Report: Ricardo Lockette made the 911 call during the suspicious incident

Andy Slater, talk show host at 940 WINZ radio station in Miami, tweeted a report earlier this afternoon stating that Ricardo Lockette was the player who called the police during the suspicious incident at Lockette’s apartment in Miami a few days ago. Lockette told the police that the intoxicated woman in his apartment was completely naked on his friend’s bed, and that she refused to leave.

Does this report change how you view this incident?

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  1. Not really. We’ve known for a few days now that it was one of the players who called it in.

    1. I don’t think its the fact that a player called, but what Lockette told police…possibly just a belligerent drunk chick that wouldn’t leave or a chick trying to score some fast money…

      if nothing it brings more light to the situation.

      1. Or perhaps she was too wasted to leave, and they were also a little toasted and figured calling for help was the safest thing to do.

        It should all come out eventually.

        1. 1. Oh guys lets try another scenario, shall we. Apparently ColinK knew this woman and had been with her in the biblical sense b/4. She didn’t sue then & she wasn’t going to sue now. Police automatically check a woman who has been dumped off at the hospital. These guys have no character.

          2. Future NFL players are indoctrinated about NOT putting themselves into situations that would jeopardize their brand. This tells me that ColinK makes as poor decisions OFF the field as he does ON the field.

          1. Somebody didn’t bother to read any of the follow reports. No one dumped the woman off at the hospital.

  2. Yeah definitely, if it’s true. That would change the entire story, especially if no drugs (beside marijuana) was found. Then this becomes a story of a chick trying to come across some quick money.


    1. How so? There have only been reports of alcohol and marijuana being involved in the incident since the beginning.

  3. It raises even more questions. Why didn’t Kaep contact the police instead considering how he and the woman had past relations ( and very obviously a current one as well)? If the woman didn’t want to leave, then why was she taken to the hospital? Why exactly did they ask the woman to leave, especially after Kaep had stripped her and Lockette and Patton decided to act like boys just entering puberty by peeking through a door crack?
    This just makes Kaep look worse by the minute.

      1. Add that to the list of unanswered questions: why did Kaep leave the apartment with the woman in the state she was?
        This kid is showing that his poor decision-making doesn’t just occur on the field.

        1. Get real and get off your high horse. This female was probablyjust sleep when he left, who knows what else she did while he was gone. If she was naked, so what. Does that make kaep a bad pperson because he left a girl naked. Shows better character to me that he didn’t sleep with her in any state of mind. Grow up, it wasn’t his house, ricardo called the police because she wouldn’t leave “his house”

          1. Your post does nothing but support what I have said about those blasting me for saying that Kaep was in the wrong when they are doing the exact same thing in regards to the woman.

        2. You don’t know what state she was in when Colin left…maybe she was just napping. Sure are a lot of would-be fiction writers trying out their chops here. “OK guys, let’s try another scenario” = “Let’s take another wild guess”.
          How about this: take any incident you’ve been involved in over the past 30 days, give us 10 to 20% of the information about it, and we’ll all make up scenarios to fill-in the blanks. A little fun maybe, but probably not too likely to give a full, clear, accurate description of what actually happened. And parenthetically, you probably wouldn’t appreciate the slanderous comments that get tossed around here so easily.

          Relax, folks. It is what it is, (more accurately, it was what it was), and we’ll find out what it is/was soon enough.

    1. Reports are saying Kap wasn’t even at the apartment when they decided to call the police.

      I guess to each his own, but I see it as this girl was just some belligerent drunk who refused to leave when they told her the party’s over. She may have taken to many hits of that bong and too many shots. Maybe she balcked out by the time the cops came. Seems kind of protocol for cops, but I really wouldn’t know.

      1. Kaep took off her clothes and the other two perverts looked through a door crack, then decided that the party was over? I’m not buying that at all.

