Trey Lance shows he gets it

The 49ers held their first practice in front of the media with Jimmy Garoppolo in attendance on Thursday. Afterwards, Trey Lance stood at the podium and was peppered with question after question about what it was like to have the former starting quarterback on the practice again. 


To his credit, Lance answered everything that came his way like a true professional. He talked about being “super excited” to have Garoppolo back and how he is like a “big brother” to Lance. 


The best thing Lance said during the nearly eight-minute session came when he was asked if the presence of Garoppolo puts more pressure on him.  


“No. For me, I’m worried about what the guys in the locker room think. What I think. What the coaches think. What the guys in this organization think” replied Lance. “Outside of that, I know there’s ‘Jimmy and Trey’ there’s all that, but this is going to be a collaborative group and I know Jimmy’s going to have my back through it all.”


With that response, Lance shows he gets it and is mature beyond his years. It also sounded like something a former 49ers quarterback recently said about the situation.


Prior to the start of training camp in late July, 49ers Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young joined Damon Bruce and Larry Krueger on 95.7 The Game. 


Young knows a thing or two about what it’s like to have a well-liked quarterback watching from the sidelines. 


During the interview, Young was asked if having Garoppolo on the roster would be too much to ask Lance to deal with. 


“Let me ask you this question. What’s different if he’s not there?” responded Young.


“It’s a Super Bowl team. People think that and believe that. And the quarterback who everyone’s focused on and staring at day in and day out is struggling. Yes, it is more complex with Jimmy standing there. But what I would tell Trey is that situation is not necessarily harder than the fact that you’re struggling. The whole team is staring at you; the whole town is staring at you. You’re not doing the job. And you’ve got to start doing the job.”


Young spent time this offseason talking with Lance, and it sounds like the upstart quarterback took those discussions to heart.

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  1. Good stuff, and True.
    People act like the additional pressure could break him, but that pressure would be there with or without Jimmy.
    Does his leash get shorter? Yes, if he completely bombs, but then SF would know they made a mistake and the pressure would ratchet up even more… on every one.

  2. Words are cheap. Of course everyone is saying all the right things. When things get tough during the season, and they will, that’s when we will find out how Jimmy’s presence on the roster impacts Trey’s development. Not until then.

  3. Anyone who has competed in sports knows that’s how it is, all the time.
    Either you are trying to get the other competitors job or they are trying to get your’s.
    At this level the pressure is just that much more intence.
    Either you can handle it or you go home.
    At this level,there is no leash only performance.
    Go 9ers!

  4. Things of it is, that Jimmy G. and Trey are both professionals. Both handled the press well. Those who claim Trey’s will lose confidence and his psyche will be destroyed. What an insult to a mature, poised young man. There is a bit of racism implied as well. Now let the season begin. Way too much media attention is paid to team maneuvering.

      1. No, Felix. It is manifest. Does a white man lose his confidence and experience a disturbed psyche after changed circumstances? Well, neither does Trey. Implied racism is very offensive and abhorred.

          1. just pointing out the defect in some of the media’s coverage of Trey’s psyche and confidence.

            1. How much did you pay exactly for that crap they taught you at Bryn Mawr? Hopefully less than $10k…

        1. Yes.
          They say the same thing with every rookie qb. Once you start him… you cant go back, etc.
          Its a pretty common axiom.

  5. Trey gets it?
    IDK. Talk is cheap!
    Let’s see how he does on the field and then talk about if he gets it!
    Go Niners! Time to play ball!
    Let’s see if Shanny gets it!!!

    1. No racism is implied by many but not all. Unconscious racial bias can hurt as much as the intentional Trump type. I also agree that performance is everything and I agree…let us move on to the actual games. Way too much second-guessing and conjecture this past week.

  6. Geesh, Jack, I can understand why a reporter’s question might go right over a naïve 22 year old Trey Lance’s head, but I am surprised how badly you interpreted it!

    The reporter’s question, and I believe it might have been Tim K, but one of the beat reporters asked Trey: “You have a guy who has started a lot of games on this team, won a lit of big games, people are going to be looking to him (Jimmy G) if you have a couple of bad series, I am sure you understand that, um, does that put more pressure on you?”

    And Trey’s answer clearly misunderstood the point.

