Super Bowl winner is…

This is my Sunday column.

This Super Bowl will be nothing like the previous one: Seahawks 43, Broncos 8.

This one will be grim.

The Seahawks won’t blow out the Patriots. The Patriots won’t blow out the Seahawks. Neither team will score more than 20 points. This year’s Super Bowl could come down the final play.

As opposed to last year’s Super Bowl, which came down to the first play. Center Manny Ramirez chucked the opening snap through his legs, past Peyton Manning’s ear and into the end zone for a safety. The game had five seconds of tension until it became a frolic.

If you like frolics, this Super Bowl won’t be for you. You won’t see smiling faces on the sideline. You’ll see worried faces, frustrated faces, angry faces. You’ll see Tom Brady yelling at himself and his teammates. You’ll see Bill Belichick frowning like he ate bad fajitas. You’ll see Pete Carroll chewing Juicy Fruit like a nervous wreck.

Neither team has the offensive firepower to build a big lead early in this game.

The Patriots’ top-two wide receivers — Julian Edelman and Brandon LaFell — can’t compete with the Seahawks top-two cornerbacks — Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell.

Advantage: Seattle.

Edelman and LaFell won’t get open. Brady likes to throw the ball quickly before the pass rush gets to him, but he won’t have that luxury in this game. Brady will have to hold the ball and hold the ball and hold the ball in the pocket. He will take more hits than usual.

Tight end Rob Gronkowski is the only player Seattle’s defense has to worry about. You can bet the Seahawks have been worrying about him the past two weeks. You can bet the Seahawks will double cover him and try to force the Patriots to call plays for someone else, like Edelman or LaFell.

Advantage: Seattle.

You also can bet the Patriots’ defense will try to shut down Marshawn Lynch and the rest of the Seahawks’ runners. I will come back to them.

But first, we have to talk about the Seahawks’ secret weapon. His name is Jermaine Kearse.

You may not have heard of him. He is an ordinary wide receiver during the regular season who has caught just 63 passes and five touchdowns in 37 regular-season games. He is one of the last Seahawks players opposing defenses worry about.

And the Seahawks know it. When they need a big play in a playoff game, they throw to Kearse. In the playoffs Kearse becomes Superman. Kearse caught the game-winning 35-yard touchdown against the Packers in the NFC championship a couple weeks ago, and he caught the game-winning 35-yard touchdown against the 49ers in the NFC championship last season.

The Seahawks have won five playoff games in a row dating to 2014 and, during this five-game winning streak, Kearse has caught four touchdown passes and averaged more than 27 yards per catch. The league hasn’t realized yet how dangerous Kearse can be.

I’m guessing Belichick has realized it, though. He’s no dummy.

Belichick won’t have to double-cover Kearse to shut him down the way the Seahawks have to double-cover Gronkowski. All Belichick has to do is respect Kearse. Take him seriously. Cover him man-to-man with Darrelle Revis, one of the best cornerbacks in football. Kearse can’t beat Revis. Revis is Superman’s kryptonite.

Advantage: New England.

Kearse won’t beat the Patriots. If the Patriots lose, they will lose because they can’t stop Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch didn’t have to do anything the previous Super Bowl. The game was over before he touched the ball. He had just 39 rushing yards the whole game. The Seahawks didn’t need him.

Now, the Seahawks need him more than ever. They won’t have a passing game when Revis erases Kearse. The Seahawks have to win this Super Bowl with their running game, and the Patriots know it.

Advantage: New England.

Beating a good team like the Patriots when they know you have to run the ball ain’t easy. That being said, the Chiefs pulled it off this season.

The Chiefs beat the Patriots 41-14 in Week 4. Jamaal Charles scored three touchdowns and rushed for 92 yards. Knile Davis, the backup running back, rushed for 107 yards.

The Patriots have a strong, sturdy defense. They also have slow linebackers who couldn’t catch Charles or Davis, and won’t catch Lynch, Robert Turbin or Russell Wilson.

