Weak side “G”

The 49ers’ most successful outside running play against the Chiefs was the weak side “G” scheme.

The 49ers usually call run plays that involve pulling the back-side guard, like Bob Trey O. A weak side “G” scheme involves pulling the play-side guard. The 49ers ran that play three times for 29 yards against the Chiefs.

Here’s a slide show:

Weak side “G” No.1: First quarter, 6:16. Frank Gore gains 12 yards. Click here, here, here.

Weak side “G” No.2. Third quarter, 9:57. Gore gains 9 yards. Click here, here, here.

Weak side “G” No.3. Fourth quarter, 3:39. Gore gains 8 yards. Click here, here, here.

The 49ers also had success running outside with the power “G” scheme:

Second quarter, 5:50. Gore gains 6 yards. Click here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

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  1. Yep. The numbers were even and pulling the guard like that created leverage at the point of attack. Staley did a good job on the down blocks with Iupati coming around.

  2. Iupati may be a bit of a liability in pass protection, but these plays really showcase one of his greatest strengths as a run blocker. He can really move for a such a big guy, and is powerful.

    Grant, thanks for the interesting football analysis. Genuinely appreciated.

    1. Scooter I’m not sure why people are so down on Iupati. He is a pro bowler in the run game. However he has had issues in pass protection. He is young and developing. It takes awhile for offensive linemen to find their groove. I would hate to see the 49ers give up on such a beast. Give him time and he will solidify that position for the next 10 years.

      1. He struggled the first couple of games of the season with a number of whiffed blocks, from memory not just in pass protection but also in the run game. He is still struggling in pass pro, but has lifted his game in blocking for run plays.

        Losing Iupati’s athleticism and power in the running game would be a blow for the team, no question. He has proven to be very effective as a pulling guard, particularly to the right when Boone, A. Davis and Miller are all in. If they lose him they will either want to replace him with someone of similar athleticism, or they’ll need to change how they run the ball.

        1. Didn’t Iupati have an injury, had surgery, and hasn’t quite recovered from it? Even if it looks like he’s recovered, he’s not in game shape for surgery and recovery take a long time to get back in that game shape/ Same thing with Boone, not injury, but by holding out, not playing, that’s why his gaming is way off.

      2. “It takes awhile for offensive linemen to find their groove.” This is Iupati’s Fifth season…how much more time do you think he needs? Don’t get me wrong, I love his mauling ability in the run game, but I don’t think the 49ers will pony up big bucks for a guard who is a liability in pass protection when they have younger guys waiting in the wings.

        1. We don’t know how the young guys will be in 3 years either. One thing we do know about Iupati is that half his game is at a high performance level. The pass protection part will come. They are not going to pay Crabtree, Gore will not be back next year, so there is money for him. Not outrageous type money but enough to sign him.

          1. Prime Time ; Let me understand this. One one hand—You are saying Lupati is young and it takes an offensive line man some time to get their complete game together? He is young and the pass protection aspect of his game will come around even though this is his fifth year? Yet on the other hand——- You constantly rag on Kaepernick accusing him of not being able to make reads and being less than a finished and polished QB.

            You also make a case for overlooking Lupati’s pass protection weakness because of his strength in the run game. Yet you don’t consider Kaeps strengths as an off set for the area’s in his game that he might be underdeveloped in.

            Also explain to me why it should take a lot longer for a guard to develop than a QB? Or perhaps you have a different standard for Lupati than for Kaep because of some sort of personal bias. Your own words and statements betray your double standards and hyper-criticism in respect to Kaep

              1. Jordan winning an argument versus that clown isn’t hard. Low IQ guy that loses arguments then resorts to racial slurs and taking about wives and children.

              2. Bay,

                Lots of guys do that here. All you have to do is tell them Alex Smith can’t throw deep! Ask Perrish Cox can Alex Smith throw deep?? Bwahahahaha!

              3. Stupid comment as usual, Jordo. Ask Sherman if Kaep can throw TD passes.

                See I can make Jordo comments too.

              4. Bay thought you were done with this blog and that Grant was not getting it done for you anymore? Thought you were meeting MD at webzone? You talk a lot but never seem to back it up. Kinda like your little follower 23 Welcher. How you doing Jordo? Welch much lately?

              5. This blog is his life and he thinks he’s part of some team on here. Guy knows nothin about football!

              6. Idk about Bay, but I never said I was completely done with this blog. I said more of my time would be on webzone and other blogs. If I’m not mistaken I think bay agreed.
                Not a good look FDM following a punk racist like prime. I’m sure you’re better than that FDM.

              7. Ninermd I’d rather associate with Prime than 23 welcher and Bayareafanatic. At least Prime can talk football when he is not fighting with all of you. All you guys do is trash the flavour of the week.
                Your just bitter Prime told you like it was. Kinda like what you try to do to everyone else who’s not a fan in your eyes.

              8. Bitter? What on earth did prime say that was right about Alex smith? I think you have it twisted. Alex smith is gone. Prime argued everyday calling folks idiots for thinking he would be replaced if he didn’t start stretching the field more often.
                Me and prime agreed to leave each other alone. I asked him a simple question on why he was so mad about the KC loss. Then he reverted back to the same ol name calling and racist remarks. If that’s who you believe was “right” then more power to ya bro. Racists are lower than trolls IMO. I read bay and j23 talking football all the time. Prime doesn’t know crap about football. His comments usually lead to him getting educated.
                Good luck Brotha. He’s the welching racist bum on this blog.

            1. I ain’t no coach, but the argument could be made that playing the O-Line is a skilled position, and that in time a guard can add to those skills through experience and technique.

              While in time Colin can learn aspects of the game, but he will have to UNLEARN his throwing technique, that big wind-up. And since he’s been doing that since he was a kid, it will be a far more complex. It’s just part of how he throws the ball and when the game and pressure is on, that’s just how he know how to throw the ball. So when he gets to the red zone, he’s a split second late in thrown into tight windows.

              1. Or he telegraphs it to a point where the DB has that much more time to track the ball. See Richard Sherman in last years NFC Championship game.

  3. Looks like Bubba Ventrone is back. No word as yet on what the corresponding roster move is to create a spot for him.

      1. I only play for dollars and cents. :-P

        I was thinking Josh Johnson or Dillon Farrell. Though until A. Davis is back, Farrell’s spot is probably safe.

        Does Ventrone play gunner? Wonder if McCray could be the one to lose his spot…

          1. Jack:

            That’s somewhat surprising. Was Osgood not getting it done on the coverage unit?

