The contract San Francisco should give Deebo Samuel

It’s always about the money.

Shortly after news broke about Deebo Samuel requesting a trade from the 49ers, reports about the receiver’s motivation began to come out.

We heard NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport say it was about Samuel’s usage. Adam Schefter of ESPN said it was about location.

Neither of those issues would exist if the money were right.

Here is the deal San Francisco should offer to Deebo Samuel. It’s 5 years, $150 million. This deal includes $62.5 million guaranteed at signing with $82.165 million guaranteed, making Samuel the highest-paid wide receiver in the league.

This deal and releasing Jimmy Garoppolo once he can pass a physical or trading the quarterback would create $9,079,752 in cap space, enough to sign their 2022 draft class.

Here are the details:

  • $62.5M guaranteed at signing (signing bonus + 2022 salary + 2023 salary + 2023 roster bonus
  • 2024 salary fully guarantees at start of new league year.
  • Dead cap hits: 2022 ($62.5M), 2023 ($47.1M), 2024 ($15.3M), 2025 ($10.2M), 2026 ($5.1M)

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    1. The Santa Clara Yorks, as Grant Cohn has now dubbed them, will surely figure
      this and everything else out, destined as they are for NFL greatness.

  1. If the 49ers are willing to sign Deebo with this exact deal then other NFL teams would also sign Deebo to this deal. What is the tax and cost of living impact of this exact contract in CA vs New Jersey or North Carolina or Florida or Texas? For example, a cost of living index would tell you that it costs 57.6% less to live in Charlotte than in Santa Clara. Housing is 83% lower in Charlotte. Food and Groceries are 15% less expensive in Charlotte. That’s not even taking into account the difference in tax burden between Charlotte and Santa Clara. My impression is that you are saying just give him so much money the cost of living in CA won’t matter. I guarantee you Deebo’s agent is telling him that he can get $82M guaranteed in a state where he can keep $15M more of that money because it’s less expensive. That’s a big deal over a short career for these athletes.

    1. It’s a legit argument but at the same time it is not legit at all. When has a player ever came out and said they didn’t sign a contract because of cost of living in CA specifically?

      You have best tech investments in NorCal and Show Biz in SoCal . Weed is legal! That’s not even a joke it’s a big deal.

          1. Like I said – He is not even our #1 WR

            Safety Kyle Hamilton and 2 other draft picks on Draft day – please Trade him ASAP

    1. Yeah, I guess thats the obvious answer but I don’t care for that strategy. In essence you are saying Deebo Samuel is more important than Nick Bosa. Deebo contributes more to winning than Bosa. I really don’t think that is the case. Both guys were drafted in 2019 and they are both still on their rookie deals. In my opinion, it’s more important to make Nick Bosa happy than to make Deebo Samuel happy. Extend Bosa now and tell Deebo he’ll get his pay raise next year. No reason to make Bosa wait.

  2. This solves nothing if he truly doesn’t want to play in SF or like the way he’s used. He also hasn’t earned a contract making him the highest paid WR in the league. I wouldn’t really care if the Niners signed him to that type of deal as it’s not my money but it would be overpaying by a massive amount based on what they would pay him by having him play out his contract and franchising him twice. Yes I know he would be upset, and hold out etc etc, but it’s getting to the point where teams have to call the players bluff in these situations. I’m not anti player at all, but it’s getting to be a case where a player just decides he doesn’t want to play somewhere and the team is expected to accommodate him even though they don’t have to. If I’m the Niners I play hardball on this to set an example moving forward that they aren’t in the habit of killing their business because a player doesn’t like his situation.

    1. “This solves nothing if he truly doesn’t want to play in SF or like the way he’s used.”

      Those comments have to do with the 49ers original offer being $19M AAV.

      1. Nah I don’t agree with you. That number can be taken with a grain of salt based on it’s one rumor from somebody who doesn’t have a background breaking a lot of stories and even if it was true, that is how a negotiation works. You don’t just ask the player what he wants and then give it to him. You throw out a number and work off of it. Both Rapoport and Schefter are saying they don’t think this is about money and I agree based on what is being said and the 49ers history of paying the guys they really want top money. I truly believe most of this is based on him wanting to play closer to home.

  3. I’m in with FL49erfan….Yeah, we got the money, but how long would we have it if we gave every dissatisfied player the ‘top of his position’ pay ? pay his contract, franchise him twice, and deal with a pissed-off WR for a couple of years until we draft his replacement or trade him off for dogfood. This way, he’d HAVE to prove his value on the field instead of on IR. I met Bob St. Clair several years ago, and he was selling Burgermeister beer in the off season to put food on his table. It’s about time some of our players learned the difference between Cost and Value.

