Reuben Foster and Ray Ray Armstrong escape potential armed robbery in San Francisco


49ers linebacker Reuben Foster points during practice

Two masked robbers, one with a hand gun and one with an assault rifle, held up 49ers linebackers Reuben Foster and Ray Ray Armstrong outside a San Francisco night club early Monday morning.

The Robbers were driving a white Audi. Foster and Armstrong fled them on foot and avoided injury and theft. The police haven’t identified any suspects.

Here is a statement from the 49ers: “We are aware of the reports regarding the robbery and are very thankful no one was harmed. Reuben and Ray-Ray have been, and will continue to be, cooperative with any further police investigation.”

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    1. Wasn’t he killed during a home invasion/robbery?

      When are athletes going to learn that its best to go to the game and the hotel and leave that club trash alone? Especially in a city you do not live in or have a connection to. They were probably marked by someone at the club who knew the guys in the car that tried to rob them.

      I can’t understand why they can’t just chill in their hotel rooms until their flight, its at most 8 hours.

      1. Yes, Taylor was killed in his home. It was a robbery attempt like what happened with Foster. The Taylor situation was planned out by a friend of Taylor’s sister’s boyfriend. The story is that Taylor was seen giving out a large amount of money to his sister. The guy hatched a plan to rob him while he was away. But he happened to be home with an injury during the robbey. Taylor did nothing wrong.

        I agree that the robbers probably identified Foster and Armstrong as targets, probably because of the expensive jewelry they handed off.

        But like Taylor, they did nothing wrong. Is it smart to flash your wealth? No, my dad taught me that at an early age. Still, you don’t blame a rape victim because she wore a short skirt.

        1. No, you don’t blame the victim but you analyze the situation and see that they made poor decisions that put themselves in harms way. Adults have to be smart and know what and what not to do, where and where not to go. If I go to a dangerous neighborhood at 2am alone and get assaulted, will you not say that I made a poor decision? You don’t blame me for being assaulted but you do say that wasn’t smart and I greatly increased my odds of being assaulted by going at 2am as opposed to 2pm, by going alone as opposed to going with a group of people, etc.

          So yeah, they weren’t smart, they should have known they were in a foreign city to them and that there are lots of people on the look out for athletes and musicians who like to flaunt their wealth, are flashy with their jewelry, and these people see an easy mark. Save the clubbing/adult stuff until you’re in the bay or in your hometown with your friends and security (and a lot of them have security)…or better yet, pass on that lifestyle all together cause it usually leads to nothing positive.

          And I believe they didn’t hand over their jewelry until after they thought something was going down. I’m sure while in the gentleman’s club they had on all their ice.

          1. Well yeah, I said it wasn’t smart. However, I and KS both said he was doing something that a lot of young men have done. Maybe I shouldn’t have lumped you in with those who were trying to trash Foster’s character instead of his judgement.

    1. He didn’t go to some of the parties I did I guess, cause seriously……….
      And that’s just from the some of the ones I remember!

    2. If you haven’t hooked up at the club by midnight, you’ve struck out on all the hot chicks…get your ass home son!
      In the single days me and my buddies would shoot for perfect 10’s from 8-9pm, drop to 8-9′ s from 9-11pm and settle for 7’s at midnight. If we didn’t hook up by midnight, we’re on are way home but we’re keepin an eye out for a stray 6.
      Tip: The right shirt is the key, never dress like the average Joe…Stand out and no cheap ass cologne…..LMAO!

    3. Damn straight, and with all the gang BS it’s 10x more dangerous than it used to be. Glad I’m getting too old for the clubs, I’ll take a nice seat at Shoreline.

    4. Reminds me of the Chris Rock point, where ATM’s should come with a guidance councilor after midnight.
      Are you sure you want to withdraw this money? Will you remember tomorrow? If you do will you regret what you remember? :D

    5. The team is 0-6 and there are 2 teammates out after 2 a.m. well that would explain the constant penalties and lack of discipline. If this doesn’t trigger a not so random UA from the NFL someone is getting fired

  1. The good news is Fosters ankle seems to have healed being able to run into the St.Francis hotel.
    Stayed there for the home opener, nice hotel!

  2. Wonder what Reuben’s combine 40 time was ..?

    I bet he exceeded it .. by a bunch … !!
    hope this means he’ll be playing next game !

  3. The good news is Rueben seems to be pre-naturally gifted at quickly diagnosing and reacting to complex situations…

    Sounds like a couple different good decisions were made; including security to avoid the problem, then running when s*** hit the fan! I wish we could go back in time and try to get Rueben to rub off on Aldon…

  4. Just saw an interview with Mark Geragos. He said he would not bring up this grievance without evidence. According to him, some one ordered a team that Kaep should not be signed. He said that the proof will come out in the depositions.
    Another interesting fact is that Kaep was close to the meeting, but was told by the league not to come, even though the players asked Kaep to come. When the subject of Kaep came up, they took a break.
    Hmmm, more blackballing. The league is proving Kaep’s case.

      1. The proof was uttered in Alabama. Kaep was called an SOB and Twitler wanted him and any other person who dared to protest fired. Geragos knows of a paper trail, and it leads from the oval office. Those tweets to Jerry Jones will void the CBA.
        Trump is his own worst enemy. He publicly advocated for the Russians to help him with the emails. He said he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation.
        Yes, a storm is coming, and Mueller is going to deliver it.

        1. I found it quite interesting that the NFL with all their regulations regarding attire, allowed Colin to sport those pig socks….

    1. Apparently he WAS invited.

      Perhaps the most notable piece of news came from Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, who told reporters afterward that Kaepernick had been asked to attend the meeting but passed. Jenkins said he didn’t know why the quarterback declined.

      And it wasn’t just ‘current’ players. Boldin and other former players were there:

      Both were among 14 current and former players who attended Tuesday’s meeting representing the players’ interests, as well as executives from the union.