            Does PFF grade special teams players? If so, what have Osgood’s grades looked like?

              1. Is Brock comin back mean they are confident one of the other DB’s can fulfill Osgoods role as gunner?

              2. ribico:

                I am trying to imagine a universe in which jordan knows what he is talking about. I understand it’s possible because you posited an infinite number of universes, but I just can’t do it.

              3. Jimmie Ward and McCray were the gunners to start the season. I would guess they’ll go back to those guys.

                Osgood was the one that missed the first tackle on Sproles on his TD punt return (while also getting flagged for a face mask), so can’t really argue that he’s improved the gunner position since he was resigned…

            1. Osgood had a -.1 grade, but the lowest grade on the punt team belongs to Nick Moody at -1.5. His misplay on Sunday is what opened the lane for Thomas on the big return.

              The signing of Ventrone is interesting because his role on the punt team last season was as the personal protector which is where Craig Dahl has been lining up.

              1. Jack:

                So, Ventrone didn’t play the role that Moody has been playing? OK, now I’m confused …

                … unless, bear with me here, the 49ers are going to start running fake punts several times per game. That would be genius!

              2. That would definitely put to bed the “Harbaugh is too conservative” nonsense.

                Last year they had Skuta at left guard and Bowman at right guard for the punt team, this year it has been Moody on the left and Skuta on the right.

              3. >>the 49ers are going to start running fake punts several times per game.

                Or maybe just next game. It seems to be a thing in recent Niners/Rams matchups.

                I predict come tuesday morning, Ventron, having played his part in 3 trick SP plays is cut and Osgood resigned. /jk

            2. I wonder who holds the record for number of times cut, then resigned? The internet must know this.

            1. Harbaugh also said he wasn’t trying to sign Peyton Manning and that Alex and he were joined at the hip. Judging by that losing handshake sunday, Smith is still bitter about it! Lol

              1. You kidding me? She really wanted to win #11.
                At least in KC they wear her jersey.

              2. Jordo, so you confirm Harbaugh is a lying SOB? No wonder he lost the locker room.


                /jim mora

    1. I’m sorry if I am wrong but I thought he was cut because he was going to miss the year?

    1. Michael,
      My love for the SFGiants is only exceeded by my love for the 49ers. I have huge respect and amazement on how far this team has gone with so key injuries throughout the season. Cain, Belt, Pagan and the tailing-off of Lincecum were a recipe for a down year, but they have a champions heart and have shown it in this post-season.

      I thought that leaving the bases loaded with only one out was a bad omen, but I certainly hope I’m wrong. Anyway, here we are again with the bases loaded – let’s see…

  4. Let’s address the so called troll invasion. I am my own 49er fan. If I feel a win is a bad win, I’ll tell you why it’s bad. You don’t want to listen to facts that CK keeps on being the incompetent QB that he is, Harbaugh’s attitude, that’s your problem. I am the fan that’s from anywhere and chooses not to display who I am ,just like you fans got a real name that I don’t care what it is either.

    It seems to me Gore runs the ball constantly, so why should I have to watch a football game that features gore running, CK not passing or passing to the obvious player, the D that can stop the run, but can’t quite stop the pass or just has luck in making plays, and Harbaugh being as the song about him goes, an arrogant nitwit that’s a horse’s behind?

    Just because I am not a familiar face on the forum, I was for the Harbaugh hire. But not for lying to Smith. Not for getting rid of a man that could have taken us to the Superbowl. Not for drafting CK that kisses the bicep and won’t pass. Not for badmouthing the media each week. Not for addressing every single rumor there is on the 49ers to either deny or lie about it. All I wanted Harbaugh to do was coach, and like the ones before him, bring out the best in our QB. you know, like John Fox brings out Peyton and lets Peyton run the team. how about Ck running the team? How about CK passing?

    No matter what forum I have been on and who I was on that particular forum, why should I bring up one of my old profile? I choose to disclose nothing about who I am because this is not the National Enquirer and none of you are disclosing your real name, and I don’t care who you are or where you are from. I respect your privacy, quit hacking in my personal information.

    Who I am is I want winners, and right now on the 49ers, can’t play with them, coach with them, or win with them if all they do is run the ball.

    1. This is pretty much what I’ve been whining about. I don’t mind Gore running, but it’s definitely not advanced football. Even when Captain Checkdown was dinking and dunking, the offense seemed at least somewhat imaginative. And then Colin takes over and they’re trying to get creative with the variety of pistol formations.
      I got tired of watching an unpolished QB who only threw to the same player, and only threw one kind of pass. A rocket last. The craft was gone from the position because he was so raw. I get why they wanted to make the switch.
      No matter how much people want to hate on Alex, he did better then expected when Harbaugh took over. So that put the team’s plans for the future in a quandary.
      To see Colin struggle at the QB position just shows how good the team is. While he can do certain things other QBs can’t, he can’t do the normal things that other QBs do. And those delay of game and getting everyone on the same page is even more important than how fast her can run or throw the ball.

      1. At least fan comes up with some intelligent reasoning to his Kaepernick bashing. That crew had the same old same old every time. Talk about no imagination.

        1. No FDM, they were quite varied in their complaints. They ranged from the offense is crippled due to the QB’s limitations to the team is only winning because of (take your pick) strong defense, clutch FG kicker, frank gore. And everything inbetween. Sound familiar?

          I called those guys out on it then, and I’m calling the new bunch out on it now.

          1. The never ending debates of a San Francisco quarterback. Possibly the most scrutinized position in all of sports?

            1. No FDM just the three stooges who live to criticize a former QB. It was the highlight of their year to see Smith this past week. They are still talking about it. Low life’s!

              1. Riiiight were the ones who went rogue. And raged out because he lost. Went to racism as a backup. Still don’t get the problem with me having fun at the expense of a former player. Oh horrible me for trash talking the enemy during game week. What a loser fan I am. Again my supposed hatred for the guy didn’t get me to go crazy enough to stoop to racism. How about you prime? Smh. Chiefs are done. Time to move on. Now you can trash talk me for some things I might say about the rams cupcake qb. New team, new topic

            2. FDM ..

              especially, when you consider that the Niners
              have been a run-first team for many years ..

              I dunno why people like the Short Bus can’t
              get it through their heads … unless ..

              the bicycle helmet has been welded on

              1. Seattle is a run first team and yet all you hear about is Wilson. It’s a qb league. They get the grief they get the glory. It’s the way it’s always been. I’m suprised others are suprised about this fact.

