Richard Sherman is latest 49er to go down with injury at training camp

San Francisco 49ers defensive back Richard Sherman (25) runs during NFL football practice at the team’s headquarters Friday, July 27, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — Now Richard Sherman has two leg injuries.

The 49ers veteran cornerback pulled his hamstring Friday morning at training camp. This in addition to his surgically repaired Achilles tendon he ruptured Nov. 9 and still rehabs.

Sherman injured his hamstring fewer than 10 minutes into team drills. He was covering starting wide receiver Pierre Garcon man-to-man, the offense called a play-action pass and Garcon ran a deep crossing route from the right side of the offense all the way to the left.

Sherman chased as fast as he could, but Garcon still beat him by two or three steps. When Garcon caught the ball, Sherman lunged at him with one hand, missed and fell hard to the ground. Garcon jogged into the end zone for the touchdown. Sherman got up, walked slowly to the sideline, took off his helmet and did not return to practice.

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  1. Football is a game of attrition.
    Luckily, the Niners seem to have depth in many areas, so one player going down will have a talented player to replace him.
    Maybe instead of standing around during drills, players should be stretching out between reps.
    I said earlier, that the Niners should sit Sherman, with a 6th week designation to return. That way, he can have more time to rehab and fully heal. He will miss the hardest games on their schedule, and will have avoided 6 weeks of pounding. He will be fresh for the latter part of the season.
    It will also give players like DJ Reed an opportunity to shine.

  2. Common it was a pipe dream to think he could still play. Hang it up sherm. 9ers snatch him up as a coach.

  3. Not surprised at all about Sherman or the little injuries happening. In fact if you look across the league every team is dealing with this . It’s training camp and every year this happens. Kyle Shanahan runs a demanding camp. Should pay divedends later.

  4. Yep, it’s football. Like every other team we will get our fair share of injuries. As noted, we do have some depth at this year. You could make the argument that some of our 2nd team players may be better than our starters (Day, Taylor, Breida, Pettis and Person).

  5. Well thank God that Seb has given his guidance on how players should stretch between drills instead of standing around. Since it’s certainly mandatory that all players and coaches read this stupid blog and his mundane thoughts, I’m sure they’ll be on that one. Let me thank “Captain Obvious” on the behalf of the team for such incredible insight. (Insert eye roll)
    Grant could have shortened his article to “Sherman hurt, but then again it’s football, people get hurt”.

    PS. Maybe players should use their helmets during drills so they don’t hurt they’re head. Sincerely, Seb

    1. This just in… “Football is a game of attrition.” Gasp! Who would’ve known…

      Too, I suppose Game of Thrones has aspects of attrition (deadly). Even Chutes and Ladders…

    2. Speaking of helmets, I hope the team institutes a policy discouraging celebratory head slaps.
      With the specter of CTE, doctors are now realizing that concussion repercussions are cumulative. The less head trauma, the better. Coaches should instruct players to slap the shoulder pads, not the helmet.
      Since you seem to want more insights, I also think that the players should refrain from using eye black. Many players seem to coat their face in black, but it has become more like war paint than a tool used to reduce glare. The reality is, many many players have not used eye black for years, and they played just fine. Players should not succumb to vanity. Eye black does not help them play better. It is somewhat of a distraction. The players should not be concentrating on their eye black, but focusing more on executing the playbook, and performing assignments.
      When players are putting on makeup, they are worried about looking good, not playing well. The team should make a policy that discourages using eye black, at least until they have won a few games. Eye black looks cool when they are winning, but when they lose, to me, it looks like clown paint.

      1. Hell no to banning celebratory head slaps Mr Sebbie. You took a beer can to the head (according to you) and it didn’t effect your brain……
        Never mind

            1. Van tried to school me about a Jerry Rice TD, but failed.
              He may be upset, but his binkie is on a tether, so it cannot drop to the ground.