    1. So the bottom line is that no matter what genius our HC and GM have it’s our salary cap guru who actually controls our success. I got a kick out of your Bob St. Clair story but did you know that Leo Nomellini (played both ways and HOF) used to wrestle in the off season to make ends meet? Also, in the end years Bob St. Clair used to hang out at the Nutty Irishman a local joint you would know if you live in the Redwood Empire where the PD lives. They had a shrine made for him and I saw him there many times. And now that I mention the Redwood Empire, Leo Nomellini was a regular at Northwestern Title as a goodwill ambassador for the good people who worked there back in the day.

  4. Hell know! $80 million guaranteed to a gadget player? Percy Harvin was good his 1st three years too. All down hill from there.

      1. Your right it is a terrible comparison haha
        Deebo is 1 of 1. My concern is just him staying effective 3-4 years from now. I am in favor of him giving him that money if they 49ers have an out each year similar to Jimmy G contract,

          1. Got it. Then if you cut him after 3 years your dead cap is $5.1 million the following years?

            I guess my good with that, I just think 2021 was the pinnacle of Deebo’s career. New QB now and IMO Aiyuk is going to become the WR1 on this team.

  5. Too much. I don’t believe the Niners will pay that much. If he’s going to demand to be the highest paid WR after essentially 1 great year, then he’ll probably be trouble down the road also.

  6. I have no problem paying the man but I would want an out after 3 years. Especially given the way SF wants to use him.
    Tbh SF holds most of the cards… Deebo can do a hold in and get “injured” early even into the season but that undercuts his value. Also his value isn’t what fans think thoughout the league.
    Not that he isn’t great, it’s just that Wr’s are unlikely to bring back multiple ones in a year with a ton of talent in the draft.

  7. Baseball, basketball, and especially football are show business. In football there is also the “excitement” of it’s violence. It amazes me how big a percentage of those being entertained want to punish any of the “entertainers” who are perceived as being too big for their britches. The NFL owner’s are rolling in billions of TV profits, but they need the protection of a salary cap, and the support of their “dump the greedy bum” fans.

    1. It’s the cap that makes them do it. Eddie D would just cut a check and plan for the next Super Bowl party. Can’t do that now!

      1. Only Eddie’s sister didn’t like the way Eddie did business which may explain why they counted water bottles and may have some restrains on the current team budget.

    2. The cap was put in to make the league more competitive since some of the teams are in smaller markets. Makes perfect sense to me and I doubt owners are any more greedy than players.

      1. The cap was to stop Eddie and Jerry from buying the best players every year. The move to parity brings in greater owner income because more teams are in the hunt.

    3. Fandom is a weird dichotomy with extreme views on both sides. I just think many fans look at the team they cheer for as their own and often that makes them sympathize with the team in negotiations because they are focused on the good of the team and not the player. I really don’t think this is about money though. The 49ers have made multiple players the highest paid at their position so I doubt they would be trying to lowball their most valuable offensive player from last season.

  8. Trade Deebo for a first-round pick and 2 seconds. He has only 1 year of high productivity and is often injured. Short career?
    Trade him to Charlottesville and watch his productivity drop off. Difficult to overpay someone who does not want to play for you.

    1. IMO the team won’t get anything like a 1st and two 2nds for Deebo in trade. It’s a one year value and then a Whopping contract has to happen or Samuels shops contracts in 2023 and signs his best deal.
      If Niners could get a first or a second round pick I think they should take it 🤷‍♂️

  9. allie

    I agree with you on the compensation and the reason (injury)..”.strike while the iron is hot” Also good point ‘difficult to overpay someone who does not want to play for you….


    Last year we lost Buckner to the same logic…let’s not make that mistake again….

    1. According to Buckner the 49ers never made a counter offer so in effect they didn’t negotiate with Buckner. According to Kittle they did low ball him to start the negotiations which lasted several months.

      Once the draft gets into the end off the first day, there is very little a player in Deebo’s position has to negotiate with other than denial of their services.

      1. htwaits

        If I remember correctly, Buckner had made it known quite often what his demands would be to where I ‘assume’ that the niner brass thought that negotiation would be fruitless….Too damned bad, he’s a hell of a player

        1. For what it’s worth, Buckner recently said that the 49ers didn’t try. If that was based on assumptions then that’s not a great way to do business unless they actually wanted the “too expensive” out when Buckner left.

          If Deebo is following Ricky Waters tactics from 1995 we are out of luck. Ricky wanted to be the main guy on his new team. Years later he said that he regretted that choice. Deebo may want something that intensely, but he hasn’t been public with what ever it is.

  10. All good conversation–having said that, looking ahead to the draft and the signing of undrafted free agents. Only a few more days.