              2. MWN: Wow Wow Wow and you thought I was a problem. Least I didn’t have an agenda. Fasten your seat belts boys. P.S. I like the run game in conjunction with passing!

            3. No Super Bowl…
              Gets the qb some scrutiny. That’s the sf way. The two are far from great. Because someone picks out their shortcomings it’s a problem? Are you guys new to this football thing? Noayyer what team you root for the qb is always the hero and the fall guy.

          1. Fair enough. But still don’t get the problem with a little fun at smiths expense. It’s not like it came out of nowhere. The guy was the enemy last week. I’m trying to move on, but it seems I’m defending myself like the old days again, because some still love the old qb. Since Grant won’t do his job and bolt this serial offender of racist comments. I’ll have to continue.

            1. I’m for moving on. That’s why my Niners jersey this season is #28. Nope, not a dig against Gore, but when you pay big bucks for a jersey I want it to be for more than a couple of seasons. Hyde is going to be a monster for this team for years to come.

              1. Man this kid looks damn good for a rookie. When he gains some more experience. And gets the patience down to run the football in this league. Wheeew! Look out. My best friend has the biggest man crush on this kid. What a perfect mentor to have in your rookie year. Just airless polish and he may lead the league in rushing real soon. Couldn’t give Baalke and this coachin staff enough kudos for that draft pick. Future solidified at the rb position. With a future HOF still running wild.

              2. Alibaba- $20 +/-

                I got about 5 already this year for myself and the family……. Hyde was also one of mine.

        1. They all love Alex and hate Kap. Just need to find them a Chiefs blog. Listen to all the backhanded compliments about Kap. He’s never had a good game in their eyes. Hell, Fan still thinks he never looks to his 2nd read. What cave is he in? Poor guys. No fun being miserable and complaining all day. You guys do know that Kap just signed a new deal right? Unlike Alex, he’s going nowhere!

          1. This is what makes you a whiny, pathetic welcher:

            You truly hate Alex Smith. The dude is not even on the team and you still hate on him. If the Niners won a SB with him, you would still whine about it and hate it. You would show you true colors every time you write about his play, when most fans are happy they he proved everyone wrong and is playing well, Not every day, not when he’s throwing to AJ Jenkins as his 2nd receiver.

            I may have my issues with Kaep, which just boils down to something so simple: Play A LOT better then the guy you replaced. Not a little. A LOT. The clock is ticking and we don’t have time to wait for you grow up. Since you’re such an immature clown you don’t know what it means to grow up.

            If KAEP every reaches his upside, I have my doubts, I would be a happy fan. I would be happy for him and the team, Simply because I expect and demand more, and don’t make excuses. If the Niners traded him and he started to play better for, say the Raiders, I would be happy for his success.

            Like I said, you show every time you rip on Alex that it’s personal with you.

            You sir, are just a whiny welching SOB.

            But I have to say I’m glad we have you as our village idiot. I can’t wait to vote for you for the Idiot Pro Bowl. You will rep this blog proud!

            1. Fan:

              I may have my issues with Kaep, which just boils down to something so simple: Play A LOT better then the guy you replaced. Not a little. A LOT.

              The trade of Alex Smith to Kansas City directly resulted in the 49ers obtaining Tank Carradine, Carlos Hyde and Chris Borland. In light of those additions, I don’t know that Kaepernick has to play A LOT better than Smith.

              1. Claudey Balls,
                They definitely got players for Alex. But at the same time, when Colin has 3 TO in the Seattle game, and 4 in the Bears game, he greatly impacts the team’s ability to win.

            2. Fan,

              Thats a lot of name calling for 1 rant don’t you think? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were having an affair with old blue eyes??? Are you??? You get awfully defensive when he’s criticized. Have you seen Kap throw to his secondary receiver yet? Probably not. Your head is too far up Alex ‘ s azz!

              1. Meanwhile last week you were writing CK off like a bad wart. Suddenly now he is your hero when it comes to Alex.
                Come clean 23, did Alex not sign your jersey?

              2. Prime,

                Unlike you, I don’t have a favorite player that isn’t on the team anymore. When a player isn’t doing his job, I express that. I don’t discrimnate.

                I’m definitely critical of KAP but he’s our QB right now. I knew what Alex was and what he is. He’s not a big game QB. When he’s under the brightest lights, he chokes. When he has an opportunity to make the difference, he makes a mess.

                Alex Smith is 0-7 in close games VS playoff teams. He’s not a finisher. KAP may prove to be the same way. The verdict is still out on him. If he continues to make bonehead mistakes and make bad decisions at the end of games, I’ll be calling for his head just like I was for Smith’s. Mark my word.

              3. Like I told MD, fairwweather fan. Let’s show how proud and loyal a fan we are when we win, but when we lose, every player will feel our wrath. How convenient. I love guys like you. You make football discussions so easy, you know why? Because you know nothing so you are so easy to mock!
                I’ll show you again after CK has a bad game and you will be trashing him. Then after he has a good game you will be singing the praises like you always knew. Mark my words!

              4. Alex Smith is 0-7 in close games VS playoff teams.

                Drew Brees says you’re lying again.

            3. Fan,

              Why would I hate Alex? He throws picks to my niners instead of for my Niners. I love it.

              1. Jordan, two drives before the final drive, a guy behind me said ” come on Alex where is that puck that you throw”.
                When Smith threw the pick that sealed the game I smiled exactly for the reason you brought up. He’s someone else’s problem now.

              2. Nope just another knowledgeable fan that could predict that Smith was gonna choke.

              3. Right because a knowledgeable person could not possibly have any relation to you. Gotcha!

              4. What would you know about knowledge? You thought Smith was good. Here’s reality. Since leaving she’s 11-10. 0-1 in playoffs…. Oh man that’s good.

              5. Grant can’t believe Bay is allowed to refer to people as the opposite sex. That’s so chauvinistic, you gotta ban him, boo hoo hoo. I’m a writing a letter, boo hoo, hoo. It’s not fair, boo hoo hoo!

              6. Who threw the game ending pick in the NFCCG against Seattle?
                Who gave away the Bears game with 3 picks and a fumble. Oh that’s right. He played great in 14 out of 16 quarters so i guess you were going to the bathroom when all that went down.
                Yeah — One read Colin is our problem now.
                Be it troll. You only like one player on this team, and you rip on all the rest.

