Trey Lance will start for the 49ers, in 2022

Football is the ultimate team sport, however Jimmy Garoppolo cost the San Francisco 49ers the game on Thursday night against Tennessee.

In a game between two evenly matched teams’ mistakes were going to make the difference, Garoppolo’s mistakes cost the 49ers 17 points.

Garoppolo’s first mistake came on the 49ers second possession of the game. With the ball on the Tennessee eight, Garoppolo tried to force the ball to George Kittle in the end zone instead of throwing it away. Kittle was well covered on the play and Titans cornerback Janoris Jenkins would come up with the interception. Take three points away from San Francisco.

On the next 49ers possession Kyle Shanahan would dial up a shot play, Kyle Juszczyk would stutter step like he was setting up to block and then run a leak route down the right side. Juszczyk would get wide open, there wasn’t a Titans defender within 10 yards of him and it would be a walk-in touchdown, and Garoppolo would throw so inaccurately that Juszczyk had little to no shot of making the catch. That’s seven points taken away from San Francisco.

Total is up to 10.

Finally, we get to the 49ers first offensive play of the second half. Garoppolo would have Deebo Samuel open over the middle but throw late. This forced Garoppolo to get the ball up and over a linebacker and his pass would sail over the outstretched arms of Samuel into the hands of Titans safety Amani Hooker. Hooker would return the ball to the 49ers 18, setting up the Titans for the game tying score.

That gets us to 17.

Garoppolo will likely remain the 49ers starting quarterback for the remainder of this season, and he should, however games like Thursday night serve as a reminder why San Francisco decided to make a move for their quarterback of the future instead of reworking Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract to make it more cap friendly.

Trey Lance will be the 49ers starting quarterback, in 2022. This entire season was about getting the young quarterback up to speed in the NFL without throwing him to the wolves.

Lance has spent nearly the entire season practicing daily against the 49ers first team defense. According to Fred Warner the rookie has been dicing them up.

We’ll find out soon enough if Kyle Shanahan’s long-term plan for his team pays off.

Defensive failures

The 49ers defense played lights out in the first half. The second half was a different story.

San Francisco’s defense could not get off the field in the second half. Ryan Tannehill was able to get into a rhythm and convert on third and long repeatedly.

Unable to get consistent pressure on Tannehill the 49ers defense would allow A.J. Brown to come down with eight catches on third down, the first time since 1978 that a player would make eight or more catches on third down in a game.

Deebo Samuel leaves it all on the field

Samuel would tally 191 total yards on 14 touches against Tennessee, nine receptions for 159 yards and five rushes for 32 yards.

This was the fourth time Samuel has topped 150 total yards in a game, the most in the NFL in 2021. This is the most by a 49ers receiver since Jerry Rice pulled it off five times in 1995.

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  1. These articles about Trey Lance being a savior because fans arent satisfied with Jimmy G are simply hilarious to this Patriots fan. Love to see an article saying the kid is proving himself but he is a total unknown except for the fact that the Nineers think Jimmy G is better right now. Good luck but lets see the kid actually do something if you want to annoint him as a savior.

    1. Nothing in this article suggests that Trey Lance is a savior of any sort. It merely asserts that he will be the starter next year as has been widely reported by many including Ian Rappaport.

    2. When I watch film of Jimmy when he was with the Pats it looks like a different person than what we see now. I’d be interested to hear what a Pats fan thinks about my observations.

  2. Jimmy was one of the reasons we lost that game. Maybe the biggest reason even but certainly not the only reason. Any number of bad plays turned good would have resulted in a different ending.

    What caused all those 3rd down plays that won the game for the Titans? Was it simply the pass rush or were mistakes made in the backfield.? Were bad defensive calls made?

    2 offside calls by the offense certainly contributed to the end result. Yes it’s a team sport and changing the quarterback is no guarantee that results will improve. The fact that a player said Lance was dicing them up means nothing to me. Hopefully it’s true and he becomes a great quarterback for us in the future. For now I’m only concerned about the last 2 games and the playoffs. I hope the team can pull it together and make fewer mistakes and that goes for the whole team.