    Trey Lance: “No um, for me, I worry about what the guys in the locker room think, what I think, what the coaches think, the guys in the organization think, outside of that, I know there’s Jimmy, there’s Trey, and there’s all of that, but this is going to be a collaborative group, and I know Jimmy is going to have my back”

    The questions wasn’t about the outsides noise. Obviously, blocking out the outside noise among the fans, and the football pundits, that’s not the major concern, or danger.

    The problem IS PRECISELY what the guys in the locker room think! That’s the issue. Those are the guys who have the potential to split the locker room just as soon as Trey has a bad game, and the locker room thinks they might have won the game with Jimmy. Especially if Trey has a bad game against a division rival.

    This has disastrous QB controversy written all over. After all, the old adage “if you have 2 starting QB’s, you have NONE”, didn’t just come from thin air, and if there was ever a perfect example of this, look no further than 2022 49ers! This is where the inherent danger lurks, and if Trey gets off to a slow start, and he very well might, just as Jimmy did last season, I fear the locker room will indeed fall apart, as if somebody threw a grenade into the locker room!

    Those of us who have been around this league have seen it before!

    1. Technically the Patriots had 2 starting QB’s on their SB rosters – The team will be good – we have a solid foundation – 90% of the roster was drafted or started their career with the 49ers

      Stop projecting negativity – lots of teams would luv to have our QB room

    2. I think the 2 starting QBs reference is in reference to a team that goes back and forth between 2 quarterbacks. Not that they have 2 that are both qualified to start.

      1. which is why it makes no sense to reference it because the 49ers aren’t back and forth between 2 QB’s – Trey is starting QB for now and future

  7. A little off topic but one of the things I like to do if I’m going to be at home on game day is to do something food/beverage related from the things I like in San Francisco. Irish Coffee from Buena Vista or the Garlic Meatballs from the Stinking Rose. I’ll end up watching the Chicago game at home so any ideas on the opening day food/beverage menu? I cook ribs and briskets for family events pretty regularly so I want to stay away from smoking anything.

  8. I’m hopeful that Jimmy G and Trey Lance can continue their Kumbaya relationship this season. But in a sport where competition is at a max, this could be asking for a lot.

    A week ago I felt that making a clean break from Garoppolo was the best move for the 49ers, Jimmy and Lance.
    The fans are a fickle bunch. Especially, paying fans who demand more because of their investment.
    It’s just human nature that if Trey has a couple of rough outings, the “we want Jimmy” chant’s will fill Levi’s stadium.

    I certainly hope that this will not be the case, but then again, I’m not a paying customer.
    While Lynch, Shanahan, Jimmy and Trey are saying all the right things, I just can’t see Trey NOT feeling any pressure if he has a bad outing or two.
    The kumbaya song could become a heavy metal protest song blaring loudly from the stands if Trey has issues.

      1. Allie,
        I hope you’re right. But, at this point Trey has never had to face a crowd chanting for another popular QB. I’m hoping for his sake that he never does.

        1. one niner is right. Trey starts the season with enormous popularity. Most fans want him to succeed. There are some who want Jimmy. They shall have him on the sidelines.

  9. Jimmy’ future with the 49ers is for the 2022 season.
    Some of our stars like T.Williams, F.Warner and G.Kittle might be at the peak of their careers. This 2022 team could be the most Superbowl ready one that we’ve had. I don’t see Shanahan keeping Trey on the field if he proves to be inconsistent over a span of several games.

    The 49ers are in SB mode coming out of the gate. Shanahan won’t let any player keeping him from that goal.

  10. ************* NEWS ALERT!!!************ BREAKING NEWS!!!***************
    All 32 NFL teams poised to start the season without a Qb on the roster!!!!

  11. They all have 2, so by the silly proclamation that 2=0 they all lack a qb right??

    LMAO! just pointing out what a silly statement this is………..and its clear that those who regurgitate it…….clearly dont understand it.

    all kidding aside, the Seahawks don’t have a qb, nor do the Steelers. The statement stems from the fact that if you don’t have a qb talented enough to claim the job……then you don’t have a qb at all. You see…….a HC will never come out and speak the truth and say ” I’m not sure who will start, they both kind of suck. Neither one looks impressive in practice or inspires confidence”.
    Instead they say ” well we have 2 starting caliber qb’s…….and i know whos starting…..but you guys are gonna have to toon in Sunday to find out”.
    Trey, the 3rd overall pick in the draft, and one of the most physically gifted qbs in the league is the clear cut starter! PERIOD!
    Locally we know this. The national media is trying to drum up a story in the slow period before the season starts.