        1. Okay there’s a naked, drunk, high, and possibly belligerent woman blacked out on the bed, or maybe she’s not passed out but yelling out for Kap, who isn’t there, and refuses to leave. Of course they are going to peak through the door to address the situation, what are they supposed to do, call it night and go to bed.

          Why Kap left, no clue, but I think its their word versus hers and you really can’t put too much stock into either one.

          1. Now who’s looking at just one side of the story? You’re saying that I’m only focusing on one side of the story and yet you’re doing the same thing as well by believing that Lockette was telling the truth during the phone call to the police. He could have very easily been lying to save face. I’m not saying that he did or didn’t, but that it is possible.

            1. Why assume that either are telling the truth. Why assume kap took her clothes off. I haven’t read that report. Maybe they are covering for each other, maybe she is a crazy bipolar chick looking for attention. No one knows but jumping to conclusions is irresponsible. Maybe you work for tmz?

              1. Point out where I am jumping to a conclusion, especially where I said that it doesn’t mean that he did or didn’t.

                Maybe you work for tmz?

                I’m not getting paid for the gig if I am!

            1. The point is that neither side (bad girl – bad guys) needs to be taken as reality. The girl may not be capable of remembering what was going on at the point when the call was made. Remember that she hasn’t accused anyone of anything other than pot. The tests that were done at the hospital were for medical purposes, but will probably be important in what the Miami police decide to do.

              Your tirade isn’t helpful in a discussion like this, and the opposite tirade, blaming the women, isn’t either.

              The major failure of judgement is having a drinking party in a hotel suite “on the road”.

            2. If you would have looked at the other threads, you would have seen that I have backed off of my accusation but at the the same time pointed out that the same thing I was doing in regards to Kaep is the exact same thing they are doing in regards to the woman.

              1. This type of blog isn’t conducive to discussion. The post/reply sequence is always messed up. By now I’ve read most of your posts and know that you’ve modified your comments. I appreciate your openness to other ways of looking at what’s been going on.

        2. MidWest,

          Two things to remember: The complaining witness’ statement is her perspective AND is summarized by the investigating officer. What is characterized in the report as “peeking” may have been them trying to get her to leave. Or, it may have been them being perverts. However, the information contained in the report is incomplete (the reason for an investigation), and thus it is always best to reserve judgment until more information is garnered.

          Compounding the information gap issue is the issue that the summary of the complaining witness’ statement is poorly written and vague. An example of these problems is the clauses pertaining to the complaining witness’ state of undress. The pertinent clauses in the statement summary read, “Mr. Kaepernick began undressing her. She got completely naked.”

          The first clause makes it clear that the complaining witness told the investigator that Kaepernick instigated the removal of her clothing, and absent evidnce otherwise, we will proceed as if it is true. However, the next clause is poorly written (the verb “got” is problematic) and vague.

          Causation is solely attributed to neither party through the nebulous verb, “got”. Furthermore, merely assuming that the “got” can be attributed to Kaepernick’s action alone, absent other evidence, is a logical fallacy (post hoc ergo proptor hoc). The verb “got” in this context is not transitive in nature (I.e. an action carried out on a person by another), and attributing causation solely to Kaepernick’s actions is based merely on the second clause following the first,

          Finally, the colloquialism, “got naked” likely indicates volition, if not action, on the part of the complaining witness. Compare it to “got paid”, “got wasted”, “got lost”, etc., all of which include at least contributory action by the person who is experiencing the condition that follows “got”. While we can wish that the investigating officer would have been more specific and avoided vague colloquialisms in summarizing the complaining witness’ statement, unfortunately that is not the case.

          1. If I ever start to get too full of myself all I need to do is read a post from JPN to know I am not remotely as intelligent as I think I am.

            1. Thanks, Rocket, but perhaps you missed the subject/verb agreement error I made above. :(

          2. Thanks for that bit of info JP. I just want our players to start making better decisions off the field and not allow themselves to be put into situations such as this one. More importantly though, I want to get back to talking about Niners football.