  3. “Regardless, Garoppolo has held the 49ers back from being what they could have been in recent years, whether because of his inability to stay healthy or his inability when healthy to avoid key mistakes.

    While Thursday night’s blunders likely won’t keep the 49ers out of the postseason (they have the Texans and Rams left on the docket), they were a reminder that, no matter how well things seem to be going, 49ers fans have to constantly worry that their quarterback will eventually screw things up.”

  4. If Garoppolo loses to the Texans, it’s time to start the new Trey Lance era.
    Why wait? It would be a forgone conclusion that Jimmy’ time is over.
    I know it’s just hypothetical, but I can’t help to wonder where the 49ers would be had we drafted Mac Jones. There would be little doubt that he’d be the QBOTF. And this while not giving up any draft clout.
    But I do think that Trey will be much better than Garoppolo and that should be good enough for a SB run.

    1. nobody is buying that b.s any longer – of course he will beat/play well against a terrible texan team

      Last game showed it’s over – go online – all JimmyG supporters have bailed on him –

      did you Kshan real life reaction to the 4th down play? – it’s trending on twitter.

      The only thing accurate today is no matter how well things seem to be going, 49ers fans have to constantly worry that their quarterback will eventually screw things up.

      The only thing that can save him now is a SB win – that can only save him till the next trade deadline in 2022

      Where have you been? – Did you not watch M Jones last 2 games?

      Thank God we didn’t draft him. – The faithful WANT a dynamic QB – not a limited QB who depends on the coach and playmakers….

      1. The fans are spectators. They are not football experts. They have no influence on which players are drafted, who plays or a thing else. “All Jimmy G supporters have bailed on him” is bs and a stupid comment and it means nothing anyway. The only opinions that matter are the coaches and team members. You are delusional if you think otherwise.

        1. was that why the GM mistakenly like a tweet suggesting the 49ers leave Jimmy Garoppolo in Nashville?

        2. Speak for yourself, Felix!

          First of all, it doesn’t take an expert to understand the difference between good QB play, and bad QB play.

          Secondly, I know a large contingent of 49ers fans who actually ARE experts. Just because you are clearly a novice, and an apologist, doesn’t mean all 49ers are as inexperienced about NFL football as you are.

          1. Secondly, I know a large contingent of 49ers fans who actually ARE experts.


            Highly unlikely.

            Expert as in… posting opinions on social media? 😂

              1. All I know is I can create and simulate the same football plays all NFL teams run on Madden.

                I am definitely no expert in making decisions in a real life game and how they evaluate real players.

                But then again the people getting the most NFL $$’s are the coaches with a background in creating plays…..

          2. Hey Reasons, look how the Browns defense is so demoralized from BM’s three INTs.

            Just wondering, are you one of these “experts” you speak of?

            1. Boy that Minnie defense looks really demoralized following Cousins 2 INTs.

              And Stafford with 3? He’s single-handedly giving this game away, right?

          3. If you know a bunch of experts who got that way sitting on their couch’s then they are too stupid to know how stupid they are.

  5. John Lynch ‘accidentally and unknowingly’ likes tweet suggesting the 49ers leave Jimmy Garoppolo in Nashville –

  6. “Where have you been? – Did you not watch M Jones last 2 games?

    Thank God we didn’t draft him. – The faithful WANT a dynamic QB – not a limited QB who depends on the coach and playmakers”….

    You’re right about Mac having a couple of poor games. But last I looked, JG has been in the 49ers system for 5 years while Jones is a rookie. That’s a huge difference.
    If the 49ers wanted a dynamic QB they should have kept Kaepernick. I don’t know what other 49ers fans are looking for, but what I want from the 49ers is a quarterback who can be consistent and one that can be trusted when throwing the ball accurately short or long.
    Lance might be that type of QB, but for now we’ll have to wait.