              7. Look at ambidextrous Grant. Talks out of both sides of his face. Alex, kaep, Alex , Kaep. Come on Cohn pick a side and stick with it.

              8. This was a statement game. Smith had an opportunity to wipe the Loser tag away and he ckoked. Probably won’t make the playoffs now.

              9. Let me bring up the NFCCG game again! Colin could have wiped off that loser tag too. So what did he do? He fumbled once and threw 2 picks.

                Lame Lame lame Area. Man you are slipping. Go back to the Webzone man!

              10. “Kaepernick never has led a touchdown drive in that situation.”

                2012 Championship Game ring a bell?

              11. Different situation. There were 8 and a half minutes left in that game and the 49ers were down by three. And that was a 38-yard drive.

              12. Gibberish? No one says gibberish.
                it’s not gibberish you are what your record says you are.

              13. Don’t bother him with facts Jack.
                He also has playoff game winning drives. Do t need a td for a game winning drive.

              14. I cannot believe this. Im totally writing a letter to the PD, US Congress. It’s 2014 and we need to treat women equally. How does this chauvinistic pig still get to post on this blog. It’s a travesty!

              15. “Different situation. There were 8 and a half minutes left in that game and the 49ers were down by three. And that was a 38-yard drive.”

                Entering the 4th Quarter, the 49ers trailed by 3, and had the ball at ATL 43, this drive ended at ATL 5, due to a Crabtree fumble.
                On their next possession, starting at ATL 38, with 11:46 on the clock, the drive ended in a TD.

                Question time: When was the last time a QB lead his team to a A/NFCG win, on the road after trailing by 10 or more points at halftime?

                This is not a Alex vs Kap issue, Alex had two remarkable TD drives in the last five minutes in the 2011 playoff game against the Saints.
                Both were special games if one is 49ers fan.

          2. Unlike Alex, he’s going nowhere!

            You might want to rephrase that. I don’t think it came out the way you intended.

              1. Now Claude is trailing your nuts. Picture this, if Lenny and Squiggy morphed and somehow became a lawyer, that would be Claude.

              2. bayareafrankburns:

                Whatever you say, Ferret Face.

                40 year old TV references aren’t as funny or as relevant as you think, but if you want to go that way, I’m happy to happy to play along.

              3. Oh god Clod, that’s all you got? That’s terrible truly pathetic. No one speaks that way fyi. But A for effort little man….

              4. No one speaks that way fyi

                You’re the one who thought outdated TV references were funny. I’m just playing by your rules.

    1. One can’t take away a win, but one also can’t take away to criticize how that win was obtained. It’s like when somebody says the movie they saw was good, you see the movie, and you wind up disappointed. Still wish CK was distributing the ball to all his players. Look at it this way, good passing leads to good running for teams will be spread out and won’tload up in the box. But the way we keeprunning, teams will just stack 8 until CK learns to pass.

      1. But the way we keeprunning, teams will just stack 8 until CK learns to pass.

        Hmmm, that sounds familiar.

      2. “Still wish CK was distributing the ball to all his players.”

        Excuse me but WTF are you talking about? He targeted every skill position player that suited up on Sunday at least once.

        1. Crabs only caught one ball. That’s the good news. Not sure if he was targeted the most. I read somewhere he was targeted 4 times.
          We need to see a lot more imaginative passes to the RBs.

          1. Kaepernick targeted Crabtree 3 times, Boldin 8 and Lloyd 5. The 4th target was from Boldin on the flea-flicker.

            “We need to see a lot more imaginative passes to the RBs.”

            What type of imaginative passes would you like to see?

            1. They used to run designed angle routes to the backs in the flat. Seattle lined up Lynch wide a few games ago and he scored on a slant route.
              KC ran a WR screen with Jamaal Charles. Also scored a TD

              Look at what the Eagles do with Sproles.

              1. The RB’s really haven’t been a factor in the passing game since Harbaugh arrived. Even Smith didn’t throw to Gore that much. They throw to Miller once in awhile and Gore the odd time but nothing like other teams around the league do.

              2. Rocket,
                No you’re wrong not that one. During one of the Seattle games, I think ti was the first year. It was a close game. The Niners couldn’t get anything going so in the 2nd half they let all the WRS clear out the underneath and Alex throw angle route passes to Gore. They mover the ball up the field for a score. And then the defense took over. They moved the ball again and would have scored more but Alex threw a pick in the end zone.

              3. Fan,

                Sounds familiar to me. That’s the Alex Smith I know and you love. The late pick with the game on the line. Now tell me about how KAP did it!

              4. Gosh 23 Welcher — you really are that dumb. THE NINERS WON THE GAME! 17-6 or something like that in SF. And then Kaep took over and stunk up the joint up in Seattle.

                And how did KAEP do against Seattle last year? He sucked in week 2, and threw a late pick in the 3rd quarter and got bailed out by a long Gore run.

            2. More passes to gore sneaking through the line would be nice. But with the pass coverage being mediocre I can see why he’s never open in the middle beyond the line.

      1. But not keeping Cooper on the 53 man roster last year was evidence of Baalke’s obvious shortcomings as a GM.

        1. Haha!

          I must admit though that I was in the group that thought it was a mistake to let him go, and I still do. And not just because I thought he looked good to start his Chiefs career, but because keeping Asomugha wasn’t necessary.

          They lost a young guy with some potential in order to keep a retread they then cut 4 weeks later. If you are going to do that, at least do it with a young guy that isn’t then going to become a starting CB as a rookie for someone else!

          If the 49ers hadn’t put Acker on IR this year, and instead had cut him so they could keep Cook, I’d be thinking the exact same thing this year too. Having Cook as the 4th (5th, if you include Ward) CB on this team is a luxury, and if he had cost them the opportunity to keep a young guy with potential like Asomugha did it would have been poor roster management in my opinion.

        2. Claude,

          That was last year, when Cooper was playing at All Pro level, not now. Get with it.

  5. How are the Rams against the run. Murray ran all over them earlier, but they kept McCoy / Sproles in check for the most part last week.

    Is there a way to exploit the aggressive moves of Quinn and maybe run to his side with draws?

