With 2018 in rearview mirror, Jimmy G looks toward 2019

Injured San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo stands on the field before an NFL football game between the 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — Jimmy Garoppolo reclaimed the 49ers locker room Monday morning.

Garoppolo mostly had stayed out of it since he tore his ACL on Sept. 23. He let the healthy players shine and lead the team the remainder of the season.

But, on Monday, as the 49ers closed the book on 2018 and packed up their belongings for the offseason, Garoppolo reappeared at his locker, his hands behind his back and his chest high. He looked like Captain America.

“It feels good,” Garoppolo said, referring to his surgically repaired knee. “Obviously, there are some things we’re limited with. Side-to-side lateral stuff is still questionable. But, I’m happy where I’m at right now.”

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    1. I’m curious to know if Shanny would consider trading for Antonio Brown. His me first mentality, and extracurricular snafus have made his tenure with the Steelers tenuous….

      1. With all the crud churned up at season’s end across the league–coaching and staff upheavals, star players falling from grace, etc.–there may be some interesting player personnel moves available to the 9ers.

  1. How does Tomlinson win the Bobb McKittrick award for the top o lineman? I forgot he’s our best lineman then everyone on that line should be replaced. It’s rediculous.

      1. “The Bobb McKittrick Award was established in 1999 in honor of the 49ers long time offensive line coach. The award is given annually to the 49ers offensive lineman who best represents the courage, intensity and sacrifice displayed by Coach McKittrick during his 21 years of service with the 49ers.”

        The C. J. Beathard Award will be established soon and will be given annually to the 49ers who best represents the qualities of toughness, durability, and the ability and willingness to bounce back after the hardest hits…”

    1. That honor should go to Person! No, wait, Richburg!

      Bobb McKittrick must be rolling in his grave! He took guys who weren’t as talented as others and got them to play better than their level of pedigree. Not the other way around!

      1. The last remnants of guys like McKittrick lie with Scarnecchia. On the other side of the ball, Marinelli is in the same vein….

      2. Sour Yeast:
        “He took guys who weren’t as talented as others and got them to play better than their level of pedigree.”

        Fahnhorst (272), Ayers (under 260), Cross (under 260), Quinlan (260), and Audick (252) was known as being the the smallest offensive lines that year; and Niners were given the “finesse” tag.

        Dallas’ line weighed about the same, and may have been a little lighter. This was not lost on Niner’s coaches. Dallas’ D-line was not heavy either. Dallas had speed. Niners were built to beat them.

        October 11, 1981, Monday Night Football, Niners coming in at (3 and 2) play Cowboys (4 and 1):
        Niners win 45 to 14 and finish the season 13 – 3, with home field advantage over Cowboys. Niners were up 45 to 7 when Dallas got a 72 yard defensive fumble return. Walsh destroyed Landry on national TV, in a game narrated by John Madden, and changed the NFL.
        Niners beat Cowboys

        1. Yes light line but still could be maulers! I remember people calling them a finesse team but you knew who understood football when they told you they weren’t really a finesse team but rather a very tough one!

  2. Keeping Saleh probably means they will make a serious run at Thomas. I wouldn’t doubt it if he’s sharing the secondary with Sherman.

    Now grab Allen with the second pick of Bosa is gone and that will sure up two spots that have lacked helping with turnovers this season.

    Those should be the two top moves this offseason.
    I’m hearing taking a look at Brown. Is he worth the Owens drama though with a young team? I don’t see Shanahan as the strict type who takes no bull**it! In fact I can see Lynch saying something before the coach and nobody wants their GM punishing players before the coach. This one is a tough call, he’s so talented. But that’s another need for this team. Don’t see any game changers in the draft and FA isn’t that great for WR this year. Should have paid the money last season.

    O-line… should spend their early 2nd rounder for an O lineman. Guard preferably. And with Staley more than likely retiring after next season that puts some “giddy up” for his replacement. Tough year with so many needs on defense.

    So overall this team needs to first and foremost go defense again. And again they’ll have to spend their number 1 on a d-lineman.
    They can’t afford to pass on Allen or Ferrel
    Preferably Allen 😛

    This will be another exciting offseason to see where this team goes. It’s anybody’s guess with Lynch and Shanny.