              1. ‘Van tried to school me…’
                Tried? Uh Yeah, but it’s hopeless.
                Try a dose of reality:
                From SF Gate Niners’ History recap:

                “Super Bowl XXIII, Jan 22, 1989 in Miami
                Montana’s 10yard TD Pass to John Taylor with 34 seconds remaining gave Bill Walsh a win in his final game as the 49ers head coach.”
                How’s that?
                Feeble is as feeble does.
                (drops mic)

              2. Van, Bill Walsh did not skip off the field in the Super Bowl.. He did that in the second game of the 1987 season.
                Yes, it was also against the Bengals, but the play I was referring to had 2 seconds on the clock, so time expired as Jerry Rice caught the TD pass.
                Remember, reading is fundamental. You are trying to say that I was referring to a John Taylor TD pass. Why would I do that when we were talking about Jerry Rice TD passes?

            2. “players should not succumb to vanity”…
              Seb is back at “full” strength…
              with his “I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I” debate retorts…
              and his fav: “I’m-rubber-and-you’re-glue…whatever-you-say-bounces-off-me-and-sticks-to-you” narratives…
              the latest “Seb-batical” is now long overdue…
              as are the refills of his Zoloft and Lithium ‘scripts…
              can someone give him the number of Sonoma county Behavioral Health Services????

              1. oh well played sir…
                what blistering repartee’…
                I bow before the master of wit and debate…
                and on the subject of vacuous football knowledge…
                so just how would Gore fit Shanny’s Outside Zone scheme????

              2. Let’s remember that Sebbie is in his training camp…honing skills in gaslighting, hyperbolizing, self-righteous posturing, bootlicking, cliche peddling, and much more. Maybe–if we’re lucky–we’ll get to hear (again) of his exploits on that oil rig…

                He’ll be in fine form this season. Perhaps he’ll panic by December and exit the blog tearfully–claiming vulnerability…

    3. Juan, I consider this site to be a must read. KS has said he talks until he is blue in the face, imploring his players to ignore the media. Too bad he laments the fact that too many times, players still hear the chatter, and it might affect their play by worrying about it. I may claim it, but KS just confirmed it, so your beef is with KS, not me.

    4. Juan, concerning the stretching protocols, KS is his PC stated many times that players experienced tightness, and worried about tears, strains and pulls.
      Stretching will help keep the player loose, and reduce the possibility of injury. Yes, it is another obvious observation, but with the players dropping like flies, maybe it might help them stay healthy.

      1. Do you seriously think NFL executives, trainers,coaches and players read your advice or the advice of every day fans? If you do you are seriously the guy everyone says you are on here

        1. The fact he is back on here with his tale between his legs after last years cry wolf saga amazes me!

            1. Dude you have no idea. It’s not even worth the explanation as it would bore you to death.
              Best suggestion, let this clown rattle off, its more amusing than anything else!

