Seahawks trade for Harvin, NFC West gets way tougher

The value of a cover corner just went up in the NFC west.

The Seahawks have traded their first round pick and other picks to the Vikings for WR Percy Harvin, one of the most explosive players in the NFL.

If the 49ers were blind to the fact that they needed a corner prior to this Harvin trade, hopefully this event will make them aware of the need to address the issue. (Report: 49ers are interested in CB Sean Smith.)

Last season against the Niners, Harvin caught 9 of the 11 passes that came his way. If Danny Amedola and Chris Givens could nail the Niners for 21 catches in two games last season, how many do you think Harvin will pull in with Russell Wilson throwing him the ball against the Niners’ same cover guys if they don’t take the initiative to improve?

The NFC West just got a lot tougher.

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