Update on 49ers stadium situation

We turn our attention off the field to give a brief look at the stadium situation.

The 49ers remain focused on getting a stadium built in Santa Clara. They hope to have a formal financing agreement completed early next year. Later in 2010, they hope to have an enviromental review completed, and get voter approval.


Meanwhile, the San Francisco is moving forward with their bid to keep the 49ers.


The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has approved a resolution endorsing the funding plan for the redevelopment of Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Shipyard as authorized by city voters earlier this year.


According to Lennar, the planned development would provide 7,500 permanent jobs, 10,500 new homes, 300 acres of parks and open space and a new stadium site at Hunters Point Shipyard for 49ers.


Lennar has promised to pay $100 million to the 49ers to help finance the cost of building a new stadium at Hunters Point Shipyard. The environmental clean-up of the stadium site is scheduled to be performed in 2009, which would allow the 49ers to complete construction of a new stadium by 2013 if they accept the city’s offer, Lennar says.


Lennar said it will also develop the stadium site’s utility and transportation infrastructure and specialized grass parking lots, which will be used as athletic fields on non-game days.


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