    1. Allen isn’t going #2. He’s in the next tier of similar players after Bosa. Allen/Burns/Ferrell/Sweat. If the Cards take Bosa, and I fully expect them to, and the 49ers can’t get a trade partner, they’ll take Williams. That would mean cutting or trading Armstead if his hand doesn’t require surgery. Thomas is FA priority 1a and 1b. If Cody Ford is there at the top of round 2, I’d jump all over him. Spending a 2nd rounder on an offensive lineman if he’s not worth taking that high would be ill advised. They sent a 7th for Shon Coleman, plus they have Gilligan. I’d call the Steelers and see if they’d trade Brown for our 2nd round pick….

      1. Razor….. you shut that stinking mouth filled with lies. Talking bout my boy like that. 🤣 Allen is top tier and without Bosa showing anything after his injury and the history of his dad and brother never staying healthy I can’t trust that on this injury riddled team he would be different than anyone else.

        I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again. He will be the best player in this d-line heavy draft coming out.

        And if not an O-lineman with their second which I belive would be far better than a later round o-lineman pick because defense is so heavy this year,
        And some very good talent could move back to the second,
        They should look at CB.

          1. Just wondering how Bosa is doing in his game today. Oh that’s right he’s injured like daddy and big bro.
            And is sitting after quitting on his team. 3 sacks today 3 QB hurries and a hit. And didn’t play every snap as rusher. Allen is top tier. Some are saying he’s worth the first pick.
            But I’ll let you tell it.
            He’s gonna be a stud! You watch.

            1. I don’t mean any disrespect to Allen, but he’s not even close to being in Nick Bosa’s class. Allen may have a slight edge, pun intended over Polite, Burns, Sweat, Ferrell but I believe it’s negligible. Bosa won’t be available when we pick anyways. No trade and they take Williams over Allen. I don’t think the decision will even be difficult for them….

              1. Razor…. I don’t think it’s a forgone conclusion Arizona takes Bosa.
                Their edge rushers aren’t bad. The middle is where they need some help. And with Williams and Oliver getting high praise I wouldn’t be shocked if they didn’t sure up the or interior.

                As far as Allen Vs Bosa.. I guess we will see how their careers pan out and the outcome of this debate.

              2. Firstly, Quinnen Williams has only one dominant season under his belt, and that’s on a DL surrounded by other talented players.

                Secondly, if Williams is that good, there is a much better chance that Arizona takes him at #1, they’ve been looking for the next Calais Campbell since the Jags lured him away a couple years ago.

                Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, next season is a pivotal season for this regime. They simply cannot afford to go into next year without having seriously addressed their perimeter pass rush. The 49ers just got burned drafting an undersized interior lineman. They are also set on their interior next season. They have their nose tackle in DJ Jones. They have DeForest Buckner, who is a legitimate All-Pro caliber interior lineman. They just drafted another potentially dominant interior DL in the 4th round, Kentavius Street, whom they liked so much they took him in round 4 despite the fact that they knew he would miss his entire rookie season. Street projects primarily on the interior, where his freakish strength and athleticism could make him good fit next to Buckner. They have Arik Armstead coming back on his 5th year option, and the 49ers like what they got from a healthy Arik Armstead this season (and might very well extend him for the right price).

                They also have tremendous depth on the interior with guys like Thomas, Blair, Day, and Taylor.

                What they really need more than anything, for this defense to take the next step kin 2019, is dominant DE/ LEO, and there just happens to be 2 blue chip edge rushers in this class … Nick Bosa and Josh Allen.

                There is simply no way they can justify taking another UNDERSIZED interior defensive lineman in round one, unless he’s the next Aaron Donald, and NFL scouts will all agree, it’s a real stretch to project Quinnen Williams as the next Aaron Donald. And yes, he’s undersized Razor. He’s only slightly bigger than Thomas, and has far less experience coming out of college than Thomas did.