            1. MidWestDynasty, I agree but these guys are young and human. Getting stuck in a situation with an unstable individual that will behave erratically can happen to anyone. This story was just weird form the start. I am just glad Ck was not involved. Please bring on the season.

              1. Getting stuck in a situation with an unstable individual that will behave erratically can happen to anyone.

                It can, but he needs to do a better job of avoiding or creating such a situation.

              2. I completely agree with you, he should but he is human. Please tell me how many times you have personally ended up with a girl or someone like that? Its tough some of these people are professionals and they know how to act normal until they get you trapped.

              3. Never. I do my best to avoid that type of situation.
                I think the main problem that is hurting Kaep is that he has shown a recent history of making dumb choices, ones that should have never been made.

              4. You are making an assumption, she came to the apartment b/c she was CK’s friend, supposedly. It really smells like foul play. And if she was in trouble why didn’t they go to the hospital to make sure she was okay.

                No matter how this turns out they are forever tarnished and definitely irresponsible. This never had to make the news if handled properly.

    2. Every negative point you’ve made is based on the women’s story to the police almost 48 hours after she was taken to the hospital by the authorities. Nothing is corroborated at this point, but of course you are a very fair minded guy.

      1. As are those saying that the girl is only interested in money. But the point is that are too many unanswered questions and this revelation just added more gasoline to the fire.

        1. “As are those saying that the girl is only interested in money.”

          Now on this, I agree with you fully.

          1. Because there is no indication of whether it was a responsible act or an attempt to save face, hence more gasoline was added.

            1. Who’s face is saved if you have to call 911 to get help with a belligerent naked lady? That seems like a unique interpretation of events. Imagine you’re married, with five kids, and you find yourself having to make that call.

              1. In other words, Lockette could have made the call to cover up what actually happened. Unfortunately it happens, and not with just celebrities or sports stars. That said, both your point and mine have merit.

    3. Mid,

      That was the story filed by the woman in the incident report. It is one side of the story. You believing it to be true does not make it so. I said when this was first reported that we should wait until more details were released to draw conclusions and this is why. There is always more to the story than what you hear at the beginning.

      1. Like I said Rocket, this raises more questions than answers. It in no way sheds any type of light on the situation.

        1. I disagree — it sheds light on the fact that the incident is more complex and nuanced than many originally contemplated. That is the nature of investigating — one reveals more and more of the pieces until they make sense. It is rare that the picture is revealed fully fitted and formed.

      2. Not to mention her side of the story includes her blacking out. Even if what she has said is how she truly recalls events, how reliable is her recollection?

          1. Is that your fantasy – being an NFL player with a drunk, blacked out, and naked lady in your hotel bed room.

        1. I’m not saying this happened, but if you were a woman and you had been raped by 3 stud football players, you’d feel the pain.

      3. It sheds light on the fact that the woman had to be removed and that Lockette called Police to do so. That is the only true and reliable info we have on this story right now Mid. All of the stuff you have convicted Kap of in your mind is based on the recollection of one person and uncorroborated by anybody else including the Police. I don’t buy into the idea of guilty until proven innocent.

        1. It sheds light on the fact that the woman had to be removed and that Lockette called Police to do so.

          No it doesn’t. It just shows a claim made by Lockette that could be true or have been made to save face.

          All of the stuff you have convicted Kap of in your mind is based on the recollection of one person and uncorroborated by anybody else including the Police.

          I won’t argue with that because that probably has been what I have been doing, but the same can be said for those blaming the woman involved as well.

          I don’t buy into the idea of guilty until proven innocent.

          Me neither, but I do buy the idea of making smart decisions, something that Kaep hasn’t been able to do since the last off-season.

