49ers 27, Redskins 6: Grades

Here are the grades for the 49ers’ 27-6 win over the Redskins.

KAEPERNICK: B. He fumbled a snap, forced two passes into tight coverage and almost got intercepted both times, and converted just 29 percent of his third downs. That was not so good. But he did some good things – 134.5 passer rating, 3 touchdowns, no picks. In comparison to the opposing quarterback, Kaepernick looked like John Elway.

WIDE RECEIVERS: B+. The Redskins did not respect Boldin, did not double-cover him constantly, and Boldin made them pay – 5 catches, 94 yards, 2 touchdowns. The Redskins also allowed Mario Manningham to beat soft coverage four times for four short catches.

TIGHT ENDS: B. Vernon Davis caught a 40-yard pass and a touchdown pass. He also dropped a deep pass along the sideline and he fumbled. Vance McDonald caught the one pass Kaepernick threw to him, and McDonald gained 23 yards.

RUNNING BACKS: D. Frank Gore was terrible – 31 rushing yards on 13 carries. He has just 79 rushing yards on 26 carries the past two games. Kendall Hunter was much worse – 8 carries for 12 yards. Anthony Dixon had a 9-yard run and that was the 49ers’ longest run of the night.

OFFENSIVE LINE: C. They did not play well without Mike Iupati, did not consistently move the Redskins’ front-eight. They also gave up two sacks, but those sacks were Kaepernick’s fault.

DEFENSIVE LINE: B+. Aldon Smith was terrific– two sacks and four QB hits. And Glenn Dorsey, Justin Smith and Tony Jerod-Eddie shut down the Redskins’ running game in the second half, but they were giving up about 4 yards per carry in the first half before the Redskins failed to convert a fourth-and-2 in the third quarter when the game was still close.

LINEBACKERS: A-. Ahmad Brooks was dominant – two sacks, two QB hits and three tackles for losses. Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman were very good in the second half, but they were just OK in the first half.

SECONDARY: B. They played soft coverage and gave up 17 catches. They seemed to want to keep everything in front of them, and so they didn’t give up any catches longer than 18 yards. But they did give up an 18-yard catch to Santana Moss on third-and-19.

SPECIAL TEAMS: A. LaMichael James was fantastic, averaging 26.5 yards per kick return and 14.4 yards per punt return. But the Redskins have the worst special teams in the league, so it’s tough to tell if James is becoming a good returner or if he just took advantage of bad kick coverage.

COACHING: B. At least these guys are better than Mike Shanahan’s bunch. These Redskins are as bad of Shanahan-coached team as there ever has been – terrible offensive design, and not much creativity on either side of the ball. It seems like Shanahan and his coaches have packed it in for the season and are waiting to get fired. Give the 49ers credit for not losing to that.

Still, the 49ers were beating this dreadful team just 10-6 in the third quarter. Three of those points came off a Redskins’ turnover – an interception by the Redskins’ awful quarterback. Overall, this offense couldn’t score enough points to put away one of the worst defenses in the league until the Redskins failed to convert a fourth-and-2 at the 49ers’ 41-yard line. After that, the Redskins seemed to give up.

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    1. Your an idiot! Just stop watching football cause you have zero clue what you are talking about… 135 rating 3 tds on the road with terrible play calling for most of the game…

      1. I didn’t say Kap has no talent. And he is accurate when throwing to his primary. But he still looks like he has no clue when the primary isn’t open and the heat’s coming. And by the way, “your” should be “you’re.” Idiot.

      2. please don’t use QB rating to judge if Sully has a “clue” about QB play. I’m an avid football fan, and my eye test says Kap was just okay today, the 135 rating doesn’t match what i saw with my eyes. I’d say he played a lot better than in recent games, but still there’s much work to be done, I’d just give him an “okay”. I’d say “3 and outs” are a key metric….and although I blame running game for much of it Kap needs to share some blame as well.

    2. I think the offense got in much more of a groove this game and seemed to get some confidence. I think Kaepernick is looking better. He looked lost at times because nobody was open. But he had some nice throws and was intelligent with his runs. He’s improving. I think there is a lot to like in his game. With their injuries and lack of production from the past 2 drafts (Lattimore and Carridine we are waiting on), they may not do much this year in the playoffs, but I would not be at all surprised to see them beat any of the other playoff teams in the NFC.

    3. Statistics can be deceiving. The Skins defense was worse than their horrible offense. Colin runs like he’s scared of getting hit, his release has gotten slower not faster and he doesn’t see the field. Other than that he’s great. Go Niners!

    4. I loved steve young’s assessment pregame of Kaepernick if he had hit vernon in stride either throw vernon has two more touchdowns

    5. Really. And what do you know mister idiot. I thought all the Smith idols had went to toChiefs blog . I guess there is a few of you left.

    6. It’s ‘Kaep’ dude … weak analysis – no idea what he’s doing? Folks who understand the complexity and speed of pro football are impressed with his growth curve, including his current imperfections. And he brought the team to the Big Game last year. Not only is Kaep the answer, he will be for a long time in San Francisco. Go back to Seattle Sully.

      1. One, I’m not now, nor have I ever been, an AS fan. Two, I hate Seattle as much as anyone here. Three, my brother’s been an NFL scout for 17 years and we talk a couple hours a day–though this accounts for his expertise, not mine, I wouldn’t say that I render my opinions about Kap lightly. Four, Kap hasn’t thrown well against good defenses this year, and I’m amazed that so many people on this board are CERTAIN he’s a franchise QB.

  1. Kap- B sounds right. He made some good passes and actually trusted his wrs to make plays. The only reason I wouldn’t give him an A is he should have thrown a pick six. And he missed numerous easy check downs. That factored with the redskin D being absolutely horrid. But Kap had a very good game. Arrows up with crab playing next week “hopefully”. We just need the passing to improve somewhat and force defenses to respect us. Makes the run game easier. Tip my hat Kap, you shut me up for a week.

  2. Secondary deserves better than a B, gave up 127 yards on 4.7 yards per attempt, other than that I mostly agree with the grades. Running game was non-existent but that was kind of expected considering the Redskins sold out to stop it. Overall we saw progress on offense and got a win and that is exactly what I was hoping for.

  3. 127 yards passing allowed and the secondary gets a B? No way. The soft coverage worked today. Didn’t allow long passing drives to happen. And allowed one pass of 18. And over half the completions were quick screens which didn’t do anything. Secondary gets an A. As well as the LBs and DL. Defense all As tonight.

      1. Brock held garçon to 48 yards! Garçon is a stud… Gets a 100 yards regularly … 70 catches on the season…the niners won a road game in the NFL and that’s important… You want to write a article about how the redskins would be problematic for the niners and you were wrong… Secondly what you fail to realize is that the most dangerous teams to play are the ones that have NOTTHING to lose… Already out of the playoffs basically this was there SB… 27-6 believe it

        1. The Redskins were problematic until the third quarter when they gave up. Horrible play call on fourth-and-2. It shouldn’t have been a run, the 49ers loaded the box and dared the Redskins to throw. If the Redskins convert that, they get a field goal or a touchdown and are down 1 or up 3.

          The Redskins shut down Gore. The Redskins just didn’t show any creativity with their coverages. I thought Haslett would do better, but he’s just waiting to get fired like everyone else on that staff.

      2. Grant the play calling was horrendous in the first half by roman! They opened it up and they shredded them… People want to take away any creditability from kaep and the niners just because the redskins are bad. The niners are not the only team that plays bad defenses… As a matter of fact they play in the best defensive division in all of football.. Whether the game was close in the first half or not they still won very easily with a very questionable play calling throughout the game… This team needs to use gore as a decoy and focus on letting kaep pass a lot more.. Take chances because the defense is so good… How many run the middle can you call all game long… These play calls are very similar to what jimmy raye use to do….after tonight it is very easy to see the problem is roman not kaep.

      3. Grant:
        Washington should not have even had the ball in that situation because they only got the ball when Vernon Davis fumbled while his face mask was being twisted.
        If the blind and inept refs called the obvious face mask call then the fumble would not have counted and it would have been 1st and 10 for the Niners.

      4. About 80% of the plays CK checked in or out of (audibles) were the wrong call. Maybe Roman is asking CK to read defenses he is not prepared for or the offense is too complicated for him.
        Jon Gruden talked about this all game. He’s given three plays in the huddle and chooses one at the line. It seems like it’s always the wrong call. I counted at least 5 times in the 1st half the play CK checked into went nowhere. Finally they broke a couple but otherwise, this offense is lacking continuity and leadership from the QB.
        Let’s play a playoff team in 2 weeks and see how they do. These non-playoff team wins are good but I’m not impressed with tonight’s performance. WSH is brutal!

      5. Prime- Whether you Hate Kap or not, he played well tonight. That is obvious. Yes there was some bad, but we won 27-6. Next weeks game will be a good measuring stick. STL has been playing pretty damn good football lately.

      6. Axel Foley,
        Well, you double/triple post about ’80%’ of the time and you’re BS rate is @ 90%. Did you see ‘The Life of a Troll’ post by Crab?

    1. Slime,
      A pimple on a pigs butt, has a better life then Prime Slime troll. If you get a ticket for not using a cross walk, Slime will get you out of the ticket. Top legal aid in his town of 75.

    1. Grant is just being cute. Aldon did not start at linebacker in the base defense (Skuta did) and mostly played at rush defensive end on the 4 man nickel line.

  4. i comment rarely but enjoy the back and forth immensly when it stays cordial…. i have an uneducated eye, but a question for the group- does anyone else think that Iupati is better than Snyder in run blocking, but Snyder appeared better tonight than Iupati has been in pass protection? In no way am I advocating for Snyder to replace Iupati (when healthy) as the starter… just asking a question

    1. Remember,

      It was the Redskins. Snyder is not very good. He got no push in the running game tonight. He also got beat by a stunt at the end of the game last year for a sack on 1st down during the last drive of the game. A stunt he should know considering he is a veteran. He could never start for this team. On the other hand, Iupati struggles in pass protection and we should be looking for his replacement in the draft but hopefully Kilgore (67) will be ready if he doesn’t get the center job next year. He can play both. Any did a good job in pass pro tonight.

