System dictates 49ers to pay unproven player more than Haralson

The 49ers have a lot of reasons to want to bail out of the No. 10 overall pick – in excess of $14 million reasons, in fact.

But unless Mark Sanchez or Matthew Stafford is sitting there after nine picks, it might be difficult for the 49ers to find a trade partner. After all, as Mike Mayock said, every team is looking to trade back – in large part because the perception is that there are not a lot of elite talent available.


A couple days ago, the 49ers signed outside linebacker Parys Haralson to a contract extension. Haralson was a fifth-round draft pick in 2006. He played in just seven games his rookie season due to a torn pectoral muscle.


In his second season, Haralson showed some flashes. Later that season when I’d ask Scot McCloughan about him, McCloughan always said Haralson was very close to taking off. Well, Haralson took off last season, leading the 49ers with eight sacks.


Based on his play, approach to the game and how the 49ers envision him fitting into the team’s future, the club awarded Haralson last week with a four-year, $15 million contract extension that includes $6.5 million in guaranteed money.


The player the 49ers select with the No. 10 draft pick will have zero NFL credentials. This is not a strong draft class at the top. Still, the 49ers will have to pay that player significantly more than what they paid Haralson. (Based on what the 10th pick received last season, this year that player will receive five years, $20-plus million with $14-plus million in guaranteed money.)


Although the Haralson extension does not quench the 49ers’ thirst for an outside linebacker in the draft, the 49ers do not need to spend a first-round pick on a player who can rush the passer. There are plenty of holes in each of those players – Brian Orakpo, Aaron Maybin and Everette Brown — who would be considered with the No. 10 overall pick. And there will be plenty of other options available in the second and third rounds.


The 49ers will take the best-player available – according to their draft board with the 10th pick. And I don’t believe that player will not be a one-dimensional outside linebacker.


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Over the past two weeks, I’ve added Facebook and Twitter to my arsenal. (That’s how my wife and kids keep track of my whereabouts.) Here are my “Random draft thoughts,” which I have posted daily on Twitter:


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random draft thought: Of DE/OLBs Brian Orakpo, Everette Brown and Aaron Maybin, two will ultimately prove unworthy of a first-round pick.


Monday, April 6

Random draft thought: Rey Maualuga is my sleeper pick for the 49ers at No. 10. But he probably is not in play unless they trade down in the first round.


Tuesday, April 7

Random draft thought: No WR was chosen in the first round in ’08. Because of the depth at that spot, teams can again fill other needs first.


Wednesday, April 8

Random draft thought: I just can’t see the 49ers selecting Jeremy Maclin, Aaron Maybin, Everette Brown or Malcolm Jenkins with the No. 10 pick.

(UPDATE: I’m warming to the thought of Maclin at No. 10.)


Thursday, April 9

Random draft thought: This is the first time since 2005 that trading down in the first round might be an option as 49ers draft strategy.


Friday, April 10

Random draft thought: I’m skeptical Malcolm Jenkins is a lockdown corner when I hear many who think he’s better-suited at safety.


Saturday, April 11

Random draft thought: The players at No. 10 who’d have best chances of cracking 49ers starting lineup from Day 1 are Crabtree and Raji.


Sunday, April 12

Random draft thought: Can’t see Singletary as ‘rebuilding guy.’ If either M.S. is there, SF will be in good spot to deal with QB-needy team.


Monday, April 13

Random draft thought: Keep eye on possible 7th-rounder Fresno TE Bear Pascoe, blocker to replace Bajema and hard-working ST contributor.


Tuesday, April 14

Random draft thought: Through club spokesman Singletary declined any comment on Matthew Stafford. The 49ers have created plenty of QB buzz.


Wednesday, April 15

Random draft thought: Seen just about every scenario for top 9 picks. The only players seemingly guaranteed to be gone are Monroe, J.Smith, Curry.


Thursday, April 16

Random draft thought: Haralson deal doesn’t change need for pass-rushing OLB. Niners still need somebody, though probably not at No. 10.


Friday, April 17

Random draft thought: Local pro day today on 49ers practice field. At worst, some of these 33 guys will be signed as undrafted free agents.


Saturday, April 18

Random draft thought: Someone unexpected will fall to 49ers at 10 because LSU DE Tyson Jackson is getting picked within first nine slots.

(UPDATE: I’ve seen some recent mocks in which KC’s Scott Pioli takes him at No. 3, thinking he fits the mold of some of the DLs he had with the Patriots.)


Sunday, April 19

Random draft thought: Multiple draftniks – affiliated and not affiliated with NFL teams – believe Sanchez will prove better than Stafford.


* * *

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