Shanahan and Lynch, unplugged

John Lynch says Colton McKivitz can play tackle or guard.
(Photo: Associated Press)

I focused mostly on Joe Staley’s retirement in today’s draft wrap. We’ll use up miles of bandwidth talking about Trent Williams over the next few weeks.

Right now, let’s get to some of the ancillary players the 49ers welcomed today. Here are portions of the official John Lynch / Kyle Shanahan transcript for this afternoon’s Zoom. Because the draft didn’t end after the third round.

Shanahan on the backup plan at offensive tackle:

“One thing that was really cool was if the Washington deal didn’t go through, one of our Plan Bs was to try to draft Colton [McKivitz] there in the fourth round, and then we made that risk to move that to go up and get the receiver we wanted. Then we did end up getting Trent and to still be able to get him [McKivitz] in the fifth round was a hell of a deal. We felt really excited about how today went.

Shanahan on whether prospect evaluation changed because of the uncertain summer:

“No, it doesn’t change it. I mean, you bring it up and you talk about it, but you can’t bank everything on the first five weeks of the year. So, it’s just kind of unfortunate. What was different there, at least, we could talk with the rookies and stuff. Once you drafted them, you could actually do things with those guys a little bit, but you couldn’t get them in for OTAs and things like that and they were a little behind and it took them longer. 2011, it was so tough because you couldn’t work with anyone, but now we’re able to talk with everyone, be able to do stuff.  It’ll be a challenge, but I think it’ll end up working out the same.”

Lynch on trading up to get McKivitz:

“The Dolphins called about Matt Breida during the process and he’s another guy, both Breida and Marquise [Goodwin] I should speak about, too. Both those guys have been with us from the start. Breida, an undrafted free agent, has given to this organization in an unbelievable fashion. He’s been really good for us and a really valuable member, both with his play and his makeup. We wish him the best. We did feel, though, that we had an opportunity to add to the offensive line for the long term. The cool thing about the McKivitz, we feel like he’s got some ability to play tackle but also has some ability to slide down and play some guard. He’s a guy, during the process, the more we watched – that happens with a lot of guys – but the more you watch, the more you like. We just felt at that point, that was a good move for us to make.”

Shanahan on the 49ers’ offensive line depth:

“We also think if it didn’t work out in the draft or with Trent, we think Shon Coleman, we think [Daniel] Brunskill, we think [Justin] Skule. We have candidates and Colton’s another one. So, you add guys who can be possibilities to get to the position as an NFL player, and he’s one of them. We’re excited about him. We also like that if we don’t need him there or wherever we need him best, we do think he has the ability to play the other four positions too. That’s what we liked about him.”

Shanahan on TE Charlie Woerner’s ability as a receiver:

“Yeah. We always see some potential. I don’t know how many third down, double moves and stuff we’re going to design for him or jet sweeps like some of stuff Kittle gets and things like that. We brought him in here to take the role that we’ve always had someone have, whether it’s [Garrett] Celek, whether it’s Levine [Toilolo], whether it’s Logan Paulsen. We’ve lost some of those guys. We got [Daniel] Helm on the roster and he’s done a hell of a job on the practice squad this year. We brought him up, I think the last three games of the year and after that we had three guys on the roster. To bring in a new tight end was important to us. We see him competing with Helm right there, trying to take on that Celek role, that Levine role, Logan Paulsen, which is a very important role for us. It majors around blocking, that’s what you do best, but if that’s all you do, is block then we’ll just get an O-Lineman to play your position instead. He’s got to have some pass skill and we definitely see that and we’re excited about him.”

Shanahan on WR Jauan Jennings:

“Jennings was a guy that we knew he’d be right there at the end. He didn’t have the best combine grade outs. When you do that, sometimes you’re always guessing, is it going to be anywhere from the fifth round to a free agent? When you watch this tape, you know a lot of people in this league are going to love him. He was one of our most favorite guys to watch. He’s a bulldog. He usually plays in the slot. I feel like he could probably play linebacker if he wants. He’s willing to fight everybody out there. He fights for yards. He makes plays and there’s a mindset to that guy that you don’t have to talk to him to hear about. You can watch it on the silent tape and you know what type of football player he is. When you have guys like that, they usually end up being pretty special. Now, he has some reasons why we got him here and where we did. That’s why he’s going to have to come in and prove himself to make this team because we’ve got a good group of receivers. With the way he plays, the attitude he plays with out there with, the physicality, he’s going to get himself a chance to make this team. I know he’s going to push these other guys pretty hard.”

Lynch on WR Jalen Hurd’s rehab:

“He’s doing really well. One of the benefits is that the rehab players have been able to be around the facility. They’ve been granted permission by the League. We take great precaution with all those things but Jalen is doing really well. He is cleared. We’re ramping him up. We are very optimistic. I don’t want to be overly optimistic because last year we saw some progress and then we had some setbacks. So, I’ll let that thing continue to take its place. He’s out, he’s running. He’s doing really well and we’re excited by that. Jalen’s 14 days that we’ve seen him were lights out. The problem is we’ve only seen him for 14 days. Jalen knows full well that he needs to work his tail off, so that he can get back and be a contributor and try to earn opportunities to be a contributor for our team moving forward. We love his skill set. We love his mindset. Now it’s time to put it all to work.”


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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how the wr corps shakes out. Looks like a Dog Eat Dog fight to be one of the six. Pettis will have his work cut out for him….

    1. Hopefully he is all good to go. I suspect Hurd will be making a permanent switch to H-Back this year. Shanahan said after they drafted him that was the long term plan. And according to Grant even last year during TC he was getting a lot of reps in a TE/ H-Back type role.

      But the WR group should still have plenty of good competition. Going to be fun to see which guys emerge and who makes the roster.

  2. I think Shanahan mentioned every tight end that’s been on the roster the last seasons except for Ross Dwelley…What gives?

    1. The TEs he mentioned were all the guys that are primarily blocking TEs. That’s the role Woerner is being brought in to play. Dwelley is not that type of TE.

  3. Seems like we have a ton of depth at Oline this year, that’ll be fun to watch too. CB scares me, something tells me they’re not done wheeling and dealing, we could see a trade for one.

      1. Andrew
        Eli Apple is a Free Agent and as PT said, TE Burton Burton re-connects with Colts head coach Frank Reich. Both shared time with the Philadelphia Eagles and both were a part of the Super Bowl season in 2017

  4. Just looking at Jauan Jennings highlights. Apparently we’re going to be a very difficult team to tackle, which will be very beneficial especially during a possible short offseason.

    Gonna be a really fun offense to watch all year. Jimmy will be the great distributor

    1. The question is can he get free.
      I didn’t love the pick but it does give the team insurance in the event that Hurd cant go.

      1. He might not be targeted a lot, but his downfield blocking should be a plus and he’d likely help in the Red Zone. But if Hurd can go, I don’t see him playing unless Bourne gets injured.

        1. I think what’s become apparent in this draft with Aiyuk and Jennings is that Shanny doesn’t much give a crap if their release off the line is below average, because he can scheme them a way to get open….

            1. Another theme of this draft was physicality and a nasty demeanor on the football field. Gonna need a lot of intestinal fortitude to overcome what their opponents will bring against them this year….

          1. ” think what’s become apparent in this draft with Aiyuk and Jennings is that Shanny doesn’t much give a crap if their release off the line is below average, because he can scheme them a way to get open….”

            I agree with you that Shanny believes he can find ways to get guys open to some degree. With Jennings though I wasn’t speaking about his ability to get off the line but rather his ability to separate. Aiyuk and Deebo both struggle to get off the line but are very good separating, Jennings however doesn’t even have that in his tool bag. He is contested catch guy, which the niners certainly need as they really don’t have a receiver that excels in that situation.

            Kittle, Deebo, Aiyuk, Hurd and Pettis are all below average at fighting for the ball if a defender is there. I think this is why Bourne became kind of a go to guy in the red zone. He is one of the few players on the roster that has the ability to take the ball away from a defender. I dont see Jennings making the roster if everyone stays healthy, but if he does, that could be a major reason why.

        1. I actually think woerner could fill in for juice in a pinch. He appears very effective blocking on the move and in space.

      2. Jennings is competition for Bourne. Hurd will probably be the move TE after a full year of participation. Think Jordan Reed or Trey Burton….

  5. He’s (Jauan Jennings) willing to fight everybody out there. He fights for yards.

    Seb, I thought the team took notice of your musings here?

    1. Yes, they ignored my advice, and chose a red flagged player. At least he is a 7th round pick, but excoriating the coaches on twitter is not very diplomatic.
      I will say it again. I like players who play smart. Struggling upright for every inch can result in the defenders gang tackling, and stripping the ball. Kinda like what happened to Breida. He was gang tackled and stripped of the ball, so now he is a Dolphin.
      Running backs should play low to the ground, so there is less chance for a fumble.
      I hope you will agree with me when I say that fighting for every yard is counter productive, if he loses the football.

      1. See George Kittle vs NO.

        Of course there are times when you should go down. Those are times when a player is being gang tackled but if there are 2 tacklers or less that player should fight for extra yards.

          1. Idiot.
            George is an F-ing Hero for doing the opposite of your advise. The absolute 180 degree opposite. He’s a League Hero as well.

            1. These personal attacks should be discouraged.
              I will say it again. I like players who play smart. Kittle plays smart. He fought for more yardage because he knew he had to get closer for the field goal attempt.

  6. Phil

    Good post…You’re right in that the Joe
    Staleys’ etc ., are going to gobble up the newsprint for the next couple of weeks, and deservedly so…but now we’re talking about the present and the future. Joe worked himself into every Niner faithful’s heart, and will forever remain there…another Bob St. Clair…

    Now, we’re talking about the “Evolution Revolution”…we’re fresh…we’re new… we’re bigger…we’re ‘badder’…we’re deeper…we’re younger…and I could go on and on…. and I certainly plan to. From ’49 ’til 2020….not a bad run….

  7. I think Lynch matured as a GM this year, and he’s done everything in his power to give us an opportunity to be as good or better than last year….

  8. Andrew Siciliano

    Sean McVay, after asked by @OmarDRuiz about the Trent Williams trade:
    “Thanks for reminding me. I need to go drink a couple of more beers.”

    8:19 PM – Apr 25, 2020
    Twitter Ads info and privacy

    1. I saw that lol…fantastic pick up.

      So other then secondary this team is completely stacked across the board. So will that be our Achilles heel this year? Or do we feel confident that Sherm will give us at least one more solid year, Witherspoon will continue his development and stay healthy, Mosely won’t slump, and maybe someone comes out and surprises us like Tim Harris and shows solid production? Seems like a lot of ifs this year. Do you think we trade for DB?

      1. Every year, whether it’s Grant or CFC, they always complain about not addressing the secondary. Do we ever do it? Nope. Why not? Because cover 3 cb’s can be found later on in the draft. As long as our grunts up front apply the pressure, we’ll have a chance to return as one of the premier pass defending units in the league….

        1. I agree Razor. But Saleh’s reluctance to move away from the cover 3 hurt them in some games and in the SB.
          My point is at some point you have to start addressing the position with guys that can actually cover.
          I hate zone defense, it’s a cowards way to play defense. You have to be able to play both and change your scheme in a game or you become too predictable. That’s what I hate about Saleh’s defense. He rolls out the same plan every week.

          1. Aren’t you glad you didn’t take that bet on Henderson? And I told you Wirfs was gonna slide, and they would have taken him too had it not been for Williams’ possible availability. That took some mighty big balls on the part of Lynch to pass on him not knowing for sure he’d get Williams….

            1. I think they knew all along about Williams. But Kinlaw was a steal, he reminds me of Reggie White.
              I kinda of knew it would be hard to have Henderson fall to #13 and for the record, you should have man’d up and took a player. You cannot propose a bet and take no risk.

              1. Henderson or any other cb was never even a consideration because this regime does not put that kind of value on them that you do. Plus, I gave you an out if Henderson was no longer on the board. You poo poo’d Wirfs sliding. I told you he would.

                They knew all along that Staley was retired, but they couldn’t have known for sure that the Vikings would take Cleveland or that Snyder would give in at the final hour. The one saving grace I think Lynch counted on was Bruce Allen not being part of the equation….

    2. Raz

      Think of the battles ahead between Trent Williams and Arnold…Rams/ Niners…worth the price of admission….

  9. With the Niners draft capital they were able to achieve:


    Not bad not bad at all.

  10. Shanalynch covered all the players but one, the status on C Weston Richburg? Does anyone know how he’s doing and how his rehab is progressing?

    1. Garland is adequate until it gets sorted. If McKivitz can crack the starting lineup, he’d bring back the nasty a la Newberry.

    2. LEO
      Thanks for the info
      Garland’s a veteran insurance policy, on a one year 9er deal, not a long term solution. If Richburg doesn’t recover from a season-ending torn patellar tendon in his knee, the 9ers will need to find a C to replace him.
      Tom Compton played for Shanahan with both Washington and Falcons, so Kyle may see him as both a Center and
      OG? But he’s also a F/A that signed a one year deal with the 9ers, not a long term solution.

  11. Well at least this year we don’t have to listen to Grant rant about the 49ers not addressing their secondary in the draft

  12. In looking at the roster as a whole after these last few days, a few things really stand out IMO.

    1st–There is a lot of competition at the WR spot and the depth chart will look very different then last year. D. Samuel and B. Aiyuk are a given. J Jennings. Hurd, Taylor and Bourne will have 1st opportunity and to hold on to their jobs or lose their job, whichever the case may be. James, Benjamin, and Pettis have work to do to make the roster.

    2nd–the o-line will be interesting. Brunskill, Compton, and the new guy McKivitz will be pushing for the right guard slot. We hope that Richburg can return healthy, again. And we return Coleman, Skule, and Garland as veteran depth. So here is the interesting part. In four drafts and 31 picks, Shanny and Lynch have not drafted one C or one G. Or a C/G or a G/C. Not one interior lineman. They have gone strictly FA, or UFA for our starting guards and centers. I guess that they have a real strong conviction for what they do and how they do it. Will not using any draft capital in this area come back and haunt them? Or is this like the RB spot where they keep finding productive players on the cheap. ?

    3rd–of all the position, CB or S is the one area where an undrafted free agent could sneak on to the 53 (or is it 54 now?) After this season, Sherman, Witherspoon, and Williams will be unrestricted free agents and Mosley will be a restricted free agent. And J. Tartt at S will also be unrestricted. I look for a contract or two to be extended or restructured. I also look for at least one player (maybe Witherspoon?) to be moved if everyone else is healthy at the end of training camp. I am sure that there is a plan in place, just don’t know what it is, yet.

    If we could, for once, have a few less injuries then in the past, this team sets up pretty good for this year and the upcoming years

    1. Robby0662
      IMO, there could be several player this year, that will be evaluated and may not be here next year:
      Defense: DT Soloman Thomas, DT Kentavius Street, DE Dee Ford, (his arthritic knee), CB Ahkello Witherspoon. LB Kwan Alexander could be a Cap casualty and FS Jimmy Ward, if he’s hurt and spends the season on IR.
      Offense: C Westin Richburg, if he doesn’t recover, OG Tom Compton and OT Shon Coleman if they don’t work out.
      OT Trent Williams if the 9ers can’t sign him to a new contract. WR Dante Pettis may get cut before the regular season. And the TWO BIGGIES, QB Jimmy Garoppolo, if he regresses and TE George Kittle, if they can’t / don’t get a new contract extension signed.
      While I don’t see the 9er FO trading JG, or not resigning Kittle, I never envisioned the 9er trading DT Buckner or Joe Staley retiring, either!

    2. I don’t feel like the team can count on Richburg next year. I just don’t think the 49ers are finished making o-line moves. IMO they don’t have a viable Center on the roster. They need to find a guy.

  13. Any regime that can turn around a perennial loser through a complete and total rebuild in just 3 short years gets many, many benefits of the doubt….

  14. these are the Niner undrafted free agents signed-

    QB Broc Rutter
    RB Salvon Ahmed
    RB JaMycal Hasty
    FB Josh Hokit
    WR Chris Finke
    DL Darrion Daniels
    LB Jonas Griffith
    LB/S Ronnell Perkins
    S Jared Mayden
    CB Demarkus Amy

      1. Taylor’s got potential he just can’t stay on the field slippery fox has a real chance of making this roster

      2. Only one CB? The 9ers must be confident Emmanuel Moseley won’t regress, Witherspoon’s problems can be corrected, Sherman’s good for another year and no one will be serious injured.
        I hope that does come back and bite them on the butt.

        1. When they re-signed Verrett and Johnson they basically signalled that they were happy with the CB room from last year. Must feel that a low round CB pick or UDFA would struggle to beat any of them out.

      3. He brings return ability as well.

        Never count out walk-ons who get scholarships, then get to starter level as well as get their Masters….

  15. Not taking Wirfs was a monstrous whiff. Especially when they knew Staley was retiring. Now Brady has a pocket to throw from and Garoppolo doesn’t. I’m guessing JG isn’t happy, but he’ll never admit it.

      1. No doubt. But at what price? Should have used the Staley money on a new deal for Kittle. Getting Wirfs at first year player money would have been a steal. Draft day is for drafting, not spending a fortune plugging holes you should have filled in the draft.

        1. They still have the cap space for a new deal with Kittle. They effectively replaced Staley and Staley’s cap hit with Williams, without giving up much in draft capital. They replaced Buck and Sanders and their cap hits with much cheaper alternatives in Kinlaw and Aiyuk, like you want them to do.

        2. fescue
          How many rookie OT’s that you know of, have played in 7 straight pro bowls?
          The 9ers just traded for one that did.

          * “But at what price, and speaking of “steals.” A fifth-round pick this year and a third-round pick next year! That’s not only a steal in my book, but cheap for a 7 time NFL pro bowl OT.
          * “Should have used the Staley money on a new deal for Kittle.”
          I’d rather win a SB AND resign Kittle! How you ask? Restructure JG’s contract. And If like Buckner, he demands too much money? Then shake his hand, say good by and take the 3rd round comp.
          * BYW: Check out the OT prospects in the 2021.

  16. A background check on Mr. Williams raises a few questions. He has been suspended for violating the NFL substance abuse policy. He hasn’t played for a year and a half because of injury. He was fighting with Redskins management and they were anxious to dump him. He is in his thirties–the thought is that maybe he has one more good year in him. My point is that Wirfs was thought to be the top OL in the draft. He could be a HOF player in his first year, not a trouble-making player in the twilight of his career. Also, the Niners gave up their fifth round pick, and a third round pick next year. Adding insult to injury, the Niners will be paying the last year of Williams’ Redskins contract, more than 10 million dollars. If Williams must stay on injured resurve, do we still have to pay him? Like I said, we WHIFFED!.

      1. Don’t pencil him in for the pro bowl as a Niner. Let’s face it, the Niners threw the dice on this one. Mr. Williams may still be injured. Pro bowlers don’t stay pro bowlers ’til they retire. Especially this one. It’s been so long since he last played, he may have forgotten what he once knew. Also, it stands to reason his physical skills will have departed. He may never be able to get into shape again. If he was still a great player, the Redskins wouldn’t have been so anxious to get rid of him.

        1. Fescue your facts are off.
          His last “injury” was a cancerous tumor on his head that the skins told him was no big deal. That, is why he refused to play for them and was willing to sit out a season.
          The Skins didn’t want to get rid of him or they would have traded him last year likely for a 1st. They called his bluff and they lost.
          It shouldn’t affect his play at all like a knee injury would.
          Yes, there are some concerns but a 3rd for a HOF tackle who should still have 4 good years left is an easy deal to make. Especially when you can get that 3rd back by letting him go if he doesn’t meet expectations.
          Out of this group it’s almost guaranteed he will be better than every oline man drafted over the next 4 years.

