Who is Greg Roman?

The 49ers’ record is 5-2, but their offense still isn’t that good – it has scored 13-or-fewer points in three of their first seven games.

Which brings me to the question of the day: Who is offensive coordinator Greg Roman, and what is his coaching history?

Here it is, as provided by the 49ers media guide.

2009-10: Tight Ends/Offensive Tackles/Running Game Coordinator, Stanford. More from the 49ers media guide: “Roman’s sophisticated blocking schemes and knowledge of the running game were major factors in the Cardinal amassing a single-seasons record of 2,837 yards on the ground in 2009.”

2006-07: Assistant Offensive Line, Baltimore Ravens. More from the 49ers media guide: “He helped the Ravens improve to 17th in the NFL in total offense and 2nd in fewest sacks allowed.”

2004-05: Quarterbacks, Houston Texans. More from the 49ers media guide: “David Carr had his best season under Roman in 2004 when he passed for 3,531 yards and an 83.1 quarterback rating.”

2002-03: Tight Ends, Houston Texans. More from the 49ers media guide: “Roman tutored Billy Miller, who led the Texans with 91 receptions over two seasons.”

2001: Assistant Offensive Line, Carolina Panthers

1999-00: Offensive Assistant: Carolina Panthers

1997-98: Offensive Quality Control, Carolina Panthers

I would like to point out that, while Roman has had valuable experience in the passing game, before joining the 49ers his pedigree mainly was the running game. This bears out in his performance on the 49ers. They have a great running attack and an average to below-average passing attack.

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