Roman and Harbaugh say last week was Jenkins’ best week of football as a 49er

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh said about A.J. Jenkins Tuesday afternoon.

Q: With Michael Crabtree out, have any of the young wide receivers stepped up in your eyes?

ROMAN: Yeah, I think they’re stepping up and it’s a process. I think they’re working extremely hard. A.J., I thought the last two days of last week had the best days he’s had since I’ve been here. Quinton Patton and Ricardo Lockette, they’re all stepping up. It’s going to be a continuing process. We’re trying to get these guys ready for training camp, to come in and compete and win a job. It’s happening.

Q: When you say A.J. Jenkins had his best two days, what did he do?

ROMAN: Wednesday and Thursday, just made some clutch catches for us when we were moving the ball. Just made plays. Did all the right things, made plays when he had the opportunity. He needs to continue doing that.

Q: Have you seen a change in his demeanor from a year ago?

ROMAN: I think there’s a natural process that goes on, a comfort level. That’s something that’s growing all the time, and it needs to continue to grow.

Q: Jim, what have you seen from A.J. Jenkins recently in practice?

HARBAUGH: Thought A.J. had his best week of football since he’s been a 49er the last four days of OTAs, which was the last week of OTAs, and he continues to build on that.

Q: How is he different right now than he was a year ago?

HARBAUGH: I think anybody that’s gone from Year 1 to Year 2, there’s a great window of opportunity to improve in a fashion that you’ll never have again in your career. You’re going from doing things for the first time to everything you, do you’ve already done it. Big strides can be made that way.

Q: Do you feel you’ve seen enough from the young wide receivers that you don’t need to add a veteran wide receiver for training camp?

HARBAUGH: Anything’s possible. We’re not going to get into “no’s” and “never’s.”

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