    1. lol – your counter is Kap – lmao

      You are one of the reasons ‘The 1619 Project’ Book is A Bestseller on Amazon

  7. Many people are absolutist these days. Everything has to be one way or the other. When In reality everything is gray. Jimmy G is a good QB. Jimmy G struggles with being consistent. Some of it is his fault, some of it is his coaches fault. I personally feel it’s time to move on from JG, but I don’t think it’s time for the “Trey Lance era.”

    We are primed to make a super bowl run. Heck we can do it this year. It wouldn’t surprise me if KS & JG get on the same page and get us there. However, I would like for us to go after Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson after the season. I don’t care about Trey Lance’s feelings. Sit and learn from some greats about leading a team. Let’s squeeze the last little bit of our one of those QB’s and slowly bring Lance along. Let’s stop playing it safe and go all in on winning a super bowl. We’re close it’s either going to be a new QB that’s gets us over the hump or a new coach.

    1. Yikes, in getting Rodgers (or even Wilson), Niners would have no more 1st round picks for the rest of the century.

      Like it or not, ready or not, Trey is the 2022 starter. I hope, in “dicing up” the Niners D in practice he’s developed into enough of a pocket passer that Shannie won’t feel compelled to use him as the primary rushing weapon as we saw in his cameo this year. If that’s the case, the overriding question for next season is who is the backup QB?

        1. Strange. This dec/21 PFF article discussing potential trade scenarios doesn’t mention that

          Nor SI’s Breer (also dec/21):

          Broncos get: QB Aaron Rodgers, 2022 seventh-round pick, 2023 fourth-round pick.
          Packers get: 2022 first-round pick (13th overall), 2023 first-round pick, 2024 first-round pick, 2022 second-round pick, 2022 second-round pick (from Rams), QB Drew Lock, TE Albert Okwuebunam, WR K.J. Hamler.

    2. This goes back to me saying, let’s stop playing it safe. Playing it safe has gotten us no where. Shanahan’s contract runs through 2025 and I believe he’s a QB short of winning a SB. If not Aaron Rodgers, then Russell Wilson. I don’t think Trey Lance is ready to take us there.

      If Trey Lance is the starting QB, I’m not sure who the backup QB is. We better get a good one. If Shanahan plans on running him like he did, he will get hurt. While I like our skilled players they don’t stay healthy long enough to support a 2nd yr QB or a backup.

      1. Some very good comments here, KY49er. Would love to see Rogers. Besides his enormous talent, he knows the system and would be ready from day 1. Trey would continue as a backup.

        But would the Niners pull the trigger? It might mean losing Deebo or Bosa. As a fan, I’d accept that. But the bumbling Yorks passed on Rogers once already and on Mahomes and on Brady. (Of course they were so stupid, they canned Harbaugh in favor of Jim Tomsula.) So I have little faith in Rogers, or Wilson for that matter, coming here.

        1. I agree. We’ll continue to play it safe. Look good when we win but never win when it counts. As a Kentucky Wildcat basketball fan I’m used to it with Calipari. They look good until it matters.

          If I had to choose between Deebo and Bosa, Bosa would have to go. Rodgers has shown that he can win with a bad defense.

  8. The Rams slide into the third seed in the NFC. The 49ers are in the 6th seed and if things play out the same we have a very favorable matchup come January. We could be playing the Rams in Los Angeles, a team we match up well against.

    1. it could be an interesting game in week 18- if the 49ers win do the Rams drop in seeding? If the Rams win do the 49ers drop? Should the 49ers play for a tie? 😂 😆 😝

      Should both teams take a virtual bye week? That doesn’t sound like a bad idea either.

      1. If our playoff position is secure and unchangeable , it would be wise to rest our starters Bosa, Deebo , Warner … I really don’t get why they were playing late in the Atlanta game.

        1. Yeah Deebo was thrust into the teeth of the defense with under 2 mins remaining and an 18 point lead, taking multiple hard shots in that Atlanta game. Sometimes I don’t get Shanny’s thinking. He did something similar in Lance’s start against the Cardinals. Kept running him into the line taking punishment on his knees play after play.