                I know you like your interior defensive lineman undersized Razor (lol), but even if he’s potentially a great player, Forty Niner Faithful will be out for blood if ShanaLynch take another undersized interior lineman with this years number 2 pick! AINT GONA HAPPEN!

              3. I’d go nuts if the 49ers drafted Williams. Even if he was the best player on the board he would help the team less than Williams or an edge rusher.
                Getting Williams would upgrade the niners interior line from what a B+ to an A? While getting a good edge rusher could upgrade that unit from F- to a B… the net gain for the team is far greater.

              4. Well, I don’t think that’s the way NFL scouts and GM’s see them. Yes, I think Bosa is the best edge rusher in this class, and I hope he falls to the Niners at #2. He’s the complete package. But Allen is worthy of a top 5 pick, and may even have a higher ceiling than Bosa. They are both blue chip talents in the eyes of NFL scouts and GM’s. I think Allen fits the 49ers needs like a glove, and he’s going to be a great NFL pass rusher. Unless the 49ers trade down, I think they would be making a huge mistake passing on either one of those 2 guys. And if they take yet another interior defender better suited for a 3-4 defense with a top 3 pick, I’ll absolutely lose my sh_t Razo!

              5. In fact, I’ll go a step further Razor. Nick Bosa is the best defensive prospect in this draft class … period. I don’t care that he made a business decision to sit out the end of the season. He suffered a legitimate injury, and the kind of injury that could conceivably become chronic if not allowed to heal properly. I certainly would have done the same thing. Most guys would, and considering the way his father’s career ended prematurely because of injury, who could blame him?

                Nick Bosa is a beast. But if he goes #1, I’m definitely pulling the trigger on Josh Allen. I wasn’t 100% sold on Allen coming into this season, but the growth he’s made this year makes me think he’s ascending at a meteoric pace, exactly what you want to see in a blue chip talent, and that’s a scary prospect for opposing NFL teams. We need to get after Goff and Wilson, and Allen, once he adds just a tad more technique, which will likely happen very early in his pro career, is going to be a guy who can do that off the edge consistently.

                Both Bosa and Allen are prototypical LEO pass rushers for Saleh’s scheme, and that’s a beautiful thing!

              6. Ed Oliver is a beast at 290lb, a top 5 or 10 pick…is a quick, disruptive interior lineman who projects best as a pass-rushing three-technique, similar to Aaron Donald or Geno Atkins.

              7. Injury prone, like dad and brother
                Athletic Pubalgia
                is college football tougher than nfl ?
                #bospital no thanks

      1. Allen can set the edge just as well.
        The only real difference between the two is speed. Ferrel would be an awesome pick too. Both are worth a high first pick.

          1. Ok Razor… now I know you haven’t seen any film on Allen. He sets the edge as well if not better than most coming out. i get you’re in love with Bosa. The kid is going to be a stud, but that doesn’t mean he will be the only one coming out that will be a stud.
            There is 1A, 1B and 1C as far as edge coming out this year.
            Bosa, Allen and Ferrel are can’t misses for the edge.

            The reason I like Allen slightly over the other two is his range, speed and ability to set the edge on either side of the line. I’d like to see a little work on his flexability though. And that can be taught easily for someone of his caliber.
            I don’t know why you’re placing Bosa as the only top tier edge player coming out.
            2 time DPOY btw.
            Better get use to him because if Bosa is gone you will be rooting for him on Sunday’s. The Niners can’t pass on him he’s that good.

            1. Bosa knows how to process and set up counter moves, and carries a full toolkit. Allen is not there. Allen plays high, that’s why he struggles to set the edge, and he’d rather duck under the oncoming blocker than take him on using his inside shoulder to force the ball carrier inside. Speed to power seems limited to me too. As far as moves, I’ve seen the rip, chop and speed but that’s about it. I’ve no doubt Allen will be great, but I just don’t see him as #2 pick. Maybe the 49ers will. The fact that we’re not picking #1 allows us to have a friendly debate for the next 4 months….

    1. Must be pretty happy with what you saw. Allen is a completely acceptable choice at #2. There’s nothing that separates Bosa from Allen in any definitive way.

