Steve Young questions if Trey Lance is ready

The NFL is a quarterback driven league. For better or worse, the position drives the conversation year-round.

This is especially true regarding the San Francisco 49ers. Not many organizations have been able to go from one Hall of Fame quarterback, Joe Montana, to another, Steve Young.

Over the two weeks there has been a rumor that Tom Brady could be interested in coming out of retirement to join San Francisco. Aaron Rodgers has been another highly talked about option since rumors first surfaced that Green Bay may trade the quarterback on the eve of the draft.

Steve Young joined the TKB show on KNBR for his final weekly show of the season. Young was asked about the whispers that Brady could come out of retirement or Rodgers ending up in San Francisco and if he would endorse the team brining in either veteran or just focus on getting Trey Lance ready to take over.

“To be intellectually honest, this is a time when if you have a veteran quarterback that’s capable and throw Tom’s stats up of this year and you’re ‘like 44 years old, like ok’. Let’s take 10% off or 15% off next year, he still leads the league probably,” responded Young.

“Remember I said you have to have an owner, a general manager, a coach, the help on the field. If I said which team for a quarterback are the number one, two, three, four teams in the league that have that, the 49ers are right there. If I’m Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady or anybody, Trey Lance, or Jimmy Garoppolo, I want to be here. I want to be there! This is the place. There are maybe one or two others that you might consider, but not really. None in the AFC.

“If I’m going to be in the NFC and I’m going to pick one of the 16 teams that’s ready, the 49ers are that team. So, you ask me that question, what do I think about Tom Brady for one more year or Aaron Rodgers for a couple or three years? This team could go win three Super Bowls.

During Super Bowl media week, Joe Montana drew the ire of some 49ers fans when he said he didn’t think Trey Lance was not ready to play.

It appears Young also has questions around the readiness of Lance to take over.

“Now Trey Lance, we don’t know, and Trey doesn’t know. If Trey was ready, Trey would have played,” said Young. “Trey needs to get ready this offseason. This needs to be the biggest boot camp ever in history, to get him ready to be expansive. I told you when I said we’d have to watch him go from two to 10, this Fall is not going to go from 6-10, it’s going to be a process, it’s going to be a patient process, but we cannot wait for that. We’ve got to get him ready, and we’ve got six months to do it.

“But if you’re asking me what I think about Aaron Rodgers coming or Tom Brady…the 49ers are that team, so yes! Yes. I’m not trying to encourage anything, but yes! If I’m Jimmy (Garoppolo), I’m going to the 49ers saying don’t send me anywhere. If I have a chance to be good or great, the number one place to do it is right here, it’s already been proven to me.”

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  1. He’s not ready, just like Young wasn’t ready when Montana started getting injured.

    There is no reason why we shouldn’t bring Kaepernick back to be starting the next few years until Lance actually proves he is the man for the job. We need to move on from Jimmy G who is terrible but this horrible front office has proved incompetent.

    1. Are you serious? He was horrible and would be even worse now. As for the front offense being horrible, how do you explain the fact that the Niners have one of the best rosters in the league?

      1. Typical Smither response. Colin was the best QB we had since Montana and we pissed it all away. We would of won multiple super bowls by now if we had kept Colin. But this is a loser franchise with loser fans who love losers like Alex Smith. The same guy Singletary said was meek. Keep rooting for the worst QB in the league Jimmy G. aka Alex 2.0 and maybe Lance will be good enough to be a playoff QB someday if you’re lucky.

        1. Oh yeah, Singletaty. Now those were the days!
          3 SB’s in a row and then he became headcoach for…. I forgot,
          He’s still the most sought after HC by Tomsula…

          1. BS. He had more talent then Mahomes. No DC figured out CK7. He was sabotaged by poor coaching and a poor supporting cast.

            1. First off..he may have had more raw talent than Mahomes…Sackorpick obviously doesn’t have Mahomes football smarts, to go along with that raw talent..if he did, somebody would have signed him in a heartbeat….regardless of his SJW endeavors…anyway, it’s been nice bantering back n forth with. You Colin

        2. Kaepernick stats speak for themselves. Dude had 60yds and 4ints in one game. When he kneeled everyone knew he wasn’t worth the drama. He sucked in the end. Doesn’t matter. He’s forgotten now on the field. He will never be remembered for football.