  4. Funny how she DID remember that Lockette and Patton peeked through the door at her but DIDN’T remember that she rode to the hospital by ambulance.
    And by saying that she and Kaep didn’t have sex (I guess she remembers that part too) whilst agreeing to a rape test, doesn’t that mean she’s accusing either Lockette or Patton of rape???
    Just saying…

    1. Its called blacking out, its a common occurrence at most every bar Friday and Saturday nights, college dorm rooms, and so forth. You drink too much to remember after a certain point but does not mean you are passed out. Can also be known as time travel…you start drinking its 10 pm, you wake up its 10 am…where did those 12 hours go?

      Or it is quite possible that she was the victum of a “rufie”, which could very easily explain her condition and having no memory after point X in the night. Just because these men are professional athletes does not make them choir boys…Darren Sharper should be the model of how one’s public persona gives no indication about their personal lives.

      I’m not saying any of this happened, just saying these are all likely scenarios as to why her story goes as it does. Again though…why would Colin make out with her, get her unclothed….and then just leave?! Thats a head scratcher, like was there some sick bait and switch going on? Did he just see the Bat signal go up and have to bounce? Did he get a taste of her dinner and he had to hit the restroom. Strange strange.

    2. Also, its funny how she made mixed drinks for the guys and insisted for them to drink but somehow she ended up in the bedroom! why not call someone to come take you home.

      1. She also reportedly smoked a bong as well. Either one can easily impair your senses of what is right and wrong.

  5. Lets take off our niner-rose colored shades and address the real elephant in the room…Why would kaep follow her in there, makeout and whatever, her strip naked while he’s with her…and then he just bolts? What in the world is going on there? That makes no sense to me in all of this and if anything makes it very suspicious what Kaeps involvement in it all is.

      1. The whole “shes after money” angle holds no water since they had previously had a relationship of some sorts. Why now would she do such a thing…why would the police/emt’s have to come if she’s trying to pull a scam…why would she stay there naked after Colin left? A rape story only works if there is actual sex involved.

        And as she says, she has no memory of what happened after X point in the night so it is plausible that she was assaulted when she was blacked out but had no memory of it, but when you wake up in a hospital and your last memory is being naked in a bed and two guys “peaking” in on you, maybe you cover your bases. I dunno….

        1. Temporary anterograde amnesia (blacking out) can be caused by alcohol as well as benzodiazepine drugs, such as Flunitrazepam (roofies). Both substances produce an “inert state” for neurons in the hippocampal regions of the brain. Our hippocampal regions are responsible for the encoding of present (short term) memories into past (long term) memories. If the hippocampal neurons are “offline”, then long-term memories are not formed. If only some hippocampal neurons are “offline”, or if they are fluctuating between active and inert states, then some long-term memories may form. Someone under the influence of alcohol or “roofies” may have some memories but not others, or they may remember nothing after a certain point, depending on the level of intoxication.

          The complaining witness admits drinking alcohol, which is the most common vector in black out experiences. However, the circumstances surrounding her complaint are suspicious enough to warrant investigation into the possibilities of other vectors, thus the tox screen and the investigation.

              1. As I was typing, before my phone decided to post on its own:


                Good point. PCP profoundly impacts hippocampal neurons and memory.

    1. People, Is it really that hard to wait and see the other side of the story before making an assumptions?

      1. Ricardo this is our society. We love to hang people, specially if they have tattoos and wear their caps differently.

    2. “Why would kaep follow her in there, makeout and whatever, her strip naked while he’s with her…and then he just bolts?”

      Absent more evidence, we could reasonably postulate several possibilities, from responsible to nefarious. Perhaps she was too inebriated for further activity, or perhaps he did not want to be associated with an increasingly bad situation. Conversely, maybe he wanted to put her in a bad situation or wanted to embarrass her by leaving her naked. Or, maybe he had a better offer elsewhere, so he left. My point is, we do not have sufficient evidence yet, and to assume nefarious intent is as irresponsible as to assume he acted with good intent.

    3. How do you know he did! Where you there and witnessed the situation? Was that statement proven by the authorities? How about if she used this sorry excuse to go to the bedroom and wanted some action and CK refused because she was wasted! CK was not even there. Please do not tell me you are related to the super bowl monkey.

