The good and not so good from 49ers rookie mini camp

San Francisco 49ers’ Dante Pettis (18) and Richie James Jr. (82) during NFL football rookie camp Friday, May 4, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

SANTA CLARA – Here’s who stood out to me at the 49ers rookie mini camp.


1. WR Richie James. You could tell right away last year during rookie minicamp that Trent Taylor and Kendrick Bourne would make the team. They made rookie mini camp seem easy. And that’s what Richie James did today. None of the 49ers corners could cover him. He got open at will. And he was fearless catching passes over the middle, unlike Dante Pettis. More on him below.

2. CB Tarvarus McFadden. McFadden was by far the most aggressive cornerback in bump-and-run coverage. On one play, he jammed wide receiver Javon Williams five yards into the backfield. McFadden was the starting left cornerback for the first-team defense during team drills. He seems to have a solid chance to make the team.

3. WR Steven Dunbar. Made every catch he could, including a few contested catches. Didn’t create much separation, though.

4. CB/FS D.J. Reed. Started at free safety during team drills. Diagnosed a run play quickly and exploded toward the running back to make the stop. Defensive backs coach Jeff Hafley gave Reed a big thumbs up.

5. PR Dante Pettis. Pettis is a natural punt returner. He tracks punts effortlessly, even in a strong wind. He dropped zero today.


1. WR Dante Pettis. Pettis is not a natural receiver, but he has talent. He’s shifty and can beat press coverage. McFadden tried to jam him once and whiffed entirely. Pettis can get open, unlike A.J. Jenkins. But, Pettis doesn’t seem tough over the middle. Twice, he casually waved with one hand at a pass over the middle instead of jumping and attacking the ball with both hands, as James did more than once. Pettis seemed scared of getting decked by a safety.

2. CB Tarvarius Moore. The 49ers third-round did not participate in one-on-one drills or team drills. I wonder if the team thinks he’s not ready to play cornerback in front of the media. Moore was a free safety in college and hasn’t played corner since his junior year of high school.

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  1. Pettis is not a natural receiver

    I always enjoy your ignorance of the game you pretend to cover. It has to get exhausting being so ignorant lol.

        1. Hey christinab…. I googled you. My, you’ve been busy posting in many places. What do you think about the Pettis pick?

  2. Hi Grant,

    I will reserve judgement as it is only the first day. I feel it was a mistake drafting Pettis that high. We should have taken a Corner there instead. So many good CB were still on the board. We could have picked a punt returner later. I don’t see Pettis as any better than the 5th or 6th WR. Garcon, Goodwin, Taylor, Bourne are all ahead of Pettis.

    1. good thing you’re not the GM/HC. Pettis isn’t a punt returner first, he’s a WR who will eventually take over for Garcon as our #1. have you seen how many DB’s we added? are you people even paying attention lol?

      1. Fu, The amount of bodies at DB isn’t the point. There was better value for some other CB at that point in the draft. Pettis will not be the replacement for Garcon as he has a totally different skill set. He is more in the mold of a slot receiver. Hopefully I am wrong as Lynch and Shanny know way more than I do.

        1. yes you are wrong and ignorant about Pettis. he’s not a slot WR, stop repeating what you heard on draft day and do some research.

          here is a fun fact: https: //

          I know Mayock talked about Pettis as a slot WR, but he ran less than 15% of his pass routes from the slot the last two seasons. #49ers

          we added plenty of talented competition at CB. we have a bunch of versatile, talented guys at both safety and CB. here’s a list to help get you up to speed

          1. Fu you are way too full of yourself. Pettis does not have a thick enough body to consistently line up outside. Maybe he adds muscle. My point is the 2nd round is very high for someone that will mostly contribute on special teams this season. Turning a safety into a CB is a project and you never know how that will work out.

            1. Not at all. Just trying to educate folks who keep saying he is a slot WR and too small to play on the outside. You do know Shanahan is pretty good at evaluating WR’s right? He decided to move up and select him. He has said he can play all 3 positions. So is he correct or is it more likely you and Grant are?

              Bet you didn’t know Antonio Brown is 5’10 and 180. Is he too small?

            2. Pettis is a finesse guy. Garcon is a physical WR, tremendous hands with a lot of athleticism. Pettis is a DeSean Jackson type but slower. I want him in the slot. That’s where he belongs..

              1. Pettis is a finesse guy. That’s clear. He needs to be in space — either the slot or split end. He’s a bad fit at flanker.