    2. for real Bay? your right about Kap….he had greatness written all over him! But he lacked heart and intelligence. He lacked heart because he quit after Harbaugh left ( im not sure if i blame him) and was never smart enough to read a defense, not stare down wr’s…….the guy never studied or anything. Relied on physical talent alone…..and thats not enough at the NFL level. PERIOD!
      And the FO isnt perfect, but its elite compared to the rest of the league…..and the best one we have had in 20 years.

      And i know a lot of people wont want to admit this…..but Kap gave up on the fans and the organization……to go be a SJW with his girl friend! And that is the truth……you can love it or hate it……or anything in between……but that is fact!

        1. Dee, he did. you are correct. I didnt want a long detailed Kap post…. He took a team friendly deal so that the FO could retain all our players and afford to bring in new ……they did neither. This is why i indicated that i didnt really blame him.
          What have i done? stayed out of prison, worked the same 2 jobs for the last 15 years, bought a house 10 years ago ( in California) and made a bunch of $$, raised 2 kids with only 1 being mine, been a good husband and a good member of society :)

        2. He took the pay cut so he wouldn’t get cut…everybody rants about his talent..his talent was having a strong arm, and running fast…the Niners tried to get him coached to alter his throwing motion, to shorten it up..didn’t work…He’s just mother in the long line of former NFL players cursed by the phrases, ‘he has great potential’, and ‘huge upside’….that never evolved

    3. Brining back Kaepernick isn’t going to happen especially with how everything went down with the NFL. So I’m surprised you even brought that up. As for Jimmy G yes we all know he needs to be better at times and not try to do too much that’s pretty obvious no QB is perfect. The last time I checked as a starter with the 49ers he’s like 33 – 15 so how is he terrible? Lol smh when he keeps it simple he helps us win a lot of Games.

      Did you forget that if those horrible NFL Refs made the correct calls in Super Bowl LIV Jimmy G would of helped us win a Super Bowl or did you forget that? Numerous times Bosa was held, late hits Helmet to Helmet on Jimmy G no call and don’t forget that soft PI call on Kittle when they let much more physical push offs slide in previous Games all year.

      The NFL was clearly trying to help Andy Reid win a title (nothing against Andy). If they made the right calls in that Game Jimmy would of helped us win a Championship and we’re not having this conversation.

      If you look at the Game Vs the Rams this year yes Jimmy G threw an interception at the end that was wack but don’t act like all those stupid Penalties and some Players getting a bit cocky In Interviews before that Game didn’t come back to bite us and we gave the Game away.

      Even when Fred Warner hit Matthew Stafford after one of the plays it wasn’t a good look. He apologized for it after the Game but Fred doesn’t usually do things like that in Games he’s a classy Dude. Also when Jaquiski Tartt dropped that interception he admitted in an Interview that when the Ball was coming to him in the air he got a bit cocky and said to himself oh Matthew Stafford just F’d up this Game is ours then he dropped the Ball.

      That’s why I really respect how Cooper Kupp carries himself he doesn’t run his mouth, doesn’t do anything dirty he goes out there and lets his Game do all the talking.

      I’ve been a Niners Fan since the days of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice so I’ll always support this Team regardless hopefully they have learned from their mistakes this season and will do better next year. Go Niners #FTTB

    4. Kaepernick?? He definitely isn’t better than Jimmy G. He had the same type of team Jimmy had and couldn’t win the Superbowl. He would only divide the locker room. That’s why he is out of the NFL. Nobody wants that drama. He’s a follower, not a leader.

  2. I’m super excited for Trey Lance to be the starting QB for the 49ers next year. I’m expecting some rough games since he’s a young QB but still excited to watch him grow into the role. Unless and until Tom Brady signs a contract with the 49ers, these QB discussions are tedious. I’m more interested in how the 49ers are going to remake the o-line and if the team will resign Mostert. In my opinion the drafting of Aaron Banks is equal to the disastrous drafting of Reuben Foster. If the 49ers selected Sam Cosmi instead of Aaron Banks there is a good chance the 49ers could have beaten the Rams in the NFCCG. It’s time to correct the Banks mistake so how do you expect the 49ers to make up for drafting Banks?

