Why the 49ers will win their season finale

When the 49ers beat the LA Rams this Sunday, remember this column.

It says here the 49ers will win 19-17, despite missing three running backs, three wide receivers and a quarterback, and playing a 12-win team that can’t take the day off. This game is really important to the Rams. They could blow their first-round bye in the playoffs if they lose to the 49ers.

Oddsmakers predict the Rams will win by 10 points.

Here’s why the oddsmakers are dead wrong:

1. They underestimate the 49ers’ defense.

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  1. I sure hope the 49ers dont win. A morale victory would come at the cost of talent acquisition.
    This front office needs as many pciks early as they can get. Trading out of a no 2 alot for 3 picks would be more valuable in my opinion.
    Shanahan will want to show he is smarter than Mc Vay. This will either lead to a severe injury o to a player or the draft order.

    1. Nah…u always want to leave the season on a good note.Confidence building..and having something to look forward to coming back for in mini and training camps .

      The Draft is a crap shoot..
      The players can only control what they can control..Which is playing in the Coliseum in LA on Sunday.
      Not the mysterious “What’s behind door #3”? in April/May..
      You play to win the game

        1. It did work..
          .Jimmy G brought hope and excitement of the possibilities of what this team could be
          We were picked to be playoff team.
          Injuries derailed the season..
          But even so…Kyle had us in position to win alotof games with backups, third stringers and undrafteds…
          And could still had been in the playoff race had we closed out a few of these games.

          Im proud of the job Kyle has done and proud of the job the players did by stepping up..
          But we need some good players..particularly on that defensive side…
          Whether that is at #2 pick or not..
          who knows..

  2. Yup. If the Bears beat the Vikings, and the Niners beat the Rams. the Bears and Saints would get first round byes.
    They scheduled the games at the same time, so the Bears and Rams will be playing to win, and not sit all of the starters.

  3. Worst picture ever.

    Goff misses Gurley more than Kupp. Kupp doesn’t scare anyone. I think your forecast is plausible.

    The dream team has been a defensive nightmare. Maybe Fangio could make their dreams come true, because Wade can’t.

    How’d Brohm and his Boilermakers do today?

  4. 1. They underestimate the Niner defense. No way. They have Wade Freakin’ Phillips, who has won a SB as a DC. He aint taking any defense lightly. Mcvay is too smart for that.
    2. Goff has regressed. Not if they run the ball. CJ Anderson ran for 167 yards last game. Goff may have missed Kupp, but both Woods and Cooks are solid WRs, and the sleeper may be Josh Reynolds, who is big and fast. Also, he will not be facing the Bear secondary who grabbed 4 picks, he will face the Niner defense with their 2 picks all season.
    3. Todd Gurley? Who is he? Rams have CJ Anderson, who just ran for 167 yards. Niner defense will be facing a daunting challenge.
    4. The Rams have issues in the secondary. Sure, but they have 2 pro bowlers with Talib and Peters. Also, Mullens will have to throw over Suh, and avoid the sack from Donald. Suh will probably be instructed to drive his blocker back into Mullens’ lap, and raise his hands to bat down the ball. KS will oblige by telling Mullens to deliver from the pocket.
    5. Some one unexpected will have a big game for the Niners. Wow, does that mean Joan in Accounting will be suiting up? Hmmm, maybe Thomas will get a couple sacks, or Wilson will throw a TD pass to Staley, who is wide open.

    1. Lmao and phillip Lindsay had 157 yards and 2 tds the game before playing the 49ers against the 49ers d had 3 in first half and 30 for game lmao.

      Yes Goff has regressed he’s showing statistical data to prove that you bring up one game where a running back ran 167 yards but that doesn’t make up for the fact when he does throw it he’s not throwing as many yards touchdowns or completions but is managing more interceptions

      Plus even though passes were knocked down at the line the 49ers oline held up and yielded on sack to a Khalil Mack led defense and were one play away from stealing that one

      He means a player you wouldn’t expect will step up like what’s happened ALL SEASON they have that next man up mentality and don’t forget we beat y’all at the same time place and game last year 😂

      1. Oohhhh yeah what a beating that was when our starters were benched! C’mon guy!🤦🏾‍♀️
        But I’ll be right here after this win tomorrow to see how your taking the lost ✌🏾

