Three-round 49ers mock draft with a trade

FILE – In this Dec. 2, 2017, file photo, Ohio State offensive lineman Billy Price celebrates during the first half of the Big Ten championship NCAA college football game against Wisconsin, in Indianapolis. Price was selected to the AP All-Conference Big Ten team announced Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File)

I said I wouldn’t make one of these before the Combine in February. I lied.

Here’s my first 49ers mock draft of the offseason.

TRADE: The 49ers send their first-round pick to the Buffalo Bills for pick Nos. 21 and 95, plus the Bills’ first-rounder in 2019.

FIRST ROUND, No. 21 (from Buffalo): Billy Price, C, Ohio State. In Atlanta, Kyle Shanahan’s offense took off when the Falcons traded for Pro Bowl center Alex Mack. Price is just as talented as Mack.

SECOND ROUND, No. 59: Tarvarus McFadden, CB, Florida State. McFadden intercepted eight passes as a Sophomore in 2016. He seems to have the requisite size, speed and arm length to play corner in the 49ers defensive system.

THIRD ROUND, No. 70: Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, DE/OLB, Oklahoma. Recorded nine sacks in 2016, eight sacks in 2017 and two sacks in the Senior Bowl this weekend. Undersized speed rusher who plays low to the ground and gets underneath the hands of tall offensive lineman.

THIRD ROUND, No. 75: Ronald Jones II, RB, USC. Rushed for 1,550 yards and 19 touchdowns at USC in 2017. Fast runner who can make explosive plays in the run game and pass game.

THIRD ROUND, No. 95 (from Buffalo): Equanimeous St. Brown, WR, Notre Dame. Tall wide receiver who runs routes like a small wide receiver. Pierre Garcon’s heir apparent.

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  1. Well done, Grant.

    My current Draftmas wish list:

    1. Nelson LG
    2. Mata’afa Leo
    3. Warner WLB
    3. Cappa OT
    4. Ballage RB
    5. Yiadom CB
    6. Shepherd DT

    Richburg C
    Brate TE
    Johnson CB
    Gabriel WR

    1. I don’t agree with your FA’s at all. Johnson is overrated and he is going to command huge money this offseason. We don’t need Taylor Gabriel as the 4th wideout on the team. TE’s we can get in the draft and Richburg is good but I’d rather get Norwell and resign Kilgore who can also serve as a swingman if he isn’t the starter.

      1. Johnson is a perfect fit for Saleh’s defense, and they have the money to spend. Robinson is the one we don’t need. This draft is shallow at the TE position, and Brate would be an upgrade on Celek. We don’t need to overpay for Norwell if we get Nelson. Kilgore is a backup who could be signed to a one year deal to compete with Richburg….

        1. Johnson overrated rather sign kyle fuller or Rashad melvin colts and draft a cb in 3rd round. I’d rather spend the money on DE Ansah he would make everyone on that DLine more deadly. Armstead, buckner, Thomas

          1. Fuller is the one overrated. Johnson has been one of six cornerbacks who hasn’t allowed a single score in at least 300 coverage snaps. Ansah would be a good signing, however his injury history is a concern….

      1. We’ve already invested in LB’s, and this draft is deep. That’s why I have us drafting Warner who is 6-3″, 230 pounds and can run like the wind….

          1. I have and it doesn’t make any sense to invest that kind of draft capital when you’ve got Foster and Smith. Watch some tape on Warner, BYU and I think you’ll change your mind….

          2. How about LB Edmunds from West Virginia ?? He’s so versatile in the passing or running game and also as an LEO LB !!

            1. Edmunds would be cool due to his edge potential, but his instincts pale in comparison to Warners. Warner reminds me of Van Noy of the Patriots….

              1. A big YES from me on Edmunds, in terms of talent! I’m not sure I’ve seen a better college LB with his combination of LENGTH and VERSATILITY!

                If he can play LEO and WILL I’d be all over him at #9/10 (provided the 49ers can’t trade back in round 1). And he might be able to do just that.

              2. 49reasons, I would be fine with Edmunds at #9/#10 too. He’s got loads of talent.

                But I think people should realise he is an off ball LB first and foremost. His best spot would likely be Otto on base downs, not Leo, at least initially while he develops pass rush moves. He can play as a DE in nickel, but I honestly don’t think he will be a huge sack artist until he develops more than just a speed rush (and worth noting his experience as an edge rusher in college was mostly from a 2-point stance against TEs, not as a hand in the ground DE going against OTs).

                I get the feeling reading a lot of people’s takes on Edmunds that the expectation is he would come in as the Leo and be the answer to the 49ers pass rush from the get go. Really doubt it.

              3. You’re spot on Scooter. That’s why I wrote “IF” he can play the LEO role. Edmunds certainly has the twitch, size/length and athleticism to be a primary pass rusher, but, like you said Scooter, he’s obviously raw and underdeveloped as an edge rusher. Edmunds certainly has a unique skill set.

                One NFC scout racked his brain trying to find the proper comparison for the young linebacker.

                “Good luck with your player comp on this one,” the scout told NFL.COM’s (Lance) Zierlein. “They don’t come like him. I don’t think there has ever been a linebacker that has had his size and speed. You’re better off comping him with a basketball player.”

                I’d love to see Edmunds and Foster on the field together, but then what to do with Malcolm Smith? They are paying him too much to be a backup, and his contract makes him a tough player to trade.

              4. Below I outlined my pro comparison for him is Anthony Barr. To me they are very similar types of guys. Super athletes with great size and range.

    2. Draft
      10 Quenton Nelson G Notre Dame
      59 Isaiah Wynn C/G/T Georgia
      70 Jerome Baker LB Ohio St

      Free Agents
      Garoppolo QB 25 mil
      Michael Bennett DT (After he gets released) 8 mil
      Ziggy Ansah End 14 mil
      Kyle Fuller CB 14 mil
      Eric Reid SS 6 mil
      Jerrick McKinnon RB 8 mil
      Ryan Jensen C 10 mil
      Donte Moncrief WR 9
      Marsh End 1 mil

      I think Garnett might come back strong at Guard next year. Wynn can back up several positions on the Oline.

  2. Remember everyone, you have to put up enough Mock Drafts so that you can mention 280 +/- different players possibly going to the Niners in different scenarios so that no matter who Lynch picks you can post:
    “Oh snap! Called it! I win!”
    (Yes, for some the mere mention of a name they’ve read is sufficient to commence self-congratulatory celebrations).
    Don’t delay in posting your Ten Point Plan or else Lynch will have no clue on how to proceed.

    1. Will do! (Pretty funny, and unfortunately true about the self-aggrandizing. Even though I post quite a few mocks, I don’t laude picks the Niners actually make that happen to match something I dashed off months before).

    2. Somewhere out there Seb lurks………… hope you didn’t hex the blog and summon his return.

    3. I do that especially when we don’t draft a player and he turns out good. I always say” I knew the niners should’ve drafted that guy”. Travis Kelce and Zach Earth come to mind.

    4. BT………..

      Your channeling someone…………to make the picture complete, you must take full credit for Graps, then lament about how U.S. is directly responsible for N. Korean bad behavior……….but not their good behavior!

    1. This is kinda funny.

      The people who write this dreck are like the kids in class who are frustrated they can’t get their mediocre tests graded on a scale because the smart kid keeps getting A+s. So they convince themselves it’s somehow unfair. They’re Occupy: Wall Street kids who hate the thought of having to outwork everyone else to get ahead, so they claim the system is rigged.