  12. “Trey, the 3rd overall pick in the draft, and one of the most physically gifted qbs in the league is the clear cut starter! PERIOD!
    Locally we know this. The national media is trying to drum up a story in the slow period before the season starts.”

    With all due respect, what do we really know about Trey? Could we make an educated comment from what we saw last year? Can we make a strong case for him after his inconsistent TC practices? How much did we glean from his minimal preseason appearances?
    I’ve said over the last few weeks that we’ll likely know after 5-6 games what we have in Lance. I’m hoping that we have a winner.

    1. Agree with AES. We really do not know all that much about Trey in games that count. He played sparingly in the preseason. I love his character, maturity, intelligence, and leadership. Was he worth 3 first round picks? I am doubtful but hopeful!


    49ERS 2022 SCHEDULE:
    * 09/11/22: 9ers at the Bears. A 9er Win
    * 09/18/22: Seahags at the 9ers A 9er Win
    * 09/25/22: 9ers at the Broncos A push, either team could win
    * 10/03/22: LA Lams at the 9ers A 9er Win (9ers have won 6 of the last 7 games & an INT from a W)
    * 10/09/22: 9ers at Carolina A 9er Win
    * 10/16/22: 9ers at Falcons A 9er win

    If Lance is who JL & KS think he is, the 9ers will be 5W – 6L and no one will be talking about “PRESSURE ON LANCE!

    1. Geep is right: Wilson may or may not be as effective as his enormous salary would indicate. Denver is a very different team and place to play.

  14. Geep,
    5-1 looks good. Hope this is the case. But 6 games should give us a good indication of Trey’ trajectory going forward. I’ll be rooting for the kid, but what I want more than anything is another Chip, whether he can produce it or not. I ain’t gettin’ any younger.

    1. AES
      Yep, 6 games will tell us if he’s “THE ONE,” or not!
      * I predicted the 9ers would go 11W – 6L this season and still believe A) Lance become better with every game he plays, and B) The 9ers will win the division.
      * NOTE: Rams QB Stafford’s throwing arm has a lingering elbow injury that required an anti-inflammatory shot and stopped him from throwing in training camp and pre season, IMO, that will bother him and require more shots during the season. If Stafford’s elbow forces him to miss time, the Rams back up is John Wolford (has he ever won a game)? And who is the 9ers back up QB? Yea, JG has won a few games…..Advantage 9ers!
      * Games #7 VS the Chiefs, Game #8 VS the Lams and game #9 VS the Chargers will, IMO, be 3 games that will show us just HOW GOOD Lance and the 9ers are! If Lance wins just 1 of the three games, the 9ers should be 6W – 3L and in in a position to win the division, as there’s NO team the rest of the season the 9ers can’t beat.
      * I’m NOT predicting the 9ers will win the rest of their games, just that they have the talent to do so.

      1. GEEP,
        “* I predicted the 9ers would go 11W – 6L this season and still believe A) Lance become better with every game he plays, and B) The 9ers will win the division.”

        That prediction looks about right. NFL Football Analyst Jim Trotter recently said that the 49ers defense is one of the best in football this year, and that Trey Lance would just need to manage the offense (per 49erswebzone – for Trotters full comments).

        If Lance can just play steady and limit crucial (game determining) mistakes and let the defense clean up, 11-6, is absolutely doable.

  15. Young is right. If Trey struggles to the point of a potentially lost season, CS would look to a change even if it were Suds as #2.

    For what the team gave up to get him, the hype he’s gotten from ShanaLynch, Trey will have a long leash. But that leash will be over his career, not the individual season. Especially at the outset with so much unknown about him and a SB berth in the offing.

  16. Whether the 49ers are successful early in the year will have less to do with Lance and far more to do with the success of the running game. If they are gaining 150 yards or more on the ground per game they will win. If they are gaining 120 or less with a yards per carry of 4.2 or less they will be losing. The 9ers success is all about the O line and their ability to block for the run. A good rushing attack goes hand in hand with a good passing attack. It slows down the pass rush and draws in the LB’s on play action passes. If they can’t run the ball early in the season Lance will be running for his life and it would be worse for an immobile JG. If they are running the ball well and Lance is floundering it might be time to see what JG can do. imho

    1. Coach,
      The starting gig is Trey’ job to lose. But, Trey would likely need to put a string of stinker games together before Shanahan makes a change.