              2. 1)
                2) DeSean Jackson starts on the outside not in the slot.

                He’s going to line-up all over the place so you are going to be disappointed. Must not have watched him play. Also, taking over for Garcon eventually as our #1 isn’t equal to lining up in the same spot all the time. But you guys continue to ignore the facts and keep up with your disappointment in the pick.

              3. I’m confused Grant; you say he needs to be in space, then you say pettis would make a better split end than flanker.

                because the split end lines up on the line of scrimmage and does not move in the formation except in a shift i would think you mean he’d make a better flanker. The flanker is the off-the-line receiver and can be stacked, motioned etc and is easier to protect formationally.

                If he is as finesse as you say he would be a horrible fit at split end since he’d be more vulnerable to press man and/or hard flat cover 2 corners.

              4. The flanker lines up near a cornerback, the strong side linebacker and the strong safety. The split end lines up near a cornerback and the weak side linebacker. Less traffic.

              5. For what it’s worth Faithful, my boy Matt Waldman posted this on his twitter:

                Matt Waldman:

                By the way #49ers fans….
                Dante Pettis was my No. 1 pre-draft WR on my overall board. Very tight with him, Ridley, and Moore. But underrated route runner.

                Also, Cam Inman of The Mercury, had this to say about rookie camp so far:

                My analysis of #49ers rookie camp: Top picks McGlinchey, Pettis, Warner look solid.

                Inman: Dante Pettis (second round) looked superb as a pass-catching receiver and punt returner, Fred Warner (third round) took control at inside linebacker, and, Tarvarius Moore (third round) stayed on the sideline watching in team drills for non-injury reasons after his late-night flight.


              1. fascinating, so you feel he is physical enough to separate and maintain route timing against press man but cannot operate in traffic to a saturated formation because he’s too finesse despite having amazing feel for traffic on punt returns?

                I’m trying to understand this from your perspective. While flankers can range from big body bangers to fleet footed vertical threats, the one trait a split end must possess is a great ability to release so I’m encouraged that you feel this kid will be adept in that department. great news!

        2. Wayne, if you believe Pettis is a slot receiver you haven’t been paying attention. He may work the slot early on, but he’s definitely in the mold of a Desean Jackson or Antonio Brown type of player, kind of a cross between the two actually. He’s got the quickness to break in and out of routes and great hands. He was drafted to be our future #1 WR. Don’t believe everything you read, and or make quick judgments based on his size and stature. Also, don’t put too much stock in Grants opinion on the kid, as Grant will typically pick a player to pick on, will make a snap judgment and spend the rest of the year nitpicking everything about that player to prove a point. But he’ll switch gears once he has too, a la, Marquise Goodwin!

          I believe we got three good players out of this draft, that will be around for a long time, McGlinchey, Pettis and Moore. Regardless of where or how they were drafted, no one will care when they’re lighting up the league in their respective positions in the next 1-2 years.

    2. And if he becomes the returner in the league? Don’t underestimate the need to shore up our special teams. More than a few games are won and lost because of special teams.

    3. if Sherman comes back healthy, the corner will not necessarily play. That in itself would then be a wasted pick. Pettis will play and relieve any one of the three wr positions. Plus he could play in sub packages where they have 4 wides. Plus he will affect field position as the punt returner. In college during his last year he averaged 20 yards. Imagine fielding the punt at your 20 and getting the ball back to the 40, or at the 30 and starting at the 50? That is if he doesn’t take it farther or to the house. In comparison, Trent averaged a little over 9 yards.

    1. Yes, and he got beat twice in one-on-one pass-rush drills, but I’m not reading too much into that. No pads.

  3. I really think Richie James could be a heck of a pick. He’s raw, but he’s quick and tough. If he learns the nuances of route running he could be very good.

    Where did James and Pettis line up?

      1. Thanks. Probably can’t read much into that yet anyway.

        I will be looking forward to seeing how Pettis and James progress.

  4. yet you read into the notion that Pettis is not a natural WR and doesn’t seem tough over the middle because he’s afraid of getting decked in a non-contact practice or that Moore wasn’t allowed in front of the media because he can’t play CB.

    1. Yes Grant is so much of a Negative-Nancy it is shameful for the Press Democrat to allow Him to cover the HOME team He so much despise, it is hard to stomach such anti-niners banter from someone who is suppose to write about and give a positive outlook on,but no he grasp for any tiny negative straws he can uncover with a microscope, what a disgrace you are Grant.