      I guess the guy who wrote this doesn’t know Grant and Lowell Cohn. Grant would be the last guy in the world crying about a “rigged system.”

        1. I was kinda surprised you didn’t tie in BB’s adultery as part of your cheating case. The character definitely intertwines….

  3. Well done Grant! Now that’s a realistic outlook on a mock draft.

    My quick off season stab:

    Free agency:


    * 4 higher prices free agents. Quality over Quantity this year.


    9/10 -Edmunds LB
    2nd – S Michael RB
    3rd- St Brown

    * This will change several more times :)

    1. Spot on!! I like them getting edmonds and Ansah. F/A I would take B. Coleman over Watkins and draft either a guard or another CB with that 2nd 3rd round pick! K. Fuller is a good plan B for Talib. J. Graham and Dion Lewis is very tempting!! Its time for the 9ers to stike fear!!

    2. Looks good
      But I would try and make a trade giving the browns an ot olb and lb for their second pick and our first pick for theirs plus another player that we’re getting rid of anyway for Barkley and quenton Nelson
      Pick up poe from Atlanta and phue not spelled right from the giants and get effiert te and jamaal Charles from Denver and see about McFadden Dallas coming out of retirement to show the cowboys

      1. Lawrence and ngata plus trumain would complete the front four and while your at it Sherman from the Seattle to shut down the deep ball

  4. I would like that draft a lot.
    I also agree that a trade back for an extra second would be completely worth it.
    The niners need top end talent in many areas and since their is no sure fire elite pass rusher for the Leo, the niners would be better off filling as many holes as possible.

  5. Tbh worst mock draft I’ve seen 1. There is other suitors lower than the bills we could trade with
    2. Okoronko will not even be close to a third round pick 3 most Player aren’t scheme fits and would help

    Round 1 Joshua Jackson or tremaine edmunds
    Round 2 cb edge which ever one we didn’t pick
    Idk much about the later players so I’ll just go with what you said, but we all have our own opinions i just disagree with yours

    1. Double “O” will be long gone by round 3. That’s why I like Mata’afa in the 2nd round, which is a more realistic scenario….

  6. I don’t think Tarvarus McFadden will last that long……

    I rather use a 3rd pick on another need position……and pick a RB in a later round

    1. If McFadden is off the board, the Niners can take Kevin Tolliver II from LSU in the second round.

      And if Hyde leaves in free agency, running back will be a need position.

      1. …..But they have J. Williams…..hard not to see KS or Lynch not give J. Wiliams an opportunity….

        …a third-round pick is a premium pick this days

          1. Sure, a rookie RB……. but drafting a RB in the 3rd round and make him inactive during the season……

    2. Agreed the FSU CB will be gone by third.

      The RB position is fine. That is almost a luxury pick. I’d argue not to drafting Barkley if he fell to us. BUUUTTTT if he did, I’d probably be giddy. I just don’t think we really need a star back to be successful… NOW, if it turns out Jimmy doesn’t have a deep ball (or we have yet to see consistently), which is the only criticism I’m hearing… then monster ground game will keep the box stacked for Jimmy to accurately hit those play action passes.

  7. Grant,

    This may be the year I actually agree with your CB obsession and take one in the first round…YET TODAY (b/c things change :)) you are moving CB to mid rounds!!! Could be a Jedi mind trick with the draft gods. I suggest putting your pick in a sealed envelope and give to a confidant.

  8. Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
    Allen had a great week at the Senior Bowl to firmly place him in the top-10 picks of the 2018 NFL Draft. NFL evaluators don’t really care about the performance in the Senior Bowl game as 90 percent of the league leaves after the final practice on Thursday. Thus in the portion of the week that mattered the most, Allen helped himself with one strong practice after another. He was the best quarterback in Mobile, showing a superb skill set with a big frame, arm strength, and athleticism.

    On each day of practice, Allen was better than the previous day. He showed a powerful arm on Tuesday with the ball exploding out of his hand. He threw the ball with more touch on Wednesday and Thursday, lofting in some beautiful touchdowns in the red-zone scrimmage. Allen displayed pocket presence to go with his mobility and arm strength. His Senior Bowl performance will help him to be a top-10 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and could have teams consider taking him over UCLA’s Josh Rosen and/or USC’s Sam Darnold.

      1. Don’t they all.

        His chances of getting to a good situation are low if he’s going to go in the top 10 which is very possible. The Giants are his best bet in that range. After that you have teams like the Bengals, Cards and Redskins that might make a move up for him. None of those are great spots.

        He needs to get arrested for DUI so he has a chance of landing on a good team like Pittsburgh or New England.

      2. Allen’s tall with a strong arm is the main reason he’s known. He runs around and makes plays but from his numbers he’s not a 1st rounder, some analysts say he’s a top 10 along with Rosen, Mayfield and Darnold. The Senior bowl helped him. He had a 56% pass comp. avg. in ’16 and in ’17..threw for 15 picks in ’16. Out of 11 games in ’17, only 3 games had a pass comp avg. higher than 57%, the other 8 games were from 37% to 57%.

        Not good and way below the other 3 big QB’s. If the 4 qb’s are going top 10 then maybe Chubb or Nelson slide down to 9/10. CB Ward will probably be there. I’d like Nelson drafted for sure. If Chubb or Nelson are gone and one of the big 4 qb’s slides to 9/10, I’d hope the 49ers would trade down for picks like Price and a CB or Edge, ect.

      3. Grant

        I think that you are wrong about Josh Allen being a less polished Carson Wentz…Wentz played at a smaller school in a lesser League…Allen played against Division I competition, and with less quality players around him. I do believe that his performance in the Senior bowl as well as his numbers at the combine will clear the air as to whether he’s a NFL grade QB or not… I say YES….

        1. I watched him throwing at the bullseye in the net, and he couldn’t hit it to save his life.

      4. I agree with Mark. He has all the physical tools but his performance has been inconsistent and the accuracy is a big issue. He improved each day at the Sr. Bowl and played a good second half in the game, but I would be leery of using a top ten pick on the guy for sure. Thankfully the Niners don’t have to.

  9. Yea I would be ECSTATIC if we nabbed St Brown…I have a feeling he could shoot up to Round 1 however.

  10. I love the trade but the mock needs a lot of work. Price should be available in the 2nd round and Okoronko should be gone in the first.

    Who is Buffalo trading up for in this scenario?

  11. The more i think about it, I feel the safe pick is needed in the first round. Even if that means trading back OR UP for a safe. Obviously trading up would involve some picks and a lot of diligence.

    Anyway, I don’t think we need to take a flyer on Armstead or Soloman Thomas. I know Armstead has been hurt and playing out of position and blau blau… Thomas is young, a tweener, PFF has him rated as this and that, so potential is there…blau blau blau…

    But we need a pick that will not lead the field and be a foundation piece for the next 10 years.

    Stay put of trade back for
    1. OL – Nelson or one of the tackles or the C Grant mentioned.

    2. LB – I’m not sure how we can trust Foster or even Malcom Smith fully. Do we hedge and for redundancy take Georgia or Alabama LB.

    3. CB – Is there a CB (not safety for heavens sake) on tape that is solid for our system? Good character guy, hard working and can hold his own in space. Would hate to select the next Gilmore or Claiborne.

    Trade up:
    1. Do we trade to take Chubb?? Is he really the guy we need. Perfect fit for system? The combine should help. Tape as well, but if he is that LEO we need… trading up should be in consideration.

    2. What about Fitzpatrick? Will he get too big and move to safety in a couple years? Hard to say. I think we have to keep Reid and Tartt.