      Rib, said it best.
      ” If Trey struggles to the point of a potentially lost season, CS would look to a change even if it were Suds as #2.”

      Shanahan will do whatever he needs to prevent a lost season. And that should include making hard decisions.

    2. Old Coach
      You sir, are correct about the O-Line and run game!
      * I would point out that the 9ers pre season was without TW and McGlinchey and the positions where the majority of the pressure on the 9ers QB came from. Also, we haven’t seen either Mitchell or Wilson play.
      * IMO, the weak link in the 9er O-Line is Center! I would like to see the 9ers talk JC Tretter coming out of
      retirement and sign him.

  17. allie,
    Here is career breakdown of Jake Brendal.

    Player History
    05/16 DAL FA
    09/16 DAL waived
    09/16 DAL P/SQ 1-2
    09/16 DAL PS/INJ 3
    09/16 DAL injury settlement 4
    10/16 MIA P/SQ 6-11
    11/16 MIA activated 11
    09/18 MIA IR
    10/18 MIA IR-7/DFR
    11/18 MIA activated 9
    12/18 MIA IR 15
    03/19 MIA NQO
    04/19 DEN FA
    08/19 DEN waived
    11/19 BAL FA
    11/19 BAL waived
    02/20 SF FA
    08/20 SF voluntary opt-out
    08/21 SF T V V
    09/21 SF FA
    And now, he is our starting Center.
    As you can see, Brendal has not shown stability nor sustainability during his career. Out of all the starters in 2022, I believe that Brendal will have the shortest leash. He will need to establish his worth immediately out of the gate.

  18. As per … David Lombardi
    The 49ers have signed Olineman, LeRoy Watson to the PS. Watson is a former college teammate of Jason Poe and Spencer Burford.

  19. 47 responses so far, seems like more and more of the old crowd is returning as well as some great newbies. This place is so much more interesting when more posters take part. I guess all we needed was a QB controversy. Good job Jack.

  20. Coach,
    I’ve been here since the blog was run by Maiocco.
    I agree with you re Jack. He was very knowledgeable as a blogger and now even better as the moderator.
    Keep up the good work, Jack.

    1. I wish he’d see obviously politically motivated screen names the same as politically oriented postings and treat them the same. That’s why I rarely post here – interact with someone, with every posting of his, make you aware of his identification with insurrectionists? That’s a big no.

      1. Rib,
        I’m satisfied with Jack getting rid of any political posts (from either side of the spectrum)

      2. Perhaps if you and that martial arts guy didn’t start that entire nonsense we wouldn’t have ever been here. Anyway, it’s good now so don’t ruin it again. I don’t see that so called insurrection guy posting anything offensive so just move on and talk football. He seems to have some decent takes.

          1. Not you, Coach. Sorry about that. Directed to the individual above you. When you reply to a comment it puts you below the previous reply. Apologies.

        1. So we’re clear, candle. You’d be ok with me posting under the handle 45 Orange POS Traitor? That ok with you too Jack?

          1. You can whine all you want but all I care is the general conversation on here became quite good after Jack slapped down both you and the ninja and laid down his simple rules.

            Given things have been pretty good around here for a while, decide whether that one screen name bothers you enough to leave or stay and play by the rules.

            Of course I wouldn’t put it past you to try and torpedo the whole site again. Although, I think you have a slightly better ability to read the room around here than the 🥷 so I’m hoping you choose to stay and stick to football, of which your related opinions are wholly welcome from me.

  21. Yes, I so appreciate Jack. But I also think sports overlap with politics at times. They are not totally separable.

  22. Its early yet but I believe Burford has All Pro qualities in his game. For a rookie he understands angles really well and can flatten his man and he can pull. He also can get to the second level. Once he gets pass protection down the man will be a force to reckon with.