      1. I don’t know about Kilgore. It worries me that the coaches went with Snyder over him or even Looney. Adam Snyder should not be on this team, but if Kilgore/Looney can’t push him off then I see no reason to go with them either.

      2. John,

        Snyder is on this team for his versatility and experience in the system. He starts because of his experience. I just think Kilgore needs to beef and bulk up a bit. He’s a bulldog and I like his toughness. He’s a comer and he’ll be ready next year.

  5. Ray Lewis commented that brooks, bowman, and Willis are the best 3 in the league at what they do, “play old school football”. Grant, I think our front 7 is top 3 in the league. Grant, do you think if Aldon can return to “form” like he did tonight, we can be successful at stopping Wilson and lynch and company?

    1. We didn’t have trouble stopping Wilson in the first game. The score was 12-3 going into the 4th quarter. Our offense couldn’t sustain a drive for more than 3-4 plays. You can only ask so much of your defense if your offense isn’t scoring touchdowns. The offense has to do their job. The defense brings it weekly.

  6. I grow frustrated watching the niners not roll Kaep out, do all the obvious things they should be doing with him. Then it occurs to me that clearly JH and Roman are smart guys. They have to be. They are also secure in their jobs. They are going nowhere. Maybe they are forcing Kaep to stay in the pocket cause they know he must develop into a pocket QB to win long term. Rolling him out, read option, etc just delays the learning process. He must get the reps in the pocket as Brian Billick stated (10k to be exact). That’s the only thing that makes sense. And if this is the case (and the more I watch, I think it is), us Niner fans are going to have to endure the ups and downs of this young QB learning to be a pocket passer in the NFL until it clicks for him, and the offense “pops” as Roman stated last week.

      1. The problem is that Roman doesn’t know any better either and that leaves nobody to run an offense that looks like it is in the 21st Century.
        If Roman doesn’t get help or change his predictable ways then he should lose his job.

      2. That’s not a suggestion, but rather a statement.

        Your grade for Kaepernick was a smidge high. He played well, but even Christian Ponder had a higher completion percentage against this defense.

      3. Jack,

        A 134 rating with 3 touchdowns and no turnovers and 20 positive yards rushing seems like a B to me. I do realize that it works against your agenda but you need to get over that. Kap has about 20 games under his belt and he will improve. If I were you, I’d learn to call it like I see it instead of looking for the smoking gun. The drama doesn’t look good on you.

      4. I already said that Kaepernick played well tonight. He made some good throws/decisions and some poor throws/decisions.

        Sorry, but unlike you two I didn’t call for Smith to be replaced for a year and a half and need to make sure that I am proven right.

      5. Jack,

        I actually called for Smith to be replaced for 4 years. Kaps stats. Career high 134.0 rating .
        Avg. yard per completion 15.75 yards.
        3 touchdowns.
        20 yards rushing.
        No interceptions.
        A 30 yard drop from VD.
        Completions to at least 5 receivers including McDonald.
        Sounds like a “B” grade to me!

      6. Grant,

        He’s feeding his followers on the blog that are Kap haters. They miss Alex and Jack gives them hope that Kap will be replaced. He needs to realize that Kap isn’t going anywhere. He’s JH’s guy. Jack, trust me, your analysis is skewed and fueled by the haters. Not a good sign. Unfortunately, the hatchet job is doomed to fail. Crabtree coming back will only help Kap. I’m sure even you know that.

      7. 62% passing, 235 yards and 3 TD’s is very good. When you factor in the few bad things, Grant’s grade is spot on. “Your grade for Kaepernick was a smidge high.” According to who?

      8. i’m going to have to agree with Grant on the Kaep grade. He left some plays on the field but a 134 passer rating still says he played a good game. His completion % isn’t as high as you’d like but he makes up for it with deep passes.

        On the other hand Grant’s comment about Harbaugh and Marchibroda is incredibly stupid even as an exaggerated comment with poetic license.

      9. Jack,

        No worries. I corrected that for you at that time. Where do you think Grant got the grade for Kap tonight? You’re welcome Grant!

      10. Marchibroda may not have rolled Harbaugh out much (I don’t think he needed to with all the option routes and site adjustments in the offense). But to imply that Harbaugh doesn’t know any better about when to roll out the QB is stupid.

      11. Jack,
        He played well, on the road with a couple of off throws. That is a B performance. Calling it a B- or C+ seems like an attempt to feed your own ego. I don’t mean that as a slam, it just feels like you dig in on things like this sometimes in an attempt to validate the time you spend writing about football. That being said, Harbaugh is a bright coach and I’m sure he knows all about roll outs.

      12. you’re belaboring the point because we’re raking you over the coals for your silly comment.

        you’re right you didn’t imply it, you said it.

        what’ stupid? that a player and coach (considered to be a”QB Whisperer”) for the past 30 something years doesn’t know to roll out a QB? . And a bunch of internet offensive coordinators think they do?

        1. Not that he doesn’t know how to. He doesn’t value the importance and utility of doing it more often, a direct byproduct of playing for Ditka and Marchibroda.

      13. Thanks for the feedback BigP. Young and Dilfer did enough to pump up my ego before the game by highlighting many of the same plays that I did from last weeks game when discussing Kaepernick. ; )

        After what we had seen the previous two weeks I can understand the push back that I am getting. It was exciting to see the offense click, but I saw some of the same issues from previous weeks with Kaepernick.

        Maybe I’m wrong, wouldn’t be the first time.

      14. Jack,
        I think this is exactly the type of game that gets everyone excited, and they now think Colin is great, just like the winning streak, until they bump into a smart defensive coach. And suddenly all the flaws are exposed. It’s not even a chess match at that point. Colin is talented so against lesser teams, he’s going to play well. But on well coached teams, he’s going to struggle, and then the entire Niner offense struggles. There were too many unnecessary 3 and outs, when all he had to do was take the check down.

      15. “There were too many unnecessary 3 and outs”

        They went 3 and out 1 time in the first half, and 1 time in the second half.

      16. Grant:

        I’m not sure why you dragged me into this conversation or why you made it personal. Is it because I called you out for making up facts and misquoting the rules regarding Ahmad Brooks’ penalty? If so, I think your resentment is misdirected.

        Jack’s not always right, but at least his opinions tend to be well-informed and well-reasoned. I respect that.

        It also doesn’t hurt him that many of his disagreements are with jordan and Bay. Arguing with those two would make anyone look like he’s always right.

      17. Claude why did you feel the need to drag ME into the conversation? If your legal business is struggling go chase an ambulance. Or come out from between Jacks legs and get a sac of your own.

      18. CK7 missed some plays (either late on the throw or making the wrong read) and the sacks were mostly his fault, but he also made some terrific plays. A grade of B sounds right to me.

      19. DS77exever,

        Please study the game before you comment. You have to be the dumbest guy in the room. There were too many 3 and outs? What game were you watching? You really are dense. 2 three and outs the entire game and you say there were too many. 2 is too many in your world? Wow, get your foot out of your mouth. Take your shoe off and put it over your hand so you can’t type. Just read the blog, don’t comment for a while. You’re just getting slapped around anyway.

        A smart coach? We beat the Rams 30-11 last time we played them in St. Louis. I wonder if you think Fisher is a smart coach? It doesn’t matter, you wouldn’t know. So you think Seattle has a smart coach? You don’t even know his name I bet? I told you before. Throw your phone out of the window, so you can’t post.

      20. “Thanks for the feedback BigP. Young and Dilfer did enough to pump up my ego before the game by highlighting many of the same plays that I did from last weeks game when discussing Kaepernick. ; )”

        Everybody sees the plays, but most people don’t have the time or desire to regurgitate the info on a blog. It’s not rocket science, he’s a young QB going through growing pains, just like RG3 and Andrew Luck. Anybody can sit around and pick at a bunch of plays on film, if they desire to do so. Most people don’t want to do that because the same info is easily available online or on television. You have reached the uncanny valley of bean bag bloggers: more knowledgable than the average fan, but light years away from being an expert.

      21. Saying Harbaugh doesn’t know any better is an obnoxious comment. If you didn’t mean it that way then that’s fine Grant, but that’s the way it came off. A guy your age making snide statements like that is going to instigate some retaliation in the comments.

        I actually agree that the Niners should be using Kaps athleticism more not only because it can be a weapon but because he doesn’t have to think the options as much. However I don’t believe I or anyone else on this website can honestly say we know better than the HC. Last night Kap looked pretty good throwing the ball and we’ll see if it continues.

        I think grades are silly considering it’s a team sport built on everybody doing their job for others to have success but the view on Kap in the post is fair. He did throw the ball pretty well, and did make mistakes although they didn’t cost the team the game.

        The one glaring error that continues to be a concern is Kaps seeming refusal to throw to a RB on a checkdown. He forced a throw to Boldin that was almost picked off when he had Kendall Hunter in the flat and nobody within 10 yards of him.

        Dilfer and Young were talking about that before the game in that Kap needs to take the checkdown sometimes but he just continues to force throws that aren’t there or take a sack in lieu of dumping it off to the checkdown. I’m not sure why he continues to do that but it has to change because he’s leaving plays on the field and taking chances he doesn’t need to.

        Overall a pretty strong game against a team that has pretty much packed it in.

        1. You may think it’s an obnoxious statement, but it’s true. I asked Harbaugh why he doesn’t roll out Kaepernick more than 10 percent of the time and he said, “I don’t know that 10 percent is not enough.” He told everyone he doesn’t know better. 10 percent is not enough. But Ditka and Marchibroda rarely rolled out Harbaugh, so what do you expect? Harbaugh is a product of those systems.

      22. “He forced a throw to Boldin that was almost picked off when he had Kendall Hunter in the flat and nobody within 10 yards of him.”

