Roman: “We’ve got to stay with the hot hand.”

SANTA CLARA — Greg Roman was interviewed Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.

Opening comments:
“Afternoon. Lot of excitement for the start of the season, nothing like opening day. We’re getting ready to play a very good Dallas Cowboys team. They’ve got a very experienced and well-recognized coaching staff. I think they’ve done a very good job, their starting players, in the preseason. We’ve got our hands full in our preparation. We had a great Wednesday, looking to have a great Thursday. Anybody have any pertinent questions?

You talked a lot in the past about being multiple on offense. Do you feel like this collection of talent that you have on offense gives you that opportunity more than any other time you’ve been here?
“I really like the players we have. The biggest thing we got to do, [CSN Bay Area reporter] Matt [Maiocco], is execute. Our focus is really more on execution, all 11 guys getting their job done. I think that’s when we’ll reach out potential. I think we’ve got a lot of players in our offensive room that can contribute to a win every Sunday.”

Where do things stand with T Anthony Davis and your right tackle situation?
“Well, funny you should ask. Getting to ready to go meet with the trainers here and get an update. Day-to-day at this point.”

Was it one of those situations where a guy has a long time off and comes back and strains the hamstring?
“I don’t know that I’d characterize it as such. It’s something minor that he’s working through, and I’m getting ready to kind of get the details on it today.”

If he can’t play, are you comfortable with T Jonathan Martin, who seemed to get better with each preseason game, at least from our perspective?
“Your perspective is exactly right. He did. Jonathan is a guy that I had the opportunity to work with at Stanford. Really, really glad to have him on the team, but I’m ready to roll with anybody we put out there.”

Does he look stronger to you?
“Getting stronger, yeah, definitely. Especially coming off the mono in the spring. I think he’s definitely made strides there. He lost a bunch of weight and a lot of the gains he had put together, he had to start back at square one once he got over that little illness.”

How daunting a transition is it for C Daniel Kilgore at that position to go for years of not playing very much to being the starter, and center, specifically, as opposed to others?
“I think it’s much – I don’t want to use the word easier – but it’s much smoother a transition to be in the role that he has been in and jump into that role as opposed to getting right off the bus as a rookie and having to do it. So, I think Daniel has prepared himself well for that job and really pleased with what he’s doing.”

Do you have any updated on WR Michael Crabtree?
“Again, that’s day-to-day. Funny you should mention that. I’m getting ready to go meet with the trainers right now.”

You imagine him being pretty geared up to go back to Dallas for the first time and play there.
“I think he’s geared up to play anywhere, really. But I’m sure Dallas has a little special something to him growing up in that area and having family there. He’s ready to go. He’s a true professional. Mike played last year when he came back in a tough situation for some. He went out, gutted it out and helped us win a lot of football games. And that’s what we’re looking forward to this year.”

Is G/T Alex Boone going to start at right guard?
“You know, that’s a good question. We’ll have to wait and see.”

How has he looked physically?
“Looks good. He missed some time, but he looks good. I think he’s jumped back into the offense. We’ve cut way back on some stuff, so the stuff we’re doing is pretty manageable for him.”

Assuming he’s in decent physical shape, what would prevent him from being the starter?
“We just got to see, evaluate it and make the best decision at the appropriate time. To sit here and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to do this and do that,’ without all the information is not very prudent. When a player rejoins us, we have to consider where he is physically as well as fundamentally and see where that goes at the appropriate time. Anything else would be probably not advisable.”

Will you know something like around Friday or so?
“Sure [laughter].”

Is the Cowboys’ scheme similar to what Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli had two years ago when you faced the Chicago Bears?“
“It’s opening day, you never know what they’re going to do. It’s a new defense for them. Been very impressed with them. Their starting unit, I think they’ve done a very good job of keeping people out of the end zone. I don’t want to characterize them as a bend-but-don’t-break, but during the season, people can look at mindless numbers like yards, but they did a great job of keeping people out of the end zone. Coach Marinelli has had a great career and is a great coach. But it’s opening day, so, you never know.”