  5. The Niners do have a chance. They just need to be focused, prepared and energized. The coaching needs to be efficient and innovative. The play calling shrewd and unpredictable. KS needs to have firm control of the game management, clock management and finishing the game. KS needs to make rapid assessments, and quick effective adjustments. Hopefully, the Niners will consider time outs to be precious,and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. The Niners need to be bold, go for it, and not settle for field goals.
    Kittle just needs to score a couple TDs, Wilson run for 100 yards, Thomas get a couple sacks, and Mullens play the game of his life. Easy.
    Maybe all the Niners need to do is apply so much pressure, the Rams become the team that makes the mistakes.
    The simplest way for the Niners to win is to be extremely lucky.

  6. If you’re not wanting the Niners to lose for draft position I really must question your loyalty and overall knowledge of football. There is a monster difference between picks 2 and 3 this year. Josh Allen is a top notch pass rusher we will lose out on!

    Tell me right now, who would you rather have, Solomon Thomas or Myles Garrett!?

    Don’t be dumb!

    1. Josh Allen is not going in the top 3 genius
      Your questioning loyalty when you want your team to lose? Hows that working for you?.
      Fact is 49ers do not have much of a chance in this game, and I question anybody’s ‘football knowledge’ that thinks otherwise. We cant even block Donald. (Not that anyone can)…

    2. Who would you rather have,
      Alex Smith or Aaron Rodgers.
      Sam Bradford or Ndamukong Suh.
      Cam Newton or Von Miller.
      Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota.
      The draft is an inexact science and for every hit, there are many misses. Having the number one pick is no absolute guarantee of success. Look at Jamarcus Russell. Aldon Smith went 7 then JJ Watt went 11. Greg Robinson went 2 and Blake Bortles went 3.
      Niners need to win because that is the only way to build a winning tradition. Winning will attract decent free agents. The Yorks like being rewarded for losing. They have been rewarded since 1995.

      1. Thyou really think anyone cares about a week 17 game during a 4 win season!?

        And nice job skewing those picks in your favor, I can do that too
        Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf

        The talent at pass rusher in this draft is
        1. Nick Bosa
        1A.Josh Allen
        Everybody else!

        And guess who needs a pass rusher, The Raiders and Jets could definitely both use one. I’ll take a top end talent over a forgettable win any day!

          1. Montez Sweat, Clelin Ferrell, Jachai Polite, Rashan Gary, Zach Allen, Brian Burns and Chase Winovich should all be good prospects for the Niners to evaluate.
            Glad Bosa may be out of reach. He has issues, like his brother. However, if Bosa falls into their lap, because some teams may want to move up for a QB, the Niners should take him.

          2. I just see Burns as way better suited for a 3-4 defense, he’s a great athlete but I personally prefer Allen as an edge, he has unreal body bend to Beat the tackle and an extremely high motor.

              1. I caught Polite playing today and he didn’t make much of a difference in the game.

                I liked what I saw in Clelin Ferrell today.
                He impressed me especially given the fact that Lawrence did not play.
                Ferrell played with a relentless motor and kept playing until the whistle.

                I’ve seen some mock sites having Clelin going from a top 10 to a late 1st.
                After today he may have solidified himself as a bonified top 10.

                If Bosa is gone, I still would go with Allen, but Ferrell sure helped his cause today.

              2. Were we watching the same game AES? The Florida D was all over them all game. Polite was good, as was the rest of the D.

        1. You cherry picked your draft choices. I just want to point out that anyone can do the same thing to disprove your argument.
          Wrong. This draft is deep in good pass rush talent, if the pundits and draft evaluators are correct. There might be decent pass rushers even in the third round.
          Tanking is for losers, and ‘winning is not every thing, it is the only thing.’ VL.
          Cellar dweller teams stay in the cellar, despite all of those high draft picks. Look at TB, Jax, Cleveland.
          The Niners picked near the last during their dynasty, and won 5 rings. The Patriots seem to pick near the last recently, and are perennial SB contenders.
          Personally, I hope the Niners pick last every year.

          1. I never said tanking I said cheering for them to lose. 🤦🏻‍♂️

            And the reason those teams suck every year is terrible coaching and bad QB choices not because they they draft high every year.