        2. Chris, weak minds believe everything they are told. I use a literary device to write as if I assume they are doting on my every word. Take what I say with a boulder of salt. I have also pleaded to the coaches and players to ignore the controversies, and being distracted, which many Niner haters try to foment. They create discord and dissension, It is a tenant of Sun Tzu, who considers it the acme of skill to defeat an enemy without striking a blow. I am a die hard Niner fan and long for a return to relevance. Attacking me is just another self inflicted wound. Getting all bent out of shape is just self defeating. Like loving America, all the posters on this site should be fans of the San Francisco 49ers, even though we come from polar opposites of class, race, religion and politics.
          Causing turmoil in the opponents’ locker room is a given, for it will make winning easier. That is what trolling is all about.
          Creating turmoil on this blog site is accomplished by descending into vicious backbiting. I may present ideas, but the vitriol and pushback is inversely proportional to the moderate discourse I try to pursue. I have said many times that the best course of action is to just scroll past and avoid arguments. Some, like a moth to a flame, cannot refrain. Maybe you do not realize this, but I like to debate, I can argue a point until the other poster gives up and rues the day he ever started to engage me. The smart ones do not even try, and I leave them alone. I only write here because I like Grant’s writing style. It is edgy, and pushes the envelope.
          I also have an ego, and when I advocate for something, then subsequently see it done, I get to crow. In his first draft, I listed 10 things JL should do. When he did 9 out of 10, I feel like he listened to me. The only one he missed was avoiding the unforced errors. I even predicted gaining 2018 second and third round picks.
          Previously, I predicted that Hoyer would pull a Gabbert, and bench himself. 80 kindly pointed out my correct assumption. I correctly predicted the Niner record. 6-10. Did you?
          In previous posts, I have stated that the Niner coaches should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half. Maybe they do not read every post, but my criticism became so vehement, I accused them of wasting time outs like drunken sailors. Thankfully, now, they seem to follow my advice, because not following that advice cost them a win. Sure, it is obvious and logical, but 2-14 teams are not disciplined, make mistakes, and use poor strategies..
          Yes, I tend to repeat myself. Now, my detractors can quote me chapter and verse. It is just an advertising ploy, and now, my words are seared into their psyche.
          My detractors will be loathe to admit it, but previously, I advocated that the Niners practice varying the snap count to prevent the defense from timing the snap. I also said that they should try to draw the defense off sides so they can get a free play, which then would be morphed into a long strike down field. Lo and behold, now they are changing the cadences. Maybe it was an amazing coincidence, but I just knew that JG, once he assimilated the playbook, would want to employ that strategy, since I saw NE master it with Brady.
          So Chris, I invite you to discuss the Niners, and strategies that might help them improve and win. You can believe my detractors, but please do not try to talk me down. That would be a lesson in futility. Yes, I tend to be verbose, but I have been trying very hard to stick to football, which is easy to do because TC and the season has started. We may differ wildly in strategies and our assessments of the players, but rest assured, I will be cheering for them to win all season.
          Please google the Grant Cohn- Eddie DeBartolo interview. It skewers your assertion.

            1. I tend to think outside the box.
              I see you did not bother to review that interview. The great HOFer, Eddie DeBartolo, former owner of the Niners, also skoffed at the notion that they read the papers, then admitted to Grant that he read every word.
              If your reading comprehension is above average, you will have read that KS has implored his players to ignore the media, but admits that Grant’s hot takes are making players worry, because he concedes that the players cannot live in a bubble.
              Go ahead and join the peanut gallery. I want to explore new horizons, and dream of future Niner glory.

  6. We may be viewing a replay of last year’s Bowman’ story with Sherman.

    Sherman will start games but go the sidelines after getting burned, especially if he is beat bad. It’s better for his image/brand if he feigns an injury rather than admitting he can’t cover anymore.

  7. Seems like Baalke, I mean Lynch’s plan to bring in FA’s who are coming off injuries isn’t playing out so hot.

    1. The onus is more on Shanahan than Lynch. That said, it is too early to say the plan isn’t working since there are several players dropping flies across the league.

      1. It’s not just Sherman. Malcolm Smith has been hurt pretty much his entire time with the team and played 0 snaps last year. Jimmy Ward, while not a FA acquisition could have been gone instead of being brought back. He’s a decent player when not hurt, but he’s always hurt. Jonathan Cooper coming off an injured knee and still not practicing in full team drills.

        Taking fliers on guys hoping they’ll get healthy. Early in year 2 of camp, but it’s not playing out too well.

        1. I get what you are saying Jack, but it’s still too early, in my opinion, to say the plan isn’t working. Instead, I think it is more likely that Shanahan and Lynch are trying to find fits regardless of the player’s injury history. It also may have something to do with the slim pickings available for each position of weakness.

          1. Meh. For starters….

            A guy like Malcolm Butler would have been a much better get. Younger, and overall price wasn’t much higher than what they’ll be paying Sherman if he’s not cut.

            At guard they could have gone with Senio Kelemete. Same age as Cooper but without the injury.

            1. Still 5 weeks of camp left. Let’s not be too hasty in judging these guys. We have no idea what the plan of progression is for any of these guys coming off surgery.