Advantage: Seattle.

The difference between these two great teams is speed — the Seahawks have it and the Patriots don’t.

Football is a speed game. The Seahawks will win 20 to 17.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at

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  1. I’m a simple man and it’s a simple game. The Patriots keep Beast Mode from devouring more than 75 yards, and they win. Simple as that….

      1. Razor, George, don’t be naive you both know that the Seahawks and Russell Wilson and the Seattle offense aren’t going to play 3 bad horrible quarters of football again, especially in the Super Bowl. C’mom guys get over it as much we all dislike our rival the Seahawks they’re going to beat the Patriots tomorrow. For the reason Brady couldn’t beat the 49ers defense and I think the Seahawks defense are in tough shape and they’re picking at the right time.:-)

    1. LMAO-

  2. I am hoping Seattle wins. If were not in the SB just as soon have the SB in our division. To be the best you have to beat the best no better way to measure the team then playing the SB winner twice.

    1. I agree with you Undercenter. The Seahawks will dominate the Patriots tomorrow and send Brady to retirement. Brady will not tie Joe Montana’s four Super Bowl Championships. The Seahawks defense it’s not going to let it happen:-)

  3. Football is a speed game.
    What makes football anymore about speed then pretty much any other sport that involves humans running or moving around? If the batter hits a line drive but is fast enough to make it to first before the throw he’s safe, sounds like a speed game to me. If the guard is fast enough to dribble past the defender and make a jump shot before the next defender moves up on him he gets a good shot, sounds like a speed game too.

    1. Brings back memories of the 1991 season, Haley, Timmy “Six Shooters” Harris and Seifert.
      His final game as Niner was a cameo in the 1998 season Wildcard game vs the Packers.
      Congratulations Charles!

  4. Advantage New England Patriots:
    – They have a far better, complete, precision offense.
    – They are more physical then their 2012 SB squad.
    – NE has a running game too.
    – Seattle has won on lucky big plays at the end of games. Pats are more consistent.
    – Seattle has a plodding offense.
    – The Pats are good at option routes. Just ask our new QB coach.
    – LOB injuries

    Advantage Sea-Adderall Sea-Roids:
    – When good luck strikes over and over again, its not just good luck. Where there’s pattern, there’s a cause. Wilson is a supremely accurate long passer, even while scrambling. One solid run by Lynch, and like magic defenders legs turn into 4th qtr applesauce.
    – SeAdderall will cut block Wilfork’s leg, perhaps breaking it. The refs will yawn. The competition committee only worries about QB’s knees. The SeRoids running game will Dominate.
    – Refs “let players play” in the Super Bowl.
    – The NFC is still the more physical conference. If the 49ers didn’t have first half brain freeze vs the Ravens, they could have controlled the game. Its like the mid 1980s-mid 90s. Its the NFC’s time.

    I’m not expecting a close score.
    The Roids blow out the Pats because the NFC West is bigger, stronger, tougher and faster.
    The Pats blow out the Roids because of their far superior offense.

    Rooting for New England, but Sea-Adderall wins. The physicality of the top NFC West team will shock the Pats early.

  5. Brady throws TD pass in garbage time (final minute) to make score look respectable.

    Sea 31 NE 21

    1. Crab, you’re giving the Patriots 21 points, don’t you think you’re being too generous? I’d say they will shut the patriots in the 1st and 2nd quarter 21-6. If the Hawks lead going into 3rd quarter the game is over in favor of the Seahawks. It’s unlikely Brady offense will score any points in the 4th quarter, final score Seahawks wins 38-16:-)

  6. Grant sez:

    “….The Seahawks will win 20 to 17…”

    GAWD !! … I hope not !!

    Why you ask ..?