      1. No, he was disinvited by the league, who said he did not have a any role in the talks.
        The league declared a bathroom break just after the players brought up the Kaep situation.

        1. Wheres you proof?

          Kaep was probably told by his succubus gf not to go…the guys weak minded and will do whatever he’s told…remember rookie Kaep who was happy go lucky, smiles, light hearted (when his parents were his biggest influence)…then there was starter Kaep who was grumpy, surly, short answered (when Harbs was his biggest influence)…then there was Malcolm X Kaep who, after years of only posting topless selfies and workout pics on instagram suddenly became all involved in social issues (even though Trayvon, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown were back in 2012 & 2014 respectively. He wasn’t about social justice then…not until he became a backup ready to be cut/hooked up with Nessa).

          Stop defending him, he’s a fraud as a qb and as an activist. The guys “protest” didn’t become public until a fan noticed him sitting…you can’t have a protest if no one is aware of it…”Hey, I’m going to protest X but just sit at my desk and not tell anyone I’m protesting, that’s a sure fire way to get change…”

          1. Kaep was silently and non violently protesting. That is American as apple pie. Trying to suppress his First Amendment rights smacks of fascism. Kaep was totally silent in the beginning, now he is front page news and the league is forced to meet with the players over this controversy.
            Watch the Geragos interview. Kaep was a 10 buck taxi ride from the meeting, but the league shunned him. That is just further proof of blackballing.
            While I do agree that his gf did prompt his activism, he is choosing her as a partner, so we really have no say whether he continues dating her. Considering they are living together, it may signify serious commitment. Yes, the pig socks and Castro shirt were un wise decisions, but his message and motives are pure.
            Kaep is against rogue cops killing with impunity. Since he has shone a spotlight on an ugly facet of America, the incidents of racial profiling and unjustified killing of unarmed Americans, of all colors is being reduced. The pig socks signified that the whole system is corrupt, wth very few police crossing that thin blue line. Malcolm X is an American legend, and his fight for equality ended with his martyrdom.
            The fact that Michael Bennett almost became a statistic, means that there needs to be more progress. The fact that the security guard turned off his body cam just proved to me that he knew who Michael Bennett was, and wanted to terrorize him for continuing to protest, with no incriminating evidence so the guard could threaten to blow off his head with a gun to his head.
            Do not worry. There will be reams of proof, and some people in the league office and at the team HQs will be so disgusted with the unfair persecution of Kaep, they will spill the beans. Thank Goodness that there will be a neutral party arbitrating the grievance, so there will be no whitewash.

            1. You cant protest if no one knows you are protesting! That defys all logic.

              I don’t care what Kaeps team said, they spin it to make him look like the victim. He was invited by players, he declined. End of story.

              And DO NOT bring up Bennett…he’s a liar. Cop tells you to sit, you run, your ass is getting grounded. His life was in no more danger than anyone else who would have done the same. Explain to me why he waited until AFTER the cops came to run out of the place? Does he think he is above police orders?

              1. Kaep protested. He did it. You cannot deny he protested. It put him on the cover of Time magazine, and now his jersey is in the Smithsonian.
                He did it without uttering a word, and people noticed. Now, whole teams are protesting. It is being emulated in other sports. It has become a movement, even though you want to close your eyes , put your fingers in your ears, and trill- lalalalalala.

              2. I believe Michael Bennett. There were lots of people running away. He was singled out, and I want you to tell me with a straight face that the security guard intentionally turned off his body camera for a good reason. That is why they have body cameras, to record the incident.

              3. Kaep only “claimed” protesting once it was pointed out by a fan in the stands and the media came to him. Had that fan not seen it, took a pic, uploaded it and the local media see it, who knows what would have happened but again you CAN NOT protest and not tell a single person, that defies all logic, then again your man-crush on Kaep defies all logic.

                And Bennett is a bold faced liar. So of all the black men there, he was the black man they singled out because…he was extra black? What reason did they have to single him out over all the other black men there, because you believe this is a racial issue.

                Fact is he acted a fool, chose to run AFTER the police made contact, thats stupid and anything that happened after is 100% his doing. Stop defending stupidity.

            2. ‘Since he has shone a spotlight on an ugly facet of America, the incidents of racial profiling and unjustified killing of unarmed Americans, of all colors is being reduced.’
              Huh? Last I checked the numbers were up as of 2 weeks ago we had 10 more killings than last year at the same time… so where are you getting g this from?

    2. Seb,
      If Geragos does indeed have evidence of collusion by even one or two teams they can proceed with a case.
      I wasn’t a not a big fan of CK protesting on the job, but I’m less of a fan of the owners good ol’ boys exclusive country club mentality. It’s hard for me to believe that these owners don’t speak to each other regarding players during season and off season.
      The NFL’ golden calf image may lose some of it’s shine on this one.

      1. There is no collusion.

        First off, he had tryouts with multiple teams.

        Secondly, there were 29 teams that had no interest in him as a starting QB post draft, either because they had a 2nd or 3rd year guy, they had drafted someone high, or they had an entrenched started (Sea, LA, Az, SF, Chi, GB, Det, Min, NYG, Atl, Car, No, TB, Dal, Was, Phi, Oak, KC, SD, Balt, Cle, Cin, Pitt, NE, Buf, Mia, Tenn, Hou, Indi).

        Of the 3 teams who might have been interested (Den, NYJ, Jax), Denver was burned by him last year in the no trade and felt they had two young guys they wanted to go with (and so far they’re not truly hurting) and the Jets are owned by Woody Johnson who is a huge conservative/trump guy (Trumps UK Ambassador) so he’d NEVER sign him. That basically left Jax but not sure if Coughlin is a Kaep type of guy.