        He had Davis wide open on that one…

      23. That’s one of the reasons why I am taking Kaep’s good game last night with a grain of salt. His options in the passing game were almost always open against a putrid Redskins secondary, yet he still forced a few throws that he shouldn’t have, including the one that would have been a pick against a tougher secondary.

      24. 23 welcher/alexsmithhater/bigclown,
        Do I need to pull the posts that you yourself wrote during the game? You’re pathetic. You even screamed for KAP to throw the check-down to Hunter.
        While there may only have been two 3 and outs, a lot of drives stalled because Kap failed to go to the check down. EVEN YOU WROTE AND SAID THE SAME THING!
        You have nothing to offer but insults. That’s all you got because you clearly know nothing beyond the size of yur big clown shoes.
        Why don’t you take Capeman up on his bet? Yeah, you’re all talk!

      25. Jack,

        I must have missed that Davis was open too. Hunter was the one who stood out to me because he was in the same frame as Kap who is standing there looking everywhere but his way.


        Kap also had a clean pocket most of the night, but still made a couple of poor decisions. He’s a work in progress that we are going to have to be patient with. Crabs coming back should help depending on how well he is able to play.

    1. did you see what the Niners did to RGIII? they had the ends and linebackers make sure to contain and hit him if he goes anywhere near perimeter. they did not respect the downfield pass and just went in for the hit to fluster and punish Griffin.

      It’s much the same for Kaepnernick. If Kaep gets anywhere close to the edge the defenders pin their ears back and go in like a heat seeking missile. Defenses have been primed to keep these guys in the pocket or punish them. So roll outs only work when you can catch the defense off guard so it’s going to happen a lot less than you’d expect with these mobile QBs.

      Also, by rolling out the QB you cut the field in half which simplifies the read for Kaep; a good thing. But it provides less receiving options and reduces the real estate the defense has to cover. Especially when they’re smart and roll their coverage towards Boldin and Davis (which the Redskins didn’t). So you have more coverage with less receiving options in a smaller space when the QB rolls out.

      I’ve tried explaining this to Grant before but he doesn’t seem to grasp the concept.

      1. AFFP,

        You make some good points. The way they played D last night is how to beat Seattle IMHO – protect the edges and attack the QB. The last two contests against the Seahawks, the Niner D has stayed back and reacted. That’s not a good formula against Seattle.

      2. AFFP
        Pretty well said on all points. Grant’s comment came across as a bit arrogant to me, the presumption being that Grant obviously knows better how to set up protections and routes. GC never has acknowledged the drawbacks to rolling out your QB that you mentioned, nor the fact that Defenses prepare and scheme for mobile QBs in the hope to keep them in the pocket.
        I dont disagree with Grant’s grade for CK. I noted he missed seeing the defender who should’ve picked that pass early, and a few times not taking his outlet receiver.
        The secondary played off and kept everything in front of them because, oh I don’t know, maybe because that’s been Fangio’s style forever.
        Special Teams. LMJ was pretty good and deserves that A (correctly noted that Wash STs suck), but that’s no way to grade out ST, IMO. There’s Punting, Place Kicking, Tee Kicking, Kick Coverage, Punt Coverage, then Punt Returns and Kick Returns. Rating only LMJ on STs is like only rating Vernon on offense.
        OL wasn’t overly impressive, but was adequate to the task. With a starter out, that’s OK. Snyder singled out for mediocrity, but Staley not mentioned for a good job on Orakpo.
        Manningham looked better. He will continue to be an option and he will help CK’s growth as a QB.
        The grades mostly alright, but hard not to trip over the notion that Harbaugh can’t grasp the concept of the roll out pass.

        1. I wrote that Harbaugh doesn’t know better and he doesn’t. He thinks he’s rolling out Kaepernick enough and he isn’t. It’s the Ditka and Marchibroda influence.

      3. Grant,

        why do you think he’s not rolling Kaepnernick enough? I’ve laid out my reasons why Kaep isn’t rolled out as much as you believe he should. From a tactical stand point and not a general numbers standpoint. for instance you can site some raw numbers like Kaep passes better when he’s rolled out. But that doesn’t say why. Was it a play where he caught the defense off guard? Were there other plays that set up the roll out? Was it off of play-action?

        Again, rolling out of the pocket is just another tool/arrow in the quiver like the shotgun formation, the pistol formation, read option, play action…etc… there are tactical times to use it and times not to (and I’d argue that edge defenders reading the QB to make a hit on him is a good reason not to roll out).

      4. Grant,

        It’s your wording of it that is generating the negative responses. You disagree with Harbaugh/Romans use of the moving pocket believing they should do more of it, along with bootlegs and that is fine. We all have our opinions on what this team should do. The problem is you take it to the next level by insinuating that the HC doesn’t understand or have the intelligence to do what you think he should be doing. Saying Harbaugh doesn’t understand something is obnoxious. Harbaugh has been in the game as a player and Coach for longer than you’ve been alive. There is nothing you know that he doesn’t and much you don’t that he does. Disagreeing with his motives is fine but don’t try to pass off the notion that you understand something he doesn’t.

        1. I never insinuated Harbaugh didn’t understand anything. It’s a matter of philosophy. Harbaugh believes in dropping the quarterback straight back on almost every drop back because that’s what Ditka and Marchibroda believed in. The Niners have had some nifty rollout plays this season but they don’t call them enough and/or they don’t have enough in the play book.

      5. Ditka and Marchibroda rarely rolled out Harbaugh. He doesn’t know any better.

        You clearly said here that Harbaugh doesn’t know any better – or doesn’t understand, which is the same thing in this context – and it’s due to the fact his former Coaches didn’t do it enough. How else can anybody interpret this statement?

        As I said, we all have our opinions and you should as well, but don’t try to pass of your opinion as being something the HC doesn’t know any better to do. You disagree with their approach is what it is.

        1. He doesn’t understand that he isn’t rolling out Kaepernick enough, yes. Harbaugh doesn’t get it.

          His approach is incorrect, stubborn, stodgy, and it doesn’t fit his personnel. Harbaugh is doing what he learned from Ditka and Marchibroda, not what is best for the 2013 49ers’ offense.

      6. “His approach is incorrect. It doesn’t fit his personnel, and it is stubborn and stodgy.”

        Yet he has a winning percentage of over 70%.

      7. Grant,

        You disagree with the strategy, end of story. Saying a HC in the NFL doesn’t know any better is ridiculous. He chooses not to move Kap out of the pocket more than he does; doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand it or know any better. There is no doubt he is stubborn but then again so are we :)

        1. Choosing not to move Kaepernick out of the pocket more than once every 10 drop backs is not knowing any better any way you slice it. If he knew better, he’d move the pocket more often. Asking Kaepernick to drop straight back nine out of every 10 drop drop backs is the wrong strategy for Kaepernick.

      8. “And yet he hasn’t beaten one good team this season.”

        GB was 5-2 before Rodgers was injured and the Cardinals are 7-4, but you’re right, they haven’t beaten anyone good.

      9. They know what they are doing Grant. They are the ones who make the calls. What they aren’t doing is what you think they should. That has no bearing on what they know. Harbaugh has a philosophy that he sticks to. You believe and I don’t disagree, that Kap should be rolling out more often, but that doesn’t mean the guys calling the plays don’t know any better. It means they want their QB to play out of the pocket the majority of the time and are forcing him to operate that way. Your comments about Harbaugh being stubborn and set in his ways are correct; your belief he somehow doesn’t know any better is not. You used a poor choice of words last night to state your disagreement with their philosophy and as usual can’t just admit it and move on. You are a very stubborn guy, just like Harbaugh.

      10. I see Im not the only one who stumbled over that comment or its ongoing defense.
        >”I wrote that Harbaugh doesn’t know better and he doesn’t.” – Wrong and not even likely to be true. It is so wrong that it hurts your cred.
        >”He thinks he’s rolling out Kaepernick enough and he isn’t” -An assertion that can’t be substantiated
        .”Its the Ditka and Marchibroda influence.”
        -Never saw McMahon roll right?
        -Didn’t Ted coach Bert Jones at Baltimore? Yes. Bert was great in the pocket, but he was also Hella rolling right and throwing deep and was fast enough to buy himself time. Marchibroda was a Head Football Coach, of F-ing course he used roll outs when it suited him.
        - OK, substitute Harbaugh for Marchibroda and repeat that last sentence.
        Look, we here are like a crowd watching a burning building. All sorts of opinions on the street corner about how to best fight that fire. But if my next door neighbor’s house is on Fire I’m calling the FD, not the guy from Western Ave & The Blvd who has some ideas on the subject.
        >Brotha Tuna does not know more about offensive football than Jim Harbaugh.
        >Grant Cohn does not know more about offensive football than Jim Harbaugh.
        >Lowell Cohn does not know more about offensive football than Jim Harbaugh.
        Maybe ShowBiz is the better metaphor. NFL is showbiz, so its inherently subject to critique. Harbaugh’s team’s performance and his performance as coach are by extension subject to critique. But let’s take a step back and look at our roles in this show.
        Harbaugh is the Director of the Play.
        Grant & Lowell are the Critics.
        We are the audience (or peanut gallery or kennel)
        But Grant is a critic, not a drama coach or director or actor. Turning thumbs up or down and lobbing opinions aint the same as staging ‘MacBeth’.

        1. No, it’s a true statement. It’s substantiated by the 49ers’ passing results and the history of football.
          I’m not talking about a qb buying himself time. I’m talking about desinged pocket movement every few passes and Ditka didn’t do it, Marchibroda didn’t do it and Harbaugh doesn’t do it. It’s one approach to a drop-back passing game and unfortunately for the 49ers, it doesn’t suit Kaepernick.

      11. Grant does playing Kaepernick outside the pocket make him more susceptible to big hits? Or is the reason they keep him in the pocket to continue his development?
        I like what the announcers said last night during the game that in order to win in the NFL, your QB has to be able to play the majority of the time within the pocket. I guess it has worked for years but I do agree, there is always the benefit of getting athletic QB to use their physical skills and throwing or running outside the numbers.