      1. Bosa: NFL blue chip 3 point stance pass rusher with multilayered planned moves that can counter with secondary moves when engaged by blocker.
        Polite: Can run full speed under a table. Just can’t teach that type of athleticism.
        Allen: NFL ready and athletic but speed to power and counter moves need work.
        Burns: Not as athletic as the above but has plenty of moves. Could stand to add weight. High ceiling.
        Sweat: Ceiling not as high due to reduced flexibility, but has counter moves. Great length with good hand technique.

      2. Cfc,
        Allen did not disappoint. He’s going to be very good at the next level. I’d like to see him get stronger.
        I think that Bosa is more disruptive at this point than Allen, but Allen covers more space.
        If I had to choose between the two right now it would be Bosa.

  3. Happy New Years

    I’m optimistic, but the following has to be successfully addressed.

    – Solve the injury bug. A few years ago Niners Nation had an article charting lost time from injuries. Starting in 2014 the 49ers had much higher injury rates to starters compared to NFL average. This trend continued through the last two seasons.

    – Pass Rusher, preferably at edge.

    – A single high safety not made if glass.

    – A red zone pass catching threat.

    – At least one offensive lineman.

    – A power back for the red zone

    – Depth

    – Improved (execution) discipline. Presnap penalties killed alot of red zone trips.

    – Stability at linebacker and defensive back. The longer they play in the system, the quicker they get to the ball. A fraction of a second can be the difference in causing (and recovering) fumbles.

  4. The more uncertainty about who to take at pick 2, the less likely a lucrative trade-back will be made (unless Lynch is willing to trade way down… 7 to 12 spots)

    1. Not the year for a trade back with three very good pass rushers on the board.
      It’s a serious need for this team. If it wasn’t then a trade back would be welcomed.

      Free agency will show exactly what they will do. They attempt to go for a big name DE edge in FA then I still believe they keep number two and get “Greedy”

      And while I’m typing this Allen with another sack

  5. Still think they can trade back twice and get a pass rusher. Getting those additional second and third round picks will allow the Niners to fill all their pressing needs.
    Sure, it takes 2 to tango, but the Niners are in a good position, and there are several teams with huge QB needs. I fully expect to see 4 or 5 QBs drafted in the first round, since this is a QB driven league. Look at all the playoff teams. They all have good to great QBs.
    I think Kyler Murray will be the first QB drafted, because teams will be looking at Watson and Jackson, and see how mobile QBs give their team an inherent advantage.
    I hope the Niners take advantage of other teams’ desperate need for a QB, and trade Mullens for a second, and conditional 2020 second round pick.

    1. Have your cup ‘o Joe yet?

      PS… No way a Mullen’s trade nets a couple 2nd rounders (’19 and ’20). Nope. Some boatload of picks….

      1. Nope, after last game, he might garner a couple picks, not a boatload.
        However, I started with the best case scenario. Start high, settle for less. Still think Mullens is better than most of the rookies, so the QB needy teams must pay to get him.

        1. If the Niners trade Mullens, they still have CJB, who KS likes.
          They also should draft a QB, and it looks like Kelly Bryant and Malik Rosier might be late round candidates.

            1. I just watched his highlights. He has a strong arm, but also had nice touch, and threw with anticipation.
              However, I must admit he stunk up the joint in the Bowl game.
              Maybe he can be another UDFA find like Mullens.

          1. Brown definitely has the talent, but I wonder if he is worth possibly upsetting the locker room dynamics. Arguing with his QB is self defeating.
            Sure am glad JL passed on Gordon, who has disappeared like a puff of smoke.
            I would rather have the Niners pursue Le’veon Bell.

        1. Can a trade for OBJ be made at any time, since he is not a FA? Does the team have to wait for the start of the new NFL year?

          1. That’s a question for the stalwarts, I would think they would have to wait for the start of the new NFL, but not sure.

        2. He’s the other diva that would be worth the risk. They wouldn’t trade him for anything less than a 1st though. Brown you might be able to get for a 2nd if the Steelers truly have become disillusioned, along with his salary implications….