        Now of those 29 other teams, the only role Kaep could play is backup and even then there’s the issue of how much he wanted, for how long, and was he willing to accept being a back up (no one can say for sure to any of that). Also, of those 29 teams, how many have an offense that he is versed in, maybe 3 or 4? And lets not forget that kaep turns 30…30!!…in 3 weeks, a 30 year old, system limited (and figured out system), developmental QB is not something people want, not for more than vet minimum. And then there will of course be some sort of media circus for a while, it might distract certain teams, teams hoping to get into the playoffs, and if that 1st string qb starts playing poorly you know the calls will be out to put in CK. Chi, Hou, Cle, and Chi have all gone to 1st year guys, scratch 4 teams off that list completely (they want to go with youth and don’t want a backup that will overshadow the rook).

        So no, there is no collusion, nor blackballing (outside of NYJ), its just a collection of circumstance that doesn’t play to CKs favor. But he, and no one else, is owed a chance to play in the league. Do you not think RG3 is sitting there saying “what about me, I was the ROTY, I am a better pure passer than Colin”? Guys come and go from the league and CK is going, oh well, there will be 8 rookie QBs next year to replace him and others (and trust me, next year there will be guys starting or backups this year who will be on the street).

        1. First, he did not have any tryouts with any team. Kaep did meet with Pete Carroll, but he had no tryout. After playing against Kaep for years, they did not need to do a tryout. Pete said that Kaep is a starter in the league and that he could lead a team to a championship.
          30 just means Kaep is in the prime of his life. That is a specious argument to declare he is too old.
          Denver tried to lowball Kaep, and missed the playoffs after winning the SB the previous year.
          The screeds continue, saying that Kaep is not interested in playing. The fact that he filed a grievance just blew that argument out of the water.
          RGIII is trying to play on one leg.
          Denying there is no collusion when there is concrete proof, just proves collusion. You should wonder why Geragos is telling teams and the league to save all emails and paper evidence. Depositions will be forthcoming, and the discovery process is just beginning.
          Why is Kaep pursuing his grievance without the NFLPA? He does not want the league to lean on the NFLPA to get information on the strategy Kaep will be following. There are probably NFLPA officials who are lapdogs for the owners, and would try to sabotage the grievance. Glad the NFLPA is supporting the grievance, because they will stand to make billions if the CBA is voided. Goodell may lose a lot of his power.

          1. Soooo sanctimonious and full of yourself.

            Fact is, Kaep has not done anything worthwhile on the field for 3+ years, and the bong-suckers always say-the operative word being “always”- it’s somebody else’s fault. Without exception.

            Kaep also likes to spread dirt on the American education system -yet more people from abroad come here to our universities than any other nation. And while its true we spend more per pupil than the rest of the world on the lower grades, Kaep tells us to look to Cuba, to N. Korea as a template for our education system. True, the teachers union makes it as close to impossible as it possibly can be to fire an incompetent teacher-and once they get tenure, forget about it-we still spend per pupil higher than anybody.
            None of any of that is ever in sebninny’s revisionist history lessons.

          2. I swear to god you know so little about football it is hilarious and sad. As well you know so little about life its just as sad.

            Everything you said has a child’s mentality to it, with no understanding of the adult world. Gullible and naive and thickheaded.

            Please can you just stop?

            1. Emjay, I know so little about football, I gave Lynch a blueprint for the draft and he did 9 out of 10 things. I called Trubisky to the Bears. I said the Niners would trade back, garner 2018 second and third round picks, and still get the player they coveted. I called the Xavier Cooper pickup. Before the first preseason game, I counseled the Niners to avoid committing unforced errors.
              What have you said? Nothing but snark.

        2. “…nor blackballing (outside of NYJ)”

          Maybe someone (hopefully JPN) can answer this for me. Would Kap win his case if it were proven that only one team blackballed him or would it take two or more teams?

          Also, say there was proof that Miami didn’t sign him because of his protest. A protest that included a Castro shirt. Would the Dolphins be in trouble for blackballing, even though Kap wore a dictator on his chest and later defended Castro at a press conference?

          Would Dallas be in trouble for blackballing even though Kap wore pig socks given the police murders there?

          Please forgive me if my questions are stupid. I’m out of my depth, fr sure.

          1. To show collusion, it would be necessary to provide convincing evidence that two or more clubs, or the league and at least one club, acted in concert to deprive a player or players of rights and privileges found under the CBA.

            Individual clubs can have their specific reasons for not wanting to hire a player, and those reasons can even derive from the same set of circumstances. Further, I believe that two or more clubs, or the league and at least one club, could even discuss the actions of a player or players and whether they agreed with said actions without such discussion entailing collusion, so long as they did not discuss whether they would sign a player or players that engaged in the action in question.

            It would only be collusion if at least two clubs, or the league and at least one club, discussed not signing a player for specific reasons.

            1. JPN001 – Since you are on a roll as the legal beagle, how can Kaepernick claim collusion when he and/or his agent turned down an offer of the veteran minimum of $900K for a contract as a back-up? How can a QB who says he wants to compete for a starting role claim collusion when a team offers him a valid contract to be their #2, but the QB says he only wants to be considered as a starter? Seems like his expectations exceed what a club is offering, but that truly is not grounds for collusion.

              My neighbor, for example, wants to win the Powerball lottery, but since the odds are 1 in 294,000, she cannot turn around and sue because the odds are structured against her winning, and that the lottery board is preventing her from having an opportunity to win by having so many numbers in the Powerball drawing.

              1. JPN001 – Also, the Ravens allegedly were ready to offer Kaepernick a contract, and then Kap’s girl friend comes out on social media and calls the owner of the Ravens a “white supremacist.”

                With the use of such inflammatory language, supposedly the owner of the Ravens pulled the offer on the table. That incident would appear also to invalidate the claim of collusion and shift the responsibility for the lack of executing a contract onto the shoulders of Kap’s girl friend who also happens to be a public figure as an MTV DJ and an avowed Black Live Matters activist.