          I hope they consider playing Lance in the last game if a win is not needed. Shanny has stated the plan for Lance patterns what KC did for Mahomes and I believe Mahomes started in the last game of his rookie year. A virtual bye week for most of the starters would go a long way. Also, not needing to prepare for a regular season game but rather use it to gauge the opponent in case they match up again.

      2. And if the Niners come out flat, ala Rams 2017, the week after that “bye”? I can just see the usual suspects calling for Shannies head, coaching “malpractice” for not keeping his team, his starters, focused and sharp by playing.

  9. Happy for Davis Mills who seems to be improving game-to-game playing with little talent around him. May end the season looking better than Wilson on a team with talent comparable to the Jets. Mills always had the arm, decent accuracy, and the football IQ (e.g., good ball placement). If he can start healthy and get some support from coach and front office, he may become a starter in this league.

    Meanwhile, Jim Harbaugh didn’t believe himself when he said back in 2012 that Josh Johnson would be playing in the league for a long time (Johnson was then fighting for a backup spot with the Niners which he didn’t get, IIRC). Johnson, a local from Oakland and Harbaugh’s QB at the University of San Diego, is starting today for another Harbaugh, the Ravens, at the age of 35 — his 13th NFL team!

  10. If we face the Rams and Packers in the playoffs – 49ers are going to the SB – BET

    Green Bay Packers, 12-3
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 11-4
    Los Angeles Rams, 11-4
    Dallas Cowboys, 10-4
    Arizona Cardinals, 10-5
    San Francisco 49ers, 8-7
    Philadelphia Eagles, 8-7

    Below are the top three teams in the hunt to make their way into the playoff picture.

    New Orleans Saints, 7-7
    Minnesota Vikings, 7-8
    Atlanta Falcons, 7-8

    1. Niners win just 1 more they pretty much have 6seed locked in. Unless Eagles win out. What’s the tie breakers with NO?

      1. If all the teams win all their remaining games – we miss the playoffs – Thank you JimmyG

        San Francisco 49ers, 8-7
        Philadelphia Eagles, 8-7
        New Orleans Saints, 7-7
        Minnesota Vikings, 7-8

      2. If Niners, Eagles and Saints all win out, then Niners will not make the play-offs because of their 2-4 Division record despite owning the tie-breaker over the Eagles. That’s my understanding.

          1. Yes bizarre. Still have trouble with the Giants getting the team with the second best NL record in the first round. Always thought the best record got to play the worst record in the first round. Lot of things are bizarre this year!

              1. This is not the reason San Francisco would be eliminated from the playoffs.

                That would be correct if Niners do not manage to win both the remaining two games and the Saints and Eagles win both. Then the Niners are eliminated without the need for tie breaks.

                The tie-breaker situation is clear enough:

                “To Break A Tie For The Wild-Card Team:

                Three or More Clubs:

                If it is necessary to break ties to determine the two Wild-Card clubs from each conference, the following steps will be taken.

                1. If the tied clubs are from the same division, apply division tie breaker.
                2. If the tied clubs are from different divisions, apply the following steps (this one is applicable to the Niners).


                1. Apply division tie breaker to eliminate all but the highest ranked club in each division prior to proceeding to step 2. The original seeding within a division upon application of the division tie breaker remains the same for all subsequent applications of the procedure that are necessary to identify the two Wild-Card participants.

                2. Head-to-head sweep. (Applicable only if one club has defeated each of the others or if one club has lost to each of the others.)

  11. The 49ers are best when they rush the ball around 40 times per game. They started relying more on the run in the Rams game. Then the next few games they also rushed about 40 times per game with great success. Against the Titans, the 49ers only rushed 21 times. My opinion is that the 49ers can’t trust Jimmy when they are in games where they need to pass to win. He’s way too inconsistent to be trusted. I’m all for starting Trey Lance in the next 2 games as long as your not going to call those insane between the tackle runs for him. Don’t give Jimmy any more opportunities to cause his trade value to implode.


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