    1. They’re horrible vs the run. One of the best vs the pass. This is why I’m predicting CK has a big day with his legs. Stl last week looked like they stacked the box vs phi. I’m betting they do they same. This will be the toughest year for the o-line so far this season. Idk if running outside will be the best choice vs them. They have better speed than KC does. The Niners will have to go with the bread and butter runs. The inside gap hits. Play action will have to be ck’s number 1 tool. Yes they stink vs the pass, but with our protection being shotty and them being at home. I can see some problems with pressure on ck. He’s going to have to be on top of his game. Short hits to back them off a bit. And we know that’s one of his weaknesses. I wouldn’t expect anything else but a close hard fought NFC west Bruiser

  6. Rick ..

    you shouldn’t worry about the Lambs .. unless
    that monster QB (Shaun Hill) is in the game


    1. Idk mw….
      They’re a very solid defense. They can get to the qb. Offensively I hear ya. But I’m thinking a close one….. Again

        1. Call
          Me that again and see what happens. Lol
          You mean to tell me tony banks didn’t scare the crap out of you? Smh!!!

    2. Now that would make an interesting brawl on this page, if Hill started. Can’t help but think it would go back to the dark days. You can bet these names will pop up if he plays.
      #alexsmith #singletary #nolan #bruce #dilfer #Raye…. Just to name a few. Oh Gawd those days were aweful.

      1. Although I haven’t seen Jim Rome in quite a while ..
        every time I see him … I think of that interview ..

        I can never take him seriously…

        But.. Jimmy Raye .. ??

        Oh, no … don’t remind me !

        1. Lol I think that got his career jump started. He will occasionally play that cut on his show. Wished he was local I’m not a fan of national radio. Although his smack off is legendary. A lot of hate for rivals on there. Kind of like this board.
          Hmmmm Grant idea. Once a year smack off. Anyone can archive things said and use it vs their opponent. The rest of the year name calling, racist slurs, and personal attacks are banned. What do ya say? Lol

  7. So tired of the endless Smith vs kap debate a few posters continue to stoke . Please for the love of God give it as rest it’s over

      1. Hatred because you and your clown friends were wrong and you can’t over being smacked around for years trying to defend your weak arguements. You thought that one INT last week gave you closure. Pffffff!!!!!!!!

  8. Bays says “But if I saw prime, I’d handled him like men handle problems”

    And for some reason you think that threatening people through violence (you last year at the 49ers game/parking) is okay?

    You have been no angel on here either Bay. You reference a lot about homosexuality, degrading women and what not, wishing people have heart attacks, etc.. In any event, I promise to never reply to your comments again. You seem over sensitive and don’t want anyone challenging your ignorant football IQ. Good luck to you sir.

    1. See…. There’s a start. Lol
      FDM I’ve done the same. It’s hard not to when attacks start getting personal or racist. I do believe it’s prime who calls him Gay bay…… The levels prime takes it to and onelame. Should make anyone want to call them out in person. Where I’m from trash talk is that, gettin personal or crossing the line gets your a** whooped. IJS

      1. Where are you from Ninermd that, that still occurs? The jungle or 1985? Many people on here cross the line, you, me, Prime, Bay. Lets not pretend anything and point to one guy. Its been like this since the Maiaocco days.

    2. FDM:

      Bays says “But if I saw prime, I’d handled him like men handle problems”

      I think what bay means is that he will threaten Prime with violence and then conveniently show up for the confrontation after everyone has left.

      You know, like he did last season.

      1. I think its best to leave Bayareafanatic alone. Its clear he wants to hear the things he wants to, associate with people who share his view and his view only.

        1. FDM:

          You’re more mature than I am.

          When he posts shamelessly hypocritical comments, it’s difficult not to call him out on it. I have a low tolerance for that kind of b/s.

          1. We have all been doing it to him for years but now it looks like the guy might fall off the deep end. I cannot be responsible for a guy going mental. Time for me to sit back and watch the carnage. Have a good time Claude.

  9. Colin Kaepernick has thrown an interception or a dropped interception in eight consecutive games.

    1. Also, Kap has thrown at least one TD in each game for 15 consecutive games including the play-offs, a 49er record.

      I think Montana is second with 12 or less consecutive games with a TD — but I’m not 100% sure.

        1. Sorry, but for counting dropped passes and INTs (as well as ypc without the longest runs), your best chances may be with Grant,

      1. Sorry Mood but that doesn’t fit Grant’s negative 9ers news agenda.

        He’s now on to trying to spin his Smith vs. Kap angle last week into a Smith doesn’t have the weapons and Kap wouldn’t be any good with what Smith has story.

    2. When you remove passes that were thrown away or dropped Kaepernick has completed 70% of his passes this season.

      1. Jack:

        Wow. That’s better than I thought. Does this mean there’s hope for Kaepernick?

        Do you know how many drops and the identity of the guilty parties? Of course, I’m always cautious when it comes to accepting drop stats because of how subjective they are. Are you using PFF numbers?

        I’m waiting for someone to claim incorrectly that calculating completion percentage after removing drops and throw aways is similar to Grant calculating Gore’s YPC after taking away his long runs?

        1. Drops: 9

          Crabtree 3
          Boldin, Lloyd, Johnson, Davis, McDonald, Hyde each with 1

          *From PFF

        2. but then we’d have to factor in all the great catches that really should have been incompletions… in the last game, i recall Carrier’s catch, Lloyd’s catch and Boldin’s being grabs that most don’t make.

          and drops are way too subjective.

    3. A dropped interception? Do you mean an incomplete pass Seriously Grant, even for you – that’s a pretty deep shade of yellow.

      1. The fact that Kaepernick has thrown at least one pass right to a defender in eight straight games doesn’t trouble you as a fan?

        1. Not all of those dropped INTs were simple dropped catches. They would take some very good hands by the DBs to take them.

          If we start going through every game you’ll see just about every QB with a few throws that are very close to being intercepted, hitting the hands of a defender. Heck, the 49ers D has had quite a few “dropped” INTs this year.

            1. No its an issue if thats what you’re looking for. Kap throwing Tds for a niner record is an issue too; albiet a good issue to have. But which stat are you hammering on? hmmm

            2. Its not a good thing, but I don’t think it is a big issue. If those chances turn into INTs every game it will become a bigger issue.

              As I said, just about every QB will throw some passes that could be (or are) intercepted most games.

              1. Some quarterbacks give defenses more chances than others. Kaepernick is giving defenses a lot of chances.

              2. The eight game streak started in the playoffs. He has 12 adjusted INTs the past 8 games.

              3. I’m not worried about non or almost picks with the exception of that slant play that needs to be redesigned. What I am worried about is Kap’s propensity to throw multiple int. games up when he does turn it over. Seems like if he gets one, he loses focus or gets po’d and starts forcing things a bit.

            3. Grant:

              We won’t know if it is an issue until we know the numbers for other QBs and see how Kaepernick compares to them.