              2. The short answer is that collusion can occur even if the player signs a contract. The act of collusion is when two or more clubs, or the league and at least one club, act in concert to deprive a player or player of rights and privileges found under the CBA. The injury is the collusion itself, and that injury stands apart from the actions of the player(s) or clubs not involved in the collusion.

                The lottery analogy is inapt. There is no collective bargaining agreement governing the relationship between the parties, just an adhesion contract upon the purchase of the ticket. Now, if the lottery violated the terms of that agreement, say through manipulating the draw, purchasers of the tickets could still have a claim despite the odds, as the act of manipulating the draw alters the odds in a manner impermissible under the contract.

          2. Miami wouldn’t be blackballing him, they’d be making a business decision. Its the same as a player not being signed by a team, or teams, because of their past legal troubles, drug addictions, or public persona.

            Remember these are businesses and they get to chose who they want to give THEIR money to and who they don’t.

        3. When a company is purchasing a company car, the can choose a manual or an automatic. The automatic costs more but is interchangeable. That is the kaep situation. The manual may have more experience and upside, but the people who can use him are very limited. An NFL offense is complex. Read the story on about why AP was unsuccessful in NO but fits AZ.
          Geragos is getting paid whether he wins or loses. What attorney in America wouldn’t take the $$$? THAT is as American as apple pie….

    3. Bringing up your favorite theme again. No one brought him up except you. Very typical Seb! Hypocrisy much?

      Face it, you can’t help yourself! Like Pavlov’s dog, you salivate at the mere thought of your favorite unemployed backup player! Move on, he’s no longer with the team! Try supporting the current cast versus lobbying constantly for a has been!

      1. East, this is kinda big news that affects the whole league. Kaep is trying to void the current CBA, so Goodell will lose a huge amount of power.
        Being a lapdog for the owners and the league, you want to not only blackball Kaep, you want to ostracize and shun him. Too bad he is front and center in the news. You cannot ignore him, and Geragos is notifying the league to preserve all documents, the first step in discovery. Geragos is confident he has the smoking gun, so if only 14 teams admit getting the blackball memo, the CBA can be voided 3 years early.
        That is huge, and Goodell is sweating. he better be proactive, and make some team sign him, or at least stop thwarting teams from signing him. Billions are at stake, and it is no wonder the league prevented Kaep from attending the meeting. There would be more paper trails.

      1. No need, Kaep is front and center in the news. Just saw Geragos on TV explaining everything, and he sounds supremely confident that the owners and especially Goodell will be ruing the day they Blackballed Kaep.

        1. “Just saw Geragos on TV explaining everything, and he sounds supremely confident…”

          Geragos always sounds “supremely confident” up until he loses or is fired. It is part of his shtick.

          1. Section 6 of the CBA’s Article 17 states that “failure to sign a player…shall not, by itself or in combination only with evidence about the playing skills of the player, satisfy the burden of proof.”

            1. If I were a betting man, I would bet that this is mainly a fishing expedition with the hope that a lawsuit addressing unfairness in the process can grow out of that fishing expedition if a “smoking gun” is not found.

              1. In front of the cameras is where Geragos lives these days. If you want some interesting reading on one of his more recent fiascoes, search for stories on his representation of pop singer Kesha in a lawsuit against a music producer known as Dr. Luke. It is wild.

          2. Geragos is a lawyer, and I think you even mentioned that a good lawyer will never ask a question that he did not already have an answer to.
            Discovery will open up a whole can of worms.

            1. When questioning a witness who is testifying at trial under oath, it is best to never ask a question to which one does not already know the answer. Depositions are a different animal — that is the time to ask questions to which you want to learn the answers.

              1. Geragos in that interview, plans to hold some people’s feet to the fire, and dare them to lie under oath. That means he already has enough to pursue the case, but just needs to formalize and notarize the proceedings.
                Luckily, since Kaep has generated lots of emotions and hate, there should be reams of evidence to prove collusion, and that is why he warned the teams and league to preserve all documents.
                Jerry Jones will provide a treasure trove, so I look forward to his deposition.

              2. Hah! Seb’s the guy in the corridor outside People’s Court wishing he’d saved his receipt! Kinda funny.
                Tell us more about the Courts and lawyers Seb! Then let’s cover some quantum physics, macro economics, the Catalan Independence Movement, cancer cures and other stuff you know so much about.

              3. BT your president just forgot the name of a fallen soldier, and told his grieving widow that ‘he signed up for that’
                Now he is using faux patriotism to pander to his base, dividing this country.
                You must be so proud of him.
                People’s Court? I have never watched that, but you sound like an expert on it.

        2. Sebninny~

          He is the epi-center of YOUR life. You think every body can’t see how you interject your spin on any given situation? That you can not let it play out and give your thoughts then? Your thesaurus won’t save you.
          You are clearly a frustrated wanna-be politician.

          1. Bla, you think I am the center of your life, so you ignore football, and just attack me every time.
            You are transparent as glass.

  5. I had that same thought James Foster. Hope he’s not Aldon 2. Ray Ray has already shown plenty of bad judgement….Hope Reuben can reel it in a little. Clubbing on a fat contract is just insane in my book. I’m not rich and I won’t go near those places.

    1. Agree or not, could you imagine Kaepernick or Gabbert looking the safety off before coming around to hit Goodwin on that pass? Or would even throw it?

        1. Kaep is going to haunt the NFL with his grievance, If they can prove 14 teams colluded, it could void the CBA 3 years early.

          1. Haunt? By taking this to court Kap has realized he will never play football again in the NFL.
            Guess we won’t see that storm ever happen.

        2. See what I mean! He’s worse than Trump! He just can’t help but insert himself in a conversation he has no business being in!

          1. More than that, I have noted mr. Sebninny to easily……EASILY,,,be the single most opinionated person on this blog.
            No objectivity. None. On any issue.

    1. My wish list for QB’s next year

      1. Josh Allen
      2. Sign Jimmy Garropolo
      3. Baker Mayfield
      4. Cousins
      5.Colin Kaepernick( buwhahahahaha!!!!!!!!)