    (glad you asked)

    Well …
    it’s been really quiet around here while
    that little troll from the SeaTac area has been on her
    sabbatical …
    ( and I like the quiet )

    If the SeaChickens do actually win ..
    what do you suppose will happen around here ?

    (Yeah … you know what I’m talkin’ about)

    At any rate … around our house .. if the TV
    happens to be tuned to the right channel .
    (at the right time)
    I just might catch some of it ..but
    this year …

    I’m MUCH more interested in the FOOD !

  7. I hate Seattle and NE but too many morons will think Brady is better than Montana if Pats win……It’s extremely painful rooting for Seattle…..EXTREMELY

    1. Crab15,
      I’m with you on hating the c-hawks and don’t want Brady mentioned in the same breath with Montana.

      Since one team has to win my worse of two evils in the Patriots.
      The Pats win this game but my wishful scenario is that the league finds NE complicit in deflategate and puts an asterisk on their SB win.

      Sure, they would still be the world Champions, but the asterisk around their win will forever be a reminder of tampering with the integrity of the game.

  8. I could care less who wins since rooting for one of them is like rooting for a slimeball, but I expect the Seahawks to blow out the Patriots. The Seahawks have the a stronger DL than the Patriots OL and that will be the difference in the game.

    1. Sure hope you guys are wrong
      (for the reason I posted above) ..

      Hey MidWest …

      We expect 9-10 inches of the white stuff ..
      Howya doin’ down there ?

        1. so-o-o-o ..

          you wanna come up and
          shovel my driveway, then ? ;-}

          (Looks like about 5 inches already on the ground,
          and no sign of any let up)

            1. Sounds great … !!
              That’ll work …

              Promise to feed ya good ..
              and if you don’t mind my grandkids and
              my 2-½ yr old great grand-daughter …
              we can watch the game, too

        2. It was 75 degrees, sunny and beautiful in Sonoma County on Saturday. I rode my Harley out to the coast in my T shirt. I’m trying not to think about what could’ve been, what should have been, and how sure I was a year ago today that the Niners would be playing in todays game.
          I despise the Seahawks and everything about them, especially all of their newly arrived bandwagon fans, and I’m really wishing and hoping New England wins this game. For both of Brady’s last two Super Bowls I had to root against him because of the Montana/ Brady debate, but this time I’m rooting for him because I think Brady tying Montana for SB wins is much more
          palatable than those insufferable, Ahole Seahawk fans talking about a “dynasty” for the next 12 months. GO PATRIOTS!

  9. Aaron Donald DROY. I loved his footage and hoped he’d fall past the mid first in the WR frenzy with the 49ers trading up. He didn’t fall, and teams were demanding huge trade-up prices. Very different, where it only cost thew 49ers a third to trade up to 18.

  10. Man, this sickens me to write: The Seahawks are the best team in the league right now. Brady does not respond well to pressure. They will harass him and he will further tarnish his SB legacy. He’s one of the greatest to ever play, but in the two SBs in which he faced bruising defenses, he lost. I expect that to happen again tomorrow …

    … unless of course the Cheatin’ Pats take up their sociopathic former Seahawk’s call to nail a couple of guys in their injured wings. Not that I’m calling for that; just saying it could happen.

    1. Brady is second to the Great Joe Montana. The Seahawks defense from the beginning to the end will pressure Brady, and they’ll won’t let him sit in the pocket he better put a lot of pad because the Hawks defense is going to pressure and he’ll be running for his life all day..

  11. This is Tom’s signature SB PATS win Seattle Shecalks and peewee Sherman head home to the rain losers.

  12. Seahawks will win. Their D knows how to show up in big games, big moments. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the ball tampering scandal has the Pats distracted.

