Seifert on the 49ers: “There are just some things they have to do a little bit better.”

George Seifert spoke about the 49ers’ playoff chances Monday on 95.7 The Game. Here is a transcript.

Q: How does this win over the Seahawks change the way you view the 49ers as far as going forward in the postseason, assuming they get there? If they play this kind of game, is it enough to beat any team they face, or are they going to still have to take it up another notch in some areas?

SEIFERT: I’m not going to get into the areas, but there are some areas that they’re going to have to pick it up on. I think they know that. The coaches know it. They watch and study the film. There are just some things they have to do a little bit better. I thought the intensity was spectacular. There are just some execution things they’ve got to improve on, but every ball game you should be working to get better and I’m sure that’s what they’re doing. You’ve got a couple more games here. You’ve almost got to win out to ensure yourselves, and then it’s anybody’s ball game.

Q: You piqued our curiosity – what side of the ball are you referencing?

SEIFERT: No, you’re not going to draw me into that.

Q: Where do you think the 49ers truly can improve in the passing game?

SEIFERT: I think the fact that they’re getting those receivers back – that’s going to be huge. And the fact that they’ve played now some and they’re just going to get better over the last couple of ball games. The timing with their quarterback, that’s all going to get better. There could be a very substantial momentum build with the fact that these players are getting back on the field. People talk about the coaching, but the more good players you have, the better chance you’re going to have.

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