      12. Grant I’ve explained it as best I can. Your wording last night was poor in that it did not get across the point you wanted to make. Saying Harbaugh doesn’t know any better is overstepping your role as a blogger. There is a great level of distance between your understanding of the game and Harbaughs, enough so that to make a distinction that he doesn’t know any better and you do is ludicrous.


        Lol. Good post.

      13. Funny how it was overlooked, but MCN had it right in his original comment. What he said makes more sense than the idea that Harbaugh doesn’t best how to use his personnel.

      14. notice that Grant has not addressed my answers to why not to roll out Kaep from an X’s and O’s tactical standpoint?

        I’ve made this statement at least 3-4 times over the past few weeks but he never responds.

        1. There are strengths and weaknesses to every play, but that isn’t a reason to roll out Kaepernick just once every 10 drop backs. That is not a smart approach.

      15. affnp:

        I presume he hasn’t addressed your explanations because he has no answer for them. It’s becoming a pattern.


        Stay off of my nutsack. Did I phrase that correctly?

      16. I think its funny the angst that Grant has created by a few words taken out of context. He has clarified he meant that Harbaugh learned in systems that had the QB drop back the vast majority of the time, with limited rolling out. That is now the system he believes in and uses.

        Right or wrong, instead of tailoring the system to suit the players (in this case Kaep), he is sticking with the system he believes in. Sure, there may be some tweaks here and there, but end of the day its pretty much the same system he ran at Stanford.

        What I will say, and MCN touched on it originally, I think Kaep will become a better QB in the long run by being forced out of his comfort zone now. Make him learn to play like a traditional QB, then when he gets that under control the rest of his game will be gravy.

      17. Grant, give a TACTICAL reason why they should do designed roll outs more often?

        I’ve given you tactical reasons why I believe they don’t. you thew out the 10% number at Harbaugh and he said he didn’t know if 10% was enough. That’s because those tactical decisions are made based on the defensive tactics that will be employed against you.

        Remember, numbers don’t make reality. Reality makes the numbers. What I mean is that if the league average for rolling out QBs is higher than 10% or higher than what the Niners do, the question is WHY? The numbers in themselves are meaningless without context. I’ve argued that specific game situations and defensive tactics have dictated that the Niners design roll outs are less than the league average.

        1. You’re, right, you can’t force rollouts. The game situation has to be favorable. But there are opportunities for Harbaugh to call rollouts more frequently and he’s passing them up.

          And remember, Harbaugh can move the pocket to behind the inside hip of either tackle, anything to keep the pass rush off balance. But Kaepernick should be the most prolific rollout passer in the NFL.

      18. Grant Ditka and Marchabroda didn’t roll Harbaugh out. Well after 81 Walsh didn’t roll Montana out, it severely limits the patterns you have available. Walsh rolled out Montana in 81 because he lost B. Paris in the last preseason game and had to replace him with Dan Audick an under sized under talented OT and walsh had to roll Montana away from Audick or get him killed.
        Walsh seldom if ever ran designed roll outs after that.

      19. AFFP,

        He doesn’t have the league numbers. It’s based on a theory that he read or heard. The stats back him up that Kaepernick has been succesful with it for the amount that they do it currently so he is assuming that if they did it more they would have the same level of success.

      20. Jack, I know the general stats back him up that Kaep has a higher completion percentage when rolling out. But my whole point about numbers/stats is that they have to be taken in context.

        that would require him or somebody else breaking down film and specifically saying what offensive advantage the roll out would give.

        I will offer an admittedly unsubstantiated theory: which is when a play breaks down, Kaep no longer has to worry about his reads, he simply rolls out, looks downfield and throws to the open receiver. I don’t believe you can systematically design parts of your offense for sandlot football.

        Also, up until the last game, Kaep’s propensity for rabbiting early from the pocket would skew his completion percentage higher for out of the pocket plays.

        And as I have said, I think with defenses holding edge containment and focusing in on hitting Kaepernick have made roll outs less effective.

      21. AFFP,

        I believe that Grant’s numbers were only for designed pocket movement throws and he came up with them on his own by watching the film.

        It would be interesting to see what those numbers looked like league wide for comparison.

      22. Jack, I’m cool with the numbers being and indicator of something.

        (My unsubstantiated belief is that Kaep passes out of the pocket better because he’s playing sandlot ball or has fewer reads).

        and the numbers for Kaep’s roll outs that Grant shows indicate that there’s something to look for on the film. From there I’d look for an actual in game tactical analysis of when and why to use roll outs.

        Again, I’m always trying to put context around the numbers. Also, to not assume that Harbaugh just doesn’t know or is inclined to do something as simple as call more designed roll outs for an obviously mobile QB.

      23. affp,

        Grants point on getting Kap outside the pocket is just that they should do more of it; not make it the staple of the offense. I agree with that because by not giving Kap more options to run you are wasting one of his best resources.

        He obviously isn’t going to make a living running the ball in the NFL for long, but while he’s learning, take advantage of his athleticism and get him on the edges where he can put pressure on the defense either by running the ball or throwing to a receiver coming across.

        It’s just another tool in the box to attack with that they don’t use often enough.

      24. Alforfun,
        Good points all.
        The Niners know how to play RG3 because they live with a similar offense / QB being played by opposing defenses situation every week. Last night they had a look in the mirror.
        Washington played a defense the way everyone does against the Niner’s just did not have the personnel to fully support it. Like everyone they fill the box to stop the inside run and put speed on the edges of the box (especially right side) to close off the outside run and roll out. They accomplish this overloaded box by sacrificing the coverage on the wide outs. This removes the QB from ground threat thus the defense essentially gets back its free player. Furthermore the Niners are forced to play their weakness – passing game from the pocket. If the QB cannot make his reads quickly or efficiently from pocket then their overload against the run can quickly transform into extra man pass rush. This is the dilemma the Niners have found themselves in.
        The difference is the Niners did not have to load the box against this mirror image to accomplish much the same because of the talent this Niner defense has. So they don’t have to steal from coverage ie. pull a safety into the box. That is a luxury that few teams have. Washington clearly could not afford to do that thus leaving their down field underbelly exposed. That is what Roman capitalized on last night. Essentially he could give Kap what he wanted; his first read. The gift that kept on giving thanks to that box with weak coverage staying put through the entire game.
        That is the MO for teams that the Niners can beat. A defense that goes to the overloaded box when the deep backs cannot support it will offer a high percentage open WR on that first read.
        That luxury gift will not be repeated against the upcoming opponents.

      25. Alfor,
        On that half field problem:
        You are mostly right but it is only part of a greater picture.
        If a roll out is a surprise then the offense maybe playing half a field but the defense committed to the whole field. Advantage offense. Roll outs work best if it is disguised and defense is misdirected.

        The other way a roll out works is O straight up over loads the roll out side with an in your face dictate. No surprise, the O simply says our best can beat your best in a roll out to half field play. That works when the run up the middle is still respected and also when QB is a good across field passing threat (rare).

        I prefer the prior. The Niners need to disguise better (one formation for many options including roll out (and preferably balanced), make opposing defense respect outside run opposite roll out side, and include extra blocker in backfield to take out that outside edge guy.
        Funny, allfor, beginning to sound like that full house flex diamond.

  7. Frank Gore was not terrible. The running game was terrible, but with 8-9 in the box that was to be expected. The problem is the play calling. The sweeps were pointless and the delayed draws simply did not work.
    The Ninets have to not run against 8-9 in the box.
    I would like to see more passes to Gore. Use to do that al lot.

    1. Kap has to start connecting deep. It’s the only way to get all of those people out of The box. We also need to line LaMichael James up in the slot and have him run seam routes against LB’s. That will force defense to open up. When they stack the box with 8-9 people they are saying ,”we respect your run game, but not Kapa arm.”

    2. Grant’s comment is silly, but that’s what he does. No running back could run against that overloaded box. The numbers say nothing about how Gore ran. Additionally, he picked up blitzes as well as he usually does.

      1. Grant, I’d argue that Frank’s role was to keep the defense in those 8 and 9 men boxes to keep the passing game, which seemed to take on a greater focus, easier for Kaepnernick

      2. When the defense is geared up to stop the run with 8-9 in the box and we have Snyder in there as opposed to Iupati, I don’t expect Frank to tear off chunks. The played our run game well. That’s why we gashed them with the pass. Our pass protection was excellent.

    1. Though I’m not generally a critic of Roman, but if you are going to give Gore a D, give the coaching a D also. They were the ones that sent him repeatedly smack dab into the middle of 8 and 9 man fronts.

      But I don’t give either aspect (Gore or playcalling) a low grade – it accomplished the strategic purpose – allowing Washington to continue to dare the Niners O to beat them with their passing game. Which they did in spades.

  8. Gotta give it up for Jerrod Eddie tonight. He was solid all night. Helped control their run game and got after it rushing the QB and staying in his rush lane. Not bad for an undrafted free agent stepping up!

    1. Great kid, hard worker, hey Jodi, who do you think will have the longer career? Him or Ian Williams? More I think about it , it maybe him as Jim T as really pushed him to be great! Hope both p,sy well when Ian is back next year!

    2. Rebel,

      I was enjoying Ian’s play before he got hurt. He had a good 1st game and was having a good game in Seattle before the cheap shot. He will be the better player. Jerod Eddie didn’t make his presence felt last week against the Saints. Good players play well in big games. We’ll see how he does against the Rams. Hopefully McDonald will be back. We need him to stop the Rams run game.

  9. Jordo got a question for you. Why do you want to get rid of Whitner? He has been great this year in all aspects of his game. His coverage is light years ahead of where it was last season. Just curious.

    1. Adam,

      He’s a vet up for a new deal. He lost a bit of weight this year because he got the life beat out him last year by the tight ends we played. He doesn’t have the sped and he’s getting up there in age. Trust me, I’m not the only one that knows that we have to replace Whitner. He’s a great team guy but we need a bit more speed and youth at his position if we can get it. Question is, how much $$ will he want. We can’t give everyone 5-6 mil a year on defense.