      1. Prime – Why Josh Allen that high in the first round? Niners appear to be well on their way to the 2nd pick in Round 1. Allen, although physically gifted with size, mobility and arm strength, is more of a project than Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, the OSU kid, etc., and despite having the same coaching staff at Wyoming which Wentz had at ND State, Allen is not as far along.

        1. Mayfield and the OSU kid are not going to be good NFL QB’s. Take them off the list. Not sure on Josh Allen. Just know he has not helped his draft stock this year.

          1. I’m not sure where that’s coming from.

            He’s accurate. He throws his WR open. He can read the whole field. He doesn’t throw a lot stupid picks. He’s got a strong arm. He has good mechanics. He’s got mobility but doesn’t rely on it and when he does move out he keeps looking downfield. He’s great on the 9-route and back-shoulder throw. And is far more advanced than your typical spread QB. And, he’s played so well that he just made the mid-Season All-American (AP) team (second team).

            1. Not sure if you are talking about the OSU kid or Mayfield. If it’s Mayfield then I think you are wrong. I’ve seen him play a lot. He does rely on his legs too much. He doesn’t have a strong arm. He’s not a pro style QB. The kid is a great college QB. He’s going to be a terrible pro. Think Tim Tebow without the stellar character.

        2. I believe Allen is going to rise up the drat board come February. To me, accuracy is everything. All the other stuff can be taught. I think Allen is the most accurate out of all them. However, watching Mayfield lately intrigues me.

          1. Josh Allen struggles with accuracy. Of all the top prospects he’s probably the least accurate. He has great size and a big arm, but he has been really poor this season. Some of that can be attributed to his supporting cast, but he is a project at this point.

            Best candidates for the Niners are Rosen and Darnold. Mayfield is intriguing but he strikes me as one of those guys who will not be nearly as good in the pros as he was in College. He’s small and most of his offense is short and screen type of plays. Great intangibles though.

            1. For me, Rosen is the chosen one. He’s tailor made to hit the ground running in Shanny’s offense. He has the mechanical tools already built into his muscle memory. All he needs to do is learn the offense, and work on eliminating some bad habits. Darnold is not nearly as polished in the pocket, and his slow, wind up release concerns me. Think of that pass rusher coming around the arc, and that extra second to reach out, and strip the ball before it’s thrown. Mayfield would be a big jump of faith, but I’d take a flyer on him in the 3rd round….

    2. Razoreater – Refresh my memory, but was Scot in charge of the draft when the Niners selected Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers????

      1. Mike, it is my understanding that Mike Nolan made the final decision based on Alex Smith’s manners, and Aaron Rodgers’ perceived cockiness, and arrogance. “The story that I heard, and I don’t know if it’s true or not, was that Mike Nolan said that when he saw Alex open the car door for his mom, he knew that was the quarterback he wanted,” Rodgers said. I’ve also heard that when Nolan asked Rodgers to throw from his knees, he refused while Smith was acquiescent….

        1. Absolutely correct on this one, Razor. To further your contempt for 49er drafting metrics of that era, both Baalke and Nolan were on record as stating that ‘big wins in the NFL’ and hinted that Rodgers was too short.

          Most of Baalke’s players were drafted using ‘big man’ measureables , Al Davis 101, w/o the SuperBowls, whereas, Walsh, didn’t care what size you were, as long as you could play.

          Witness, little man, Carl Monroe score the 1st TD vs the Dolphins in the SuperBowl:

  6. San Francisco has one of the worst crime rates in the country. Kinda sad. I guess the real story here will be if Armstrong or Foster have girlfriends who were not with them that night. They won’t care about the guns or robbery. There will be an interrogation of who they were out with that night.

    1. I could be wrong, but I don’t think we’ll need to worry about Solomon Thomas hanging out in clubs until 2 am. For some reason, I get the impression he’s in the playbook until 9 pm, and then hits the rack by 10ish….

    2. That’s sort of incoherent. It has a high property crime rate. But when it comes to assault, murder and words that me stuck behind the Nanny Filter, San Francisco isn’t particularly bad. Heck, Houston is worse than SF. So is Tulsa. Las Vegas. Cincinnati. Wichita. New Orleans. Dozens of cities.

      St. Louis is brutal. Much higher murder rate. Much higher assault rate. #1 in the US in total Violent Crime. And the rule of thumb is: stay out of North St. Louis after dark and don’t club past 9PM on Grand, Delmar Loop, etc..

  7. ‘San Francisco has one of the worst crime rates in the country.”

    Care to provide some evidence for that claim, or are you just throwing crap up against the wall for effect?

    1. A cursory look shows violent crime per 100,000 population for SF = 776.8, while it’s 966.7 for Houston. Geez, get over yourself and your Fox News b.s.

      1. Links to my articles look like they didn’t get through moderation.

        Look up:

        “SF Now Has Highest Per Capita Property Crime Rate In The US”
        Jay Barmann in April 2016

        Also look up articles in the New York Times about the “smash and grab epidemic” in San Francisco. If you’re so ignorant as to discount the crime problems in San Francisco then that is your problem, not mine. And yes, Houston is a very dangerous city. Because of some of the immigration policies Houston has become a hotbed of crime for Mexican drug cartels. My buddy who is part of a task force with the FBI and Homeland Security told me a story awhile back of a bust they did where they pull this guy over and when he found out it was the police rather than a hit team of a rival cartel he was crying and ecstatic that he was only going to jail. Houston is also the worldwide capital for underage sex trafficking. Many of those unaccompanied minors who risked their lives to come to the US are now exploited and used for criminal enterprise. My church has a ministry that attempts to help these kids once they’ve been freed from the criminals who hold them. The stories I’ve heard about these kids are horrific. The policies that encouraged these kids to come to the US and encouraged the criminals who victimized these children were immoral and evil in my opinion. Houston definitely has a crime problem that I don’t deny. Doesn’t change the fact that the crime rate in San Francisco, especially for property crimes, is some of the highest in the nation.