        1. Grant……just keep reporting. Some of these peeps wouldn’t be happy if Rhianna showed up naked at the door with the winning lotto ticket tucked between her legs.. Been a diehard fan since 1978 and will take any perspective you can provide. Thank you.

          1. Been a diehard fan since 1978 and will take any perspective you can provide.

            If you have been following the team that long I find it hard to believe Grant is your go-to-source lol. This must be Grant bot lol.

          2. I agree completely J.R. Keep ignoring the peanut gallery Grant. They can disagree but they’re out of line the things they say and how they say it. They are the negatives ones and just want a cheerleader beat writer that’s all Ra-Ra on everything. If you call it like you see it they call you the worst writer ever.

      1. I don’t think he despises the team. it’s just his shtick, same formula as his hack father. they have carved out a niche among beat reporters by being the hot-take contrarians for the sake of page views. the part that is most interesting is not so much that he is ignorant when it comes to football, but that he actually believes much of the BS he posts. it’s getting harder to tell if he thinks he is as smart about all of this as he portrays or if it’s all for laughs and clicks.

        1. The crazy thing is you could just as easy not read any of his articles and be just fine….Grant loves trolling people, its what he does. I like the guy, he takes the time to reply to us couch GMs and seems to take some of our insight seriously. I like a lot of the people here and the discussion and debates we have. So just chill….we all know what Grant is and we expect nothing less….so either come here for some different insight and interesting debate….or just don’t come here at all.

          1. I agree~ We should all learn to recognize any source and put their take into perspective. There is no one that you can not learn from if you take the right approach. There are enough people that post here who can keep him honest if he strays too far.

        2. fu, I think the world of his father. Lowell could be harsh at times but he was at heart a great guy and a heck of a writer. I haven’t spoken to Lowell in a good while because I hate what his son has done to my longtime favorite blog. The crew here is wonderful, especially since a few of the real meat heads have disappeared. That’s why I come here. I watch Good Morning Football every morning and wonder why, why, why Grant doesn’t look to Peter Schrager as a role model? They are of similar age, similar backgrounds and Shrags has gone on to great things.


      2. He gave 5 goods and only 2 not so goods.

        Do you really expect every niner rookie to be perfect on his first day of mini-camp?

  5. Thanks Grant…man i missed these

    Good to here about Pettis’ route running and ability to beat press…that says more to me than his hand waving (or whatever u called it). Its possible he’s not going all out for these minicamp reps so he won’t get an unnecessary injury. James on the other hand has a lot to prove being a 7th round pick. This of course is just my opinion.

    1. That is precisely my take. In these mi camps some people are out for blood since it will be their only shot to make a roster. Pettis has less to prove so it is smart that he plays conservatively.

  6. Of course he would bring up AJ Jenkins, you knew that. I’m surprised, however, there was no mention of Colin Kaepernick but I’m sure Grant’s favorite horse-beat-dead will be trotted out before the season starts…

  7. Yes, just glad to read something about these rookies. We shouldn’t read much into 1st day performances anyway, in rookie camp no less.

  8. fu has a point ya know. McGlinchey gets beat twice in one on one pass rush drills yet you did not say he is “not a natural offensive tackle” but Pettis twice fails to sell out for two passes and you label him as “not a natural receiver”. I recall you writing off Witherspoon early on last year prior to the season. Look how that turned out.

  9. Grant, I give the 49ers credit for even letting you on to their property. You are the most ignorant sports beat writer I have ever read. Hard to understand how you keep your job. Must be the influence of your father, who btw, was superior to you in every aspect. You need to thank him again.

      1. Grant,

        You’ve brought these kinds of comments on yourself. While you are factually incorrect too often for someone who gets paid as a reporter, I happen to believe your really Trump style outrageous opinions are made intentionally, with an aim at more “clicks”. And as a result, you’ve become “the boy who cried wolf” of bay area sports reporters. That’s something you’ll have to accept.

          1. I guess the haters that constantly disagree with anything you write are dreaming up a conspiracy theory against you, fantasies, lol. Keep up the reports!

        1. I actually used it in a conversation yesterday, almost giggled while doing it. Seb’s lengthy posts finally had a payoff.

  10. Should of picked up a edge rusher …. I hated that pick that high…. Pettis give him a thumbs 👎

  11. Grant I actually enjoy reading your breakdowns of the Niners players, good or bad. The only thing that bothers me is when you throw in a conspiracy theory from time to time:
    ” I wonder if the team thinks he’s not ready to play cornerback in front of the media.”