    1. UC,
      Brown is only interested in his brand.
      According to some reports, AB threw a football at Roethlisberger in the locker room, missed a team walk thru and left game at half time.

      Many people bashed T. O. for his antics back in the day but he never walked out on his team, especially in a big game.

      I don’t think much of players who think they are bigger than the game and the team.
      Antonio Brown epitomizes the “me first” syndrome and because of this – I say hell NO!

      1. At 31 years old, bad attitude, I’m gonna say no as well.
        Chris Conley, cheaper, younger, bigger and a great upside if we are looking to upgrade the position via trade or free agency.

            1. You can platoon Goodwin’s snaps with James/Taylor, thereby keeping him healthy. His speed has to be respected when on the field….

              1. I’m with Prime…. the always injured guys have got to go.
                That goes for all of them that always seem to be on the NP list every week.

              2. Razor… I can’t speak for Prime, but personally I say yes. That’s ally of money for a QB that hasn’t played 16 games with three injuries under his belt. Personally I don’t see it happening. And QB play isn’t hard on the body like every other position. So chances are Goodwin will be injured more often than JG

                And with the slew of injuries the last couple of years. You have to be tired of it. Is it bad luck? Or training? Either way it’s old, very old.

          1. NFL Network is now reporting that Roethlisberger denies any incident between him and Brown in the locker room after news surfaced that Brown threw a football at him.

            Still doesn’t change my opinion of AB. Antonio has not been able to handle his elite talent and celebrity with much grace.
            As I said earlier, he is all about himself (brand) and I’m pretty certain that he will be a huge distraction in the locker room if he does not get his way.
            As an organization, I hope that we are trying to build a culture of winning as a team, not as individuals.

            1. I think it’s premature to write off a talent like that before meeting with him and hearing his side of the story. What the expectations would be coming into the organization, etc.

            2. I forget who it was but on ESPN an ex teammate thrashed him on tv. Saying he’s nothing but a me first guy and that Pitt should trade him ASAP. Ex teammates usually don’t spit that kind of venom unless you’re a real ***hat!

        1. How is Conley an upgrade on what they have? What is it he has done to make you say that? Other than blow up the combine. He’s an ok depth guy on a prolific offense that has an excellent QB capable of extending plays and making ridiculous throws, and an excellent TE and WR taking the attention of the D.

          1. He’s 26, big bodied, can run and be a great red zone target.
            He is better than any WR we have and he won’t cost a ton of money or draft picks.

            1. The love for Conley is like the love for Moncrief. They are height/ weight/ speed guys, but just not very good football players.

              Bourne put up better numbers than Conley this year. And Conley has had the luxury of being the #3 WR on his team all year plus on a team that had one of the most prolific QB seasons ever.

              1. I never liked Moncrief.
                I’ve watched a lot of Chiefs games this year and Conley, although being the third, sometimes fourth option, would be an ideal fit in the Niners offense.
                Big target, can run, great hands, only 26 and won’t cost any picks.

              2. If they want to bring him in to compete and as depth a depth guy I am all for it. But still need to draft a guy early. If they bring him in to be Garcon’s replacement I will not be happy.

              3. That unit needs a major upgrade and I’m not one for spending tons of money or high draft picks to get one.
                Bourne, Pettis and Taylor have shown capability but no where near reliable. Garçon is done.
                Trading for Brown or OBJ would be costly both cap wise and draft picks.
                The next best option is targeting young free agents who won’t cost much and need an opportunity to compete to be a number one. I think Conley is that guy.

              4. We’ve got a team of depth and opportune players. We need to start adding elite players at key positions. I don’t want Jimmy standing around, waiting for a receiver to get open. Capiche? We add an elite receiver, an elite edge, and an elite FS; odds are we’re not finished playing come this time next year….

              5. Yeah, I am firmly of the opinion they need to invest in the WR spot too, not more depth guys.

        2. Yeah I wouldn’t touch him at this point. He’s an old, Diva who is expensive. If you’re going to take a risk on someone take it on someone younger.

  6. Those kinds of Star WR are hard to come by, but look what Andre Johnson, Julio Jones, and Josh Gordon, And to a lesser extent Pierre Garcon done in Kyle Shanahan offenses. It takes the offense to another level.