    3. Barkley… I wouldn’t jump up for him… You can stack the box against good RBs. We used to hold AP in his prime to under 100. Good defenses can stop the run. A good offense that can open a hole makes average RBs look good. We have decent RBs we don’t need an elite back with all these other holes.

    1. Nelson i would get but after trading up for Barkley and pick up poe from Atlanta and the te from the chefs and a wr amun a something
      The front four would be phue from the giants Lawrence from the cowboys and maybe ngata and another de in the draft and why not Sherman off the Seahawks for good measure

  12. My unnecessarily too early prediction on the first pick would be if they stay at 9 or 10 they will go Safety.

  13. Why on earth would we do that? We have Tartt, Colbert and Ward all under contract.

    We are going either corner or edge if we stay put at 9/10.

    1. Because Derwin James is likely better then all 3 of those guys put together. They’re going to sign and/or trade for a veteran corner.

          1. The point is safety isnt an immediate need. Colbert and Tartt look legit.

            You dont draft a safety unless you have severe brain damage.

              1. Not sure if all of our inside D line “looks legit” either. Maybe they should draft a tackle at 9? lol.

  14. Not buying it…

    Value points…
    49ers top 10 pick: 1300-1350

    Bills picks…
    21: 800
    95: 120
    2019 1st: 800?
    Total: 1720

    The only way this deal pays off is if the Bills lose it all next season, otherwise, you’re basically giving up top 10 talent for a late 1st and an extra 370-420 points, which all can’t be completely realized for an entire year. The value may be there in points, but does the quality of players match? I don’t think so.

      1. That value chart is outdated. It hasnt been used in over 5 years.

        There is a new chart that takes in to account the rookie pay scale and current cba.

    1. rather take there 1 ,2,3 this year. To move down from 9 to 20.
      We would have
      1 (20)-price C
      2(n.o) trade up CLE 2nd pick Michael rb
      2 (buff) CB
      3 OLB
      3(chi) WR
      3 (buff) traded to move up in 2nd rd
      4th ILB

  15. That is a very good mock for a first attempt Grant. Covers all the bases. I really hope the Niners can find a team that wants to trade up for a QB like you have the Bills doing in this scenario. The strength of this draft is in the 2-4 rounds imo.

  16. Nice mock Grant, it addresses a lot of our needs. You didn’t pick an OG, which begs the question, do you think Garnett and Tomlinson can get the job done in 2018?

    1. Thanks, Eddie D. I think the Niners will try to sign Justin Pugh, the Giants left guard the past few seasons.

  17. The Niners can pick whoever they want so long as they get Rashaad Penny as RB. He is a force, paired with Garroppalo he will be deadly to opposing defenses. He’s fast, strong, he made a 74 yd catch in the Senior Bowl, and is a great returner (though he probably won’t be risked doing that). He’s too important to let slip away.

  18. The one thing I don’t get is why ask for a 2019 first round pick when the Bills own picks 21 and 22?

    9th Pick – 1350 Points
    21 and 22nd – 1580 Points.

    Given the importance of the QB position, I think it would be a fair trade. We could even toss in our 4th or 5th rounder to balance it out if needed.

    Just doesn’t seem to make much sense to ask for a future first, when they have two first rounders already in 2018. And from the Bills point of view, they would probably rather give them the 22nd pick in the first round of 2018, rather than risk a bottom 10 finish and have to fork up a top 10 pick in 2019. At least now, they know the value they’re giving up.

    1. Last year, the Chiefs gave the Bills 1156 trade value points to move up to 10, which is worth 1300 points.

  19. That value chart is outdated. It hasnt been used in over 5 years.

    There is a new chart that takes in to account the rookie pay scale and current cba.

  20. The problem I have with Price is Shanahan would be going from a very experienced C in Kilgore to a rookie. That’s a heckuva lot to ask, even with Price’s abilities. He’d be responsible for making the line calls, so would have to have intimate knowledge of all Coach’s run & pass blocking schemes. Again, that’s a tremendous load to put on any rookie. That said, I’d much prefer Lynch sign one of the talented 25-something C’s in the FA pool. Then, draft CB Joshua Jackson. He’s a terrific playmaker and was at his best against the toughest competition. I really don’t have issues with your other picks…just wouldn’t start off with a rookie C.

    1. Actually centers dont always call out the line shifts. Some teams have used a gaurd for that exact reason

    2. Exactly. Asking a rookie center to plug and play in this offense is a tall order. That’s why I prefer to address the position in F/A with Richburg, and then bring Kilgore back to compete with him on a one year deal….

    3. Price can play either guard or center. So he doesn’t have to play Center, he can play guard then transition to Center later if its needed. His versatility makes him even more valuable to teams.

      1. Why in the hell would we want Price if Nelson is sitting there? I wouldn’t trade down if Nelson is still on the board….

          1. Well, he’s trading down and Nelson has a good chance of being on the board with teams taking quarterbacks. I think that would be a big mistake, because he’s a rare cat. As for Price, I think there will be better value on the board with respect to position, because as I mentioned, the pivot is deep, and a player like Mason Cole has even more versatility….

            1. I would chose Nelson if I were picking between him and Price or… and would most likely take him at 9 or 10 if he was available. However, him being available is not a given. The colts, browns, broncos and bucs could all consider taking him. The colts and bucs have their qb and the Browns might draft one with the first pick (and they may want to protect him).
              Denver is the wildcard as they should be heavy contenders for Cousins… and if so may invest in protecting him.

              However even with that said If I could somehow come out of the draft with Landry and Hernandez… I would take that over Nelson

              1. I thought you said guards weren’t highly coveted, and that he had a good chance of being on the board? Nelson+Mata’afa>Hernandez+Landry….

              2. Ahhh sorry If I was a bit confusing to you. I should explain better.

                I do believe that, but that is just my opinion, it is not shared by everyone, and it may not be Grant’s belief either.
                That said, I would chose Nelson over every other line prospect I have seen so far. I still have more tape to watch but I believe he is in a class above the other prospects I have watched to date.
                The second question then becomes if I can trade back what 2 prospects could offset the loss of Nelson and how likely are we to get them?

              3. I’d agree with that premise, Shoup. I think the fact that the 49ers even met with Hernandez dispels any notion of Shanny’s size requirements, since he’s 340 pounds….

      2. As for versatility, Mason Cole has played every interior position, and in a pinch could play RT. Much better value at the bottom of the 3rd or top of the 4th. Pivot is deep in this class….

          1. Yep, what was up with his errant hikes? I counted like 8 of ’em off to the left in the Senior Bowl.

  21. I like the Price pick. He can play C or G. It’s draft season, so I’ll pat myself on the back a little. I was the first to mention Price on here. To his credit, Seb got on board quickly. But enough of that.

    I think St. Brown will be a mid to late 2nd rounder, like him though. Questions for our resident ND fan. How is St. Brown’s route tree? Does he fight for the ball? Can his frame take NFL hits if he goes over the middle?

    1. He separates well for a tall receiver unlike Benjamin. They used him mostly in the vertical route tree, and he has an excellent jab step. He’s not a burner like Fuller, but he’s got quick feet. I like his instincts too, especially against zone and the first down marker. He can make the contested catch too, but he’s not ready for over the middle punishment. The good thing is, he’s got the frame to put on muscle. His full name is Equanimeous Tristan Imhotep J. St. Brown. Don’t ask me what the J stands for…lol.

    1. Yep, unless you’re willing to spend a late 1st or early 2nd on the position, might as well forget about it. WR is shallow in this class.