              Also, has Kaepernick really “thrown at least one pass right to a defender in eight straight games,” or are you using that phrase loosely as a substitute for “thrown an interception or a dropped interception in eight consecutive games”?

              1. Although I remember several of the plays, I can’t say that I remember well enough to state with certainty that Kaepernick threw at least one pass “right to a defender” in eight straight games.

    1. Austin Davis will come back to earth, with Fangio introducing him to Justin Smith and Lynch.

      1. 327 yards vs Dallas. Loss.
        375 yards vs Philly. Loss.

        Now here’s a QB our Jim Mora could love.

  10. Under Harbaugh, the 49ers are 13-0 when Gore runs for 100+ yards.
    The Rams are 29th in the leagues against the run.
    Roman: “They will expect us to run. So we’ll feature an empty backfield on our first play”.

      1. Don’t you think Jeff Fisher’s ‘D’ normally plays the Niners fairly tough no matter how well the Niners do against other teams? Rams obviously don’t have enough offensive fire power to comepte and will probably resort to a FG fest if they can get to the Niners 35-37 yard line. However, getting there will be more than half the battle.

    1. Roman: “They will expect us to run. So we’ll feature an empty backfield on our first play”.


    1. hey short bus ..

      you like passing so much .. why don’t you go hang out
      at the Broncos or Pats blogs …?

      (I wonder how long it will take before they
      get tired of you, over there ?)

      1. Hey Shrimp Boy, since the Rams do terrible vs. the run, is it safe to say that the 49ers will probably run like 170 yards and not bother passing? I don’t know what goes thru the NFL’s mind to schedule such a bad MNF contest. They should’ve put on the Ari contest from Arizona, not from St. Louis. If Fisher goes 0 and 2 vs. the 49ers, he should join the other coaches I want fired.

    2. Yes please. We need to replace Harbaugh with a coach that knows how to pass 35+ times a game.

      Who cares if we lose, as long as we look good doing it….. right Mora?

      Ugly win<<<<<<<<<<<<Pretty loss

  11. These Rams games scare the heck out of me. Something totally unexpected, always weird, happens in these games. Whether it’s a pitchout over the runner’s head at their own goal line, or the teams outdoing each other in the fake punt/field goal department or tie games fouling up playoff seedings. I don’t care about records or overall team rankings or strengths, it’s near impossible to predict an outcome of these games with any sense of confidence.

    1. Division games are always scary I agree. The saving grace in this case is, they handled the Rams pretty well last year and the Rams are struggling all over this season, including rushing the QB where they have a grand total of 1 sack. I didn’t think Long’s loss would affect them to this degree but it clearly has.

      The game plan should be the same as it’s been the past two weeks. Run the ball against a defense that doesn’t play it well and try to keep the chains moving. The Rams young QB has put up some impressive numbers, but it seems to have come after the Rams get down by quite a bit and he’s playing catch up, so we’ll see. They also don’t run the ball particularly well so it looks like a win on paper…but who know’s in this league from week to week?

        1. Leo,

          Yah I did, just haven’t had the chance to put it up yet and really wasn’t motivated by all the nonsense on the forum the past couple of days. I may do it later and thanks for asking.

      1. Anybody have qb pressures the rams have. The games I’ve seen it seems like they still put some pressure on qb’s. Are they a spitting image of our pass rush?

        1. md,

          They’ve done a decent job of getting pressure, 37 times on 112 pass plays, but they have struggled finishing it off with only 3 sacks. They have none over the last two weeks.

            1. It’s 2 sacks. I should have double checked with the film first.

              They had a sack at the 2:01 mark of the 2nd quarter in week 1, and a sack at the 7:34 mark of the 2nd quarter in week 2.

              1. So, the takeaway is to call only running plays in the second quarter Monday night.

              2. Whoever does the official stats for the NFL disagrees with you Jack because the Rams have been credited with 1.

              3. that would be my assessment Claude.

                Funny how people see last against the run and first against the pass…..they must be the best secondary in football. (oh and I’m just using 1st and last as an example, I know they’re bottom and top 5 respectively)

              4. That’s right. The Rams have faced the fewest passes per game and the 6th most rushing attempts per game.

        2. Thx Jack….
          I was watching the eagles game and noticed they were getting in on Foles. It looked as of they were bringing 8 though. I’m still not super confident vs this team. I think we win but not by a large amount. Those division games are usually ugly and close

    2. I agree with Rocket. Run the ball down their throats. The Rams are giving up 152.5 yards per game on the ground. On the flip side, the Rams have allowed the fewest yards/game passing, but they can be exploited throw the air as well. Thye’re allowing opposing QBs 70% completion rate.

      1. I need to figure out how these guys are making gif’s from NFL Rewind. Having the video to go with the pictures really helps.

        1. Yes, it adds a lot to the experience when you can see the play develop after reading the description.

          I would think that the IT guys at 49erswebzone could tell you how to make the gifs.

        2. Jack:

          I did some research for you, and this is what I found.

          there are websites for making animated gifs
          such as =>


          or just google for an app for your operating system.

          1. Claude,

            Shameful of MWN to somehow crowbar his post ahead of yours to make it look like he came up with the advice for making gifs (you guys both misspelled “gifts”, btw), not you. SMH.

              1. MWN,

                Nice move.


                How about: it was shameful for MWN to crowbar his comment ahead of your post?

      2. That site features a lot of breakdowns from 49ers games this season. Is that common?

      3. Oh Jack I just love articles like that. Clod you sound like Nathan Lane in the Bird Cage.

  12. Will the Niners allow the Rams to stay close on MNF? With this game on MNF, this is the time to show the rest of the league and a bunch of fans on here (as well as the blogger) that this team is not going away anytime soon. To use a phrase from the G-me: “An ugly win still counts” haha

  13. weakside “G” and a can of dip…
    Sarah sez: toss the khakis
    and leave the can of dip in the
    pants pocket when you toss ’em.

    (One of many things which she and Miah agree on).

  14. Niner passing plays second half:

    First Possession

    1st down – 21 personnel (2 TE’s to the right, 2 WR’s to the left) Inside slant attempted to Crabtree, who gets beaten for inside position by the Corner and pass is almost picked.

    3rd down – 11 personnel: Martin gives up pressure to Houston, Kap scrambles coming up short of a 1st down.

    Second Possession

    1st down – 12 personnel: Quick screen to Gore that doesn’t have enough blockers out in front and is quickly blown up.