      1. He’s been pretty stellar this year in coverage. I’ll get better stats tomorrow. But I think we try to get a new potential replacement in the draft but no way we rely on that. Were not gonna hit gold every time.

      2. He gets killed by tight ends. He always has. Look at his numbers before he got here. That’s always been the knock on him. Shedding the weight has helped this year. The jury may be still out with the 49ers. However, I’ve not heard anything about them offering him a new deal. You know they like to sign their own sooner than later. When you don’t get a deal from the Niners, it’s because they really don’t want you unless you’re gonna accept their terms. We all know that.

      3. An eventual replacement. The combo of Reid and Whitner have made our secondary so much better than last season. I think the team should resign him, as long as he isn’t too expensive.

      4. We also haven’t heard from Harbaugh that he is a player that deserves to paid. The last two that he said that about are no longer on this team, which doesn’t bode well for Brown.

      5. I know he gets killed by TEs. But he hasn’t this year. He helped shut down the best TE in the game last week. Personally I hope they extend him. He has played great this season. And his veteran leadership is working with this secondary.

      6. Guys,

        No offense to Whitner. He’s played pretty well this year. He was not good the last 2 years before this one. For the sake of continuity, we can keep him if the $$ is right. Can’t sign him for more than 2 years. We need a favorable contract. I sound like Ballke. It’s not my decision! Lol. We will soon see.

  10. I’ve been tough on Kap recently because he’s not playing at a high level. I thought he played well tonight. And then I read Grant’s grades and comments. Was today’s win more a produce of good offense of bad defense by the Skins.
    Why would they not double AB? Same reason GR insists on running 8 or 9 in the box!
    STL will be a better test for the offense.
    But Grant’s right. It was only 10-6 up until the third quarter. Should have been over by halftime.

    1. Kaep played ok. He’s still not making the proper reads on defense. Some of the basic checkdowns or hitting the open guy instead of throwing into coverage elude him. There were multiple times where Vance McDonald or Jon Baldwin were wide open but CK threw to Boldin even though he was covered. When CK starts reading defenses and going to the other players not named Davis or Boldin then this entire offense will open up and I believe they will be dynamic. May not actually happen this year but this offense is on the verge if CK can take his game to the next level.

  11. I see that they’re bringing lamichael out on O more and more every week but still aren’t using him, they tried that one lame horrible swing pass that had no chance to work. Numerous times over the last two weeks he or hunter are wide open for a check down. This is one of those areas Kap needs to improve. Taking 3-6 yards on 2nd is good. Not very play is a homerun.

  12. Let’s hope Crabtree’s progression is swifter than Manningham’s. Mario’s normal quickness is not there yet. Crabtree will be a step slower his first 3-4 games back and may drop some passes while trying to get his rhythm back.
    Did anyone else notice Aldon’s improved coordination tonight? He is physically starting to mature into his body now. He was just a bit clumsy at times last year (wobbly legs). He is a man now, this spells trouble for the rest of the league.
    This defense can keep us in any game at any place. The offense should improve as Crabtree and Mario get healthier.
    All arrows up!!

  13. Kap needs to take a page from Montana, Young, & oh yeah Alex Smith about the checkdowns & taking what the Defense gives you. I’m sure this probably has been talked about before. He loves the big plays downfield & he seems to have blinders on looking for it. Chryst, Roman, Harbaugh need to coach him up to throw to look at the RB’s coming out of the backfield & take a quick scan at the cushion around him & how far the LB’s are behind that RB.

    Often times Kap forces throws into coverage downfield when the smarter play is the checkdown which can get the first down or get a good chunk to get 2nd or 3rd down manageable. Once he learns this & starts using it knowing how effective it can be & he gets comfortable with it, he can grow & become a more deadlier QB in a rapid rate I believe once he gets this small part of the passing game down adding to his knowledge & repertoire.

    Finally great to see more quick slants get the ball out passes. We need more screens. Can Roman throw some damn isolation passes to James out in space? That set up screen got clogged up to him & it didn’t work this time but don’t give up on it. Manningham is looking better & working his way getting back to 100%. Nice role player. It’s big on this run of a non-existent passing game

    1. I agree Mike, CK7 almost threw a pick when Hunter was open in the flat with the nearest defender 10 yards away. However, he played much better this week and made some outstanding plays.

      1. Oops, meant to say is that CK forced a throw over the middle that was nearly picked off. On that play, Hunter was open in the flat for a check down. He didn’t even look that way.

  14. Saying Franks terrible is disrespectful. Its kind of hard to run when there’s 8 in the box and the o line is getting no push on most of the run plays.

      1. with 8 or 9 in the box. Franks role was to make sure the Defense stayed that way so the Niners could continue to get the easy passes.

    1. It’s not a question of O line not getting a push. When you have 8 defenders in the box, free defender(s) will fill the gap, or even penetrate through the gaps and tackle the back. It’s a pure numbers thing, something which seems to escape many fans.

      1. Gore had no long runs and averaged 2.4 yards per carry. That’s bad. That’s about what he’s averaged all season if you take away his long runs. The long runs are great but when he isn’t popping them, he’s a bad ball carrier.

      2. there you go again with your funky logic and selective statistics to back up your personal theories. “take away his long runs”…..smh…geeze! not this again!

      3. I agree. No way you can run with 8-9 people in the box. Each lineman & FB has a man, and ALL if the gaps are filled with bodies. NO RB is popping long run with a 8-9 people in the box. As I said earlier, it’s going to be up to Kap to hit the deep balls to pull defenses out of those. Plus a little bit of play calling to get the Speedy backs on the edges, which we have yet to see. I think every is begging to get James the ball in open field

      4. The best part of Gore’s game (aside from blocking pass rushers maybe) is turning a 0 yard gain into a 2 yard gain. That might look bad on the stats sheet, but that’s good running.

        Gore’s been making something out of nothing for years on this team.

  15. I was expecting James to have more shake & bake. I don’t watch college too much & knew he had speed. I checked out some YouTube highlights of him. I thought he was going to be like a Darren Sproles but Sproles has much more elusiveness. James is more straight line. He’s an improvement as punt returner & that’s great to see. Hope he keeps progressing. He looks like he’s getting more confident there as each game goes by. I was surprised on one return he had 1 guy to beat..the first man on him with quite a bit of cushion & that guy tackled him. Overall like I said he does have some speed & thank god he’s an upgrade over Williams who didn’t do jack here but I give him props for working his a** off.

    1. @Mike S

      Punt returners can’t give you shake & Bake until they reach the point where the first blocks have been made, and the returner is faced with “who’s left…? to S & B” LaMike will get better as time progresses, ‘just wish he and Hunter could be used as slot receivers more often to where passes in the flat could loosen up those 8-9 in the box situations for Gore, who IMHO does not have ‘tired legs; He’s just a good soldier.

  16. Good grades Grant, but I have to disagree with your reasoning behind the RB grade. Gore played awful because Roman didn’t do a good job of sending in effective running plays and Washington stacked the box hoping that would stop the offense.

  17. I have to give Williams some credit for have a few nice plays & deep passes though. Just no way productive enough so he had to go

  18. 49ers offense by personnel group:

    22 –
    10 runs – 32 yards (8 carries & 15 yards in 4th quarter with score @ 27-6)
    5 passes – 2-3 for 63 yards, 2 scrambles for 10 yards

    21 –
    12 runs – 29 yards
    6 passes – 5-6 for 57 yards and 1 TD

    11 -
    no runs
    10 passes – 5-8 for 90 yards, 1 scramble for 1 yard and 1 sack

    12 -
    1 run – 2 yards
    6 passes – 1-5 for 21 yards and 1 sack

    13 -
    3 runs – 2 yards
    2 passes – 1-1 for 6 yards and 1 TD, 1 scramble for 3 yards

    23 -
    1 pass for 1 yard and 1 TD

    The 49ers ran the ball on 15 of 23 first down plays in the game. 7 out of 10 in the first half, and 8 out of 13 in the second half. The second half numbers were skewed more to the pass during the 3rd quarter and then shifted to the run in the 4th while they were running out the clock.

  19. The counter run and QB bootleg were there tonight for big plays and they never called them. Hunter is perfect for that cut back run. Grant you were instrumental in getting the pocket rolled and changing the “launch” point. Your next area of influence is to get them to run a counter trey against over pursuing d lines.

    1. “Your next area of influence is to get them to run a counter trey against over pursuing d lines.”

      They did run the counter trey at least 2 times, once for 7 yards with Gore and once for 8 yards with Kaepernick.

  20. I still can’t get over Haslett single-covering Boldin with Josh Wilson on the 24-yard catch and the 19-yard touchdown in the first quarter. It’s like Haslett wasn’t even trying.

    1. All you had to do was watch some film of the Washington defense to know what they were going to do. They played the 49ers almost exactly the same way that they played them back in 2011.

      1. It’s also common sense to not leave Kaep’s first option in the passing game open in order to stop him. That didn’t happen tonight either.

      1. It’s not hard to put 8 in the box and bracket Boldin and bracket Davis. Jam Manningham and take away the quick slant from him.

      2. yes, they were focused on Gore but generally tight man coverage and rolling the free safety over to help against Boldin and Davis is enough to give the Niner’s passing game fits. But the Redskins looked like they were in loose zones for much of the game.

  21. Daamn Brooks was a monster tonite. He seems to be getting better & better as this season goes by. He’s consistent this year & this is the best I’ve seen him. Awesome to see Aldon getting back to form. I believe Trent Williams is a good to very good LT (someone correct me if I’m wrong) & Aldon was owning him on a few plays. Bowman & Willis looked fantastic. Nice game by the cowboy of course

    Dorsey & Jerrod Eddie did a very good job in the middle. RG was gettin a beating! Loved it D!! We need our pass rush to step up vs the top teams

  22. The Niners still have the NFLs most talented roster that’s full of high character players (even considering Aldons and Ahmad’s offseason antics). If they make the playoffs relatively healthy and Roman is competent, they’ll be hard to beat in the playoffs. Despite getting beaten in close winnable games, no NFC team has proven that they have the offensive firepower to really beat our defense in a playoff game. The playoffs, like this regular season so far, will be determined by the health of the roster. 1 game down 9 to go!