  13. Patriots win on a late touchdown pass as Brady settles the “who’s better” debate.

    1. Jack, it’s unlikely Brady’s will end his career winning his fourth Super Bowl, and he’ll never get another chance again to tie the great Joe Montana after losing to the Seahawlks comes Sunday:-)

  14. Patriots will look to take out Seahawks players just like the Seahawks do. Refs will let them play. Patriots win.

      1. Ck-elite I feel for you. I know it’s very painful and it hurts inside that your idol Kaepernick is starting to become an average Qb in the NFL. You’d better prepare yourself next season it will be a lot worst. Without Harbaugh your boy Kap is nothing..hahaha

        1. Crazy how your rooting for the niners starting QB to fail. You must be a true niner fan.. I will be the first one to point out that he did not play up to expectations. I do understand that a lot played into that.. Injuries, drops, coaching, execution etc.. Oh and that great haurbaugh who had his foot out the door the whole season causing problems behind the scenes. Players gave up on him. As Deion said he lost the locker room.. We will see what happens next year. Hopefully your around to discuss it one way or the other.

  15. Prediction on who won’t be back next season:

    Frank Gore

    I can’t see Gore coming back to another coaching staff upheaval at the age of 31 or be the backup to Hyde. It’s possible but very minute at best.
    Chances he’s gone: 95%

    Justin Smith

    Cowboy may not fit into the new defense going forward even if he doesn’t retire.
    Chances he’s gone: 100%

    Perrish Cox

    He did well in the first half of the season, but was exposed in the second half. The members of the secondary are going to have to hold their own more often, and Cox isn’t capable of doing that.
    Chances he’s gone: near 100%

    Mike Iupati

    Iupati is one of the best road graders in the league, but he’s going to too expensive to keep.
    Chances he’s gone: 100%

    Michael Crabtree

    Crabtree was paid to be a #1 WR but inconsistency, failure to stay healthy for an entire season, and Boldin firmly entrenched as the #1 WR have made him expendable.

    Ahmad Brooks

    The emergence of Lynch at OLB and Brooks’ benching for a game plus his high salary all but guarantees he’ll be released or traded this offseason.
    Chances he’s gone: 100%
    Savings: $5,546,250

    Phil Dawson

    One of the most automatic kickers in the league had a few things to say about the NFL’s dumb idea of narrowing down the goalpost during the Pro Bowl game. That evidently isn’t going to deter the league from ‘implementing’ the change for all of 2015, which makes the probability of a kicker being considered a necessity and getting good pay less likely going forward.
    Chances he’s back: 50%
    Savings: $3,134,000

    Patrick Willis

    The emergence of Borland will most likely make Willis expendable. He fits the new defense expected to be run by Mangini, but money usually talks more and Willis has a high salary for 2015.
    Chances he’s gone: 75%
    Savings: $7,424,500

    Vernon Davis

    A poor return following a holdout for more money didn’t exactly help Davis’ stock rise any this past season. He’s still a very important asset to the 49ers, but at 31 York may decide to see what kind of value he can get out of Davis on the trade market.
    Chances he’s gone: 35%
    Savings: $4,950,000

    Stevie Johnson

    It’s unclear how the front office views Johnson going forward, but cutting him would have no consequences on the salary cap since there is dead money attached to it until June 1.
    Chances he’s gone: 60%
    Savings: $6,025,000

    Craig Dahl

    Simply put, keeping a good STs player is okay but not at his price, especially considering the fact you’d want him to at least be a viable backup (which Dahl isn’t).
    Chances he’s gone: 90%
    Savings: $1,700,000

    Daniel Kilgore

    This will largely depend on whether Maritin will improve enough to unseat Kilgore from the starting position at center. If he can, then consider Kilgore gone.
    Chances he’s gone: 45%
    Savings: $1,012,500

    Jonathan Martin

    He did okay with all things considered this past season, but he’s not a run-blocking OT and will most likely end his time with the 49ers.
    Chances he’s gone: 80%
    Savings: $1,042,400

    Ian Williams

    With Dial performing admirably when his number was called and Dorsey currently entrenched as the starter, Williams may struggle to find a place where he belongs on this team.
    Chances he’s gone: 55%
    Savings: $1,250,000