            We need talent and one position is a bigger need than any other, we should try to get the most talented player we can.

            1. Marcus–

              NOBODY at any level of football-Coaches, Talking Heads or knowledgeable fans-have ever said Grapps or Mullens are not legitimate NFL QB’s. The question might be, how good can they be?

              Your going to get ridiculed for making ignorant comments like this……..unless you do it to mess with people……….like Sebbs……….in any case, you’ll get blasted anyway.

      2. Your right about the York’s, Seb-a family that takes much and gives little………….to date, not deserving of a fan base. We’ll know more next yr during free agency.

    3. You just proved your knowledge on football with this idiotic post. Even if the 49ers lose against the Rams, they still could fall down the draft board because of SOS.

  7. A couple of things I would like to c the 9er’s do in this game. 1st-i would like to see Garnett get some snaps at guard. He brings a little toughness to the line that we really need against Suh and Donald. 2nd-i would like to c Reed Jr. get some real time at the outside corner spot. He seems a little out of his element at FS and he was a really good outside corner in college.

    1. Garnett brings toughness?

      Garnet is a 6.75 on hardness scale.
      Diamond is a 10.

      Staley, Tomlinson, Richburg, Person and McGlinchey bring the bling, while Garnett is on the bench needing polish.

      1. Toughness? Ha ha ha.
        Dudes nickname should be Charmin ultra soft since there doesn’t appear to be an injury he can play through.

    2. I like Reed. He could not supplant Witherspoon, but now that he is injured, Reed could play CB.
      However, with the attrition of the safeties, he is needed as a FS.
      I hope all the players come back strong, and the Niner coaches put the best players into the best positions to succeed.
      I hope they take the bubble wrap off Garnett, and he shores up the running game.

  8. ” … Why the 49ers will win their season finale …”

    Careful … Grant .. or .. someone just .. might .. mistake you
    for a 49er Faithful ! … :-}

  9. The Niners will win this game because that’s their MO.
    Win the meaningless games that do them more harm than good.
    Winning culture? Lol! How did five meaningless ones in a row work for you?
    I saw this lot overpaying for unproven (or proven mediocre) players, talking tough; performing weak.
    And excuses. Oh yeah, EXCUSES.
    Niners will not develop a winning culture until they develop competence in the FO and HCing.
    Ridiculous drafting, poor preparation and incompetence at evaluating players on their roster is their current trademark. And the sh*t hasn’t even begun to hit the fan.
    I said this last year. Make all the excuses you want. It’ll be the same story next year with this combo.

    1. Those 5 wins established JG as the franchise QB. Too bad it was unfortunate that he became injured, which doomed this season.
      I think JL is like a breath of fresh air after the stench of Baalke, and KS may be learning on the job, but I also see improvement. KS does have a good offensive mind, and his receivers can get wide open.
      With everyone returning from their injuries, acquiring decent FA talent, and hitting a home run in the draft, the Niners could be vying for a wild card spot next season.

  10. I don’t think the 49ers have what it takes to pull this one out: 32-21 Rams.

    The team is on the road and have too much stacked against them.

  11. Rams 50
    49ers 0

    I don’t care what people say, lose(and the Jets lose) and solidify the #2 pick overall. Winning and beating the Rams can wait till 2019. We need game breaking talent and that happens by choosing the best talent at the top of each round.

      1. Absolutely and the fact he wouldn’t fire Greg Roman who became way too predictable. I don’t miss him as much as I thought I would.

          1. AS will never play in a SB. Kaep got them to one, from on the road, and was one pass from returning.
            Glad to see mobile QBs like Lamar Jackson, using their legs to avoid sacks and gain first downs.

              1. No, no, you said Kaep took the league by storm. AS never did that. In fact, he got the Alex Smith treatment instead of the Aaron Rodgers treatment, and struggled for years.
                AS had the same players Mahomes has, but never made it to the SB. Mahomes is showing what a good QB can do with talent surrounding him.

              2. Sorry but the more time goes by without Kaepernick playing in the league he will be remembered in the same category as guys like Daunte Culpepper, Kordell Stewart, Rob Johnson, Jason Campbell and Jemarcus Russell.

