Roman on Mangini: “Eric’s a wealth of knowledge.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Greg Roman said about Eric Mangini Tuesday afternoon.

Q: How have you enjoyed working with Eric Mangini so far?

ROMAN: Great. Eric’s a wealth of knowledge. He’s a guy that’s got a great pedigree, and he’s a very hard working, intelligent man. He comes at things from a different angle than we might. It’s been great. He’s getting caught up with what we’re doing, and in the next week probably we’re going to sit down and just lock ourselves in the room and really look to the future a little bit. It’s been great, great addition to our staff. I’m sure he’ll boost us and help us in certain areas.

Q: If you lock yourself in a room with him, what are you guys going to do? Watch last year’s game film?

ROMAN: I think that probably would be on the docket. It’s a good question. When you get into those football discussions, you could take one play and end up talking about it for 30 minutes because of all the different things you can branch off and talk about. Just excited to have Eric’s expertise on our side and looking forward to working with him.

Q: Is there a need that Eric Mangini is filling? Was there something missing last year from the offensive coaching that you believe he can add?

ROMAN: I don’t think there was anything missing, but Coach, again, with Jim, we’re going to try to get better. The challenge is there – how to take Eric’s expertise and add it to a very, very strong staff and make that work in a positive way. I think we have the means and ways to do that.

Q: Will he help lighten your load?

ROMAN: I don’t want a lighter load, but what it does, I think it will add to…he brings a lot of value. It’s our job to fit that in to make our staff that much stronger. We have a great staff. Great staff.

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