    Vance McDonald

    This is a make or break offseason for McDonald. He needs to show that he capable of being the successor to Davis while fending off Carrier for the #2 TE position. He will reach bust territory if he fails with one of those tasks.
    Chances he’s gone: 70%
    Savings: $498,792

    I believe the ones most likely gone are those which I rated with a percentile of 50 or higher. So I expect Gore, Smith, Crabtree, Iupati, Brooks, Dawson, Willis, Johnson, Dahl, Martin, Williams, and McDonald all to either be traded or released before next season. This will result in a savings of $26,620,942.
    All figures are done prior to June 1st with the expection of Brooks and McDonald.

    1. Midwest, you’re right the majority of players you name will definitely won’t back with the 49ers. I won’t be surprise next season the 49ers record will be 6-10. The sad part we might be in verge in returning back to the Mike Nolan era, it’s not going to get better but we might be heading for the worst.

      1. That’s why I said next season Scooter. I classify training and preseason games as before next season.
        Williams may be let go well before training camp because it would save the team an additional $916,666. However, releasing McDonald after June 1st would save the team an additional $15,990.

        1. If they are let go during/ after training camp and pre season it will be based on performance, not about the salary cap saving.

          The savings they get for either player aren’t worth the value they provide to the team, or their replacement value. They’d only let them go if they upgrade the position/

    2. Midwest, thanks for the well thought out list. I differ on a few items.

      – Daniel Kilgore
      Was playing very well before the injury. So well, talented Marcus Martin could be center depth or moved to guard 2015-16. Even if Martin beats him out for the Center job, Kilgore is quality depth.
      Chances he’s gone: 0%

      – Vance McDonald
      A disappointment receiving, but blocking very well. 49er brass sees real possibilities in him. Highly praised by Tomsula just the other week.
      Carrier is better suited to Walker’s SAK role. VMac is better suited to classic line TE, and Vernon’s not getting any younger. The 49ers are committed to running and using TEs. VMac is no AJ Jenkins. He’s gotten high snap counts for a reason. AJ couldn’t even suit up.
      Chances he’s gone: 0%

      – Ian Williams
      The best NT on the team. Though Dorsey’s a close 2nd and has more versatility, Ian stuffs the run and holds point better.
      0% chance he’s released if healthy
      50% possible injury settlement retire. Seattle scum deliberately broke his lower leg. Didn’t heal well. A real shame.

      – Stevie Johnson
      The $6m is surprisingly high, but I’m still not sure why everyone thinks he’s out the door. He played great, then lost snaps due to Crabtree’s complaining.
      There are trade escalators that could have given the Bills and mid 3rd instead of a mid 4th that are possibly tied to his 2014 productivity or snap count. (we still don’t know the exact trade terms)
      I see him having a great 2015.
      Chances he’s gone: 15% (and that’s only of there’s a major cap bind)

      – Frank Gore
      In 2009, under Rathman and new O-line coach Foerster, Gore shined.
      1,120 yards, 4.9 YPC, 10 run TDs, 406 yards receiving, 3 receiving TDs, Pro Bowl, all in only 14 games behind a far less talented line (even if Iupati’s gone).
      Chances he’s gone:30%… only because others (like Scot McCloughan) will give him competitive contract offers.

      UFAs: Gore, Crabtree, Iupati, Skuta, Culliver, Cox, Cook, Ventrone, Osgood, Brandon Lloyd, Josh Johnson, Bishop, Gabbert, Alfonso Smith, Phillip Tanner.
      Possible Retire: Justin Smith

      1. Short list
        Daniel Kilgore – Chances he’s gone: 0%
        Vance McDonald – Chances he’s gone: 0%
        Ian Williams – Chances he’s gone: 0% if healthy
        Stevie Johnson – Chances he’s gone: 15%
        Frank Gore: Chances he’s gone:30%

    3. Mid:

      Nice work. You certainly put in a fair amount of time and listed some players that I never would have considered. Still I agree more with Brodie. Ian Williams and Vance M. will both be around (cap numbers of $1.58 mil and about $1.0 mil are fairly low). I would give McDonald another chance just based on how he ran over Sherman (see link below). But I think you are right, this is his last chance.