  7. « When Garoppolo returns next season, many will expect him to lead the 49ers to the playoffs »

    Let’s get to 8 wins first

    1. With better coaching, they could have gone 8-8, even with JG going down with his ACL.
      With JG and others returning from injury, scoring in free agency and hitting a home run in the draft, the Niners could achieve a wild card spot.

    1. The CB draft is all-name list: there’s Greedy , and there’s Chauncey Gardner (” There will be growth in the spring”).

      But my favorite is Kentucky CB Lonnie Johnson who just swooped in like a raptor for a interception in the VRBO Bowl. At 6’3″ and 205 lb, and as a 2019 Niner pick in the mid-rounds, Lonnie could make the opposing QBs sing the blues:

  8. Bosa is legit but just don’t like the baggage….Burns is a favorite cuz he brings Aldon S skill set……Allen is on another level….

    Can’t recall the last time I watched a college game where a player was double team over 50% of snap played…….

    1. First time ever One is right about something. Must be the new year.
      Allen is not a downgrade if Bosa is not there. And talk about A Smith skill set.
      Allen has that and can play both sides like Mack. Anywhere and everywhere is where he will be.
      He can fill two positions instead of just a d end. Something the Niners need badly

  9. Josh Allen certainly had a nice game to finish his college career. Made plays all year. I don’t think he’s worth the #2 overall pick, I feel he’s a notch below elite talent, but if that’s the direction the team takes they are getting a very good player.

    1. If they pass on Allen, I’d be happy with either Burns, Polite, Sweat or Ferrell. Gotta come out of the first round with one of them….

      1. I feel pretty much the same. I do think with the way Allen played that he and Ferrell are the most NFL ready to contribute right away. But in terms if long term talent there are a bunch of guys of around the same talent level.

        1. I like all the guys you mentioned. Anyone of them could help.
          One person not being mentioned is Ed Oliver, who could be very good at the next level.
          My concern with Oliver is the incident he had with his head coach when he blew up after his HC told him to take off a jacket. I felt that the HC could have handled that differently rather than physically try to pull off the jacket.
          But Oliver should have just taken off the jacket before it had to get to that point.

          That said, Oliver consistently penetrates the backfield and has a great motor as well as any top tier defensive player that has been noted here.

          1. I’m not worried about the jacket incident. I think Oliver will fall due to concerns about his size, unless he turns up to the combine at 280+lbs with decent length and turns in a great display. I’ve heard reports suggesting he played at lower than 275lbs.

            There are enough question marks about his size and ability to anchor to make me think many teams will question his fit as a DT.

            Despite that, I think he’s going to be a good pro. The way the game is played you can get away with an undersized 3T if they are good penetrators. And that’s where Oliver thrives.

  10. Happy New Year Grant!

    Don’t have a clue what’s next for the Niners, as concerns personnel, health and success in 2019; but we will all know a lot more later as we get closer to kickoff.

    Thank you for hosting this forum on the Forty Niners. It’s a real gift to the public that we can read your take on things; login without a “platform” identification; and either agree or disagree back and forth to our hearts content.

    Also, and even more importantly, thank you for making legitimate professional efforts to “get the story right” as you see it; and for writing as a professional journalist, while taking care to write well. You father was a good writer too, and has reason to be proud that you are keeping up the tradition.

    Here’s to a great 2019. And let’s hope that we are arguing about whether Shannhan is ready for his second Super Bowl.

  11. Paris Campbell is an interesting wr prospect from a size/speed perspective that could be there in the 3rd or 4th round. I know some have a way higher grade on him, but I think there are better wr’s in the 2nd round….

    1. Razor,
      I like WR, Collin Johnson of Texas. Big body, enough speed and strength to out dual DB’.
      Has very good hands – but some analysts say that he doesn’t play “big” given his size.
      If he last until the 3rd rd, I would take a look at him.

        1. Watching Texas vs Georgia. Want to see Collin Johnson, but he’s totally disappeared and looks disinterested and unfortunately (for him) soft.
          He is trending down tonight.