    1. UC
      I agree that Burford will be a force to be rekoned with, but we will need him to accelerate his growth much sooner than later.
      I’m not completely sold on McGlinchey’ long term sustainability. Perhaps, he comes in and plays at a high level, but if he struggles the need for our young Oline players to quickly develop becomes imperative. For the 49ers to have a high chance of winning, the Oline will need to deliver.

      1. The O line is raw and a point of concern, however, pass protection is where the main problem is. I agree with Mt Mike sustainability, even if he is good to go his pass protection isn’t what I would call stellar. Burford and Banks will be fine in the long run, but in the meantime hopefully Lance doesn’t get killed.

        1. UC,
          If they can run the ball well it will make pass blocking a whole hell of a lot easier. They need to Avg. at least 150 yards per game on the ground that alone will give Lace enough time to get the ball off. A good to great running game goes hand in hand with the QB getting enough time. imho

          1. I agree Old Coach, I think they will be able to run the ball effectively. In KS offense scheme is everything and in preseason it was very vanilla.

  23. We need to get through this season. Next year with all of the cap room i see them drafting one O lineman with a high pick in the draft as well as signing one high priced FA O lineman.

    1. Hopefully it’s not about getting thru this season. We have a great team now and the chance to go all the way. Yes, we will have cap room next year but all kinds of unforeseen events can happen so I’m counting on Lance to deliver the goods. I have high hopes for this season.

      1. Felix,
        I love the D. I love the TE’s, WR’s and RB’s. I am cautiously optimistic about our QB’s, but that O line….. What really has me worried is the run blocking. Sermon started all of the preseason games and looked terrible. As bad as he looked the 3 interior O linemen looked just as bad, there were no holes to run through. The RB’s started looking better after Banks, Brendel and Burford left the game. If we can’t run the ball well Lance will struggle. We better pitch some shutouts if we are going to be a playoff team. imho

        1. I don’t really put much stock in preseason games and I trust the people who make the decisions on players. Some of Sermons problems were that he wasn’t hitting the holes hard. Both of our tackles are excellent run blockers. I’d be a little more concerned about pass pro early in the season.

      2. Per.. NBC
        In his weekly “Football Morning in America” column, Peter King on Sunday predicted that Garoppolo will take over for Lance under center by the 49ers’ Week 7 matchup against
        the Kansas City Chiefs.”

        Interesting comment from P. King.
        He seems to coincide with some of us here that have said that we will likely know what we have in Lance after 5-6 games.

        But, where I disagree with King is that I don’t see Shanahan benching Trey unless he is completely stinking up QB position. For me, Lance would need to go at least 2-5 to meet King’ criteria of being replaced after 7 games.

        I give Trey much more trust than does King.
        What King fails to note is that the 49ers will have a top 3 defense (I believe better than last season) and a above average running game. Our WR and TE position are also good.
        Lance doesn’t need to set the QB position on fire to win. The 49ers are to good of a team to depend solely on Trey.

        1. AES,
          What makes you think that an O line made up of Banks, Brendel, Buford and possibly McKivitz will produce an above Avg. running game?

          1. Coach,
            I look at our Oline as young and inexperienced at this point in their careers. Trent Williams and a healthy McGlinchey could bring much stability, but if one of them gets injured it could completely change the dynamic of the Oline.

            As I replied earlier to UC’ comment regarding Burford and Banks, they would need to accelerate their growth at a fast pace. I have no doubt that our young Oline will develop with each game, but that said, this is why at this point I see our running game as above average.
            Like Trey Lance, we really won’t know what we have in our young Oline until they gain some vital experience.

    1. UC,
      I really hope I am wrong about those 3. We will see starting Sun. I still think for Lance to be successful in the passing game the 9ers will need to run for better than 150 yards per game.

  24. Per 49ers Report Chat Sport,
    “The 49ers have signed former 4th round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Buddy Johnson to the 49ers practice squad. Johnson visited the 49ers on Friday after he wasn’t signed to the Steelers practice squad. Buddy Johnson highlights: Went to Texas A&M and was taken in the fourth round last year. 4.58 40-yard dash at 6-0, 229 lbs for his pre-draft measurables. Has two total tackles in the NFL.”

  25. Hopefully it’s not about getting thru this season. We have a great team now and the chance to go all the way. Yes, we will have cap room next year but all kinds of unforeseen events can happen so I’m counting on Lance to deliver the goods. I have high hopes for this season.

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