      Dahl will accept a substantial paycut. Kilgore played well before his injury and we all saw how important it is to have depth at the OL ($2 mil cap hit). J. Martin improved and will stick around as well for depth ($1 mil cap hit).

      Lupati and Crabtree are gone. For Gore to stay he will have to accept a 1 or 2 year deal at about $3 mil per year. Don’t know about Justin Smith.

      As Brodie said, Stevie played well before diva Crabtree caused problems. Niners will probably try to get him to take a paycut.

      I think they will keep Willis because he is still an elite LB and because of his veteran leadership. They might restructure his contract.

      Ahmad Brooks is definitely gone. says that a pre-June 1 cut will save $4.1 mil while a post June 1st cut will save $7.3 million. Cutting him after June 1, would be enough to sign the rookie class and bring in a few late veterans. I suppose there is also a chance we could get him to take a very significant pay cut.

      Vernon’s performance and effort last year was abysmal. I would try to trade him and if that failed cut him.

      Vance McDonald: Once on the page scroll down to get to the video.

      1. Johnson sustained an injury against Denver. That was part of the reason for Johnson’s snaps going down in the 2nd half of the season.

    4. you lost me on the P.Willis leaving deal bud……if you think Borland is or ever will be better…..your flipping crazy! Borland is undersized and slow! dude has the instincts, but lacks the body! if you want to throw out #’s…..remember this: the guy played with 2 other back-up lb’s! he was the best of the 3 back-ups…PERIOD! he will never tackle Marshawn Lynch 1 on 1 for a loss….or be able to cover good te’s in this league.

      someone had to make tackles on this team….and it was going to be a line backer….so what! the D was not elite. he put up good #’s on a bad team. He is like an undersized shooting guard on a bad team…. Monte Ellis, tyreeke evans etc…..somebody has to fill the stat sheet up man, dosent mean they are great!

      1. you lost me on the P.Willis leaving deal bud……if you think Borland is or ever will be better…..your flipping crazy!

        If you can point out where I said Borland was better, then I’ll gladly retract that statement.

        1. also, no chance VMAC is gone, no chance! the guy makes pennies by NFL standards. personally, he’s dissapointed me and i wanted to use that draft pick on eddy Lacy, just one of many Baalke blunders i could point out.

          If we re-sing delainie walker…..we dont need to draft Vmac…..if we dont draft a te, we could get the big bodied rb, Lacy
          if we had lacy, we dont need to draft Hyde…..move the Hyde and Ward pick to move up and get odell beckham or mike evans or kelvin benjamin

          then we might be playing in the game today……

      2. ” the emergence of Borland will make Willis expendable”

        your saying Borland is SO GOOD that we can move on from Patrick and not skip a beat, no? that makes me laugh. Borland showed me that he is a decent back-up, nothing more. Borland is a starter on an average team, with an average D that just misses the play-offs every year ( probably the niners ceiling under York) or a back up on a play off caliber team.

        I dont even agree that the difference in salary factored in has any effect. If/when Willis leaves… will be an off-season priority!

        BORLAND = BACK UP!!

  16. MidWest ..

    Cam Inman does have the right idea .. but
    the stars hafta align just right for that to
    come to fruition …

    Since I’ve always been fascinated by
    astronomy …

    I’ll certainly be watching the stars

    1. Cam agrees with you. I think his two big issues would be Kaepernick and the health of returning stars on defense. Those “stars” have to align perfectly.