    I just find it hard to believe the niners would intentionally not practice a player at the position they admitted to wanting him to learn just so he wouldn’t look in-experienced in front of reporters. They would want him to get as many reps as possible at that spot. If they didn’t shy away from drafting the player they wouldn’t be shy to get him reps at the position they want him to play.

    1. Agree Mark.

      Grant would immediately suspect something sinister if a letter carrier inadvertently mixed his neighbor’s Safeway flyer with his mail.

    2. I understand that he came in late to camp, because of connection issues. They just didn’t want to throw him in right away.

  12. Welp, this was fun. Been so long since I have been here. It’s still a circle of stupidity that fuels itself lol. I feel dirty about the pageview. Enjoy watching this team make a play-off run and pretending you are on-board then. Some of you are worse than the 12’s.

  13. First, it’s good to get some live action as we approach the 2018 season. About time.

    I’d give Grant’s takes–especially those where he dispenses digs (thinly veiled or not)–about as much as I’d give for a zip lock bag of guinea pig droppings. It’s 4 May and Grant has the knives out. Blood will flow. Par for the course. I do read other coverage of the 9ers for a wider perspective.

    I don’t expect–and don’t want–Grant to be a homer. But, it’d be cool if he were a tad less catty and a bit more objective.

    And suggest dropping the edgy remarks, such as: “I wonder if the team thinks he’s not ready to play cornerback in front of the media.” Ooooh, sounds the 9ers are being sneaky/coy……. Right up there with: “I predict the 49ers will release Foster or a week or two after the draft, probably on a Friday, just to bury the news.” Oooooh, 9ers being slight-of-hand/coy…… But Grant will be Grant–he’s gotta call out the 9ers (or anything he feels needs calling out).

    Grant is a beacon of truth, or something.

        1. “Grant is a beacon of truth, or something.”
          How about “bacon of truth”? That would smell better, at least…

    1. Gee guys! You know I am sometimes as hard on Grant as any of you, but by now people should know him and his little biases so it shouldn’t be that difficult to read through the lines. Taken in perspective and filtering out his personal biases, his insights into camp can still be very informative.

      1. Willtalk… On the whole, Grant’s camp reports are informative–up to the point where he just has to get his gratuitous digs in. Your point on filtering is valid.

  14. Alas the return of flag football. Let’s see how Petis handles himself when everyone is wearing pads and hitting. Consider me a huge skeptic.

  15. Some of you may have already seen this….another take on today’s work…

    A sampling:

    “POSSIBLE KEEPERS: Fullback Connor Wentz, a cousin of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, made a nice 1-handed catch in warmups and looks like a viable roster candidate if this tryout goes well. He, like his cousin, played at North Dakota State.

    Okine, a 6-foot-6 vagabond defensive lineman, played Friday with a motor and a temper. Since coming out of Florida five years ago, he’s been with five NFL teams, plus stints in the Canadian Football League and Arena Football League. Defensive tackle Malik Forrester (Fresno State) showed hustle on the interior.

    1. Interesting that Warner is called “new age”. Le Roy Jordan was 6’1″ and played at 215 lbs back in the day. I guess what goes around does come back around, as they say.

      1. Warner, a 6-foot-3 and 236-pound prospect with 4.64-40 speed and a four collegiate years under his belt, offers both excellent coverage speed and around-the-ball instincts — a solid addition at this point in the draft. He’ll be like a hybrid LB/S, “new age”. He may add a few pounds in the future to 240-245?…Butkus was 6’3″ 245. LeRoy Jordan is also listed at 221. He was the smallest LB from 1963 to ’76.

        The size requirements appear to be shrinking. Only four of the 42 inside linebackers drafted in the past four seasons have topped 250 pounds. And their cumulative weights have dropped, from an average of 242 pounds in 2012 to…237 last season, so it seems it does come around now with more passing. In the mid 70’s to 2010 it seemed around 250 was the norm, way back in the day they were 215-235 pounds.

        The game has changed. The Carolina Panthers are lauded for having one of the best linebacker corps in the NFL. Luke Kuechly 6’3 (238 pounds), Thomas Davis 6’1(235) and Shaq Thompson 6’0(230) are all on the lighter side.

        A few of those players might not be built for the primary purpose of bowling over fullbacks and dropping a running back in the backfield, but they can match up in coverage, defend the flats and go sideline to sideline

      1. There ya go. I thought you were leaving. Can’t let it go. You must really think your comments are meaningful to someone on here, besides you.

