Scott Tolzien breaks down fellow Wisconsin Badgers Peter Konz and Nick Toon

SANTA CLARA – Right guard and wide receiver are two of the Niners biggest needs.

They will most likely draft towards the end of the first round in April, and the University of Wisconsin has a pair of late-first-round prospects Trent Baalke and the Niners might covet – interior offensive lineman Peter Konz (6’5” 315 lbs.) and wide out Nick Toon (6’3” 220 lbs.).

I asked former Wisconsin Badger Scott Tolzien today at his locker for a scouting report on both players since he played with them for the last few seasons.

Here’s what Tolzien said.

TOLZIEN: “The nice thing about Peter is he can play center, he can play any interior position, so he’s versatile. I remember in college we would run sweep plays and he was pulling as a center – snapping the ball and getting out front, beating the running back to the spot. He’s got a real good tool set and he’s real smart too, so as far as protections and schemes and everything, he’s a quick learner. Great kid, too.

“As far as Nick, Nick has got some nice genes, I mean his dad (Al Toon) was a first round draft pick (in 1985, 10th overall to the Jets). He’s got size and he really attacks the ball. When you throw to Nick, nothing bad is going to happen – he’s either going to make the play or no one’s going to make the play. You can throw the ball into traffic with him.”

Both right guards on the roster, Adam Snyder and Chilo Rachal, will be free agents this summer. I’d expect Trent Baalke to make an effort to resign Snyder but not Rachal. Peter Konz would be a good candidate to replace Rachal on the roster next year.

As far as Nick Toon goes, I’d bet Baalke waits to draft a receiver in the later rounds. I expect him to resign Joshua Morgan and Ted Ginn Jr., but not Braylon Edwards. Cal’s senior WR Marvin Jones (6’3″ 202 lbs) would be a good pick in the fifth or the sixth round for the Niners.

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