    2nd down – 12 personnel (2 WR’s to the left): Pass to Boldin crossing the middle for first down.

    1st down – 12 personnel (2 WR’s to the left): Pass to Crabtree for first down.

    1st down (after false start on Iupati) – 11 personnel: Inside pressure from both sides forces Kap to his left where he’s sacked by Houston.

    2nd down – 11 personnel: Read option to the right, Kap keeps for a loss of two.

    3rd down – 21 personnel: Boone knocked aside by Poe who has clear run at Kap. Kap escapes to his left and is sacked by Bailey.

    Third Possession

    2nd down – 22 personnel: Staley and Iupati get crossed up on stunt which leads to sack.

    3rd down – 11 personnel: Good protection but poor throw by Kap behind Boldin leads to fourth down.

    Fourth Possession

    3 running plays leaves Niners a yard short of a 1st down but they fake the punt and get a new set of downs.

    Fifth Possession

    2nd down – 12 personnel: Kap flushed to the right and throws ball away.

    3rd down – 11 personnel: KC brings blitz that creates pressure up the middle, Hyde makes a block giving Kap just enough time to throw ball up down right side where Lloyd makes spectacular catch.

    1st down – 22 personnel: Playaction boot to the right where Kap overthrows Hyde who would have had a first down.

    3rd down – 4 WR set with empty backfield: Boone allows quick pressure, Kap dumps ball off to Boldin who comes up a yard short of a first down.

    6th Possession

    1st down – 22 personnel: Kap throws ball deep to the right for Lloyd but it’s well covered.

    2nd down – 12 personnel: Kap flushed to his left but runs for first down.

    2nd down – 22 personnel: Pass to Carrier who makes great catch on a bad throw and comes up short of a 1st down. Big mistake as better throw would have given them a first down.

    7th Possession (after getting stuffed on 3rd down and KC being called for too many men on FG attempt)

    3rd down (after a number of running plays to take the clock down) – 11 personnel: Kap rolls right and throws to Boldin in the Endzone, but doesn’t set his feet before he throws and ball goes off Boldin’s fingertips.

    So there it is every pass in the game by Kap documented. Of course in doing this I didn’t list the running plays that set up the situations but I wanted to get an idea of how Kap was reacting on a given play and what formations they were passing out of most often.

    Kap dropped back to pass 34 times, and threw 26 times out of the following formations:

    21 personnel – 9
    11 personnel – 13
    12 personnel – 7
    22 personnel – 4
    4 Wide – 1

    Interesting note: they completed the same intermediate cross to Boldin twice but out of two different formations.

    Overall I liked the variety of formations shown by Roman, and Kap played pretty well other than about 3 passes that were off the mark that should have been completions and the slant that shouldn’t have been throw and was nearly picked off. He didn’t take any delay of game penalties and was never in danger of it as they got out of the huddle with about 15 seconds on average. They took out the audibles it appeared because he didn’t change anything that I saw. If he continues to play smart like this and the run continues to be a strength, this team will have a chance against anybody.

    1. Rocket, thanks for the breakdown. That gives a lot better picture than just going back and reading the play-by-play.

    2. Once again, great stuff Rocket, I appreciate the effort.

      I didn’t get to watch the game but it sounds like Kap had a much cleaner 1st half than 2nd half. But it does sound like he improving. I think as the season goes he will get more comfortable. The line is definitely not helping, but getting Davis back, and Iupati and Boone back to form should allow him more time in the pocket.

  15. Man I don’t care how we win. This is not about style points. Numbers do not lie. When Gore carries the 15-20 times and/or rushes for 100 yards our chances of winning goes through the roof. I say game plan for spread and power run game. If the run game is wearing the defense down, go no huddle and keep pounding them. Next thing you know, go 3-5 wide to throw the other teams off. I’m not sure what it is but we rarely catch a teams defense off guard. Harbaugh/Roman has to get a game plan that has a good flow but they can not forget about the power run game.

  16. KY ..
    Absa-tively !

    Rocket ..

    you da man !
    It’s nice to read a play breakdown…
    without .. an agenda

  17. This is the first place I think of to get information that’s not available easily elsewhere.

    Last year the Steve Young show on KNBR was delayed getting started because of a conflict between ESPN and KNBR. This year, on August 17th, it was announced that there would be a Steve Young Show for 2014.

    So far there haven’t been any after five regular season games. Does anyone know what went wrong?

    1. The one Steve Young Show I heard over a month ago isn’t on KNBR’s podcast section. Not sure if that’s by design.

      Tim Ryan is a nice addition to the interview circuit. My other favorite scheduled interviews are Alex Boone, Maiocco, Branch, Kevin Lynch, Fangio.

      1. The only Steve Young podcast at KNBR now is dated August 13. I did have the radio on at 5:00 PM on a Wednesday after one of the regular season games (maybe the first one) and they announced that Young would be on the next day. If he was there is no record of it.

        1. There was a more recent KNBR Steve Young Show since Aug 13. I only heard fragments of while driving. KNBR never put the podcast on their website.

          1. Maybe ESPN is preventing posting podcasts. I only listen to KNBR when I’m in the car, I missed the 5:00PM time slot today, but there were no Steve Young promos between 3PM and 4PM.

            Did anyone hear it today?

    1. That’s not correct. Osgood has a -1.6 special teams grade. The worst punt cover grade belongs to Nick Moody.

  18. “How good would Colin Kaepernick be if two of his best options were Anthony Fasano and A.J. Jenkins?” – Grant’s latest tweet.

    I imagine he’d be about as good as he was last season, when all he had was Boldin and Vernon Davis.

        1. Compare how Kaepernick played against the Colts without Vernon Davis to how Smith played against the Colts without Jamaal Charles.

            1. True. Jenkins made a nice catch on a poorly thrown ball by 11.
              You like 11 so much here’s some numbers for you.
              11-11 in his last 22… Pathetic huh troll.

              1. bayareafrankburns:

                11-11 in his last 22.

                Man, the misinformation never stops with you, does it? The Chiefs are 13-9 in their last 22, but don’t let insignificant things like the facts get in your way. I’d say you’re not very good at math, but you keep telling us you are an engineer, so I guess it’s just you being dishonest again.

                Why is that when the 49ers lose, you blame everyone except for Kaepernick, but when the Chiefs lose, you put it all on Smith? Oh, that’s right, it’s because you’re a hypocrite.

                Pathetic huh troll.

                I don’t know that I would call you a troll, but I agree that your inability to accept being wrong is pathetic.