        1. Bit of a difference between “crime rate” and “per capita property crime rate”. The second is very specific, the first is broad and deals with all crime, not just property crime, which can include shoplifting and vandalism. Highly doubt someone goes out on the town with worry about a shoplifter or tagger.

          1. I really enjoy Manhattan. Not so much with the other boroughs. I’ve heard Times Square has started to slide back to the way it was before Giulani. Overall I don’t think the crime per capita in New York City is terrible but you certainly need to be careful not to get on the wrong subway and end up in a bad situation.

  8. Hey Grant,

    Didn’t you mention in one of your articles during training camp that Logan Paulsen was the 2nd best tight end on the Niners? I know you said that because you dislike Garrett Celek and hated Vance McDonald. I just read that Logan Paulsen was released – wow! So much for your player evaluations and rankings – which is garbage, which is pretty much in line with all your player evaluations and rankings. Have a nice day!

    1. I don’t believe I said that. I have nothing against Celek and McDonald. I just noticed that Paulsen played with the starters for most of training camp. Have a nice day!

      1. I seem to remember you saying Paulsen was KS’ guy brought in for blocking duties specifically, not a pass catcher – looks like Celek made him redundant– especially with all the injuries on D– needing spots on roster…

      2. I thought Paulsen performed reasonably well whatever was he was called to do over the last 6 games. He dropped a catch that he should have made but he was not the worst in that regard. Probably became expendable because others stepped up their blocking.

  9. Would it surprise anyone if the ‘wheelman’ was Trent Baalke, his accomplice, ‘The DJ’ and ex-49er, QB Coach, Steve Logan, trying to take out our 1st Rd pick so they don’t go down in 49er lore as one of the worst NFL teams E-V-E-R !!!

  10. Strange.

    At 3:55 pm yesterday I saw this subtext: Judge allows Ezekeil Elliot to play vs. 49ers roll across the bottom of this tavern’s ESPN screeen.

    Judgeships are extremely political, as you know, and after losing his case to the NFL arbitrator and taking it on the chin at another courthouse, Jerry Jones finally found a sympathetic, right-wing judge , who abhors the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, to rule in Elliot’s favor to play against those (what right wingers believe) communist rally agitating liberals, AKA, The San Francisco 49ers, who believe in the 1st Amendment for letting their players take a knee during the Anthem and peacefully exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

    1. * Just think the timing is strange on this judges ruling, after so much time was spent by Elliot’s team, losing case after case; after all of those suspicious ref. PI flags thrown, esp. that one against Garcon vs. the Nation’s Capitol’s team, whose spokesmen, the President and VP of the US, the one team chosen for Elliot to play against is the SF 49ers ?

  11. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account
    @RapSheetFollow Follow @RapSheet

    Source: There is a decision on the 2018 @NFL Draft site — it’s Dallas, I’m told. AT&T Stadium will host it.
    8:42 AM – 18 Oct 2017

    TomD’s Take: Great, now the Cowboy’s can take a page out of the Cheatriots playbook and bug all of the teams to the Cowboy’s advantage.

    JohnRigas‏ @sensijr 51m51 minutes ago

    Replying to @NFL345 @JasonLaCanfora

  12. That would do me in as far as the “Club Scene” is concerned. A pistol and an assault rifle.. No thanks.. On a positive note I bet they ran sub 4.5, 40’s outta there.. Look for some brisk tackling at Levi’s Sunday, channeling some of that assault rifle adrenaline..

  13. * Cam Inman‏Verified account @CamInman 1h1 hour ago
    More Cam Inman Retweeted Ian Rapoport
    Good to know. Now who’s in the clock first? #Browns and #49ers only 0-6 teams now

  14. Out until 2AM on a ‘work night’….hello????

    Rueben, with your$$$ contract and your future NFL career in the headlights…you need a designated driver and a babysitter. By the way,,,no matter how fast you were at the Combine 40 you can’t out run an assault rifle.

    1. I’m sure Solomon Thomas wouldn’t mind looking after Foster. Maybe some of that strong character will influence him to make better decisions….

    2. “Out until 2AM on a ‘work night’….hello????”

      Aren’t we off on Mondays, unless there’s a Monday night game. Sunday night for a NFL player is like Friday night for the rest of us.


      Didn’t you ever go out when you were in your 20’s? Give the guy a break. At least he didn’t have guns like Aldon. He didn’t hit a woman like Brock. He didn’t attack an old man like Miller. Foster did nothing wrong. Hopefully he will learn from this.

  15. Hey fellas, just curious…do any of these former regulars still post in here? Oneniner, Claude Balls, 49erGirl, Oregoniner, Latino Heat, Hightop, 23Jordan, Nick, Nick Row, Neal, msclemon , Fourth & Alex, Big Niner, BigP, Tim, Spaceborn, El Guapo, ExGolfer, Adam, Angus, FDM, Grimey, Rusty, Adam 707?
    Anyone ever hear from hoferfan67 or DS94everXev?

    1. Claude Balls has been gone for a couple years, 49erGirl hasn’t been around either. Tim pops in a couple times a year. Hightop hasn’t posted in quite some time. Nick, Oregoniner still here. ExGolfer and Grimey haven’t posted in quite some time. I can’t help with the rest of your list.

      1. Razor –
        Thanks bro I’ve been out of the loop too long. Who should I avoid that’s newer lol? I already found one that’s wound up too tight. Don’t they realize that we’re all 6-4 250 and can bench 350 lbs when we’re behind a keyboard. :)

        1. I don’t want to single anyone out, but it doesn’t take long to recognize the ones you are referring to. Like Paris, you just need to watch where you’re stepping….

      2. Cluade was banned by Grant. He resurfaced several months back, but then disappeared very quickly. I suspect he is still banned. BigP posts occasionally, but it is rare. Oneniner posts regularly.