  22. I would be so pumped if SF was able to snag Okoronkwo that late in the draft – I think he’s about to have a great draft season. I do think that Lynch and Shanahan will use round 1 to address the offensive line in order to protect Jimmy Garoppolo.

    CB can be addressed via free agency and later in the draft if they find a stud that can grow into the system and position. The need for a pass rusher is also rather large so I’d look for a FA signing and maybe drafting a young guy to, again, grow into the position.

      1. Logical choice. Good for the 49ers because it denies a division rival a quarterback. The threat of a trade could also force the Cardinals to trade into the top 8 for a quarterback, forcing BPA down to 9.5.

        But I think I’m getting ahead of myself. Free agency, quarterback trades/retirements will likely make a total hash of early draft boards.

        Will the Chiefs trade Alex Smith? Spotrac has KC dead last for cap space. Guessing it would gain about $17m cap room.

        1. If the Cardinals are keeping Arians’ offense, they’d probably be interested in Rudolph. As for the Bills, they’ll likely need a strong arm quarterback as well….

          1. I think the only two quarterbacks of note that will still be on the board by the time we pick are, Rudolph and Jackson….

  23. Not a bad mock. RB Jones only gets drafted if Hyde is a goner . Let’s keep in mind there are several teams below us in the draft who need a qb or are looking for qb of the future : Cards, Skins, Bills, Saints, Vikings and Steelers.

    We will know more after combine and free agency.

  24. I like the players you drafted Grant, BUT…

    49ers Trade the #9 pick for

    2018 1st Round (#21),
    2018 3rd Round (#95)
    2019 1st Round

    That seems like a ton of compensation for the #9 pick. Do the value charts show this is an even trade?

        1. Alright I looked at the Rich Hill chart. Assuming the 49ers get the #9 pick in the coin flip with the Raiders the value of their pick is:

          49ers #9 = 387.01

          Bills #21 = 260.82
          Bills #95 = 40.26
          Bills 2019 1st Round Pick = ???

          How do you decide the value of a 1st Round pick next year. I believe according to the chart a 1st round pick next year should be valued as a 2nd round pick this year. If that is correct, then Bills 2019 1st round pick should be worth anywhere from 179.54 to 79.69. The trade may work from a point value perspective or it may not in the Rich Hill chart. I guess at that point it turns to the honest judgement of the GM to determine if the Bills will have a high draft pick next year or a low draft pick to figure out if the deal works. So Grants trade proposal may work or it may not even using the current point system.

          1. That’s a good breakdown. I think in the end the charts are an “In The Ballpark” point of reference, not an exact quantification. The value is determined by what someone will pay.
            I thought the Falcons over paid for J.Jones. In hindsight they may be fine with it. The Eagles and Rams over paid for QBs, but they’re ok with it.
            Dan Snyder ain’t talking about RG3 trade.

    1. Standard charts show a 550 point differential dropping from 9 to 21. Equivalent to around pick 35. But when trading for a pick in the following year, a gain in value is expected.

      Last draft Buffalo traded 10 for Kansas City’s 27+91+2018 first. The point differential dropping from 10 to 27 is 620. The equivalent to around pick 30.

      Going strictly by chart and Bills/Chiefs precedent, the 49ers might need to throw in a 5th rounder.

      9+fifth for 21+95+2019 first works for me.

  25. Personally, I don’t see/hope the 49ers don’t accumulate picks for next year…. I think they want to win sooner than later and will be aggressive in addressing the roster this year as they are going to want to give JimmyG every indication that they want to promptly get back to the Super Bowl. My $.02

    I think 7 1/2 is tough for 2018 w the schedule, but going to double-down on JimmyG since he basically rescued the bet on last season.

  26. Haven’t delved into the draft much yet but looked at the selection order the other day and I thought four maybe five QB’s go in the first 12 selections. There is going to be a bunch of no brainer skilled position players available by the time the 49ers pick. If they are going to trade down they will no doubt miss an O lineman/LB/Corner/WR who will be starting on opening day subject to camp injury.. Perhaps this draft is 20/30 rookie starters deep but if it isn’t giving up number9/10 makes it much more a gamble..

    1. This scenario is looking more and more likely. If it does play out this way then staying put would probably be best.

      Someone who is worthy of a top 5 pick will slide with Qbs flying off the board. FA will help answer some of those questions.

  27. Bleacher Report ranks 49ers’ Jaquiski Tartt as NFL’s third-best strong safety
    1 hour ago • 22 comments
    By David Bonilla

  28. Okoronkwo Would be an absolute steal.
    Undersized doesn’t matter with his motor. He will be the best NFL Sooner coming out this year.

      1. We don’t need a normal EDGE, we need a LEO. Dorance Armstrong, Jr and Nwosu look like the bendy LEO guys this year. Landry is more of a SAM. Those other guys don’t fit the scheme.

        1. Landry won’t be around with our 2nd pick anyways, and Landry has extreme bend. Turay and Mata’afa most assuredly fit the scheme, and Grant’s dreaming if he believes Obo will be there in the third round….

  29. If this happened, I’d be happy in general with the draft. But people have mentioned St. Brown; also, I have seen a few sources rank Okoronkwo a first round pick.

    1. If Okoronkwo is off the board, the 49ers could take Jeff Holland from Auburn or Duke Ejiofor from Wake Forest.

      1. I’d grab Turay before those two, but Mata’afa would be my choice if he’s still on the board.

        1. I believe I previously mocked Mata’afa, so I’m with Razoreater. I like Duke Ejiofor over Holland, but that is splitting hairs.

  30. QB Kyle Lauletta earned Player-of-the-Game honors, along with receivers D.J. Chark of LSU and Central Florida’s Tre’quan Smith. Lauletta put on a strong performance that moved him into the middle tier of QB prospects in this deep class. Lauletta displayed a strong arm with accurate throws including 3 TD passes.

    San Diego St RB Rashaad Penny was our #1 Player to Watch for the Senior Bowl and he did not disappoint. He was one of the main reasons why the South blew out the North. He had an impressive 34-yard run along with a 73-yard TD reception. Penny displayed the speed to run away from defenders at over 220 lbs. with the soft hands to be a three-down pro back. His NFL Combine performance will be watched closely as he continues to ascend the draft charts.

    Via Frank Coyle’s NFL Digest. RIP, Frank

  31. Don’t go crazy on super high dollar free agents unless they are true game changers (like a Deion Sanders, Troy Vincent, Reggie White, Simeon Rice, etc…). I’d rather have a bunch of very good free agents than future cap busters.

    1. You’d likely be interested in Rashaan Melvin, CB, Colts. Mid tier F/A with size, 6-2″, allowed 52.7 percent completion rate, ranked 20th in tackling efficiency, and had 3 Int’s in 10 games played last year….

  32. Just having Jimmy in the lineup garnered wins with the same players that set historic numbers for losses pre JG.
    Point: We can win with the current roster.

    Priority for this draft is OL and Edge. Every player chosen after that is collateral help.
    And this includes FA’s.

  33. I love the trade down. It would be great to get next years one, but I looked at the point chart and we could also slide to pick 21 and pick up their second rounder. This would add in another quality player for winning now.

    The ohio state stud can play center of guard and is ideal for shannahans system. i usually hate trading down but this makes sense.

    I would love for the USC RB to be there in the top of round 3, here is to fingers and toes crossed.