    4. i’ll tell you why MJ, its possible that while engaging in for play…..he realizes this women it TOOO F-UPED. too intoxicated or whatever. realizes its a bad idea (’cause somthing like this could happen) i ve been in situations where both parties want to have sex, but declined ’cause the other party seemed too wasted. and ive also been the party that is ” too wasted”. Maybe kap leaves so that she will just pass out and sleep it off. Maybe she’s being overly aggressive or emotional. maybe (like me) blacked out drunk people disgust him. Now she might be alone in the room with only Patton and Lockette in the apartment. Maybe the peek in to check on her. Drunk people have been known to choke to death on their own puke. Now she wakes up and is streaking around belligerently looking for Kap. she wont put on clothes, she wont go lay down and sleep it off, and she wont leave. Instead of tricking her, ” hey, kaps outside” and locking her out, or just throwing her out. they call the police like the gentlemen they are.

  6. The whole “shes after money” angle holds no water since they had previously had a relationship of some sorts.

    MJ, you don’t know they had a previous relationship, nobody does except those involved.
    Again, her word is the only “evidence” there was a previous relationship. Maybe that’s part of what Kaep tweeted was “wrong” about the story.

    All you Kaep haters need to chill out until the story unfolds, if it ever does.

    1. All you Kaep haters need to chill out until the story unfolds, if it ever does.

      As do the ones saying that the woman is only after money.

    2. I mentioned on this blog if CK was proven to have sexually assaulted any individual i would personally disown him and would wish for his departure. However MJ is a CK hater period.

    3. She claims to have had a previous sexual relationship with him…if that were not true would Kaep not come out and correct that initially? Like “I just met this person that night (or shes a friend of a friend) and we never had a sexual history”. That seems like something that if you corrected it would completely alter her accusations and her credibility.

      But since she claimed to have one, and it was never refuted, it was in the police report, than that is what we have to go off of in these discussions…which also makes one wonder why if he had previously done stuff with her, seemed to be in the process of doing stuff again and then unexpectedly leaves….why did he go and did he ever return?

      1. Wow, I am glad you are not a judge in our legal system!

        “She claims to have had a previous sexual relationship with him…if that were not true would Kaep not come out and correct that initially?”

        Well Ck stated that some people make things up. So if you believe his story then her statement was not accurate and he may never had sexual relationship with her. Also, CKs attorney might have prevented him to make any specific comments about this case.

        Just because something was stated in the police report it does not mean that statement is true and only reflects one side. There are so many reasons why CK could have entered the room that could have been innocent.

    4. You don’t dump someone off at the hospital — you take responsibility. What did they think was going to happen. They should have called their coaches once they were concerned about taking her to the hospital. You know that NFL organizations have a plan in place when their players get into trouble.

      1. Mary
        Please let’s get the story straight. Lockette called the cops. The cops called the ambulance. There was no dumping off.
        To your earlier question. No, it’s never ok to take advantage of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. None of that. No Date Rape. No drugging. No rape. Ever. Every voice on this blog has disavowed anything like that. But let’s remember:
        We don’t really know the details even if some of us think we do. We’ve got a pretty good idea with Aldon, and it’s stupid, but this Miami thing isn’t anything yet.

        1. LOL, its funny how this story now is changing in peoples mind. Where did you read the woman was dropped off the hospital!

  7. Funny how many people had already crucified Kaep when this story broke. Then you begin getting details. He slept with her before. Big deal. She came over to party, expected to sleep with him again. He didn’t go there. She felt slighted.

    Lockette does the right thing. He calls the cops because she won’t leave and because it’s his apartment.

    Now the slighted girl wants a pay day. This will all go away unfortunately she dragged these guys names through the mud first.

      1. Sounds like she was an invited guest. Is this how you treat a guest, dump them off at the hospital when they get into trouble. If you have a daughter, hope friends would treat her better.