      1. It’s an extremely interesting hire, that’s for sure. Could very well be a trend, especially if someone were to hire Riddick next….

          1. Like Allstate and contrary to Grant Cohn, I think we’re in good hands. Find a new strength & conditioning/trainer, add difference makers at FS, Edge and Wr, and we might win 9 games next year….

              1. Dunno. Haskins looking good though. Maybe a team like the Jaguars is willing to Make The Move.

              2. If a team wants to move up and take a QB, would it not make more sense to trade with the Raiders?
                Everyone knows the Cards and Niners and Jets are not taking a QB?

              3. Raiders might not want to trade down. They have plenty of picks and may want to add a blue chip prospect in the top 5. I think where the gamesmanship comes into play is if the Jags or Giants want to ensure they get Haskins by leap frogging each other over the Jets. I dunno…just speculating, Prime….

              4. “Everyone knows the Cards and Niners and Jets are not taking a QB?”

                That doesn’t matter. Teams aren’t competing with the Cards, 49ers or Jets for a QB. They are competing with other teams looking for a trade up to take a QB. For teams that need a QB, if they fall in love with a guy they will start with the Cards and work their way down to make sure another team doesn’t jump past them to take their guy.

    1. Sebbie… I understand he’s in NY this week lining up an audition with NFL Network execs. He has a letter of recommendation from Grant.

      1. Shucks, I have 2 new projects I promised to start this year. I gave my word.
        One silver lining from all these terrible fires is that contractors have so much work, they cannot keep up with the demand.

          1. No, no, I am going to add rocks. They do not burn. ;p
            These fires have changed landscaping. No more lush gardens. More defensible space.

  12. Dawayne Haskins has a very good shot to go #1 overall if he declares. Too many teams desperate for a QB. NYG, Den, Jax to name a few. Cards will trade out of that spot if they can. Bosa falls to the SF.

    1. That’s the ideal scenario. Haskins is big, strong, cerebral, goes through his progressions. Got a quick release. I think he’s got a future in the NFL. Whether or not a team is willing to give up what the Rams and Eagles did for their respective quarterbacks, remains to be seen….

  13. He is very polished as a pocket QB for how young he is. I think if he declares which he will, I think if the Cards don’t trade out of 1.. SF surely will at 2.

    1. Yeah, that would be a nice scenario for the 49ers. Trade back a few spots (say with Giants or Jaguars) and get a nice haul of picks. Not sure why the Cards wouldn’t make such a trade though.

  14. My first choice based at availability at #2 is:
    1. Nick Bosa (if gone)
    2. Q. Williams.

    Just like Bosa, QW is the best at his position. Fortunately, at #2 we can choose the best player at their respective position.
    It comes down to what the 49ers view as their top priority.

  15. I just cannot believe that the Cards would pass on Bosa. If they do, it is the Niners gain. Do not think they would let him go to the Niners and have to face Bosa twice a year.

    1. I sure don’t want Jimmy having to face him twice a year. Hopefully the Jags or Giants move up for Haskins, and the Cardinals receive a nice haul of draft picks….

    1. Solomon Thomas had just as big a Bowl game as Allen. That is what made me a fan of his.
      Allen went unblocked, got there on a stunt, and ran past the tackle. Thomas got to the backfield almost quicker than Trubisky, and his sack sealed the victory for the Cards.
      Razor has more football knowledge in his pinkie finger than many here have in their entire body.

  16. I am on the edge of my seat, like everyone else, regarding pick number two. My hope is that Arizona trades its pick to Oakland and they draft a qb, then we get Bosa. If they take Bosa at number one we would be in a position to trade with Oakland for them to pick the qb of their choice. It will probably not turn out that way, trades are always difficult to predict. In any event, I like out draft position. If Bosa is gone and there is no trade we should draft Q. Williams, yes it is not a need, but he is that good. It really is a no brainer.

    My real concern is for picks 2,3,4 and 5. Those are the picks that will truly make this team better. Everyone misses, but we can not afford many more misses. Draft well niners!!!