  34. When Vrable had his media interview, he said, in regards to the Patriot philosophy:
    “ we want the Right 53,not necessarily The Best 53.”
    I think Lynch and Shanny have their own but also a shared similar vision of players. I don’t have enough info to define their views, just recognize that their’s might not match McShay, etc.

    1. Confirmed on ESPN.

      Dang wanted Washington to trade with us. I wonder if Cousins will go to AZ

      1. If Cousins goes to AZ, will the Bills be less hot to trade up? The good news would be top ten QB hungry teams would be likely drafting quarterbacks, bumping BPA down.

    2. Good fit for Alex. If the Cardinals are going to be running Arians’ offense, I didn’t think he’d be a good fit.

  35. Looks like Cousins may hit te FA market after all. Funny how now we aren’t remotely interested now. Wonder where he will go.

  36. I like the St. Brown pick. I hope the 9ers get him. I also like joshua jackson if we can trade down to the mid teens. I think OL willget addressed in the early rounds but not in the first. I really like ward and think he will be the best corner but idk how well he will fit into the 49ers scheme as he is a bit small.

  37. Wonder what KC got. Would Washington give up their 13 overall?
    Smith has a year on his contract. Was an extension worked out before hand?
    What other clubs were bidding for Smith’s services?

    1. Smith went to a non top ten draft pick team. Perhaps Good news for people wanting alot of quarterbacks taken early to push BPS down. But maybe less motivation for a team to trade up with the 49ers.

      The draft map will be clearer once Cousins finds his new team.

        1. If Cousins went to Jacksonville IR would be ideal from the Niners standpoint. Force QB teams picking high to draft quarterbacks, pushing BPA down. Needy teams like the Bills would still need to move up.

          1. Looks like they plan to keep Bortles. Dumb. Didn’t seem to trust him with 55 seconds left in the first half, and seemed like they didn’t trust him to make aggressive throws downfield when they needed them either….

      1. #80, that’s how I thought the Garoppolo deal would go down when I first heard about it.

        Smith and Cousins could help set the market for Garoppolo. Very curious to see what Smith will be pulling down, especially in guaranteed money.

        I expect Garoppolo’s guaranteed money will be more than Smith’s because the Franchise tag would be well above Smith’s 2018 salary if he stayed in KC. Garoppolo has more leverage than Cousins or Smith.

        1. Twitterverse saying Smith getting $70m guaranteed, $23.5m per year.

          That’s alot of guaranteed money for a 4 year contract.

          Garoppolo has more leverage and will likely be a five year contract if it happens. I’m expecting any guarantee portion to absolutely shock people.

        2. Initial numbers are 4 years 23 million…Just what I’ve heard…Were gonna have to give Jimmy 25 mil for five…It is what it is

  38. Anyone feel like looking up all the QB needy teams cap space?
    Besides the Browns having alot of dough I’m guessing he will take the highest bidder other than Cleveland..
    Read a rumor Cleveland had a trade proposed for A Smith but it was turned down,poor Browns…

  39. Looks like Arizona is at 27 million?
    Cousin’s will have to demand at least 24 mil..with that cap space they could be a trade up candidate for a QB,as I can’t see them hand cuffing themselves like that.

    1. Albert Breer notes Jeremy Bates is the Jets new OC. Bates runs a Shanahan type system and the Jets have lots of cap space.

      Attractive from the Jets standpoint. They could secure a quarterback that fits the system, use pick six on a great BPA or trade back for more picks.

  40. I don’t think Jimmy G signs a contract until Cousin signs his, unless the Niners offers are just that good to pass up, which I doubt at this point.

    1. Wonder if Snyder will make 49ers sweat by waiting till Franchise tag deadline to officially proclaim Cousins FA?

    1. No one to blame but themselves. They ruined their relationship with Cousins. Alex will be coming to a team with no where near the talent that he had in KC….

  41. My first thought is Alex might have done better with AZ,….but….
    Good on ye, Alex….go for it….
    I still guess Cousins to Denver….

  42. Wow and Fuller? Horrible deal,overpay than give up a starting c.b. and a third round pick for captain checkdown?He’s has and never will win a big game.. Horrible trade imo.

  43. Alex will do fine in Washington’s offense. The contract they are signing him to sounds like big numbers but really isn’t in the current QB market. The only thing that is surprising is how much is guaranteed, but I expect a lot of that is agent speak atm and not all of the $71m is fully guaranteed (like how Kaep’s contract was initially talked up as having heaps of guaranteed money but in the end it was mostly injury guarantees). They are getting a QB of a similar calibre to the one they had for a lot less than what Cousins has been after.

    And as for the trade, the only thing they are really giving up is a promising nickelback. The 3rd rounder will be replaced in 2019 through a compensatory pick.

    I will be interested to see whether KC look to add a decent vet QB to backup Mahomes in case he falters, or whether they will just go all in on him.

    1. I disagree. Is Washington any better with Smith? Terrible move, because Fuller was their best DB, rated 2nd best slot CB, and could have been a cornerstone piece for years. Plus, Cousins was 30 years old and Alex is 34. What a debacle the Redskins franchise is. I’m so thankful we’ve un-debacled ourselves….

      1. They are much better with Smith. Cousins isn’t under contract so Smith is a huge upgrade from what they had on their books.

        But if you mean is he an upgrade over Cousins, then no. He’s a similar calibre player. But they were never going to sign Cousins to a long term deal so they had to move on from him. Smith was probably the best QB that will be available not named Cousins. He gives them a solid starter for a few years while they find their long term answer.

        Losing Fuller hurts a bit, but QB is much more important than nickel CB.

        1. My worry is Snyder will hang onto Cousins till franchise tag expires…
          – To torture Cousins
          – Remove a 49ers negotiating option to threaten to sign Cousins if Garoppolo is demanding super-high contract
          – Delay 49ers signing Garoppolo if he indeed wants to wait to see what Cousins contract is… possibly forcing 49ers to franchise tag.

          1. Not sure I understand. Cousins FT designation is up as soon as the new league year starts I assume. Washington would need to tag him once again to prevent him from hitting FA, and surely they won’t do that as it is too expensive and everyone knows full well Washington now has no intentions of keeping him. They have no bargaining power for a trade.

            1. Meant to write “My worry is Snyder will hang onto Cousins till franchise tag deadline expires”

              1. But the deadline for teams to designate the tag is prior to FA anyway, so what does it matter? Cousins won’t be able to sign for a team until after FTs are designated regardless.

  44. Look out for this new name on the Redskins page. ninerredskiningitup.. aka Onelame
    Looks like Alex is heading to the swamp.

      1. Child please. You pop up every couple of months and I’m the first one you always ride the nuts of. You still aren’t fooling anybody. Now go get your Redskins #11 Jersey.

        1. can someone plz remind this delusional nimrod he is the one that shows up only when there is a Alex story…….

  45. After seeing Alex get traded to DC and the reported contract he signed, for some reason I can’t help but to think that the 49ers will try to sign Cousins. If they really like JG and if JG wants to be their, why can’t a deal get done. Their is no point of waiting. Range is going to be 25-32 a year, for how many years its going to be and should be around 50-100 Guaranteed, so why hasn’t a deal been done. is it JG side or 49ers side. To me that just looks bad, just sign and be done with it. But if its the 49ers side and now most likely Cousins will not get tagged by DC but you never know, and Shanny really likes him and he will sign for less cause he wants to play for the 49ers. Will 49ers try and trade JG to the Bills or Browns for their first rounds picks 2 apiece in the first round and still think they got their QB they wanted the most. Would you be made if the 49ers did that sign Cousins and trade JG for 2 first round picks and another for next year

    1. lol…keep dreaming…….Cousins is not coming to ninernation…….JimmyG is our QB…..move on to other positions in the draft and FA

      and FYI – Mexico is not paying for a wall at the border….