When you bring up mindless numbers like yards, is that something that you guys get attacked a lot about with your passing offense. Yard-wise you were 30th in the league last year. Do you see that as deceiving of what this passing offense could be?
“We were top-5 in the league last year in pass offense. I think we had the third or fourth most wins in the league.”

Top-5 in pass offense?
“I think we were in the top-4 in wins.”

What’s your measure of passing offense?
“Wins. Winning.”

So, run offense you’re top-5 as well?
“We made it. Top-5 in every statistic. Trying to improve it, though. Trying to get it better, guys working hard, working hard every day.”

You guys have so many established wide receivers on the roster. How do you work in a guy like WR Bruce Ellington, who showed some nice things, can do a lot of different things in the offense?
“Bruce is a guy that every day he gets better, and while he’s young, I think he’s a very instinctive guy. He’s going to be a guy that can really help us in a lot of different ways, I think. He’s got a little multi-dimensional ability to him. We’ll see. We’ll see how it goes.”

Part of your offense regularly has been able to kind of physically dominate some opponents. If indeed, you’ve discussed, you pass more, is that still possible to kind of physically dominate people with your passing 35 times a game?
“We’re looking for one kind of domination and that is on the scoreboard. And if that happens via running or via passing, it really, big-picture wise, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all about execution. I think we all see there are teams out there that can live in the extended handoff world, i.e. the short passing game. How efficient you are either running that style of offense or a power-type of offense and what not. I think the key thing is to put your players in the best possible position relative to the team winning. And if that’s running or passing, it doesn’t matter to us as long as we’re getting the results that we’re looking for, and that’s helping the team win.”

What are your thoughts of RB Frank Gore’s workload early in the year and also giving yourself a chance to see some of the other guys, like RB Carlos Hyde?
“Yeah, that’s a tough one because Frank doesn’t want to come off the field [laughs]. He’s a team guy and he’s been on a really good plan this summer. We’ll just see how it goes because once the game starts, we’re going to do whatever it takes to win the game. At the same time, you don’t want to wear out a particular player. We just got to work together on that. If somebody’s hot, we’ve got to stay with the hot hand and try to have a plan ahead of time, though, to where we can utilize each player in a specific manner. Things change in the course of a game, so we’ll see how that goes. It’s a good question, though.”

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  1. I have a hard time listening to Roman, nice guy, but not a top offensive coordinator. I don’t think he could get another offensive coordinator position, unless it’s with Jim if he goes to another team.

      1. Bay,

        Good take on Roman. Harbaugh is too loyal for his own good, about keeping Roman, Roman will never be a head coach, maybe a division 2, is a possibility. He is so over his head.

  2. This year will be the year Roman proves his worth as the 49ers OC. He has the weapons, the line, the running game. He just needs to make the perfect play calls.

      1. I doubt that will happen. It’s one of Harbaugh’s weaknesses. Once he gets a perception of someone it’s hard for him to change it.

    1. @Neal,

      I don’t think there’s any question that Roman has to prove it this season. He’s got everything he needs now, no more excuses. We’ll see.

      And what was that “Back on Forth” about Roman saying the 49ers were Top 5 in Pass Offense?

      Did Roman get kicked in the head?

  3. I think watching the GB/Seattle game showed the difference a good OC can make. The Seattle OC made some great calls.

  4. Who was it here who panned the drafting of Ellington? i recall someone really bagging on the guy as being slow and talentless. Who was that?

  5. its hard to learn a new system–keeping roman is in the best interest of kapernick . I have a hard time understanding many of his calls and hes predictable –teams study film—–frank gore up the middle—-thats what you call–a monkey could make that call

  6. Pre season means very little to this organization. This off season was all about getting healthy and prepared for the upcoming season. the 49ers have played probably more football games then any other team the last 3 years. Kap is the type of QB that takes a little while to get warmed up, in a rhythm. Roman needs to figure out how to make that happen faster for Kap. We need some fast starts this year. All the national “experts” are writing SF off and it’s the best thing that could happen. 49ers will dominate this season and win the west.