                All QB’s who came on the scene, flashed some brilliance than flamed out.

                Alex Smith is a QB still able to play at a high level.

      2. No, no, his players did not execute the plays. Coaches have absolutely nothing to do with winning, or losing, according to the peanut gallery.

        1. And because Steve DeBerg was not coached properly at the QB level, he never reached his promise!

          Walsh is the culprit………………….

    1. To be fair to Jim, almost all of his best players chose to sit out this game while Florida’s chose to play.
      The team Michigan fielded was not the same one they had this season.

  12. I know I have said I will be disappointed if they take another DT in round 1 this year, but man, Q Williams is a beast. If its between him and Allen when they pick they need to take Williams.

      1. Don’t know. I assume you mean in nickel as that’s where the real edge rushers hit the field. I am thinking one of the edge guys could actually be Buckner, with Williams and Thomas at DT. But the fact of the matter is they would still need to add a couple of edge guys.

        I know its not ideal taking another DT. But Williams is that much better than everyone else in this draft except maybe Bosa that I think the 49ers have to take him if he’s available (and Bosa isn’t).

        1. How does Arik Armstead play into this? They like the rotation of Buck, Solo,AA and Blair. If they add Bosa or Allen, it’s a perfect fit.
          Then via free agency, sign Dee Ford, Earl Thomas and Chris Conley.
          Not a lot of people like Conley but he is like Robert Woods only slower, but bigger.

          1. Armstead, Thomas and Blair will continue to be part of the rotation or let go. Just because the team likes them doesn’t mean they can’t improve on them. Also, Blair has been used more as a DE this year anyway.

            Let’s put it this way. If a DE as dominant as Williams was in the draft everyone would be saying he should be the first pick and the guy the 49ers need to draft if they have the chance. Wouldn’t be a question as value would meet need. You could argue that is already on display with Bosa, but personally I think Williams is a better player than Bosa. Williams has destroyed every OL he has faced this year. Completely dominated them. And he’s done it through a combination of elite athleticism, strength and technique, to go with good size and length. Everything you need to transition that performance from college to the pros successfully.

            Josh Allen is good, but he’s not in the same ballpark as Williams as a prospect. With this being such a deep year for edge guys both in FA and the draft, I think they can’t pass up a player as dominant as Williams if they have a shot at him. Not unless they get a good offer to trade back.

            1. We don’t need best player available. We need the best pass rusher who is available.
              We absolutely have to draft for need and thats a guy who can play on the outside.
              Williams is good but he is not a fit. He does what Buckner does so why add there? Add on the outside with a guy who can bend the corner and get sacks. Like a Von Miller, Khalil Mack type player. That can be Bosa or Allen. They are the type of players this defense needs.

              1. Williams is the best pass rusher available. Just not an edge.

                Look, I understand the hesitancy in taking another DT, but honestly, who would you prefer – Aaron Donald or a good edge defender? You have to take Donald.

              2. If Buckner got 12 sacks on the inside this year, don’t you think we need 10 more on the outside?

                If we didn’t have a player like Buck, sure Williams is the pick. But as of today, the pick has to be a guy like Alllen or Bosa. Premier outside sack specialists.

              3. It doesn’t matter where the sacks come from. If they are getting 8+ sacks from both their DTs then that’s good too. They obviously still need a serious upgrade at DE, but I just can’t justify passing up a guy as good as Williams for a guy like Allen. Add a good FA DE, draft another DE in round 2 or 3. Use Buckner like the Jags use Campbell – move him around.

                And sure, if you believe like Steele that the difference between the two is miniscule or that Allen is in fact better then its a no brainer – take Allen. I however believe Williams is the best player in the draft and has the skills to be a dominant DT against both the run and pass.

              4. If the comparison is to like Aaron Donald and Buck can move to the outside & inside and still get 12+ sacks sure who would not take him?
                But we not only need sacks but a guy who might have to occasionally cover backs and TE’s. Michael Bennett did it in Seattle as did Bruce Irvin.
                IF this is the scheme we are building then Allen or Bosa is needed to be that edge rusher.

                My point is draft for need not BPA.

              5. “Use Buckner like the Jags use Campbell – move him around.”

