Marvin Lewis on Randy Moss: “He did nothing. He got in the way of a younger player performing.”

The Cincinnati Bengals have not signed any free agents from any other teams this offseason. Their head coach, Marvin Lewis, spoke about the team’s inactivity in the lobby of the Arizona Biltmore, the site of the league meetings. “You are not a positive in making your team better when you keep adding old guys,” said Lewis, who was standing at a podium. “What did Randy Moss do for those guys…

March 18, 2013

Cosell breaks down Boldin, Reed and the 49ers’ secondary

Greg Cosell spoke on KNBR Tuesday morning. Here’s what he said about the 49ers. Q: What are the 49ers getting in Anquan Boldin? COSELL: Boldin doesn’t win against man coverage very well. He’s a contested-catch receiver. He’s got really good hands, vice grip hands. He’s better in the slot than he is on the outside. You can throw the ball to him when he’s covered and he’ll make catches. He’s…

March 12, 2013

49ers should not sign Ed Reed

The 49ers are rumored to be interested in signing free agent safety Ed Reed, who will turn 35 years old in September. Last season, Reed missed 15 tackles and allowed 17.3 yards per catch – both 7th-worst in the NFL among safeties, according to Pro Football Focus. He’s going to be a step or two slower next season, too. The guy is way past his prime. The Niners can do better….

March 11, 2013

Warren Sapp says the 49ers and Ravens defenses are opposites, Ngata is unimpressive and Iupati is top-heavy

Warren Sapp spoke on KNBR Thursday afternoon. Here is his breakdown of the 49ers and Ravens defenses, as well as his scouting report of the 49ers’ offensive line and the Ravens’ defensive line. Q: What do you think of the Ravens’ defense? SAPP: We love the Baltimore defense because of Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata, T-Sizzle – the names roll off the tongue. And everything they’ve gone through this…

January 31, 2013

Fangio says Goldson is “right up there” with Ed Reed

SANTA CLARA – Vic Fangio spoke in the 49ers media tent Thursday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Dashon Goldson.   Obviously Dashon Goldson was very good last year. But, have you seen significant strides in certain areas this year? “I don’t know that they’re significant. But, he’s made little strides in all areas. And again like I’ve said before, little strides in a lot of areas equals a big…

November 8, 2012

Alex Smith on the loss to the Ravens: “Obviously, you watch the film and you see where you got exposed. That’s for sure.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what Alex Smith said at his locker this morning. Q: How close was your offense to making big plays on Thursday? ALEX SMITH: I think when I turned on the film, there were some opportunities I think to push the ball down the field a few times. Get those one-on-one matchups down the field and try to take advantage of them. I think that’s definitely what…

November 28, 2011