    1. 1. Yes. The problem is that Shanahan needs to go. He is only with the Redskins now because RG3 lead him and the Redskins to the playoffs last season. The OL also needs a makeover. Trent Williams looked real lazy in his blocking technique tonight so he needs to go.
      2. No. They already have a potential starter in Kirk Cousins.

    2. They might want to give Cousins a shot. He played well last year when called upon. History repeating itself in DC. Remember Heath Shuler and Gus Frerotte?

      1. It wouldn’t have mattered. Shanahan was still calling the plays. He called a run late in the fourth quarter with his team down 27-6.

      2. Grant Cohn says:
        November 25, 2013 at 11:43 pm
        They should have given Cousins a shot tonight. I’m surprised they didn’t.
        With the way that line was playing they probably didn’t want to risk losing their franchise QB.

      3. They aren’t giving up on RGIII in his second year while coming back from major knee surgery. It’s amazing how quickly the opinions turn on players when they go through a down period. RGIII is a very talented player enduring a sophomore slump partially due to his knee injury from last season. The Skins gave up 3 first round picks for the guy and he’s just starting his career. Give it some time.

      4. RGIII is simply not healthy and cannot perform at a high level. How is his career imploding when he cannot do the things he used to because of injury?
        He didn’t have a full training camp and obviously not able to endure the vigor of the NFL game.

        If Im the Skins I would play Cousins the rest of the year, show case him and deal him. This will allow RGIII to get completely healthy. The guy is talented, he didn’t all the sudden become a bad player.

      5. Grant,

        No, what is happening is the heat on him is increasing because he’s not living up to the expectations that were placed on him going into this season. He’s a young guy in his second year who is experiencing some growing pains along with trying to recover from a major knee injury. I can guarantee you the Redskins have no thought of drafting somebody else or are having second thoughts about him as the future. That is fodder for the instant gratification crowd.

    3. My first reaction is to say: Who cares?! I got the Rams and the Seahawks to worry about next.

      But I do feel sorry for the kid. Shanahan doesn’t seem to really have had a plan to develop RG3 and his nepotism ensures weekly mediocre-to-bad game plans. In contrast, Harbaugh is babying Kap thru the learning process, even though we fans hate it, and the Niners will probably lose a few games over these years that they could have won if Kap had been “let loose”. But it will be good in the long haul for Kap.

    4. Shanahan never should have brought Griffin back so soon this year, heck even last year. He never should have played a down VS Seattle in the playoffs. IMO, this is why Shanahan likely loses his job. Griffin was/is not ready to play the way the Redskins need him to. He spent the off-season rehabbing instead of receiving actual reps at training camp. The Skins also have been playing from behind all year which takes away the running game forcing Griffin to win games as a pocket passer which he is not ready for yet.

      I would not give up on him yet. People were writing off Cam Newton after last year, too.

      As others have said, they have Kirk Cousins who has played well, so I don’t think they need to draft a QB. Redskins have so many other holes to fill.

    5. Not rooting against anyone but at this point the QB’s are still on the same path, one just had a better game then the other on ONE particular night. Both have sucked this season in general. What makes Griffin any less salvageable then Kaepernick? Cant help but point out that before the game last night Griffin had thrown for nearly a thousand more yards then Kaepernick so far this season.

      If you think Griffins career is over then why wouldn’t you assume the same about Colin. I guarantee he’s still got a couple more eggs to lay this season.

    6. They made a mistake rushing him back to start the season. If memory serves he basically missed the entire pre-season and training camp – that is huge for a young QB. And he didn’t look 100% when he came back either. If the Redskins gave up on him there would pretty much be 31 teams waiting in the wings to ‘redeem’ him.

  23. I’m really pleased how both Rogers and Whitner have picked up their games this season. With Eric Reid in the mix, the DBs as a group have been a really stable and consistent performer, even as starting corners have changed as the season has progressed. Good job by Ed Donatell.

  24. Kellen Clemens is averaging 14.9 yards per completion the past three games – 2nd-best in the NFL behind Nick Foles over that period.

    Is Clemens better than Sam Bradford? Is Clemens good?

    1. I think Clemens is an average back up . Teams haven’t had tape on him and haven’t been aware exactly of what he could or couldn’t do and they didn’t prepare properly. Until losing Stacey the Rams looked like they had some weapons but without a run game to fear defenses can now just pin their ears back and play chase the quebie all day. Plus with some success against teams on film you can bet other DC’s going forward will be better prepared and spend more time scheming against him.

      Im usually quite pessimistic about our games but I think we’re going to destroy the Lambs this weekend. Which will set us up for a crushing defeat at home the following week…dang, see I just couldn’t help myself.

    2. Clemens is an average backup that is being helped by Tavon Austin finally coming out of his shell. That said, his play could be a strong indication that Bradford is done in St. Louis.

      1. If you were the Rams would you keep Bradford @ $14 mill next year or would you sign Clemons for $4 million? Just a hypothetical.

  25. Congratulation to the 49ers for this win. They played with intensity and sense of purpose. I am proud of this team, now lets get another W next week against the much improved RAMS. GO NINERS

  26. Grant,
    Fair grades. I see nothing to quibble over here.
    My assessment goes beyond the grading system on the game.

    We all knew of the ramifications had the 49ers lost this game. The acute possibility of not making the playoffs loomed over the team.

    The way many posters were writing here in wake of the two previous losses one would have thought that the wheels had completely come off the team.
    a. Kaepernick looked dreadful and lost.
    b. GRo was game planning from the J.Raye book of idiocy.
    c. Harbaugh looked as if he completely whiffed on the Alex to CK transition.
    Were just a few of the sentiments bandied around the last three weeks.

    So to me, the grading system is just a perfunctory reflex.

    What does matter to me is:
    a. Kaepernick made big strides and improved his game vision and trusted his WR’ to make plays. Sort of like the CK we saw last year when he looked fearless when throwing the ball.

    b. Manningham is starting to make his presence felt as he gets his playing legs back.

    c. Harbaugh/GRo made good halftime correction to move the ball by attacking the redskins weak secondary.

    d. Aldon Smith is getting back to his former playing level.

    These were the important thing that I wanted to see take place in this game, and I was satisfied to see them take place.
    This team is ascending and will continue to get stronger at just the right time.

    That’s more important to me than any grade at this point in the season.

  27. The Niners played their most complete game of the season. All three phases of the game played well. The defense was awesome, the front seven looked like in Super Bowl form. One must understand though the Redskins are the lightest offensive line in football so domination was to be expected.

    Special teams played better, LMJ seems to be an upgrade from Williams in the return game.

    CKs footwork at times is horrible, he still missed on seeing some open receivers. However he did not look lost out there last night, he seemed more comfortable then in the past nine games. There has been an outcry about our receiving core, I don’t see the problem there, receivers have been open all year long CK in this game was able to find them for the most part.

    The Niners won a game that they should of won, hopefully this is the first step in getting this offense back on track.

    1. Saints. If the Seahawks lose then the 49ers are only two games back. Then the 9ers can beat Seattle at home the following week. That makes them 1 game back. Seattle still has to play Arizona, St Louis and at New York Giants. I think they could lost one of those, especially the New York game and that makes them even with the 9ers if the 9ers win out.

      Also if Carolina keeps winning the 9ers will be destined for the 6th seed of the playoffs. That will set them up to play the 1 seed. I would rather that they go on the road to play NO than Seattle. SF showed that they can beat NO on the road. They did it last year and came very close this year. So chear for the Saints for the rest of season so SF can play them on the road instead of Seattle.

    2. Definitely the Saints. Niners need to win the division and a Seattle loss gives them the best chance of doing that.

      What Dude said…..

    3. Saints. Though I doubt Niners can catch Seattle in the division, I do not want to see Seattle getting home cheat advantage throughout the playoffs.

  28. Total domination and in the end, submission. Kaepurnicus fell short by 40 yards of my passing prediction. If only VD could have tracked down that bomb in the endzone. I expect Mr. Crabs to make an appearance against the Rams, and the offense will take that next step from snap, to crackle, and then Pop!

  29. The 49ers scored 27 points against a team that averages 31 points a game. There was no 49er run attack because like all the teams that face the 49ers Washington stacked the box. Kaepernick played better against a very bad team. Nothing new here. Seattle has a good defense and the game is at home. Lets see how Kaepernick plays against a real defense before we get all excited.

    1. Their defense took a huge hit, and that hit lands on Crabtrees side. Poor wittle seahaks. That loss is a huge one or their defense.

  30. “Thanks to my defense, huh?
    (Colin knows the feeling, okay. Believe that.)

    The Cardinals and the Niners – both at 7 and 4.
    Expect these two teams to stand at 10 and 5
    by week 17, their only loss being to the Seahawks.
    If San Francisco looks the way it did last night
    in the next four games (esp. against Seattle),
    then I believe that Arizona will prevail in Glendale.

    Colin will get “touched up” again in coming weeks.
    He will ‘forget’ to slide, just as he ‘forgot’ to stay
    in bounds and keep the clock running in New Orleans.
    These things are easy to do; remember, he’s a rookie.

    1. Lets change the subject for a second. How about Alex Smith 0-2 his last two games and about to go 0-3 after this week? His all world defense has some injuries and needs some help from the offense and captain vanilla check down hasn’t been able to provide it.

      At least it gives us answers to the questions we had last year. Put Smith on last years 2nd half team and we don’t even make the playoffs. See our 2nd half team had no defense, we needed an offensive juggernaut like CK. Harbaugh is a genius, trading Smith was the RIGHT MOVE.

      1. What would be the purpose of talking about Alex Smith after a big win last night? Are you that big of a sh$t disturber and have no life?