                Speaking of Campbell. Did Az ever replace him? Might they draft Williams with that in mind?

            2. Allen is not in the same league as Williams? Based on what? Numbers? Kentucky does not have nowhere near the same defensive prospects round Josh Allen as Williams has around him, and Allen is the one that destroyed defenses. Teams game plan for Alabama’s defense, but teams also game plan for only Josh Allen. That man has the body type of a true edge rushers and dominated the SEC. and you have the nerve to say Williams in in a different league. No sir, that’s doesn’t pass the it test. Josh Allen will be a way better nfl player than Williams. You have your version sir, but I’ll take this one to the bank. Agree to disagree.

              1. Does Williams play exclusively on the outside or he is moved inside & out?
                And what percentage of his snaps are on the edge?

              2. Watch the tape. Williams wins because of how good he is, not because of the talent around him. You have already admitted your bias against ‘Bama players, so you aren’t looking at it objectively. The film doesn’t lie on this one.

              3. Scooter it’s not bias, but when you said allen isint in the same ballpark, you were way off base. I admit I only looked at YouTube video of Williams, but even that tape isint better or overly sensational to make one say he’s better than Allen. Allen’s video is more impressive with less talent around him. Q Williams will be the same player Daron Payne is. He also dominated play in front of him.

    1. Some are starting to see why I’ve been listing Quinnen Williams as our choice if we’re picking in the top 2 or 3 slots.

      I feel mostly confident we could fetch us a second round pick for Solomon. Pick up Williams, flip Thomas and the sting of taking another DT will wear off the first time Quinnen explodes through the line and destroys the QB.

      It’s not unlike taking my other top choice Devin White. Not a sexy pick or even one that fills a glaring need but the player is special enough that they still warrant taking.

      1. I have been waiting for the guy to have a bad game. Or even just an ok game. Hasn’t happened. He’s been dominant every game this year.

      2. “I feel mostly confident we could fetch us a second round pick for Solomon.”

        Nobody would give us anything higher than a 5th for Solly.

  13. The Niners don’t have anybody playing on offense with Goodwin, Pettis, Celek and Breida out except Kittle. Rams have enough fire power without Gurley man to out point the 49ers. Winning the last game last season didn’t mean squat when we got to this season. We couldn’t play any worse. Let’s get that number one or two draft pick. We beat Seattle finally and that was worth losing a spot. We gain nothing if we beat a resting Ram team. Now if those sucking Cardinals can beat Seattle we’ll get the numero uno pick in the draft.

  14. Interesting. 3 bowl games, 3 blowouts. The disparity in talent is stark, so the top recruiting classes will dominate.
    Harbaugh, Kelly and Riley are excellent coaches, but it seemed like men were playing against boys. All 3 defenses stepped it up a notch, and shut them down.

      1. JH was also hamstrung by 4 of his best players sitting out the game.
        Bet JH gets the future prospects to promise to play in the bowl games, before he commits to them. JH probably felt they quit on his team.
        Fortunately, Michigan had the 5th rated recruiting class for 2019, and his freshman QB looks good.

  15. There are 2 players I want, Josh Allen 1 and Greedy Williams 2. In my opinion, best to players at their positions in the draft. Bosa is a nice name, but when someone puts together a whole tape of him dominating top 25 teams then I’ll jump on the bandwagon. And as for Q Williams, how many Bama, Nick Saban defensive players have actually lit up the nfl defensively? These men are products of their surroundings, good role players, great high school players, but in the nfl where talent is not all on one team, they are just normal guys. I’m not falling for it. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but this team has enough good role players, dang it we need stars.

    1. “And as for Q Williams, how many Bama, Nick Saban defensive players have actually lit up the nfl defensively?”

      C.J. Mosley
      Eddie Jackson
      Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
      Dont’a Hightower
      Landon Collins

      1. Marlon Humphrey, Da’Shawn Hand, A’Shawn Robinson. I’m sure there are others too. Alabama has produced a lot of very good defensive players in recent years. And they are typically guys that come in NFL ready as rookies.

        1. Those guys are part of good defenses. That’s like saying Carlos Rodgers lit up the nfl. No, he was a good player on a good defense. Not a game changer.