      1. My opinion is based on all evidence available. Scouting reports, watching him play, inability to beat out Daniel freaking Brunskil, Kyle’s quotes about him struggling in practice. Your opinion is based on faith and hope. Here’s to hoping faith and hope beat out all evidence to the contrary. I sincerely hope you are right and I am wrong. If the 49ers really did miss on that pick, it’s a huge miss for an O-line in serious need of improvement.

        1. Yes, your opinion is based on available evidence but that’s like predicting the outcome of a game after the first 5 minutes of play. It’s too soon to call him a bust but certainly a concern. As for the line needing serious improvements, PFF ranked them as the 3rd best O-line in the league so not much improvement is needed.

          1. Yeah, I know the PFF grade. And I know Alex Mack made the pro-bowl. Don’t really care. Daniel Brunskill and Tom Compton are backup quality players at best. I think Alex Mack also leaves a lot to be desired. They are all much better at run blocking than pass protection. I saw Alex Mack get pushed back into Jimmy G’s face way too many times to think he’s a good center. He’s average at best and below average more often than acceptable. 49ers could have drafted Creed Humphrey and they would have been much better on the O-line. There is one thing I believe to my core and that is the 49ers will not make it to another SuperBowl unless and until they upgrade the o-line. Left side is top 3 in the league. Right side is lower half in the league.

            1. I get what your saying and agree with it to an extent. But teams win Super Bowls with mediocre offensive line play quite often.

              The Bucs in 2020 would good, but other than that I can’t recall a super bowl team with a really good offensive line.

  3. next year is going to be growing pains with Trey. He is gonna a need 2-3 years
    Let see if we make it into the playoffs next year

  4. Ugh I never like Steve Young’s takes.

    I don’t get why it’s so hard for people to understand. One of the biggest reasons the 49ers drafted a QB was to create cap space and extend their super bowl window into Shanahan/Lynch 2nd contracts. They moved up to #3 not because they wanted Lance but because the wanted to be able to pick from a handful of guys without having another team take the guy they wanted.

  5. there is footage floating around today of Lance making Mahomes type throws at practice. Its just practice…..but it should make us all feel better.

    1. He is the second coming of Nate Davis until he proves otherwise. Look I think Lance can be really great maybe one day but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Kaepernick is out there as a free agent and we need to sign him NOW. He would instantly make us the best team in the league NOW. But we won’t sign him because this franchise likes bad decisions and losing.

      1. As long as we’re throwing around stupid ideas, I wonder if Joe Montana or Steve Young would consider a comeback?

  6. Bay, did you actually watch Kap play the last few seasons or were you locked up somewhere ( serious question)? I know he threw a pick 6, i wanna say in Stl. against the rams…..on the next possession…..he either threw ANOTHER pick 6 or maybe just a pick ( cant remember exactly) but the point is…..that was the day aspirations of him ever being a great qb died!!! he would go on to get , hurt, get benched for Blaine freaking Gabbert!
    He did have decent stats his last year as far as td;int ratio……but he never pushed the ball downfield or threw into tight windows.
    Comparing Lance to Davis is comical! Lance’s floor is Kap IMO. His ceiling is the best qb in the league.
    Bay- whats your deal? i remember you. You used to have good contribution…..disappeared for a while… your stuck in the past and seem delusional. you ok?

    1. Blah blah blah. More Smither nonsense. I left for a while because everyone was hating on CK7 and it was BS.

      I am perfectly fine. Better than ever actually. I only came back to this site because I split up with my partner and it took me a while to be OK with visiting this site again. Too many memories. Actually some of you might remember my ex. He was an active commenter on here (ninermd was his name). We met in person at a game and had a connection. Part of the reason we split up is he blamed me for outing him and he wasn’t ready to tell his kids. It was hard to get over him but I’m good now and decided I was ready to come back. I was looking forward to it but now I realize its just the same BS with everyone pumping sunshine. This is a loser organization with loser fans, period.

  7. Until Lance establishes he is up to the task, there is no reason not to bring him back to start for the next few years. As terrible as Jimmy G is, this front staff has proven to be inept, thus it’s time to go on.

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