  7. Saw this tweet from one of the guys at Immediately made me think of Roman.

    The NFL has plenty of dogmatic play-callers unwilling to veer from their comfort zone, but Darrell Bevell is the opposite. #Seahawks

    I don’t want to look ahead because we have plenty of games before the Seahawks and plenty of challenges in terms of injuries and suspensions. However, when we do get to the Seahawk games, if I see us relentlessly trying to pound Frank Gore at the Seahawks unsuccessfully, it will all be on Roman and Harbaugh.

    Also wondering for those of you that like to bag on Kaep yet you throw out the elite label to guys like Rogers. After watching Rogers lose the last three to SF and get destroyed and embarrassed last night by Seattle, do you still think Rogers is elite?

    1. FYI: Aaron did not lose to the Seahawks last night. His team, of which he is a member, did. Obviously, he does not play defense nor does he pass protect for himself. You missed some of the integral points of the game which were massive contributors to the Packers’ failures. Of course, he did not play anywhere near a perfect game, but any person who knows much about NFL games and performances realizes that the successes or failures of a team rarely fall on the shoulders of just one player. The Seahawks are 17-1 at home in the last 18 games, and I imagine they will win a few more at home before they lose. They are a very good team.

      1. Mike,
        you don’t know me or are new here. I am being sarcastic. See when we lose several posters in this room put the entire thing on Kaepernick. Just playing the same card with Rogers which to your point is unfair.
        He’s lost some receivers, his protection was crap and he had zero run game. Rogers is still rogers, but as you point out this is a team sport.

        1. See when we lose several posters in this room put the entire thing on Kaepernick.

          Gee, I wonder where they got the idea to do that?

      2. Mike, The Seahawks are not only a very good team, their performance last night showed that they’re a much better team from last season overall, except for their punt returner. The 49ers and Seahawks were the two best team in the NFL last season, The Packers got blown out by a great teram last night. And the way the Seattle team played last night, I won’t be surprise they’re above the 49ers in both side of the game. With Bowman, Aldon Smith out,and maybe wth might lose Ray McDonald for six games if he’s found guilty. And looking back to the player that we loss to injury and the FA’s.

    2. Bay,

      Good take on Roman. Harbaugh is too loyal for his own good, about keeping Roman, Roman will never be a head coach, maybe a division 2, is a possibility. He is so over his head.

  8. I dont think Greg makes the defenses pay when they put 8-9 guys in the box. We need to run some screens to counteract their aggressiveness and try to hit them with the deep ball when they leave our guys singled-up.

    1. Drives me crazy. Agreed. When is the last time they took a deep shot with Vernon against the Seahawks down the middle of the field?

    2. And that’s because you have called so many NFL games and know more than Greg Roman of who and when to go deep?
      You fantasy football guys with your deep ball mentality. You know that they are 2 different games right?

      1. Had a a chat with my sons offensive coordinator last week. He told me that in those 1 on 1 situations you have to occasionally challenge the Seahawks DB’s vertically.

        The couple of times I’ve been able to sit and talk football with him have been very enjoyable. Love sitting down and talking football with him. His knowledge is deep and he has a philosophy. He played with the Patriots with Brady for 7 years.

        I am a fan and a student of the game. But you are correct I have not called any NFL games. Roman has though and he has suffered his more embarrassing defeats to that team up north. Has never beaten them in their house. So until Roman improves the offensive blue print and gets the desired result, he is under the gun and open to be criticized.

        Keep pecking away at me FDM. You are cancerous buddy. A real low life. Occasionally I’ll respond to your attacks but mostly I try ignoring you.

        1. Who said I was replying to you Bay? You asked me to not engage you so I have respected that. I was replying to 9erNation. Remember small man, its not always about you.

          1. Was under the assumption that since it was a dyck response it was aimed at me. Now I see that you give a dyck response to everyone. Carry on sad man….

      2. FDM,

        I am not a fantasy football fan or know more football then Roman, but I do believe he is not in the top 10 offensive coordinators in football, other decision makers in the NFL, have a strong opinion he is not head coach material either, man can’t get a interview.

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