          1. Lol! Those guys are big parts of what make their respective defenses good.

            There are a few pro bowls in there. These aren’t guys taken top 10 either, so not really expected to be perennial all pros. Williams on the other hand is graded as a true blue chip prospect.

            You mentioned earlier you’ve just seen YouTube videos of these guys. Were those videos of every snap or just highlights? Because Q Williams dominates from the first whistle to the last every game.

        2. “They have not lit up the nfl. How many all pros did you just list?”

          OK, so now lit up means all pro. Not just really good, but they have to be the best at their positions or it somehow means Bama is a fraud.

          C.J. Mosley: 4x Pro Bowler.
          Eddie Jackson: 1x Pro Bowler.
          Ha Ha Clinton-Dix: 1x Pro Bowler.
          Dont’a Hightower: 1x Pro Bowler.
          Landon Collins: 3x Pro Bowler, 1x First-Team All-Pro.

    2. Looking at the 2018 draft, 12 Alabama players were drafted. Couple schools had 7, and several had 4 players, but the vast majority had only one or 2 players drafted.
      There is a reason why Alabama is called an NFL football factory.

    3. Greedy will slide down boards as we get closer to April. Even the oft-injured Diggs is still a better choice in the first round. First 3 DB’s off the board are Baker, Diggs and Thompson.

    4. Steele………….

      My instincts are telling me your right………….there is just something about Bosa that makes me second guess him…………maybe my own ignorance, not sure………..however, even Ronnie Lott wasn’t drafted at #2.

      Maybe im wrong, but im thinkin Allen is the better overall pick………great as the new Charles Haley………can play both LB and passrusher, adept at

  16. If the Niners do draft Quinnen Williams, and do not trade back, they should first trade away players like Day, Thomas and/or Blair, and let players like Armstead and Mitchell walk away in free agency. That would create room for QW. In fact they should trade away as many backups as possible.
    With those extra draft picks, they can possibly move up and select Trayvon Mullen or DeAndre Baker.
    Sure, Alabama players can fail just as easily as any other player, just look at Foster. But this last Bowl game, QW looked unstoppable. He would give that push up the middle that the Niners lack right now. It would put pressure on the QB and lead to more sacks.

    1. Sebbie… Please itemize “those extra draft picks.” Seven 3rd rounders? Two 5ths and four 6ths? C’mon, you’re a draft expert with out peer. Please itemize…

      And what about the “boatload” of picks you forecast for Mullens? Two 1st rounders and two 4ths?

      You have a tendency to way over value 9ers players you want to unload. Myopic?

      1. Cassie I am not able to divine what the other teams will do. Considering the lack of elite QB talent in the draft, and if Mullens can pull off an upset instead of throwing a 4th down ball out of bounds, the sky is the limit.
        Maybe the Niners should bundle picks. Mullens and a defender like Thomas or Day, for a first round pick. That would be a two for one deal, which a team like the Skins could be interested in.
        Maybe Mullens could garner a boatload of picks like the Goff deal. By allowing the Rams to move up 14 spots, the Titans gained in 2016 a first, 2 seconds, and in 2017, a first, and a third round pick. 2 firsts, 2 seconds and a third round pick would be considered a boatload of picks, to me. They gained 4 starters from moving back 14 spots.
        If Mullens can bounce back from his loss, throw for 300 yards and 3 TDs with no picks, he would elevate his trade value. Since KS loves CJB, he might be deemed an adequate backup QB, but I hope the Niners obtain another QB from the multiple picks they could possibly garner.
        It really depends on how desperate the other team is. Washington is desperate. Miami, Cincy, Denver and TB may all want to move on from their QB. Brady, Manning, Ryan, Rothlisberger, Brees, Stafford, Rivers and Rodgers all are aging QBs. Arizona, Buffalo and NY have under performing rookies. Every one of those teams may be in the market for an accurate QB. If half the league needs a QB like Mullens, they could get into a bidding war, so the boatload of picks could be in the 2 firsts range.
        Since you seem fascinated with the possibilities, maybe you should speculate on the number of picks Mullens could possibly garner. I will just wait until after the playoffs, to know which team is in the market. With the present attrition rate of QBs, a playoff team might lose their starter. If Brady goes down, Hoyer will not be the future QB.