    1. Let me get this straight. It’s a 1 year deal. We’ll know very quickly how much if any regression has occurred with the elite OT, who is betting on himself by desiring that deal. Meanwhile, it buys us time to develop the OT’s on our roster to either replace him, draft his replacement or let him hit the road for a 3rd round compensatory selection. This is what is commonly referred to as a “win, win”. Don’t you like winning?

      The thought of a rookie LT in the middle of a SB run gives me the collywobbles….

      1. An over-the-hill LT in the middle of a superbowl run makes me think I’d rather have Wirfs. If you checked the way he aced the Combine trials, you’d know this was more than a rookie player. I’ve seen a video of him standing waist deep in water and leaping out, landing on his feet on the pool deck. He was the Iowa HS heavyweight wrestling champion. He knows about going head to head and putting the man in front of him on the ground, begging for mercy. He was also a first team All-American. Bosa fit in as a rookie, and Wirfs would have done it also.

        1. Can you provide any video evidence to backup your assertion that Williams is over the hill? If you can, I’m sure Shanny would love to see it.

          Do you think there ever was a snowballs chance in hell that Bosa would slide to #14? Even that racist campaign that Cohn participated in against him wasn’t enough. I liked Wirfs. Thought they’d take him, but they know what they’re doing. You and I? Not so much….

        2. From what I can tell your take on the draft is purely that you like Wirfs and are having a tanty the 49ers didn’t draft him.

          1. Big deal…Wirfs is theirs, and Williams is ours…get used to it…given good choices and a lack of injuries, we’re in for the next SB…GO NINERS..!

        1. Fescue,
          You’re arguing that they should have replaced Staley with a rookie, instead of a proven all pro LT who’s played in Shanahan’s complex system.
          Then here you’re angry because they replaced Buckner with a rookie.
          You don’t make any sense. You contradict your own argument with the next one.
          You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about

    2. “Wirfs was thought to be the top OL in the draft.”

      Yet he was the 4th OT drafted. Plus he was a RT in college so would not only be learning to be an NFL player but also switching sides in a shortened off season. A lot to ask.

      Regarding Williams you are really just looking for reasons to dislike the move. The guy is a beast, and still only 31. OTs can play at a high level into their mid-30s. And the year off last year in many respects was probably good for him. And as for still being injured – he wasn’t injured last year. He sat out after having surgery to remove a tumour from his head. He’s clear now. And it wasn’t because he was injured he didn’t play. He was furious with his employer. As for his beef with Washington, from what I have read it sounds like he is absolutely right to be livid with them and not trust them.

      1. Exactly.
        If any GM was asked to choose between
        Wirfs and Aiyuk or Williams, Kinlaw and Aiyuk they are taking the second option 9 out of 10times.

      2. I always enjoy your realism, analogy, and break downs Scooter. Your Wirfs analogy gives better clarification.

        I spit some Cheerios on the “tanty” remark. I have small children here who will be hearing that remark, probably directed at our high schoolers. Thank you for your contributions and stay well.

            1. Heh, yeah, must be an Aussie thing. Just slang for a tantrum, but usually reserved for when people are being a bit childish.

      3. Fescue doesn’t want the truth. He can’t handle the truth. He is mad because the team didn’t take the player he wanted. Now he’s ranting and making no sense. He belongs with Cohn on SI.

        1. the truth
          As the 9ers wins pile up, fescue’s ranting will cease and he’ll claim Williams was who he wanted….Then he’ll be demanding the 9ers sign him to a new, long term contract…..

  17. Nice draft.
    Now, if only there is a season…..
    Both the Chiefs and Ravens got better, and now Tompa Bay is looking formidable.
    Thankfully, JL hit a home run in the draft. He even had a trade back, which made me very happy. I thought JL got very good value by moving back one spot. However, I do not think it was perfect. They might have gambled, and waited until 31 to pick. Tee Higgins went 33, and Michael Pittman went 34, so there may have been different options at WR. That 117th pick sure looked promising with all the talent around that ranking.

      1. 6 foundational players
        Young DE
        Brown DT
        Kinlaw DT
        Wills OL
        Thomas OL
        Okudah CB or maybe Simmons LB
        Even though KS mentioned Aiyuk as a foundational player, he was chosen 25.

    1. They might have gambled, and waited until 31 to pick.

      And that’s the issue with Kyle’s strategy. He picks one or two guys that he feels he has to have on his offense. First it was Pettis, then Deebo, you could throw Beathard in there, and now Aiyuk. He says to Lynch I gotta have this guy by any means. So that means, you don’t gamble and let the draft fall to you, you are much more inclined to trade up to get your guy. As opposed to other NFL teams who have the talent on their board fall to them, with many options they are comfortable going with, thus inclining them to trade back and accumulate picks. Its a risky proposition kyle’s strategy is. However, he only seems to do this for one pick, and that pick has normally been their second pick. Again not sure if I like the strategy but that’s Kyle.

      1. Guess he had info that another team ahead of them would draft Aiyuk. Usually, the Agent gets a head up on the machinations.
        I certainly thought the Packers would draft a WR, but they stuck their thumb in Rodgers eye and selected Love after moving up. Maybe once they saw Aiyuk was gone, they went in another direction.
        I guess KS was enamored by Aiyuk, and he owns that pick, not JL.
        They should have been patient, because even if they missed out on Aiyuk, Tee Higgins and Michael Pittman would have been excellent choices. Pittman ran a 4.14 twenty yard shuttle, which is cat quick.
        At 117, they missed out on players like Ben Bartch OL, DJ Wonnum DE, MyKal Walker LB, La’Mical Perrine RB, Logan Sternberg OL, and Reggie Robinson CB.

        1. One of the Matt’s reported that the thinking was Miami was big on Aiyuk and that they traded down after the 49ers took Aiyuk. Whether that is true or not we will never know but it is plausible.

          1. I never understood the angst fans display when a proven hc goes up and gets his guy. A 4th round and change ain’t nothing if it means ensuring no one else gets him….

            1. Usually I would agree, buuuut, in a year where you don’t have any picks in rounds 2-4 as a result of the move up I am less on board with it. Especially when the draft was so rich in WR talent.

              Even then I would be fine with it if Shanahan had a record of landing top end talent out of his draft crushes that he goes up to get. But the history is poor… Beathard, Williams, Pettis. Hopefully there are better results this time around.

              1. Usually I would agree, buuuut, in a year where you don’t have any picks in rounds 2-4 as a result of the move up I am less on board with it. Especially when the draft was so rich in WR talent.

                Johnny Lynch:

                “We already have a lot of guys signed, so there’s not a ton of roster spots,” Lynch continued. “We have one of the better rosters in football, in my mind, and so it’s going to be real hard for draft picks to make this (team), as well.

                “I don’t think it’d be a great year to have 10 draft picks. I think it’s going to be hard to make this team, so we’ve got to make them count. That’s the feeling every year, but especially this year with very few (picks).

                I like constructive criticism, but I don’t think it’s warranted in this case. The 2nd round pick you’re lamenting was essentially used on Aiyuk. How? It was pick #31 bundled with a 4th and change. Day 3 picks typically struggle to make a roster, but the odds of making a SB roster are negligible.

                Even then I would be fine with it if Shanahan had a record of landing top end talent out of his draft crushes that he goes up to get. But the history is poor… Beathard, Williams, Pettis. Hopefully there are better results this time around.

                Shanny’s draft crushes aren’t all bad, and no one throws 100% completions in the draft. I’d rather have a leader that has strong convictions and isn’t afraid to act on them.

                Obviously we don’t know how these draft picks workout, but here’s my first impression. With 2 years of drafting experience, this draft showed a maturity and a coming of age that you would expect from two aspiring professionals. If this draft turns out to be a success, I think it’s safe to say our front office has surpassed the Seahawks front office….

              2. Which of Shanahan’s draft crushes he has moved up to get have worked out? I can’t think of any.

                I also don’t buy that round 2-4 players couldn’t make the roster. They wouldn’t have bothered drafting the 3 guys they did in rounds 5 to 7 if that were the case.

                By moving up for Aiyuk they quite conceivably gave up an opportunity to draft four players – one each in rounds 2 to 5 – if they could move back from 31 for a 2nd and 3rd rounder. They could have then used their later picks plus Breida and Goodwin to move around and get say 4-5 guys in rounds 2 to 5, and chances are they would make the roster. Or traded out for future picks. Or they probably could have used 2020 picks only to get Williams, using the Bucs 4th rather than a 2021 3rd rounder.

                It was a good draft, but don’t believe all the rhetoric ShanaLynch say.

              3. Lynch and Shanny don’t speak in a whole lot of rhetoric. They’re actually much more upfront and honest when it comes to answering questions than most regimes. I think you’re being overly critical in that respect. Case in point, Lynch said he thought he had the best roster in the league last year. Can’t really argue with that given they owned the Chiefs for 3+ quarters. As it turns out, they weren’t mentally tough enough, or bully enough to close the deal. I think he attempted to inject some of those traits through the draft in rounds 5-7.

                Shanny’s trade up crushes haven’t hurt this team that I’m aware of, and maybe Aiyuk ends up being a winner for him. Tbd….

              4. They are pretty open and honest, but you still shouldn’t believe everything they say. Remember when it was going to be hard to beat out Cassius Marsh? They rarely flat out lie, but they also aren’t immune to overstating things.

                As for Shanny’s crushes not hurting the team, they have had the luxury of having the cap space to mask any errors. Things are a lot tighter on that front now. Need to make their draft picks count. What we do know is that Shanahan’s history of draft crushes has not gone well. We also know that last year the WR he really wanted was Aiyuk’s teammate Harry, who was awful last season. So lets not blind ourselves into assuming the trade up for Aiyuk was a slam dunk move.

              5. I don’t believe everything they say, but I appreciate their candor.

                Lynch extended the window better than any GM of a playoff team this past weekend. That’s been my opinion, and nothing you’ve pointed to has changed my mind.

                First I heard Harry was the apple of Shanny’s eye. I was under the impression it was Samuel all the way. BB did his usual wr things and picked the wrong one. Maybe Shanny took BB off the beaten draft path….

              6. Lynch confirmed Harry was the WR Shanny wanted last year in the presser after day 1 of the draft. There were strong rumours this was the case last year, now confirmed. It was a case of Shanahan getting lucky the guy he wanted was taken before he made that mistake. Which really goes to show that you can often find a guy just as good or better than the guy you covet if you miss out on what you want.

                I am not trying to persuade you the draft wasn’t a good one for the 49ers. It was. But there are a few things that keep cropping up that at some point could cause issues. Shanahan’s falling in love with certain prospects and then unwillingness to risk losing those guys is one such potential issue. Hopefully in this instance the decision works out and they get a dominant WR. But history suggests this type of decision backfires more than works out, and that there will probably be a few guys that were drafted after Aiyuk that turn out as good or better. In the process they gave up opportunities to add talent at other positions, and they have a bunch of guys with contracts coming up this year. It was risky, possibly unnecessary, potentially adversely impacts their future capability to replace talent that leaves, and in keeping with a broader trend over the past four drafts that is yet to yield positive outcomes.

              7. I think Shanny is one of the best if not the best wr evaluators in the league. That should tell you everything you need to know about how difficult a position it is to evaluate and project to the NFL….

              8. Agreed. But that makes the decision to trade up and trade away draft assets to take that risk all the more concerning.

                Personally I think Aiyuk will be just fine. I’m actually not too worried about the players the 49ers added and if they work out like I think they will then it won’t matter the process to get there. But the process is becoming a trend, and that trend has resulted in mistakes more often than good outcomes. And perversely, the times they have let the draft come to them have typically worked out better. Over the long term it is a little troubling that they consistently take the approach of falling for individuals. And don’t try and convince me you are ok with it – before the draft you said you hate it when we were discussing my expectation they wouldn’t wait for Reagor to fall to them.

              9. Hating it is from the fans perspective. From an analysts perspective, it’s minuscule in the grand scheme of things. Everything this regime has done hasn’t been perfect, but what they are doing seems to be working….

              10. No offense, but I think you are just back tracking. Rationalising a process you know is questionable.

              11. You questioned the process before the draft. Now you are rationalizing it after the fact.

              12. I said the fan in me gets frustrated, not the analyst. Two separate views. I’ll attempt to break it down for you.

                The fan says, why do you have to overdraft a crush?

                The analyst says, doesn’t matter as long as they got their guys.

                At the end of the day, they’ve given me no reason to be doubting, and my last name isn’t Thomas….

              13. And if that approach has consistently yielded poor outcomes to date, what does the analyst then say?

                Don’t confuse overall team success with the success rate of individual moves. The 49ers have had the luxury of having bucket loads of resources available in the past to mask mistakes made along the way. Nobody is perfect, so having those resources available was a huge bonus and results show that their overall strategy and talent accumulation has worked.

                But they don’t have those vast resouces anymore, for the first time. Less margin for error. And their response, in a year where they already had limited cap and high end draft resources, was to tighten up their draft resources further because they once again fell in love with a prospect and couldn’t bear to risk missing out on him.

                At some point this strategy will come back to bite them in a setting where they no longer have vast resources available.

                But tbh, I don’t really think it matters what the 49ers did. Whatever happened you would have been here praising it. You always do since ShanaLynch have been in charge. You say you are now regarding this through your analyst brain, but the truth is you are viewing this through your fan brain more than before the draft when you said you hate this type of move.

  18. JG won’t be driving the Ferrari in 2020. It’s been reposessed. He’s lost his two best linemen (all-pros) and his best receiver. He now has a Camaro, with 20 inch rims.

    1. He’s lost his two best linemen

      Did i miss another retirement besides Staley? You can’t be talking about Person??? And how is Sanders 500+ yds make him the best receiver??? Sanders had a specific role, and he did it well, but he was by far a true #1 WR. The last few weeks of the season he was more of an afterthought.

        1. oh got it….the wording was funny, considering you were talking about our offensive Ferrari. Not sure how that would affect Jimmy

    2. I’m not going to say we got better on offense, but I do think we at the least stayed the same. But what we lost in familiarity we gained in versatility and depth. We lost Staley, huge loss, but if we’re honest the guy has lost a step or two, and Trent Williams is younger and arguably more athletic. We lost Sanders, who played a big veteran role, but we gained another YAC monster, who’s more polished than Deebo coming out and has more upside as a route runner. They also have really good depth on the OL. I think we are deeper on offense overall.

      1. Williams also has 4 years experience playing for Kyle previously plus a couple under McVay who runs a similar system. He isn’t coming in cold.

    3. “JG won’t be driving the Ferrari in 2020. It’s been reposessed. He’s lost his two best linemen (all-pros) and his best receiver.”

      Please fire him immediately! Sheesh, C’mon man.
      Buckner was going to command more money than the team could pay. Sanders was a big help last year, but wasn’t setting the league on fire. Staley went into the off season with a 50/50 chance of retiring.

      So, it was necessary to fill those positions and they did.
      T. Williams
      Kinlaw and Williams are day one starters and Aiyuk will see many opportunities.
      Boom! Positions filled.
      Calm down, bud.

  19. The Niners are covering all their bases. They traded away a 5th for Williams, but then traded Breida for a 5th round pick and selected a versatile O lineman, McKivitz.
    I was surprised that TW did not want to renegotiate his contract, but will play out his present contract, and be a Free Agent in 2021. If he leaves, it will be a one year rental, and the Niners may recover the third round pick as a compensatory pick.
    Yes, he did not play last season, and he had medical issues, with a tumor that almost spread to other parts of his body. Thankfully, they caught it in time, before it metastasized. It sounds like his prognosis is positive, and he should be able to play, even after 3 surgeries.
    I am hoping TW will be rejuvenated, and happy playing for a SB team. He has a ton of talent. All he has to do is perform up to his expectations.

      1. To paraphrase The Buddha: From introspection and humility may come self realization, and from self-realization may come self-knowledge, which may lead to greater wisdom, and eventually to thoughtful comments on this blog?

    1. OKay, I give up. The Niners know best. I don’t know diddly squat.

      That was obvious from your posts above. The minute you started to criticize the Williams trade it showed you have no clue. It’s ok to be disappointed when a player you like isn’t taken, but at least keep it real with the way things turned out. Williams is one of the best OT’s in the game, still in his prime and just had a year off to rest his body. He’s also on a one year deal at this point. He’s going to be a beast this season.

  20. 1. I like Aiyuk but I would have preferred Jeudy and then trade back at 31. There were a couple of other pretty good DT who could have been drafted day 2.
    2. Niners and Cards will battle it out for the West title. Seattle overreached on their first 2 picks. Carroll and their GM have got to be on the hot seat.
    3. This draft bodes well for 2 of my favorite niners Jeff Wilson and Ross Dwelly. Both should see an increased role next year. They have earned it.
    4. This draft does not bode well for 2 other players I like Trent Taylor and Richie James.
    5. KS likes YAC.
    6. Godspeed Staley.

  21. I am excited about Jared Mayden from Alabama. He may be a gem with good speed, CB experience, coming from the SEC, who plays safety, coached up by Saban, And runs a 4.36 40. Very versatile. I suspect he makes the team, because stashing him on the p/s will be unlikely unless he is a complete flop. He was hurt by his lack of a pro day.

  22. On a different page, if NFL games are played without fans, Seattle may find itself at the bottom of the division-weak OL, no crowd noise, advantage opposing DL.
    I’d be ok with no fans for that outcome.

  23. Trader John did not get the memo that global trade is down. Niners did not pick even one player at their originally designated slots.

    Here’s a high-level look at what I think is one of best off-season moves in the history of the franchise to keep a Super Bowl team going strong after losing 5 players (3 of them Pro Bowl caliber in Buckner, Sanders, Staley). Walsh would have been proud. I am using a list compiled by a reader Alex A. at The Athletic:

    The Niners had picks 31, 156 & 176, 210, 217 and 245 going into the draft

    1. Pre-Draft: Traded Buckner for Pick 13
    2. Pick 13: Traded with pick 245 to Tampa for picks 14 and 117
    3. Pick 14: Drafted Kinlaw to replace Buckner
    4. Pick 31: Traded with picks 117 and 176 for Pick 25
    5. Pick 25: Drafted Aiyuk to replace Sanders
    6. Pick 63: Traded to KC for Ford in 2019
    7. Picks 95 & 137: Traded to Denver for Sanders and pick 156 in 2019
    8. Pick 153: Traded Breida to Miami for 153, then drafted McKivitz
    9. Pick 156: Traded w/ a 2021 3rd rd. pick (90-ish) to Washington for Williams
    10. Pick 190: Traded Goodwin & pick 210 to Philadelphia for 190, then drafted Woerner
    11. Pick 217: Drafted Jennings

    In all, the 2020 draft essentially brought in Kinlaw, Aiyuk, Williams, Dee Ford, 8 games of Sanders and three rookies who will likely be depth pieces. A great mix of Pro Bowl talent and rookies with upside.

    While Woerner seems to have a good chance of making the team as the third TE, Jennings and McKivitz may need to be stashed on the practice squad unless McKivitz outperforms Skule and Hurd starts the season on IR.

    1. It certainly is refreshing to have people who think out of the box running the team. The Lynch/Shanny regime has gone from raw rookies to savvy vets. Well done with the draft.

    1. Jed is growing, and maturing.
      He stopped leaking, or stopped allowing leaks. He hired JL and KS, and stepped back and let them do their jobs. Jed has kept a low profile, and stopped sticking his foot in his mouth.
      Jed will still be the only 49er owner who has lost 2 SBs, but hopefully, the third time will be the charm.