          1. de nada

            With respect to current posters, many are repetitious and unable or unwilling to critically evaluate their own opinions or those of others, and confirmation bias runs rampant in most threads. Of course, that is all pretty normal sports blog stuff. My lament is that in the past such was not as prominent here as elsewhere, but now this blog is really no different from most others, save it is perhaps a tad more civil.

    2. Ex was here a couple of months ago he was changing his name, I forgot what the new one is, Hof has not been around since shortly after the benching of Alex, I believe DS was banned, thought I saw 23Jordan a while back. msc and Adam been gone right around the same time Hof disappeared. Oneniner shows up on occasion, Claude was banned. My question to you Crab you did not list the fabled BayAreaFanatic, how can one forget Bay? Wet noddle lashing for you, problem is you would like it :)

  16. “Linebackers Ray-Ray Armstrong and Reuben Foster were in attendance in the wee hours at the club Love and Propaganda located at 85 Campton Place, when the latter claimed he noticed a white Audi with tinted windows repeatedly casing the premises. This left him feeling “like he was going to be robbed,” according to a subsequent police report.”

    Observation, Instincts and self preservation all excellent qualities to have for a linebacker.

  17. Dear Jed,
    As a die hard faithful Niner fan who had season tickets for years, witnessed The Catch and had front row seats to the Glory Years, I want to admit that I have been pretty harsh on your past moves and decisions.
    However, your last statements have been uplifting, and you have shown wisdom and maturity. If you continue that way, I will take back all I said previously, and declare that I am now happy you are the owner.
    Still, actions speak louder than words. You have a wonderful opportunity to become a leader, not only for the team and league, but also for America.
    It will take a lot of guts to buck the establishment. It would be a bold move to repudiate the president, and tell him that the players are not SOBs, or should be fired for taking principled stands for social justice.
    The POTUS says Kaep and others are disrespecting the flag. This faux patriotism smacks of hypocrisy since he denigrated a Gold Star mother and insulted a true American POW hero. A true patriot would have not waited 12 days to call the bereaved, then tell the widow that her husband signed up for it. His lack of empathy is not only appalling, it is disgusting, and he is an embarrassment to the world. Trump is heaping shame upon the office of the presidency.
    Kaep is not disrespecting the flag or hating the military. I, too, was initially incensed with his protest, but when service members said that it was fine with them and Kaep was not bothering them with his protests, I changed my point of view. Kaep did not spit on the flag. He did not burn the flag. He sees a great wrong, and wants to make America live up to its ideals. America is great, but it could become even greater. America is not perfect, but striving for perfection is a noble cause, and should be applauded, not vilified.
    Jed, you have the opportunity to become a strong leader. Do not be afraid of a mean tweet. Be like Kaep’s mother. She said she is a proud biotch, and is not ashamed of her son, because Kaep is protesting for the downtrodden and disenfranchised, and using his celebrity to give the poor and powerless a voice. Kaep is following in the footsteps of Smith and Carlos, Jackie Robinson, Ali and MLK.
    Jed, please show strong leadership, and direct JL to sign Kaep. Then show more leadership by directing KS to have an open competition for the starting job. Save money by releasing Hoyer, then signing Kaep to a league minimum- prove it- contract.
    The other teams will thank you because they will not have to deal with Kaep, except for on the field. Kaep, who won the Len Eshmont Award, is still popular with many of the remaining team mates.
    The league will thank you, because it will make the grievance moot, so the CBA can remain for the next 3 years. Goodell will thank you, so he can still be the judge, jury and executioner against miscreant players.
    Above all, I will thank you, and if you sign Kaep, I promise to attend games at Levi’s to watch Kaep.
    Jed, seize the day. Go for it, be bold, and make me proud.
    Sincerely yours, Seb.

    1. What a pathetic display! You need to grow up and come to the conclusion that “boy kneel” cost himself a career in the NFL.
      He will never be a 49er as long as Kyle Shanahan is the head coach. You need to swallow that Sebnynah and deal with it. Crying and pleading for it only makes you look weak and trivial.

      1. Prime –
        Why did this Seb person post the letter here? Get a stamp and send your long-winded letter directly to Jed!
        As for your dream of Jed being a leader for America, LMAO!

        1. Crab, how do you know that I did not copy cut and paste that to the Niner HQ? It could take 20 seconds to do that.
          Jed was way more cogent and insightful than Goodell. Not too many other owners are standing up and speaking. They are probably afraid of colluding with the blackballing, or they are afraid of a mean tweet.
          Believe it or not, I have been a harsh critic of Jed in the past. However, when he does something good, I will give him kudos. Jed is leading. He is leading the discussions, and explaining his positions. Maybe he is finally growing up and maturing. If he wants to change the culture, acting with class is a good first step.
          Goodell is just digging himself deeper in his hole. The smart thing would be for him to get Kaep signed, then hope he fails. He is risking voiding the CBA 3 years early because he is a toady for the guy who did not even know the name of a slain soldier, when he talked to the grieving widow. Another Gold Star moment.

      1. I knew you were a liar. You are not new to this blog. You are a duplicate troll, and i see Baalke’s fingerprints all over it.
        Name calling identifies you.

        1. Correct seb. His name is new, but his avatar says otherwise. Obviously coming from the same e-mail address. You remember that yellow triangle that followed many of your posts don’t you? The guy with the same yellow triangle that always went against your politics and Kap stuff? The guy that talks about bestiality? I just know I’ve seen that avatar before. I swear, I “SAW” it.

  18. if bowman was still on the team this robbery incident won’t have happened

    Like I stated previously it was a dumb and sissy move to release bowman who was a leader on the team.

    Our head coach lacks leadership skills….