  17. In that I don’t really have a dog in this fight, I don’t care for Bellichek, and I do like what Carroll has done with the Seahawks,./…Hawks 27….Pats 24

    1. OREGON,
      I happen to agree. I’ve never been a fan of Petey but he knows how to build a championship team.

      He showed me some moxie when he went with Earl Thomas over his own college all-American Taylor Mays.
      Dude knows what he’s doing.

  18. actually strong and sturdy linebackers are what New England needs to shutdown Seattle’s run game. It’s not like Lynch breaks loose because of his speed. He knocks defenders around like bowling pins, they bounce off of him. So sturdy beats speedy when it comes to taking on Lynch. But I’m guessing that Bellicheck who likes to shutdown what an offense does best will scheme his defense to shutdown Lynch as much as possible. He’ll try to keep Wilson in the pocket as much as possible. I’m guessing Belicheck will have a spy or two ready for him. He’ll get some yards, but I’m guessing there will be some coverages and pressures that he won’t see coming. The game strategy will be to make Wilson beat you from the pocket. In much the same way defenses painted the Niners into the same corner, I think the Patriots will try to do the same to the Seahawks.

    I think it’ll be New England 20 and Seattle 17.

    1. UC, thanks for the article. Very provacative. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an opposing coach say anything like this other than expressing confidence his team would win a game. Saying that his team would be dressing in our locker room makes this personal. Usually coaches don’t do this because (1) they believe in good sportsmanship and/or (2) they fear the other team will use it for motivation. Apparently, Arians is a rude brute who doesn’t think our team can beat them next year. The latter may have to do with what he thinks about our new set of coaches, but who knows. I’d like to see us crush Arizona next year, twice.

      1. George – just adds to the fact we have a real interesting year coming up. Looking forward to it.

      2. … or he sees 49er chaos in 2015 so he’s really sending a message to Seattle. It is strange.

  19. Jed York: “How many quarterbacks in this league can run 90 yards for a touchdown? I can’t think of many, but you have to put Kap in position where he can make those plays and put Kap in position where we can run the ball. We can throw the ball in ways that allows him to be successful and let him be the absolute stud that he can be on the field, and that’s what you’re going to see from us next year. ”
    Holy Crap. God help us.

    1. What’s wrong on what he said? He’s right the niners last year did a terrible job in putting kaep in positions to succeed. I agree 100 percent with that. He was not allowed to play his game. He was restricted by the other coaching staff by keeping him in the pocket with a beat up offensive line. Maybe I’m in the minority in saying that I believe we are going to improve offensively with that mind set.. Draft another QB in case of an injury or worst case scenario it doesn’t work out.. But at least play to players strengths.. We clearly failed last year with that.

      1. “How many quarterbacks in this league can run 90 yards for a touchdown?
        Most of them The reason you don’t see it is because offenses use their RB’s and WR’s to make those plays and Jed wan’ts to use the QB. Most offenses are smart enough to not put their most important player in position to take such high velocity impacts. Pointing to the fact that most QB’s get hurt in the pocket is silly because it’s ignoring the basic fact that that happens because that’s where QB’s play the game, at least where they’re supposed to.

        We can throw the ball in ways that allows him to be successful and let him be the absolute stud that he can be on the field
        A completely vacuous statement. The bottom line is that throughout the season despite a leaky offensive line at times the QB had countless opportunities to rise to the occasion and be the stud that he apparently can be and he flat out didn’t. It was obvious to the players that they were playing for a lame duck coach this season and rather then put the team on his shoulders and show us the stud that he apparently can be he faltered. He directly cost us games, his play from game to game was a pure jekyl & hyde act. Which QB were you going to get this week? This isn’t the kind of player that is suddenly going to transform into someone he’s never been simply because you’re calling different plays.

        Let the RB’s and the WR’s get the 90 yard touchdowns Jed and find us a QB that can play the game from the pocket where he belongs.