    2. Mood_Indigo
      I’ve always wondered just what was said when mama bear York asked her brother, Eddie DeBartolo, to have a talk with Jed? Did Denise use her brother to deliver a message from a wise old uncle? Was it a come to Jesus talk? Did Eddie suggest Jed hire “someone” for the HC job? If what I suspect happened, did in fact happen…Then all 9er fans owe Eddie one more hearty thank you!

  24. What team in the NFC West improved the most? I think it was the Niners. Every other team is in a rebuild or reboot scenario and as of today, we are still the class of the division.

    1. Improved the most?
      The cards for sure.
      Williams is equal to or better than Staley.
      Kinlaw will be good and maybe even better than Buckner in a year or 2 but not likely in his rookie season.
      Aiyuk vs Sanders, see above.

      The Cardinals added the best linebacker to come out in a few years, and perhaps the only one that can cover Kittle. A tackle to help bolster a previously terrible Oline and a pro bowl receiver.

      I don’t think, the Cards are near SF’s level but they have improved the most imo, which is scary considering how much trouble they gave SF last year.

      1. Not as high on Simmons as y’all are. Struggles taking on blocks and making tackles. Plus, he’s a jack of all trades and master of none. Can he cover Kittle? Dunno, but he’ll struggle to bring him down. That I can promise you….

        1. Same on Simmons. He could be a beast in a system that is willing to maximise his versatility and keep him clean. But if he gets pigeonholed or doesn’t have the guys around him to let him play free, how good is he? Are the Cards the right team for him? They already ruined Reddick.

          Also, how obvious is it that the teams in the NFC West are terrified of Kittle? 😂😂

        2. The question who improved the most.
          SF basically has held serve from last year Williams is better than Staley but we’re talking about going from an A- to an A+ at the position. Buckner to Kinlaw is probably an A- to a B- . He could be better down the road but he’s a rookie and will make rookie mistakes.
          Sanders to Auyuk is probably B to C+ for the same reasons above.
          Additionally I’ll disagree that Simmons is a master of none. If I had to choose between him and Kinlaw I would have taken Simmons. He’s elite in coverage and at chasing down plays from sideline to sideline. Not to mention he gets a pressure on 36 percent of his pass rushes. Getting a pressure on 20 percent of your pass rushes is considered excellent, getting it on 36 percent of your rushes is insane. It’s better than Josh Allen for comparison.

          So AZ Is now pairing Larry Fitzgerald with Deandre Hopkins and on Defense they’ve added Jordan Phillips (9.5 sacks) DT, Devon Kennard (7 sacks)OlB, and Isaiah Simmons to Chandler Jones. That pass rush will be legit.
          Their secondary is still a big question mark but as we should well know it should look much better with that improved pass rush.
          I expect them to move ahead of Seattle next season as our stiffest competition for the division crown.

          1. Yea, I don’t like drafting secondary or lb that high. Kinlaw all day long over Simmons for mine. Keim made the same mistake with Reddick….

            1. We will disagree here.
              In general I would agree that a LB is not as valuable as a DT (disagree on CB), but not when they are that good. I think Simmons will be a pro bowl player year 1 and while I think Kinlaw’s upside is very high… I don’t see him being that good that fast.
              The other reason I prefer Simmons to Kinlaw is I think his boom to bust ratio is much better. At worst I believe Simmons will be a very good linebacker, while Kinlaw could be all world or a JAG.

              I know it sounds like I am bagging on Kinlaw but its really not true. I love him as a prospect and think he could end up better than Brown as I don’t value run D as much as Pass Rush. His raw abilities are through the roof… but it looks like teams adjusted to him in college and while he looked awesome in weeks 1-6 (5 sacks) in weeks 7-12 he was pedestrian (1 sack). He has to learn to do more than just bull rush or he will just be the new improved version of Solly. Bigger, Faster and Stronger but just a bull rusher who is neutralized by any guard that can anchor.

              Lets just hope they can coach him up properly because if he learns a few counters he’s a pro bowler.

              1. 1. In the passing game its much easier to neutralize interior Dlinemen.
                2. SF doesn’t only run a cover 3 and
                3. Being a cover 3 team doesn’t mean good corners are not a need.

                See what happened when Ahkello took over, when then the pass rush didn’t get there against the cheifs and slowed down against the cards, or how Brady and Breese carved up the cover 3.
                A great corner allows SF to take away a receiver, and roll coverages to squeeze zones further. Additionally, it gives more flexibility in terms of blitzes and coverages making it easier to confuse qbs.

              2. Predominantly they are a cover 3 zone team. It’s all about the pass rush working in tandem with that scheme. They don’t need a shut down cb. If they did, they would have drafted one the past 3 years when everybody’s been clamoring for one. Safety is much more important than a cb in this particular defensive scheme….

              3. Sanders’ son Shilo played with Kinlaw at South Carolina, and the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year is a big fan of what he’s seen from the No. 14 overall pick:

                “Watching this guy rush the passer, he’d show up in and out every day, every game,” Sanders continued. “This guy is a bonafide baller. You go into the draft, you get a couple of receivers (Aiyuk and Jauan Jennings) that can consequently replace (Emmanuel) Sanders, and you get a tight end (Charlie Woerner), and you get a lineman (Colton McKivitz).

                “Then, to top it all off, with the sugar on the top, you go get Trent Williams? You’re going to get a seven-time Pro Bowler, man? Possible All-Pro guy to come and shore up your offensive line? Wow. These guys know what they’re doing.”

              4. ” They don’t need a shut down cb. If they did, they would have drafted one the past 3 years when everybody’s been clamoring for one.”

                That doesn’t mean they need one. I could just as easily argue that’s why they were willing to pay Sherman. Or, that if they had drafted a good corner, they likely would have one more trophy in their case.

      2. Sooo the cardinals plugged in two players with a team full of holes.
        That o-line isn’t much better with the addition of one player. Neither is their defense. That secondary is horrible. And they have no pass rush.
        The only one formidable will be going against a tackle that dominates.

        Murray will scare people with his legs. And he will be using them a lot, Fitz is old and can’t get open like he use to, and their FA (who is very good) will be doubled if he’s scary.
        The 49ere basically ate the same team with a slight upgrade at LT, will have more weapons than last year on the offensive side of the ball, up in the air whether Kinlaw can match Buckner’ best year, and would be outstanding if he can even match his OK year last season.

        So who improved more? I’d have to say SF, draft picks will be draft picks. Signing TW alone puts them over the top slightly

    2. Prime
      I would agree with you, that Arizona is going to be the 9ers competition for the NFC West title in 2020. But I’d also say for the draft, it’s close to a tie between the 9ers and Ariz. The 9er team is still number one, due to having a better roster and better depth players, before the draft.
      WR DeAndre Hopkins,
      ROUND 4, PICK 114: LEKI FOTU, DT.

      1. Were there specific reasons that Grant was shown the door that anyone is aware of, other than his propensity for false narratives and antagonistic hit-pieces on the 49er brain trust? I just checked back in myself

        1. Not sure but I would venture to guess that his usefulness ran its course here on Inside The 49ers. He’s gone to where all football analysts go into obscurity, and that’s Sports Illustrated. He should fit in nicely there….

          1. He seemed to be more interested in his extra-PD efforts, building the Cohn brand – his twitter feed (and letting us know how many new followers he claimed), his videos, his tag team with the old man, that game day play by play thingie…

      2. He didn’t get sacked but he didn’t exactly move up the ladder very much either. He doesn’t write for SI, he writes/publishes for a team page on the SI website. I think his career was really going nowhere and this is a change to try and further his career. Problem is the guy just sucks as a writer and is even worse on camera. Dad could only get him so far. The rest is dependent on talent and he doesn’t have any.

      3. We don’t know that Grant was sacked, only that he’s moved on. The fact that he was posting for his new site before anything was announced here suggests he sought and was offered a new position with SI.
        His lack of a courtesy farewell message speaks more to his personal lack of class than to evidence of a sacking. Also, he didn’t get ‘walked out’ as some have claimed/speculated, since he didn’t work out of the PD’s Santa Rosa facility, he worked from home and transmitted his posts to be uploaded. This is another case of wild speculation by the uninformed masses.
        That said, it’s a welcome change from my point of view, and we have an advantage over the Niners’ players and coaches as they still have to deal with him in the locker room and Pressers.

        1. Everywhere I’ve worked, when a guy gets shown the door, it’s quick, discreet and you never see or hear from them again.

          1. Well, everywhere I’ve been when someone is sacked they normally don’t have a job the next day. Additionally the company normally has a replacement in place.

            1. As opposed to putting in your 2 week notice where you’d leave in good standing. In fact, if it didn’t workout, you’d be welcome back if there was an opening….

              1. Yup, that’s why I think Grant left on his own.

                Normally to fire someone it takes a lot of time… with warnings/notifications etc. thus the company has time to find a replacement.

                Grant left, and within the week announced he was working for SI. He had new articles up before the PD had anything in place. TPD posted no statements, nor a fill-in for some time then turned to Phil Barber, who is a great fill-in but not likely the long term blogger given his past history.

                While I think SI is dying, it is still a bigger name with national syndication and I would imagine probably commands a bigger payday. In this regard it might be similar to leaving The PD for the Chronicle . The PD blog is more active than anything on the SF Chronicle but there is no question that the chronicle has a bigger reach and is better known nationally.

              2. I would like to posit an alternative analysis. Grant, in an attempt to expand his exposure/brand, sought and landed the position at S.I. with the intent of performing both jobs simultaneously. This is not unusual for contract bloggers, which I suspect was Grant’s primary classification at the P.D. However, the P.D., which seemed willing to allow Grant some side projects, might have deemed running a second blog to be a conflict. At this point, the P.D. may have given Grant the choice of staying on at the P.D. and not taking the S.I. contract or voiding his P.D. contract and leaving to pursue other interests. If so, Grant chose the latter, perhaps because S.I. pays better (if it does) or will allow him to pursue and grow side projects (or maybe both). This analysis accounts for both Grant’s sudden departure and the P.D.’s lag time in responding to that departure.

                Of course, while I believe the above analysis fits the known data better than either the “Grant was sacked” or the “Grant left in a classless manner” analyses, it is still just that — an analysis. It may or may not be accurate. As such, I would never present it as fact, but rather as a possible explanation for the data we have. :-)

              3. JP, I had a job where I was called into the office and was sat down at a table when the owner slid an application across the table towards me, and asked what was this? I had applied at another job to improve my situation, and they didn’t like it. I felt compelled to move on because I didn’t like their attitude, and knew they weren’t interested in giving me a raise to keep me around….

              4. JPN001, how do you explain Grant’s completely ghosting the site and the posters he came to know (for better or worse) and interact with for well on a decade? Could there be legally enforceable exit language involved? Would something like that prevent him from posting here as any of the rest of us civilians, just to say something ?

              5. Rib,

                That’s an interesting question. There may be something in his SI contract about not contributing to other blogs. Or there may be some issue with his PD exit not allowing it. On the other hand, this is a relatively open forum, and I am not sure a post-separation prohibition against posting to the forum would be enforceable. Further, the PD’s rather sparse terms of service do not seem to prohibit a former employee from commenting on a story/blog. Of course, they may have blocked him from the blog (technical restraint, not contractual) and he cannot post. I would think that depends on the true nature of his exit.

                Of those, SI having some restraint on him commenting on other blogs would be my bet. Or, perhaps he just washed his hands of the place and wanted to move on without looking back.

                On a different subject, while reading the PD’s terms of service, I came across this:

                Please read our commenting policy:
                No profanity, abuse, racism, hate speech or personal attacks on others.
                No spam or off-topic posts. Keep the conversation to the theme of the article.
                No disinformation about current events. Claims of “Fake News” will be delayed for moderation
                No name calling. “Orange Menace”, “Libtards”, etc. are not respectful.

                I think some folks calling for increased moderation may want to clean up their own acts, because if the above policy is followed here, many posts may run afoul of it (including this one, as it is off-topic with respect to the story).

              6. Thanks JPN. I guess it will remain a mystery of the ages.

                (I think my comment right above would pass PD’s TOS. It could apply to any topic, off or on, under discussion here 😏)

    1. Old Coach
      A) Did you watch the draft to see who the 9ers drafted?
      B) The trade (steal by Lynch), between the 9er and Washington for OT Trent Williams?

  25. , You Guys ignored my advice. and chose a red flagged player. At least he is a 7th round pick, but excoriating the coaches on twitter is not very diplomatic.Thats Massive Replay Bro….WELL Said

  26. Is Clowney that big of a gamble with the moves made thus far in 2020, 2021 cap room and all this talk of the Super Bowl Window being now?
    I may just be in Madden mode, but I’m ready to buy a championship at all costs.

    1. How do we afford Clowney and Williams both, and still wrap up Kittle long term? Is there cap room for that?

      1. Agreed. I’m liking our DL a whole lot this year. A seasoned Bosa, a healthier Ford, AA in attack mode, Kinlaw penetrating. Health is the name of the game this year.

    2. Clowney is empty calories. Big name, small production. He became famous based on an athletic play in college that got all the fan boys worked up and has never lived up to the hype. I hope he goes back to Seattle so they waste money on a run defender.

      1. Yup, Clowney made one big tackle in college that went viral and the hype train begin running at full speed. Knowing what we know about Clowney today, had he been in this year’s draft, he’d likely go between rd 2-3.
        I compare him to a rain cloud that never produces rain.

        1. Yup, Clowney made one big tackle in college that went viral and the hype train begin running at full speed.

          The same could be said of Sollie Thomas’s sack of trubisky that ended the Sun Bowl. That cemented his #2 overall potential. To the Niners detriment.

          1. Lol, to their detriment. Despite that “detriment” they managed to turn dysfunction into champion in 3 years flat!

          2. Rib,
            To be honest, I never heard much about Solly even though I only live about 120 miles away from Stanford. When I heard that he was on the 49ers radar as possible top draft pick, I watched some of his tapes.

            What I saw was an explosive first step off the LOS to disrupt the backfield. Unfortunately, he has not been able to to translate that to the pros.

    3. While I agree that Clowney is overrated, I do not think he is a disappointment or a college hype over one tackle. Clowney has undeniable talent and actually put great sack numbers up his first two collegiate seasons.
      He played a spinner role in the Texans defense. He then switched to Leo/edge rusher in Sneaky Pete’s defense. He played with a core injury and still managed to be a factor in quarter back pressures.
      I am not trying to justify his asking price, which is north of any GM’s reality. He would benefit as a rotational pass rusher. He knows the system. The 2021 salary cap number is 70 million. He isn’t a long term solution. He is Deon Sanders 1 year Carmen Policy contract to get a ring.
      With teams getting past the compensatory pick deadline today, why not offer him a chance to get a ring and spring board into his big contract? Sign him as a rotational player with incentive lacing that pays him large for contributions, not unlike
      Sherman’s contract. Pro bowl bonus. Sack bonus. QB hit bonus. Disruption bonus. Snap count bonus.
      He’s young enough that it will either be here or Seattle. I’d much rather it be here.

      1. It wasn’t only that play where he jumped over the Oline, but that was the one that got everybody’s head spinning and started the hype about him being this other worldly player who was going to dominate the NFL whenever he arrived. The real story is, he had one big year in College and tested off the charts. As a player, he’s never really been a great pass rusher. He played on the other side of one of the best DE’s in the game who constantly got double teamed and still never cracked double digit sacks in a season.

        Your scenario is fine in theory, but there is no way this guy is going to sign for anything near what the 9ers could afford. The 49ers have enough cap room to possibly get a long term deal done with Kittle and sign their draft class. There’s no money for FA’s at this point and certainly not one who will hold out for a deal in the mid teens. He’ll probably sign a one year deal with Seattle or Tennessee and try again next year.

      2. You don’t sign Clowney for his asking price to be a rotational player. If Clowney was still considered a valuable asset he wouldn’t be lingering in FA limbo. Heck, Seattle would have kept him.

        That’s not to say that he couldn’t help another team, but he’s not a good fit for our defense. We have a very good run stuffer in DJ Jones and have a potential one in Kinlaw. Now if he lowered his price substantially, he would be signed by a team. But I wouldn’t touch him.

        1. Do we have enough depth at the dline?
          Is Ronald Blair, K. Street and Givens a trio that gets 10 sacks between them?
          That has to happen. They have to account for as many sacks as possible but 10 is a starting point.

    4. Matt
      The fact Jadeveon Clowney is still a free agent speaks volumes!
      * Cowney: “I just want to win.” “I’m trying to get to the Super Bowl by any means. That’s what I’m looking for: Who’s going to get me there? I ain’t looking to get on no sorry team for no money. That ain’t going to fly. I ain’t gonna put my body through all of that just to lose no 16 games, go home with my check. I’d hate that, so that ain’t what I’m doing. So if I can’t win no Super Bowl, I ain’t going to no team that can’t win.”
      * It would appear no team that “can win,” wants him? His asking remuneration may also be an inhibiting factor?

      1. I appreciate the level insight to a Madden level idea. I’d pay him 7 million base. Incentives could take him to 12 and he gets everything he said he wants.
        He is a cancer that depends too much on his raw talent without putting the work into his technique.
        While I like the talent drafted, this will be an abbreviated season at best. No OTAs until Aug at the earliest, preseason would likely be 2 games. Regular season likely 10 games. Rookies will be rookies.
        I am a big proponent for bringing the league to Arizona and Texas. Allow OTA and preseason to be played on college fields and in NFL stadiums without fans.
        The broadcast of the draft was a total success. Tv revenue may cut the losses from stadium revenue considerably.

        1. Matt
          “I ain’t looking to get on no sorry team for no money. That ain’t going to fly.”

          That speaks for itself….loud and clear.

  27. I think a couple of things have become quite obvious in terms of the Shana/Lynch approach to the draft:

    They don’t place a priority on DB’s and will usually take a Lineman with the first round pick. I think focusing on the DL with first round picks is a sound strategy because you can get DL up to speed fairly quickly and they can make a quicker impact than some other positions. They also get paid a lot of money in their second contracts if they are good so having a stable of young replacements is a very good idea. I think for the most part the strategy has worked very well for them. They missed on Thomas, but have hit with McGlinchey, Bosa and hopefully Kinlaw. They haven’t used anything higher than a 3rd round pick on a DB and still have one of the best past defense in the league. It’s obvious they feel they can take DB’s later that fit a certain physical dimension and compete because of the style of defense they play. Aiyuk is the first WR they’ve taken in the first round which means they really liked him and saw him as the ideal replacement for Sanders.

    Say what you will about last years team compared to this one, but I think this years can be even better if they can stay healthy. There were so many injuries last year and young players playing key roles and they still went to the SB. This year they will have two rookies who will likely start and the rest will be vets with the experience of going on a long playoff run under their belt and another year in the system to get better. I don’t see a better team in the NFC right now but there will be some that take a step forward that will be formidable I’m sure.

    1. Yes, it seems like they are going to rely on FA and mid round picks for Cover 3 DBs. The classic Seattle single-high safety coverage is a small part of their formations, and so maybe their need for a star ‘eraser’. They seem to stress more on interchangeable safeties. Interested to see what changes Tony Oden brings to the secondary from Woods’ approach.

      1. Yes I agree. The Safeties are the key to this style of defense along with athleticism from the LB position. CB’s are important but as Seattle and now SF has shown, they are down the list of importance when it comes to the draft.