  19. sebnynah says:
    October 18, 2017 at 11:38 am

    The POTUS says Kaep and others are disrespecting the flag. This faux patriotism smacks of hypocrisy since he denigrated a Gold Star mother and insulted a true American POW hero.
    A true patriot would have not waited 12 days to call the bereaved, then tell the widow that her husband signed up for it. His lack of empathy is not only appalling, it is disgusting, and he is an embarrassment to the world. Trump is heaping shame upon the office of the presidency.

    TomD’s Take:
    The issue:

    “In denying Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson’s account of a condolence telephone call, the President created a fresh political controversy over his response to the Niger attack and his willingness to inject politics into an issue that is typically regarded as sacred by past commanders in chief.”


    Your above news cycle paraphrasing has left out the part where Trump also continued on, stating he called the soldiers widows (only after prompting by irate Americans that he wasn’t calling US soldier’ s widows to offer support) and that “President Obama never called deceased soldiers widows while in office.”

    Needless to say, Obama staffers have gone ballistic over this whopper.

  20. 2018 NFL Mock Draft:

    1. Cleveland Browns
    Chukwuma Okorafor, OT, Western Michigan.

    2. San Francisco 49ers
    Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

    Remember when Robert Griffin III supposedly transcended the league in 2012 with his mobility and throwing prowess? His offensive coordinator was Kyle Shanahan. Hmmm. Interesting. Make no mistake… Jackson has made clear strides as a passer and often looks to prioritize throwing from the pocket over scrambling. And while he’s made some mistakes, his arm strength and pocket poise are excellent, and the latter is steadily improving. Jackson would be a blast in Shanahan’s system that utilizes a variety of bootlegs and rolling pockets.

    2016 statistics: 230-of-409 (56 percent) for 3,543 yards, 30 TDs, 9 INTs. 260 carries for 1,571 yards (6.0 average), 21 TDs

    by Chris Trapasso 3h ago • 10 min read

    1. Jackson has improved in the pocket, and I’ve seen Petrino putting him under center much more than last year, but I have trouble believing Shanny would be interested at this stage of Jackson’s career. He should return next year, and learn everythinig Petrino has to teach him, so he can be fully prepared for the next level. Right now, he’s still a more of a project….

      1. Yeah,

        You’re probably right. Shanahan doesn’t want to wait for another 1st read and run QB to develop.

        Just got carried away by those stats.

        Josh Allen would be my pick still. Plays in a pro style offense

    1. I agree with Shanny’s 2 AM concern. That’s when fights occur . Folks are liquored up and wind up drinking their stock in the parking lot.

      Shanny’s right that they should clear out before 2 am, probably 12 or one if they were smart.

  21. Section 5, Article 2: Prohibited acts by both teams while the ball is in the air

    (a) Contact by a player who is not playing the ball that restricts the opponent’s opportunity to make the catch;
    Garçon didn’t initiate contact with Brown, and Brown wasn’t attempting to make the catch, as his back was to the play. So, no violation here by Garçon , and certainly a violation here by Brown. Let’s continue:

    (e) Cutting off the path of an opponent by making contact with him, without playing the ball;
    Since Brown initiated the contact, and only Garçon made a play on the ball, Garçon wasn’t capable of committing the prohibited act.

    An intended receiver who makes a play on the ball can’t commit offensive pass interference against an opponent who doesn’t make a play on the ball.

    Brown even told the media that he intentionally ran into Garçon.

  22. Trump’s Big Mouth May Have Given Colin Kaepernick a Case Against the NFL
    The president may be key to the quarterback winning his collusion grievance.
    By Jeremy Stahl

    Kaepernick’s legal team will try to clear that bar by pointing at the Oval Office. Their argument, essentially, is that the president served as a go-between in pushing owners to agree to blackball the quarterback for instigating a league-wide protest movement. Consider this passage from Kaepernick’s confidential grievance letter, which was made public by ABC News:

    The owners … have been quoted describing their communications with President Trump, who has been an organizing force in the collusion among team owners in their conduct towards Mr. Kaepernick and other NFL players. Owners have described the Trump Administration as causing paradigm shifts in their views toward NFL players.

    Some of Trump’s communications with NFL owners are a matter of public record. On March 19, he hosted New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft on Air Force One. One day later, the president told supporters at a rally in Louisville, Kentucky: “It was reported that NFL owners don’t want to pick [Kaepernick] up because they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump. Do you believe that?”

    1. I think someone’s really reaching to make Kaepernick a Martyr. I notice they never talk about RGIII, his QBing twin….

  23. The only thing that Kaep has done wrong in the situation is not hone his craft. He started his career at the top of his skill level, helped out tremendously by a great team and a gimmick offense. His career from that point in 2012 has diminished to the point where he is just not very good. He’s 3-16 in his last 19 starts, and 11-24 in his last 35. If this were one of the top 15 or so QB’s, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. His lack of talent doesn’t overcome the spectacle that would arise upon his signing. It’s that simple. If he was half as good as Seb says he is, he’d be working and this subject would be mute. He’s not, and hasn’t been for years. His career is over. Bye.

    1. Juan, you are probably getting nervous. Kaep is forcing the issue, and it may be too late to prevent the voiding of the CBA. The grievance may go away if Kaep is signed, but collusion, if verified, may prove to be problematic. The league should make a team sign him, and Jed just said that he did not mind if Kaep kneels.
      Certainly, he is better than Hoyer, since Hoyer pulled a Gabbert. Now, if CJB struggles, Kaep seems like the logical alternative.
      Keep bringing up his win loss record, but you are blaming Kaep for not preventing third string RBs from galloping for 200 yards. Baalke dismantled that SB squad, stabbed JH in the back, and did the same thing to Kaep. With the proper support, like this year’s team, Kaep will give them their best chance to win games.
      Now that Kaep has submitted that grievance, teams will be bending over backwards to avoid the depositions. Kaep is not so subtly being blackballed, and the screeds that he is not good enough are countered by Pete Carroll, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Richard Sherman and Cam Newton. Even Steph Curry sees that Kaep is being unfairly blackballed.

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