      2. Lets change the subject for a second. How about Alex Smith 0-2 his last two games and about to go 0-3 after this week? His all world defense has some injuries and needs some help from the offense and captain vanilla check down hasn’t been able to provide it.

        Yeah that’s right, 38 points and 3 TD passes isn’t much help at all. Smh.

  31. There were many positives – including the 75% red zone efficiency.

    However, An area of concern is 3rd down efficiency. Last night, the Niners were 4 for 14 on 3rd downs. They need to stay away from 3rd and long situations and covert more than 28% on 3rd downs.

    Side note: the official box score lists 2 sacks each for A. Smith and Brooks, but none for Justin Smith. Didn’t he have 1.5 sacks? One clean/solo and one where he collapsed the pocket and got to the QB with A. Smith.

    1. They said RGIII was running an actual run play when Smith tackled him so it was not considered a sack. He did not get credit for a half sack at any point in the game.

  32. Grant “Frank Gore was terrible” Let me put it into a context you will understand, a soccer teams packs everyone of its players into the defensive end it clears every ball down the field and makes no attempt to chase any ball down. The opposing team wins 1 nil then a sports writer who never played soccer call the winning teams offense terrible. That’s what you are doing when you criticize Gore or any of the 9er backs. Where your criticism should be pointed is to Roman\Harbaughs game plan in the 1st half. They ran just enough to keep Wash honest in the 2nd half and destroyed them through the air.
    My soccer example is probably an over simplification you would know better and I respect your expertise in that area.

    1. What you’re doing is back flips to make Gore’s 2.4 yards per carry look good. It’s bad any way you slice it. Where is the spark Gore had Week 4 in St. Louis? It seems gone.

      1. Grant Gore might be playing poorly right now but you ca’nt really tell until a D plays honest without packing 8 into the box. I know you are to young to have seen him live but take my word for it Jim Brown at his best would struggle with the defenses that gore has been facing. Hopefully we won’t have to see this sort of performance out of the 9er backs again because Rombaugh have learned their lesson and will keep stretching the field vs 3 DB’s.
        I also thought the DB’s were excellent.

    2. Gore played ok. Not good and not terrible.

      Playing Grant’s but-if game…Gore gained 2.4 yards per carry, but if you take out his 2 runs in the 4th quarter his average goes to 3.2. That’s successful according to PFF.

        1. Only 7 RBs averaged fewer yards per carry after contact than Gore last week – Bolden, Richardson, Vereen, Hunter, Rice, Miller and Tate.

      1. Grant,

        I know you like to state about Gore continued poor play. Do you really think we are better without him? Do you think we would of won as many games without him?

      2. Grant, you’re a master of using out of context stats to support your theories.

        Yes, it’s horrible that Gore couldn’t break tackles against 8-9 defenders boxes in tight formations.

        Again, you’re making a simplistic stats argument to support your theories. Instead of applying situation based game tactics and strategy as part of your analysis.

      3. Sometimes you need to look past the stats and use your eyes. There has been nowhere for any of the RB’s to run the past couple of weeks. The Skins were selling out against the run just like the other teams before them who have had success against the Niner offense. The difference is, the Skins don’t have the CB’s to play man for the entire game. That’s why the Seahawk strategy doesn’t work for everybody. You have to have CB’s that can hold up in single coverage.

    3. even if the defense packs 8 into the box, and if true that CK is given multiple plays for his checks at the LOS to put the team into the best situation, the gains should be better even when CK chooses to let it roll. when you re-Mike the front, you take into account the entire front, including the DB who has now entered the box. if I am running outside or off-tackle to the left and the safety is on the right, the back side tackle and TE may have to sift up to the most dangerous man and leave the widest on the backside free – a player who usually has reverse, backside contain, etc. by re-Miking the defense, you can tell the offensive line and blocking back who the new Mike backer is and the count goes off of that declaration. it does make it more difficult for a RB to cut back because there is an unblocked defender furthest removed from the point of attack.

  33. I would really like the game plan to avoid running on first down for the first three series against the Rams and then limit the first down runs to about 50% unless we have a big lead in the 4thQ. Running against 8-9 in the box makes very little sense.
    The West Coast offense came about because the bengals couldn’t run the ball, so Walsh used passes to the running backs as long hand offs. If teams are going to stack the box, then in addition to throwing the ball down the field, they should try throwing short passes to the backs. The few passes to Miller this year have been successful. As reported Hunter and Gore have been open, but not targeted. Well start targeting them and see if this gets the defense to back out of stuffing the box.

  34. The Corona commercial with Gruden calling “audible” was pure gold when he tapped his SB ring on the bar at the end. Laughed pretty hard at that one.

  35. Some thoughts.
    Pass protection seemed better last night. Could it be that Iupati is the weak link in pass protection?

    Where is Patton? Can we get an update on him? Think he will still be important as MM is great when he’s in there, but he’s also frail.

    Crabtree update? How many snaps will he get his first week? Will he be targeted or will he be a decoy?

    Marcus Lattimore popped up on the screen last night. He’s been activated. If I were a better man ( and I am ) I’d venture that plans to hold him back till next year have been scrapped. I think we may see Lattimore running the ball this year.

    1. “Could it be that Iupati is the weak link in pass protection?”

      His replacement was the only player on the O line with a negative pass protection grade.

      “Where is Patton? Can we get an update on him?”

      He’s still working through the foot injury. According to Ted Robinson yesterday morning he is still having trouble with it when making in cuts.

      “Crabtree update? How many snaps will he get his first week?”

      All signs point to him playing against St Louis on Sunday. My guess is that he will play somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-50% of the snaps.

      “Marcus Lattimore…I think we may see Lattimore running the ball this year.”

      I don’t think that is going to be happening. Their plans for him have been pretty clear all along.

    2. Why are people so down on Iupati? The guy is young and is a beast in the run game. Everyone knows it takes more than a few years for an offensive lineman to come into his own in pass protection. We better sign this guy long term. He is as good or will be as good as both Anthony Davis and Joe Staley. You don’t give up on 1st round picks after 3 years or whatever it is, especially when its your offensive line.

      1. You don’t pay guard 6-7 mil. The Niners can’t afford to pay him what another team will offer him. We’ll just plug someone else in there. He’s not as good as other teams think he is. He struggles in pass protection. He won’t be back because they still have not agreed toa deal with him even though they had been trying earlier in the year.

      2. I totally disagree. You don’t just plug someone else in there after you just spent a 1st round pick at the position. Kilgore will take over for Goodwin so that frees up his money.
        Iupati will get what he is worth and Baalke will make a favorable offer. Why would he want to leave a winning team and why would the 49ers just let him walk when everyone knows an offensive line is only productive when it plays with one another over a long period of time.
        As for your comment about they have not agreed to deal, I think that’s because the Niners have made a policy to not negotiate contracts til after the year. Brock was an exception but overall they have been pretty consistent in waiting til the offeaseon to re-up people.

      3. $6-7 million are you dreaming? The average salary for an NFL guard is 3-5 million. If Iupati is as bad as you say why would anyone offer him 6-7 million?
        He will be a lifetime Niner. They would be stupid to let him walk after investing a 1st round pick on him and developing the strongest area of their offense.

      4. Iupati has been graded among the top 13 guards each of the last 3 years. This year he has really fallen off, but some team might look past that and pay him in the range of the top 10 guards which average $7.45 million.

      5. For being such so physically intimidating looking, Iupati seems shy on the field. No mean streak in him. At least I haven’t seen it. If price is right I keep him though. Prime is right, 3-5 mil is ok.

      6. Iupati has been pretty good up until this year and I think he was playing with a bad shoulder before the knee injury. For the right money, I think they will try to sign him but I can’t see them paying him the 6-7 mill some of the higher paid OG’s receive. As of now he’s a dominant run blocker when healthy but pretty average as a pass protector. That’s not to say he won’t get better but that is where he’s at right now imo.

        I don’t think they can plug just anybody in there but as Alex Boone shows, you don’t always need a 1st round pick to fill the spot. With all their draft picks they’ll bring somebody in and if Iupati prices himself out of their financial structure they’ll move on.

      7. Davin Joseph TB 6 million
        Logan Mankins NE 5.75 million
        Justin Blakock ATL 4.5 million
        Marshal Yanda BAL 4.5 million

        With the salary cap likely to stay where it’s at what team would want to offer 7 million to a guard? He will remain a Niner at a decent deal for both. Take Goodwins money and slide it over to Iupati. Where you guys get 7 million is beyond comprehension!

      8. Prime,

        Davin Joseph TB contract average is $7.5 million
        Logan Mankins NE contract average is $8.5 million
        Justin Blakock ATL contract average is $6.4 million
        Marshal Yanda BAL contract average is $7.5 million

        The contracts for those 4 average $7.2 million per year.

      9. The Redskins for one Prime. Also the Jets, Steelers, Browns, Jaguars, Chiefs, Raiders, Cowboys, Giants, Vikings, Lions, Bears, Falcons, Rams, and possibly even the Cardinals.

      10. Prime,

        Carl Nicks signed with Tampa this past offseason for 47.5 mill on a 5 year deal. The numbers keep going up for every position and Guard is no exception. Iupati’s agent is going to be looking for 6-7 mill minimum don’t kid yourself. Whether he gets it is another story but all it takes is a couple of teams to show interest.

    3. Bay

      Everyone else did such a great job in protection, it made Snyder look decent. Kap also got rid of the ball on time last year in most of the 2nd half. He moved himself in the pocket better and took off when he should have.

      I don’t know what’s up with Patton but I think he’s going on IR anyway. Lattimore will not play this year. He knows it as well. He’s accepted that. He was just happy to be able to practice.

    1. Grant if you avg out those 2 numbers [and I know you love your numbers] it tells us that Gore is the 11th best RB in pro football. I think that’s pretty accurate not as good as he was at his best but pretty damn good.

    2. Gore also ranks #13 overall, but if you take into account only his running and blocking he jumps up to #5.

      Gore has never been a very good receiving back.

