial system that assumed innocence before guilt. Otherwise, any person could accuse anyone else of a crime and the accused would be punished whether he was guilty or not. I think the 49ers are wise to adhere to the same moral principal. If McDonald is guilty then his punishment will come in due course and I’m sure the punishment will be harsh. Just because the process doesn’t fit your timeline doesn’t mean the 49er organization isn’t exercising good faith and integrity. You’re falling into Grant and the other writers lynch mob mentality and hanging a man before he has his trial. If anything, you and the other members of the reckless mob are exercising a lack of integrity.

      1. +1 Houston. What most people don’t get is that the Niners ARE showing integrity by waiting for the facts.

      2. There is so much wrong with the above missive (assumption that presumption of guilt leads to punishment absent determination of same; conflation of morality with reasoned principles of universal human rights; etc.) that I was surprised to discover that the main point is actually cogent and relatively well stated:

        “Just because the process doesn’t fit your timeline doesn’t mean the 49er organization isn’t exercising good faith and integrity.”

    2. Neal the way the domestic violence laws are written in Ca i do’nt think the DA needs the GF to press charges they can press them if the evidence shows he assualted her. I’m not positive about that but i’m pretty sure.

      1. Old Coach,

        You are correct, but it is not just a matter of CA DV laws. A prosecutor does not need consent from the victim(s) of a crime to file charges. The idea that a victim can “press charges” is a common misapprehension of how the justice system works (and is used by law enforcement as a short hand – most prosecutors cringe at this usage). The criminal justice system exists to protect the interests of society (the state), not the interests of the victim, and only the state can bring charges. Thus, the decision as to whether to bring said charges rests with the state, not the individual.

        As a practical matter, some crimes are difficult to prosecute absent the willingness of the victim to testify. With such crimes, prosecutor’s may chose not to pursue charges if the complaining witness (the victim) is unwilling or unavailable to testify. However, as part of an attempt to bring more prosecutions for typically under-prosecuted crimes (sexual assault, DV, child abuse, etc.), as a matter of policy and/or statute, many states now will prosecute these types of crimes, if at all possible, even with an unwilling complaining witness/victims.

  2. The team must play him, because to do otherwise would require them to also not play him in subsequent weeks.

    Given that: (1) the Colin debacle took 8 weeks to be sorted out, eventually resulting in a finding of no wrongdoing; and (2) the fact that DV arrests are not predictive of DV convictions; not playing Ray McDonald for 1 week, which might turn into 8+ weeks, would be ill-advised.

  3. G’day Faithful
    I could weigh in on several thoughtful posts above, but as a big favor to all, I won’t! ; >)
    There’s a strong chance we’ve already covered it.
    It’s not about Ray any more as a team controversy; it’s Jed/Trent/Jim. Those who choose may direct their wrath at him.

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