    1. Bay, LOL. right on. But the blame is on CK because he should not attend any house parties with girls or put himself in a position to get intimate! I wonder how many of these guys have been in similar parties and smoked weed casually! As long as two adults willingly get together for drinking or even smoking then its simply no ones business. I can assure you even if CK smoked weed occasionally he is not a drug addict. Its funny how in our society we have double standards.

      1. Its not the being with women and drinking…its the mixing of illegal drugs, no matter your personal history or stance on it, that is the first issue. The second issue is the story that took place after of her becoming light headed, them getting intimate, him leaving for no known reason, the two “peeking in” and then the black out. Thats whats being debated here, not that he was having a good time with a fellow adult. If he had had drinks, everyone chilled, and dispersed around midnight or 1 am and nothing else happens, this isn’t a story, even if they smoked because it doesn’t make the police report…the police care nothing about the smoking of the weed, thats a misdemeanor offense at best in most all states, they are concerned with the black out stage.

  8. A l-o-n-g time ago I was around women who came to our gigs, followed us back to some cheap-azzz motel and want to “party.” If they were really drunk they could get real obnoxious and were about as sexy as an ass zit. At this point I’d let it go. Have a beer, talk to your old lady, relax… Kaep didn’t do anything.

    1. LOL Ghost. I remember a several years ago every time the NBA players would come to Oakland for events a group of girls would seek out the clubs or hotels to try to party with them.

  9. As for the wake up in a hospital bed yes she did wake up in a hospital bed. Why? Because the cops were called and they the cops put her there. No one knows now much this girl had to drink on her own. And from the sounds of it she smoked week on her own as well. Unless they find something else in her system, everything she ingested was by her own free will.

    It’s a tough time to be a 49er fan because historically this is contrary to our teams culture. However we need to reserve our judgement until the truth comes out.

    1. It’s a tough time to be a 49er fan because historically this is contrary to our teams culture. However we need to reserve our judgement until the truth comes out.


      1. I’m going to ask you an honest question and would like an honest answer: When Jerry Rice was caught in a Mountain View brothel, what were your thoughts at the time? Do you still think of him any different? The same? As a reminder – he was married at the time with kids. I can only imagine if that happened in the web/twitter generation

        1. When exactly did that happen? The reason I ask is because I haven’t been a 49ers fan for 10 years yet and I only started getting more in depth during the Nolan debacle.

          1. They found him in the bath room when a massage parlor was raided. He claimed that he thought it was a legitimate massage business. There was no tweeting at the time. You can probably get the exact date on Google. I think the parlor was in Mountain View, or between there and Redwood City.

            I’ve followed the 49ers since 1946 on a thing called a radio. It was a big floor standing piece of furniture. I would not have survived if I took the behavior of athletes as a reflection on me personally.

            1. It’s near impossible to get a good radio signal for any NFL games excluding the Kansas City Chiefs where I live.
              The incident took place in 1998, so there is no way that I would have known about it. My response however would have been that Rice was an idiot and should have known better

              1. There were no Kansas City Chiefs in 1946, and the 49ers, along with the Browns were not in the NFL. Most of the 49er players were from local colleges — primarily Stanford. Their quarterback was Frankie Albert, who was left handed, also played line backer and safety because there was no free substitution. Albert was also the first T-Formation quarterback because it was invented at Stanford.

                And, most celebrities across the nation were given a pass by the police and especially the press.

              2. There were no Kansas City Chiefs in 1946, and the 49ers, along with the Browns were not in the NFL. Most of the 49er players were from local colleges — primarily Stanford. Their quarterback was Frankie Albert, who was left handed, also played line backer and safety because there was no free substitution. Albert was also the first T-Formation quarterback because it was invented at Stanford.

                What has that got to do with me not having a good radio signal where I live? And yes I caught what you were doing, but I chose not to bite.