  28. I believe that Jones and Kinlaw are going to be an incredible duo at tackle. My biggest concern is who is the back up D end on passing downs in case Ford goes down again. Remember how much our pass rush suffered when Ford went down last year. Blair won’t likely be back till midyear and probably won’t be back to full speed until 21. Maybe we move Armstrong out side and give Jones a chance on 3rd downs or we can all pray that Thomas finally comes around.

      1. Bringing Moore back would be a good choice. Maybe Julian Taylor could stay healthy enough to get a fresh start as well. I don’t see Street as an Edge, he’s built to play inside with his outstanding strength.
        Things will get interesting if Dee Ford were to miss time, but believe that they could make the adjustments required to keep the defense relevant.

        1. I’d like an interview question with Ford on what if anything he plans on doing differently to make himself more available to the team this year….

          1. In an interview, he said he rushed back and reinjured himself against NO. the week leading up to the game he knew he wasn’t feeling great and was still tight but because it was a big game and he wanted to help he played.
            He said if he had to do it over again he wouldn’t have rushed back.

        1. Blair is already re-signed. He is backup #1, just like he was last season. Talking about the rest of the depth.

  29. Lindsay Jones’ tribute to Staley in the Athletic:
    “Two things: When I went to Von Miller’s pass rush summit last year and sat in on a film session, no offensive tackle received more universal respect from some of the game’s best pass rushers than Joe Staley. He wasn’t on any of the pass rushers’ highlight reels and several times he was mentioned as either the most difficult or one of the most difficult left tackles to face.

    Second: My final image of Staley is going to be from after the Super Bowl in February. He was standing just inside the door of the 49ers locker room, locked in intense conversation with former teammate Frank Gore, who was there watching the game. Staley seemed to be the one consoling Gore, and not the reverse. That says a lot to me about the relationships Staley has built over generations of 49ers teams.”

    1. Many disparaging comments over the years in this space about Staley, but he kept going back to the ProBowl. Never understood the lack of appreciation among some of Grant’s unruly mob.

      1. 2007’s draft class in the first round was what Lynch was trying to emulate by taking Thomas and Foster. That was McCloughan’s best draft ever….

      2. Who? I can’t remember once where anyone on here bashed Staley.
        I’d say Staley, Willis, and Gore are probably the only ones I can’t ever remember hearing anything negative about them. Besides Grant.

        1. Grant’ “Gore has no more legs” (paraph) will forever live in “Inside the 49ers Blog” infamy.
          Good luck with this guy, SI.

        2. “Besides Grant”
          It’s well documented he was wrong on not only players. But predictions, draft picks, and schemes.
          Do you guys remember posters talking trash about Staley?
          I can’t.

      3. Bro Tuna,

        It has pissed me off over the past several seasons how many fans keep on whining about the need to replace veteran players in leadership position even when they are playing at a high level. I started noticing it with Gore after the 2011 season ended with Kyle Williams’ fumbles. During the 2011-2012 offseason, a chap in Niners Nation had a detailed article with game video clips making a case for moving on from Gore.

        Several “fans” have called for Staley retirement since Shanalynch took over. Now they will focus on Sherman.

        1. Mood
          Yeah, Joe would give up a sack and a couple of hurries matched up on a Pro Bowler and some fans would call him ‘Toast’, ‘Matador’, and other Monday Morning insults.
          With all due respect, I’m 70, if your memory isn’t as good as mine…… 🤪

  30. A rare moment of accidental truthfulness.
    Trump: “There has been so much unnecessary death in this country. It could have been stopped and it could have been stopped short, but somebody a long time ago, it seems, decided not to do it that way. And the whole world is suffering because of it.”

    Had it not been for Trump’s incompetence and criminal negligence we would be looking forward to rookie mini-camps and OTAs.

      1. Trump 2016 “I alone can fix it.”
        Trump 3/20: “I don’t take responsibility at all”

        LOL. Germany, S Korea , New Zealand all had outbreaks earlier than us but they are coming back online and reopening their businesses. Dumbass ignored warnings dating back to December and dismantled the US biological response apparatus. Yup, it is his fault alright.

        1. You do know the dismantling you’re sighting didn’t actually happen don’t you? He simply rearranged the dept and trimmed the fat. Please find the news agency that strokes your ego and tells you everything will be ok. This year there is a choice between a senile rapist and a bankrupt liar. I’d say there is only a choice between which destruction you’d like.

          Tim Morrison, former senior director for counterproliferation and biodefense on the NSC, wrote in another Washington Post Op-Ed, “It is true that the Trump administration has seen fit to shrink the NSC staff. But the bloat that occurred under the previous administration clearly needed a correction. … One such move at the NSC was to create the counterproliferation and biodefense directorate, which was the result of consolidating three directorates into one, given the obvious overlap between arms control and nonproliferation, weapons of mass destruction terrorism, and global health and biodefense. It is this reorganization that critics have misconstrued or intentionally misrepresented. If anything, the combined directorate was stronger because related expertise could be commingled”

          1. This year there is a choice between a senile rapist and a bankrupt liar

            A choice between someone who says you could drink bleach and someone who says you should never drink bleach. While a damn low bar, it’s an easy choice for anyone with a functional brain.

            Hey Razor, Houston remember the good old days when you got a big laugh about libs are the reason for instructions on shampoo? You’d never thought Lysol would have to put out a release saying DO NOT DRINK OUR PRODUCT! Pretty funny, huh?

            1. If the idea of drinking bleach or Lysol is sound judgement, should that person be voting to impact my life? I’m a proponent of Darwinism.

              Anyone who took the advise to drink bleach certainly lacks the cognitive reasoning to connect bleach to Lysol needing that company to release a statement. Lysol saw an opportunity to make headline news and receive free advertising. Bravo.

              Covid-19 lockdowns. This would have been the attack for whatever party didn’t hold the WH. Republicans would have fought to shut down the country just as Democrats did. They would be dragging their heels to reopen the economy, fear mongering, etc. The party stance is really interchangeable across either platform.

              At some point, the nation needs to stand up as a nation bolstered by self reliance. It was never intended for the country to raise its citizens like sheep.

              We are all in the same storm together. What a great time to find the same compassion our parents and grand parents found during the last major economical downturn.

            2. Hey Ribico, remember the good old days when you got a big laugh about Trump beating Hillary?

              Joe Biden is the best you can come up with? A degenerative neurological pervert is your great hope. Looks like the jokes on you!

              1. Well considering a moronic pervert with no common sense is currently the President, I think Biden has a pretty good shot. He’s not a great candidate but by November people may be looking at an anything but Trump alternative.

              2. A degenerative neurological pervert is your great hope.

                Hey, it worked out for you.

                He has no shot, but hold onto that hope.

                You think? It’s early, but he leads in every single battleground state. That’s before he’s even had to campaign.

                Keep safe Razor, keep off the bleach. I’d miss your contributions to this site.

              3. Ribico, the extent to which you’re willing to lower yourself to Trump’s level to defend your guy has long since ceased to amaze me.

                The dripping iron that came from your empty suit Kavanaugh hearings meets your undying support of Joseph Robinette Biden Junior….😂

              4. You’re projecting, Razor. No way do I put Biden on the pedestal that you place Trump on. Just know this. I’d vote for a coronavirus spore before I’d vote for Trump.

              5. Pedestal my ass. I put no man on a pedestal except for maybe the real life most interesting one; Bruce Eucking Dickinson.

                Voting for a virus over Trump puts the exclamation point on your partisanship. Face it, Ribico, the democratic party is your God….

              6. You think? It’s early, but he leads in every single battleground state. That’s before he’s even had to campaign.

                When Joseph Robinette(😂) Biden campaigns, and debates(😭) it will only encourage the independent voters like myself to vote Trump!

                I would love to mage a wager with you, Ribico. I’ll put my money where my mouth is on Trump, and you put your money on the guy that wants to take him behind the gym.😆

              7. Razor,
                Just because someone despises Trump does not make them a partisan. I know many educated republicans who literally hate the president and would vote for practically any other republican for president other than Trump. Maybe its just a california thing.

              8. OldCoach, maybe you don’t pay attention to Ribico’s political musings. Has nothing to do with Trump.

                P.S. I’m not nor have I ever been Republican. I vote for the best. If you believed Hillary was the best or you believe Biden is the best, maybe it really is a California thing.

              9. Maybe its just a california thing.

                Or in my case a New York thing. We here in NYC knew all about the orange con man well before he became the poster boy for the birther set.

                I would love to mage a wager with you, Ribico.

                Razor, we already have a wager. Me with a MAGA cap avatar or you with a smiling Biden avatar from election day to inauguration. This is only the second time I’ve reminded you. Sheesh, that bleach is doing a number on your brain cells.

              10. Oh no, Ribico, I want to keep that bet but make another that will hit you in the wallet. We’re talking cash on the barrel head wager this time around. Has nothing to do with our current bet….

              11. We’re talking cash on the barrel head wager this time around. Has nothing to do with our current bet….

                What’s the point Razor? I paid my internet bet involving cash said no one ever.

            3. Too bad you haven’t figured out Schumer. His policies have done nothing but weaken American sovereignty, encourage government control over its citizens and tout himself as a champion of the middle class. He’s never held a real job since college, and has made a living of putting party over country for the last 40 years. Bravo, Ribico!👏

              1. Yeah Schumer brags about entering a teen beauty pageant dressing room without knocking because he owns the event. Schumer brags about sexually assaulting women by grabbing their privates. Did I miss all that? That’s the guy, you family man, voted for. And voting for again. Bravo, family man, bravo Razor indeed.

                Forget politics or parties. Trump barely qualifies as a functioning human being. He lies as easily as you or I breathe. He has a pathetic need to always appear to be the smartest guy in the room, even when surrounded by those infinitely more accomplished in their fields than he. He’s a whiny thin skinned little be-otch. Who brags about their TV and social media rating in the middle of a f-ing pandemic killing 10s of thousands in America and around the globe? That POS does. Who whines that that the media isn’t “fairly” covering him for his pressers? Dude it’s your f-ing presser, it’s you talking directly to the people. The United States has a very disturbed individual at it’s helm.

              2. Ribico, if you really want to get down in the weeds, you can’t do it without bringing Slick Willie along! A BJ in the oval office and you’re bitching about patheticism? Boy, oh boy, you really are redefining the word hypocrite aren’t you?

              3. It kills me when somebody who votes Republican tries to bash the Democrats over the treatment of the middle class. The Republican party has destroyed the middle class starting from back in the 80’s when they created and implemented changes that led to corporations and Billionaires being in the position now of controlling over 70% of all the wealth in this country and rising . The Republicans are the party of the rich, religious extremists and paranoid gun nuts, and have elected the biggest dumb a$$ in the history of world leaders. What a great time to be an American.

              4. What kills me is, Princess Pelosi preaching to me about sacrificing my rights from her $20,000 refrigerator filled with $94 a gallon gourmet ice cream!

              5. Slick Willie along! A BJ in the oval office and you’re bitching about patheticism?

                Jeez, your false equivalency is pathetic. Maybe a over-bleach by-product? Consenting adults Razor, consenting. What woman consents to having her privates grabbed out of nowhere? What teen aged beauty pageant participant consents to some perv bursting into her dressing room unannounced?

                Four women who competed in the 1997 Miss Teen USA beauty pageant said Donald Trump walked into the dressing room while contestants — some as young as 15 — were changing.

                “I remember putting on my dress really quick because I was like, ‘Oh my god, there’s a man in here,’ ” said Mariah Billado, the former Miss Vermont Teen USA.

                Trump, she recalled, said something like, “Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before.”

                Three other women, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of getting engulfed in a media firestorm, also remembered Trump entering the dressing room while girls were changing. Two of them said the girls rushed to cover their bodies, with one calling it “shocking” and “creepy.” The third said she was clothed and introduced herself to Trump.


                Sure, vote the for that guy. Vote for him again. Just keep your daughters out of any miss teen USA competition.

              6. Sacrificing your rights? In a pandemic your rights extend 6 feet around you, that’s it. Don’t tells us you are one of those flu klux klan pro-pandemic protesters at your state capital? If so, thank god our interaction is virtual.

              7. So it’s your right to infect anyone within your proximity, is that what you are saying? That’s f-ed up , even for you.

                We have seen the future here in NYC, refrigerated morgue trucks stationed outside of hospitals. It’s pretty fing dystopian alright.

              8. Rib you made the choice to live in New York City. No one is forcing you to live there. There are consequences whether you like it or not to the choices you make. You are quite satisfied sitting in your house breathing air, I am not. Quite frankly I dont understand your disdain for the old dying, they are suppose too, no one gets out of this alive. After all you have no problem with the innocent babies being ripped from the womb and parts sold in the underground market. You talk from one side of your mouth to suit your fancy then change to the other side to suit your fancy. We all fking die that’s life, quit your whining celebrate life while you have it, there are no do overs. Are you one of these people who want to go to there grave dying of nothing, never did a damn thing in your life. Is that why you are so sour. Look how pretty I am when I die. Haha. In 2023 there will be 8 billion assholes on this plant that can only sustain 11 billion assholes so you figure it out buddy…dying is a damn good thing and get over your self righteous BS and start living before you die. Hey Rib have a good one eh and I do mean that. :)

              9. Under, f the pandemic because we are all going to die anyway? Seriously? Seriously under? I can’t believe I heard that. That is the most outrageous thing I’ve ever seen posted on here.

              10. Who said f the pandemic, those are your words not mine. In life one takes reasonable care to maintain life or sitting in a room sucking a thumb, eh not for me. I kind of thought, seeing that you consider yourself well educated and of reasonable intelligence, you would be able to figure out gist of the entire statement, I guess not. Its called over population if you don’t understand the ramifications of it – its okay, no problem, under the rug it goes.

              11. Its too bad Rib I thought of all the people on the left on this blog you wouldn’t use the blowhard technique, scream bloody murder, throw up mud for a defense, eh go for it Rib, it just reminds me of 45, only on the other side of the fence.

              12. Undercenter:

                dying is a damn good thing

                I’m not misconstruing a single thing. I hope you don’t mind me keeping that one in the back of my mind. I wonder how our poster here who works in ER feels about your “we’re all going to die anyway” fatalism?

                And BTW, my decision to live in NYC has nothing to do with. Do you not understand what global means in global pandemic? Your locale could easily be the next hot spot. Think about that and your “rights”.

                And BYW2, what does abortion have anything to do with what are talking about? Don’t like abortions, don’t have one. Or if feel the absolute need to prevent a woman from exercising a legal family planning choice, forbid the women in your family from doing so.

                Who thought that measures taken to prevent C-19 deaths, following the advice of people who know what the f they are talking about, would turn into another political divide, but here we are.

              13. Its called over population if you don’t understand the ramifications of it – its okay, no problem, under the rug it goes

                Seriously? That is your rationale? COVID-19 is nature’s way of trimming the planet? I suppose that’s a break from blaming the Chinese or Obama, but wow. Just wow.

              14. Franklin, he looked up “Souljaneetzen”. Google answered “I can’t even….”

          2. This year there is a choice between a senile rapist and a rapist bankrupt liar. I’d say there is only a choice between which destruction you’d like.

            Fixed that for you. Trump has multiple sexual assault allegations against him that supporters have ignored as usual. I’d also question his senility just as much as I would Biden’s. The things Trump says are not just ignorance but seemingly informed by conspiracy theories. His brain isn’t right and he is showing exactly what can happen when a country has poor leadership during a crisis.

        2. I’m not saying the guy doesn’t put his foot in his mouth quite often…I’m saying to say we don’t have football because, well Trump, is completely and utterly intellectually dishonest. You really think Biden or even Obama would have done better? Look at the Dems early responses back in Jan and Feb. Heck look at their open border response now.

          All I’m saying, with the way Government is run, this was going to happen regardless who is in office, no matter the party. Considering all that, I believe Trump’s responses have been good, his twitter feed and random mouth-foot moments, not so good, but normal for Trump.

          1. Look at the Dems early responses back in Jan and Feb.

            You asked, so yeah, lets look.

            On Jan. 26, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called on the Department of Health and Human Services to declare coronavirus a public health emergency, which would free up $85 million in funding for federal agencies. “Should the outbreak get worse they’re going to need immediate access to critical federal funds that at present they can’t access,” Schumer said.

            Washington state’s two Democratic senators, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, demanded in a Jan. 28 letter that Azar keep them apprised “with the latest information regarding the severity of the disease, the country’s capacity to diagnose cases, what steps were being taken to prepare U.S. health care workers, what screening systems were in place at U.S. airports, the status of a novel coronavirus vaccine.” At the time, just five cases of coronavirus had been discovered in the U.S.


            Heck look at their open border response now.

            Speaking of completely and utterly intellectually dishonest. Who tf is calling, has ever called for “open borders”? Name names. Cite quotations, sources please?

            1. I really had no intention to get in a debate, nor do i have intention to go through the web and search for sources, since i honestly just don’t care that much. So here look at Dan Crenshaw interview with Bill Maher. I thought these were good responses and sited a lot of facts.


              1. Ribico, let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party generally….

              2. Razor, I wasn’t going to bring up party, but Leo beat me to it. But then again our limited choices are provided by those pesky parties. To paraphrase a party person, you go into an election with the parties you have, not the ones you wish you had.

              1. Ironic that the next poster after this post uses the name “the truth” who then demonstrates the truth of the youtube video.

              2. JPN,
                Correct me if I am wrong but the electoral college wasn’t originally a winner take all system was it? If I remember correctly it was something done by one state originally in order to have greater influence but then it was adopted by all the other states.

              3. Hi Shoup,

                Sorry for the delay. I have not been keeping up here. And this will probably be longer than one might have wished. Oh, and those of you who were here when I used to post more may recognize my following disclaimer:

                Warning, no football content! ;-)

                The Electoral College is simply a mechanism to apportion and count the Electoral College votes of the States. The U.S. Constitution does not specify how the States are to allocate their slate of electors for President. As I used to tell classes, a State could choose its electors by throwing darts if it passed a law to do such (some federal election laws may seem to counter that, but I do not think they would stand Constitutional scrutiny with respect to how a State chooses Electoral College electors).

                As populism swept the nation in the 19th Century, States moved toward popular elections to determine their slate of electors, with most adhering to a first to the post/winner take all approach. It is important to note that most States selected their slate of electors in their legislatures before popular vote reform, and some had a winner take all system in their legislatures. So, it has always been part of the system, but not a required element. That most States do so now is a result of populist reforms in the 19th Century (and a little in the early 20th Century).

                But let’s take a step back and consider why the original system involved state legislatures and not the people selecting the slate of electors for most of the States. It hearkens back to the nature of the federal polity. Despite the preamble of the U.S. Constitution, the federal government is not constituted as a government of the people. It is a government of the States. Yes, through the House of Representatives, the people had representation, but the Senate and the Electoral College electors were selected by the States to represent the States, not their populace. This is why there is no such thing as a national election in the U.S., despite what we may have learned and what is reinforced by the media (regardless of political leaning). The people’s only voice in the federal government was the House. The Senate represented the States, and the executive represented the federal polity, which is made up of States, not people.

                Populist reforms eroded this system. The senators now represent the people of their States (the House members represent the people of their districts). The President is still the executive of the federal polity and should represent the polity, not the people. However, the inherently undemocratic aspects of the Electoral College, which in part were meant to ensure that the President did not represent the people over the federal polity, strike modern citizens, the intellectual heirs of populism, as unfair. It does not help that the compromise under which the Electoral College was created aided slaveholding States maintain largely unwarranted influence in the early decades of the country. Because of this sense of unfairness, and the dangerous and erroneous view that the chief executive of the federal polity should represent the populace (hence the irrelevant ‘X is not my president’ nonsense spouted during the last three presidencies), we are traveling down a misguided path toward using a non-existent national popular vote (remember, there is no such thing as a national election in the U.S.) to elect the chief executive of the federal polity. At that point, only the Judicial Branch will stand in the path of the tyranny of the majority, and the courts are constantly under attack as being anti-majoritarian when that is precisely what they should be.