  16. The 49ers actually got worse during the draft which is almost impossible since you are just adding players but they made a massive down grade from Trent brown to Mike G then added pettis who adds nothing as a wr and is only a slight up grade at returner then Moore and reedy will compete for the 5th corner spot then they added nothing else after that 49ers should fire lynch for having one of the worst off seasons in NFL history

    1. Wow. Okay then. Lynch’s gig is up. Case closed.

      Ted…. How about we revisit this topic in January?

      1. A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course, that is of course, unless the horse, is the famous Mr. Ted.

        1. Love it! We also know what it makes us when we assume. Then we can just add the horse in front of it and we have a really cool description of a poster.

  17. Imagine if all the mainstream 9er beat writers–including Grant–were sent to Mars (together), with the mission to independently observe, draw conclusions, and report on the viability of establishing a habitable colony on the red planet. And, it would be stipulated that the writers couldn’t share thoughts or notes.

    I would expect some diversity across the reports–with more than a few of Grant’s offerings quite different than the others. At least Grant could leave some organic material on the planet for future visitors to grow potatoes with.

    1. Why would i imagine that or care. Cassie– imagine were talking about professional football for a minute or 2. Anybody can get high and write nonsense, only fools appreciate it

  18. Lynch lost a comp pick by resigning Kilgore he should have kept him and let him compete ( i would have put money on kilgore beating out richburg at C and either of them beating out cooper a guard) or waited for better trade value. then he signed McKinnon for more than 2.5 mil per season which only an idiot would do. If he is able to match the rushing and reviving yards in 2018 that he got with the Vikings from 2014 to 2017 combined he would still be over paid he is no were near the hall fame level salary they are paying him he is not a top 50 running back and is the 4th highest paid running back in the league

    1. Stop embarrassing yourself lol and take a break. This may be the dumbest thing I have read RE the Niners year to date.

      1. Add HORSE’S to the front of what someone who ASSumes becomes and you have a perfect description of the poster.

  19. Pettis is garbage though. That was a waste of a third round pick trading up to get this guy. We could’ve easily stayed where we were. His receiver ability isn’t even all that great either. He didn’t even do anything. Plus he played in the weak a** PAC 12. His punt returns aren’t impressive either. Who were they against? Washington state? Az state? Utah? Rutgers? Lmao foh with that lol. Worst trade up pick ever for a back street boy.

    1. For fun I’ll copy your post and bring it back in January. I’m not saying Pettis goes to the Pro Bowl. Barring injury, he should be a contributor. I’m not ready to toss him aside. Anyway, back this comes in mid January.

      1. Please do. It holds true now it’ll hold true in January. I watched all his punt return TDs and they’re not impressive. You know how many missed tackles were on those returns? That stuff won’t fly in the nfl.

        1. One of the many reasons I like this board are the many lead pipe lock (to use a tired phrase) assertions made by posters–and occasionally Grant. It’s amusing–most declarations unravel (some very fast), a few hold up. Perhaps yours will come true. I follow the Pac12 so I’m aware of what Pettis has done. I certainly wouldn’t have drafted him higher. Shanahan and Lynch grabbed him where they did–and at this point I’ll defer to their judgement. I’m not a homer. I can bring out the pitchforks as fast as anyone here–when the evidence becomes overwhelming at the NFL level of play. Things aren’t always linear from college to pro football.

      1. Ignorant? No. I actually see with my own eyes and not go along with everything our organization does like you blind faithful. I might be wrong about ok players but I’m never wrong about lames. Pettis is a lame.

        1. Dude, you have a complete, 180 degree opposite opinion of what Fu says about Pettis. One of you is dead wrong.. My thing on Pettis is that he is definitely shifty enough to gain separation and he plays fast. I just don’t know if he is physically up to the pounding these receivers take in the NFL. These are non contact drills and according to Grant he was bailing over the middle.. That ain’t good in any way shape or form.. Polarizing pick and player..

          1. Go check his stats. There’s nothing that jumps out about this guy. And given he played in the pac12 doesn’t help his cause. Sorry. I call it like I see it.

            1. Yeah, coming out of a conference the produced 15 pro-bowlers last year definitely marks him as a loser.
              There are good players from every conference, the trick is for the 49ers to find them.

    2. You are an idiot.
      I’ve watched the tape on Pettis.
      He’s a special talent. Needs to be more fearless but he could be something really great.
      Your comments are a joke and completely unfounded.