                And, most celebrities across the nation were given a pass by the police and especially the press.

                Times change.

              3. If you mean that you’re biting on the full history of the 49ers, I didn’t intend that you bite. The radio in 1946 was the only way to follow the 49ers if you didn’t live in San Francisco, or have a parent who would take you to the “City” to see them play.

                My main point, for all these posts about the team image, is that the 49ers have had image ups and downs threw out their history. They will continue to have ups and downs going forward. Fans demanding retribution for perceived failures should not change anything.

                Right now is a bad patch with a lot of up side!

            2. The Babe was reputedly a drunkard and a bully by night, but he’d pose and smile with the kids in the daytime.

            3. I remember that and talking with my wife about it. We both figured JRs biggest problem was going to be with his wife. We figured it as 40-60 for a divorce, but they stayed together. Good for them.
              But you know what? Yeah, the story put a smudge of tarnish on my opinion of JR, ‘cuz I think going to a brothel is weak personal standards. But I know I’m not perfect, so JR is still the GOAT in my book.

    2. Contrary to the 49ers culture? This makes 8 arrests since Jan 2011 and is quite consistent with the new 49ers culture.

        1. “Arrests”? Please name the 8. Everything we are speaking about above does not involve an arrest. I can think of Aldon/Culliver/Kilgore as far as being arrested… that’s it.

          1. Well, Aldon has been arrested 4 times now, plus Culliver and Kilgore. Add Ray McDonald in 2012, Demarcus Dobbs in 2012 and Al Netter in 2013. Its actually 9 arrests since 2012.

            1. Yep. From 2000 to 2010 the 49ers had a total of 9 arrests. They’ve just about matched that total since 2011.

      1. Arrests are far different from convictions. People get arrested all the time and then those charges are dropped for various reasons. Stick to convictions or plea bargains…those shows guilt.

        1. So having 49ers players getting arrested isn’t a cause for concern?

          I agree that if the players were then found to have not done anything wrong and the charges were baseless then sure, no cause for concern. But none of these arrests have been found to be baseless so far.

    3. Not to mention it’s not a good look for the leader of your team. They (9ers) should have taken responsibility and been there to make sure she was okay. But they were to worried about themselves. And she probably got freaked out about how she got there. The cover-up was worse than the crime. Keep in mind, she was an invited guest, not a hooker.

  10. Feb 26, 1998:

    “Rice said yesterday that he was there only for a massage. He was not charged with any crime, but the circumstances were an abrupt departure from the image of wholesomeness he has fashioned for himself on and off the field in a brilliant 13-year career.”

    Over my life time the way such things are handled for presidents of the United States, and for our best athlete celebrities have changed. Some of you may remember a time when the print press didn’t write about personal lives.

  11. As for the 49er culture, doesn’t anyone remember why the 49ers are owned by the York family? Wasn’t something about a suitcase with $400,000 in cash?

          1. Do you have inside information about how that’s going to end? Do you think that Irsay’s behavior has no effect on the team?

            Can owner’s get away with more than the best players? Of course they can. Can the best players get away with more than lesser players? Of course they can — as long as it isn’t murder or drug dealing.

            Right now the 49er image is also being hurt by the appearance that they welshed on an offer to replace some soccor fields that will be effected on game day.

            You enjoy a sport that’s based on extreme violence, and an on the field morality that anything goes if it works and you don’t get caught.

          2. Do you have inside information about how that’s going to end? Do you think that Irsay’s behavior has no effect on the team?

            I never said that. I just said that an owner’s culture and the team’s culture can be two completely different things. Could it have an effect on the team? Yes, but it doesn’t say anything about the team’s culture, just the owner’s.

            You enjoy a sport that’s based on extreme violence, and an on the field morality that anything goes if it works and you don’t get caught.

            That’s with almost every sport and life in general. Enron utilized that philosophy. So has Donald Trump, Bernie Madoff, Martha Stewart, and even my favorite current Yankee Derek Jeter.