                So, as you may have guessed, I am not a fan of the attempt to subvert the Electoral College by indexing a State’s slate of Electoral College’s electors to an uncertified, so-called national popular vote. The States are free to do so, but it enhances not lessens the chance of electing marginal candidates who are supported by a small base of supporters and a larger contingent of folks who dislike the other side more than they dislike the winner’s side. That is a horrible way to select the chief executive of the federal polity. And for those of you yelling at me that it is more democratic, you are right.

                And that is the problem. The notion that the chief executive of the federal polity should be elected by the populace is not one I support. Throw in the lack of choice in a two-party system, and I like it even less. True, corruption and political machinations were a problem when State legislatures selected the electors for their State (and one of the reasons for populist reforms), but by and large better executives resulted. Now, we are so far down the rabbit hole of illusory majoritarian selection of the chief executive of the federal polity that many cannot accept that polarizing candidates incapable of generating truly majoritarian support make for divisive executives who place their minority base before the good of the federal polity itself.

                For those of you who have followed my rant all the way, yes, I probably am on a political island all by myself, or at most with a few other people. I have accepted that, and these days spend each presidential election day silently lamenting the federal polity’s increasingly devolution into polarizing, faux-majoritarian rule. That is also one reason I do not comment on political discussions (here or elsewhere)–such tend to be vastly oversimplified and populated by commentators who have not yet realized their partisan minorities only win because the choices are usually so horrible that the counts are close and the elections swayed by dislike more than agreement. Okay, rant over.

          2. All I’m saying, with the way Government is run, this was going to happen regardless who is in office, no matter the party. Considering all that, I believe Trump’s responses have been good, his twitter feed and random mouth-foot moments, not so good, but normal for Trump.

            His responses have been good? He ignored warning from within his own administration warning this was coming. Instead of working on a plan coordinated by the Federal Government he passes everything off to the Governors who have to compete against each other for supplies. Every health expert in the world has said testing and tracing are the key to stopping the virus and the Trump admin still doesn’t have any kind of plan and continue to deflect responsibility onto the Governors.

            His initial response was to downplay and deny there was a pandemic problem because it would cause a negative effect on the Stock Market. From there every response has come slowly and with little guidance from his administration. He’s even undercut his health experts while they were explaining why Trumps statements were wrong. He is pushing drugs and home remedies with no test data that could harm people, like he is on a late night infomercial. This man has proven he is an unintelligent narcissist who is not a leader. This isn’t or at least shouldn’t be a partisan observation. You can’t look at what Trump has done or said and come to a conclusion that he is a competent person. He is not a President. He is a shady Real Estate developer that cuts corners and ruins companies. He is now doing that to this country. We would not be in this position with a competent leader.

            1. One thing I think we can safely say about discussions on American politics … Anyone on “the other side” is a lying fascist commie Nazi Confederate pinko …and that goes for ALL of youse.I

              *and maybe worse, a Dodger fan to boot!

  31. Hey, Scooter. If it’s any consolation, here’s what Pete King had to say about the 49ers braintrust:

    The 49ers started the weekend with seven picks: 13, 31, 156, 176, 210, 217, 245 . . . and one curveball. All-decade left tackle Joe Staley told the team he was retiring last week, and so the team had to place some urgency on getting a left tackle on draft weekend. Which meant they needed a left tackle, a defensive tackle to replace the traded DeForest Buckner, and a game-breaking receiver to pair with Deebo Samuel. GM John Lynch had a crafty weekend. He traded down one spot with Tampa in the first round and still got the guy the Niners had targeted, defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw. In that deal, Lynch picked up the Bucs’ fourth-round pick—the key element in allowing the Niners to move from 31 to 25 with the Vikes to draft the best receiver on their board (surprisingly), Arizona State’s Brandon Aiyuk. Then Lynch went to work to replace Staley. He phoned Washington and got a very good player, left tackle Trent Williams, for the 156th pick and next year’s third-round choice. Then Lynch dealt his third or fourth back, Matt Breida, to Miami for a fifth-round pick that became a potential swing tackle—West Virginia’s Colton McKivitz.

    In sum, Lynch filled his three vital needs on one weekend with playoff-caliber players. That’s what excellent GMs do. No franchise-manager of a playoff team had a better weekend than Lynch.

  32. In the words of, Forest Gump, commenting on Lynch and Shanny’s team building philosophy; “I like it a lot”.

    1. ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.’
      That Williams trade was totally unexpected.

  33. I was still without wifi last weekend so I missed all the fun here. So if I repeat alot that was already posted I apologize. I was blown away with the job Shanny and Lynch did. I loved every move with the exception of the Tackle they took in the 5th. I give them a straight A with this draft. Next years draft should include about 5 CB’s. I have been gone since Barber took over for Grant does he reply to our posts like Grant did? I for one will miss Grant he was kinda like Howard Cosell love him or hate him, agree or disagree he was never boring.

    1. Howard Cosell generally built good relationships with all sports figures. His relationship with Muhamad Ali was classic and entertaining.
      I doubt that Grant will ever share that kind of relationship with the players.
      Calling players fat, saying that one player was screeching like a little girl along with saying a player was done (Frank Gore).

      And this past season said that the NYGiants OT Will Hernendez’ arms were so short that he couldn’t put them in his pocket will definely not endear him around any locker room and press conferences. Sorry Coach, but Grant is no Howard Cosell.

      1. aes,
        Of course he isn’t any where near the social and sports icon that Cosell was. My point was like Cosell he was never boring thats all.

      1. OLDCOACH / Ribico
        OC: “I have been gone since Barber took over for Grant does he reply to our posts like Grant did?”
        Rib: “Old coach, yes Phil mixes it up here in the comments section”
        As Rib says, he does, but not as often. And when he does, he’s not trying to defend an anal statement he made, he’s offering his insight and reasonable opinion. Rather refreshing from what we’ve experienced in the past. (IMO).

  34. Personally, Grant was a lot like Lowell. He was edgy, and opinionated.
    I wish Grant well. In this age of the internet, it is not like the old newspapers, and how the written word and platform gave the sports writers a lot of power. In the age of the internet, the myriad cacophony is incessant, and hard to sort through.
    So far, Phil Barber has done well. I enjoy reading his articles, and that Draft Scenario was very funny. I will not say he is superior to Grant, or inferior to Grant. He is different.
    Like Kinlaw replacing Buckner, Aiyuk replacing Sanders, and Williams replacing Staley, Barber has replaced Cohn, and we will hope for the best, and move on.

    1. Hope for the best???? It’s already better than best. No more nonsense, no more whacked predictions seemingly based on grudges (how else to explain Grants attempted takedown of JG?), no more insinuating those in charge of the team are inferior to the opinions offered here, no more nepotistic coattails, no more insults of the fan base (remember “billons of robotic morons”?). I can only hope for a TC, pre and regular season, so Mr. Barber can really give us true first person reporting and insights “inside the 49ers”.

  35. When it comes to Clowney, sometimes it is better to add through subtraction. Keeping him off the Seahawks may be worth the cost.
    However, if it means that they will not be able to afford extending Kittle, Clowney is just too expensive.

  36. Seb,
    You’ve stated that you were not here for Phil’ first go as the moderator.
    I was, and I can tell you that he was a professional then as he is today.
    Grant’ little tantrums with posters was immature and unprofessional. And allowing you and prime to dominate the blog with 3rd grade banter only magnified his inability to manage this blog site.
    So, when you say that you hope for the best, I hope that includes him squelching the incessant rivalry between you two.

    1. I hope you notice that I have been avoiding any interactions with Prime, and hope this blog becomes more civil and polite. Most blogs have rules and protocols that forbid the expletives, personal attacks and racism.
      I kinda think Grant allowed the friction, as a sort of social experiment, but also because he liked the clicks. I certainly will like just talking about the 49ers, but am also wondering how they will have a season. The 1917 flu pandemic lasted for a few years, with peaks during the winter, which is when the football season occurs.
      I agree, Phil Barber is a good writer, and he also is following in the footsteps of a family member, his uncle. I have read his articles for years, since the PD is my local paper. I think he has a quick wit, with a droll sense of humor. He will be a good replacement for Grant

      1. Seb,
        The frustrating thing is that when you guys keep it about football, you’re both good. Hopefully the two of you can continue to keep sharing your football takes.

        1. TY, I like your contributions to this site, too.
          Now, who do you think may win the RG spot? I like McKlivitz, but believe it is Compton’s job to lose.

          1. I think Brunskill will be the starter and I think he should have been starting in the SuperBowl. The interior of the Oline was being eaten alive and it may have cost them the game.

            He is a far better athlete on the move than Colton. If they could coach him up perhaps he could be a solid center down the road.

            1. Colton did not do well on the Jets, but the whole O line was in flux.
              Colton did play well helping protect Matt Ryan, so KS likes him.
              Right now, he is penciled in as the starter, so it truly is his job to lose. Hopefully, he will do well protecting JG. Brunskill may win the job, but who knows, with the practice limitations.
              I agree, Person was the weak link in the SB. JG threw that lollipop pick because the pass rusher ran right past Person.

              1. You mean Compton?
                He was a backup on that jets line was in flux and has been for most of his career. I’m guessing The team would have signed him to a longer deal if they really saw him as a starter.
                Maybe I’m wrong, he’s not a guy I’ve studied much tbh. I just thought Brunskill did better than Schule last year but I think SF sees him as a guard long term.

            2. Shoup
              I have to agree! Both that Brunskill should have started, and it cost the 9ers the SB. Notice I didn’t use the word “MAY”. I also believe that’s why Person was let go and the fact he’s still a F/A.

            3. IMO why we lost.

              I see it as the Oline in the fourth quarter couldn’t block.
              I see it as Shanny failed to adjust the offense in the fourth quarter.
              I see it as our CB’s couldnt cover s–t in the fourth quarter.
              I see it as our Dline was not effective in the fourth quarter.

              1. UC,
                I’m not putting it all on him.

                In every game there are a number of things that add up to wins and losses. That is only one of the potential reasons why they lost.

              2. Shoup – I was just blowing off steam, lol. I know you know football and certainly there is no one person or play that dooms a team it is a collective effort.

                Razor – The Chiefs are a really good team, I actually think the Niners were the better team but not on that day. It happens.

          2. Seb,
            I agree with Shoup.
            Brunskill is the guy going into to camp.
            This is a Superbowl material team and Shanahan will go with the best guy coming out of TC.

            1. Razor: “To be fair, dude was operating under a screwed up neck.”
              * TO BE FAIR ….Even more reason he should NOT have been playing, let alone starting!

              1. That’d be pretty harsh denying him a chance to play in the SB after he’s put in all the grunt work. Not sure how that would be received in the locker room….

              2. Razor: “That’d be pretty harsh denying him a chance to play in the SB after he’s put in all the grunt work.
                * Is it “FAIR” that the 9ers cut him, after he put in all the grunt work?
                Razor: ” Not sure how that would be received in the locker room.”
                * The Players in the locker room are professionals. They get paid to win games, especially the SB. They’d want the player that gives them the best chance to win on the field, not sitting on the bench, after they’d put in all the grunt work to get to the SB.

              3. Is it “FAIR” that the 9ers cut him, after he put in all the grunt work?

                Apples to oranges comparison.

                The Players in the locker room are professionals. They get paid to win games, especially the SB. They’d want the player that gives them the best chance to win on the field, not sitting on the bench, after they’d put in all the grunt work to get to the SB.

                Lol, you’re not suggesting that Shanny made a mistake in his evaluation between Person and Brunskill on who gave the team the best chance to win, are you? It was probably a toss up and Shanny decided Person earned the benefit of the doubt. I do not believe Brunskill would have fared much better….

      1. Rocket has been here among us for quite some time. He is now, Notanexpert. Surprised you haven’t figured that out yet.

        1. Raz,
          The content and writing style reminded me of someone but I couldn’t connect the dots. And to be honest I didn’t even try 😏

          Hopefully, he reclaims his original blog moniker – Rocket

          1. The reason I’m pretty confident in my assumption is I baited him with Goff ridicule, because I felt like it could possibly be him. Turns out he hit it like a small mouth bass on a night crawler….

        2. Hah that’s funny. I’ve read you accuse a few people of being rocket and now it’s me. I’m not rocket but if you want to think I am knock yourself out. I was a lurker for a few years and actually decided to post once in awhile after rocket stopped posting. He was kind of a dick sometimes but he did post some interesting stuff once in awhile.

            1. No idea but I have read you make this accusation before. I also don’t recall ever having had a discussion with you never mind about Goff so please jar my memory by reposting it.

              1. Bust is a little harsh as he did get them to a SB, but they are likely going to regret giving him that big contract.

    1. I just saw this George and I have somewhat agree with what he says.
      The funny thing is this is the first draft I can think of where I liked the players but not necessarily the strategy. It’s one where judging only on the players selected and where selected, I would give it a C, but when adding the Williams deal it becomes a B+

    2. Same old same old. His shtick has become quotidian. I’m with Pete King. No playoff GM had a better draft weekend than Lynch.

    3. The trade up for Aiyuk was a head scratcher. They could have gambled, and waited for him, then could have been satisfied with Higgins, Pittman or Mims.
      However, there also might have been information the Niners were privvy to, but us laymen were totally in the dark about. I suppose that the Niners heard that GB was going to move up to 26, and assumed they were going to pick a WR. GB did trade up, and selected Love, but maybe they were targeting Aiyuk, and went with their second option, once Aiyuk went off the board.
      My feeling was that the Niners were convinced Aiyuk would have been taken before 31, and heard rumors to that effect. We will never know.
      I wanted the Niners to trade away Witherspoon, but I guess the Niners valued him too much. The Niner strategy will be to keep Witherspoon, and their signing of Dontae Johnson and Jason Verrett means that they have several options at CB this upcoming season, if they have a season.
      Grant bemoaned the fact that the Niners did not draft a CB, but the Jags threw a wrench in the machinery by selecting CJ Henderson at 9. Grant wanted Henderson, because he claimed there was a steep dropoff after him.
      I was jumping for joy once Baalke selected Henderson, because I thought the Jags would have selected Kinlaw, so Kinlaw now was within their grasp. It all played out perfectly, and the Niners traded back, and still got Kinlaw.
      Bundling picks to move up is a good strategy, and I cannot slam it, because I have advocated that for years, especially if they could get the player they covet, but may have been out of reach if they had just waited. However, sometimes it is better to gamble, be patient, and save those picks, and get him anyways.
      One way to assess how that trade went is by following the players picked with those picks. The Vikings selected Jeff Gladney CB at 31, DJ Wonnum DE at 117, and KJ Osborn WR at 176.

    4. Typical Grant Cohn nonsense. Kinlaw missed one game in his College career but he’s an injury risk due to not playing in the Senior Bowl game and not working out at the combine. Buckner had more sacks in his final year than Kinlaw had in 3, but he failed to mention Buckner played 4 years and his best year by far was that 4th year. Kinlaw didn’t play a 4th year. Looking at each players first 3 years, Kinlaw had more sacks than Buckner. Same kind of baseless assumptions with Aiyuk. He would have been there at 31, CB was a bigger need blah blah blah. Year after year he’s wrong about most of the things he says due to the fact they are based on his personal opinions. He doesn’t learn.

      This wasn’t a perfect draft by any means, but it made the best of a tough situation in that they didn’t have many picks and would have had to drop a lot to make them up. They got a Blue chip DT and a WR who likes the guy he’s replacing along with an All pro LT. They kept most of the roster in tact while doing so and haven’t mortgaged the future. I don’t know how much more you can ask honestly.

      1. I would not call it nonsense, especially when compared to some fan sites and elements of the comment section of this blog. But it is typical Grant Cohn, playing the provocateur to lure dissenting commentators and thus increase page visits and reloads to maximize advertising contacts. So, perhaps hyperbolic and contrarian with a purpose rather than nonsensical. ;-)

        1. JPN,
          Perhaps the Billy Martin syndrome. It’s entertaining at the beginning, but becomes exhausting and frustrating at the end.
          Grant, had a good run, but it was his time to move on.
          Btw, nice to see you back, JPN.

          1. Thanks, AES. I come by from time to time, but rarely comment.

            It’s entertaining at the beginning, but becomes exhausting and frustrating at the end.

            I agree. I generally like Grant, but his shtick had begun to wear thin. I think a change will do this blog good.

        2. You make a good point. Bad choice of words. I should have said silliness or schtick or something along those lines instead of nonsense.

      2. The thing about the Kinlaw analysis that annoys me is the take regarding his injury risk. He calls his knee tendinitis a degenerative injury. Nowhere have I seen it labelled as such. Tendinitis is not usually a degenerative injury. It is an acute injury. Tendinosis is both chronic and degenerative and can occur if you don’t let tendinitis heal. Kinlaw let it heal.

        And yes, he was flagged as someone that is at risk of developing arthritis in his knees. At risk of. He doesn’t currently have arthritis. I imagine later in life he probably will have knee issues. But no real reason to suspect it will be a problem during his career. Tendinitis and arthritis are very different issues, and tendinitis does not cause arthritis.

        1. I think some people overthink chronic issues anyways. From a team perspective if they get 5 good years out of him they’ve won.
          A case in point could be Patrick Willis… he retired early because of foot issues. Does anyone really think SF didn’t get enough out of that selection? Even if he was only a borderline pro bowler vs an all pro and retired after 5 years, SF would have gotten solid value out of that selection.

  37. According to Pro Football Focus, Kinlaw’s 15.4-percent pass-rushing win rate is the highest of any defensive tackle in the last two seasons. That’s with a limited arsenal of pass rushing moves. Wait until Kocurek, Ford and Bosa take him under their wings.

    Aiyuk is a stealth yardage collector. His spatial awareness allows him to YAC(11 yards after the catch, 2nd among 2020 wr’s) it up consistently. His 20/20 peripheral vision may be second to none….

    1. Aiyuk’s route running is underrated as well imo. He creates a lot of separation. Very quick feet, very explosive – and uses that to beat DBs off the LOS and out of breaks. Knows how to get DBs turned as well, and use that to create separation. Just needs to learn to use his long arms better to beat contact at the LOS.

        1. For me the thing that stands out is his explosion. He gets up to speed quickly. I’m not so sure he is a second gear guy as he is a quick get off guy. Really love how he explodes out of breaks or off the LOS when he plants his foot. But at top speed he is also plenty fast enough.

          1. I think he does have a second gear.
            Lynch said Edwards claimed he was a 4.3 guy, and tj houshmandzadeh also said he was a 4.3 guy.

            The thing is, he ran the 40 with that core muscle injury so I could easily see him as a low 4.4 high 4.3 guy and he plays like like it.
            I think one of the things he does exceptionally is varying his route speed. Which could be what George was referring to and you in terms of that explosion. It really showed up on his stutter go route.

      1. Scooter
        FACT: Both Aiyuk and Kinlaw can / will improve. A year of NFL coaching should / will rectify their deficiencies.
        FACT: The 9er have some of the best position coaches in the NFL….
        Aiyuk has the potential to be very good, potentially one of the best! Kinlaw has the potential to be all pro
        FACT: Williams may be a little rusty, but he’s already all pro.
        * Short of walking on water, I’m not sure what else Lynch could have done better…..And if he knew where the stumps were, he could have done that too, IMO!

        1. Yeah, I am really excited to watch the two first rounders develop. Lots to like about both of them. And getting Williams was massive, especially for what they gave to get him.