  11. The Jets are the best bet for a first-rounder and at least one second. Shanny’s role in blowing up the relationship needs to be examed. If he is insisting Deebod be a foolish wideout to save the lack of a good pass routine, shanny is to fault.

  12. Monday at 12:00 is the pre-draft press conference for John Lynch and the 49ers.

    Let me know: What question(s) do you want asked?

    1. Jack
      “Let me know: What question(s) do you want asked?”
      Two Questions:
      QUESTION #1: Would the 9ers trade Deebo to the NYJ for their draft picks #10 and #38?
      QUESTION #2 Would the 9ers trade JG to Houston for their draft picks #37 and #68?

      1. Would the Jets make offer #2? If yes, then you don’t need to ask John. I think they would take any trade that clears all the JG money.

        1. htwaits
          Thanks for your input…BUT……
          A) I asked if the 9ers would accept an offer from “HOUSTON,” not the Jets. And
          B) JL has said he has an offer for 2 second Rd draft picks for JG! Now wether you believe in Santa is
          another story…..

          1. A senior moment caused me to overlook Houston.

            I don’t count rumor picks. But I think the 49ers would trade JG to Houston and throw in their last pick in the draft for nothing but a thankyou.

    2. I doubt they’ll give straight answers on anything Deebo related but I’d ask if the disconnect is over money, his use in the offense or his desire to play closer to home.

      1. It’s always the Santa Clara Yorks. Always. Just follow the money for this
        team over the last 25 years and therein lies your answer. Oh how I wish
        Eddie D had never given up this team. Despite Jack’s protestation that
        Eddie would never have won another SB over these last 25 years, I
        totally believe to the contrary. Eddie would never had let this team become
        the nickel and dime organization it is today. Remember, no SB as long as
        the Yorks remain in charge.

        1. The 6 year deals originally given to Lynch and Shanny seem to contradict your viewpoint. And nice job quoting Grant Cohn with the Santa Clara Yorks jab. In fact much of your take was lifted from his article over at SI.

        2. Rob
          * Just curious if you recall the salary the 9ers paid to resign RT Trent Williams and MLB Fred
          * JL claims the 9ers budgeted for both Deebo and Bosa and Deebo claims it NOT ABOUT
          * I don’t believe Eddie could have completed the pass to Emmanuel Sanders to win the 2019
          SB , do you?
          * If memory serves, it was 9er Safety Tart that dropped Rams QB Matthew Stafford int that
          would have put the 9ers in the 2021 SB?
          * But since you’re on a roll, you can blame the Yorks for authorizing the 9er FO to sign Jimmy
          Garoppolo to a 5 year, $137,500,000 contract, including a $7,000,000 signing bonus,
          $74,100,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $27,500,000.

        3. Eddie didn’t freely give up the team. He got busted by the Feds. I have no idea how he would have done under the cap, but I would liked to see how he did.

          Dumb, dumb, dumb.

          1. Great way to describe him. He was interesting at times when he still ran this blog but now he’s just an attention whore who throws out nonsensical opinions and self congratulatory ego riffs. I guess that is how you find success as YouTuber which is all he is now.

  13. Like I said – He is not even our #1 WR

    If we can pick up Safety Kyle Hamilton and 2 other draft picks on Draft day – please Trade him ASAP

  14. We don’t know what the Deebo wants.
    It’s nice to put up a chart with the 9er needs, but what does Deebo want?
    Why don’t you ask them if it is about money, position or location.
    Who will replace him? 2 guys???


    The questions left to be answered are, what does Deebo want? What constitutes a Kings ransom for him? How much are the 9ers, or any NFL team, willing to pay Deebo (Market value), if he doesn’t want to be used as a RB? Are the 9ers willing to play hard ball with Deebo if he’s willing to set out the season, including using the franchise tag on him, for the 2023 season?
    Then there’s the questions of extending Bosa and is he willing to play the 2022 season without an extension? Also, how long are the 9ers willing to set on JG’s $25 Million dollar salary? Will they keep him until the regular season starts, hoping another team’s QB will be injured and trade for him?

    The 9ers hold all the cards with both Deebo and JG but do they want the drama and distraction if Deebo holds out, plus the JG QB salary situation, a new QB taking over and all the new coaches the 9ers have hired for the 2022 season? That’s TBD!
    While I can’t see the 9ers turning down a Jets offer to trade their first Rd picks #4 and #10 for Deebo, but then I don’t expect the Jets to make that offer either.

    There is only ONE fact we know for certain, the 9er FO has their work cut out for them! This could be an
    opportunity for JL to prove his metal, or it could turn into a real $#(t show……

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