  20. Grant you are negative but realistic. I also don’t see your pops as a hack. I loved it when your dad called out jed, about being classy. Priceless. Thank you for YOUR insight.

    1. Which part was realistic? That Pettis is not a natural WR and afraid to take hits over the middle during a non-contact practice or that Moore is being held out because they don’t want to embarrass him in front of the press?

      1. You are a know nothing. Put the jelly donuts down. You’re in the middle of sugar psychosis.

  21. How do you idiots pretend to know more than Shanahan. U want a guy, you go up and get him. That’s what he did with Pettis. Grant Cohn is a clown and a below average evaluator. The fact is rookie receivers tend to take a year, the majority need to add muscle. Pettis has as much upside as anybody on the roster! He has size and speed and is a legitimate game breaker. It gives Jimmy G another weapon, and already you clowns are saying what we should’ve done with the pick, when we got a dynamic player.

    1. But to be real Shanahan didn’t really pick his receivers in any place he coached. He had Andre Johnson already in Texans. He had josh Gordon already at Cleveland. He had Julio already in Atlanta. Everything he did with those teams the receivers were there before he got there.

    2. Pettis isn’t a game breaker at all what gives you that idea? And to be real with you Shanahan didn’t pick the receivers that were on his team they were already there. Andre Johnson was already in Houston. Josh Gordon was already In Cleveland. I believe desean and garçon were already in Washington. And Julio was already in Atlanta. So how do we know that he knows how to pick talent. We know for a fact he knows how work with what he has. Pettis isn’t that dynamic. And there’s no competition in the PAC 12. We never got to see him go against real teams like in the SEC, BIG 12 or even the ACC. And if he did he most likely didn’t do jack.

  22. I like how the average Niner Fan and some sportswriters feel like they know better than some of the best coaches, scouts, trainers, personnel veterans, and ex-players in Football. Not only do they know more about football then we’ll ever know, but they are risking millions of dollars, and dissecting every choice weighing every major variable. Combined, we are talking about decades and decades of experience within the game. I think Pettis could be a game changer. Its almost like everybody forgets who our head coach is. This guy is an offensive visionary genius. Uh, i think I’ll take John Lynch, the Shanahans, and Adam Peters judgment over Kevin in accounting’s any day! :)

    1. You guys said the same thing about baalke with all that let’s see nonsense and I’ll take his expertise over yours crap. Look how that turned out…

      1. Even Baalke is more competent than the average sports shmoe. And yeah, that probably includes you too.

        1. Yeah cause obviously his drafting expertise reflects that by drafting a bunch of injured players and scrubs. I was calling ajayi when he drafted who? Mike Davis. I said to draft martavis back in 2014 when he drafts who? Bruce Ellington? Get outta here. There a lot of people in front office they know things and there are ones that know nothing. Just cause they’re working for teams doesn’t mean they have a clue. Just look at Cleveland.

          1. It wouldn’t be a sports team / league if the one of millions of armchair fans didn’t think they could “do better than that guy”. ihate, you one of those millions, Baalke was one of 32. Do the math.

    2. And in many cases decades and decades of failure. Just because you are a part of the fraternity does not mean you are competent. Jeff Fisher, Rex Ryan and on and on. Highly respected losers..

  23. This particular post has been depressing so far. Grant has a way with setting the tone in lowering the standard of discourse on this blog. The level of opinionating based on low informational content, and the confidence and certainty with which they are expressed would be merely amusing if it did not overwhelm the blog most of the time.
    I am grateful to the few commentors who sprinkle some links here to other more thoughtful articles on why the Niners may have acted the way they have and its implications on the upcoming season..

  24. Folks this is a blog so anyone can post and say whatever they think about a FO move. Doesn’t make them smart or even remotely accurate and if you heard the same from someone in a bar you would call him or her a moron. But this is a blog, so each to his own.

    Grant, too, is a blog writer. Great insight at times and I appreciate the edgy takes at times. Doesn’t make him anymore right than many of us. Take it with a grain of salt, enjoy the differing views and feel free to add your own sometime.

    Lighten up!

    As for the rooks, I’m encouraged to see McFadden stepping up. He could be crucial to our defense this year.