              1. Regardless, they’ve left themselves in a position that they will be going after a RG again next season.

              1. That’s where I applaud Shanny and Lynch in their construction of this team.
                They have not wavered from choosing guys that fit their scheme.

              2. I think Sherman deserves an entire camp to get ready for week one before saying it was a bad signing.

              3. And I feel that it’s fine to question the signing.

                The guys who are putting this team together are the same ones who put together a team that started off 0-9 last season.

              4. The same guys who brought in Jimmy G the franchise quarterback who won all those meaningless games.

              5. That’s true but after Kraft got involved the Pats did Jimmy a solid and sent him to a place they knew he would excel under a good GM and head coach.
                Point is these guys know what they are doing and are well respected across the league.
                You can discount the moves all you want, when they make the playoffs they’ll look even more competent.

              6. Also didn’t hurt that the 49ers were about the only team in the NFC that wasn’t set at the QB position and they didn’t want to give him to a team in their conference.

                They got lucky.

              7. He’d be on the field and making plays.

                That is more of an assumption on your part.

              8. Luck, opportunity were factors, but so was respect. BB had respect for Shanny’s acumen, and Jimmy as a player.

                I’d also assume Kraft felt he owed the organization that tutored him how to be a championship owner a solid.

              9. The Butler didn’t get it done:

                PFF-While many of course would have liked to see him play in the Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles, 2017 was a tough year for Butler. Among all cornerbacks, he regressed slightly, finishing with a 79.2 overall grade, ranking 51st being ranking fifth in 2016 and 18th in 2015. He also gave up six touchdowns in his coverage, tying for third-most at the position, while also yielding the 11th-most yards at 698 and ranking 108th in yards after the catch at 233.

              10. “Luck, opportunity were factors, but so was respect. BB had respect for Shanny’s acumen, and Jimmy as a player.”

                So was the fact that the 49ers were pretty much the only team not set at the QB in the NFC at the trade deadline last season.

  8. with all of the hamstring tightness, groin tightness, etc., maybe the Niners need more emphasis on flexibility work and to examine the type of “stretching program” they are using or implementing. quickly changing direction and immediately accelerating and exploding out of cuts and backpedals at sharp angles definitely stress the athlete’s muscles. takes elasticity in the muscle with appropriate hydration to withstand the repetitive stress.

    1. Well, the 9ers have that ramp… Okay you slackers…everyone on the ramp! Now!

    2. Yep, mentioned several posts back they should consider bringing in yoga instructors or outsiders who are focused on stretching and not power.

    3. Injuries occur mainly because of tiredness and loss of lucidity that entails. was it unthinkable to start 3 days earlier, and more gradually? where does this 4 day/on for 1 day/off come from?
      so, they did 4 on day 1off twice, and will finish with 3 before first match. why not 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, and then 2 and match for example ?
      players injuries are worse than anything, if you want to avoid wasting time

        1. Is it an inappropriate vocabulary?
          I’m not fluent in English, I am an European ..
          This phrase is suitable in my language .. :¬|
          peharps ‘lack of’ ?!

            1. I didn’t mean madness;
              These words are synonyms of lucidity in my language.

              There must be a good one, related to an athlete who, due to fatigue, goes to injure himself because he lacks of it !
              : )

            2. Ok, I think I got it
              English is always more frank
              they become looseness, and carelessness :))

              1. Maybe you were referring to mental fatigue. Some one gets burnt out and lacks focus and concentration.

  9. I just called cable and canceled the comedy channel. Why pay for humor when you can read Seb’s comments on here for free? Keep them coming little man! Your the best!

    1. Juan, I used to work in retail. It lasted for only about 4-5 years, but I have enough material that I don’t need any form of comedic entertainment for the rest of my life.

  10. I wonder if all the muscle tightness is an indicator of the strength and training regime being too focused on power?

  11. Lol Mid! I have a good buddy who spent 40+ years in the grocery business and he’s got more funny stories than anyone I know! It’s always a fun time getting together with him!