              1. What angst? All I was doing was disagreeing with what you said about the owner’s culture being the same as the team’s culture.

      1. By the way, when I did the search for the date of the Rice story, the first hit was a Midwest newspaper. I don’t know if that’s significant but I’m suspicious.

        1. The first hits that I had all came from the West Coast excluding New Jersey.

          1. It was a big story in the San Francisco Bay area, for about a week. Rice got a pass.

            1. Unfortunately, it never reached me where I live. And if it did, I was too young and arrogant at the time to even give it a second thought.

              1. If I’m right that you’ve been a 49er fan for about ten years, then it was probably after the glory years. How did you get hooked?

              2. Watched Joe Montana play on the Chiefs and wanted to know more about him. Learned that he played for a team called the San Francisco 49ers. Looked into the team and decided that I liked what I saw. Became a 49ers fan (unfortunately) after their last Super Bowl title.

              3. If you go back that far then Steve Young and Rice must have “played” a big role in you becoming a 49er fan. You must have been happy when Kansas City pounded Young in Montana’s first year with the Chiefs, and then you got to see the 49ers in one of their best play off years. Isn’t TV great.

                My kids rented a car, driver, and bought two tickets to one of Garcia’s games. I took our youngest son, who had never been to a game, and we lost to Seattle. As I recall, the game ended with an incomplete pass into the “catch” end zone.

                I stopped buying season tickets before the Montana era got going. Like today, if you’re more into football than the party, there was more to see at home.

  12. Kaep Left the room and apartment because she was drunk and passed out. He didn’t know they would walk in the room. He wasn’t trying to catch that charge. Plain and simple.

    With it being Lockett place, he was taking his chances and getting that charge either. Why not call the police. Seems like they all did the smart thing to me.

  13. 3 men in an apartment with one woman….

    the men encourage/allow/join the woman
    in becoming excessively drunk/high

    what “gentleman” in his right mind leaves
    any woman in such a state with any two men;
    this is a formula for sexual harassment/rape.

    If Colin drank with her and removed her clothes
    and then left the apartment, he is an animal.
    (a man with no conscience… an animal).

      1. Nope, sounds about right. But what sucks is that CK knew her. If they all wanted to get laid, why didn’t they just call a hooker and none of this would have happened. End of story.

  14. Ghost, don’t even respond to this tool. He’s an idiot and this blog’s most annoying troll. Hopefully his Mom will take his computer because he gets caught looking at “18 years and older only” websites and he’ll have to go outside and play.

    1. there was no case sense she did not bring up any charges against any of the players.

  15. If all the rumors are true, the chicks name is Teyana Taylor. Her and Colin have been spotted out a lot. So it was a big surprised when all of this came out. From the looks of it, all the guys knew what would happen, tried to prevent it from happening, and still got their names smeared. Hopefully they all learned a lesson

    1. KY49ER:

      Why did you publish her name? There was a good reason why neither the police nor the media did so.

      Grant, you might want to edit/remove that message.

        1. It’s on the net that they dated, but I haven’t seen anything naming her in connection with this investigation. Then again, I haven’t been looking.

          Either way, it was bad form to publish her name.

            1. her name was going to come out anytime soon anyways…….actually surprised it took this long

          1. C Ball, I appreciate you trying to protect this individual but since all the players names were published why not mention her name as well!

            1. Because that’s the way it works. All you have to do is look at Mr. Rock’s response.

            2. That’s what I don’t understand. We protect her name for what? Because regardless of how it turns out, the players images are tarnished. When in reality, it seems, they were trying to protect themselves. So it’s okay for their images to be tarnished, when all along that’s what they were trying to avoid. I’ll never understand that. It may be how it’s done, but it doesn’t mean it’s right.

  16. ….i just wanna know what kind of ganja they were smoking……………must have been some really good stuff if you had to call the police about a naked woman in your suite…….

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