        1. @C4C

          I totally agree with you, but you might as well be talking to a wall…CK=elite will never relent….he’s bought into Kaepernick’s fan club and will defend mediocraty to the death

          Don’t try logic….

    2. Jed’s interview was damage control. His theory about letting Kaepernick loose and then we win the Super Bowl, in itself is laughable and, coming from the owner of an NFL franchise, embarrassing. A wise person would just keep his mouth shut.

    1. I sure hope Haley picks Eddie D to present him in Canton. Picking Jerry Jones would reopen those old scars we older Niner fans still have from watching Haley play against the Niners in those NFCCG’s in the mid-nineties. Haley really did swing the balance of power from SF to Dallas back then, and though he did come back to play for the Niners later, is was too late, the damage was done and Dallas had two Lombardi trophies that might’ve been in Santa Clara instead of Dallas.

  20. Never understood why Brady doesn’t get more love around the Bay. Hometown kid went on to be maybe the best ever. He always pronounces his love for the Niners and Montana/Young. He was at ‘The Catch’ game. Parents still live in San Mateo. Come on, he should be more celebrated around here.

    1. I’ve wondered that myself.

      Western PA fans are proud the Monongahela Valley region produced Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Jim Kelly and George Blanda.

      The Bay Area’s produced some pretty dang good QBs too. I will always say Montana’s the GOAT, but I’m not against praising Brady or Rogers. Hopefully Kaepernick and Carr will add to the list of Northern CA home grown QBs.

      1. @Jimmy

        It’s probably a bit of sour grapes in that we let him get away, and on top of that , to turn out so damned good!

      2. ” Brady or Rogers. Hopefully Kaepernick and Carr…”

        Ooops, forgot local boy Dan Fouts. Northern California produces some mighty fine quarterbacks.

  21. The Patriots win bexcuse they will out scheme Seattle.
    They’ll play the big nickel to keep speed on the field to cover Seattle’s TE’s and to spy Wilson. Browner can be that big nickel in the box. Put Revis on Kearse and cheat down to stop Lynch. There you go.
    on offense, crossing routes by Edelman will kill Sherman and company. Gronk will either get his or be the over the top decoy while Edelman runs underneath. Also, look for screen plays.

  22. Anybody remember the point spread for SB XXXVI??? Rams -14. The Patriots will never stop “The Greatest Show on Turf”. Warner, Faulk, Bruce, blah, blah, etc.

    Someone forgot to tell the Patriots.

    It is no accident nor coincidence that Belichick and Brady are playing in their SIXTH Super Bowl. Seattle got extremely lucky two weeks ago against Green Bay and history shows that teams who pull off miracle comebacks in the playoffs get beat, e.g. 1993 Buffalo, 2014 Indy, 2003 San Francisco, and 1972 Dallas.

    The Seattle secondary is banged up and Belichick knows this. Look for several 4 and 5 WR sets to exploit the Seahawks. Twenty-five years ago Joe Montana lined up against 1989’s stingiest defense in the NFL in SB XXIV. John Elway still has nightmares about the only team in Super Bowl history to hang half a hundred offensive points as SF rolled Denver 55-10.

    New England 31-17.

  23. 49ERS COACHING STAFF …..looks good to me….

    Jim Tomsula, head coach
    Geep Chryst, offensive coordinator
    Eric Mangini, defensive coordinator
    Steve Logan, quarterbacks
    Thomas McGaughey, special teams coordinator
    Tom Rathman, running backs
    Tony Sparano, tight ends
    Chris Foerster, offensive line
    Eric Wolford, assistant offensive line
    Scott Brown, defensive line
    Jason Tarver, senior defensive assistant/outside linebackers
    Clancy Pendergast, inside linebackers
    Tim Lewis, defensive backs
    Ronald Curry, offensive assistant
    Aubrayo Franklin, defensive assistant
    Ejiro Evero, defensive assistant
    Mick Lombardi, offensive assistant

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