        1. Those arms plus his vertical means he can probably play above the rim more than his height would suggest too.

          I suspect that given the lack of offseason team activities and simplistic offense he is coming from he may not have a massive statistical season as a rookie. Kittle, Deebo and Taylor (if healthy) might all put up bigger numbers. Potentially Bourne and Hurd (if healthy) too, though that’s around the level of impact I expect from him – complementary player year 1. Who knows, maybe Pettis turns things around too. But hopefully by year 2 he is a darn fine player and forms a heck of a trio with Kittle and Deebo.

  38. The Vikings had a top graded draft, because they made 15 picks. They also signed 12 UDFAs. If they sign all those players and they make the team, half of their squad will be rookies. That is a lot of new talent for a playoff team.
    I hope the Niners pay close attention to the 53 cuts of the Vikings, and poach a couple cut players.

  39. Shoup, I understand why he factors in where the players were picked and in theory I agree, especially when he’s talking about, for example, getting Jennings in the 7th. But to lower his grade for the Aiyut pick because he “probably” would have been available at 31 is unrealistic in my opinion. The way I view it, a team is like a machine with the players as the parts. Trading up a few positions to take a part you really think you need for your team is like buying insurance. Of course, I happen to be in the insurance business and have learned to think that way.

    1. Nothing wrong with insurance George! Sucked to lose everything in a fire a year and a half ago but with insurance we are in a house with stuff every where! Still miss the stuff we can not replace but such is life. I actually think iauck is going to do very well!

      1. Very sorry about your misfortune, Rebel. Hope no one got hurt.

        We’re you in the Paradise area? I’m between San Francisco and San Jose.

        1. Yup, we now live in Chico, Ca 14 miles from Paradise. We are all safe and moving on the best we can! I was born in San Jose, I go to niner games with my cousin who lives in San Jose and is a season ticket holder. Hope you and your loved ones are safe.

  40. The same fans that complained last year about Lynch not addressing the secondary are the same ones complaining about it this year.🤷‍♂️

    That’s my cb.😭

      1. Agreed. ST is a good guy who did not live up to draft expectations. If he is willing to restructure , he may work out as a rotational DT.

        1. Rollo, I think you are right and restructuring is a real possibility.
          I don’t think he will get a lot of looks from other teams given his tweener body and production. Maybe Seattle??

  41. I know he is no longer with the Niners, but on Friday night E:60 is doing a documentary on Alex Smith’s gruesome injury and recovery efforts. If you want to see a preview: WARNING: The scene showing Alex’s leg in May 2019 (almost 6 months after the injury on the field) is not for the faint of heart.

    I always admired Alex’s character, and you get some of this in the preview.

    1. Worst decision by Harbaugh as a 49ers coach was to go with Kaepernick instead of Smith.
      The argument is well old wind up got them to the SB, but it was the terrible decision by the one trick pony in the SB that cost us a SB!

      1. Disagree. CK was the only offense in that second half to bring them back, that defense isnwhat blew the Superbowl that year. That one trick pony was let down by the defense.
        After that he would have floundered, but it was the year to do it.

    2. Even though I had issues with AS early in his career, he raised his game and became a top NFL QB.
      But from day one with the 49ers, Alex Smith was a class act. To this day, he remains the consummate professional. No one can ever question his innate fire to make a comeback.
      I wouldn’t count him out.

      1. @AES – you did count him out……we remember your “All in with Kap” rant……

        Don’t try to re-write history…..

        1. A. S, was and still is a class act. And he did raise his game in Kansas City.
          What does the all in with Kaep have to do with the above comments?

        2. Yeah like when he was going to be a 49er great and retire a 49er right onelame? “Cold blooded assassin” 🤣
          You haven’t changed a bit.
          Still wrong and always wrong!
          About everything!

      2. I have a different take than of the mentioned comments.
        1. I don’t think Alex would have taken that team to the superbowl. I believe SF would have lost to Green Bay in the playoffs. That was a tight game going into the 4th and it was Colin’s legs that broke it open. I wouldn’t have trusted Alex to score that many points, that goes with point 2. CK was a bit of a gimmick qb, but that gimmick hadn’t been figured out yet.

        2. I don’t think Alex was ever a top qb, he was an ultra safe qb, which is good and bad. His ultra safe style, would always make him better than almost half the league but also keep him from being a top 10 qb in the league. In fact at his best I don’t think he was good as Jimmy last year.

        3. You’re absolutely right that he is a class act. He’s the type of guy you want to root for and it sucks that so many bad things happened to him and sadly that he was ruined by sf. I think he could have been much better if he was coached up by a more aggressive coach like Kyle.

        1. ” I don’t think Alex would have taken that team to the superbowl.”

          I also made that same comment during the Alex Smith wars, but oneniner conveniently tucked that away in his memory bank. Alex did elevate his game under Andy Reid, but KC (like the 49ers) also came to the conclusion that he was not going to take them to the SB.
          But yes, the guy is a class act.

          1. He absolutely would have taken that team to the SB and one thing is for sure, he would not have made a bone headed play at the end like old wind did!

            1. Prime,
              Alex was surrounded with very good talent in KC and finally had stability beginning with an established head coach.
              He was the quintessential offensive manager, but he could only get the team to the playoffs and nothing beyond.
              I agree with Shoup that I highly doubt that AS would have got past GB in the playoffs.
              But, it’s neither here or there, because we will never know.

              1. Fair enough but I’ll go to my grave knowing Alex was a better football than that farce Kaepernick!

  42. During the 2019 Draft process, Lynch said the 49ers “invested heavily” in scouting Harry and “kept seeing the other guy.” In this year’s process, the 49ers’ West Coast scout, Dominic DeCicco, was a huge advocate of Brandon Aiyuk.

  43. Aside from the second half of the Super Bowl, it held up really well last season and it’s going to be the same secondary this year. I’m not well-versed in the rest of the league’s secondaries. My thought on the subject is this: There are no dominant secondaries in the league anymore. The Seahawks had the last one. Interceptions are way down around the league. If there’s no pass rush, offenses will have their way with any secondary in the league. Maybe that’s why the 49ers don’t emphasize it like they do other groups (DL and WR).

  44. About the undrafted free agents:

    They spent big on Daniels, Finke, Hasty, and Mayden. (Apologize if already mentioned.)

    Daniels actually got $105,000, so I assume Coach K sees something there.

    “A few players in this group received larger-than-usual guarantees, (Twitter links via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle). That list includes: Daniels ($105K), Finke ($95K), Hasty ($90K), and Mayden ($50K).”

    1. Hasty is the one that interests me the most. He really jumped off the screen when I was watching Mims. Kept showing up with some seriously impressive plays. Of the UDFAs they signed he is the one I think has the best chance of making the roster and developing into an impact player.

    2. I’m actually intrigued with DeMarkus Acy. From The Athletic: “The 49ers have been talking with Acy for the last month and they beat out the Falcons and Broncos to sign him. Acy never got a chance to run his 40-yard dash in front of scouts. He wasn’t invited to the combine and his pro day was canceled. He likely would have done well. He was a 200-meter state championship qualifier in Texas as a high schooler and his agent said he was hand-timed at 4.43 seconds in the 40 by an independent scout ahead of the draft. Acy likely fell out of the draft because his senior season was considerably less impressive than his junior year, when he had 13 pass breakups and three interceptions and made second team All-SEC. That was partially due to quarterbacks staying away from his side of the field and partially because he dealt with a hamstring injury for most of the season. Given his speed, size (6-0, 195 pounds) and level of competition, as well as the fact that the 49ers’ cornerback depth chart for 2021 is up in the air, Acy has a chance to stick around.”

      He showed ability as a junior, and if it was his injury that caused his struggles his senior year, Acy should come out as someone worth keeping an eye on.

  45. I just learned Kittle converted his garage into a home gym. I’m sure the Niners reimbursed him. I have to believe the team is working out and eating healthy in anticipation of a return to football …. sometime in the future.

    Speaking of health , nutrition and working hard this is an actual tweet chain by Dr. Trump:

    “The people that know me and know the history of our Country say that I am the hardest working President in history. I don’t know about that, but I am a hard worker and have probably gotten more done in the first 3 1/2 years than any President in history. The Fake News hates it!” “I work from early in the morning until late at night, haven’t left the White House in many months (except to launch Hospital Ship Comfort) in order to take care of Trade Deals, Military Rebuilding etc., and then I read a phony story in the failing @nytimes about my work schedule and eating habits, written by a third rate reporter who knows nothing about me,” “I will often be in the Oval Office late into the night & read & see that I am angrily eating a hamburger & Diet Coke in my bedroom. People with me are always stunned. Anything to demean!”

    Isn’t their someone in his inner circle who can explain that he humiliates himself and demeans the country on a daily basis. He is our greatest embarrassment and shame.

  46. This is my first shot fired over the bowel of the Phil Barber ship liner.
    Please block the political back and forth.
    I’m sure that many of us come here solely for our 49ers news updates.
    Speaking for myself, I can catch the Covid-19 news all day on TV.

    1. Dang. A shot over the bowel is basically a shot In The ass
      A shot over the bow is a naval term regarding an intentional near miss by a naval main battery to get the undivided attention of another naval ship as a final warning.
      C’mon you guys! FFS!

      1. BT,
        You are correct. I totally used the wrong term. I didn’t feel comfortable when I put it up, my android couldn’t make the correction either.
        I looked up the word and it was spelled “bough” in any case, I don’t think I’ll try using the term in the future.
        You say “bow” one dictionary says “bough.” Sounds like a word that’s better left alone.

    2. AES, there is going to be a political component as to whether we even have a season or not. How should that be handled? Head in the sand?

      Also, a shot over the bough might have worked in the day of the wooden ships of the line. :)

      1. Rib,
        Appreciate that you looked beyond my “bowel” mistake to capture the point I was making.
        But my post was in reference to Bruce Lee’ constant community announcements sprinkled with hate.

        1. The fact that he uses that name to post that crap makes me furious. Bruce Lee was my idol growing up. I had a poster of him in my room, and got to see the premier of, Enter The Dragon at a theater in China Town….

    3. Yeah if I want to watch a bunch of America hating. Trump blaming, non factual,whining clowns like Ribico and onelame and some other misinformed clowns on here I’ll just turn on their sources at cnn or msnbc.
      Yeah I said it!

        1. Rib,
          There are many NFL players that are religious. Should we begin to insert religion on this site as well?
          I mean, I could go all day in this topic, but I respect the fact that this is a football blog and keep my religious leanings off of this site.
          This is the “Inside the 49ers Blog” not the Washington Post.

          1. Should we begin to insert religion on this site as well

            Begin? AES, certain posters here, apropos of nothing, have recently decided that the topic of abortion could bring us all together.

            1. So, should we amplify the abortion topic along with the political views?
              My point is that this blog site was created for the purpose of 49ers news and topics and should stay committed to that purpose.

              Now, if someone wants to make a statement about the Covid-19 issue as a community service, I’m fine with it. But it gets murky when it is laced with Trump hatred.
              Hence my comment that if want Covid-19 news I can watch it all day on TV (without the hate filled comments).

              1. AES, abortion is something I’m not even going go anywhere near unbidden. My only guess is that there’s a RW talking point floating out there that when libs start mentioning covid deaths pivot immediately to abortion.

  47. I am not sure the later round picks will make it to the 53. The FA pickups filled the needs, so the third day pickups are backup competition.
    McKivitz will be competing against Tom Compton and Daniel Brunskill.
    Woerner will not supplant Dwelley, and Chase Harrell UDFA may win a roster spot, if not Helm.
    Jennings has 8 other WRs fighting for 6 spots, and a Slippery Fox (UDFA) may out fox him.
    3 other UDFAs who may make the 53 include- Broc Rutter, I think he makes it by his name alone. JaMycal Hasty who had a 4.03 twenty yard shuttle, and DeMarkus Acy, who seems to be versatile.

    1. McKivitz and Woerner I would say are very much on the inside track to make the roster.

      McKivitz has position versatility which is huge on game days. With Brunskill likely a starter this year McKivitz can play a similar role as Brunskill last year as a backup OG and OT.

      Woerner is not competing with Dwelley. He is competing with Helm to replace Toilolo as the blocking TE. I would be surprised if he doesn’t make the roster.

      Jennings will be the one with the toughest task in making the roster.

      1. McKlivitz is a swing tackle prospect with short arms and below average athleticism. He ran a 5.35 forty, which is slow for KS’s OZ scheme. They may try him at guard so he may need time to learn a whole new position.
        Woerner is 6′ 5″, 244 lbs, and ran a 4.78 forty, a 7.18 three cone, and 4.46 twenty yard shuttle.
        Chase Harrell is 6′ 4″, 249 lbs and ran a 4.51 forty, 6.76 three cone and 4.21 twenty yard shuttle. Even though he is an UDFA, he has a better pass catching career than Woerner.

          1. Of course I was. How do you suppose they are assessing these players, too? Chase Harrell is faster and quicker than Woerner. In this league, that is an advantage.
            One can declare that a 6th or 7th round pick will automatically make the team, but this is a SB team, and it may be hard to crack the lineup, and competition is good. I am glad they will have depth in all positions. At TE, being a solid blocker is nice, but KS likes a TE that can catch, too.
            I am impressed that they can find UDFAs who may be able to make the team. I think Chase Harrell will out compete Woerner, but we will never know if they do not have a TC.
            Many 6th and 7th round players have ended up on the Practice Squad. Rookies will need to earn their position. Even Kinlaw, the 14th player taken, is listed as a second stringer on the depth chart right now.

            1. Personally I’m optimistic about Jennings cracking the lineup. I think he’ll prove himself in pre-season. Two reasons: (1) Last year when they looked for a receiver to put them over the top, their first choice (apparently) was Sanu, and (2) They need to be better in the Red Zone. Imagine a Red Zone group of Deebo, Hurd, and Jennings, assuming he makes the cut.

              So assuming we have six WRs, I think it’s gonna be —

              Gone: Benjamin, James and Pettis imo.

              1. I beg to differ. I think they keep Richie James for his returner skills. Jenning has red flags, and may be able to survive the 53 cuts to make it to the PS.
                I hope KS showcases Pettis, then trades him to a team that has a WR go down due to injury.

              2. I would love to see Pettis gone.

                As for James’ receiving skills, my perception is that he hasn’t done much. He’s not awful. You can count on him not to catch and not fumble, but he’s not that elusive. Right now I think the best returner on the squad would be AY. Taylor can also return. So can Deebo.

                We’ll just have to see.

              3. Deebo and Aiyuk may be better as the WR 1 and 2. They may be too valuable to risk as returners.
                James has good judgement on the returns, and seems to have good ball security.
                Benjamin’s chance may best enhanced if he can be a returner, also.
                Taylor with his injury history, may be best at slot.

        1. Lynch basically said Woerner will spell Kittle. He’s a blocking specialist with under-utilized pass-catching skills. He can also back up Juice. As you know they used Dwelley but he’s less of a blocker. My puzzle is how they expect McKivitz to succeed if he can’t anchor.

        2. Seb,
          When I saw Woerner’ college tape, I saw a player that could a lot with the ball in his hands. We all know that he is a good blocker and that is certainly what Shanahan looks for, but although he only caught 34 passes (Kittle only caught 48 in college) he showed very good athleticism when he got the ball.
          I’m tabbing Woerner as my TC surprise.

          1. If they want a big burly blocker, they should go Jumbo, and get a OL in the TE position.
            I think they want versatility, so the TE can threaten to catch the ball, to go along with his blocking.
            That way, they can create mismatches, and have a TE covered by a LB. Harrell, with his 4.51 speed, is a better option than Woerner, with his 4.78 speed, as a receiver threat. imho
            I guess we will just have to wait and see, and hope there is a season.

            1. Seb,
              I have heard/read from a few different sources that Harrell is transitioning to a pass rush specialist/DE. Kinda like a reverse Bruce Miller who went from DE to FB. I’m looking forward to seeing a 4.51 Harrell as a pass rusher.

              1. Along those same lines Woerner may be switched to FB. I believe the niners need a full time back up to Juice and after watching Dwelley last yr we know its not him. Woerner can fill the Role as the #3 mostly blocking TE until then.

              2. I saw that he was doing DE drills during his Pro day, but am wondering how much time has he played defense.
                That makes more sense about Woerner. It is interesting to see how they are looking for a certain body type, then fitting the player to the system, instead of fitting the system to the player.

      2. They were looking to possibly draft McKivitz had they not traded for Williams. They then traded Breida for a pick they used on McKivitz so it would be surprising if he doesn’t make the roster. They obviously liked what they saw and targeted him. Woerner is a lock unless he gets injured. He was the best blocking TE in the draft and was underutilized as a receiver. Just like another TE on the roster who is now one of the best in the NFL in both areas.

        1. notanexpert, I’m very much pushing for McKivitiz but certain evaluations say he can’t anchor. If that’s so, wouldn’t that be a major impediment, or am I making too much about it? Can the ability to anchor be achieved through strength conditioning? I thought it’s more one’s height and center of gravity.

          1. McKivitz does have an opportunity to start, with Person gone, but Compton and Brunskill will also be competing for that job.
            I think McKivitz would benefit from going on the PS, studies hard to learn a new position, and works out to get stronger, so he can learn how to anchor better.

          2. It’s strength and technic George. That can be achieved through an NFL weight room and good coaching. My guess is they liked his mobility and attitude, apparently he plays with a pretty nasty temperament. He can also play inside or out. I’d be surprised if he didn’t make the team considering they were looking at drafting him earlier if they hadn’t traded for Williams.

            1. “if he didn’t make the team considering they were looking at drafting him earlier if they hadn’t traded for Williams.”

              I’ve seen this mentioned several times but don’t understand it. Did the team really think that McKivitz would be a suitable replacement for all pro left tackle Joe Staley. Seems unlikely to me. He’s a 6th rounder. More like Shon Coleman or Brunskill would have replaced Staley if the team couldn’t sign TW. I’m not saying you are saying this, notanexpert, but the idea that a 6th rounder could replace an all-pro left tackle is laughable. Even a pick like Wirfs would probably have problems the first year due to the complex offense and speed of NFL defensive ends.

              1. Even before the addition of Williams and the retirement of Staley, I think our oline is now a major strength.
                Skule and Brunskill last year let’s not forget, played a significant amount of time and were pretty good. Now another year in the scheme, they both will be better and one of them will be a starter. Now you add McKivitz, who by all accounts is a ferocious bulldog, our line might be better.
                The only issue might be at center where either Garland or if healthy, Weston Richburg, will be playing.

              2. I want to see how good Coleman looks, and how much stronger Skule got. I think McKivitz will be thrown into the RG mix, and may the best man win….

              3. “Even before the addition of Williams and the retirement of Staley, I think our oline is now a major strength.”

                I this this statement is wildly optimistic Prime.
                The Oline is good on the outside but the interior of the Oline is not that good. In terms of Pass Block Win Rate (a metric tells the rate at which a line sustains their blocks for 2.5 seconds or longer) the 49ers ranked 26th in the NFL. This was largely due to the interior of the Oline and that group has mostly remained the same. It’s hard for me to see a group as a strength when that group sucks at 50% of their job.
                It is one of my few quibbles with how Kyle builds his teams and I think its one of the reasons his teams have struggled in the red zone.

              4. Cubus,

                My guess is they saw him as a player they wanted to add to the mix rather than a replacement, but liked him enough that they felt he fit their scheme in multiple spots. I round the statement rather odd just like you, but it’s clear they really liked him and had targeted him as early as the 4th round.