    1. My 2nd favorite time of the year, Leo. With a little luck and a good draft, we might not be finished playing football by this time next year….

      1. Just thinking about the possibility of making the playoffs next year gets me excited . . . . . . . Be Still My Heart!!

        I am not happy about the rate of progress, I had hoped for more. But at least at this time of year we are not wondering who our head coach will be, or saying WTF!! Him? Who in their right mind would work for him? Or wondering what scheme they will be running and then realizing we have the wrong personnel for the new scheme. I am hopeful. This will be a good year for us!

    2. Leo, I think Gruden will covet Bosa so much, he would trade the 4th overall, and one of his late first round picks to move up 3 spots with the Cards.
      Jax will want to leap frog over the Giants to get their QB. I am thinking Kyler Murray, but Dwayne Haskens is impressive. If the Niners did move back, they could have pick number 39, to go along with their pick 34. Players at 34 and 39 could become starters, and the early second round talent is deep.

    1. Razor, last year I believe it was you and I debating wether Pinion was talented enough to keep around—I am still of the opinion that we should move on from him.

      I’m not sure what you see in him. He’s too inconsistent. We need a difference maker punting the ball, not someone who shanks on the regular.

      1. If the Niners keep Gould, they need Pinion to take the Kick offs because he can boom them out of the end zone.
        Considering the amount of punts, Pinion did not shank very many.

        1. A good punter can be a defense’s best friend.

          Pinion is NOT the defense’s best friend.

          There’s too many punters that can kick it 60 yard in the air with ease to settle for Pinion.

          And he didn’t punt it as much as you might think. He’s pretty much middle of the pack.

          If the goal is to improve in every facet of the game, we should upgrade the punter position

  17. Geeze, why are we talking playoffs?
    This team needs upgrades at corner, both safeties, both edge rushers, 2 wide outs, 1 if not 2 interior linemen. They were one of the 3 least talented teams in pro football and getting Jimmy back won’t suddenly make them one of the 12 most talented teams in the league.
    9 wins next year is good.

    1. A couple of things:
      – 9 wins would have put them in playoff contention this year.
      – There aren’t many teams that don’t have some weaknesses or average at best starters. You can’t fix everything, but you also don’t need to to be a playoff contender. What you need is enough good players making plays to overcome your weaknesses, and elevate the guys around them.

      1. This year a team got in with 9 wins but 9 wins is not a number that will get you in very often.

        My argument wasn’t that others don’t have holes. My argument is that that have a lot more holes than most teams. Couple that with almost no elite talent or depth and you understand that this team is weaker than 4/5ths of the league. Thats a lot of ground to make up in one off-season.
        If they get to 9 wins that will be a huge step forward.

    2. Yea, 9 wins is the magic number. Hardest number for a young team to achieve. I think they could if they can sign Thomas at FS, trade for AB/OBJr with their 2nd round pick, draft Nick Bosa and avoid the injury bug….

    3. I beg to differ. The safety position does have options. Marcell Harris and DJ Reed played well, with Tarvarius Moore another option. Then, both Colbert and Tartt will return from the IR.
      2 wide outs? I just see the need for a big bodied WR who can high point the ball and be a red zone threat. Goodwin, Pettis, Bourne, James and Taylor are adequate. Maybe you are thinking about another TE. Actually, the Niner D line only lacked that DE that could get to the QB. Armstead was injured last game, but he graded out well. Thomas improved, Buckner is a beast. Marsh has 4 sacks. DJ Jones, Blair, Day, Taylor and a recovering Street make the D line deep in potential. Witherspoon played better until he became injured, and Coyle may replace Foster, but Lee has done well. Garnett and Colemen, both first rounders, could give the O line competition. RBs just need to heal, and JG is coming back.With just a little improvement in the coaching, they could be competitive.
      I see the biggest needs are for a pass rusher, WR, TE, C and ILB.
      A team devoid of talent does not take their third string QB, and beat the playoff bound Seahawks. Nor play the Bears tight until the last minute, or one that scores 32 points against the Rams.
      Notice I did not declare they are SB bound, but only having a chance to squeak into a wild card spot.

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