  25. Grant, thank you for your assessments, reporting and insights.
    I cannot attend the practices, so I rely on your eyes and ears to give me the nitty gritty.
    Sometimes, I feel like I am standing next to you, and you can distill a whole practice into a single paragraph. I look forward to your practice observations, so do not engage your detractors. Usually, their troll name says it all.
    Sure, you do get things wrong, and it might help to be a little more humble. Acknowledge the whoppers, but you also are ahead of the pack. You mentioned they might move on from Bowman. You called the Hyde timeline. They let him walk, as you said, because KS wanted a different RB with different skillsets.
    Some may wonder why you are reporting on the Niners, with your non-homer, caustic assessments, but I am glad there is at least one writer who does not write with saccharine prose, with pollyannish prognostications. You are just pointing out areas in which they can improve. Others, like Eddie, may share my opinion, since he allowed you to interview him one on one.
    Speaking of interviews, John Lynch should give you an interview. It would show class to give media access to ones who are honest, and can string two thoughts together. If JL wants to improve the culture of the organization, he will be open and accessible, even to you, Grant.
    Keep up the good work, I look forward to your missives. Some may say I am casting aspersions, but you are a chip off the old block.
    Back to football. Hmm. so Pettis did not want to risk getting his head ripped off while extending for a pass? Smart man. Save that for a game when it counts, not during a meaningless practice for the first time in the pros.
    Pettis may get jammed at the line of scrimmage? Maybe they should put him in motion.
    Mcfadden may be a sleeper. He sounds like he is good insurance in case Sherman has a setback.

    1. seb,

      Grant said Hyde would be gone before the 2017 season. He did not call the Hyde timeline. Instead, 90% of this blog’s commenters called the timeline by saying he would play for us in 2017, but then Shanny would let him walk unless Hyde had a monster season.

      “Pettis may get jammed at the line of scrimmage? Maybe they should put him in motion.”

      Oh you know it! KS will move his new chess piece around. This is one reason why Pettis fits as a flanker (contrary to what Grant said above in the thread). The other reason why Pettis fits at flanker is that he can avoid getting jammed immediately by not having to be on the line of scrimmage like the split end.

      1. 80, Grant surmised that they would move on from Brown, because he did not fit the KS run game.
        Point taken. Yes, Hyde did play, but Grant postulated the scenario in which they would move on from Hyde, which eventually happened, because he was not a good fit, either.
        I agree. They will move all the receivers around, and rotate them to keep fresh legs.

        1. The versatility is key. Pettis, McKinnon, and Juice allows Shanny to work his play calling genius. Pettis can throw too. I think you could plug him in at Z or slot right away.

          He might have been skiddish over the middle today, but he played with the inaccurate Browning. Garoppolo will put him in a position to run after the catch. He will gain confidence going over the middle because he will trust that JG won’t get him killed.

        2. I think most knew brown was a poor fit so that was hardly a shocker. Joe Williams was supposed to be the starter by mid-season.

          1. Yes, but Grant, of all the Niner pundits, was the only one to present that scenario. Everyone else was raving about how good Brown was, even after 9 losses to begin the season. Maybe that was because of the regression of the interior line, but Grant was leading the charge about the misfit in KS’s scheme.
            Granted, Grant was gung ho on Williams since he mocked him in his draft, but injuries can short circuit any player’s season, and injuries are hard to predict.

    2. Back to football. Hmm. so Pettis did not want to risk getting his head ripped off while extending for a pass? Smart man. Save that for a game when it counts, not during a meaningless practice for the first time in the pros.

      If what you are taking from Grants report is that you “are there” remember these are no contact drills. If anybody is in danger of getting their “head ripped” off, the NFLPA would certainly want to know about it.

      1. Yes, I do have to rely on Grant’s observations. I am not on the side lines.
        If Grant said he short armed a pass due to the fact that a safety was closing in quickly from another direction, I will accede to his take on the situation.
        Sure, the league is finally starting to become serious about CTE, but when players collide, there can be severe repercussions. Glad the practice does not allow full contact, but this is not flag football. Players can run at full speed, and there is a reason why some players do not like to catch the ball over the middle. Obviously, you think that possibility is so remote, they never have accidental contact.

        1. Considering the number of acredited national, regional, local media members I’m not sure what Grant’s done to earn a one on one with the team top guy. Maybe start with the groundskeeping staff.

          1. John Lynch does not need sycophants. He needs to be challenged, so he can shine under pressure.
            I would be watching closely, because Grant could evoke much pertinent material, and get to the crux of the matter. It certainly would not be boring pablum.

  26. McG will change the 49er offense. The widespread run attack will look like McK, but it will be McG doubling the threat.