      1. The 49ers are a run-first team with one good running back who has rushed for fewer than 2 yards per carry after contact four of the past five games. He ran well against Carolina after the Bye when he had an extra week of rest, but it looks like he’s running on fumes right now.

      2. You are so wrong Grant-san. With Adam “Which Way Did He Go” Snyder in there posing as an NFL lineman, no one is oging to run for much.

      3. You’ve spent so much time talking about defenses stuffing the box but you never use it to suggest his low stats. What if defenses had to respect our passing game, I think it’s pretty fair to say his numbers would be quite a bit better.

      4. Right now I think Frank is trying to hide a sore ankle from the previous week. Scheme-wise, I think the Defenses’ efforts to contain CK dovetails with the efforts to stop Gore; focusing force on the same area of the field. DC’s will continue to do that until they get punished for overloading the box by the passing game.
        and that what we’ve been waiting for. Obviously Washington wasn’t a Play Off D.

  36. A pretty harsh assessment of Kaep and RG3 in an excerpt of an article from Gregg Easterbrook of ESPN.com.

    Once upon a time, NFL scouts wanted college quarterbacks who played in a pro-style offense. The theory was no one could learn to read pass coverages after arriving in the NFL: a player needed years of practice using NFL-style tactics. Quarterbacks who had been great runners in college offenses, such as Eric Crouch of Nebraska, were poison to NFL scouts.
    Then about a decade ago, the spread offense arrived in Texas prep football. NFL teams of the Lone Star State may be struggling, but Texas high school football remains the sport’s leading indicator. With the spread, suddenly quarterbacks didn’t need a sophisticated understanding of defenses because everybody was open. About five years after that, the zone-read offense arrived. Suddenly running quarterbacks also had passing stats. The 2011 Alamo Bowl — 777 yards of offense by Baylor, 620 yards by the University of Washington — was thought the bellwether for the NFL. Insistence on quarterbacks from a pro-style offense seemed passé.

    San Francisco at Washington on “Monday Night Football,” the traditionalist scouts had their revenge. There’s a reason they liked pro-style quarterbacks, who now may make a draft comeback.
    In the game, Niners zone-read quarterback Colin Kaepernick struggled against one of the league’s worst pass defenses, often sailing the ball where no receiver awaited. Lead by a highly drafted, magazine-cover, college-style quarterback, the Niners are last in the league in passing.
    Zone-read quarterback Robert Griffin III — the prize of a king’s-ransom trade — looked dreadful as he threw for only a 2.9 net yards-per-attempt average, which includes plays where he was sacked. Griffin was hampered by poor blocking: several times left tackle Trent Williams, among the league’s highest-paid linemen, barely slowed San Francisco’s Aldon Smith. Griffin was hampered by poor coaching. With 41 seconds remaining before intermission, a Washington runner went out of bounds at the San Francisco 18, then coach Mike Shanahan called timeout, with the clock already stopped. The R*dsk*ns list 21 coaches; shouldn’t executive vice president/head coach (his actual title) Shanahan have one of them watch the clock? And Griffin made poor decisions, holding the ball too long and for the second week in a row launching a crazy, heave-ho interception.
    Mostly, Griffin and Kaepernick looked like quarterbacks who can only run a college-style offense. When the zone-read was a fresh idea last season, that was fine. Now that defenses have adapted to the flavor of the month, good old vanilla, chocolate and strawberry passing is required. On Sunday night, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady did vanilla, chocolate and strawberry to spectacular effect: Monday night, the flavor of the month was a bust for both teams.
    The pendulum had swung toward college-style quarterbacks on draft day — expect it to swing back the other way.
    As for San Francisco, the Niners are difficult to take seriously without a passing attack. Two years ago, the Giants won the Super Bowl despite the league’s last-ranked rushing attack. In the modern game, winning a Super Bowl with a bottom-of-the-barrel passing attack is hard to imagine.
    As for Washington, the club under Griffin has seen streaks of 3-6, then 7-0, now 3-9. That’s not encouraging. Football is a team game. Not only did the RG III trade denude Washington of draft selections for talent and depth, the 21 coaches aren’t performing well either. Shanahan is highly hyped and very highly paid. During the years Shanahan had John Elway in his prime, Shanahan was 54-18. In all other years, Shanahan is 124-121. With each successive season, there seems more evidence Shanahan was just the guy who was standing there when Elway realized his potential, and otherwise is a mediocre coach.

  37. Daily Madden: “Their defense (49ers) was so dominant, and it looked like they were dominating with speed. The speed of their defense was so much faster than the speed of the Redskins offense.”

  38. If their (Kaep & Griffin) career’s ended today this writer would have viable credibility.
    But have him get back to us in a few years when these two players are more established in the league.

    An assessment based on a player who basically only has one full season in and another playing on a gimpy knee does not a career make imo.

    But thanks for the read nonetheless MWN.

    1. Even if it ended today it wouldn’t be much of an argument, One of those qbs was in the Super Bowl last year and the other was rookie of the year. And as bad as Kaepernick has looked at times this year, his passing stats look pretty similar to Luck’s right now, who is essentially the epitome of QB prospects that Easterbrook thinks teams should be drafting.

  39. Grant – Isn’t NFL deadline for reinstatement of players this Friday?
    What does your crystal ball say about Lattimore from today through next 2 years?

    1. I think his crystal ball says – if you take out all of Lattimore’s really long runs in college he just wasn’t very good so his projection as a pro (once again after you take out all his long runs) will be below average.

      1. I dig Grant but I agree, he should drop the “if you take out the long runs” phrase.

        Grant – UCLA hoops ranked 19 now! All arrows up.

      2. @ Bray-Now that that’s funny. Maybe Grant just doesn’t like the Mean Average. By taking out the highs (and presumably lows) you begin to see evidence for the Median or the Mode. But if you’re talking Mean Average, you don’t select your data, you incorporate it.

      1. If that happens then our number one pick of 2012 becomes a complete flop. And that makes Grants rant of that selection viable.

      2. Coach – Did you notice when V.D. fumbled, Baldwin was in position to dive and fight for the ball but he just stood and watched. He leaned over at the last moment, as if to care.

      3. He was already proven right regarding AJ but he was as equally wrong in his assessment of Baldwin, so it all comes out in the wash

      4. undercenter,

        Grant’s opinion of Jenkins has already been proven correct. He got that one no matter what they do with Baldwin.

        I still see some physical traits in Baldwin that they can use so I’d hate to see him released but they may feel differently and just cut the chord. I’d also be concerned about cutting a WR knowing that both Crabs and Manningham are not 100% and could have a setback.

      1. Yeah, 87-years will do that. My father made it to 91, my Mom keeps chugging along at 88.5. Life is good, hope it is for you as well…

    1. I forgot to mention LMJ earlier. He had a great night returning punts with the exception of the one he dropped while trying to keep it from hitting the ground. Night and day difference between him and Williams. Nice to see him get on the field and given a chance to make plays. Now if they could just start using him on offense we might have something.

      1. I thought LMJ handled the muff correctly. So many times players try to pick up that ball and run, he just covered it up, and didn’t make a bad play worst.

  40. You can’t judge the quality of the run game without at least mentioning that Washington was selling out to stop the run… and gee, I wonder how VD and AB were able to see so much single coverage?

    To mention the passing game without mentioning the passing game MVP – Josh Wilson – is also a bit bemusing. He was in “coverage” on seemingly every reception in the first half.

    1. That idiot single-handedly ruined my fantasy team this year (he and Trent Richardson that is….) I can’t believe how well he played for the last 5 games last year, and now they’re brutal.

  41. Hammer,
    I see Crabtree in on 3-4 series for the Rams game being targeted about 5-7 times.
    Crab has to get his playing legs back and that will take a few games.
    Manningham looked better last night and so did Aldon after a couple of games back.

    I think Manningham will have a good game on Sunday as he is getting stronger in each game. Manningham is one of a handful of players who can work the sidelines with dexterity. I feel that he can make a couple of sideline catches and then run a sideline stop and go for a big play when the CB bites.

    I also feel that the deep pass to VD could start taking shape now that Harbaugh seems to be willing to open things up a little.

    Hammer, do you have any status update on Iupati?

      1. Fan,
        That’s true, but as I mentioned to Hammer, Manningham is just getting back into playing shape.
        Although he’s played in about three games it takes a couple of games to get the body acclimated to the speed and physical aspects of the game again.

        But having said that, throwing the ball to Boldin is not a bad decision. CK threw a couple of passes to Boldin last night that were borderline (forced throws) and Boldin did what he does best, he out-physical the defender for the ball.

        With no #2 WR for the better part of the season CK did not have many options outside of VD and Boldin, don’t you agree?

      2. Even 2-5 catches between VMac and Baldwin per game down the stretch would make this offense more complete. It would also force the defense to play honest.
        Right now we might be the easiest team to game plan for but with Crabtree, VD, Q and one more guy, it could be complete.

      3. AES,
        It really comes down to Kaep not having that tunnel vision and getting all the players involved. Even if he made just a few passes to other receivers, it opens up everything. It’s not about going to Manningham, so much as it is about going to a 2nd read, through some progressions. NFL defenses on good teams are going to take away what he wants to do. There’s a couple of good articles about the feast of famine mentality of how Colin plays that creates the inconsistencies at the QB position and the passing game. There was no run game last night at all. And it was a close game until the 3rd quarter. Once the Niners got up 17-6 the came was over because the Redskins couldn’t do anything on Defense.
        Throws to Boldin and VD are as predictable as Gore running into a 8 men front.

      4. Fan with that being said, he also just needs to take what the defense gives him. Don’t force anything. Take the check down to Miller, Hunter or Gore in the flat. Punt and live another day.
        Let’s be honest, if we win another SB, it will be because of the defense and the offense not getting in the way.

    1. I think that sounds about right regarding the playing time AES.

      Ted Robinson made it sound like Iupati will be out at least another week on KNBR this morning.

    2. It would be great for Manningham to catch some lightning in the bottle with his Super Bowl performance a few yrs ago. Good time to peak.

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