        1. lol…..what a moron……its things like this you care about…..while your mates are doing something better with their lives…….a true loser you are….

          we are on here talking about mock drafts and possible players to be added to the team……this loof saw the Alex trade on TV and couldn’t wait to come on the blog to let us know about it……and now telling us about empire…….lol…….

          next he will claim he is a 49er fan…… bro…you are a Alex hater first…… the same Alex you called a bust is respected around the league and getting paid starter $$$…….

          Alex keeps feeding you the crow…..

    2. For that to work, SF would have to put the Franchise Tag on JG and he’d have to sign it before a trade could happen. Then Browns are going to cough up 3 1sts for a guy for a one year Tag contract? And if Jimmy is hesitant (which isn’t clear) to sign with Shanny in SF, he’d want to re-sign with Browns or get Tagged by them?

      1. JG would sign the tag right away because it will guarantee him $25 million even if he’s traded. That will be the Browns problem if they cough up all those picks or any other team. if JG wants lots of money the Browns will pay him or any other needy QB team. All I’m saying is don’t be shocked if the 49ers go that route if they know they can’t sign JG or they really want Cousins and can get all those picks. Remember that Lynch did say few months ago when they traded for JG that he could use him as trade bait in the offseason, but of course he took those words back

        1. Jimmy Garropolo is not going to be traded by the 49ers. Don’t be ridiculous. You do not trade a 2nd round pick, have the guy come in and turn your franchise around only to be traded. He is going to sign its just a matter of the agent being smart and seeing what the market is. If its 20, 21, 22, 25, 30 million a year and 60 guaranteed, that’s what the team will have to pay.

          1. but what if the team does not want to pay that much or come close to his demands but Cousins will. Do the 49ers tag a player on a 1 year deal on a guy who may or may not want to be their, or do they sign a guy who wants to be their and sign for less.

            1. The team or any team for that matter has to pay through the nose if you want a franchise quarterback. They are few and far between and when you have one that comes in midseason and wins 5 in a row and sparks your team, you pay him.

        2. “they really want cousins”… Loo fu@#### L.. The only people that really want cousins are some of the lames on this blog, nobody would choose cousins over jg. Just like saying Vic Fangio will be our DC next year. Book it. Wow, you clowns are hilarious.

  46. I have a feeling that Paraag is thinking about scenarios, probably a bit more realistic than the one posed here. Most of us on this blog have been around long enough to know that stranger things have happened.

    I highly doubt it will happen and I don’t want it to happen. Still, if Jimmy G hadn’t started those last five games and performed very well (given the circumstances), it does make me wonder if Cousins could be in play.

    1. That’s all I’m trying to say. It makes me wonder if Cousins is in play here. I don’t know what they will do, but lynch already said JG could be bait for a trade this offseason. As long as we get a QB this season I don’t care who he is and sign other players and draft good. but I will say that just because JG played 5 games and won those games and hasn’t even played a full season that I’m going to be like JG is the best or because he has won all of his starts. cause what if he plays a full season and wins only 6,7 games or less and plays bad, then what will you say. like I said I don’t care who we get and I hope he does play well so we can win. All im saying is would the 49ers get cousins instead of JG with all the backlash it would create from the fans.

      1. for someone who is not sure of what they are saying or don’t know what they are saying, you definitely say alot of b.s…..

        1. I know what I’m saying. I want a QB who wants to be on the team and can play football so we can win, I don’t care who that QB is. I’ll leave this subject alone because apparently people just love JG too much to even look at the big picture of trying to build the football team now and for the future. Probably all GMs would trade JG for 3 first round picks or whatever deal they can get (most likely more than the second round pick they traded him for) and while still being able to sign another good QB in the process example Cousins to help build for the future. All I’m saying is don’t be surprised if the 49ers do that. Also Lynch already said he would use JG as bait so don’t get mad at me for saying it, Lynch already said it before.

    2. 49er mgmt speculating about JG as trade bait to get Cousins…sure, I could see it, I even suggested JG might be dealt before he played a game for us…
      Front office JG trade plans might have still been around prior to say, the Texans game, but after Jax game, any thoughts of trade intrigue involving “The Jimmy G Experience” (trademark pending) would have been suppressed, if not purged…

      1. “The Jimmy G Experience” — I like that !! The fans are positioned All Along the Watchtower to make sure no other franchise sends horsemen to kidnap the Foxy QB ! He just needs to drive away the Brinks truck to the bank so that fans don’t sink into manic Depression?

        1. I can see 9ers F.O. hiring Mike Zagaris to front a PR campaign pushing tie-dyed 9er T-shirts with this new trademarked logo…

        2. ?’ Move over Rover and let Jimi take over ‘
          “And if 6 turns out to be 9, I don’t mind” ?

    3. Cubus,

      As we all probably understand by now, the entire question of “how much Jimmy G is worth?” is moot, along with “have we seen enough of him?”, “does he have durability?” and others.

      IMO, the best way for the Niners to guesstimate his value is to ask the question: “If Jimmy G was to walk into the QB market this off-season, how much would a team offer him in long term contract and guaranteed money?” Teams like the Broncos, Jets, and the Jags.

    1. Maybe he’ll say he’s a Raven. Whoops, nope, wouldn’t even show up there.
      Ran out of NorCal as fast as he could. So, nope, not Niners.
      Held out and got mad at the Eagles. So, nope, not Eagles.
      Cowboys? Parcells wouldn’t even say his name aloud; “The Player”. So, maybe not.
      He’ll just go in unaffiliated. Solo. As in “Me! Me! Me!”
      That should be familiar ground for him.
      Who will be his presenter? Jeff Garcia? Donovan McNab? Parcells?

      1. Drew Rosenhaus. He will talk about how Owens fantastically did sit-ups during an interview.

  47. Owens is just another of the casualties of the Dr. York “I know football” era– purging Mooch, bringing in Erickson with his “attacking style O”, the “long pass” coming back to SF, Terry D. drafts… oh, the bad old days….

  48. Price: Some people have Price the #1 center. Others have Daniels. What I find amusing is that the ones that like Daniels better, have Price as a second-rounder. And the Price guys… They have Daniels as a second-rounder. Of the two, I like Price better. But I would have no issue with Daniels.

    McFadden: He’s a projected 3rd rounder.

    Okoronkwo: He’s a projected 2nd round OLB and the knock on him is that he is not very good with his hand in the dirt.

    Jones: He’s a projected as a Low Round 1/High 2 guy.

  49. Alright, I’ll take a crack at a mock for fun. I think the most glaring thing is that I don’t address the interior of the O-line, but with Garnett coming back and late season improvement in play from Tomlinson, maybe it can wait until the 4th round or be addressed in free agency?

    Courtland Sutton WR. Big time playmaker and a game changer in the red zone.

    Kameron Kelly CB. Playmaker with size who can tackle. Fits the scheme and addresses a major need

    Kerryon Johnson RB. Electric player when healthy. Will slip due to lack of production from injury, just like Alvin Kamara did last year.

    James Hearns OLB. Makes tackles, gets sacks, and addresses a weakness. In this scenario he ultimately plays the strongside, with Malcolm on the weakside and Reuben in the middle.


    1. Watching tape of Sutton shows that he drops passes that he should catch and has technique issues, so pass on him. I also think you have Kelly going higher than what he will but Johnson going too late.