    2. Seeing Andy Dalton released and expecting him to be picked up by New England, Buffalo, or with the Jets, I am reminded of the draft that netted Kaepernick.
      I believed then, and still believe now that had Cindy not taken him ahead of SF, Harbough would have drafted him. I remember Grant postulating that Kaepernick would have a better career than Dalton.

  48. A LOT of talk about “The overthrow in the Super Bowl” seriously misses the point. The DB hooked Sanders round the waist on his breakout, and that delay made Sanders a step-and-a-half late to the spot, making Jimmy’s throw look like an over-throw. It was not an overthrow. Tape review will support my take. Look for the endzone view from behind the offense as the play develops. How this wasn’t an elegal contact I cannot explain, unless it was under a League pre-game “Let ‘em play, don’t ever be the the outcome” directive.

    1. Razor
      Are you asking if Staley is, or just think he is? If you’re saying he is interested, what’s your source? I’m not saying
      I disagree, just if I missed his saying he was interested?

      1. He said he’s a good teacher and open to it. Shanny would welcome him back in any capacity. Sounds like it’ll happen eventually to me.

      1. So far, he has filled in admirably.
        I like his writing. You know me, I am pretty critical of the ho hum, rainbow and unicorn, bandwagon writers who state the obvious.
        Phil Barber, with his amusing Draft Scenario, has won me over. His passion displayed writing about the Indigenous Americans, was also refreshing.

        1. He’s ok for what he is, but my hope is the PD brings in someone that doesn’t alienate the coaching staff or players so we can actually get Inside The 49ers information….

    1. Sure seems that way…what is his main job? Does he cover another team?

      So is press democrat like the Div. III of sports coverage I’m assuming. So unlikely for them to bring in someone known like a Barrows, Branch, or etc, right? So we’ll likely get some up and comer type fresh out of graduate school or something.

      1. Leo
        Try googling Phil Barber Press Democrat

        As to the PD, it’s greatest appeal is for local news coverage for Sonoma County with some desultory additional coverage of Mendocino and Napa Counties. It is cash strapped and unlikely to attract any sports media luminaries. It has been a launch point for Matt Maiocco, Eric Branch, and Mike Silver in the past. It has also been a place for swan song sports journalists for their final low pressure career-ending jobs, like Bob Padecky and Lowell Cohn. Think “put out to pasture”.
        The Executive Publisher is a developer and lobbyist. He owns the PD and several other even smaller publications mostly as a means to have mouthpieces for his views and financial interests. He keeps them on a leash, thus no big bucks recruiting or even a travel budget or modernized website are in the cards.

        Are you now anywhere near Franklin, TN? I have a niece there.

        1. Interesting, yea sure seems like its way passed its heyday.

          That’s over in the Nashville area, about 2 hrs NW of me. I’m in the Chattanooga area, in east TN, near the Georgia border. Its gorgeous out here. Definitely worth a visit. Franklin area is very nice.

  49. Earth2 this is Earth 1, Come in – are you reading – Do you have an update?

    Earth 2: Copy. Hey E1. Yeah, everything is awesome. Dr. Trump’s son-in-law just made the following statement regarding Covid: “We’re on the other side of the medical aspect of this. The federal government rose to the challenge, and this is a great success story.” Furthermore , Vice Poodle Pence just visited an ICU at the Mayo clinic and refused to wear a mask. He is pretty sure he did not infect any of the staff. All good here on E2.

    E1: Yeah I remember here on E1 Dr. Trump instructed the Vice Poodle to fly across the country walk out on a Football game . The publicity stunt backfired. Anyway , we just crossed 60 K dead and OTAs and Mini-camps are cancelled. The sports fans are getting restless. Wish us luck.

    1. I doubt Bourne is replaced this year. I also think Hurd will effectively be moved to TE – it is what Shanahan said they envisaged for him when they drafted him last year, that they would get him up to 240lbs+ and use him as a hybrid TE/WR/RB effectively.

      So that will leave 6 WR spots. For mine it will be Deebo, Aiyuk, Taylor, Bourne, Jennings and one of either Pettis or Benjamin. Pettis with the spot to lose, but needing to show in TC he has come with a different mindset. If not, he’ll be gone and Benjamin probably takes his spot unless they feel James offers more and can be that outside guy that can threaten deep.

      1. Hmmm
        I’m guessing you see Hurd being used similar to how Harbaugh used D. Walker a while back then?
        As to Bourne, I can’t see the 49ers moving on from him as they really dont have a contested catch guy other than him and Jennings and given the amount of time Jennings is likely to have to learn the offence Bourne should have a major advantage.

        1. I’ll go with the following:

          Deebo, Aiyuk, Bourne, Taylor, Benjamin, Pettis

          Hurd goes on IR or retires and Jennings becomes the TE/WR hybrid

        2. The Shanahan offense is so different to Harbaugh’s that I wouldn’t say he would be playing the same role as Walker per se, but yeah, that is the general idea. Basically I see him as an H-Back with great position flexibility, being used as a guy that primarily plays aligned close to the formation, either flexed out a little as a big slot, as an in line TE, or behind the formation as a FB or RB on occasion. But with potential to also go out as a WR further from the formation. The complete jack of all trades suited to Shanahan’s positionless football.

          1. Something to keep in mind – those running plays we saw from Deebo last year where he lined up in the backfield were being run with Hurd in TC last year (and there was video evidence of this from TC). That is part of the role they envisage for Hurd. Movable piece that can catch, run and block, and primarily line up close to the formation. If he can stay healthy I expect big things from him this year. But staying healthy is a big if.

  50. Grant does not think Bourne and James will make the team?
    I think KS will showcase Pettis, then trade him for a 5th or 6th round pick to a WR needy team.
    I think they would prefer Bourne over Jennings. So what if they cut Jennings, and some desperate team swoops to get him. Losing a 7th round player is not the end of the world. That may leave a spot for the Niners to poach a cut WR from another team.
    I just wish that they would let James play more. In the SB, if he had been in instead of Sanders, his fresh legs may have allowed James to track down the ball, instead of being 5 yards too long.
    If they cut Bourne, and keep Benjamin, they must think his paltry 30 yards last season was an aberration, when it may have been confirming a steady decline. Benjamin may be a longshot to make the team.
    Bourne may have missed catches early in the season, but later on, he was money. If they do move on from Bourne, I hope they trade him away for a 4th or 5th round pick, so they get something for him, instead of cutting him, and getting nothing. However, he may make the team because he and JG seemed to work well together.
    WR squad-
    Deebo Samuel
    Brandon Aiyuk
    Kendrick Bourne
    Richie James
    Trent Taylor
    Dante Pettis
    Hurd is converted to a TE. If they can convert McKivitz to guard, Woerner to FB and Harrell to DE, they can convert Hurd to TE.
    If they manage to trade away Pettis, Travis Benjamin makes the team.
    Jennings is in the 53 cuts, and makes it to the PS.

    1. I think Taylor is on IR by 1st week of August and Jennings takes his spot.

      I’m loving the depth and versatility of our WR corp, I bet Shanny is too. Defenses better be getting those tackling drills ready

      1. I certainly hope that Taylor’s foot is finally healed. There was no structural damage, but improper healing.
        JG and Taylor seemed to be playing well together before his foot injury, and Taylor was his favorite target from the slot.
        I agree. Deebo and Aiyuk look formidable, especially the YAC.
        These 53 cuts will be painful. Some talented players will no longer be on the team.

  51. I’m sure that cutting players is very disappointing to all parties involved, but it’s a big part of the sport.

    Unfortunately, this takes place every year, but what you hope for is that the best players rise to the top during TC to make the team.
    I agree with you, that some talented players will not make the roster, but they will help the team to ramp up the competition level.

  52. I’ve been gone for about 6 weeks so I really have no idea how things work around here since Grant left but does Phil B. usually go 5 days between posts?

    1. Old Coach
      There was a void of two – three weeks when no one posted a new subject and no one knew what had happened to Grant. As you’ve probably gathered, we were all wondering WTF? Will the PD shut it down? Then one day phil B posted and like every day there was a new post, or two, up until the draft. Now it’s been a couple of days and nothing. So I don’t know if that’s why some are speculating he was just a temp?
      That’s where we’re at as of today….back to wondering wtf, is Phil gone and a new rookie is taking over?

  53. In Phil’ short time back, this is the longest time he’s been away.
    Why has he been gone this long?
    Well coach, you’re guess is as good as mine 🤔

      1. They just got some “free” money to keep them afloat.

        Sonoma Media Investments has received a $3.4 million federal loan that will avert layoffs

  54. Lance Zierlin said his floor was “solid starter.” Guess that didn’t happen.

    Please, no one say I’m pushing for this. Have no idea if he’d help here. Sounds like a bit of a mess.

    WEAKNESSES Despite talent and traits, production and overall play has been uneven at Michigan. Earned full-time starting nod in just his final season. Needs more weight-room work. Consistency of anchor at point of attack in question. Can be rooted out of his gap by power. Can do better job of using his length to keep blockers off of him. Doesn’t make enough plays on other side of the line against run. Needs to show a nastier play demeanor at all times. Scouts question whether he has enough toughness for trench battles if bumped inside or to 5-technique. Held back by his inconsistent play speed. Excessive leaning and narrowing of his base during the play causes balance and footwork inconsistencies. Needs better readiness to take on move blockers.

  55. For those like me who thought the team would get a 3rd round compensatory pick if TW walks in 2021, think again:

    “The year 2020 will be Sanders’ tenth year in the NFL as he was drafted in 2010—as was Williams. Ten-year veterans are capped at fifth-round compensatory picks, per OvertheCap. So even if Williams were to walk in free agency and sign a lucrative contract next offseason, or if Sanders has a career year, the 49ers wouldn’t get anything higher than a fifth-round comp pick.”

    1. A small quibble. Wouldn’t 2019 be Williams tenth year if his first year was 2010. I have no idea what the rules say about such things. I don’t even know what a catch is anymore.

      I also have a problem figuring out how to have an NFL season with covid-19 active.

      Is the fifth round for Lynch a problem?

    1. Prime Time
      If Tennessee can’t trade him and won’t pick up his 5th year option, what would he bring to the 9ers?
      * WR Corey Davis Scouting Report: Davis regressed in 2019 with only 601 yards and two touchdowns. Davis fell wayside on the depth chart with rookie A.J. Brown posted a dominant 1051 yard season. Paired with his lack of high-end production is the injury concerns. Davis has missed games due to hamstring and hip injuries that have limited him in the NFL.
      With a $15 million price tag, Davis would be in the range of Odell Beckham Jr. and Tyreek Hill in terms of 2021 wide receiver salary. It is unquestionable that Davis does not garner that much money, even with a proven 2020 season.

        1. Razor
          Yep, love it….BUT….would still like to have a 3 cone time.
          I think we’ll see how good it is during the season…knock on wood.

  56. Who were the biggest winners and losers from this draft? The Niners won big, even with a small draft class. The Ravens selected Patrick Queen, right after the Seahawks reached for Jordan Brooks. The Vikings had 15 picks, so even if only half make the team, it should be called successful. The Dolphin fans considered many picks to be reaches, but they filled all their needs with talent.
    The biggest losers seem to be the Packers, who decided that putting Rodgers in his place is a good strategy, then did not give him a WR from this WR-rich draft. Even Favre thinks Rodgers got screwed. The Seahawks draft was a head scratcher, and the Bears stockpiled TEs from a TE weak draft class.
    Now, if only we have a season….

    Since Phil Barber has not posted an article recently and once again the PD has left us orphans…..
    * Who will be the 9er competition to win the NFC West in 2020 season?
    * I think Arizona helped themselves the most and will replace the seadderall Seahags as the 9er competition, with the LA Lambs in last place.

    1. Every time we try to count out the Seachickens, they continue to be right there at the end. Russell Wilson covers a lot of holes, and I think they improved their line enough to establish a very solid running game (especially with Chris Carson). I think their holes are on defense, but not in regard to their pass rush (which I think will be fine with their free agent signings and draft picks providing necessary depth to rotate rushers); rather, I think Bobby Wagner has fallen off a little bit, their linebackers are weak outside of him, and their failure to address the secondary will hurt them.

      The Cardinals have greatly improved with Hopkins and a full year of Drake (and improved offensive line; I liked the 3rd round pick up of Josh Jones). But I think their defense is still wanting, and that they will find a way to screw up Simmons (like they did with other hybrids, such as Hassan Reddick, Buchanon, etc.).

      Rams may fall off, but I think it is in relation to their offensive line and the loss of Littleton as opposed to the loss of Cooks or Gurley. I think Cam Akers is an excellent replacement, and is a dark horse for offensive rookie of the year, and their receiving corps is still deep with Kupp, Woods, Reynolds, and the drafting of Van Jefferson. Goff is not great, but serviceable.

      So, early prediction? Niners 11-5; Seahawks 9-7; Cardinals 9-7; Rams 7-9

    2. The NFC West is still the toughest division in the NFL imo. But the 49ers are still the best team in the division.

      The Seahawks are extremely reliant on Wilson these days. Their defense is young and has some talent but don’t see it being a particularly strong D this year. And the talent around Wilson on offense is pretty average for the most part. Last year Wilson was able to find ways to win a lot of close games. At some point some of those close wins will become losses – he can’t maintain willing the team to victory without a better support cast forever. They haven’t done enough to improve the team imo and I think this is the year we see them drop away a little.

      The Rams are a tough one for me. They have some issues as a result of salary cap misuse. But also still have a talented roster. I think the SB hangover got them last year and they will be a bit better this year. I can actually see them being the #2 team in the division this year.

      The Cardinals are a bit of a favourite for people as a team on the rise. They are getting better, and obviously Hopkins is a huge get. But I am not sold on them becoming a playoff team just yet. The D still looks a bit beige to me – they have some talent, and the additions of Simmons, Phillips, Campbell and Kennard sounds good on paper, but they are still highly reliant on Jones creating pressure and I am not 100% on board with Simmons being dominant as a full time LB. Their three big FA additions are all just ok starters imo. A lot rests on Murray’s shoulders. But I think with a full season of Kingsbury’s offense on film will help opposing teams adjust. I think they are primed for around 6-8 wins.

      1. Scooter:
        Speaking of the Rams salary cap….They failed to trade Cooks before March 15, giving him a $4 million roster bonus! And didn’t trade him before March 20, fully guaranteed his 2020 salary of $8 million.
        The Todd Gurley and Cooks deals in 2018 were costly, now they’re feeling the impact of those contracts only two years later.
        Then there’s CB Ramsey who’s owed $13.7 million on the fifth-year option. Darius Slay just signed a three-year, $50 million extension. The first year of that is $15.7 million. The first year of Byron Jones’ new deal is $17.6 million, so I’d expect Ramsey will want about $17 million per year or ~$ 4 million more.
        The Ram salary cap is gone, and so are their 2021 first and fourth round draft picks…..
        Unless I’m missing something, Les Snead and the Rams front office should be fired for gross incompetence!

    3. Seattle, with all those less than one score wins will revert to the mean. See ESPN’s Barnwells analysis of Green Bay, the same thing holds for Seattle.

      Ariz will battle Sea for 2nd in the division, but both at least 4 games back.

  58. GEEP,
    I still see Seattle as our biggest nemesis simply because of Russell Wilson.
    The seahags strengthen their WR corps last season with Metcalf and TE Hollister. And was only inches away from beating us at the end of the season.

    Arizona had a great off season with the signing of Hopkins and their draft looks very good, but I believe that they are another season away from contending in the West.
    The Rams and Soff Goff may have found a special RB in Cam Akers. If Akers can revive the running game they will win 10 – 12 games.

    The way I see it shake out is:
    Disney Rams

    1. Porous is the word I would use to describe the offensive lines of the Seahawks, Cardinals and Rams. That does not bode well against the San Francisco Forty Niners Goldman Sacks….

      1. Razor
        Yep! And time for the 9er D sharks to feast. I also see the 9er 0-line being improved with OT Williams and Brunskill at OG, making the 9er Run game better at controlling the clock, and harder for opposing offenses to get on the field.

    2. AES
      * I see the seahags,with Wilson, Metcalf and TE Hollister, as a 1 trick pony on offense. Take Metcalf and Hollister out of the game and what have they got left? Wilson. If RB Penny and Carson can stay healthy it will help.
      * No real improvement on Defense. LB Jordyn brooks is an improvement, but not a good as LB B. Wagner.
      DE Darrell Taylor isn’t bad, but not a replacement for Frank Clark and they can’t afford Jadeveon Clowney, who
      IMO was an overprice mistake.
      Here’s my question: Other thanWilson, Maybe Metcalf, who does Pete Carroll have (players), that matches up with the 9er on either D, or O?

        1. Razor
          Yes Wilson is, but can he beat the 9ers by himself? Other than Wilson and possibly Metcalf, can Seattle match up with the 9ers offense? Was the Seahag draft as good as the 9ers? Can Seattle stop the 9ers run game? We know their Defense can’t, so here’s what I see as the difference maker….The 9er offense, both the run game and WR’s keep the chain moving, the clock running and Wilson on the sidelines watching.
          What do you see?

          1. I think the changing of the guard occurred last year, and Seattle is in decline. Once Wilson’s magic weakens, they will fade into obscurity….

      1. “Take Metcalf and Hollister out of the game and what have they got left?”

        I’m not sure that I follow your philosophy here. That could be said of any team when you remove players that are counted on to produce.
        But, I prefaced RW as the main source of concern because until last year, he has pretty much owned us for the last 6 years.

        Metcalf and some other young players should improve this season. But as some have said, the Oline needs to keep Wilson clean if the team is going to remain a contender.

        1. AES
          “I’m not sure that I follow your philosophy here. That could be said of any team when you remove players that are counted on to produce.”
          * This is true AES, but I’m not talking about any team. I’m only talking about Seattle / Wilson. There’s no argument he’s a magician, but how many times will the 9er D watch his tricks, before figuring them out? We know Wilson’s O-line can’t stop the 9er D line from pressuring / sacking him and the 9er D is essentially the same D as 2019, other than they’ve player together for a full year and that should make them better, assuming they’re healthy. So my “philosophy is this: “IF” and yes, I realize it’s a big if, but if the 9er D takes away his WR’s, then Wilson is left to carry the Seahags on his back. How long can / will he be capable of doing that? If the 9er D and another years experience, has learned how to slow him down, how to contain him, one good hit, which Wilson has been lucky enough to avoid, will end his season. In fact, it will only take one good hit to slow him down. Yes, that’s true of any QB, but Seattle’s O-line and the odds make that not just possible, but likely. Every dual threat QB eventually take that hit…..Wilson is a year older and way overdue.

    3. Pot…Kettle
      Agree Wilson is a magician, but even with WR Metcalf the Seahags are a one trick pony. If RB Carson and Penny can stay healthy, it will help keep their offense two dimensional, but neither are a Marshawn Lynch.
      On Defense, They drafted LB Jordyn brooks who’s an improvement, but not as good as B. Wagner. DE Darrell Taylor is also good, but no replacement for Frank Clark. And they can’t afford Jadeveon Clowney, who IMO was an overprice mistake.
      The 9er draft picks keep the 9ers essentially the same team as 2019 and both Kinlaw and Aiyuk will improve with experience. OT Trent Williams is a younger Staley and a slight improvement to the O-line. OG Brunskill, IMO is also an improvement over OG Person and also improves the 9ers O-line.
      The 9ers have better depth than any team in the NFL West IMO and no one in the West can matche up with the 9er Offense, or Defense. The only question IMO, is this. Have the 9ers figured out a way to contain the dual threat QB’s? I see the 9ers 2020 season worst case as 12 W – 4L! A split with Ariz. Loss to Dallas, at Dallas . Split with Seahags and a loss to NO at NO……..NFL 49ers 2020 regular season opponents…..