              2. Before the KC game, Bay Area dumb dumb said that Kaepernick played great in 14 of 16 quarters. So let’s do that math again shall we?

                Cowboys game. Kaep plays a good first half. Does nothing 2nd half.That TWO.
                Bears game. Good First half. Lousy 2nd Half. I mean, like, just really really bad. TWO. HE GAVE THEM THE GAME.

                Cards – Good First half, super dumb and stupid 2nd half. That’s TWO.

                In the Eagles game, offense struggle again, except when handing the ball to Gore. And he threw a pick 6. But for the sake of argument let’s give Kaep. FOUR.
                SO… 2 +2+2+4 = WHAT?
                How many fingers and toes do you have Bay?
                I think Trolls only have four. So that’s that’s FOUR fingers from your left PAW. FOUR fingers on the Right PAW. And two TOES.
                That’s 10. How in God’s green earth do you get 16?

                Chiefs with Alex are doing just fine.
                How many picks did Kaepernick throw in the SEAHAWKS game? And that was a game for EVERYTHING? Oh right. you blame the Defense.

              3. I can play that game. How many picks did Smith throw again st the Titans? How many chances did Smith’s defense give him to try to win the game Sunday? On top of his three picks versus the Titans did he throw another pick to end the game Sunday? Ouch…. yes she did.

              4. Smith threw 3 picks in the season opener. Colin Kaepernick threw 2 picks in the championship game. And had a fumble. he literally gave the game away to the Seahawks. A hated rival. Thanks Colin! And yet you still go soft on him.
                Smith can throw 5 picks in an Arena Football game. Who cares? He’s not the Niner QB anymore.

                Colin Kaepernick. 3 picks in the NFCCG. End of story.

              5. U need to chill out fan.lol..The nfc championship much like this season’s games thus far..are a tale of two halves

                ..We were dominating in the first..had them in check..Second half we didn’t adjust..they did..defense breakdown..special teams breakdowns…coaching breakdown…A whole lot went wrong in that last half..iupati down,bowman down,fumbles,interceptions..

                but Sherman just made a good play on the ball..gotta give him credit..

                Seein Lloyd with that spectacular catch over the weekend..made me visualize..if only we had Lloyd last year on that throw from Kap.hmmm….A receiver that can go up and get it..or knock it away.

                .My first thought was why throw..on first down with timeouts and time in your favor? At best its caught..at worst incomplete..I never thought it be tipped into the hands of a linebacker..fluke play man..fluke..We all have to get over that loss..Its a new season now..We can’t really dwell on it..Cant afford to..We got the rams this monday comin up….

      1. How about week 3 against Indy when Davis was out or the Carolina game when he left halfway through the 2nd and Kaepernick had only Boldin and McDonald?

        Why the need to make excuses for Smith or any player is the better question.

      2. >>Bowe is decent.

        Then why did you reference Jenkins ahead of him?

        Doesn’t that kind of slanted journalism bother you?

  19. Hey Grant, think on MNF Kaepernick will throw more yards, or are the 49ers going to run like 80% of the game and no WR will catch 100 yards? After the Sunday contest, counting the byes, Kaepernick’s passing must’ve been next to last with other Quarterbacks. Should we be concerned?

    1. Over each season Harbaugh’s teams run somewhere around 55% of the time. But, of course you know that.

      1. Short Bus..
        you’re obsessed with passing stats …

        Who cares ?

        Go watch Brady or Manning ..
        trust me… your mommie will like you much better

      1. Clod I think the Nathan Lane character really does suit you best little man. BTW you were great in “the bird cage”

        1. bayareahypocrite:

          You’re going to have to try harder to change the subject.

          You were caught in yet another misstatement of fact, and you can’t defend it. And when that happens, as it often does, you invariably choose to respond with a tired gay insinuation instead of a substantive response. What’s that about?

    1. Looks as though the 49ers need basically the same game plan used against the Chiefs. Rams are pretty good versus the pass but not so good against the run. The Rams 3-4 ends sometimes are wide 9, which makes them vulnerable to those inside runs. The return of VD should help the Red Zone problems, along with the fact that the Rams defense is suspect down there. Defensively they’ll stop Stacey and make Davis air it out. The Cowboy needs to lead the posse, Lynch the pocket, and force the new Rams quarterback into a turnover turn style. The 49er offense needs to establish consistency within their capricious nature….

        1. I thought the Rams were number one defending the pass, but maybe that’s because opponents run on them….

    1. Yeah I see that. Do you think it’s a case of him unconsciously not knowing what routes his receivers are running during the play? Something like that seems to be of the game still happening too fast for him.

      1. No. I think it goes back to him needing to see the man open and not anticipating. On this play he has Carrier open underneath, but if he delivers the ball on time off his hitch at the top of his drop he also has Crabtree on the 2nd level.

    1. Ghost, do you mean how they changed the comment section? If so, yeah, it’s terrible.

      1. No Space, the whole thing changed from today. Entirely new — and horrible — format…

    2. In 1996-2005 sfgate was one of the best sites anywhere. Now sfgate is downright unusable. I’m on dial-up so I used ad blockers and have images turn off. It still takes forever for an sfgate page to load.

      The last few years sfgate’s clogged my connection with “push” script and google data gathering. To get a lousy 2kb of text information, about 1.3 MB finds its way into my computer (even with images off).

      And those idiotic bleacher report style articles. Want to know the San Francisco’s top 10 popsicle stands? Your going to have to click through 10 different image pages for a few paragraphs of information.

      1. Brodie, you’re right. SFGate used to be one of the best sites. I remember the days when there would be page upon page of comments. A lot more than are on this blog. There used to be a lot of knowledgeable football fans there with a lot of great discussion. I guess it was about 2006 when things began to change as you said. And then the trolls took over and all the good regulars left the blog. I gave up commenting there about three years ago, when I switched to this blog. I guess that’s why I worry that the same thing could happen here with what I’ve been seeing lately.

  20. According to Harbaugh, the team expects to bring Osgood back this week, and Lattimore will start practising in two weeks with an expectation he will be activated to the 53-man roster 21 days after that.

  21. Colin fined $10,000 for wearing “non-NFL approved” headphones during a press conference.

    Which is more silly, the NFL for making radically restrictive rules, or Kaepernick for insisting on wearing those silly pink Beats all the time?

    Great Halloween idea though. Two puffy balls of pink cotton attached to a coat hanger, a No. 7 jersey and you are set.

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