      1. I disagree on Sutton, but time will tell. I think he is a Michael Thomas/Mike Evans type of player. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gone by our pick. But, he’ll probably run a 4.5, so the 40 fanatics may knock him down a peg. Should be fun to watch!

        Hard to argue with those points. I’m sure after the combine things will look differently. Mock drafts are a fools errand, but they’re fun. Thanks

        1. Ridley is better than Sutton and he’s not a top 10 pick in my estimation. Sutton is a 20-25 pick. I’d take Tate over Sutton, myself….

          1. “That’s what makes the horserace,” as they say. I like watching Ridley, and would be happy to see him in a 49ers uniform, but I don’t think he’s better than Sutton and not worth a 9-10 pick. Tate reminds me of Funchess, but less athletic. He wins a lot of contested catches, because he doesn’t get a ton of separation. He’s a good football player, but not elite. Again, just one opinion.

            1. You just described Sutton. He doesn’t get much separation, slow feet, and he’s a possession receiver. His routes aren’t sharp, without much technique….

              1. He breaks tackles and can run in the open field. He’s not a burner by any means, but neither is Mike Evans. Big guys always looks like they aren’t running as crisp a route. I’m not saying there isn’t room for coaching him up, but he has the tools. He catches balls over the middle and would be a fantastic option on playaction. He can catch back shoulder throws and adjusts well. He would help tremendously in the redzone imo.

                Tate makes an acrobatic catch and then falls down. Sutton keeps running.

              2. Yea, he’s a #2 or #3 receiver, not a #1. You don’t draft guys like that in the top half of the draft. He’ll probably get drafted earlier than he should due to the shallow depth at the position, but it won’t be the 49ers….

  50. Good mock Grant. However, I don’t believe some of those prospects will make it to the rounds you have them being selected in. I also wouldn’t touch McFadden unless he falls to Day 3 of the draft, and I don’t think the Bills will be able to get away with trading away just one of their first round picks.

  51. Lance Zierlein is a guy I really respect in terms of talent evaluation. He just came out with his first mock draft which has the 49ers selecting Tremaine Edmunds (LB) Va Tech. Here’s his writeup:

    “Edmunds is a physical freak with a combination of height, weight, speed and production that we’ve never seen at linebacker.”

    Zierlein even has Edmunds going before Roquan Smith. I don’t know anything about Edmunds so I have no opinion on the player. I do have an opinion on the position though. 49ers need at CB and o-line far outweighs their need at LB so I don’t like this pick.

      1. I believe he’s being mocked for the LEO position. In case you google his weight, he’s 250 lbs and not 220lbs as some results will show.

    1. Niners will most likely plug the holes in FA, and go BPA in draft unless the position is literally spilling over with quality players (e.g., safety and interior DL). The only area of need that they just might turn to in draft (over BPA) is edge rusher since competent edge rushers rarely make it to FA or will be available only for ridiculous money (a 8 sack/season, injury-prone Ansah will probably snag $15M/yr).

      1. I agree, Mood. If they don’t get a quality edge rusher in FA, I think they have to take one early in the draft.

        1. The first 3 picks should absolutely target pass rusher, corner back and wide receiver. Regardless of free agency because you can never have enough of each of those positions.

        2. Cubus,
          Early is probably right. It all depends on how they assess the character and coachability of the player. Fans tend to overlook the fact that teams like Patriots put a lot of emphasis of this C&C aspect of picks. That’s why the combine is important — a chance to talk to the player.

    2. Houston,
      I love Edmunds. He has freakish sideline to sideline speed and can be a force as a pass rusher as well.
      But drafting him with our 1st pick can be a gamble especially given the fact that our priority is at OLine.
      I stated a few months ago that if Q. Nelson is on the board when our pick comes up; we should snatch him up.
      As far as drafting a WR.
      We may already have the WR’s we need in house, so I wouldn’t pick one with our 1st pick.
      Garoppolo has shown that he can be adapt at spreading the ball around so the need for a high pick at WR is unwarranted imo.

      I would go hard after Q. Nelson and make a trade for Edmunds who likely will go somewhere between 12-20 of the 1st Rd.

      1. I’m not a proponent of drafting a WR. I like the current group of guys. Garcon, Goodwin, and Taylor is the best WR corp the 49ers have had in more than a decade. If we can pick up someone better than those 3 guys then by all means but I just don’t see that happening.

        If Nelson and Edmunds are on the board when the 49ers pick they have to take Nelson. The o-line needs a major upgrade and that’s a guy to build around.

          1. I think the teams you have be worried about are the Giants, Colts, and Broncos in regards to Nelson.

              1. And with the exception of Ryan, the Colts have been neglectful of their OL for years. (See also: Luck, Andrew, Medical Record). Colts should but probably won’t select Nelson or the top OT.

            1. MWD, remember how we were worried Buckner wouldn’t be available when it was our turn to pick? I’m hoping to just get lucky one more time….

    3. Edmunds would be an exciting pick. Kid is an amazing athlete. Not sold on him as a pass rusher though. His pass rushing atm is almost entirely about speed. No real pass rush moves to speak of.

      1. Scooter,
        Edmunds will grow and fill out a little more with weight and strength. The idea of Edmunds, Foster and Smith can be a huge boon for the defense.

        Our front DLine is still young and getting better. If Armstead can stay on the field and Thomas can improve his pass rush technique our DLine will be incrementally better than last year.

        My theory is that the foundation of the game begins in the trenches and spreads out from there.
        Build our OLine and DLine and the other pieces will fall in place.
        Q.Nelson and an Edge Rusher will immediately make us better.

  52. Glad that we are thinking of upgrading the center position. Kilgore is getting on in age. He had a healthy year in 2017 but we need a rookie we can grow with.

    1. I think Shanahan prefers veteran experience and the team will try to get either Ryan Jensen or Weston Richburg. They brought in Zuttah last year, but unfortunately he was a bust in Shanahan’s system.

      1. That’s the route I think they should take. Bring Kilgore back on a one year deal, and let him compete against Richburg….

        1. Kilgore could also be in the backup guard rotation mix…
          I like how some people here are arguing to re-cycle Tomlinson back into the starting guard rotation using selective memory techniques…go back and watch the protection JG got in the Texans game…

  53. One thing about these early version mock drafts is that if you devise one now or come across one that seems about right to you, save a copy as a baseline to refer back upon.
    The Combine illuminates but also sometimes dazzles us with quantifiable data. Fans and media buzz about speed and reps and measureables and soon the consensus changes for who goes where.
    After the Combine hoopla calms down and new mocks shake out it’s fun to refer back to the pre Combine mocks to see what changed and if the changes are justified or suspicious.
    And then the disinformation campaigns begin…….

    1. Every year there is a late riser with a great combine who will fool GMs into drafting them way higher than they should be = Saloman Thomas

  54. I think the Niner’s biggest need is an outside pass rusher. Don’t know or care if he comes from the draft or FA, but this position needs to be addressed. After an excellent QB, games are won in the 4th quarter most often by sacking and pressuring the other teams QB. In 2017 the Niners were terrible at pressuring the QB and had one of the lowest sack totals in the league. They may even want to try to get two outside pass rusher in the hope that one will turn into a player with double digit sacks each year.
    The second biggest need is interior offense line. Even if the Niners sign a FA lineman they need to use some of their draft capital and take an interior lineman some where in the first three rounds.
    The third need is at CB. They should draft or sign a projected immediate starter and maybe use a later selection to pick a project who can play special teams.