  59. Salvon Ahmed just got a 3 year commitment from the 49ers. Not sure I remember them signing a UFDA to that many years before. Must see him replacing McKinnon and Wilson Jr.

    1. I’m not going to read anything into it being a 3-year deal until we see the details. I doubt anything after year 1 is guaranteed, in which case all the additional years do is spread the signing bonus (which will be small anyway) across three years.

      My understanding from the initial information when players were first mentioned as signing is that only $50K of Ahmed’s contract is guaranteed, which is $40K less than Hasty was guaranteed. Maybe by delaying he has negotiated that upwards, but doubt it will end up in higher guarantees than Hasty or Finke.

      For mine Hasty is still the far more likely of the two to make the roster.

      1. And just after posting this I looked at Spotrac and according to them all of the UDFAs signed 3-year deals. Turns out that is just the norm. Interestingly the DT Daniels got the biggest signing bonus and most guaranteed of the group.

    2. CBA mandates that every UDFA player sign a three-year contract with the right to renegotiate following their second regular season. Nothing special for Ahmed.

  60. Razor
    I seen that and kinda scratched my head? 40 was slow (4.62s). How will he fit with outside ZBS? Doesn’t see running lanes open up? Redeeming factor appears to be his stats at UW, but not sure it will translate to the NFL?
    TBH, I thought he was a candidate for the PS. I guess ShanaLynch see something I don’t?
    What’s your take on him Razor?
    Scooter, where you at with RB Salvon Ahmed?

  61. Razor
    The Ahmed signing left me scratching my head? Not sure what ShanaLynch see in him that justifies signing for 3 years? His 40 time was 4.56s. On tape he looks quick, but not fast and he misses, or doesn’t see, running lanes his 0-line open. His 2019 season stats are descent, finishing 2019 with 1,000 yards rushing at 5.5 yards per carry and nine touchdowns, as well as 14 catches for 58 yards receiving. His biggest outing for the Huskies came against USC, with an 89-yard touchdown, the fifth longest TD in UW history. Ahmed also run for two TD’s in the Las Vegas Bowl vs. Boise State and added six rushes for 20 yards and two receptions for 26 yards in his team’s 38-7 win. He was named All-Pac-12 honorable mention for the second time in his career! His teammate, TE Hunter Bryant, was considered the best tight end in the draft before hurting his knee! (Detroit signed him as a F/A). I can see why the 9ers signed him, but for 3 years?
    A) Not too sure his 2019 season stats will transfer to the NFL?
    B) He played in the Pac-12, not the SEC.

      1. AES
        OK, lets assume both you and Razor are correct! Will / can McKinnon replace Mostert? How about Coleman? At best, I see McKinnon as one of three running backs, with Mostert #1, Coleman #2 and McKinnon competing for field time with Wilson. There’s also the two new RB’s on the team, JaMycal and I think his name is Hokit?
        That my friend is one H#)) of a lot of stiff competition for a rookie, so I guess we’ll see what happens when the rubber meet the road?

          1. PT
            I understand NFL Network and NFL. com Tom Pelissero claims the 9ers won’t pick up the 5th year option for Soloman Thomas, but I can’t find a link that verifies it? If you have a link, please post it.

          2. Not necessarily, but there is no way they could justify bringing him back at the price picking up his 5th year option would cost. If he comes back it will be on a restructured lower contract.
            The problem is I don’t think he fits our scheme and would do much better in a scheme that would utilize him more as an interior pass rusher.

        1. GEEP,
          When I think of the current RB’s on the team, the one that is somewhat similar to Mostert’ style is McKinnon.
          The problem with McKinnon is that no one really knows what type of RB he’s going to be when he returns. He’s missed two seasons.
          McKinnon played 4 seasons with Minnesota and only started 14 games. That’s basically starting 4 games per season.
          He was beat out Dalvin Cook and had his beat season in 2017 when Cook was on the shelf.

          Ahmed reminds me a little of McKinnon. He hits the hole quickly and runs with good power and balance. As I commented earlier, the FO may not be completely confident in JM’ progress, hence the Ahmed and Hasty signings

          1. AES
            You’re right in your assessment of McKinnon when he returns, even if he can stay healthy enough to get on the field. What I didn’t understand was Ahmed’s 3 year contract. After reading Scooter and Mood’s post above, his contract apparently it’s in line with other F/A contracts.
            I suspect even after restructuring his contract, if McKinnon doesn’t produce by the end of pre season he’ll be cut if they can’t find a team willing to trade for him?

            1. Shanahan must have a vision that he see’s played out for Ahmed. In Shanahan’ running scheme he looks for a RB that can quickly hit the hole make one cut up-field and go. Ahmed seems to check all the boxes in Shanahan’ play book.

              But having said that, I doubt that Ahmed see’s major playing time in his rookie season except for Special Teams.

  62. Matt Maiocco

    The fifth-year option for #49ers DT Solomon Thomas would be $12.321 million for the 2021 season. That’s a non-starter, of course. But don’t rule out the possibility that both sides would want to keep the union going for at least five seasons at a price that works for both sides

      1. CFC
        I wouldn’t call him a “BUST.” He hasn’t lived up to where he was drafted, or performed as expected. But he has been functional as a rotation player. When assessing his worth, I agree he should be paid according to what he has accomplished, not where he was drafted.
        Is he worth keeping? Not in my opinion. I’d rather trade him, if possible, or replace him with a draft pick that better fits what the 9ers hoped he could & would be. A better use of resources, IMO.

  63. Salvon Ahmed is this year’s Matt Breida and Raheem Mostert. Special Teams will be an area he can contribute in.
    Guess they also like his pass catching ability, to give him a 3 year contract. This will put pressure on Tevin Coleman and Jerrick McKinnon, maybe even Jeff Wilson.
    JaMycal hasty is another RB who will make the competition fierce.

    1. Scatback who is light on his feet but suffers from a debilitating lack of vision and decisiveness that prevents him from reaching his athletic potential as a runner

      Seems like vision would be very important in this scheme to have the success that Breida had

  64. Who will win the division?
    The Niners, because JL hit a home run in the draft. Replacing Buckner with Kinlaw. Huge. Replacing Sanders with KS’s favorite WR in the draft. Sweet. Stealing a 7 time Pro Bowl LT for a 5th and a 2021 third round pick, is frankly amazing. They usually cost a first round pick.
    The other players they drafted and signed look like they will provide depth and strong competition. The coaches will have been able to implement their schemes, and now just have to refine them, with the same core group. It looked like they were seeking a certain body type, and certain character of player, and found them.
    The Niners got better, and JG will improve, because he will not be rehabbing his knee. I think they will do well because they play the AFC and NFC East. The Cowboys have Nolan as their DC, and the Giants still have Jones at QB. Washington is going to try Haskins. The Jets are the Jets. The Pats do not have Brady. The Dolphins have Tua with his injury questions.
    Buffalo and the Eagles, 2 playoff teams, may give the Niners their strongest challenge. The Niners could go 6-2 against those opponents. Against the others, the Niners could go 6-2, for a 12-4 season.
    In the NFC West, the Cards improved, but not enough to defeat the Niners. The Rams did not have a first round pick, and the Seahawks might just as well not have had one. Choosing 139th ranked Jordyn Brooks allowed the Ravens to select Patrick Queen at 28. They allowed the Ravens to get even better. Both the Rams and Seahawks had mediocre drafts, so they will be competing for the NFC West cellar.
    Since the Seahawks had very pedestrian team stats, they will not be fortunate to have other teams miss game winning field goals. I am hoping for a last place finish for the Seahawks, with the Rams doing better because McVay finally got an OC and decent RB. The Cards might make it to a Wild card spot, and I fervently hope the Niners enjoy that first round bye.

    1. Seb,
      “Who will win the division” This is the most talented Div. in the NFL the answer lies in who will stay healthy. The 9ers history in that area isn’t good but we are due for a healthy year. I predict that any of the 4 teams in this Div. has the potential to win and the team that experiences the best health will win. imho

      1. Old Coach, I will respectfully disagree with your assertion.
        The Seahawks won 5 games by a total score of 11 points. 4 games had their opponent(49ers, too) miss a field goal. They were extremely fortunate. I will concede that Pete Carroll is an elite coach that can get the most out of his players, but if they cannot re-sign Clowney, they will be a step below the rest of the division.
        The Rams have made some big blunders with their personnel. They did not have a pick until 52, and have a 24 mil dead cap hit. Their draft was sparse, like the Niners, but the Niners got 3 starters, and the Rams may have gotten replacements, because the present players were inadequate.
        I will agree that the Cards have a very good chance of improving. Getting Hopkins was even a bigger steal than Trent Williams, because Hopkins has no question marks. Unloading David Johnson’s salary was just BOB being BOB. The Cards had a good draft. Simmons is a great selection to help their defense.
        I may disagree, but you may be right. Seattle may have no RB injuries, and their O line may finally be decent. Goff may get back to the SB season Goff, and Cam Akers may be the next Gurley.
        I guess I am hoping for the best for the Niners, and hoping for the worst for the Rivals.

        1. Seb,
          For the most part we agree. If I was betting man (and I am) I think the 9ers are the prohibitive favorites in the west but it all goes out the window with the wrong injuries. I believe that last year we were able to dodge a bullet when it came to injuries but i’m not so sure we can do it again this year. If we finally have a relatively injury free year I believe you can buy your tickets to the SB and we will see KC again. I’m not buying the Brady kool aid in TB.

          1. Yes, attrition is a huge part of the game. Imagine if the Niners had DJ Jones playing in the SB.
            I am kinda buying into the Tompa Brady hype. The Bucs had accumulated a bunch of first round picks, because of their losing ways for years. so the team has talent. They also had Winston throwing away games with his 30 picks. Brady will reduce the picks, and both the Falcons and Panthers have serious question marks.
            I am really hoping that the Bucs and Saints throw haymakers at each other, and beat each other up. Nobody in the NFC East should concern the Niners, and they beat both the Vikings and Packers, so they are not serious challengers. I expect the Niners will face either the Bucs or Saints, if they make it to the NFCC Game.

  65. I don’t have the stats at my fingertips but I’ll bet the 2015-15 duo of Coleman and Freeman caught more passes than all 49ers RB combined the last 3 years. Is that by design or due to lack of personal. Maybe Mckinnon was supposed to be that guy ?

      1. I’d be very surprised if Jimmy was MVP. Generally that would require him to put up huge stats, something a great defence should somewhat impede…

        1. I didn’t mean to imply Jimmy was going to put up MVP numbers but rather both he and the offense will see improvements. Having said that, Jimmy did put up pretty big stats versus Cards twice, Saints, Rams Twice and and Packers . Ultimately it is our dominant running game which really inhibits Jimmy from putting up huge stats consistently every week.

          1. Rollo Tomasi
            I would suggest that Shanahan’s run first offense will have more to do with JG’s stats, than his Passing accomplishes. Especially when the 9ers have the game in control and are running the clock out!
            That’s not to imply his passing stats won’t be good, just not MVP stats.

  66. I guess Phill’s week is over.

    Surprised it’s taking the PD so long to get someone to fill in. Can’t imagine that’s a great sign.

    Seriously hoping they can find someone who’s legitimately objective about the team. I’ve said it before, fanboys will ruin this site and basically it turn it into another Niner Nation, a webpage which should really be called Kool Aid Chuggers.

  67. JaMycal Hasty video below. I’ve watched a few and can’t wait to see him play in Kyle’s offense. Seems like a worthy replacement for Breida. Lacks Breida’s speed, but he’s more elusive. Also, he’s built lower to the ground, and is still over 200 pounds. This video is by an analyst who’s kind of funny. Calls him a “baller,” which he seems to be.

      1. George
        I guess I’d ask the question. Do you think the rookie RB’s will see much field time, competing against Mostert, Coleman, Wilson and McKinnon?
        I see them competing for ST and the loser(s) on the PS? Maybe getting playing time as injury replacements, if / when they’ve earned Shanahan and the coaches trust?

        1. I agree with your assessment. None of these people, assuming they make the regular or practice squad, will play unless/until they win trust and a starting or rotational player ahead of them goes down or is traded. Hasty does appear to be a good pickup, though.

          1. George
            From what video I have seen (which is not a lot), they look like players ShanaLynch hand picked to fit the 9er offense.
            * RB Ahmed, Salvon, UW: Combine: 5′ 11″ Run a 4.63s X 40. Looks a lot faster on tape.
            His Prospect grade = 5.50 (Chance to be in NFL training camp). Looks better than that on tape. Looks like a player that can make ST and if works at his trade, a back up!
            * Scouting Report: Says he has trouble hitting the open hole his O-line give him! Tape doesn’t support that. Does not hesitate at the LOS. Plants a foot and makes his cut. Runs thru the running lane, brakes arm tackles and runs thru DB arm tackles.
            My assessment: Plays bigger than 197 pounds. We’ll see how he handles outside ZBS, but looks like he can master it? The more tape I watch, the better I like him.

      2. I had ’em drafting Hasty in my mock draft as their last pick in the 7th round. Looks like another barroom brawl is gonna be brewing at rb, right along with wr.

      3. I like how he stays low to the ground, and his ST contributions may help win him a spot on the 53.
        McKinnon may need to play a lot better, in order to stay on the team.

    1. The 3 guys who peak my curiosity are
      #1 Hasty his film reminds me of a low rent Frank Gore
      #2 Harrell I really want to see what he can do as a pass rush specialist
      #3 Hokit may be our next FB if Juice gets injured or when his contract runs out, resigning him is a salary cap problem

  68. Post draft 55 roster.
    QB- JG, Nick Mullens
    WR- Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, Kendrick Bourne, Richie James, Trent Taylor, Dante Pettis
    RB- Raheem Mostert, Tevin Coleman, Jeffrey Wilson, JaMycal Hasty
    FB- Kyle Juszczyk, Charlie Woerner
    TE- George Kittle, Ross Dwelley, Jalen Hurd
    OT- Trent Williams, Mike McGlinchey, Justin Skule, Shon Coleman
    OG- Laken Tomlinson, Tom Compton, Daniel Brunskill
    OC- Weston Richberg, Ben Garland
    Defense :
    DE- Arik Armstead, Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Chase Harrell
    DT- DJ Jones, Javon Kinlaw, Solomon Thomas, Kentavius Street, Kevin Givens
    SAM- Kwon Alexander, Mark Nzeocha
    MIKE- Fred Warner, Joe Walker, Azzeez Al-Shaair
    WILL- Dre Greenlaw, Joey Alfieri
    CB- Richard Sherman, Emmanuel Moseley, Ahkello Witherspoon, Demarkus Acy
    S- Jimmie Ward, Jaquiski Tartt, Tarvarius Moore, Marcell Harris
    NB- K’waun Williams, DJ Reed
    LS- Kyle Nelson
    P- Mitch Wishnowsky
    K- Robbie Gould

    1. McKinnon makes the team- and I hope he becomes a HUGE weapon for us on 3rd downs- I envision him getting 8-10 touches a game. At least that is what I would like.

      I think Coleman is the veteran that needs to be ready- but w ota’s in question, the rookies may have a tough time cracking the roster due to not knowing the play book, etc

      1. I hope KS will showcase McKinnon, then trade him out of the division to a team that has RB needs. The possible emergence of JaMycal Hasty could make McKinnon expendable.
        Same thing with Pettis. Trading away a player will add a spot for a rookie or UDFA to fill.
        I have Colton McKivitz, Jauan Jennings, Broc Rutter, Chris Finke, Salvon Ahmed, Josh Hokit, Darrion Daniels, Jonas Griffith and Jared Mayden all being 53 cuts, who hopefully make it to the Practice squad.
        One player who I hope is finally fully healthy is Jason Verrett. If he shows he is back to his old form, that might make Ahkello Witherspoon expendable.

    2. Slippery Fox is taking Taylor spot.

      Sorry not sorry. Healthy is key. Versatility is equally as important. Finke can step in as a sure handed returner as well as play STs as a gunner, and is a legit slot possession WR.

  69. Anyone else having trouble with the “SPAM MONSTER?’ First it blocks me, then it doesn’t, for no rhyme or reason!


  70. Reminder: If the blog is indeed dead, below is an email address I created that people can write to in order to discuss what we can do. Those interested should start thinking about possible alternatives. I’ve thought about offering a temporary blog on WordPress for the purpose of discussing this, not to take its place.

    1. George,
      Thanks for the email address.

      While it’s a little disappointing to see the lack of interest that the PD has shown to this site this past week, I, also believed that after the draft the 49ers news cycle would be minimal.

      Just looking at other 49ers news sources over the past week, they to, have not offered anything new, which leads me believe that the PD’ silence has more to do with nothing to report in 49ers country at the moment.
      Hopefully Phil can use his years of experience to bring up a topic to create a
      new theme.

  71. Don’t know if the PD blog is dead or not, or if my rant got thru to them…….But the spam monster is smiling at me again
    and letting me post!
    If nothing else, one thing is obvious! Phil is no long with the PD, or us!
    Nice hearing from you Phil……..
    Will there be a next PD writer up?

  72. 1. Bears decline Trubisky 5th year option.
    2. There are rumblings that NBA may have 2 weeks of warmup games and then play 6-8 weeks of playoffs starting in July. There are also rumblings that MLB will start games in July and play half a season. We shall see. All of this will be done with empty stadiums.
    3. In 2015/15 Tevin Coleman and DFreeman combined for 183 Receptions, 1,475 R Yards and 8 R TD. Not too shabby. I am quite sure that the 49ers RBs have not come close to those statistics combined in the last three years. Is this by design or necessity?

    1. Rollo
      Games of any sort cannot begin too soon. This will be the first time in close to 30 years i’m not playing fantasy baseball.

  73. I also wouldn’t mind seeing an NBA draft, With all the trade and draft combinations the Warriors have it could be the most interesting off season ever.

  74. Since the PD Spam monster blocked me, I spent time watching video of the 9ers un drafted F/A’s. JaMycal Hasty and Salvan Ahmed: The 9ers have had success with un drafted RB’s And the more tape I watched, the better I liked both. * Salvan Ahmed especially! On tape, Ahmed plays faster than his combine 40 results (4.56s). His “prospect grade” of 5.50, that says he has a chance to make an NFL training camp, appears to be too low and while I don’t see him getting much, if any, field time, he may make the PS, or ST, if McKinnon’s injured, gets traded or cut. Needs work on decision making when to plant a foot and make cut to the running lane, not running east or west, waiting for a lane to open up. I do see his experience giving him an advantage for playing time, over Hasty.
    JaMycal Hasty: Again, the more tape I watched, the better I liked him. Little more sand in his pants than Ahmed, fits Shanahan’s ZBS and like Ahmed, may make the PS, or ST, if McKinnon’s injured. Has limited experience, never been a starter and his BALL SECURITY IS A BIG RED FLAG!
    * Swiss army knife Josh Hokit: Kids a beast where ever he ends up playing. FB, RB, Move TE, LB? If he’s a FB and juices’ replacement, he needs to add 10-15 pounds. I can’t wait to see him play and add a little NASTY to the offense.
    Good hands to catch the ball. No pro day hurt his draft chances! IMO, he has a chance of making ST.
    * QB Broc Rutter: Unless / until CJ Beathard is traded, no playing time. A candidate for the PS.
    * WR Chris Finke: A slot-only player, with some talent making DB’s miss in space and over the middle of the field. But at 5′-9″ X 186-pound frame, will make the team only if other WR are tra