        1. Try this Sebbie. Better results…

          Adjust the Fast Idle Adjusting Screws to give an idle speed of 1000 rpm with
          the engine at normal operating temperature. With the carburetor shafts clamped
          together, whichever screw touches its throttle stop lever first will limit the rotation
          of the shaft. Try to have both screws touch their levers at the same time so that
          they carry the load equally. You can use one screw to adjust to the desired
          RPM, then turn the other one until it just increases the RPM and then back it off

    2. The Niners don’t lack a push up the middle. Buck does just fine. They lack a killer on the edge, in Walks Allen, to bring our best outside pass rusher since????? Aldon Smith? Bryant Young?

  17. Would there be any team out there that covets Q. Williams to such a degree that they would part with multiple draft picks for his services.

    That might be a better scenario than drafting someone who isn’t going to add that much to the DL, in my opinion. I know thereare comparisons to A. Donald but these are premature.

    1. I completely agree. And no. No team is jumping to the top of the board to draft Q Williams. He will be drafted where he falls. That’s not saying he’s not a good player, it’s just my opinion, when he starts facing nfl o lines he will be just another guy. A good player but not a game changer. Those Donald comparisins are so premature. That’s like me comparing Allen to K Mack.

  18. David Funchess is looking to be available soon. Seems like a guy that needs motivation but can be a productive receiver when he finds it.

    1. He can be productive in an offense that isn’t afraid to throw it up to a guy that is covered and trusts him to come down with it. That isn’t Shanahan or JG, which is why I think the 49ers will steer clear of him.

  19. Cassie Freakin’ Baalke says:
    December 30, 2018 at 7:27 am
    There’s always Good weather in LA…
    Fixed it for ya. That’s why there’s 40 trillion people living there.

  20. For Dak’s sake I hope the ‘Girls finally fire Garrett. He’s one of the biggest frauds in the league. I really think JJ has been slipping letting this guy hang around. He has a .563 overall record as their head coach. He’s only taken the team to 3 playoff appearances and he’s 1/3 in those games. He’s had more then enough talent to at least be competitive and he under produces almost every season.

    If Garrett is a true gentleman he’d be giving Tony Romo half of every check he earns in the NFL because if it wasn’t for his play Jason wouldn’t even have a job in the league.

  21. Those stupid discussions about Smith and Kaepernick should stop cuz they are no Manning,Brady or Rodgers, they are average QB’s and not more.

    BTW we need a edge we have enough interior linemen it’s all about the outside rush with this our inside gets more opportunities.

    1. BTW, the Ravens have moved on from a pure pocket passer, and have now embraced a mobile QB who is nimble enough to avoid the D linemen, while also delivering the ball accurately on the run.Lamar Jackson may help become the wave of the future.
      Both the Texans with Watson, and the Bears with Trubisky, have utilized their mobile QBs to their full potential, and are playing well, winning games.
      Yes, the Niners need a DE, and thankfully, this draft has many talented ones.

      1. Uh, Sebbs………………………..

        Tom Brady or Michael Vick for the QB position???????????

        Case closed.

        This is why people razz you so much, Sebs-you let your ideology run your logic box…………….there is SOOOOOO much more to playing the QB position in the NFL than just and only, running.
        If you can get one who can do both, than you have something special.
        Kap never had both, and was eventually exposed. There is no “hate” in any of that………..nothing politically correct about it, either.

  22. The Niners may win this game because they are playing the Rams, a long term rival. Many times, it did not matter the win-loss record or the standings, both teams hated to lose to each other.
    How ironic, if the Cards can beat the Niners twice, The Rams just stomped the Cards, yet the Niners can possibly pull off an upset today.

          1. I get a kick out of it………….always has to get in the last little “snit”………comes, without fail, at the end of the paragraph……….many a chuckle!

            1. Just keeping it real.
              While I like Grant, I do not think he walks on water. He is a big boy, and really, my remarks are tame compared to Fransden’s

    1. Allen, Burns, Sweat, Ferrell. Very little separating that group. What could sway in the direction of one or the other is something we won’t necessarily be privy to. Interviews/background check/medievals, etc.

      1. Sure that’s true, however when talent and production have to Trump interviews at some point. Or else we get a team full of Solomon Thomas’.

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