    I don’t think they have to draft players in this order, because reaching for players usually does not work out. However, if none of their needs grade out as being worth taking at that slot, they should try to trade down, or trade up if they see a player like they did last year when they saw Foster was still available.

  55. On Rotoworld:

    The Sacramento Bee’s Matt Barrows believes the odds are higher free agent Carlos Hyde leaves the 49ers.

    The Niners didn’t seem all that committed to Hyde throughout coach Kyle Shanahan’s first year in charge. Hyde’s week-to-week usage was flippy-floppy at best as he lost reps to UDFA Matt Breida, and Hyde’s receiving numbers really fell off once Jimmy Garoppolo took over under center. However, Hyde did have some solid rushing days — 14-78-1 and 15-90-2 — with Garoppolo. We tend to side with Barrows here; Hyde can likely command more outside of San Fran.

    Seattle might be a landing spot. They don’t have a good RB and need to lessen the offensive load on RW.

    1. No need to bring back Hyde. Plenty of depth in the draft for Shanny to find his diamond in the rough to compete with Breida, Williams, McNichols and a F/A or two….

    2. Having paid $5M+ per year to Juice, Niners can expect Hyde’s agent to start that as the baseline for negotiations. Hyde will be too expensive as we all suspect.

      1. That’s a good point. I wonder if that might apply to any free agents – probably just those that were starters, if any at all are being considered by the team.

  56. been consistently saying how mediocre Cousins is…..

    Washington gave Smith a four-year, $94 million deal as part of the trade.

    so lets recap…..Redskins gave up a young solid CB and a 3rd rd pick for Alex + $94mil ($23mil a yr)

    they did that instead of giving Cousins $25mil a yr contract which we all agree is fair or overpaid but not underpaid…..and would have kept a solid CB on their roster and their 3rd pick…..

    you have to admit the redskins did not value Cousins that high and its possible they regret tagging him with the franchise tag……

    All i am saying is – if the Redskins did not value him that much – why should anyone else?……and if anyone else did value him more than $23 a yr……maybe they just don’t know him as well as the team that drafted and groomed him…..

    sounds like a duck…..quacks like a duck……sounds to me it is a duck…….Redskins agree Cousins is mediocre and that was why they opted for a QB 4 yrs older at $23mil a yr and still gave up a talented player and draft pick…….

    to Cousins the Alex trade should be humbling……

    1. I agree with everything you said about Cousins but some desperate team needing a quarterback will offer him $25 million plus. I’m guessing here. I also think Cousins is not as good and Washington clearly was fine letting him walk away.

    2. oneniner,

      So in your opinion the Redskins would rather have traded a 3rd round pick and a starting CB for a QB who isn’t as good as the one they had? Brilliant deduction.

      You continue to state things about this story that are absolutely untrue. The Redskins have been trying to sign Cousins to a long term deal for a long time now and he turned them down because he’s been disrespected by the front office from day one. They traded for Alex because they couldn’t get Cousins to agree to a similar deal, it’s that simple.

      Cousins is far from humbled. He is likely the happiest guy on earth right now. He is going to have multiple teams bidding for him and gets to pick where he wants to go. Things couldn’t have gone better for him. Alex on the other hand goes from a division winner loaded with talent, to a team with a terrible defense, and few quality players on offense around him. The Skins have a decent Oline if they actually stay healthy, but it’s going to be a struggle for him if he faces the same issues Cousins faced last year.

      1. Not just a starting CB, the #2 ranked NCB in the league. Swearinger clearly was not happy about seeing him go.

  57. Whhaaaaa-ut?
    Denver Sports Columnist Woody Paige today was asked if Broncos will pursue Cousins. He said yes, but he doesn’t think Elway can fit Cousins under the cap. So Paige sez he thinks Cousins will sign with the Vikings!
    Not a typo. Vikings.
    I might be interested in where Woody sources his herb.

    1. Well, interesting thing about the Vikings is that all three of their QBs from last season are FAs this offseason. And all three will likely get interest as potential starting QBs by other teams.

      It would seem odd if they decided not to re-sign any of their QBs and went after Cousins instead. But not outside the realms of possibility either.

      1. Oh yeah, it’s possible, I just didn’t see that coming, LOL! That would energize the QB Carousel this offseason more than a little bit.

    2. That would make sense for the Vikes with the defense they have. Cousins could be the final piece of a SB puzzle for them.

    1. An AFC team makes the most sense, coupled with the offensive system rooted in Shanny. I’m hoping the Bills make the move for him instead for draft implications….

      1. I think the top FA QBs will mostly end up at teams that are drafting later in round 1 as they know it will be harder to get in position to draft the top QBs. And those teams offer better prospects of playoff football which you imagine will be attractive to a FA QB.

        The exception to that I think will be the Broncos. Despite being a team drafting early I think they will sign a vet QB (maybe Cousins) and vet QBs will be happy to go there.

        1. Cousins will choose where he wants to go because the Redskins are at his mercy. He won’t sign any tag to help them facilitate a trade, and who could blame him?

    2. He’s in play for every team in a need of a QB. We’ll see if he actually does place a value on winning or just goes to the highest bidder.

  58. If I had to give Tremaine Edmunds a pro comparison it would be Anthony Barr, but with more refined LB instincts and technique than Barr had coming out of college (basically his comparison is more Barr now, not what Barr was coming out of college). He’s the same kind of exceptional athlete for his size. Sideline to sideline range. Great closing speed. Limited pass rush repertoire though.

    Best fit is as an OLB in a 4-3. Like Barr. He does have potential to play DE in nickel, but needs to develop that part of his game over time.

    1. Scooter
      A bit off topic but WRT Barr, I noted in the NFCCG that they used him pass rushing from an inside LB alignment pressuring the A and B gaps. He was quick and disruptive against the guards and a pest with early inside pressure.

      1. Yeah, and that’s kind of how you would use Edmunds as a pass rusher as well I think – basically an off ball LB that can defend the run, the pass and rush the QB as you see fit depending on situation, and can line him up where you think he can do the most damage. Like Jamie Collins.

    2. Scooter,
      That is very good comparison. Barr is tall, fast and rangy.

      Not sure if you have watched any Florida games but they have a kid name Tevan Bryan that reminds me of Justin Smith. I know that’s a stretch comparison but this guy is the closest to JS that I’ve seen. Whoever drafts this kid is going to pay immediate dividends.

  59. LOL Brotha Tuna!! 280 players? He did 280 +/- mocks before last years draft, and when he got finished with that nonsense, his final mock, the only one that counts if your going to brag about picking it right, he had one correct pick, the same as myself (Solomon Thomas), and I only did 6 mocks including the last and final, and probably invested a total of about 1 hour researching players!! Actually, I won since I picked the number one pick right, while his correct pick was like 3 or 4!! What a joke!! I read back a bit since I missed a few weeks with yet another vaca!! Retirement is a biach I must say!! On the Hall of Fame discussion, Barry and Bill should both be in the Hall of Fame. I can’t even believe that is a topic of debate myself. Pete Rose also. Come on. You know the old saying. “If you ain’t cheatin, you ain’t tryin!” Sports teams and players have been trying to cheat since the beginning of time. Stealing signs, illegal bats, video footage, drugs, taking bribes, you name it! Barry was a Hall of Famer long before he used PED’s. Bill is probably the greatest football coach of all time. They both are or were pricks to the media, and that is why they can’t or wont get the votes, not on their performance and records. Pete because of his arrogance. Again, nothing to do with his performance and record. All three are Hall of Famers and everyone knows it. Spite sucks sometimes.

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