  27. 2. CB Tarvarius Moore. The 49ers third-round did not participate in one-on-one drills or team drills. I wonder if the team thinks he’s not ready to play cornerback in front of the media. Moore was a free safety in college and hasn’t played corner since his junior year of high school.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH , you really think they care what you think ? He arrived late last night thats why he didnt play

  28. Pettis seemed scared of getting decked by a safety

    Those Niners safeties must really be bringing something. In a non contact drill.

      1. When two players collide.
        The anger, and the pain.
        Of those who remain.
        When two players collide.
        So, who will survive?
        There’s no place to Hyde.
        When two players collide.

  29. I am amused when anyone speaks in absolutes about a drafted player who has not even played in one game yet.
    No one on any team, the media and even fans know with certainty how a player will turn out a week after the draft. Maybe some people should remember they do not have the gift of foresight when making their statements.
    So with that in mind I know for certain everyone of those draft choices will fail and be cut by the end of the year. No, wait a minute, I mean everyone of them will make the Pro Bowl by the end of the year. What ever it is I know it with absolute certainty.
    Happy Cinco de Mayo every one.

  30. After Kyle Williams NFC Championship game punt fumbles, I am perfectly fine with taking him in RD2. The butterfly effect is real

  31. According to Cam Inman Dante Pettis “looked superb yesterday as a pass-catching receiver and punt returner” while Tarvarius Moore sat out practice due to his late night flight… Seems the higher the pick the more they end up on Grant’s Not So Good list but hey, we all have opinions right………

      1. I am with you Grant. Worst draft maybe in 49er history. McGlinchey will be a good starter. Warren a good safe pick. None of the others will be in the league 3 years from now. Much better rated players at need positions when they picked these guys including Mcglinchy and Warren. What happened to needing an Edge, True corner, tall receiver, guard as top priorities?? Did not get a single one. We will see another 6-7 win,no playoff season , due to a draft that was completely underwhelming. Here to hoping KS and JL don’t get Balke-itis… kiss number 6 good bye during their tenure if they do.

  32. Our erstwhile sleuth notes Moore’s absence from drills and speculates a wild theory about it out of thin air.
    MM asked someone and was told that Moore’s flight to the Bay Area had him arrive late, so he was held out of most drills.
    Different strokes from different folks.

    1. Reminds me of Zak Bagans.
      I wonder if that sound was the ghost of the Pythian Castle…”
      Suggestive, yet uncommitted, phrasing that sensationalizes a narrative. He was an expert!

      1. Why would you ask that question HERE?
        Shouldn’t it be directed to…..I dunno, maybe………. the Team?
        The coaches? Or an e-mail to their PR department?

      2. I have it on good authority from a janitor at Columbia Regional that he missed his check in cut off, and they sold his seat. Hence, he was forced to take a later flight.

  33. Pettis isn’t a natural WR??? You know more than Kyle or the scouts??? Lol!!! Right! Same guy who said Ahkello couldn’t play after rookie minicamp last year. This guy is a tool.

  34. Is there tackling in the rookie camp? If no then how do you say he is afraid to get hit? Did not like the value of the 49er picks but team does not care about value. Kyle brought in Garcion, Goodwin, Trent Taylor so if he likes Pettis than we should all trust him on his evaluations on wr.

  35. Look as a player in college ,the live speed, non-contact drills , are run to teach patterns ,timing , set the play clock in there heads ,that sort of things .
    Look he’s already passed the so called run, pass, kick routine . He is an athlete . (Does anyone here think they are better , physically)
    As a defensive player , we were told no hitting in non-contact drills (or walk throughs)
    We as a unit were told no contact at all ,with players ( no hands ,or feet) , the ball ( fumble,int) or the field . These drills usually but not always , no pads , shoot no full uniforms ,(ie likely shorts) and shirts ,helmet is a must all the time on the field

    Will I pass judgement on a player that is not in full dress. Ie. pads uniform . NO.

    It’s not even a fair evaluation .
    Until the pads , uniforms ( ie the Superman suits ) and you add contact . Than I’m paying attention .
    I mean come on guys ,we all know not to judge a book by it’s cover .
    I mean the reports do help grant , knowing what’s expected is the other .

    Look as a player . I have seen some good players ,some practice well others don’t ,some play best when the heat is on .some don’t

    I need to see pads on , and put him amongst the rest , than I will believe what I’m seeing , only in live action can a real assessment be made , a drop ,a pull up from a pass , a slip . ( We’re they working on route running and concentrating on foot work )

    It was a post Grant . That’s all I got from it ,other than who showed up. Not really nothing to chew on so to speak . Thanks for hearing me blab ,

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