Rookie may get first start at right tackle on Monday night for 49ers

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was tight lipped when asked who would be replacing Mike McGlinchey at right tackle for Monday night. Today, offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel may have let it slip.

McDaniel was asked how rookie Jaylon Moore has done with getting some snaps on the right side as opposed to his usual spot?

“No, it has been good to see him progress. He had a good day of practice today. A lot of guys did, it was a pretty good day practice today. It’s like anything else, it’s hard enough to be a rookie in the league, let alone flip sides,” McDaniel responded. “But that’s what he’s been preparing to do all season with being the swing tackle or sixth guy or rotating with [OL] Tom [Compton]. We’re very happy just like we always are with Jaylon because he doesn’t get worse, he gets better. So today was better in the reps than yesterday. And you hope for tomorrow to be and the game to be a lot easier for him than it would have been had it happened last week.”

Moore, a fifth-round draft pick, has been impressive throughout the year. He started the first two preseason games in place of veteran Trent Williams. Moore also held his own when pushed into the starting lineup against Indianapolis when Williams was out with an injury.

In other news from today’s practice, DL Arik Armstead (neck), OL Tom Compton (not injury related – personal matter), RB JaMycal Hasty (ankle), DL Maurice Hurst (calf), CB Dre Kirkpatrick (ankle), WR Mohamed Sanu (knee), S Tavon Wilson (foot) did not participate.

Among those listed as limited participants were DL Arden Key (oblique), TE George Kittle (calf), RB Elijah Mitchell (rib), CB Emmanuel Moseley (neck), CB Josh Norman (rib), and DB Jimmie Ward (quadricep).

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  1. Glad to see they’re not settling on Compton.

    It’s time Moore got more snaps. Might as well see what we have with him.

    It’s not like Compton was any more prepared or able.

  2. Two things come to mind: One, it’s nice to see potential competition at the position, which if TPTB are honest and objective, should contribute to either one improving the play at that position; and two, if Moore excels and beats out McGlinchey it is a nice achievement by the draft committee. What I fear is that McGlinchey is simply handed back the position by reason of his because of his undeserved high draft position. From what I have seen during the ShanaLynch era there has been too little competition for positions which has led to complacency and continued poor performance by too many of the regulars. What is obvious is that during practices players can often get in the KS doghouse and do a lot of watching from the sidelines. But in games, the regulars seem to be able to screw up continually but there are no consequences

    1. Dr. Nirav Pandya, M.D.
      · Nov 8
      Tough for McGlinchey. If this involves the quadriceps tendon (where it attaches to the patella) this is very likely surgical. This is a tough operative injury to come back as only ~ 50% of NFL players RTP. If it’s more the muscle (think DeMarcus Cousins), better prognosis.

      Your fear is 180 degrees from mine.

      1. Good point. Now my fear is that Moore replaces McG and we revert to no competition again – and the beat goes on.

    1. Jerry,
      I’m normally a ND guy but Mich.’s been making me money this year, so GO BIG BLUE.
      As to the O line situation. Hopefully Moore is the answer at RT, then they should move Banks to RG and make Brunskill the swing tackle. He did a great job replacing Staley in 2019. The cap should go up quite a bit this off season and shedding JG’s and McGlinchey’s salaries should give this team lots of cap space. Hopefully they pay for a back up QB with Lance’s skill set, someone like M. Mariota, then sign a FA CB. Then use their 2nd and 3rd round picks on 1 D lineman and 1 O lineman

      1. I think the right thing to do at right guard is to wait until the coaches and players believe Banks is at least close to Brunskill. Hopefully that’s soon. I doubt very much that they would get rid of McGlinchey. He’s a top run blocker and so far this year he has greatly improved his pass blocking. Yes they will save money when Jimmy leaves but as you say, they must replace him with a quality veteran. My opinion is that they would be better off with someone who knows the offense over someone who matches Lance’s skill set since hopefully the roll would be to tutor Lance. As Papa has suggested it’s possible they could keep Jimmy at a reduced salary although I doubt he would want that.

  3. Who’s getting Sanu’s snaps? I’m assuming Jennings especially since we are planning on running this game.

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