  12. Hamstring tightness… Grant, you have media connections around most if not all the NFL. There are 32 camps open right now. Any way you could determine which camps have lower incidences of tight hamstrings, and those with higher? Would be fun to learn where the 9ers rank. Maybe SF is on the high side, maybe low, maybe average… What about other muscle issues?

    We have a lot of sports medicine professionals weighing in here. What’s the real story?

    Help us Grant…

      1. If “tightness” represents something other than just tightness, (like “working through”) than quite possibly.


    “Elliott and the Patriots’ sports medicine staff began the program by individually assessing the team at the end of the season to identify potential weaknesses and imbalances.  These factors included hamstring muscle strength, muscle coordination, pelvic alignment while sprinting, and running technique. Players were then given a position-specific program that corrected any observed deficiencies, even addressing sprinting technique. The results were significant: prior to implementing the program, the Patriots had 22 players suffer hamstring injuries, but after the program was implemented that number dropped to three and then two the following season.”

  14. Good point Cassie. The problem is Grant has voiced his disapproval of the Sherman signing from the beginning, so if he gets so much as a hang nail it’s going to be front page news. All of the news from camp, including but not limited to “The good and not so good”, the “Pericope”, and other articles are written as if the Niners are the only team holding camp. There is zero perspective when comparing this teams trials and tribulations in comparison with the rest of the league because there is none. That would negate the negativity and that’s Grants Schtick that we’ve all grown to love. I don’t think any fair minded fan would believe that Sherman, or any other players for that matter, are going to go injury free for the rest of their career.
    Jeese, with all the supposed “intel” that a player from another team brings to his new team, it’s a wonder that Jimmy didn’t bring with him the entire sports medicine program from NE! If he did maybe tightness wouldn’t be an issue. “Intel shmintel”!! That’s the biggest crock I’ve ever read on this blog!

    1. Suppose it’s a good thing we haven’t had any compound fractures or crushed spleens yet…

    2. The best intel JG brought was taking pages out of the Patriot playbook. KS even admitted he added plays that JG was comfortable with.
      It sure was a pleasant surprise to see throws past the sticks. JG even overcame the coaching by throwing into triple coverage, which was verboten in previous regimes. JG overcame the coaching, because he completed those passes, and made it look easy.
      Intel Smintel? Seahawks have employed that strategy with the Niners, and I cannot remember the last time the Niners have beaten the Seahawks. 2013?
      I hope McKinnon can bring some intel, but since they moved on from Keenum, and Cousins is new, they probably have changed the playbook a lot.

      1. Intel Smintel? Seahawks have employed that strategy with the Niners, and I cannot remember the last time the Niners have beaten the Seahawks. 2013?

        Yes, former Niners let the cat out of the bag that Kaepernick would rather throw to Seahawk DBs than his own WRs. As to the post Kaep Niners, secret intel revealed that Seattle was playing a 1-10 team. With all this insider scoop no wonder we couldn’t beat them!

        Don’t ever change, Seb.

  15. Sherman injured. Big surprise. Sherman is to 9ers like Melancin to Giants. Used to be good. But 9ers smart, Sherman has to play for pay. Giants…another $20M for nothing.

  16. Anybody that calls themselves cassie Baalke is a weirdo and can’t be taken seriously. U asked Grant to get the low down, he has connections….Lol. Your an idiot dude Grant isn’t even an expert at understanding the professional game and I bet you has not one connection, let alone 32!! And that dude Seb shows paranoid schizo traits, yet he’s like any attention is good attention. That guy Hammer is about as bad, and almost always wrong. Malcolm Smith was hurt AFTER he signed….
    All in all this blog is disturbing.

    1. Welcome to reality.
      You sound like a newbie blogger. Actually, this site is pretty tame compared to others.
      However, I do agree about Cassie. Baalke is long gone, but she tries to keep his spirit alive.

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